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  • Cell to Singularity: Evolution Mod APK

    Cell to Singularity: Evolution Mod APK


    Tap into the extraordinary tale of evolution in this cosmic clicker game!

    Once upon a time, over 4.5 billion years ago, there was no life in the Solar System. And then, almost in the blink of an eye on the geologic time scale, everything changed. Deep in the primordial soup on Earth lay the organic compounds that would give rise to life's humble origins. All it takes for this epic evolution game to unfold is you.

    Turn to the next page of evolution with every click. Gain entropy to unlock the next chapter of the evolution of life. Uncover twists and turns that led to the great milestones of life evolution: the extinction of the dinosaurs, the discovery of fire, the Industrial Revolution, and more. See chapters that have yet to be written -- a future evolution beyond the modern day.

    ▶ The epic story of evolution, technology, and humanity is yours to tap. It's a breathtaking evolution game!
    ▶ The most accurate human evolution game on Earth!


    ● Countless hours of addictive--but very informative--clicker gameplay
    ● With every tap, earn Entropy the evolutionary currency for life in the universe
    ● Simple, intuitive controls--click anywhere for Entropy for new animal Evolutions!
    ● Later climb civilizations Tech Tree by spending ideas on countless scientific and technology upgrades
    ● It's a science game about the development of life on Earth. View the fruits of evolution in beautiful 3D habitats. Unlock animals like Fish, Lizards, Mammals, Monkeys.
    ● Unlock the future of evolution and the mystery of the technological singularity.
    ● Discover and learn scientific facts about evolution of life and natural history as you play
    ● Enter a space odyssey into speculative science fiction as you click past modern civilization
    ● Get into a life creation mood thanks to an epic soundtrack of classical music
    ● Upgrade the evolution of a single cell organism into a civilization on the brink of a technological singularity
    ● Simulate the science of life on earth.
    ● Upgrade tech to Survive on Mars and Terraform Mars

    A science evolution game where you upgrade life, from a Single-Cell organism, to multi-celled organisms, fish, reptiles, mammals, monkeys, humans and beyond. Play the evolution of Life on Earth, all its past, present and future. Will humanity survive the next phase of evolution?


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    Terms of service: https://celltosingularity.com/terms-of-service/
    Privacy Policy: https://celltosingularity.com/privacy-policy/
  • Lensa: photo editor & AI art Mod APK

    Lensa: photo editor & AI art Mod APK


    Lensa is a photo editor tool for retouching portrait selfies. The app has many photo editing filters and techniques for pictures to get a sweet selfie, remove any blur background or do any other necessary editing. With its simple editing features and camera editor effects, you can make every photo perfect 365 days a year. Capture memorable moments and do the necessary photography editing to freeze each moment in time. You don't need a lab or dark room because within seconds your peachy selfie is ready.

    Professional editing for pictures has never been easier with the skin editor feature that allows you to make each portrait selfie clearer, remove blemish, or apply any other beauty filters for pictures of your choice. Put the focus on your body where you decide.

    - You don't have to be a photography pro to use this editing app. The Auto-Adjust editing will make your life easier, so you only need to focus on taking the photo;
    - Different tools, premade photo filters and camera effects make it possible to edit all blemishes so you have the stunning effects;
    - Adjust your selfie to let it stand out or use the functional camera editor for something more traditional;
    - Lensa also has an acne remover that you can use to edit pictures.
    - Specify the photo retouch editing you want and Lensa does the rest.

    Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so let them shine. There is also an eyebrow feature to enhance contours on your face or do other changes the way you want. Make a before editing and after picture to see the result of your work.

    - Be in full control of your eyebrows and shape them how you want with the eyebrow editor;
    - Adjust dark circles around your eyes or remove eye bags to get the best version of yourself;
    - Easily revert to the original photo to make new modifications.

    Camera apps come and go, but with Lensa it's not just another fad. Its top-notch editing allows you to express yourself with high-quality photography that is ageless, special, and unique. You won't need to rely on your smartphone camera to get this done, because Lensa can do all the edits you can imagine.

    - Lens correction adjusts all effects for pictures to get the perfect shot;
    - Use the art photo contrast editor to adjust lighting and touch up any blur photo;
    - Be funky, choose the style you want to change your hair color and show the perfect smile with the flawless teeth whitener editor.


    - Backgrounds can be tricky, but Lensa is about making complex things easy. You can easily use blur for image background to put the focus on your special moment;
    - Background changer editor to add motion to your selfie;
    - Use the portrait mode as a photo enhancer.

    Lensa is the outstanding editing app for photos! It has a wide range of features and offers you the chance to express yourself through photography. Other editing apps may provide similar tools, but Lensa gives you the power of editing choice.

    - Color intensity to jazz up photos that have bad lighting;
    - Numerous art tools, camera filters and effects to edit pictures until you are satisfied;
    - Different styles from art to vintage camera effects;
    - Selfie editor to tune up each photo before posting to your favorite social media;
    - Temperature tool to modify the look and feel of each pic photo;
    - Block out unwanted details with fade effect editing;
    - Handy saturation editing to add character to each selfie;
    - Sharpness tool to correct blurry photos caused by shaking;
    - Different tints to match your style and personality.

    Are you still asking yourself if all my photos have a perfect editing? Let it go! Use an art editor and beauty background enhancer to make sure that your every shot is on the spot. Enjoy a photo editor experience every day!
  • Shadow Slayer: Ninja Warrior Mod APK

    Shadow Slayer: Ninja Warrior Mod APK


    Hardcore Hack'n Slash Massive Action-RPG.

    Log-in & Claim all valuable rewards:
    - 500K Gold
    - 20 Premium Gacha Ticket

    Welcome to Shadow Slayer! Join our heroes' adventure in Foliga, a once happy and peaceful world turned dark. Undead bosses are now crowding everywhere. But this will end now! Stock up on epic hero powers to start the battle of the century today!

    Unlock your potential and learn new skills to battle monsters while exploring all the possibilities of this new and exciting action hack and slash game!

    Grab your weapons and friends to join this exciting anime fighting RPG now! You will find it full of opportunities to battle fierce enemies, unlock skills, and power up your hero to the max! Grow stronger every day and battle the undead bosses of Foliga in this legendary battle!

    Tons of different monsters and bosses are waiting for you in the dungeons! Go into training to prepare yourself, challenge them to a battle, and show off your fighting skills!

    You will never forget the battles with the huge, bloodthirsty, and mighty bosses.

    You need good equipment and superior skills to defeat those bosses; otherwise, you will be defeated by them.

