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  • Idle Light City Mod APK

    Idle Light City Mod APK


    Welcome to Idle Light City - a brand new clicker game! The entire city is in darkness and needs your help to light it up. Run the lightbulb factory and produce as many lightbulbs as you can, unlock new buildings and light them up to earn money.
    In this idle, tap tap and clicker game, you can unlock and discover many buildings and enjoy the amusement park. Earn cash, purchase upgrades, produce lightbulbs faster and expand the city.
    Enjoy this unique & addictive idle game!
  • WolframAlpha Mod APK

    WolframAlpha Mod APK


    Remember the Star Trek computer? It's finally happening--with Wolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation.

    Across thousands of domains--with more continually added--Wolfram|Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you.

    Parts of Wolfram|Alpha are used in the Apple Siri Assistant; this app gives you access to the full power of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine. Domains covered by Wolfram|Alpha include:

    Elementary Math
    Discrete Math
    Number Theory
    Applied Math
    Logic Functions

    Descriptive Statistics
    Statistical Distributions

    Electricity & Magnetism
    Nuclear Physics
    Quantum Physics
    Particle Physics
    Statistical Physics
    Physical Constants

    Chemical Thermodynamics
    Protecting Groups

    Bulk Materials

    Electric Circuits
    Fluid Mechanics
    Steam Tables

    Star Charts
    Astronomical Events
    Minor Planets
    Space Weather
    Star Clusters

    Tide Data

    Animals & Plants
    DNA Sequence Lookup
    Human, Mouse & Fruit Fly Genomes
    Metabolic Pathways

    Cellular Automata
    Substitution Systems
    Turing Machines
    Computational Complexity
    Algebraic Codes
    Image Processing

    Dimensional Analysis
    Industrial Measures
    Bulk Materials

    Date Computations
    Time Zones
    Geological Time

    Current & Historical Weather
    Wind Chill

    Elevation Data

    Political Leaders
    Historical Events, Periods & Countries
    Historical Numerals & Money

    Video Games
    Fictional Characters
    Television Networks & Programs

    Musical Notes
    Audio Waveforms

    Word Properties
    Dictionary Lookup
    Word Puzzles
    Document Length
    Morse Code
    Number Names

    Card Games

    Color Names & Systems
    Color Addition

    Stock Data
    Mutual Funds
    Present Value
    Currency Conversion
    Derivatives Valuation
    Sales Tax

    US States
    US Counties
    Cost of Living
    Health Care
    Social Statistics

    Body Measurements
    Growth Charts
    Mortality Data
    Medical Test Data
    Drug Data


    International Education
    School Districts
    Public Schools
    Standardized Tests

    International Organizations

    Flight Data
    Road Transport
    Gasoline Prices

    Space Probes

    Website Data
    IP Lookup
    Notable Computers
    Data Transfer
    Port Numbering
    String Processing
    Unicode Lookup
  • Polarr Mod APK

    Polarr Mod APK


    Use Polarr to easily create your own filters and styles, or share with others and discover millions of fresh aesthetics made by the Polarr community.

    • Weekly updated styles for new looks
    • Create and share your own styles as QR codes
    • Backup and synchronize all your styles with Polarr account
    • Advanced overlay, A.I. segmentation tools to create any effects you want

    Included effects and functionalities:
    • Selective objects: Sky, Person, Background, Vegetation, Building, Ground, Animal, etc
    • Selective masks: Brush, Radial, Gradient, Color, Luminance.
    • Overlays: Gradient, Duotone, Weather, Texture, Backdrops, Custom Overlay, etc.
    • Retouch: Skin, Liquify, Face shapes (mouth, teeth, nose, chin, etc).
    • Global adjustments: Light, Color, HSL, Toning, Effects, Fringing, Details, Curves, Vignette, Grain, LUT
    • Productivity: Batch photo exports, Face detection, A.I. object segmentation.
  • Language Learning - Spanish, Korean, French & More Mod APK

    Language Learning - Spanish, Korean, French & More Mod APK


    Over 50 million people are learning a new language with Memrise - the only app built by experts to help you master the 3 key skills of language learning.

    Learn Spanish (Mexican and European), French, German, Japanese (Kanji), Italian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian or European), Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, English, Yoruba, Icelandic*, Mongolian* and Slovenian*.
    *Available for UK English

    Download the app to master the skills that get you from language learning to language speaking:

    1. Know the translation of words and phrases
    2. Understand them when they're used in real-life situations
    3. Be able to chat with other people

    What is language learning like with Memrise?
    ★ Courses designed by experts, you learn language that's used by real native speakers
    ★ Short and easy to follow lessons
    ★ Thousands of video and audio clips featuring native speakers
    ★ Speech recognition technology

    Learn French for travel
    Our courses have all the words and phrases you'll need to get you feeling like a local

    Learn Spanish for work
    With native speaker video clips to help you understand and speak to your colleagues faster than you think possible

    Learn Japanese for fun
    So you can enjoy the Japanese culture and country without translation apps or subtitles!

    Learn languages with Memrise
    Learn Spanish phrases, learn Japanese characters, learn French pronunciation and learn the nuances between the two Portuguese languages through our language learning app. Memrise gets you language ready for the real world so you can joke with new friends in German or attempt that new K-Pop song in Korean. Try any of our 20+ fun language courses!

    ★ In the press:

    “Best [app] for learning to speak casually in a new language.” —CNET

    “Memrise's learning tools help you to pick up tone, pronunciation, and cadence.” —Conde Nast Traveler

    ★ From our language learners:

    “This has to be the best learning experience ever. Full immersion into language including spelling & sentences but done with easy understanding. You will learn words and sentences that you will actually use every day. Tried many others and this is simply the best.” - Rob T.

    “I've tried lots of apps and methods over the years and this is the best method of learning vocabulary quickly” - Josh

    Upgrade to a Pro Plan to elevate your language learning, get more out of your language courses and become a Spanish, French or Japanese-speaking star!

    Created by language experts
    Working with our world-class team of developers to create the best courses, with a variety of lessons that are simple and fun, no matter what level language learner you are. Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, German or 20 other languages in a refreshingly new and fun way.

    Download the Memrise language learning app today, the best app to learn Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and other languages fast.

    ------ *PLEASE NOTE:
    You need a Memrise subscription to access all courses and features, which may vary depending on your device language and language pair. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled before the end of the payment period. Manage or cancel your subscription in your Google Play Store account.

    In-app Permissions - To enable some of the features of the Memrise app we may need to ask for your permission. For example, we'll ask to access your microphone if you'd like to practice your pronunciation skills. You can change permissions at any time in your settings.

    Privacy Policy: https://www.memrise.com/privacy/
    Terms of Use: https://www.memrise.com/terms/

    Learn Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic and Yoruba faster today than you've ever before!
  • Bionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3D Mod APK

    Bionix: Spore Evolution Sim 3D Mod APK


    Bionix - Spore and Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D allows you to create your own unique creature, eat cells and microbes, collect DNA, evolve through improving stats and mutations and tear your enemies to shreds, of course!

    This evolution game simulates the life of real underwater organisms such as diatom, ciliate, bacteria, bacillus, spirochaete, algae and other species as well as underwater worlds that are infinite and procedurally created.

    It also has some of the mechanics familiar from the legendary game Spore like adding body parts, changing the appearance and characteristics.

    From the origins of being, millions years of evolution brings you legendary creatures in 3D: gastrortich, stentor, infusoria, ciliate, nematode, rotifier, lacrymaria, hydra, tardigrade and other species!

    Choose your hero: a huge worm, a fast hunter monster, a hungry tentacle octopus beast or create your own creature from scratch!

    Bionix - Spore and Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D main features:

    • Play offline
    • PC quality 3D graphics and sound effects
    • Procedural underwater open world simulating artificial life, natural selection, evolution and autonomous ecosystem
    • Procedural creatures and animations, physics based mechanics
    • A science survival evolution game featuring 50+ unique realistic 3D creatures, cells and spores, different ways to get DNA
    • Stats, abilities, mutations, skins, colors, shapes and other ways to customize your creature in the war for survival and dominance
    • And finally... Spore like creature creator that allows you to build your own unique monster!

    Start your micro galactic adventures now with Bionix - Spore and Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D!


    • Sign in to use cloud save, earn achievements, participate in the leaderboard, and unlock new creatures
    • Use cloud save/load feature to transfer progress between accounts/devices or to backup your progress
    • Tips to improve FPS: reduce system display resolution or lower resolution in-game, disable Bloom and other post-processing effects, set quality level to low, uncheck FPS limit. Disable/uninstall any game launcher/enchancer/tool apps. Disable power saving mode.


