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  • Tides: A Fishing Game Mod APK

    Tides: A Fishing Game Mod APK


    Relax and unwind in this idle fishing adventure game. Sail to new islands and destinations with serene visuals, soothing music, and simple gameplay. Unlock new boats, collect pets, and hire idle fishing assistants so you never miss a chance to earn money on your adventure!

    Choose the game you want to play: Actively discover new islands to catch rare fish or upgrade your home island to collect idle income while you are away.
    Unlock and upgrade legendary boats to help you on your adventure.
    Complete jobs to catch rare and elusive fish.
    Collect and upgrade pet companions to increase idle earnings.

    Stay tuned for new features, islands, fish and more. We hope you enjoy our humble idle fishing adventure game!
  • Milicola: The Lord of Soda Mod APK

    Milicola: The Lord of Soda Mod APK


    A roguelike action shooter fizzing with excitement! "Milicola: Lord of Soda" is here!

    ■ Roguelike
    Forget boring battles! With various maps and monsters that appear differently every time you play, there's only time for fun!

    ■ Boss fights
    Bosses with diverse attack patterns are waiting for you! Do you think you can beat them?

    ■ Militarism with a dash of cute fantasy
    Military AND fantasy? The unique world of Milicola is yours for the taking!

    ■ Weapons, outfits, pets, and dragons
    Assortments of military weapons and outfits alongside cute pets and helpful dragons. Collect them all now!

    ■ World's Best Streamer?
    A live streaming system allowing you to broadcast in realtime and earn rewards!

    ◆ Dawinstone E-Mail: [email protected]
    ◆ Dawinstone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawinstone
    ◆ Dawinstone Naver Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/dawinstone
  • Sliding Seas Mod APK

    Sliding Seas Mod APK


    Be the mayor of your own tropical world! Pick cute buildings to decorate your island and hang out with cool VIP characters that you collect. Sliding Seas is the cutest and most relaxing match 3 and merge puzzle game on mobile!


    • Easy to play, hard to master - endlessly fun and addictive!
    • Unique gameplay - match and merge land to make islands
    • Lots of game modes - ocean rescue, pirates, whirlpools and treasure
    • A world of your own - grow and decorate your home island
    • Earn rewards and prizes with daily missions and timed events
    • Unlock cute VIP characters as you play
    • Awesome power-ups and spectacular combos
    • Hundreds of levels with more added all the time

    Sliding Seas is free to play, though some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device settings.

    Need to get away and relax? Escape to paradise with Sliding Seas!
  • Hair Challenge Mod APK

    Hair Challenge Mod APK


    Are you ready for a massive Hair Challenge?
    This is an adventure in which you have a super long majestic hair! This popular hair runner game is perfect for you!

    Do you hate getting a bad hair cut? So do we! Especially in this super fun Hair Challenge game!
    Pick up weaves of any hair colors as you walk the runway. Watch out for the scissors, blades, and all other sharp obstacles to keep your gorgeous hair from getting cut!

    Did you not like your hair color? Or need a makeover? No problem, because this is a hair salon runway. Put your high heels on, pick yourself up a colorful hair dye, and start running on the roof!

    Oops! Did your hair get cut? No worries, hair salon at the shop awaits for you! Go visit the hair shop to choose any of the fabulous characters, hair dyes, and hair accessories to unlock and start your cool walking game.

    Forget about all the other top free games and popular games! This is the best hair runner game, challenging but super fun! So come join the community and play Hair Challenge now!
  • Royal Merge 3D : Match Objects Mod APK

    Royal Merge 3D : Match Objects Mod APK


    Build your own glorious castle and turn it into a luxury hotel while playing fun merge levels! Match 3D objects and use powerful boosters to beat challenging levels! Unlock and design amazing locations by merging cute little items! Start your journey and become the king of your own royal hotel!

    Royal Merge 3D features:
    • New exciting approach to merge gameplay!
    • Merge the cutest unique 3D objects and see the unexpected outcome!
    • Earn and collect loads of coins and stars!
    • Get and use lots of impressive power-ups!
    • Build your own majestic castle and turn it into a gorgeous hotel!
    • Explore and design fun new territories: from reception to balcony pool!
    • Decorate the rooms with colorful luxury items!
    • Level up by beating challenging levels and relax while playing the calm ones!
  • Sniper 3d Gun Games Offline Mod APK

    Sniper 3d Gun Games Offline Mod APK


    Become the invincible sniper shooter! Modern sniper 3d takes you in war mission attacks unlimited fun of counter terrorist offline shooting games. Are you ready to play the ultimate cover strike sniper shooting fun free games? New gun attack sniper 3d assassin gun games is recommended to you. Pick the sniper gun and fight against the enemies' like free fire in battlefield arena of gun shooting games. Sniper gun games vs army shooting is a story-based game, for those who love to accomplish sniper 3d Gun shooting games. Jump into the action of cover fire gun strike shooting games as counter terrorist sniper shooter free missions. It's time to take action in the counter strike gun attack army games. Victory is the task in counter strike sniper 3d gun games so get ready for the free fire sniper games. Gun games for awm sniper users to enjoy lethal battlefield gun attack war games offline. You have to play like real counter strike sniper vs fps commando to take control at the frontline battlefield arena, and to complete the counter terrorist gun attack cover strike gun shooting missions in counter attack games. Anti terrorist sniper mission games offline with HD graphics and thrilling sound for battle royale games! Achieve the best shot as sniper shooter 3d in these gun attack cover strike army games 2021. Be a professional in new anti terrorist sniper 3d shooting you have given a task! FPS shooting games survival to defend your army as a anti terrorist special ops cover fire gun shooter. Shot as a hitman sniper to kill most of the enemy on map like you play in sniper games. You have played many multiplayer games but the sniper elite are free games battle royale. Its offline sniper shooting games time!

    It's definitely free to play gun strike games with anti terrorist gun attack missions.

    FREE ON MOBILE sniper shooter Gun games and fps shooter games 2021 are ever creating fun free recommended on android phones. New sniper 3d assassin: free shooting gun strike games among one of the best ever liked sniper shooter games. Fun and play fps sniper shooter 3d games with versatile modes like other gun games. New sniper 3d assassin gun strike games you can enjoy ultimate fun anytime. Select your sniper gun to take aim is invincible in playing battle royale games. Lead an unstoppable squad in this counter strike gun attack games. Try easy controls swipe, zoom, shoot like hitman shooter in FPS shooting games. Feel the life like real counter terrorist sniper shooter to survival in lethal battlefield military games. After completing each of battle combat missions you will be stimulated to sniper mission 2021 in offline shooting games. As you have played in multiplayer games call your best sniper that face racing against the time.

    Ready, Aim, Fire is the best sniper games strategies!

    Sniper 3d 2020 new games include a variety of army weapons like pistols, sniper rifles, assault gun in lethal battlefield gun games. Sniper shooting games 2020 gives you the entire shooting craze for war games offline. Sniper without internet gun games in brutal action against enemy but don't miss to shot like a real sniper, as you have fun in offline sniper shooting games. Defend your army base as a sniper shooter to eliminate all enemies in the battlefield arena. Every second the enemies grow stronger as sniper vs commando use rifle to shot perfectly in this sniper 3d shooting game. Download the sniper offline gun games 3d is the best sniper games in the world of shooting.

    Free Sniper Shooter Games Features :
    Ultra-realistic counter strike games graphics
    Lead Unstoppable squad like special ops
    Addictive FPS sniper gameplay
    Play the real sniper 3d assassin
    Real Bullet cover shooting sounds
    Build the lethal weapons to unlock best gun
  • Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter Mod APK

    Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter Mod APK


    Carve shadow fighter's path to vengeance in an unmatched adventure to end injustice. The darkness of Kurome destroyed what your clan tried to protect at the cost of their lives. Only one strongest shadow legend, Ryuko, has survived.