    Players will get to play as multiple different characters, each with their own unique skills, gameplay, and assets. Each character is going to have a distinct way to play the game and a distinct approach to the strategy and the combat.

    Discover hidden treasures everywhere, you need to be observant to find them. Do not miss a treasure, because they are very valuable.

    Play anytime, anywhere, even when offline.

    * Follow us on social media for more information and to get support:
    Discord: https://discord.gg/9gk7YxRMpQ
    Meta Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ondi.shadow.slayer
    Meta Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ondishadowslayer
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/shadowslayer_hi
  • Anti Terrorist Shooting Games Mod APK

    Anti Terrorist Shooting Games Mod APK


    Best FPS Shooting Game

    Hi there! Free shooting games fans. Welcome to join the new action game.

    Offline games

    Anti terrorism shooter 2021 is a front line action war game. As a special warrior use machine guns, shotguns, pistols, rifles, and other modern war weapons in fps shooting games. Use your extraordinary fighting skills and encounter all country terrorist enemies in anti terrorism shooter 2021 - free shooting games. Modern fps shooting games are offline games for all shooting game lovers. In fps games 2021 your target is to strike against all enemies so that they can never harm your country in the counter terrorist attack. You are a specially trained army commando for the counter terrorist attack. We proudly present this fps shooting game on the play store for all respected users that want to play free gun games. Gun strike 3d is a challenging and action pack mission impossible in fps counter-attack. Anti-terrorist shooters will make thrilling your free time in the shooting games. In all fps shooting games, the counter terrorist attack is the best shooting games for free.

    Ready. Aim. Fire!

    Just fire with your guns and encounter all the terrorist squad in shooting games for free. You are surrounded by your enemies in new shooting games, save yourself from their attack and shoot all enemies as the gun shooter in offline shooting games. Counter attack with commando missions is a good action game with a variety of attacks in anti terrorism shooter 2021 - free shooting games. Gun shooting games are attractively designed with the number of shooting missions to increase your interest in free action games. Make an exact estimation about the enemies in the best offline games before continue to fps encounter shooting. You are a commando of anti terrorism mission so plan your moves like a battle machine warrior to bring out your fighting skills in free mobile games. Best offline army war is providing a variety of shooting guns, so you are a special warrior no need to fear enemies in new shooting games.

    Non-stop action

    Make show your outstanding shooting skills in the counter-terrorist attack. Anti terrorism shooter 2021 - free shooting games give you an opportunity to improve your fighting skills in new action games free. Anti-terrorism shooter 2021 will urge you to play this fighting game and become the best army commando in all guns game. Don't lose your temper before starting an army commando mission keeps track of your skills to clear the occupied area from terrorists. So enjoy and start the mission impossible game.

    First-person shooters
    Enjoy one of the best offline games with unlimited fun. In this FPS shooting
    game explore the best offline shooting game levels for real shooting fun.

    You'll find it your favorite action Offline games if you like gun games. We offer one of the best 3d gun shooting games that will entertain you with the best gaming experience and insane HD graphics.

    Key Features

    Interactive 3D environment
    Modern HD graphics
    Next level AI animations
    Advanced combat fighting weapons
    Easy and intuitive gameplay
    Smooth and simple controls
    Realistic game sounds
    Variety of thrilling missions
    Experience anti-terrorism shooting game

    If you have no WiFi, you can also play this offline game, absolutely free.
    So download this interesting new game of 2021 available on Google Play Store for your android smart phones & tablets.

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  • Portal Ranger Mod APK

    Portal Ranger Mod APK


    Play as skilled ranger.
    With use of your ring, that can open personal portals, it is easy to travel. You will explore colorful and yet dangerous world, full of magic, secrets and treasures. Craft the best gear you can, and build your own skill setup. With dozens ability variations you can create your own playstyle. And be sure, you will need quality gear. Monsters are grave dangerous in this game.

    Nevertheless, there are lots of peacefull activities as well. In the meantime, you will cook meals, dig ore, smelt and craft various tools. Decorate and customise home island on your personal taste.
    And you will surely find many more activities in the Portal Archer game.

    With unique easy to control - hard to master gameplay, the game is accesable and still is challenging for hardcore players.

    Yes, you can play offline, any time.

    Join our community on Discord @ https://discord.gg/kJtPEWB629
  • Skullgirls: Fighting RPG Mod APK

    Skullgirls: Fighting RPG Mod APK


    "Far and away the best mobile fighting game out there." - Toucharcade
    "This game is perfect for fighting game lovers." - Dispatch

    Skullgirls is a 2D Fighting RPG packed with unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize as you search for the mysterious SKULLGIRL!

    Thousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn 2D animation delivers one of the most visually polished games you'll play on mobile

    - Custom controls designed specifically for mobile allow you to effortlessly execute a wide variety of amazing moves and combos with a single tap or swipe.
    - New Fighting Game player? Use Fight Assist and focus ONLY on strategic decisions.
    - Experienced Fighting Game player? Discover deep tactical choices, unique combos, juggles, and more!
    - Finally, a Fighting Game for everyone!

    - RPG players will feel right at home!
    - Collect dozens of Characters that can each be customized in a variety of ways to suit your playstyle.
    - Level Up and Evolve your Fighters to maximize their potential.
    - Unlock Special Moves and Blockbusters that can be upgraded and equipped before each battle - pick the perfect loadout!
    - Build teams of up to 3 Fighters - find the best combination to maximize synergies.
    - Explore an ever-growing collection of characters.

    - Versus Mode - Fight against other players in REAL-TIME online battles.
    - Story Mode - Seek out the Skullgirl before she destroys New Meridian.
    - Prize Fights - Compete with other players to unlock new Fighters.
    - Daily Events - Character-specific events are added daily - can you conquer them all?
    - Rift Battles - Build up your defenses and challenge other players to earn rare rewards.
    - Training - Practice combos, try different team combinations and perfect your technique.
    - More modes coming soon!
  • BL Yaoi Otome Story Blank Page Mod APK

    BL Yaoi Otome Story Blank Page Mod APK


    Blank Page -Endless Tales-

    Immerse yourself in a mysterious story where your choices influence the hero's story and decide the ultimate fate of the characters. A story where love and carnal passion intertwine. Love, sex, and mystery.

    The hero, spending the same boring school day, finds a mysterious bookstore that wasn't there before... He finds a smudged white book there with no title.
    As he turns the pages, he loses consciousness... He wakes up in a familiar yet strange place.
    He will have to learn the meaning of the word "Love", but also the passion of bodies that discover themselves.