    Found a bug? Contact us by email, attach a screenshot / video. Be sure to include your device brand, model, OS version and app version.

    This survival evolution game is regularly updated with new features, content and challenges to keep you coming back for more!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bionix.Spore.Bacteria.Simulator.Survival.Game
    Discord: https://discord.gg/W6C4PwePnc

    Download from Google Play (FREE): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JustForFunGames.Bionix

    Terms of use:
  • Video Effects & Aesthetic Filter Editor – Fito.ly Mod APK

    Video Effects & Aesthetic Filter Editor – Fito.ly Mod APK


    Wanna make your Instagram page stunning and adorable? Fito.ly, a user-friendly free video editor with aesthetic filters & art effects, is here to help you now. With numerous video templates & presets in this video maker, it's easy to create your own masterpiece!

    Art effects? Motion, clone, cartoon, sketch, glitch… Fito.ly provides diverse types of video effects to make your video an artwork.
    Aesthetic filters? Glitter, VHS, neon, indie… You can find the filters you need to make your video vivid in Fito.ly.
    Video editing tools? Cropping, trimming, cutting, rotating… Fito.ly makes it easy to edit your video as you wish!

    ✨✨✨KEY FEATURES✨✨✨

    ✨Art Effects✨

    --- Motion Effect ---
    Want your video to be dreamy? Try the slow-motion shadow highlighting the track of movement in Fito.ly!
    --- Clone Effect ---
    Want your video to be creative and unique? Try the special mirror effect duplicating the figure in your image in Fito.ly!
    --- Cartoon & Sketch Effects ---
    Want your video to be entertaining and aesthetic? Try the art effects turning your video and photos into artwork in Fito.ly!
    --- Glitch Effect ---
    Want your video to be eye-catching? Surely the trendiest glitch effect is also in Fito.ly!

    ✨Aesthetic Filters✨

    --- VHS Filter ---
    Vintage hue brings you back to millennium, 90's, 80's… to the old scene, old days, old vibe
    --- Neon Filter ---
    With colourful neon filters, create a romantic and illusory vibe for your video
    --- Indie Kid ---
    All aesthetic filters updated with trend!
    --- & Other Aesthetic Filters… ---
    Await your exploration!

    ✨Templates & Presets✨

    - New to video making? No worries! Fito.ly provides various video templates for you!
    - Precisely designed and selected templates in different styles, help you create your own aesthetic artwork with ease.
    - With Fito.ly, make a video anytime anywhere with preset filters and effects.

    ✨Video Editing✨

    - Add music to your video: Fito.ly provides diverse genre of default background music; you can import and choose from your own music library as well!
    - User-friendly interface – diminishing complication and inconvenience!


    Fito.ly is a powerful video editor with all kinds of aesthetic filters and effects – cartoon effect, motion effect, clone effect, glitch effect, neon filter, glittering filter, VHS filter, etc. – helping you turn your daring thoughts and design into dazzling and eye-catching video clips.

    It is time to download Fito.ly, make your own aesthetic video masterpiece, share it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social platforms, decorate your profile page, and impress everyone!


    If you have any suggestions or questions about Fito.ly - Aesthetic Filter & Art Effect Video Maker, you are more than welcomed to contact us via [email protected]!
  • Learn French - Listening and Speaking Mod APK

    Learn French - Listening and Speaking Mod APK



    "Learn French - Listening And Speaking" is one of PORO's ongoing apps for self-learners who want to speak French easily and effectively. With 750 daily dialogs, a list of lessons with various topics from greeting, introduction, shopping, business conversation, family talks, etc…. It's suitable for all French learners from beginner to intermediate and advanced learners to practice speaking French.

    While listening to the conversation of the native speaker, try to imitate full sentences with the same intonation, pronunciation like the native speaker. By PORO's app, you can not only learn the speaking style, pronunciation, the way to break and intonation of native speakers and improve listening skill but also learn groups of vocabularies and useful phrases to communicate in daily talking.

    ★★★ Main features of PORO's App:

    ★ Common conversations.
    - More than 750 lessons about French common conversation in daily life with audio files of native speakers.
    - Various topics from greeting, introduction, small talk to business conversations…
    - Consist of the audio script for learner to follow.

    ★ Show/ Hide transcript, translation.
    - Understand and remember the native speaker's reading way by customizing the show/ hide transcript mode.
    - Understand the meaning of new vocabulary and the meaning of the full sentence in each situation by customizing the translation mode

    ★ Sentences are highlighted following the audio.
    - The mode that sentences are highlighted following the audio will help you to follow the conversation directly.
    - You can click on the sentence to listen/ practice that phrase again

    ★ Playlist mode.
    Enjoy practicing French while driving or traveling…, you just need to turn on the app and click on playlist mode.

    ★ Practice game.
    By playing completing sentences game, you would know if you have already remembered the full sentence and its structure or not.

    ★ Learn French through news.
    Not only can you improve your listening skill and vocabulary but also can enrich your knowledge and update world news.

    ★ Learn French through stories.
    Learning French becomes more interesting because PORO has added a new function called Learning French through stories. You can enlarge your vocabulary, and learn how to express yourself in particular situations!

    ★★★★ The App “Learn French - Listening And Speaking" is suitable for:

    ★ False-beginners and who want to improve French communication.
    ★ Those who self-study French at home.
    ★ Learners who want to practice for TCF, DELF, DALF tests.
    ★ Those who love communicating in French and practicing French by shadowing method.
    ★ Those who like to challenge your level.

    “Learn French - Listening And Speaking” App is still in the developing process, so we hope to receive your contributed comment to make it better. We are a team that loves the French language and always try to share our love with the community, so if you like this app then please take a moment to rate 5 stars for it! You can also contact us by commenting or clicking the feedback button on the options screen.

    ★★★★ Please kindly contact:
    - Email: [email protected]

    Thank you very much and good luck to you!
  • State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration Mod APK

    State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration Mod APK


    THE JOKER Joins State of Survival!
    A new visitor will be welcomed to the Settlements. Will his arrival be a surprise for good or bad? Find out more in the event!
    Unlock The Joker, fight laughing zombies, and experience The Joker inspired storyline in State of Survival!
    It's been six months since the zombie apocalypse began. The virus has infected the city. Six months of terror, horror, survival, and fighting against zombies. You are a survivor and your friends are in a brave fight against monsters. Build a city that survives the constant waves of zombies. Welcome to the State of Survival. Ready for a strategy survival game!

    The zombie infection has ripped across the country taking all of civilization with it. Now it is survival time, as the surviving military and government have gone underground. The world belongs to the infected now. It is time to build a city with a strategy to survive zombies and monsters. The plague is expanding faster, and the people need a hero! They need a survivor, since the only goal is to survive!
    In this adventure, you can make friends or fight against other survivors. Shoot zombies with your sniper gun in fps mode. Death is coming and the battlefield is just for heroes, so build an army!
    Do whatever you can to survive this horrible war. It won't be easy to win the battle. The infected are everywhere and you have a war against the zombie army on your hands! Resources are scarce and you must salvage what you can from the carcass of society. Build a new city, squad, and strategy to survive in this MMORPG. Become a zombie hunter! It's time for survival.

    It's a new world out there. A new shooting survival multiplayer! Build a strategy and create your own story. You can plant a bomb or shoot the zombies in this strategy survival game! Gather gold, coins, and anything necessary to survive in this destructive time. Shooting is not always an option, you must build a PVP army! Target the zombies, end the horror, and survive the war! This game is completely different than other war games.

    In the absence of the military, build up your settlement to form a safe haven for your survivors and the foundation for your post-apocalyptic zombie world. It is time for your tactics to become real! Fight vs. this virus of the walking dead! It's combat time and you need to fight the invasion! Survive if you can!

    In this survival game, you get to save survivors from the battle to increase your numbers and strength to fight each infected zombie. Locate those with special abilities, as they will be the heroes of the plague war! Shooting time!

    The zombie army disease is mutating rapidly. As a survivor you need to learn whatever you can to understand it and build your strategy before the invasion of the zombies. Whoever can control the infection controls the world! There's a war out there and it's all about survival! Stop the apocalypse!

    There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected wilderness in this strategy survival game. Join armies to pulverize anyone who tries to take advantage of you in the battle and be ready for the war against the zombies and the apocalypse. Your survival is at stake!