    A very bleak, twisted, focused and most importantly, challenging experience.
    Explore the journey of brave shadow hunter who returned after 20 years of exile, in one of the best third person action RPG Japanese role playing game.

    Region of Black Eyes
    In early times there was an uncharted region known as Kurome.

    This land was home to shadow ninja warrior clans. It contained very beautiful landscapes having billowing fields and tranquil shrines to ancient forests, villages and stark mountainscapes. But one day the people of Kurome were cursed by a maleficent spell. Their eyes became Black. They turned into demons. Those, who had eye contact with them also turned into berserk enemies of humans.

    A shadow fighter who was noble once, now tried to hunt other humans. These demon fighters called themselves hunter's creed. As they belonged to the cast of shadow ninja warriors it was almost impossible to defeat them.

    The darkness of these shadow fighter was spreading to more regions with time ending innocent lives.

    Ryuko - A Shadow Hunter
    A valiant warrior rescued from the brink of death, bound to protect the lands of tremendous breadth and beauty which belongs to her ancient bloodline. This shadow hunter travels the evil lands of Kurome to rescue her grandfather and end the curse.

    Trained in the ways of shadow hunter, this legend shadow warrior must find a way to defeat enemies on the evil lands. As Ryuko's story unfolds, versatility and creativity becomes your greatest weapons.

    An intense game set in Medieval Japan among a hunter's creed. A brutal period of constant life and death conflict where you face enemies in dark and twisted world. Your eventual aim is to rescue your grandfather, end magic curse, and purify the evil lands. You will be able to unleash a weapons and master ninja hunter abilities. You can perform stealth kill and head to head battle. You can be poisoned, beaten, stabbed, and assassinated.

    An open world action adventure game where you will encounter detailed shadow ninja fighting characters, discover ancient Japanese landmarks, and also uncover the hidden beauty of Kurome. You will perform inventory management and have dialogues with npc characters.

    You will master shadow legend tactics to eliminate threats. Develop stealth kill and deception tactics to battle, disorient and ambush enemies. Survival is a tremendous accomplishment here.

    - Japanese role playing adventure
    - Three types of katana – Katana, Dual Katana, Great Katana
    - Stealth kill
    - Head to head battle
    - Infight weapon switch
    - Strategic defense
    - Critical attack
    - Fast travel
    - Finisher moves
    - Skill level up

    Sword Fighting Game Offline
    This shadow legend game is one of the best sword fighting offline games with unpredictable enemies. Only the strongest survives in the hunter's creed. Get a unique immersive samurai shadow fighter experience.

    An organic approach to combat makes Ryuko the perfect battleground for mixing and matching ninja assassin hunter skills and tactics to find the perfect blend for your play style.

    Join our Discord Server for Bug reports and Discussions or follow us on Facebook for Announcements.

    Min Requirements
    For optimal performance, the following hardware requirements are recommended.
    CPU: 2.0GHz, GPU: 1024MB, Ram: 3GB

    Your feedback will be highly appreciated!
  • Fitplan: Gym & Home Workouts Mod APK

    Fitplan: Gym & Home Workouts Mod APK


    Work out at home or in the gym with the largest roster of elite trainers ever assembled. Choose from Olympic athletes, bodybuilding pros, or dozens of the leading names in fitness who are here to motivate you, make you sweat, and help you achieve the body of your dreams.

    Whether you are a beginner or a pro, starting a Fitplan is the first step toward being stronger, healthier, and happier than ever before! Working out has never been easier.

    “I've been a Fitplan subscriber for over a year. I've tried many different plans and trainers. This app is amazing. From the technology down to its friendly design, the app can take your gym game further than you ever imagined. Never has it been easier to be trained by elite fitness instructors at a low price.”

    “I am 42, have had a gym membership since my 20's, and Fitplan has finally inspired me to work out consistently. I imagine it's mostly due to having a routine and knowing that the correct exercises are being utilized. Wish I had this app 10 years ago!”

    Get instant step-by-step personal training and bodyweight workouts from the world's top fitness experts. Lose weight, build muscle and sculpt your physique with Michelle Lewin, Mike O'Hearn, Jen Selter, Jeff Seid, Lauren Findlay, Damien Patrick, Rob Gronkowski, and many more, with new trainers and plans frequently added.

    Types of plans that you will find on Fitplan include:

    Home workouts
    HIIT Training
    Booty Training
    Athletic Training
    Functional Training
    Shredding and Weight Loss
    Prenatal & Postnatal

    Choose from dozens of personal training programs, designed by your favorite fitness experts. Work out at the gym, at home, or anywhere life takes you.

    Don't know where to begin or which Fitplan to choose? Answer a few questions and we'll recommend the best plans for you.

    Follow our daily workouts with step-by-step HD video instruction.

    See how your entire body transforms with your hard work and sweat!

    Keep tabs on your weights, reps and time, and watch your results take shape.

    Get involved with our community, make friends, and get motivated!

    Try Fitplan free for 7 days.

    Every subscription includes full access to our growing library of 100+ Fitplans.

    Access all Fitplans with a subscription membership. Try our collection of single-day workouts for free.

    Fitplan Links:
    Instagram: @fitplan_app
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fitplancommunity/
    Support: [email protected]

    Note: Cancel any time by visiting settings in the app. If you cancel 24 hours before the 7-day trial is over then you will not be charged. If you cancel during the month period for which you've already paid (up to 24 hours before the next period starts), your subscription will continue until the end of that period.
  • CryptoTab Browser Pro Level Mod APK

    CryptoTab Browser Pro Level Mod APK


    CryptoTab Pro is a special version of the CryptoTab Browser, for everyone who wants to use all CryptoTab services directly on Android device.

    Enjoy super-fast Internet surfing and advanced browser features, watch movies, play online games or do whatever you're used to and at the same time monitor your hash rate. You can control your Cloud.Boosts, add unlimited amount of remote devices and observe BTC balance rising. The balance is updated every 10 minutes — withdraw funds immediately and an unlimited number of times per day, without any commissions. Double benefit: use a truly modern browser and get a stable profit. Sounds amazing? But it is true, so go and try it! Join the community of more than 20 million people who have already enjoyed the advanced features of the CryptoTab Browser on mobile devices!

    - Quick access to CryptoTab services
    - Withdrawal of BTC without commissions
    - Unlimited number of withdrawals per day
    - Modern interface
    - Separate profiles for different usage
  • HabitNow Daily Routine Planner Mod APK

    HabitNow Daily Routine Planner Mod APK


    Keep your routine and tasks organized as you build strong habits!
    Now you can manage your tasks and keep track of your habits at the same time. Just enter your routine in HabitNow and record your progress everyday.

    Define habits according to your needs
    Create different habits and to-dos, set daily, weekly or even monthly goals.
    Fix your schedule, goals, priorities and organize your activities in different categories.

    Set up reminders and alarms to achieve all your daily goals! ⏰
    To never forget your scheduled activities, HabitNow provides a highly customizable reminder system.

    Build strong habits, improve every day! ⭐️
    Create streaks of success for your habits and motivate yourself tracking up your progress as time goes by.
    Check your schedule in the app calendar and create a journal using daily notes!

    Track your progress in an advanced way
    Know your performance in detail and analyze your progress on every habit that you record. HabitNow provides many different charts and statistics.

    Customize your experience as you like!
    Set your style with a wide range of themes and icons.