    ▼ Features ▼
    - Choose your story! Dive in and start making choices that affect the overall outcome!
    - Adventures start with you choosing your name and style to reflect your personality.
    - Your own story that you can easily play with just one touch.
    - Satisfying volume of scenario.
    ・The contents of the story changes depending on your own choices
    - You can read it for free until the end.

    ▼Recommended for such people ▼
    ・People who like visual novels
    ・People who like games with stories and scenarios, novel games, and adventure games
    ・People who like stories such as manga, anime, drama, and movies
    ・People who like serious stories such as suspense, horror, mystery, and revenge.
    ・People who like spiritual things such as demons, souls, and destiny.
    ・People who want to read something intense.
    ・People who want to play Supernatural Adventure Horror Visual Novel Story Game.
    ・People who like Interactive story game English
    ・People who find to Story Game without internet
    ・People who want to play free games in their spare time

    ■ About the love simulation game "Comino Series"
    Comino is a romance love story simulation game / otome game where you can easily enjoy stories with a free smartphone app.
    A story-interactive romance game for women where you can enjoy romance with unique ikemen, a popular free romance game with a cumulative total of 1,000,000 downloads worldwide.

    We are looking for friends to make Visual Novel and Otome games together!
    Is there anyone who can help us improve the quality of our game by lending a hand with translations?
    Please contact us at the email address given below.
    [email protected]
  • Shazam: Music Discovery Mod APK

    Shazam: Music Discovery Mod APK


    Shazam will identify any song in seconds. Discover, artists, lyrics, videos & playlists, all for free. Over 1 billion installs and counting.

    “Shazam is an app that feels like magic” - Techradar.com (http://techradar.com/)

    “Shazam is a gift... a game changer” - Pharrell Williams, GQ interview 


    * Find the name of any song in seconds.
    * Listen and add to Apple Music playlists.
    * Follow along with time-synced lyrics.
    * Watch music videos from Apple Music or YouTube.
    * Enable Dark theme on Shazam.
    * Get Shazam for Wear OS.


    * Use Pop-up Shazam to identify music in any app - Instagram, YouTube, TikTok...
    * No connection? No problem! Shazam while offline.
    * Turn on Auto Shazam to keep finding songs even when you leave the app.


    * Find out what is popular in your country or city with Shazam charts.
    * Get recommended songs and playlists to discover new music.
    * Open any song directly in Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music.
    * Share songs with friends through Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and more.


    Availability and features may vary by country.
    For more information on Shazam's privacy practices, please read the Privacy Policy, available at https://www.apple.com/legal/privacy/.
  • Slap Kings Mod APK

    Slap Kings Mod APK


    Slap or be slapped: that's the name of the game! This amusing and relaxing game will test your strength and timing skills so your smack generates the most power! Your hits will pack a punch. Watch your opponents fly out of the ring when you hit the knockout blow. How far do you think you can get in this face slapping good time tournament? Can you unlock your special power… the Golden Fire Fist?

    Easy to learn but surprising depth will provide you with hours of entertainment. Fun characters are just asking to get slapped in the face.

    Time to knockout the competition and show them who the true Slap King is!

    Game Features:
    1. Simple but addicting mechanics
    The meter will go back and forth - time it right for maximum power!

    2. Fun Characters
    So many amusing characters challenging you to see who is the best slapper out there

    3. Power boosts
    Stuck on a boss? Power up with limited time boosts! Defense helmets to withstand the hardest blows and your ultimate weapon...

    4. Chill and have fun
    Nice casual, relaxing, smacking good fun. Show them who is the king.

    Whether you want to smack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the true slapping champion game.

    Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

    From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

    Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;
  • SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S Mod APK

    SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S Mod APK


    SO S20 Launcher is launcher with Galaxy S20/S22 launcher style, and with many features; By using S20 Launcher, it make your phone look like brand new Galaxy S20/S22 phones, just enjoy!
    SO S20 launcher is the Version 2 of SO S10 Launcher.
    SO S20 Launcher perfectly support almost all the third-party icon packs that made for third-party launchers!

    ★★★★★ SO S20 Launcher features:
    + Galaxy S20, Galaxy S22 theme built-in
    + S20 Launcher unify all icons to Galaxy S10/S20/S22 icon shape, COOL
    + S20 Launcher has 1000+ themes and icon packs, also support almost all third-party icon packs
    + Many various online wallpapers, include galaxy s20 wallpaper
    + Drawer: support Vertical drawer, Horizontal drawer
    + Hide app from drawer and desktop
    + Drawer background color option
    + App search bar in drawer with Galaxy S20 style
    + Drawer grid size option
    + S20 Launcher support many gestures:swipe up/down, pinch in/out, double tap, and two fingers gestures
    + S20 Launcher support unread counter/notifier
    + S20 Launcher support lock desktop layout
    + Eye protect feature, our product care about your health
    + Feature-rich side screen
    + Storage manager
    + Auto-adaptive dock
    + Dock background option
    + Edit app icon and label
    + Icon size, icon label option
    + Grid size option
    + S20 search bar style
    + S20 Lancher support lock app
    + S20 Launcher support daily wallpaper

    Statement to all:
    - Android™ is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
    - Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. This product is NOT official Samsung Galaxy S20 | S22 | S22 Ultra launcher product, it is created to provide similar galaxy s20/s22 user experience for ALL Android users, and provide many new added useful features.

    If you enjoy SO S20 Launcher, please rate us and help to spread the word, we are trying our best to make Galaxy S20 Launcher better and better for you, thanks!
  • Win 10 theme for launcher Mod APK

    Win 10 theme for launcher Mod APK


    Win 10 theme For computer Launcher is the best theme pack for win 10 launcher and computer launcher style phone, Win 10 theme is designed to give your mobile look similar to Win 10 theme mobile phone. This Theme pack is base on latest design and is now available for free download. Win 10 theme icon pack is for desktop tile design will make your Android phone or tablet a Modern look.
    Theme pack is specially designed for android low end devices is a very cool Quad HD resolution ready launcher for your Android Smart Phones. This theme pack include lot of wallpapers to chose from.

    Key Features of Launcher:

    ★ Smooth icon animations
    ★ Custom icon pack for many apps
    ★ WQHD wallpapers - Beautiful Wallpaper to decorate your screen
    ★ Simulates Win 10 theme Phone
    ★ Power efficient
  • Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art Mod APK

    Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art Mod APK



    Join AI photo editor Photo Lab which allows you to edit photos with face filters for pictures, stylish photo effects and lots of pic art ideas. Fantastic face photo montage maker, photo frames, picture effects and filters are here for you to enjoy.