    Rip up the Rulebook
    It's humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules on how you want humankind to survive and defeat the invading army. This is a survival strategy versus zombies shooter game and there's no military to rescue you. It's completely different than other military war games.

    Customer Service Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSoSGame
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVSyGzN8MqTfZ9W3pHC5Htg"
  • Videoleap Editor by Lightricks Mod APK

    Videoleap Editor by Lightricks Mod APK


    Start making amazing movies today with Videoleap, a fun, powerful & easy video editing app, which enables you to create professional high quality movie clips in minutes. Apply artistic effects, mix videos with images, add text and layer transformations.

    Discover just how fun and easy it is to create high quality videos with the first take! Whether you want to make artistic, Hollywood-level films or short intros for your YourTube or Vimeo podcasts or simply share memories and funny moments with friends, Videoleap is a breakthrough video editor just for you.

    Movie making pros can take advantage of powerful high-end editing features. Beginners and casual users will have fun cutting and mixing clips intuitively and on-the-go. Edit movies, apply edits for videos, create short or long films for Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, or fit your videos to a desired format with pro quality video editing tools. Apply 24 fps video filters, green screen compositing and more to create beautiful movies.

    Download Videoleap right now and make your first cut in a minute like a real pro!

    Professional Movie Editing Tools:

    - Green screen/chroma key compositing.
    - Fit or cut video clips to format - place videos on blank or colored canvas.
    - Non-destructive video editing, retaining the original high quality resolution.
    - Unlimited undo/redo.
    - Add an image or an intro to the video (without a watermark).
    - Intuitive timeline with zoom for frame by frame precision.
    - Rotate video or crop it.

    Special Video Effects and Filters:

    - Prism, Defocus, Pixelate, Chromatic Aberration, Slow Motion and more. Apply effect after effect and see how your clip evolves!
    - Text: variety of fonts, emojis, shadows, colors, opacity, and blending.
    - Unique, adjustable film filters for every moment.

    Creative Cinematic Compositions:

    - Mix videos & images together to create double exposures and artistic looks like a pro.
    - Layer-based editing! Add videos, effects, text and images then reorder them however you like.
    - Customize layers with transformation, masking, and blending modes.
    - Apply seamless, cinematic transitions to your clips.

    Precise Video Editing & Rich Capabilities:

    - Adjust the speed for slow motion or faster transitions.
    - Clip editing: cut, trim, split, duplicate, flip, mirror, transform.
    - Color correction: adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. Apply filters.
    - Change aspect ratio and fit clips automatically, loop videos.
    - Customize the color of your background.

    Sound Editing:

    - Adjust audio fade in and fade out.
    - Control audio volume and speed.
    - Add audio to the picture to create an Instagram story.

    And More!

    - Helpful mini-tutorials.
    - No watermark.
    - Projects are auto-saved. Work on them whenever, wherever.
    - Preview your work with a full screen.

    Download Videoleap now and wow your followers and fans with stunning clips!

    Videoeap is a part of Lightricks' Creative Suite, which includes a wide range of video and image editing solutions. Among them:

    - Boosted, the Marketing Video Maker
    - Facetune2, the Selfie Editor
    - Motionleap, the Photo Animator Tool
    - Lightleap, the Professional Image Editor


    Videoleap's Terms of use: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/terms-of-use.pdf
    Videoleap's Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf
  • The Fishercat Mod APK

    The Fishercat Mod APK


    ★ Become a cat and harpoon fish! ★
    You can use a variety of harpoons and items to maximize your fishing experience. As a cat.
    Start your adventure as a cat now and fish'em all!

    =Very Simple Control=
    Drag to aim, and then shoot a harpoon to catch fish in this shooting game.
    =Thrilling Action=
    Follow and hit fish that constantly move, just like fishing in real life. Go fisher, go cats!
    =Hundreds of Rare Fish=
    Go out for fishing and collect over 150 different kinds of fish.
    =Cool Fish Vessels and Seas=
    Set out to sea on an amazing-looking vessel. Dive into the sea and explore the incredible underwater world.
    =Relax on the Peaceful Island=
    Relax and enjoy playing with your kitten friends on your island. Meow!
    =Grow your Aquarium=
    Grow your aquarium with the fish that you've caught and various decorations.
    =Cute Graphics=
    You'll fall in love with Fishercat's simple yet charming art style!!
  • Summoner's Greed: Idle TD Hero Mod APK

    Summoner's Greed: Idle TD Hero Mod APK


    You, the greatest and most powerful summoner, broke into the King's castle and stole his priceless royal treasure! You gleefully take your loot back to your lair… But! The King has sounded the alarm and deployed his endless army of valiant heroes to bring it back! Grrr... It's time to ready your defenses! They can't steal your precious treasure.

    In this idle TD game, you will strategically place your towers and cast powerful spells to defend against endless waves of the Kingdom's mightiest heroes. Defend your ‘stolen' (pshhh) loot against a variety of do-gooding heroes like the lowly peasant, the axe-wielding lumberjack, the ice mage and the King's Elite Knight himself - you kinda don't want to mess with him!

    Earn magical orbs for defeating wave after wave of the King's heroic army - use them to power your summoner's portal to call forth a variety of monsters, creeps and minions to aid your defense! Recruit the common slimes, Slimey and Grimey - the super rare and absurdly cute hellhound Mocha - or Teddy, the EPIC teddy bear with superhuman strength! With dozens of creatures to call to your defense, do you have what it takes to defend against the heroes of the Kingdom?

    So… Is the King stupid or something? He seems to have forgotten that you can shoot fireballs from your hands! Hello? Torpedoes of FIRE? In addition to your misfit army of monsters, you can cast powerful spells to bring death from above to your enemies. Use fireballs, lightning, ice and more to power up your monsters, rebuild defenses or defend your lair against the King's army. Radical!

    • Dozens of monsters and towers to summon
    • Defend against endless waves of heroes and bosses
    • Each monster has their own unique abilities and secondary powers
    • Upgrade your towers to increase their effectiveness
    • Collect common, rare, epic and legendary monsters
    • Defeat a variety of enemy heroes, each with their own unique skills
    • Strategically place your towers to cause maximum damage
    • Use & upgrade spells to destroy, rebuild defences and buff your minions
    • Original graphics & unique gameplay for a totally new kind of TD experience


    Are you having problems? Email us at [email protected] or contact us in game by going to Settings> Email Us

    Privacy Policy:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/summonersgreed/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/summoners.greed/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/summonersgreed/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SummonersGreedOfficialYoutubeChannel
    Join our Facebook Community Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/718972438720238/
  • CCleaner: Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer Mod APK

    CCleaner: Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer Mod APK


    Is your Android phone or tablet full of junk and running slowly?

    Clean, optimize and boost the performance of your device with CCleaner for Android!

    Brought to you from the makers of the world's most popular PC and Mac cleaning software, CCleaner for Android is the ultimate Android optimizer. Quickly and easily remove junk, reclaim space, clean RAM, monitor your system and more, and truly master your device.

    Optimize, Clean, and Master
    • Speed up your phone and clean junk safely
    • Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more

    Reclaim Storage Space
    • Analyze and optimize valuable storage space
    • Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications
    • Clear junk, such as obsolete and residual files

    Speed up your Device
    • Quickly stop running tasks and clean memory with Task Killer (RAM Booster)
    • App Hibernation feature, to stop apps from running in the background until you manually open them

    Boost Performance and Battery Life
    • Disable functions you don't use
    • Clean your RAM
    • Set profiles to auto-adjust battery usage for home, work, or car

    Analyze Applications' Impact
    • Determine the impact of individual apps on your device
    • Check which apps consume your data
    • Find apps draining your battery
    • Discover unused apps with App Manager

    Optimize Photo Storage
    • Find and remove similar, old, and poor quality (too bright, dark, or unfocused) photos
    • Optimize file sizes with Low, Moderate, High, and Aggressive file compression, and move originals into cloud storage
    • Delete photos from private chats

    Monitor your System
    • Check the usage of your CPU
    • Master your RAM and internal storage space
    • Check out your battery levels and temperature

    Easy to Use
    • Optimize your Android in just a few clicks
    • Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate
    • Fast, compact and efficient, with low RAM and CPU usage
    • Choose the color theme you like most

    Disclaimer: Certain battery profiles are automatically triggered based on your device's location, which requires access to location data we'll be using in the background. We'll ask for permission to access this data before using it.
  • Decisions: Choose Your Stories Mod APK

    Decisions: Choose Your Stories Mod APK


    Will you make the right choices and decisions to get the stories, romance & love you want - in this chapters for all interactive story games & role play games enthusiasts - discover the episode you love, make sure to choose your story in this love game!