    Discover the app Widgets ☑️
    Consult and track your daily progress in an easy way!

    Reach your goals and win medals!
    HabitNow can be helpful if you want to quit smoking, exercise or follow a healthy diet. Just focus on something you want to improve in your life and make it a habit!

    Protect your data privacy with HabitNow lock screen.
    Create backups to keep your progress safe and export them to other devices

    Be more productive!
    Organize your to-do list and track your habits in only one place.
    Download HabitNow and stop procrastinating!
  • Idle Island Inc Mod APK

    Idle Island Inc Mod APK


    Idle Island Inc is a new Idle Game in which players have fun making Islands with unique landscapes while becoming rich business owners.


    In Idle Island Inc, you will become the owner of amusement parks, roller coasters, racing tracks, pyramids, ancient Greek temples, and many more incredible places
    They will all make you money and help you become the best Island maker out there.

    NO ISLAND? NO PROBLEM! Your boats will extract sand from the bottom of the sea to let you create your very own island empire.



    Idle Island Inc feels like the summer holidays are all year long.
    Relax while watching your boats smoothly extract & blast sand to create your Islands in the middle of the sea.
    Enjoy the satisfaction to see your crew place small pieces one by one to make amazing islands around the world.
    If you are lucky, maybe you will even receive some help from a friendly submarine or the crabs that live on your island!


    Start creating small holiday resorts until you have enough cash to make entire countries!
    Manage your business and make the right choices to build your islands empire.
    Use the boosters to build faster than the competition!

    Invest your money wisely!
    - Increase your earnings
    - Increase your speed
    - Improve your boats & purchase new ones
    - Improve your cranes & purchase new ones


    With frequent content updates, we are happy that you enjoy our Islands and happy to work hard making new ones for you.
    Already huge content available to keep you playing for days (Happy Islands, Amusement Park atoll, Mysterious Temples atoll...), and more to come.
  • Evercraft Mechanic: Online Sandbox from Scrap Mod APK

    Evercraft Mechanic: Online Sandbox from Scrap Mod APK


    Evercraft Mechanic – is an open world sandbox simulator where you can craft everything from the scrap. Make a simple construction or join wheels and engines to build a car then ride it. Make a rocket and fly in space. Make a tank to defend yourself.

    Main features:
    Big world will please your build games sessions;
    More than 40 unique craft items and blox;
    Many types of functions & connections;
    4 types of riding constructions.

    Craft Simulator
    Craft form scrap anything your imagination draw. This is one the sandbox games where you're free to make your dreams come true. From simple blocs to physics simulation.

    Build a car…
    …or a motorcycle like a biker. Or build a rocket like space engineers to explore galaxy. And ride on any vehicle you've built. This is an ultimate sandbox for evertech solution to become tech mechanic.

    Save your progress & share with friends
    Unique save system let you generate many worlds and share them with friends. Just send them a save file and they will continue your simulator.

    Open World
    Go whatever you want. Sandbox mechanic let you to do it in both 4 coordinates. Craft everywhere!

    Evercraft Mechanic: Sandbox from Scrap is still developing and we will be grateful for any feedback. Share your ideas and we will make the game better together! We are planning to make multiplayer In future and hope for details from you.
  • Sky Champ: Space Shooter Mod APK

    Sky Champ: Space Shooter Mod APK


    The evil monster Tyragon has been released by the evil corporation Galaxy Shooter. The world is in danger!!
    You're the Earth's last hope. Take control of the spacecraft in animal form and protect the Earth from alien swarms.
    How to play
    Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack is an offline game of Bulletstorm genre (or Space Shooter, Galaxy Shooter, Arcade Shooting, Galaxy Attack) and RPG.
    The gameplay is easy but hard to master: hold and drag the spaceship to shoot all the aliens and evil monsters. Your spaceship/ spacecraft/ starship is in form of cute monsters called Okimon.
    - Upgrading system: collect rare items to evolve your spaceship. Catch new Okimon to evolve the ultimate spacecraft form with great power!
    - 100+ stages in Adventure Mode with the difficulty increasing dradually. Challenge your skills. Become the most skillful Space Shooter ever.
    - 90+ pets and monsters with various evolution form to catch and equip
    - Up to 5 Power Up (Power Buff) in-game help you survive through hard space shooter, galaxy shooter stages
    - More than 50 equipments for your pets and monsters
    - Battle Pass system with lots of rewards
    - Classic game but in modern design. Unlike other Galaxy Space Shooter, Arcade shooting or Galaxy Attack, Sky Champ has many nice airship, airplane, and starship design to choose
    - PvP, play against other players via League game mode, check your ranking on Worlds Billboard in League
    - Can play Offline, without internet, wifi or 4G. Receive more rewards when playing online
    If you're a fan of Bulletstorm offline game category (a.k.a Space Shooter, Galaxy Shooter, Arcade Shooting, Galaxy Attack), Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter is made for you
    Find us on FB @skychampgame or join our community Sky Champ Group.
  • Bubble Level - Spirit Level App Mod APK

    Bubble Level - Spirit Level App Mod APK


    Bubble Level is also known as spirit level, digital level, waterpas, electronic level, laser level, nivel, plumb bob, level tool, clinometer, leveler, protractor, inclinometer, carpenter's level. A bubble level, spirit level or simply a spirit is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). This digital level app is handy, accurate, simple to use and incredibly useful tool for your Android device.

    A traditional modern level meter has a slightly curved glass tube which is incompletely filled with a liquid, usually a colored spirit or alcohol, leaving a bubble in the tube. At slight inclinations the bubble travels away from the center position, which is usually marked. Bubble Level, Spirit Level or Digital Level app tries to mimic the real level meter and displays the data as real level meter would.

    Where can you use Digital Level or Bubble Level ?

    This level meter is mostly used in carpentry, construction, and photography. To hang a painting on the wall, or to level a table, you just need to put your Android device against the wall and make sure the bubble in the tube travels in the center position. Used properly, this level meter or bubble level can help you create flawlessly leveled pieces of furniture. It's a must have device for any home or apartment.

    Main feature of Spirit Level or Bubble Level
    • Accurate measurement
    • Simple and easy
    • Multiple display mode
    • Support day and night mode
    • Color customisable
    • Show inclination or declination in degree
    • Calibration

    Digital level or Spirit Level(bullseye level, pitch & roll indicator, surface level) will help You to install the refrigerator or washing machine, hang a shelf or picture, measure the angle of any surface to scan your Desk or pool table in the bar. You can use this leveler app anywhere. Try building level and much more examples You will find in practice.

    We provide accurate inclination and declination measurements app. But in order to get more real and accurate data, please calibrate before use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  • SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool Mod APK

    SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool Mod APK


    SD Maid will help you keep your device clean and tidy!
    It offers a collection of tools to manage apps and files.

    Nobody is perfect and neither is Android.
    Apps you have already removed leave something behind.
    Logs, crash reports and other files you don't really want are constantly being created.
    Your storage is collecting files and directories you don't recognize.
    Let's not go on here... Let SD Maid help you!

    SD Maid allows you to:
    • Browse your whole device and manipulate files through a full-fledged file explorer.
    • Remove superfluous files from your system.
    • Manage installed user and system apps.
    • Detect files formerly belonging to uninstalled apps.
    • Search for files by name, content or date.
    • Obtain a detailed overview of your devices storage.
    • Optimize databases.
    • Do actual app cleaning and remove expendable files, which supersedes what others may call 'cache cleaning'.
    • Detect duplicate pictures, music or documents, independent of name or location.
    • Run tools automatically on a schedule or via widgets.