    Neural Photo Art Styles

    A new smart and quick way to turn any photo into an artwork — choose from over 50 pre-set styles and experience advanced photo editing with the emergence of ai photo styles.

    Photo frames

    Whether you're aiming to accentuate a beloved memory or seeking to add a polished finish to your photo, our diverse collection of exquisite photo frames provides the ideal solution. Just choose one of our beautiful frames and add a final touch to your favorite picture.

    Realistic photo effects

    This photo editor offers a range of captivating photo effects that can transform ordinary images into extraordinary visual creations. By applying these effects, you can add depth and character to your photos, turning simple snapshots into stunning works of art.

    Face photo montages

    Swap face easily and turn yourself or your friend into a cartoon character, a doll or any other look. The most complicated photo montages are handled automatically by a face detection algorithm to create the most unusual selfies.

    Photo background editor

    Use this advanced picture editor to easily and quickly erase and change backgrounds of your selfie with many creative background templates.

    Photo filters

    You don't need a pro photo editor to add some style to your images. Use various photo filters such as 3d photo, cartoon, vintage, anime, black&white, oil painting and many more to create different moods and atmospheres in your photos.

    Photo collages

    Create a wonderful pic collage. Seamlessly combine multiple images to craft captivating visual narratives that tell a story beyond a single frame.

    Make your image look creative in seconds without using a professional picture editor and set it as a profile pic, share it to any social network or send a signed virtual postcard to friends.

    Please note that Photo Lab is an Internet-based application. It helps us keep your devices' memory free from tons of resources required to create high-quality artworks of your photos.

    Photo Lab as an ai photo editor offers everything you want to enhance your photo and add originality to your selfie. Bring your creativity to life and edit photos with our face filters and stylish photo effects.

  • アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ Mod APK

    アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ Mod APK


    A full-scale rhythm game "Deleste" where the idols of "THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS" play an active role!
    Over 200 songs in total! Over 180 idols have appeared! Let the idol shine with your production!

    ◆ Easy-to-operate rhythm game ◆
    Organize your own unit and enjoy "LIVE"!
    In the LIVE scene, Cinderella Girls will appear in 3D!
    Furthermore, in 2D mode, "Petit Delera" is cute and awesome!
    In "SMART LIVE", hold the terminal vertically and play a new style rhythm game!
    "GRAND LIVE" is also available, where you can enjoy a gorgeous LIVE with up to 15 idols in a dynamic rhythm game!

    ◆ Create your own office ◆
    Create your own "room" by arranging a unique interior!
    There are more than 1,500 types of room items!
    Idols will come to play as Petit Delera!

    ◆ Communication with idols ◆
    Produce encounters and growth with idols in "Community"!
    Let's know more about idols in "Story Community" and "Idol Community"!
    Furthermore, in the "event community" and "sales community", there are special stories ...?

    ◆ Nurturing idols ◆
    Level up your idol with "lessons"!
    Let's bring out the charm of idols with "special training" and "star lessons"!

    ◆ Dress up with the dress coordination function! ◆
    You can freely change the color of the corresponding costume with "Dress coordination"!
    Make the idols even more cute!

    ◆ Photo studio and AR studio are open! ◆
    You can freely operate the camera in "Photo Studio" to shoot idols!
    In "AR Studio", idols appear in everyday scenery!

    ◆ Make idols closer to you with Derecone! ◆
    Let's feel the idols closer with "Delecone" where you can enjoy various Cinderella Girls contents such as "Cinderella Girls Theater Wido" and "Delepo"!

    ◆ Idols and songs will be added one after another ◆
    Add new idols and songs!

    About [Premium Pass]
    Premium Pass is a monthly service that allows you to receive the following benefits for "980 yen / month".
    For your first purchase, you can try the "Premium Pass" for free for 2 weeks.

    ◆ Payment / Period / Renewal
    The Premium Pass is valid for one month after purchase.
    Please note that if you do not cancel by the day before the expiration date, the validity period will be automatically renewed for one month.
    If you cancel during the validity period, the effect of the pass will be valid until 23:59 on the last day of the validity period.
    Please note that this product will not be canceled even if you delete the app.

    ◆ About cancellation
    You can cancel this product by following the steps below.
    * For Android
    1. Launch the Google Play Store
    2. Tap the menu icon on the upper left ⇒ "Subscription"
    3. Tap the subscription you want to cancel from the list
    4. Tap "Cancel Subscription" and follow the onscreen instructions.

    ・ Please note that this service will not be canceled even if you delete the application.
    ・ You can enjoy this service during the valid period even after canceling the contract.

    ◆ Other precautions
    It is not mandatory to purchase this product when using this application.
    This service is valid for the game data used at the time of purchase.
    Even if you use different game data such as reinstalling the app, the premium pass will not be valid and you will not be able to purchase it again.
    Even if you have purchased a premium pass for the same game ID on multiple OSs, we do not accept cancellations or refunds for duplicate purchases.
    Please do not interrupt the application while performing the purchase processing (communication) of this service, as problems may occur in the processing for using this service.

    [Operating environment and other inquiries]

    * Please be sure to use this app in the operating environment described in the link above. Even if you use it in the operating environment, the app may not work properly depending on your usage status and model-specific factors.

    THE IDOLM @ STER ™ & © Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
  • Hero Battle: Strategy game Mod APK

    Hero Battle: Strategy game Mod APK


    A gripping 2D synthesis and upgrade battle game that immerses players in an unparalleled gaming experience filled with strategic challenges!

    This strategy game will test players' leadership and strategic decision-making abilities. The core of the game lies in merging various monster hero to formulate suitable strategies and evolve continuously. You need to strategically gather resources, consistently enhance your hero, unlock new skills and equipment to bolster their strategic capabilities. You will be immersed in a unique fusion of casual, strategic, and action elements as hero engage in epic clashes.

    In this strategic world, every move needs careful consideration, as it could determine victory or defeat. This strategic decision-making seamlessly integrates into every aspect of gameplay. Careful planning is essential as you build a formidable army to face formidable opponents!

    【Gameplay Mechanics】

    Character Selection:
    Choose to become the valiant hero character.
    Each character possesses unique skills and abilities, providing tactical strategies for challenging monster encounters.

    Battle System:
    Engage in combat using "hero," meticulously planning your every move.
    In intense battles against monsters, inflict damage by hurling arms.
    Mitigate monster attacks or trigger special effects using skills.
    Your strategic choices and skill selection will profoundly impact the outcome of battles.