    Start making the right choices for you to build the right love chapters & adventures with story games!
    Role play your way to the stories you love in this episode role playing love simulator & choose your story games.

    Get to experience a role playing games world where you can choose your own adventure episode and find what you really can call - my love, my story in this choose your story games.

    This is a role playing games for real love games & role play lovers , your choices are the thing that will matter the most in a true story games simulator, so choose your story right - feel what's it's like to share your romance narratives and feel confident saying this is my story in game!

    Get drawn into a world of compelling multiple chapters stories & role-playing where you can take the reins of destiny in your hands and decide for yourself, create something you can really call “my story” – no compromises, no judgments, and no holding back unbelievable interactive story games experience. Live your life the way you'd like to in the love game simulator. Make a bold decision in each episode and watch how your roleplay story unfolds. Read a genre that suits your mood – teen drama, rom-com, love or suspense. You have unforgettable titles to choose from - choose your own adventure simulator!

    Get ready to go on roleplay interactive story games & adventure games that offer fun and surprising twists. Experience college drama, fall in love again, or uncover hidden agendas. Make love choices, go through exciting chapters, live different lives and enjoy unique outcomes. Get started now and find out what saying “my love” really means in one of a kind role playing games!

    Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice presents roleplay stories with visuals and animations.

    Download Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice - fun love games immerse in some of the most impressive chapters you'll ever lay your eyes on!

    Features: - Choose your story games!

    - Customize your character.
    - Multiple episode choices.
    - Exciting dress-up options.
    - Several genres to choose from.
    - Make your decisions in visually engaging stories.
    - The game is available in 25 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Filipino, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Thai, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Kazakh, and Malay.

    Download Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories and choose your own adventure now!

    Baby Highness
    London Fashion Week is a big deal, but not for you! Play as a young and upcoming Fashion Designer that wants to make her mark in the world.

    A Naughty Proposal
    Working as an associate at a high-powered law firm sure comes with its perks, especially when your handsome and mysterious boss proposes a plan to make you a millionaire! Will you cruise along and help him find love or end up falling for him yourself?

    A Royal Affair
    The Kingdom of Lightdale is in trouble and only You can save it! Why? You're the Princess, and heir to the throne, after all!

    Eat Spy Love
    Have you ever dreamed of working in a Michelin starred restaurant? Dream no more because Horizon Tavern has a job for you!

    We use Advertising ID for serving better ads and improving the product through Analytics.

    Visit Us: https://games2win.com
    Like Us: https://facebook.com/Games2win
    Follow Us: https://www.instagram.com/decisions.game/
    Follow Us: https://twitter.com/Games2win

    Contact us at [email protected] for any problems.

    Privacy Policy: https://www.games2win.com/corporate/privacy-policy.asp
  • European War 6: 1914 - WW1 SLG Mod APK

    European War 6: 1914 - WW1 SLG Mod APK


    The development of technologies like steam engine, railway, ships have filled the world with new opportunities.
    Unsatisfied with the colonial arrangements of the Old World, the rising empires are gearing up to compete. Inevitably, war becomes the outcome of conflicting interests.
    The whole world did not expect the war to grow to such a large scale.
    Could military geniuses such as Hindenburg, Ludendorff, Pétain, Foch, Haig and others end the war?
    Reliving intense historical military battles in World War I. Commander! It is time to use winning strategy and start your military legendary journey!

    *** More than 150 famous battles in 10 chapters
    Civil War, Attack of Eagle, Eastern Front, Decline of the Ottoman, Marine Overlord
    Dual Monarchy, European Powder Keg, Balkan Lion, Dawn of Victory, Rise of Apennines
    *** Choose your generals and promote their ranks and titles
    *** Train the special units, such as Hungarian Air Gun Solider, German Firebat, British Tank and so on
    *** Build a palace and get the princess of each country
    *** Train your army and improve their skills

    *** Build military facilities and train the units
    *** Develop cities to increase income, upgrade the national technology
    *** Build a military academy to study various military tactics
    *** Historical events will affect the situation on the battlefield
    *** Building wonders will bring various advantages to the entire country
    *** The diplomatic system can allow allies to join the war as soon as possible, or delay the enemy's declaration of war on us
    Declare war on any country or assist allies at any time, or end the whole battle directly through negotiations
    *** Choose strong or weak countries to challenge different difficulties
    Win with less time to get higher scores, rank with other players in Game Center
    If you reach 『A』you can get a special reward

    *** Win the victory within the specified conditions, which will test your commanding skills

    *** Cloud archives support players to change their devices without losing archives
    *** Using a new engine to improve the game graphics
    *** 300 portraits of generals are redrawn and introductions are added
    *** 150 historical battles in 45 countries, including Battle of Gettysburg, Tannenberg, Marne, Somme.
    *** More than 200 units from different countries and various styles of buildings
    *** 45 technology and more than 120 items

    ***Twitter:https://twitter.com/easytech_game (@easytech_game)
    ***Easytech official website:https://www.ieasytech.com
    ***Easytech official e-mail:[email protected]
  • Nonstop Knight 2 - Action RPG Mod APK

    Nonstop Knight 2 - Action RPG Mod APK


    Fight mighty battles, defeat your enemies and become the greatest Hero in this fun Action RPG adventure!

    Your Knight does the running, you do the fighting. Everything you need for Action RPG sessions: epic armor, epic loot, monsters, hero perks and many unique skills.


    Embrace the knighthood and use your action skills to fight and defeat epic boss fights. Action RPG at its best with simple auto game play and colourful 3D graphics. Get amazing gear and cosmetics to tailor your Knight.

    Nonstop Knight 2 - Action RPG offers a new way of action dungeon crawler role playing gameplay: The Knight auto runs to defeat never-ending waves of enemies. Make your epic knight a soul warrior, a legendary archer or a mighty wizard. Complete quests for epic loot and claim unique rewards and titles.


    Download now, open the portal, beat your rival knights and enjoy the perfect mix of casual action rpg dungeon grinding and hardcore role-playing strategy.


    Enter our Arena, beat your rival knights and climb the rankings. It's one versus the rest. Well… it's you against everyone…


    Different game modes, weekly events, cooperative gameplay, alliances / guilds, competition, collection and so much more! Exciting modes, incredible loot, exclusive item rewards!

    By accessing or using a Flaregames product, you're agreeing to our Terms of Service (http://www.flaregames.com/terms-service/ ).

    Nonstop Knight 2 - Action RPG is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use these features, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. According to our Terms of Service, Nonstop Knight 2 is allowed for download and play only for persons 16 years or more of age, or with explicit parental consent. You can read more here: http://www.flaregames.com/parents-guide/
  • Learn German - Listening And Speaking Mod APK

    Learn German - Listening And Speaking Mod APK



    "Learn German - Listening And Speaking" is one of PORO's ongoing apps for self-learners who want to speak German easily and effectively. With 115 daily dialogs, a list of lessons with various topics from greeting, introduction, shopping, business conversation, family talks, etc…. It's suitable for all German learners from beginner to intermediate and advanced learners to practice speaking German.

    While listening to the conversation of the native speaker, try to imitate full sentences with the same intonation, pronunciation like the native speaker. By PORO's app, you can not only learn the speaking style, pronunciation, the way to break and intonation of native speakers and improve listening skill but also learn groups of vocabularies and useful phrases to communicate in daily talking.

    ★★★ Main features of PORO's App:

    ★ Common conversations.
    - More than 115 lessons about German common conversation in daily life with audio files of native speakers.
    - Various topics from greeting, introduction, small talk to business conversations…
    - Consist of the audio script for learner to follow.

    ★ Show/ Hide transcript, translation.
    - Understand and remember the native speaker's reading way by customizing the show/ hide transcript mode.
    - Understand the meaning of new vocabulary and the meaning of the full sentence in each situation by customizing the translation mode

    ★ Sentences are highlighted following the audio.
    - The mode that sentences are highlighted following the audio will help you to follow the conversation directly.
    - You can click on the sentence to listen/ practice that phrase again

    ★ Playlist mode.
    Enjoy practicing German while driving or traveling…, you just need to turn on the app and click on playlist mode.

    ★ Practice game.
    By playing completing sentences game, you would know if you have already remembered the full sentence and its structure or not.