    Still have questions? Just mail me!
  • Mad GunZ shooting games online Mod APK

    Mad GunZ shooting games online Mod APK


    Battle royale games and shooting games online are you favorite genres? So here is Mad GunZ - shooter game! Meet online shooter with cool graphics and the variety of modes including battle royale.

    Imagine this: you wake up, feed your kitty, and then — all hell breaks loose! Where is Mr. Fluffy now and... is that an armored turkey? Uh, what's going here, why do unicorns appear? Well, find out in this adventurous thing in pixel games online & battle royale games genres!

    Mad Gunz is everything you love in gaming online, online shooter games & battle royale games! Strange but cute pixel graphics, awesome atmosphere and totally mad guns! This online shooter is just not like all online games for free you've used to see! Just take up your weird gun and battle in the craziest of pixel games!

    MAD GUNZ - online games features:

    - Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful pixel games graphics!
    Take a look at this pixel shooter 3d and you'll fall in love with its nice looking art!

    - Incredible guns! Beat your rivals with a handbag with a dog in it or use a magic wand! Throw explosive hamsters or just shoot with a…CAT FUR!

    - Enemies from the best of online games & shooting games including zombies, crazy chickens, octopus and more!

    - Plus! You can see your FEET in this pixel shooter!

    Mad GunZ has more features which differ it from other shooting games, gaming online. If you're tired of playing classic pixel games, try Mad GunZ - online games!

    Fight on the maddest battlegrounds of online shooter games. It's just another of those shooting games online, buddy. We think you'll love it more than any other online games for free, because Mad GunZ - battle royale games online has:

    - Easy controls

    - Unique maps with easter eggs from your favorite movies & games

    - Dynamic battles, wild enemies, total mayhem are here in the best online games!

    - BATTLE ROYALE! Show your skills and become the last one standing! In our Battle Royale you will enjoy a HUGE map, unusual system of gun & armor crafting! Love battle royale games? This pixel shooter is for you!

    - Crafting mode! Build your map, create items for it, make it unique!

    Mad GunZ is not like regular online shooter games that haven't surprised you much. Don't think of tactics like in different shooting games online and battle royale games. Just shoot your rivals with a banana gun or slap them with a handbag!
    Team up, choose your online games rivals and dominate the battleground! Build in Battle Royale mode or create your own map.

    Enjoy pixel games and online games but can't find really amazing online shooter?
    It's the one pixel shooter you've been waiting for in online shooter games genre!
    We bet you've never seen such odd guns in any of online games for free!

    Oh, enough talking about Mad GunZ - pixel shooter 3d, gaming online & Battle Royale games! Download the best online games, start battling now!

    Feel the rush of great gaming online! Try the new word in pixel games!

    Terms of Service: http://fullhpltd.com/terms-of-service/
  • Luci  - Intelligent Dream Journal & Lucid Guide Mod APK

    Luci - Intelligent Dream Journal & Lucid Guide Mod APK


    Hello, I'm Luci! I'm your intelligent dream journal and lucid dreaming helper.

    Lucid dreaming is when you become aware that you're in a dream; this awareness allows you to take control over your dreams, whether that be to make yourself fly, time travel or become a movie star! If you can imagine it, you can do it. The possibilities are limitless. It has a sleek and intuitive interface to help you record your dreams & progress. Luci comes with tools and a guide to help you on your journey. Here's a few highlights:

    • Record your dreams and lucid activity with automatic progress tracking
    • Noise activated sleep recorder that uses machine learning to only record snoring or talking
    • Pick out your most significant dream signs
    • Sketch your dreams in the app or add photos
    • Sync & backup your dreams between devices
    • Quickly search your dreams
    • No ads, no in app purchases and no selling of user data. Your privacy matters.
    • Customisable reminders for reality checks
    • Passcode mode to prevent people from reading your journal
    • Animated guide to help you on your journey

    Each person is different and not every method will work for you. Most people take about a month to have their first lucid dream after practice and commitment, but you might get one earlier or later. You probably won't be able to lucid dream every night, but can hopefully do it a few times a week with enough practice and patience.

    Thanks for translating:
    Sertan Hakkı İmamoğlu
  • European War 5:Empire-Strategy Mod APK

    European War 5:Empire-Strategy Mod APK


    Across 2000 years, more than 150 major historical battles
    World conquests through 6 eras with over 100 great generals
    22 world civilizations, 90 military units

    ------------------【Empire Mode】------------------

    Commander! You are about to build a great empire
    *** Your empire will experience 6 ages and explore 2000 years of history
    *** As the empire expands, there are a variety of tasks to be explored
    *** Seize the cities of the enemy and collect resources to build your own
    *** Hire generals in the tavern and pursue beautiful princesses from different countries
    *** Trade in the market, defend the frontier, and defeat the invading generals
    *** Collect all sorts of materials and grow your empire to a new age

    ------------------【Battle Mode】------------------

    *** Fight 150 great battles and experience 6 ages including the Classical Age, the Medieval Age, the Empire Age, the Discovery Age, the Gunpowder Age and the Industrial Age.
    *** Follow the conquering journeys of great kings such as Alexander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, and Barbarossa

    ------------------【World Conquest】------------------

    *** Conquer the world in 6 ages
    *** Exercise your power to develop economy, declare wars or establish diplomatic relations with other countries
    *** Meet various influential events during your conquering journey
    *** Upgrade the age and recruit different armies and generals
    *** Princesses have different talents, they will promote the development of the empire
    *** Show your diplomatic skills form an alliance, declare wars or stay neutral
  • Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Mod APK

    Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Mod APK


    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Monstercat is going online. Play your favorite songs with our newest character. Try to get the highest scores in this amazing game.

    Heard About EDM Tiles? With Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! you can play various types of music, from beautiful Piano, Guitar songs to Rock and EDM masterpieces.

    How to play

    1. Touch, Hold and Drag the ball to make it jump on the Tiles.
    2. Don't Miss the Tiles!
    3. You can now upload your own songs to play
    4. Enjoy the awesome music and addictive challenges designed for each song.

    Access VIP Features now!
    - No Ads. No Disturb.
    - Unlock 1000+ hottest songs
    - Free 100 diamonds DAILY
    - Free Revives. Nonstop playing.

    Don't forget to make insane combos and beat your friend's scores!

    Hit Songs + Ball Game + Tiles = Awesomeness

    Game features
    - Auto-generated content: upload your favorite songs to bounce to the music
    - One-touch control, easy to play
    - Breathtaking 3D visual and effects
    - 30+ absolutely beautiful and fun songs to relax
    - 20+ Different backgrounds to truly bring you a new experience every plays!
    - Collect beautiful skins for your dancing balls
    - Beat your own top score and dare your best friends for a challenge
    - Share your record with your friends, and compare it with worldwide players on the ranking list!
    - Connect with Facebook account and sync the saved progress across multiple devices

    Bounce off the magic music tiles, listen to the beat, and make as many hops as you can in this mind-blowing music game now for Free!

    This game will create the whole new experience for music game fan.

    Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is from Amanotes, the number one music game publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousands of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “Everyone can music!”.
  • Race Master 3D - Car Racing Mod APK

    Race Master 3D - Car Racing Mod APK


    ️ Race Master 3D – Fast, furious and super-fun racing

    Keep your finger to the floor and be ready for absolutely anything in this ridiculously entertaining mobile racing game where you really never know what's around the next corner. Fine tune your ride, keep your foot on the gas, dodge the endlessly varied obstacles, and try to keep out the way of your equally manic rivals in super-fast, super-exciting, psychedelic races that always offer something new and unexpected. Feel the need for speed?