    Monster Challenges:
    ⚔️Confront a multitude of monster types, each with unique weaknesses and resistances, demanding strategic adaptation.
    ⚔️Select and adapt skills and tactics based on monster attributes and behavior.
    ⚔️Continuously strategize and upgrade your character's skills and equipment during battles to overcome progressively more formidable monster challenges.

    Tactical Strategies:
    Players need to formulate both long-term and short-term strategies to gain the upper hand in intense battles.
    Consider monster characteristics and the ever-changing strategic landscape to make strategic choices.
    Flexibly employ skills during battles to optimize damage output and enhance survival capabilities, honing your strategic skills.

    Embark on a solo adventure or form strategic alliances for exhilarating multiplayer cooperative battles. Dive into this strategic monster war, harness your strategic acumen and gaming prowess, conquer each strategic challenge, and rise as the undisputed ruler of the immersive strategic gaming realm!
  • Drive.RS : Open World Racing Mod APK

    Drive.RS : Open World Racing Mod APK


    Welcome to the Drive.RS public beta!

    Huge, fun, without limits - the biggest, best, most realistic open world racing game on mobile.

    * Free roam driving, drifting and racing - an absolutely huge open world 64km2 map with 256km of roads to drive, drift and race!

    * Racing, drift zones, and free roam gameplay

    * Supercars, hypercars, JDM cars, SUVs, trucks, 4x4 offroad cars

    * Upgrade system - comprehensive and detailed upgrade system, with a large variety of upgrades allowing you to completely change the performance and handling of your car

    * AI traffic to bring the game world to life, with realistic physics and auto overtaking behaviour

    * Day to night cycle

    * Asphalt, dirt roads, highway, and touge style mountain roads for a realistic driving experience

    * Stunning landscapes and vistas, with huge mountains, rolling hills, and a beautiful rugged coastal area

    * A variety of animals to encounter on your car game journey

    * Cutting edge visuals with high end lighting and shadows, realtime reflections, and highly realistic trees and vegetation

    * Console standard car physics engineered from scratch, geared towards a fun but realistic simcade experience. It's designed to bring the feel and experience of real racing to mobile games in this real driving simulator

    * True to life advanced drift dynamics with realistic inertia and friction. Engineered to simulate real drifting physics, requiring careful countersteering and throttle control. Requires skill, but it's a detailed and convincing physics model that's very rewarding and fun once you learn

    * Runs at 60fps on flagship devices

    * Controller support

    * Livery system coming soon
  • SEOUL Apocalypse Mod APK

    SEOUL Apocalypse Mod APK


    Stylish action and ultimate excitement while breaking through the stages with the best deck combination!

    Out of Control!

    We, who couldn't enter the underground city of SEOUL,
    We had to become stronger to survive in the hell

    ◆ Stylish AFK RPG ◆
    Enjoy them as you see it! AFK RPG where you can feel the fun of controlling and watching at the same time!
    Enjoy the stylish and refreshing action scenes from the original webtoon! Thrilling fun of realistic webtoon cutscenes that unfold as you break through the stages!
    Recruit the nation's strongest players ◆

    Thunder, Jumbo, Lucky, Jin-su, TigerD...
    Recruit the nation's strongest player from Gangnam to Gangbuk!
    Put together the strongest deck to survive hell until the end!

    ◆ Non-stop battle◆
    The fighting doesn't stop, even when you're asleep
    The rewards and experience keep stacking up, even when you aren't logged in!
  • Lila's World: My School Games Mod APK

    Lila's World: My School Games Mod APK


    Lila's World: School Games

    Welcome to Lila's World, where school games are not only educational but also playful and fun! Join us on an adventure as we take you on a journey through the wonderful world of learning, where we'll teach you about art, chemistry, music, astronomy and more. Are you ready to go back to school?

    Roleplay as a Teacher or Student
    In Lila's World, you can be anyone you want to be. Roleplay as a teacher and create lesson plans for your students, or roleplay as a student and attend classes in a fun and imaginative way. The choice is yours!

    Classroom Adventures
    Explore the classrooms in Lila's World, each with its own unique style and learning experience. Attend chemistry class and mix chemicals to create a chemical reaction. Learn how to play the piano, guitar, and drums in music class. Discover the wonders of the universe in astronomy class.

    School Bus Adventures
    Hop on the school bus and take a ride to school in Lila's World. Chat with your friends, sing songs, and enjoy the journey to school.

    Sports Playground
    In Lila's World, learning is not just limited to the classroom. Head over to the schoolyard and play basketball, football, or just jump on the trampoline. Get your heart pumping and have fun with your friends!

    Creativity and Imagination
    Lila's World is all about unleashing your creativity and imagination. Decorate your lockers, choose your school uniform and create your own stories. The possibilities are endless!

    Cafeteria Fun
    Feeling hungry? Head to the cafeteria for some delicious food . Choose from a variety of healthy snacks and meals to keep you energized throughout the day. Don't forget to grab your locker key and store your lunch box and other school supplies in your own personal locker.

    Learning and Education
    At Lila's World, we believe that learning should be fun and engaging. Our games are designed to help children develop their cognitive, motor and social skills, while also teaching them important values such as teamwork, respect, and kindness.

    Gameplay Features
    • Roleplay as a teacher or student
    • Explore different classrooms and learn about various subjects such as art, chemistry, music, and astronomy
    • Decorate your lockers and choose your school uniform
    • Hop on the school bus and enjoy the ride to school
    • Play sports with your friends in the schoolyard
    • Unleash your creativity and imagination and create your own stories
    • Enjoy fun dollhouse games and roleplay with your favourite characters
    • Learn important values such as teamwork, respect, and kindness
    • Safe for kids aged 4-12
    Join us in Lila's World and experience the joy of learning through play!

    "Lila's World: School Games" is absolutely safe for kids. Even while we allow kids to play with other kid's creations from around the world, we make sure all our content is moderated and nothing is approved without getting approved first. We collect no personal information and your can play completely offline if you want as well

    You can find our Terms of Use here:

    You can find our Privacy Policy here:

    This App has no Social Media links.

    If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected]
  • Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK

    Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK


    Draw a combo to generate many powers against your enemies!
  • Spider Guy Mod APK

    Spider Guy Mod APK


    Create new arms and cut your ropes to reach the finish-circle!



    Experience authentic soccer on FC Mobile now!

    Founders Club24 class, a class commemorating the start of FC Mobile, is now available! Let's create a dream squad using players with the latest transfer status!