    ★ Learn German through news.
    Not only can you improve your listening skill and vocabulary but also can enrich your knowledge and update world news.

    ★ Learn German through stories.
    Learning German becomes more interesting because PORO has added a new function called Learning German through stories. You can enlarge your vocabulary, and learn how to express yourself in particular situations!

    ★★★★ The App “Learn German - Listening And Speaking" is suitable for:

    ★ False-beginners and who want to improve German communication.
    ★ Those who self-study German at home.
    ★ Learners who want to practice for Goethe Institut, Telc, TestDaF and other German tests.
    ★ Those who love communicating in German and practicing German by shadowing method.
    ★ Those who like to challenge your level.

    “Learn German - Listening And Speaking” App is still in the developing process, so we hope to receive your contributed comment to make it better. We are a team that loves the German language and always try to share our love with the community, so if you like this app then please take a moment to rate 5 stars for it! You can also contact us by commenting or clicking the feedback button on the options screen.

    ★★★★ Please kindly contact:
    - Email: [email protected]

    Thank you very much and good luck to you!
  • Snowball.io Mod APK

    Snowball.io Mod APK


    The most addictive game with the simplest control ever.
    Make a snowball bigger and bump it to opponents to flick them off the play field.
    You can make one giant snowball or a number of small balls... and you can bump it directly to the opponent or snipe them with it... it is totally up to you.

    How to control: swipe to the direction you want to move, and lift your finger to shoot the snowball.
  • Cast TV for Chromecast/Roku/Apple TV/Xbox/Fire TV Mod APK

    Cast TV for Chromecast/Roku/Apple TV/Xbox/Fire TV Mod APK


    Cast videos, music, photos...or watch on phone with Castify.

    Streaming Devices:
    Chromecast 1, 2, and Ultra HD 4K
    Fire TV or Fire Stick
    Apple TV Airplay (4th gen) tvOS 10.2+
    Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick, or Roku TV
    DLNA receivers
    Xbox One, Xbox 360
    Google Cast receivers
    Smart TVs with DLNA built-in including: LG TV, TCL, Phillips, Sony Bravia, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, and many others. Please check your TV's user manual.

    Play From Sources:
    - Browser Websites
    - Phone Files
    - IPTV
    - DLNA Servers
    - LAN, SMB, Samba

    Castify Features:
    - Cast to TV, video, movie, music, or photos
    - Cast web videos found online from websites
    - Screen Mirroring
    - IPTV supporting m3u playlists
    - Stream to TV from local files on phone to Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV or compatible devices
    - Play history
    - Website Bookmarks
    - Searching of videos on any websites
    - Block popups per website
    - Picture in Picture(PiP)
    - Roku remote control
    - Roku channels
    - Subtitles (only for Chromecast and Roku)
    - Custom themes

    This app works best with Google Chromecast and Google Cast receivers. Users may experience limited functionalities with other casting receivers.

    Cast & Stream movies, videos, or music from web browser to TV, or from your IPTV providers.

    Cast phone's movie, music, or photos found on your phone/tablet to TV with compatible streaming devices.

    Usage Steps:
    1. Use the app's browser to navigate to a website.
    2. The browser will try to find any playable video, movies, or music on that site.
    3. Then play it locally on the Phone/Tablet, or cast to TV with Chromecast or one of the compatible streaming receivers.

    Supported Formats:
    MP4 movie
    MKV files
    MP3 music
    JPG, PNG images
    HTML5 video
    HLS Live Streaming
    IPTV m3u file or urls
    4K and HD where available

    Features & Limitations of Some Streaming Receivers
    Screen Mirroring:
    - The screen mirror feature is available only on some Android devices

    Roku Streaming devices & Roku TV:
    - Remote control only for Roku
    - no video resuming/scrubbing, no audio streaming, some file formats not supported.

    Apple TV AirPlay:
    - AirPlay must be enabled in settings
    - Battery Optimization must be disabled for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up, local cast of audio and photo not supported. MKV files not supported. Some urls formats not supported.

    Xbox One & Xbox 360:
    - DLNA must be enabled in settings

    Fire TV: some video movie formats not supported.

    The following streaming devices and Smart TVs are in beta support, so please do not expect them to work as good as Chromecast: DLNA devices, Android TV, Xbox One & Xbox 360, WebOS, Netcast

    Some Smart TVs have Google Chromecast app (or DLNA) built-in:
    according to this: https://www.google.com/chromecast/built-in/tv/
    If you have any of those models, please check if it has one of the streaming receivers to see if it's compatible to cast to TV.

    Castify does not modify the video sources. It only sends the original source to your streaming receivers. The app does not hosts any content. Therefore the compatibility and availability of the videos are dependent on the source websites themselves.

    -This app only casts from websites that uses public format. Proprietary video & movie formats will not cast to TV.

    -If a video is not playing or a disconnection occurs, it could be several reasons:
    1. The ISP(Internet Service Provider)
    2. The source website itself
    3. Insufficient WIFI signal strength

    -Ensure your WIFI connection is stable and on the same network. Streaming online movies to TV requires a good internet connection.
    -Most connection problems can be resolved by restarting the casting receivers or phone.
    -Flash movie websites are not supported by stream device manufacturers.
  • Vlog Star - yt video editor Mod APK

    Vlog Star - yt video editor Mod APK


    Vlog Star is an all-in-one video editor and vlog & intro maker for YouTube editors. It contains features for video editing like amazing Transition & Video FX Effect and Slow Mo & Reverse, and features specially designed for youtube video editor and YouTubers: Reaction Cam, Intro Maker and Green Screen. With the powerful all-in-one video editor app, Vlog Star, you can easily create vlogs video and reaction cam video to be an outstanding video star! One click to share your masterpiece video to youtube and instagram reels as well as tiktok!

    Video / PIP & Trimmer & Splitter & Merger
    ● Best video editing tools to trim and cut videos. Directly splice video, copy and delete videos with one tap.
    ● Add multi PIP videos & pictures to make a Reaction video.

    Stock Footage & Intro Maker & Ending Screen templates
    ● Aesthetic video editor with free intro templates and end screen videos to attract fans for your youtube channel.
    ● Dozens of intro templates for aesthetic vlog video, gaming video or makeup intro.
    ● Abundant video creator with green screen video for exploration, such as shape motion movement video and VFX ninja videos.

    Reaction Camera
    ● Powerful reaction yt video maker. You can record video and edit your reaction video without using the computer.
    ● Search videos from yt or record your reaction directly with local videos!
    ● Use Chroma key to add PIP video clip and edit fun videos like tricky vlog or gacha life video with the vlog editor app, Vlog Star

    Video Filters & FX Effects & Animation
    ● Best intro maker and youtube creator studio with film-level video filters and video presets to make mymovie like a filmmaker pro.
    ● Video editor with 80+ cool FX video filters and effects ranging from glitch, vn to shake.
    ● Use bounce and zoom effect to make music beat videos with the video video editing maker, Vlog Star.

    Text & Stickers & Music & Animation
    ● Try text and sticker animations. Nice animation templates for video like lower-third and lyric as well as youtube subscribers button.
    ● Use the video maker with hundreds of stickers for motion video including ninja and subscribe, which are suitable for gacha club video maker.
    ● Music provided by Vlog Star with no attribution required when you upload to YouTube!

    Video Transitions
    ● Try the video editing maker that provides 50+ amazing video transition effects and keep updating more, including video star style and gacha animator style.
    ● Use video transition effects with fast & slomo to inshot a pro and cinematic film video.

    No Ads during Editing
    ● No banner or pop-up ads whatsoever in the video editor when you are editing videos.
    ● A video editor that never disturbs. No ads or watermark after upgrading to the pro version.

    As an all-in-one video editor for youtube edit and a pro and easy to use vlog editor for beginner to be a video star, Vlog Star is suitable for all video editor beginners. This video maker is similar to a youtube studio, which can be used to make awesome yt video, intro and vlog video. Equip with abundant features like music with no attribution required and video effects. Youcut and export your video without losing quality. If you want to edit videos and photos more easily, Vlog Star offers free aesthetic intro maker and outro templates to edit.

    ※ Disclaimer: Although Vlog Star offers features designed for better serving YouTubers in their yt video editing, Vlog Star itself is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with YouTube ( or YT as abbreviation), Tik Tok or Instagram Reels.