    You'll get speed, drama, awesome cars and a whole lot more in this addictive casual driving game that's as intuitive as it is outrageous.


    Hard to keep track: 33 unique levels with a huge range of different surfaces and obstacles to race over and around at breakneck speed. Plus 8 different bosses in specially tricked out cars ready to make your ride even more hair-raising.

    Racing all over the world: 7 different locations with different track characteristics and richly detailed backdrops, decorated with ramps and tunnels with 14 different neon illumination designs, ensuring there's always something to look at out the window.

    What's in your garage? 7 classic sports cars to collect and customize as you race through the levels in the game. Place high in every race to earn more cash, tune your car's engine for ultimate speed, acceleration and handling, add exciting accessories and choose between 15 different paint jobs to really pimp your ride.

    Hear me roar: who needs music when you have the roar of high-performance engines, the screech of tires and the crunch of colliding metal? Enjoy the rich sound world of Race Master 3D alongside simple but striking graphics and spectacular crash effects that'll shake your bones every time you come spinning off the track or grind to a thudding halt.


    Looking for a racing game that's easy to play, provides a real driving challenge, and offers excitement and endless variation, cools cars and dangerous rivals, all in fast and furious races that can be run in a matter of minutes?

    Keep Race Master 3D in your pocket and you'll have instant access to awesome driving thrills anytime, any place and anywhere, trying again and again to reach the podium despite a series of increasingly surreal and testing obstacles that come rushing at you down the track in a crazy, colorful whirl.
    Download now to find out if you can be the master of the track in the wackiest, wildest, winningest mobile racing game available.
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Latest Mods
  • yellow aesthetic wallpaper v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    yellow aesthetic wallpaper is a wallpaper application that contains more than 150 images of different shapes and colors and in high quality.
    The application of yellow wallpaper is an application rich in many luxurious backgrounds divided into groups, the first group is the yellow wallpaper in the form of emojis that can be used as a background for the phone's main screen or lock screen. As for the second group they are aesthetic yellow wallpaper of nature which are sizes that fit 99% of Android devices and Which can be downloaded with ease and so you can install the simple yellow wallpaper application and its simple and uncomplicated buttons.
    Not only that but also the yellow aesthetic wallpaper app on an external website which in turn contains more than 20,000 among them more yellow wallpaper.
    Characteristics of yellow aesthetic wallpaper app
    1 - It works on all Android devices without any problems.
    2- Do wallpapers that fit Android phones.
    3- A simple and uncomplicated interface that contains simple buttons.
    4- It contains the feature to contact us to request more backgrounds.
    In addition to all the mentioned features yellow aesthetic wallpaper contain the feature of instant addition of new backgrounds and if you request more the contact us button.
    And in the end, the application of yellow aesthetic wallpaper is an application that we worked hard to create and we hope that you will like it.
  • n Wallpaper v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    n Wallpaper is a wallpaper app that contains more than 100 wallpapers in different shapes and colors and in high quality.
    The application of n letter Wallpaper is an application that is rich in luxurious and varied screen backgrounds which is about romantic n letter wallpapers ,and n decorated letter wallpapers all of which are wallpapers that can be viewed and downloaded with ease and this is to install the application n Wallpapers and its simple and uncomplicated buttons and not only this and only Apply. n Wallpaper contains the feature of instant update and instant addition of new backgrounds.
    Characteristics of the application n Wallpapers
    1 - It works on all Android devices without any problems.
    2- Do wallpapers that fit Android phones.
    3- A simple and uncomplicated interface that contains simple buttons.
    4 - It contains a feature to contact us to request more backgrounds.
    Likewise in addition to all the features mentioned, the n Wallpapers application contains an external website which in turn contains all types of screen wallpapers n such as n wallpapers for girls, love wallpapers, HD wallpapers and other beautiful backgrounds.
    The n Wallpapers application also contains a video that explains how to deal with this site.
    In the end, n Wallpaper is an app we've worked so hard to create that we hope you won't like.
  • s Wallpaper v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    s Wallpaper is a wallpaper application that contains more than 100 wallpapers in different shapes and colors and in high quality.
    The application of s wallpapers is an application rich in luxurious and varied backgrounds, including romantic s wallpapers, which are beautiful wallpapers that express love that can be gifted to another person as an expression of your love for him, and letter s wallpapers are decorated with all shapes and colors, all of which are wallpapers that can be viewed and downloaded With ease, you need to install the simple letter s wallpapers application and its simple and uncomplicated buttons.
    And not this, and only the application of s Wallpaper contains the feature of instant update and instant addition of new backgrounds.
    Characteristics of s Wallpaper app
    1 - It works on all Android devices without any problems.
    2- Do wallpapers that are compatible with Android phones.
    3- A simple and uncomplicated interface that contains simple buttons.
    4 - It contains a feature to contact us to request more backgrounds.
    In addition to all the mentioned characteristics, the application of s Wallpaper contains an external website, which in turn contains all kinds of wallpapers, such as character wallpapers for girls, love wallpapers, hd wallpapers and other beautiful backgrounds. It also contains a video explaining how to deal with this site.
    And in the end, the application of s Wallpaper is an application that we tired of creating and making it simple and easy to use, so we hope that you will like it.
  • cool wallpapers hd v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    cool wallpapers hd application wallpapers for the screen contains more than 150 wallpapers in different shapes and colors and in high quality.
    wallpapers hd application is an application rich in a lot of diverse backgrounds, including luxurious black wallpapers that can be set as a background for the phone's main screen or lock screen, and luxurious wallpapers of nature that can be used as wallpaper on various social media. The application also contains luxurious wallpapers for the phone, which are of sizes commensurate with 99% of Android devices, which can be viewed and downloaded with ease, so you can install the simple application and its simple and uncomplicated buttons.
    The cool wallpapers hd application also contains an external website, which in turn contains more than 20,000 wallpapers in high quality, and contains more mobile wallpapers, with a video inside the application that explains how to deal and download from this site.
    cool wallpapers hd app features
    1- It works on all Android devices without any problems.
    2- Du wallpapers that fit all Android phones.
    3- It contains a feature to contact us to request more backgrounds.
    4- A simple and uncomplicated interface that contains simple buttons.
    In addition to all the features mentioned, cool wallpapers hd application also contains the feature of instant update and instant addition of wallpapers, and this is in case you request more of them.
    And in the end, the application of cool wallpapers hd is an application that we worked hard to create, and we hope that you will like it.
  • Sad wallpaper v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Sad wallpapers is a wallpapers application that contains more than 150 wallpapers in different shapes and colors and in high quality.
    The application of sad aesthetic wallpapers is an application rich in many backgrounds divided into several groups, the first group is beautiful sad wallpapers for males and females that can be used on social media to express feelings of sadness and can also be written on. As for the second group, they are very sad girls wallpapers, and they are of sizes commensurate with 99% of Android devices. They can be viewed and downloaded from within the application with ease. This is necessary to install the simple sad wallpapers application and its simple and uncomplicated buttons. The third group is sad black wallpapers that can be used as wallpaper For the phone's home screen or lock screen, all of them are wallpapers in high quality.
    Sad wallpapers application also contains an external website, which in turn contains more than 2000 various wallpapers for the screen including sad wallpapers hd, , with a video inside the application that explains how to deal and download from the site.
    Sad wallpapers app features
    1- It works on all Android devices without any problems.
    2- It contains a feature to contact us to inquire or request more backgrounds.
    3- A simple and uncomplicated interface that contains simple buttons.
    4- Wallpapers commensurate with the sizes of the phone and in high quality.
    In addition to all the features mentioned, the sad aesthetic wallpapers application also contains the instant update feature and the instant addition of more new backgrounds or if you require more wallpapers.
    And in the end, the application of sad wallpapers is an application that we were tired to create, so we hope that you will like it.
  • y wallpaper v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    y wallpaper is a wallpaper app that contains more than 100 wallpapers in different shapes and colors and in high quality.
    The application of y letter wallpaper is an application rich in luxurious and diverse backgrounds, including romantic y wallpapers, which are beautiful wallpapers that express love that can be gifted to another person as an expression of your love for him, and y wallpaper are decorated with all shapes and colors, all of which are wallpapers that can be viewed and downloaded With ease, you need to install the simple y wallpaper application and its simple and uncomplicated buttons.
    And not this and only, the application of y letter wallpapers contains the feature of instant update and instant addition of new backgrounds.
    Characteristics of y wallpaper app
    1 - It works on all Android devices without any problems.
    2- Do wallpapers that are compatible with Android phones.
    3- A simple and uncomplicated interface that contains simple buttons.
    4 - It contains a feature to contact us to request more backgrounds.
    In addition to all the mentioned features, the y wallpaper application contains an external website, which in turn contains all kinds of y wallpapers such as y wallpaper for girls, love wallpapers, hd wallpapers and other beautiful backgrounds, and it also contains a video explaining how to deal with this site.
    And in the end, the application of y letter wallpapers is an application that we tired of creating and making it simple and easy to use, so we hope that you will like it.
  • Osteria Al Dente v3.1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Osteria Al Dente - Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, whether hearty or mild - you can choose from our extensive culinary range of delicious dishes. Our dishes and specialties are freshly prepared with the best ingredients. We have the right thing for every taste!
  • Screen Cast - Phone to PC v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Screen mirroring app for phone to PC screen casting
  • Blank backgrounds to write on v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Blank backgrounds to write on is an application that contains more than 200 backgrounds to write on in different shapes and colors and with high quality.
    The application of blank wallpapers for writing is rich in many types of backgrounds that can be viewed and downloaded with ease, due to its simple installation and simple and uncomplicated buttons.
    It contains several types of backgrounds, including blank backgrounds for the writer on them for girls and that suits their shape, and some are beautiful backgrounds to write on about love topics and sad topics. It also contains colorful backgrounds to write on, all of which are luxurious and high quality wallpapers.
    The application also contains blank wallpapers on an external site, which in turn contains more than 20,000 wallpaper, and the application contains a video explaining how to deal and download from this site.
    Not only this, but our application also contains blank Islamic backgrounds to write on, and they are of sizes commensurate with 99% of Android devices, which can be used on social media or as wallpapers for the main phone screen or lock screen.
    Characteristics of the application of wallpapers to write on it blank
    1 - It works on all Android devices without any problems.
    2- Do wallpapers that fit Android phones.
    3- A simple and uncomplicated interface that contains simple buttons.
    4- It contains the feature to contact us to request more backgrounds
    In addition to all the features mentioned, the application of blank wallpapers to write on contains the feature of instant update and instant addition of new backgrounds, and this is in case you request more of them.
    And in the end backgrounds to write on blank is an application that we worked hard to create and make it suitable for you so we hope that you like it
  • Radyo Izmir 94.5 v1.0.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Listen to Radio Izmir in your pocket now.
    With our application, you can listen to Radio Izmir live and reach the Instagram page at the same time.
  • Mark N Jewels v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Our vision is to continue the rich heritage and expand the reach of the brand internationally.
    We are launching this App for exhibiting a variety of jewellery which you can go through and place orders.
    Our app is user-friendly and time saving for customers.
    We sincerely thank you for your interest and as a valued patron, we welcome your feedback and opinion to help you serve better.
  • ålands radio v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    - You can use the application to listen anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi network.
    - Listen with or without headphones.
    - Listen to your favorite radio, there are several different stations available.
  • radio 0 v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    - You can use the application to listen anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi network.
    - Listen with or without headphones.
    - Listen to your favorite radio, there are several different stations available.
  • radio globus guld v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    - You can use the application to listen anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi network.
    - Listen with or without headphones.
    - Listen to your favorite radio, there are several different stations available.
  • dr radio p3 v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    - You can use the application to listen anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi network.
    - Listen with or without headphones.
    - Listen to your favorite radio, there are several different stations available.
  • Tebak gambar karakter v8.3.4z Mod (Free purchase)
    Guess the character image is a game that contains guesses for all cartoon characters, this game is also to remember you as a child
  • Tebak gambar rumah adat v8.1.3z Mod (Free purchase)
    This game is useful for knowing more about all the names of traditional house names in Indonesia
  • Memancing v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Those who like fishing can try this game
  • RAchat v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    RAchat is a FREE messaging and video calling app. This application has been widely used in various countries. RAchat is so simple, Complete and private, that you can stay connected with friends and family easily. RAchat can be used with slow Internet connections, with no subscription fees.