    Choose your favorite club from among the teams actually participating in the UCL and lead your team to victory!
    In addition, UCL24 players have a Live OVR system, and their ability values ​​change depending on the actual match results!

    Additionally, new skill moves and operations have been added in a major update.

    With the addition of "knock-on dribble", which utilizes space and dribbles for a long time, and "hard stop", which suddenly stops mid-dribble and evades the opponent's defense, an experience even closer to real football than before is now possible!
    New operations include "Power Shot", which allows the goalie to shoot a powerful shot that is difficult to block, and "Hard Tackle", an individual skill that makes it easier to block shots and crosses! Enjoy more strategic and immersive matches!

    FC Mobile is constantly making gameplay adjustments to help fans enjoy the game more comfortably.

    FC Mobile was created with a focus on not only the fun of creating and growing your own team, but also the best soccer experience with high operability and graphics.

    Create your own original team using real clubs and players, and play not only 11v11 online matches, but also VS Attack, which only advances attacks, and manage your team and use tactics and strategies to play real league matches. Enjoy a variety of content, including a simulation league where you can experience promotion and relegation, and a manager mode where you aim to advance to the league by making full use of tactics and instructions!

    ■FC Mobile has a wide range of licenses
    FC Mobile is officially licensed and consists of over 30 leagues, over 700 clubs, and over 19,000 soccer players around the world!
    There are regular live service events where you can meet real new clubs and players!

    ■UEFA Champions League exclusive license
    FC Mobile owns the exclusive license for the world's most prestigious competition, the UEFA Champions League!
    You can also enjoy live events that reflect real-life tournaments!

    ■Optimized operation feel for mobile
    FC Mobile supports both gesture mode and button mode besides automatic/manual operation.
    Choose the control method that suits you and play freely!

    ■No season reset
    There is no season reset in FC Mobile, so you can use the players you have acquired forever!
    Have fun playing with your ideal team!

    ■Various play modes to suit your tastes
    In addition to the full 11-on-11 game, there is also a VS attack mode where you compete for the most goals within a time limit, a simulation league where you can experience promotion and relegation like a real league game by making full use of tactics and strategies to manage your team, and dribbling. Equipped with a variety of game modes, including mini-games such as , passing, and shooting! You can enjoy your favorite soccer according to your taste!

    ■Real transfer market, player exchange system
    You can use the transfer market to freely buy and sell your favorite players, or exchange the players you own with players your team needs!

    ■Various systems to acquire players and items
    In FC Mobile, there are various contents that items and players can acquire.
    Use various contents to grow your team and players!
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Latest Mods
  • Mobile Vape'n Pod Simulator v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Have a go with real-life simulation experience of Gun Sound, Virtual Vape and Funny Electric Swatter - The ultimate app that simulates the real motions and sounds of all.

    Are you the real fan of amazing vape trick compilation online? You love smoking and create stunning trick with vape but you don't have one, or worry that it would affect your health? This vape simulator application is surely well-made for you!

    Are you a guns lover? Have you ever heard of virtual gun sounds? This is a simulator app that reproduces the same feelings of firing a weapon without endangering the surrounding people. Unlock a variety of real guns, pistols, tazer, bombs, and customized weapons in the world.

    Beside Guns and Vapes, Electric Swatter is also a fun simulation you can play with your friends and family. Zap all the bugs with Simulation Electric Fly Swatter feature, customize your own racket. Let's zap all your boredom away with this amazing Electric Swatter Simulation feature.

    Why would you have to download 3 different apps to use all 3 features, while you only need to download one app only?

    Our app offers you:
    - All Simulator are incredibly smooth, responsive, and simple to use and play with
    - No wifi required, skins and features updated monthly.

    Let's hang out having fun with the one and only Vape 'N Pod Trick Simulator
  • Animerge - Mix & Merge Animals v1.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    Animerge - Mix & Merge Animals

    Welcome to the fantastical world of Animerge, where creativity knows no bounds, and imagination comes to life! Animerge isn't just a game; it's a boundless canvas for your wildest ideas, inviting you to merge and mix animals in ways that defy imagination.

    Gameplay: Merge to Create Magic

    Animerge's gameplay revolves around a simple yet endlessly captivating concept: merging animals. You begin with two basic animals, like a gentle panda and a lively parrot. Combining these two will result in a brand-new, never-before-seen hybrid, such as the delightful "Pandarrot." The magic begins when you discover that the possibilities are infinite!

    Unleash Your Creativity

    What sets Animerge apart is its commitment to unleashing your inner creativity. You can experiment with countless combinations to uncover hundreds of charming creatures, each with its own personality, appearance, and unique abilities. As you merge more animals, your collection becomes an ever-expanding gallery of fantastical beings.

    Captivating Visuals

    Prepare to be enchanted by Animerge's breathtaking graphics. The game features exquisite, hand-drawn artwork that breathes life into these whimsical creatures. Every detail, from the softness of feathers to the twinkle in their eyes, is meticulously crafted to provide an immersive and visually delightful experience.

    Unlock the Magic

    As you merge animals and discover new species, you'll also unveil their magical abilities. These abilities aren't just for show; they're a key part of the game. Use them strategically to solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and unlock hidden treasures. With each creature you create, your arsenal of magical abilities grows, making your journey even more enchanting.

    Puzzle Adventures Await

    Animerge is not just about merging animals; it's about embarking on thrilling puzzle-solving adventures. Traverse diverse magical landscapes, encountering obstacles that test your wits and creativity. Whether you're navigating a labyrinthine forest or outsmarting mischievous creatures, Animerge keeps you engaged with its thought-provoking challenges.

    Multiplayer Magic

    Connect with friends or challenge them in multiplayer mode, where you can showcase your creativity and strategic prowess. Engage in friendly battles to prove who can create the most captivating and powerful creature. Multiplayer mode adds an exciting social dimension to the game, allowing you to share your achievements and creations with fellow Animerge enthusiasts.

    Regular Updates

    Animerge is a living, breathing game that continually evolves. With regular updates, you can look forward to new animals, challenges, and features that keep the magic alive. The game grows alongside your creativity, ensuring there's always something fresh and exciting to explore.

    Creature Database

    Animerge doesn't just stop at merging and customizing creatures; it offers a comprehensive creature database. Each creature is rated on a scale of rarity from 1 to 10, allowing you to track your progress in collecting the most elusive and enchanting beings. Dive into their rich backstories, discover their unique preferences, and learn where they are most commonly found in the magical Animerge world.

    Creature Characteristics

    Every creature in Animerge comes with its own set of characteristics, adding depth to your gameplay:Habitat,Health, and Age.