    Download the all-in-one video editor & intro maker -- Vlog Star. You can also be the power and action director of your legend daily life!
  • Snap VPN - Fast VPN Proxy Mod APK

    Snap VPN - Fast VPN Proxy Mod APK


    Snap VPN is the fastest free VPN to unblock and access all your favorite websites and apps. You can also secure WiFi hotspots, watch your favourite videos and browse privately and anonymously. Enjoy the best unlimited VPN service and internet freedom with Snap VPN.

    Key Features:
    ️Unblock all Websites and Apps
    Using Snap VPN can help you unblock all apps and websites. We offer outstanding technology support to make sure you can bypass geo-restrictions and connect to all social network apps and special websites.

    ️Free Forever
    We offer you the best free vpn service and make sure you can use Snap VPN anytime and anywhere without extra fee. Also we provide Premium service if you want a better experience without ads and faster speed.

    ️Bypass Geo-restrictions
    Snap VPN can bypass geographic restrictions by encrypting all traffic. You can enjoy global media, gaming, video streaming, social applications and networks safely and freely without limitation. Snap VPN is a super VPN for cross-regional gaming and video streaming.

    Snap VPN perfectly supports your gaming needs with your friends anywhere! The way is:
    1. Download the latest version of Snap VPN and connect.
    2. Connect to the same server with your friends, then open the game.
    3. We now support all gaming needs.

    Snap VPN also supports you to enjoy video streamings from all over the world. You can bypass geo-restrictions anywhere in the world. With Snap VPN you can easily visit and watch movies and dramas in different countries. We support the vast majority of video streaming websites and apps in the world.

    ️Stay secure and be anonymous online & on WiFi hotspots proxy
    Snap VPN lets you surf the web anonymously without worrying about being tracked by your ISP or anybody else because your real IP will be hidden. So you can stay hidden by a No Logs policy.

    Snap VPN protects your privacy and secures your network traffic and connection while you're connected to public WiFi hotspots. Your passwords and your personal data are secured and you are fully protected from cyber attacks.

    ️Fast & Stable
    Snap VPN is an ultra fast speed VPN! It will automatically detect your location and connect you to the nearest server. Therefore, your connection will be much faster than other VPN providers or proxy providers. Snap VPN has over 100,000 IP addresses for more than 2000 VPN servers in over 100 countries, so it makes the speed so fast and you can surf online stable with lowest disconnection.

    All the amazing experiences,just one Snap in Snap VPN!

    For policy reasons, this service is not available in the Mainland of China. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    ️User Terms:
    By downloading and/or using this product, you acknowledge and agree to the end user license agreement and Privacy Statement at
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Latest Mods
  • Asian FX v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Asian FX is the go-to station for British Asians living in the UK, playing the biggest mix of music including the freshest Desi Hip Hop tracks, Bollywood, Bhangra, 90s and current R&B, supporting and promoting emerging and existing British Asian talent. We are defined by the music we play, introduce and discover – new artists, new sounds and amazing personalities to keep you entertained 24/7
    For latest news, competitions, interviews, events and more – follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and visit our website regularly!
  • Africa News Broadcast ANB v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Africa News Broadcast, ANB, is a 24/7 online broadcast service
    with well sourced news from Africa. it also presents African entertainment,
    music, politics and sports.
    Africa news broadcast is located in Ghana
  • Raven's Cave Radio v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Raven's Cave Radio is a niche online rock, pagan and wiccan music radio station based in Scotland, owned and operated by Raven's Cave Limited and forms part of the Raven's Cave brand. Launched as an online radio station in February 2021, it broadcasts its playlist of genres 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rock music genres include classic, metal, alternative, post-punk, indie, gothic, industrial, electro-wave and symphonic. Pagan music includes neo-Celtic folk, Norse, darkwave and medieval. Wiccan influences come from the crafts traditional core beliefs, principles and practices on which the Raven's Cave brand is based upon, and is equally as passionate about its music and its influences with an inner belief, that music changes everything.
  • Dimensions Hair Studio v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    This app provides 24/7 online booking for customers, business information, special offers and more
  • Marigold Radio v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Listen Live On Air Streaming
  • Bathroom Yearbook v1.5.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    Bathroom Yearbook is an annual addition that highlights the best bathrooms of the year, offering an array of features for readers looking to create a functional space or sanctuary or for those who are looking to develop their existing bathrooms. This publication offers inspiration for complete renovations, designs from the country's leading companies and the world's most spectacular hotel bathrooms, illustrates the season's latest looks and provides expert advice on saving costs.
  • Lavish Lebanese v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    A fast food restaurant situated in London, United Kingdom is serving authentic dishes from Lebanese and Medeterian cuisine. With a variety of wraps, mezza, hot dishes, salads and desserts— they are here to win hearts with their traditional recipes. Join them for this lavish experience of eating the finest food prepared with fresh ingredients straight from the heart of Lebanon. The bestsellers include chicken shawarma, falafel and hummus mezza, feta salad and baklava. The delicious tahini sauce, garlic sauce and sweet chilli sauce make the experience even better!

    App Features Overview:

    - Track your order, LIVE: No more calling to check if your order is ready or not. You can place your order and track it live on the app on the home screen, all the way from the restaurant to your doorstep, along with real-time updates. Isn't that super cool?

    - Get notified about your order status via push notifications.

    - Reliable and fast, really fast: We are boringly reliable but incredibly fast at delivery. Our delivery executives work around the clock to deliver food at your doorstep in the fastest possible time.

    - Pre-Order - Too busy to order your food? No issues, you can pre-order and get your food delivered to your location.

    - Location Picker - automatically picks your current location

    Go ahead and download Lavish Lebanese App Now!
  • Coach Sarah v4.7.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Coach Sarah Fitness and Nutrition.
  • Flex v4.7.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Flex is an online web and mobile application providing fitness instruction, education, and inspiration. With this application, you are able to track your progress and access hundreds of creative exercises.
  • Adam Cooper Personal Trainer v4.7.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Coach/Personal Trainer helping you to get FitterFasterStronger via exercise and nutritional advice, through this App and/or Face to Face.
  • Little Vikids v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    We are a friendly inclusive club offering competitive and social activities for all abilities and ages.

    - Notification - No more SMS and Emails
    - Attendance
    - Information & stats
    - Payment
    - Discounts
    - Upcoming Events
    - Coaches Availability

    You can join our club activities through the app
    - Group Sessions
    - Academy Sessions
    - Tournaments and Events for all

    Never miss what is happening within our programme and easily keep in touch with your child's coach.
  • Park to Pro v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    We are a friendly inclusive club offering competitive and social activities for all abilities and ages.

    - Notification - No more SMS and Emails
    - Attendance
    - Information & stats
    - Payment
    - Discounts
    - Upcoming Events
    - Coaches Availability

    You can join our club activities through the app
    - Group Sessions
    - Academy Sessions
    - Tournaments and Events for all

    Never miss what is happening within our programme and easily keep in touch with your child's coach.
  • UPSC (Prelims) Previous Year Papers App v01.01.232 Mod (Free purchase)
    The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts its renowned Civil Services Examination to select eligible candidates for various civil service jobs including IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc. It is considered one of the toughest examinations in India. The selection is carried out in 3 stages. Prelims, Mains followed by an Interview. Millions of students appear for the examination to get selected. Thus we have introduced our UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers Practice Test App to assist the aspirants with the preparation for the prelims examination with utmost easiness.

    Special Features of EduGorilla's UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers Mock Tests
    Accessible 24*7 from any & all devices
    Latest pattern Mock Tests & Current Affairs present in UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers Practice Exam App
    40+ Mock Tests ⏳ with questions as per the latest exam pattern
    Smart user-interface that saves 40% of study time ⏱️
    Daily News provided for the latest issues
    Relevant Current Affairs for the exams
    Reminders for Regular Exam Updates
    Daily Quiz ⏳ to test your preparation
    Detailed analysis and performance comparison on All-India & State-Level basis
    Accessible in English Language ✍️
    The best online exam preparation app available at modest price

    UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers App Details
    UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers mock test app consists of all the essential exam details with mind mapping. In addition to this, we also provide study materials and online test series. All the materials and test series in our UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers practice test app have been prepared by our expert panel as per the prescribed syllabus along with a smart user-friendly interface.
    This helps the candidates to maximize the level of preparation and help them to get recruited as civil servants. Therefore with all these unique features, our UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers practice exam app proves to be one of the best online learning apps that assist the candidates to crack the Civil service examination with flying colors.