    -Private messaging worldwide
    Your private messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside your chats, including RAchat, can read or listen to them.

    -Simple and secure connection
    You only need your phone number, no username or login required. You can quickly see contacts who are also using RAchat and start messaging them.

    -High quality voice and video calls
    Calls can be made on mobile devices using your phone's Internet service, even on slow Internet connections.

    -Group chat
    Stay connected with your friends and family. Group chats are end-to-end encrypted and allow you to share messages, photos, videos, and documents on mobile devices.

    -Stay connected in real time
    Share your location only with users who are in your individual or group chats and you can stop sharing your location at any time. In addition, you can record voice messages to connect quickly.
  • Wuggy Time Dancing Road v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    *** HOT UPDATE Poppy Playtime Dancing Road Run***

    - Wuggy Time Dancing Road Run is a game that challenges your reflexes and reaction time.
    - Play now and feel new Poppy Playtime music challenges wherever you are.
    - With Wuggy Time Dancing Road, You can play games with lots of attractive Poppy Playtime music
    - Poppy Playtime Dancing Road Run will be the best music game for you!

    *** HOW TO PLAY ***

    - Hold and drag your ball to hit ones that have the same color!
    - Dodge the different color balls!
    - Try to Collect all the coins and gift boxes on the road!
New Apps
  • Cube Escape: Birthday APK
    Travel back to the winter of 1939 and celebrate your 9th birthday with your family. There is cake, music and a mysterious present. However, the mood changes quickly when an unexpected guest arrives at the party. Can you prevent the tragedy that has haunted your memories for so long?

    Cube Escape: Birthday is the Eighth of the Cube Escape series and part of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.
  • PDF creator & editor pro APK
    ✔ Create PDF from multiple images from camera or gallery
    ✔ View your converted PDFs
    ✔ Open, Rename, Delete, print, share files
    ✔ Sort the files order based on a number of options
    ✔ View File details (Path, size, date created ...)
    ✔ Compress PDF
    ✔ Encrypt PDF
    ✔ Decrypt PDF
    ✔ Rotate Pages
    ✔ Different themes
    ✔ Merge existing PDFs
    ✔ Split existing PDFs
    ✔ Convert text file to PDFs
    ✔ Compress existing PDF
    ✔ Remove pages from a PDF
    ✔ Rearrange pages of a PDF
    ✔ Extract images from PDF
    ✔ History : View all the PDF related conversions
    ✔ Remove duplicate pages
    ✔ Reorder pages from a PDF
    ✔ Add a watermark
    ✔ QR and Barcode Scanner
    ✔ Edit Images
    ✔ Filter Images
    ✔ Image compression
    ✔ Set image scale type
    ✔ Set page size
    ✔ Preview PDF
    ✔ Create grayscale PDF
    ✔ Show page numbers
    ✔ Add Margins
    ✔ Add password protect to pdf and much more...
  • The Solitaire APK
    La Solitaire trae el popular juego de cartas Solitaire (también conocido como Klondike y paciencia) a usted con unos gráficos y un montón de opciones de juego.
    Optimizado para pantallas tanto paisaje y retrato. reglas del juego y la página de ayuda se proporcionan para los jugadores que no están familiarizados con Solitaire.
    Disfrutar de la mejor aplicación de Solitaire para matar a su tiempo!