    Animerge - Mix & Merge Animals is more than a game; it's a limitless playground for your imagination. Step into this enchanting world where creativity knows no bounds, and discover the magic of merging and customizing creatures like never before. Animerge invites you to embark on a journey of wonder, exploration, and endless possibilities, all set against a backdrop of stunning visuals and captivating adventures. Explore, create, and merge your way to a world where the extraordinary becomes reality.
  • TreasureInForest v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    This is a simple and fun match-three game. In this game, the objective is to align three or more identical items, usually by swapping two adjacent ones, to make them disappear from the game board. It's easy to understand and play, but can also provide a challenging and entertaining experience.
  • Fashion Doll: Chibi Girls v1.0.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    Get ready to dive into the world of Fashion Doll: Chibi Girls! Express your creativity as you dress up cute chibi characters with an extensive wardrobe of fashionable outfits, accessories, and hairstyles. Explore endless style combinations, participate in exciting fashion challenges, and share your stunning creations with friends. Become the ultimate fashion guru in this addictive dress-up game where the runway is yours to conquer!

    Choose from a wide range of fashion styles!.

    - Gothic princess girl
    - Victorian princess girl
    - Super Pastel princess girl
    - Monster princess girl
    and more!
  • Chick on a Bike Robux v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Chick on a Bike free robux! Take control of a fearless chicken as it embarks on an epic motorcycle journey through challenging hills free robux real and thrilling high-low roads. Experience the thrill of speed as you race against the clock, free robux perform gravity-defying jumps, and navigate tricky obstacles in this action-packed arcade game.

    Rev up the fun with free robux real Chick on a Bike! Race, jump, and dash your way to victory in this addictive arcade adventure!"

    Play as a daring chicken biker and conquer free robux exciting levels!
    ️ Ride through scenic landscapes free robux games filled with hills and high-low roads!
    ⚡️ Race against time to complete thrilling i want free robux challenges and earn rewards!
    Perform incredible stunts and jaw-dropping jumps to amaze your friends!
    Unlock powerful upgrades and customize your motorcycle for maximum performance!
    Enjoy catchy tunes and immersive sound effects that enhance the gameplay!
    Challenge your skills and compete for the top spot on the global leaderboards!

    With its intuitive controls and addictive gameplay, Chick on a Bike offers hours of fun for players free robux of all ages But we must let you know this is not made with Roblox studio and its not robux hack, free robux no scam, get get unlimited free robux or a robux generator. Whether you're a casual gamer or a die-hard enthusiast, this game will test your reflexes, timing, and precision. Can you guide the chicken to victory and become the ultimate motorcycle champion?

    Download Chick on a Bike now and embark on a feathered adventure that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Don't miss out on the excitement, and be prepared for an adrenaline-fueled joyride like no other!
  • Pirate Treasure v1.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    An easy and fun dodging game!

    Where you will have to pass between the cannonballs to collect the pirate treasure coins.

    Click on the screen to dodge and stay alive for as long as possible.
  • Robux Fling Frenzy v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Welcome to Robux Fling Frenzy, the ultimate hyper-casual game where your ball-flinging skills are put to the test free robux! Tap the screen to launch the balls into various hole, real robux and earn coins along the way. Unlock a wide array of balls and free robux stunning new looks for the game screen using your hard-earned coins. With robux for free its addictive gameplay and visually appealing graphics, Robux Fling Frenzy guarantees hours of endless fun. Compete with friends and climb the leaderboards as you become a master of ball flinging.

    Ready to accept the challenge? Start playing Robux Fling Frenzy today!
  • Robux Voltage Rush v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Get ready for an electrifying adventure in Voltage Rush, the ultimate high-voltage hero quest Free Robux! Take control of a heroic item as it surges from the bottom to the top of the gameplay page, battling hordes of enemies along the way. Harness your lightning reflexes and guide your hero through a maze of electrifying challenges. But beware! A single touch with any enemy will send a powerful 440-volt electric Robux rewards shock, leading to failure. Only the bravest and most skilled players can withstand the power surge and emerge victorious!

    Voltage Rush brings you:
    Fast-paced and addictive gameplay that keeps you on the edge Earn Robux of your seat
    Intuitive touch controls for smooth and precise navigation
    Stunning electric visuals Robux giveaways and electrifying sound effects that immerse you in the action
    Challenging enemies and obstacles that put your skills to the test
    Epic power-ups that boost your voltage Robux bonuses and multiply your chances of success

    Embark on an electrifying journey, rise to the top of the leaderboards, and become the champion of Voltage Rush! Robux prizes Will you conquer the challenge and prove yourself as the ultimate electric warrior?

    Unleash your inner hero in this action-packed electric clash! Challenge your friends to beat your high score and Robux deals showcase your electrifying prowess! The more you play, the more powerful your hero becomes. Upgrade your voltage and dominate the Robux offers competition!

    Are you ready to feel the adrenaline rush? Download Voltage Rush now and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Robux gifts electric battles! Show the world your lightning-fast reflexes and electrifying skills!
  • Bread Bear: Cook with Me v0.9.27 Mod (Free purchase)
    Step into the captivating world of adorable bears on a restaurant simulation game!

    Welcome to the ultimate restaurant tycoon experience featuring adorable bears as your employees and patrons, and cook alongside them!

    Take charge of your very own bakery and restaurant, and experience what it is like to cook alongside the bears and become an actual owner of the store!

    From assembling your dream team of chefs and waiters to expanding your adorable restaurant, the power is in your hands.

    Here's your mission: Cook alongside the adorable, irresistible bears and transform your humble bear food stand into an iconic franchise!

    Embark on a journey of growth and mastery as you level up your abilities, equipment, and facilities.

    Create the best shakes, burgers, bread, pasta, pizza, and other delicious items, featuring dishes from everywhere in the globe, be it American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, French, Mediterranean, or other cuisine that'll help your restaurant grow, earn fame, and become a certified TYCOON!

    With its dynamic pace, user-friendly controls, and boundless avenues for success, this app is a must-have for simulation fans!

    Immerse yourself in the thrill of managing a thriving enterprise, regardless of whether this is your first time on the rodeo or a seasoned veteran!

    Download Bread Bear right now and help these adorable bears succeed!! Oh, and keep those bears WELL FED!
  • Holy Diamond v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    It's the best addictive black hole game on the market!

    Let's swallow all the gems before time runs out and then use them to make amazing and beautiful art!


    Drag around to move

    Swallow all gems

    Paint by number
  • Burn It All v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Fill up gas tanks and fuel your flamethrower to burn everything you can even make popcorn in the process.