    Subjects Covered in UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers
    Paper I
    General Awareness
    Ancient and Medieval History
    Modern History and Indian National Movement
    Indian Geography
    World Geography
    Indian Polity
    Environment and Biodiversity
    Science and Technology
    Physical and Life Science

    Paper II
    Quantitative Aptitude
    Reasoning Aptitude
    Verbal Aptitude

    UPSC Civil Services Prelims Previous Year Papers Exam Pattern
    Mode of Exam: Offline
    Duration: 120 Minutes for each paper
    No. of Questions: 100 for paper 1 and 80 for paper 2
    Total Marks: 200 for each paper

    About Us
    EduGorilla's team of experts are driven to make the best mock test series apps for students. We provide the best exam preparation apps at a modest price to help all students in preparation for various exams. EduGorilla's best online exam preparation apps provide keen insight into the latest exam pattern. Therefore, get our apps today to get the best mock tests.

    Alerts & Notifications-
    Start your preparation today with one of the Best Online Learning Apps, anytime & at any place.
    Get the latest alerts, like, Exam Notification, Admit Card, & Results, etc.
    Start preparing today on EduGorilla: India's Best Mock Test App.

    Contact Details-
    We are eager to help you. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]
  • Mystery of the Foto Album: Hidden Object v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Misterio del Álbum Foto: Objeto Ocultos es un juego clásico libre en el género Objeto Ocultos. Durante el juego tiene que estudiar fotos de un álbum de fotos olvidado y aprender sus secretos.

    Se pondrá:
    ★ Calidad de HD;
    ★ la posibilidad de aumentar;
    ★ sugerencias;
    ★ música agradable;
    ★ búsqueda por imagen, por contorno y por palabra;
    ★ fotos en color y en blanco y negro;
    ★ nuevos objetos cada vez, puede jugar una y otra vez;
    ★ cada nivel se debe completar en el tiempo limitado, por otra parte tendrá que comenzar.
    ★ encuentre el objeto, pase el nivel actual para abrir el siguiente;
    ★ el juego es completamente gratis, sin compras.

    El juego es ideal para todos, desarrolla la destreza y mejora la atención! Si Te gusta buscar objetos ocultos, entonces este juego es para ti!
New Apps
  • Learn German Vocabulary APK
    Using the Learn German Vocabulary app, you can choose your native language and learn new German words and test your vocabulary. Exactly 2900 words, start now!

    You can use the application without the need for the internet. Within the application, daily German words are available in your native language and in German.

    ✅(IMPORTANT) You need to turn on the Text to Speech feature of your device for word and sentence pronunciations.
    You can choose your native language and learn German words that way.

    Learn German Vocabulary supported native languages:

    Words are available in your native language and in German audio pronunciation.
    You can adjust the pronunciation speed slowly and normally.
    The random word button is available in Learn German Vocabulary application.
    If you wish, you can bring the word list to the top.
    You can continue from the word you left in the card view.
    After pressing the repeat button in the card view, you can listen to the pronunciation of the word you want many times.
    With the slide button in the card view, you can automatically advance the words.
    You can mark the words you think you have learned in the list view.
    As a result of the tests, the words you know are marked in the list view.
    Learn German Vocabulary app has night vision mode.
    You can test your German vocabulary.
    The test section consists of three-stage tests.
    Each test consists of 10 words.
    In order to achieve effective results, you should use the application repeatedly.
    Over time you will see progress in your German vocabulary.

    Note: Internet permission is required for displaying advertisements for support purposes only.

    With Learn German Vocabulary, you can learn 2900 German words by choosing your native language.
    Learn German Vocabulary is a foreign language application that aims to improve your German vocabulary memory.
    Please do not forget to write your comments. Your feedback will be used for future updates.

  • UP CONNECT - Motorista APK

    Our application allows the driver to receive new races and increase the daily revenue of the professional.

    Here the driver can check the distance to the passenger before accepting the request.

    In case of any emergency, you can call the passenger directly through the application with the rates of your operator.

    Our drivers and passengers are pre-registered, providing greater security for everyone.

    This is the most modern way to receive races anytime, anywhere.
    This application was designed for those looking for an executive transportation service present in the neighborhood and that guarantees that you and your family will be attended to by a well-known driver with safety.

    Here you have a direct line to solve your problems, just call us!

    Our application allows you to call one of our vehicles and track the car's movement on the map, being notified when it is at your door.

    You can still see all vehicles close to your location with the information of busy or free, giving our customer a complete view of our service network.

    Charging works like calling a normal taxi, that is, it only starts counting when you get in the car.

    Here you are no longer a customer in many, here you are the customer of our neighborhood.
  • FiNANCiE / フィナンシェ - クラウドファンディング2.0 APK
    Your dreams become everyone's property.
    New generation crowdfunding 2.0 "FiNANCiE" utilizing blockchain technology
    Proof of support = Experience a new form of support using tokens.

    I want to make my dream come true.
    I want to start a new project.
    -And I want a companion who can walk with me.

    If you find a dream or project you want to support, you can support it by purchasing "tokens".
    The "token" is a proof of support, and if you hold it, you can continue to participate in the activities of the project.

    [What you can do with the FiNANCiE app]
    ・ Support the project by purchasing two types of tokens
    ・ Tokens can be bought and sold within FiNANCiE
    ・ In addition to purchasing support, continuously participate in project activities
    ・ Communicate with project owners and other supporters

    [Advantages of holding tokens]
    ・ You can participate in the project-only community
    ・ Participate in planning and voting in a limited community
    ・ Apply for special goods and events
    ・ Future benefits of project growth

    Let's support many dreams with Crowdfunding 2.0!

    If you would like to publish, please apply from here.
    * Posting is a screening system.
  • Laparaga - Sewa Lapangan Olahraga Online APK
    Mau sewa lapangan untuk olahraga favoritmu? Atau punya bisnis lapangan olahraga dan mau diiklankan online dengan gratis? Laparaga solusinya!


    Temukan sewa lapangan olahraga di aplikasi Laparaga secara mobile. Dapatkan kemudahan dalam booking sewa lapangan olahraga secara online sehingga Kamu dapat menghemat waktu untuk menentukan tempat olahraga. Kamu juga bisa tahu, lokasi mana saja yang menyediakan sewa lapangan untuk olahraga favoritmu.

    - Pilih tipe olahraga yang kamu inginkan

    - Pilih lokasi sewa lapangan

    - Setelah pilih lapangan, selanjutnya pilih tanggal, nomor lapangan dan waktu yang sesuai

    - Pilih jadwal dan klik booking

    - Jika detil pesanan sudah muncul, kamu dapat melanjutkan ke pembayaran secara online

    - Voucher-mu akan segera terbit di aplikasi. Tunjukkan voucher saat datang ke lokasi sewa lapangan olahraga.


    Dapatkan lebih banyak customer dan pantau bisnis lapangan olahragamu secara online sehingga terhindar dari karyawan yang memanipulasi pendapatan di bisnis Anda, iklankan lokasi sewa lapangan olahraga mu di Laparaga dengan gratis, dapatkan Listing gratis dan mudah dilihat oleh calon customer. Ditambah lagi, Laparaga memiliki system manajemen untuk memudahkan mu mengatur jadwal penjualan dan melihat laporan.

    - Klik add venue, isi form dan upload foto venue mu dengan foto yang terbaik

    - Tunggu verifikasi dari tim Laparaga

    - Setelah verifikasi berhasil, Anda bisa atur jadwal penjualan venue mu, di jam berapa saja yang ingin Anda jual, dan di harga yang Anda mau.

    - Kamu juga bisa cek laporan penjualan dengan periode yang bisa kamu set sendiri
  • Gain Health And Fitness APK
    With the Gain Health And Fitness App, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your personal trainer. Download the app today! And be sure to check out our website at: gainfitness.ca
  • Santa Tracker: Where is Santa APK
    How many more days till Christmas?
    Santa Tracker 2021 to see where Santa is right now and say merry Christmas to you.

    Message from Santa! video & audio call simulated app.

    Features for Santa tracker 2021 App
    - Christmas countdown
    - Merry Christmas ringtone
    - Happy new year wishes
    - Santa Claus story photo frame
    - Merry christmas wishes quote
    - Check where is Santa right now
    - Christmas and New year 2022 wallpaper

    Say Hello to Santa Claus? And Track where is Santa Claus Right now and also where it comes to the next town?

    Create and share magical personalized messages from Santa Claus. This Santa Call Simulation app helps you make a fake video call to your friend or family members who still believe you can speak with Santa.