    ■ 3 niveles de dificultad
    Se proporcionan resolubles ofertas niveles Fácil / Media / Hard.
    También puede ver la solución para estas ofertas.

    ■ nivel aleatorio
    Probar su suerte con ofertas de azar. (No garantiza ofertas que tienen solución)

    ■ Scoring
    de puntuación estándar para los juegos basados ​​en el tiempo de juego y el número de movimientos.

    ■ Estadísticas
    La historia de su juego se guardará dentro de la aplicación.
    Confirmar su mejor puntuación, porcentaje de victorias en cualquier momento!
    ■ Otros
    - 1 card draw / 3 robo de carta
    - Seleccione de 3 juegos de cartas diferentes, 3 fondos
    - Toque para mover las cartas
    - Deshacer y Sugerencias
  • Pakt - Online Food Delivery APK
    Order Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more, to get delivered safely to your door.

    With just a few taps, you can easily order​ ​delicious food and get it delivered right to​ ​your doorstep. Discover and get great food.

    With our filters and smart search functions, you can find the exact menu or product you want in no time, available to personalize at your request.

    See the estimated arrival time at your address.
    Get notified when your order arrives.

    Get notified of offers in your nearby restaurants.
  • ezy4u APK
    ezy4u is local online grocery shopping app where you can purchase all your house hold items online and get your orders delivered at your door step.

    Download our app to shop online for Dals and Pulses, Spices, Dry fruits, Detergents, Household cleaning items, personal care, houshold care, diapers & baby care, pet care, meats and seafood as well as the latest products from leading brands like Hindustan Uniliver, Aashirvaad, Saffola, Fortune, Nestle, Amul, Dabur, and many more.

    You can choose from over 7,000 products
    Expect same day delivery
    100% return and exchange policy; return at the time of delivery, no questions asked
    Best deals & offers: You'll never miss a chance to save; get alerts every time we have a special offer running

    In-app support: Enjoy instant support on the status of your order or any issues related to payments and refunds. And our support team is a call away to help you

    We provide doorstep delivery of groceries in Tirupati currently. Online groceries in Tirupati.
  • Ultima Reversi APK
    Más de 3,8 millones de descargas !!!
    Reversi es un juego de mesa muy difícil para todas las edades. Las reglas de Reversi son mucho más simples que otros juegos de mesa. Sin embargo, fácil de aprender no significa fácil de jugar bien. Ofrece muchas posibilidades estratégicas, que puede pasar el resto de su vida para dominarlo.

    Ultima Reversi es una implementación de Reversi, que tiene muchas características para personalizar el juego y hacerlo más interesante. Desafía a tus habilidades estratégicas con Ultima Reversi!

    ===== ===== CARACTERÍSTICAS
    * Modo de 1 jugador (Human vs CPU)
    * 2-jugadores de modo (humano contra humano).
    * El modo de visualización (CPU vs CPU).
    * 10 niveles de dificultad.
    * Cuadro de indicadores y el sistema de calificación.
    * Tamaño Varios tabla (4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8) y varios colores bordo.
    * Diversas normas (modo normal, 4 modos de la desventaja de la etapa y 2 modos de variantes).
    * Soporte y deshacer función de pista.
    * Apoyo a la notación de registro de juego.
    * Otras varias opciones (CPU Level Auto-juego, primer movimiento alternativo, etc.)
    * Los dispositivos de tamaño de la tableta de soporte. Usted puede disfrutar con su familia o amigos en una tableta!

    ===== ===== NORMAS REVERSI
    * El juego comienza con cada jugador tiene dos discos en un tablero.
    * El Turnos, cada uno añadiendo un disco adicional en el tablero.
    * Un movimiento válido debe capturar al menos uno de los discos del oponente. Esto se hace por lo rodea, ya sea vertical, horizontal o diagonal (o una combinación de los tres). Cuando esto ocurre, los discos del oponente que ha rodean se convierten en la suya.
    * Si un jugador no puede hacer un movimiento válido, el jugador debe pasar y el otro jugador juega de nuevo.
    * El juego termina cuando todo el tablero está lleno o cuando ninguna de las partes puede hacer un movimiento válido.
    * El ganador del juego es el que tiene la mayor cantidad de discos cuando el juego ha terminado.

    NOTAS: Ultima Reversi tiene una función de "Auto Pass" que pasa automáticamente su turno si no tienes otra medida disponible y debe pasar.
  • Alif Arabic Alphabets Learning APK
    Alif Arabic Alphabets by both Amharic and English Language with Voice
    This app is designed mainly for person who didn't know Arabic Letters from scratch. It teaches you all 28 Arabic Letters with beautiful voice and clearly hear able.

    it is also fit for students
    Thanks for downloading and rate us
    Deresaw Islamic Apps
  • Vivora APK
    Vivora is a Premium Sanitary Ware Brand located in Morbi, Gujarat that is born out of a vision to extend luxurious customer experience within the bath space across India. Part of a Greenfield Project, Vivora is a business venture started in 2019 by professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in the field of providing a luxurious customer experience. Catering to the contemporary audiences who have a refined taste in lifestyle, we design and manufacture stylish and sophisticated sanitary ware that ensures their magnificent bath space experience.

    Vivora follows a complete in-house designing and manufacturing approach in support of the 'Make in India' movement.

    This is E-Commerce application that allows users to search for required
    products and place order at Vivora.
  • UAE وظائف‎ APK
    This Application will help you searching for all kinds of Job in UAE just by using this single App.
    we are among the top choices of job seekers.

    the easy way to access latest job listings in just a minute and every day.
    you will get notification of new jobs everyday with this handy app.
    Apply to the latest Jobs in Dubai anytime, anywhere with this app.

    Disclaimer/Clarification: Wadhefa.com and application is a job site/app collecting job announcements published to the public
    from various agencies/companies or added by themselves in the jobs platforms.
    The application and those in charge of it do not represent any government or political entity.
  • Stack It APK
    The game is endless and its so hard. You should stack the object(cube, cuboid, cuboid 90 degree) and should not let the object fall. You will have 3 tries + power ups(heart, speed, scale) use them very wisely.
  • Split It APK
    The game is about Splitting the Cube. The close your are splitting it perfectly the more score you get And be careful the more score you get the faster the cube moves. You need to be patient. Tap the to drop the cube
  • Old Maid - Free Card Game APK
    ¡Familiarizado con juegos clásicos como Solitaire Victory!
    De la serie "PRO.APP" que se descargó totalmente 12.5 millones,
    aquí viene "Old Maid", que es popular como un juego clásico.

    ¿Qué tarjeta viene la próxima?
    Es adicto a la emoción.

    - Popular entre mujeres y hombres.
    - Gana, tienes buenos sentimientos. Pierde, desafiarás el próximo juego.
    - El juego es interminable. No puedo parar de disfrutar.
    - ¡La regla es muy simple! Recomiendo perder el tiempo!

    ¡Cree en ti mismo!

    * Puedes disfrutar de 3 versiones variantes junto a Old Maid.

    [A] Old Maid (inigualable: Reina)
    [2] Old Maid - Random (inigualable: Random One)
    [3] Old Maid - Random & Joker (inigualable: Random One y JOKER)
    [4] Old Maid - Joker (inigualable: JOKER)

    * Se siente buen funcionamiento! Puedes jugar sin problemas.

    - ¡La operación es muy simple! Cuando obtienes una tarjeta, ¡solo toca la tarjeta!
    - Antes de tomar su tarjeta, puede barajar y cambiar la ubicación.

    * ¡Guau! ¿El oponente es como un humano?

    - ¡Puedes ver el dedo del oponente!
    - El oponente es único 15 personas.
    - Mover la carta para regatear con el oponente.
    - Perdida o la elección de la tarjeta.

    * Disfruta mucho tiempo con muchas opciones útiles.

    - Dependiendo de tus sentimientos, puedes cambiar la tarjeta y el fondo.
    - ¡Comparte tus amigos por SNS cuando ganes!
    - Consigue el diamante para recoger el sello diario.
    - ¡Apunta al número 1 en el ranking mundial!
    - ¡Comprueba tu historial de juego anterior!

    * ¡Disfruta de Old Maid en tu tiempo de relajación!

    * Consulta
    - Si tiene alguna pregunta o informe de un error, contáctenos por correo electrónico desde la página de información. Contestaremos individualmente.
    - Y haremos un esfuerzo por nuestro producto, por lo tanto, envíenos sus comentarios sobre el uso del producto.

    P.R.O Corporation
    PRO.APP Trump Series
    Sirvienta vieja
  • Mahjong Solitaire Tile Match Game APK
    Mahjong is a centuries old game that originated near Shanghai and has completely different rules—mahjong classic is a game where you must make matches out of mahjong tiles that are discarded, but mahjong solitaire is about discarding tiles from the mahjong free board by matching tiles , Mahjong solitaire game is a fun & easy, addicting matching game that will hone your brain with hundreds of boards for hours of endless Fun! perfect game for when you need to stress free.

    How To Play Mahjong Solitaire:
    Match open pairs of identical tiles and remove all the Mahjong tiles from the puzzle board, Like most matching games, mahjong is easy to understand but difficult to master. Remove matching tiles by tapping them, but remember that only unblocked tiles can be picked. “Unblocked” tiles, or dominoes, are tiles that have an open edge and nothing on top of it. Play as many mahjong boards as you want!

    ⦁ Match tiles on an epic journey with over 100 levels, Morefeatures & levels added every month!
    ⦁ Helpful hints are always available when you need them
    ⦁ Variety of beautiful fascinating layouts
    ⦁ Easy matching gameplay but gets more challenging as you level up
    ⦁ Each level uses its own unique background and themed tile sets
    ⦁ Play offline anytime, anywhere

    Mahjong solitaire is great way to stay sharp and improve memory according to some studies—mahjong is considered to be a great memory game or brain game for mahjongg fans of all ages Keep your brain sharp while having fun, relaxing, and completing the game at your pace. Just play the classic mahjong solitaire Game.
  • Vulcan Vegas Bonuses APK
    Vulcan Vegas is such a large-scale entertainment application that it will take a long time to learn all the subtleties and bonuses, and the fascination of this process is guaranteed to everyone, without exception! If you think that a prestigious casino should have standards that fully correspond to its statuses, then Vulcan Vegas is ready to confirm this to you at any time. Install the app to make gambling emotions and high winnings an absolutely familiar part of your day.

    All in all, Vulcan Vegas are slots with a giant 5x5 reel, which also affects the number of winning combinations, making jackpots much less rare. The slot machine has a design corresponding to a branded casino, known for its unique style and quality of graphics.

    Bonus support in Vulcan Vegas has no competitors because it offers such favorable conditions, which is why you can keep playing forever using bonuses alone. At the start, each player will have 9000 points on the balance, taking into account cheap spins, he will be able to try various strategies to increase the balance for a long time.

    In addition to free spins, deposit bonuses, and other gifts, Vulcan Vegas has a unique mini-game - Red Queen. The essence of the game is for the player to find one necessary card out of three turned-up cards. So, under two there are two jacks, and under one there is a red queen, which the player needs to find. If the player's chosen card turns out to be a red lady, 1000 points are awarded to him. The beauty is that the mini-game is available to all players at any time, making it simply unrealistic to be left without playing points in Vulcan Vegas Bonuses.
  • Fruit Mania Match 3 Game APK
    swipe and match all the fruits
    unlock all the levels
  • Food Korea Dubai APK
    -Satisfy your cravings with the most delectable Korean food from microwaveable meal kits, frozen food items, healthy diet food and supplements.
    -Get first dibs on new arrivals and limited edition items.
    -FREE DELIVERY & get your order the same day or the next day!
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    We have fallen in love with Korean food! Whenever K-food is mentioned, either kimchi, Korean barbeque or the Samyang spicy noodles. always come to our mind. But Korean food is not just about spicy noodles, Korean BBQ and kimchi. It also offers a lot of varieties of food from sweets, savory, salty and even healthy foods.

    As part of spreading the Korean culture to the Middle East, food is one of the things that can bring unity and love to other nations without a doubt. Have a taste of Korean food ranging from Jajangmyun, Bokkeummyeon, Shin Ramyun, Spicy Buldak Noodles, Tteokbokki Sauce, Samjang, Buldak Sauce, Instant Cooked Rice, Bulgogi Marinade Sauce, Gochujang, Collagen Supplements, Diet Supplements, Energy Drinks. Soy Milk, Konjac Jelly and many more.

    Come and have a taste of Korean culture delivered straight to your doorstep with FOOD KOREA!

    Download Now and Don't miss special offer only for App Users!

    - more fast
    - more comportable
    - event push notification, notification histories
    - easy invite and share
  • Biomax Pay APK
    BiomaxPay is a cloud-based attendance and payroll management solution for Small & Medium Enterprises. It streamlines time and attendance entry, tracks employee wages, automates payroll processes and eases compliance with statutory obligations.
  • Moscow Metro Simulator 2D APK
    Challenge yourself as a train driver in the Moscow metro!

    Now the following lines are available: Zamoskvoretskaya (2), Kakhovskaya (11), Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (3), Filevskaya (4) and its branch (4A).

    Zamoskvoretskaya line (2) is one of the oldest lines of the Moscow metro. Its length is 42.8 kilometers, the line includes 22 stations.

    Kakhovskaya line (11) is the shortest line. Its length is 3.3 kilometers, it includes only 3 stations.

    Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line (3) is the longest line of the Moscow Metro, its length is 45.1 kilometers. It includes 22 stations, as well as the Trinity-Lykovo technical station.

    Filevskaya line (4), (4A). Most of it passes over the surface. Its length is 14.9 kilometers, has 13 stations.

    The game features types of electric trains: 81-707 Hedgehog, 81-717 numbered, 81-718, 81-740 Rusich, 81-720 Yauza.
  • Overseas Pakistani's Complaint APK
    It is a complaint management portal for Overseas Pakistanis living around the globe, which allows overseas residents to lodge their complaints without having to make frequent visits to Pakistan. The applicants can also have follow-ups on their complaints through the OPF helpline or via directly commenting on their complaints. It has improved the overall efficiency to manage complaints efficiently.
  • Space exploration APK
    Explore the universe for something interesting to learn

    This app is for people who are interested in the universe or just curious

    What you can find here ?
    - Interesting facts about object in our solar system (stars, planets, iss, dwarf planets..)
    - Data about object in our solar system
    - Current location of the ISS
    - People who are now in space and where
    - Astronomical image of the day
    - Photos from mars rovers
    - Significant people in the space industry
    - Solar system simulation
    and more

    And this is just the beginning.