    Get a video call from Santa Claus because Santa is coming to your town check when?

    Enjoy Christmas countdown and much more. We wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

    Santa tracker and video call intended for entertainment purposes only. Calls and video calls from Santa are simulated.
  • Nko lawourouki deh APK
    Platform for a new language "Nko"
    A platform to provide tutorials (videos) about different sciences in N'koo language.
    With us you will have access to multiple videos.
  • WSL Stores APK
    WSL Stores app helps you to sell your products or provide a services to your customer and generate electronic invoice.

    Contact us to register your store now and enable you to be ready to generate your electronic invoice in seconds
  • Pegase Moto APK
    Why get a Pégase GPS tracker?

    1) To protect myself against theft

    If someone tries to take my vehicle: I am immediately alerted by SMS, E-Mail and Notification.

    And if my bike is stolen, I can quickly intervene with the police thanks to a very precise real-time location (up to 4 positions per second).

    2) To replay my ride

    I can visualize my speed and lean angle at every moment and on all my trips.
    I can then share my rides easily in Instagram - Facebook stories & posts.

    Bonus: Pégase's precision even allows me to retrieve my lap times if I ride on a circuit!

    Pégase is the GPS tracker that stands by its promises :

    100% Subscription-free Riding a motorbike means freedom. That's why Pégase is the only GPS+GSM tracker on the market without subscription!

    100% Made in France Pégase has been designed and manufactured in France to meet the best standards in force as well as :
    - easy to install (only one cable to connect)
    - safe (integrated motorcycle battery protection)

    100% Satisfaction With Pégase, you get protection or your money back! If your stolen motorcycle is not found, your Pégase device will be fully refunded.
  • Fine Voices APK
    Fine Voices - the audio book app for everyone who is looking for well-read and well-written audio books - but who are spoiled for choice!

    Whether it's exciting thrillers, moving novels or light holiday reading, with us you will find your favorite titles without a long search.

    Our Fine Voices label recommends audio books that we have produced ourselves with the best voices.

    When browsing the app, you can look behind the scenes and see who is reading what, why and how.

    Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/finevoices.de) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/finevoices.de/) or write to us directly at: [email protected]

    We look forward to receiving your feedback!
  • mobi Community Mobility APK
    mobi is a new transportation service that allows you to share rides with people living in your neighbourhood!

    Whether you are going shopping, dining, buying grocery at supermarkets, transferring at MRT / BRT stations or bus stops bringing your children to and from schools or tuition/enrichment centers and visiting clinic/hospital, you don't have to worry! Book rides via our on-demand mobility app and you will be shuttled around your neighborhood quickly and conveniently without having to worry about payment.

    Opening Special!
    Current Promotional Rates
    Two weeks free trial and starting price for 1 month (Japan)
    Two weeks free trial and two months launching price! (Singapore)
    Free trial within the year of 2021 and launching price afterward. (Viet Nam)

    Features of mobi
    ○mobi will pick you up in 10 to 15 minutes on average!
    ○Our AI routing plans the most optimal route to drop off all passengers at their destinations in the shortest possible time!
    ○Book a ride via our app quickly and easily!
    ○Shared transportation at an affordable monthly fixed rate for unlimited rides!
    ○Top up an additional nominal fee for each member from the same household, up to a maximum of 5!
    ○Dedicated drivers in the area makes it safe for both children and the elderly!

    Current operation area
    Kyotango (Kyoto), Shibuya (Tokyo)
    River Valley – Robertson Quay - Orchard (Singapore)
    Linh Lang,Kim Ma,Ho Tay,Hai Ba Trung,Cau Giay,Mi Dien,Nam Tu Liem,Ha Dong (Viet Nam)
  • Merge hexagon jewel - Match 3 APK
    Merge hexagon jewel combines hexagonal gems, digital synthesis and match-3 gameplay to create a colorful and addictive game.

    Play this game for free now, release stress and be happy!

    How to play?

    1. Swap the positions of two gem blocks.
    2. Connect three or more gems of the same value.
    3. Constantly challenge.


    1. Bright graphics and soothing sound.
    2. Easy to play and quickly master the game play.

    Now let us see who can get 99 gems.

    Sounds easy? Play it now!
    PDKS (Personnel Attendance Control Systems) is a system that records and enters the staff's input-outputs and reports them to the PDKS software by placing PDKS devices in the places determined in the workplaces in order to follow up the entry and exit times of the staff.

    These data, which are reported through the PDKS Software, are generally within the company; It is used by the human resources department for salary and overtime tracking.

    The whole process of recording personnel data and reporting with PDKS software constitutes the PDKS system.
  • Ehsaas Program Phase 2 APK
    Some people in Pakistan are living very poor life. The PM of Pakistan has taken a great step to help these people not only in lock down days, even after those days. So, ehsaas program phase 2 is an app which help people to check their eligibility for ehsas program for free.
    The PM of Pakistan make the life of many poor people easy by helping with the stipend of 12000 rupees which is still continue in ihsaas program phase 2 for their kafalat.
    To make kafalat of these poor people PM has introduce many easy ways to check their eligibility. This app is one of the other source to check the eligibility for ehsaas program. People from any province can freely check their eligibility simple by entering CNIC in app.
    The other feature of this app is that you cannot only check cash status for ehsaas imdad but can also register for ehsaas rashan rayyat for ghrana and ehsas rashan rayat for store registration.


    The purpose of this app is to provide information only which is freely available on internet. The source of information is https://www.pass.gov.pk/
    This app has no affiliation with any Government or other organization. Also the app has no affiliation with any other website or app.
  • Novel Fun APK
    Novel Fun-Romantic Books & Fantasy Novels for Story lovers!
    -Book Genres: Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Western, Sci-fi, Fan-fic
    Collection of Best Books & Hottest New Reads in Every Genre!

    Novel Fun has collected popular web novels and books, provides you with the latest chapters of the highest quality. This is a must-have book app for the majority of web novel lovers.

    Start reading your favorite book, by downloading the Novel Fun app

    -No.1 Book Reading Platform for Novel Lovers
    -Numerous of Book Genres for Choosing Freely
    -Hundreds of web novel Read More Than 1,000,000+ Times
    -Professional Author Team Creates Best Novel

    Book Genres
    Novel Fun contains many web novel genres, from urban books to supernatural books, and is deeply loved by the majority of our readers.
  • Valentino Rossi Video call APK
    Collection of Valentino Rossi Video Call Prank. All Aplication for Free, Choose your fovorite character now.

    Valentino Rossi fake video call and call is a simple and easy application for you to make a fake call video, Enjoy calling your favorite Valentino Rossi and call in an easy way, video call app for fun and prank your friends.

    Valentino Rossi Video Call Prank App Features
    ✅ Voice Call From Valentino Rossi.
    ✅ Video Call From Valentino Rossi.
    ✅ Having fun with a Video call and Call.
    ✅ Easy To Use.
    ✅ Friendly Design.
    ✅ Schedule a fake call.

    The app is an unofficial version, not related to any copyrighted material
    This is not a real call it's just for fun and stop feeling bored
  • Video Call Renato Garcia APK
    Collection of Renato Garcia Video Call Prank. All Aplication for Free, Choose your fovorite character now.

    Renato Garcia fake video call and call is a simple and easy application for you to make a fake call video, Enjoy calling your favorite Renato Garcia and call in an easy way, video call app for fun and prank your friends.

    Renato Garcia Video Call Prank App Features
    ✅ Voice Call From Renato Garcia.
    ✅ Video Call From Renato Garcia.
    ✅ Having fun with a Video call and Call.
    ✅ Easy To Use.
    ✅ Friendly Design.
    ✅ Schedule a fake call.

    The app is an unofficial version, not related to any copyrighted material
    This is not a real call it's just for fun and stop feeling bored
  • Federico Vigevani Call APK
    Collection of Federico Vigevani Video Call Prank. All Aplication for Free, Choose your fovorite character now.

    Federico Vigevani video call and call is a simple and easy application for you to make a fake call video, Enjoy calling your favorite Federico Vigevani and call in an easy way, video call app for fun and prank your friends.

    Federico Vigevani Video Call Prank App Features
    ✅ Voice Call From Morgenstern.
    ✅ Video Call From Morgenstern.
    ✅ Having fun with a Video call and Call.
    ✅ Easy To Use.
    ✅ Friendly Design.
    ✅ Schedule a fake call.

    The app is an unofficial version, not related to any copyrighted material
    This is not a real call it's just for fun and stop feeling bored