    Easy to play:
    Drag to change your direction.

    Burn everything you can!
  • RoleAI v1.4.10 Mod (Free purchase)
    Have fun chat with AI character in RoleAI.
  • Hoop Sort - Color Stack Puzzle v1.0.11 Mod (Free purchase)
    Hoop Sort is Simple but addictive color sorting game.With this interesting puzzle and color arrangement game,you can not only reduce stress in your daily life and enjoy hours of entertainment and relaxation,but also exercise your brain,helping your mind to be clear.sensitive,sensitive.
    Standing tall among Free Puzzle Games,Hoop Sort flaunts a visually appealing graphic design that revolves around colored hoops and pillar.Thanks to its intuitive one-finger control,gameplay is as easy as it's enjoyable,offering a soothing experience free of time constraints.
    In Hoop Sort,the intellectual challenge of Logic Games meets the excitement of Mind Games. You can dive into the game anytime,anywhere—online and offline.
    Venture through hundreds of levels in this exciting Brain Challenge game,solving one-of-a-kind puzzles and strategizing the best way to sort colors.As the levels advance,the game's complexity increases,truly testing your skills and patience.But remember,even when the going gets tough,there's no time limit.Are you up for the challenge?

    How to play our stacking color sorting puzzle?
    1.Select a pillar and click to move the ball on it,then click another pillar to string the ball to the pillar.
    2.Only one ball can be moved at a time,and a turret can only hold up to four balls.
    3.The aim is to sort balls of the same color into the same cylinder.
    4.Don't worry,you can restart the level at any time.
    5.You can also choose different ball and pillar styles.
    *Special gameplay: After selecting a pillar, you can click the "Flip" button in the lower left corner to flip the hoop color.

    • One finger control.
    • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Donut Sort Puzzle: Color Sorting Game at your own pace.

    To sum it up,if a color sorting challenge or an enjoyable way to keep your brain active is what you seek,your search ends with Color Sort.Ready to take on the challenge? Download Color Sort today and step into a vibrant world of color sorting and puzzle-sol
  • HotHamburger v1.1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    HotHamburger es una aplicación de aprendizaje y formación para Arcos Dorados que por medio de un juego permite que cada participante demuestre por medio de rondas diarias lo que sabe sobre los procesos de operación de los restaurantes de McDonald's.

    HotHamburger está diseñado para que los empleados de los restaurantes puedan jugar rondas de 15 preguntas diarias y así acumular papitas y tiempo de juegos en una travesía única. Los jugadores por medio del Score podrá, posicionarse en el top 10 dentro del restaurante como el mayor conocedor de lo que se hace en la operación y estimular la participación del resto de sus compañeros con un los retos.

    La aplicación permite además de jugar la ronda diaria, que el jugador visualice su perfil personalizable con el repositorio de avatares para darle tu toque personal a la sesión del juego.
  • FrostBrick Puzzle v1.0.13 Mod (Free purchase)
    FrostBrick Puzzle game that will relax your mind while you from block puzzle after block puzzle and go on massage your brain.

    And our FrostBrick Puzzle is not just that.It is more Simple and addictive!Once you start,you will not stop playing.Just have a try,you will love it!

    This free block game makes playing blockpuzzle fun.If you love block puzzles,this game is sure to get you excited.
    FROSTBRICK PUZZLE is also the great puzzle game to keep your brain active hard.

    Block Puzzle Game Features:

    1.A classic block puzzle game for all ages.

    2.Enjoy building blocks anytime, anywhere.

    3.No wifi required, great for killing time.

    4.Free block puzzle games and story adventure mode.

    How To Play Block Puzzle:
    1.Simply hold the block and slide them.

    2.Try to connect to at least three blocks.

    3.Blocks can't be rotated.

    4.No time limits.
    In this block puzzle game,you will also experience the new and original COMBO gameplay.
    Drag and drop blocks onto the board,fill a row or column to complete elimination,clearing multiple rows or columns at once will result in cool elimination animations and bonus points.The more COMBOs you perform, the more points you earn.
    Test your IQ and exercise your brain in Block Blast!
    Please Enjoy this Block Puzzle Game! The More Play and The More Exciting!!!
  • Color Flow - Color by Number v1.0.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    ColorFlow is the best game to feel mental flow, dedicated to bringing you the ultimate relaxation and tranquility experience. Dissolve your worries, relieve stress, and relax your mind.

    Color Flow - Color by Number is an online coloring book game to color artworks/paintings by numbers, also known as color by number, paint by number, coloring game, painting games.

    Color Flow - Color by Number combines stress relief, relaxation, peace, wallpaper, colorscape, amazing patterns and beautiful art into one awesome app. This color by number game provides you an immersive experience of focus, relaxation, peace and perception of achievement while you dive into the coloring.

    ColorFlow invites you to color these realistic pictures, feel the nature and awaken long-lost tranquility and beauty within your heart. Every time you tap on a color, it brings serenity and relaxation to your fingertips.
    It's time to embark on a peaceful and relaxing journey with ColorFlow.
  • Block Puzzle Magic v1.0.5 Mod (Free purchase)
    You can't win this game ! For Sure !
    If you win to the last round. I'll Give Away 1000$

  • Piggy Puzzle v0.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Piggy Puzz is a welcomed and addictive Brain puzzle game on Google Play Piggy Puzz a puzzle game for your brain, logical thinking, memory, and a good time killer.
  • Tangram Puzzles 3TK v1.10 Mod (Free purchase)
    Hell Yea, wellcome to the Best Puzzles game on Play Store. Let's get some Starburst Candy and play. Sweet of Starburst can make you feel sweet while the game is so hard haha. Win the game , you'll be a Hero !
  • Dot Connect v1.7 Mod (Free purchase)
    Our newest complete game project is now available on the google play ! Picture Coloring - Color By Numbers is a relaxing coloring game where the player paints in the image using the specified colors.
New Apps
  • Zumba Marble Match Adventure APK
    Zumba Marble match is an exciting and enjoyable marble puzzle shooting game where one can experience unique challenges and surprises.
    Zumba Marble Match Classic Game is a brand new and amazing puzzle classic game.
    The classic Zumba Marble Match shooting game re-imagined. The game features multiple difficulty levels and players need to master the direction and speed of marble shooting balls to complete level objectives.
    The target is to eliminate all the marbles by not letting the marble chain reach the end.
    Enjoy the Best Marble Shooting Experience in the puzzle games world.

    Game with Different Difficulty levels
    Beautiful,Stunning, Gorgeous graphics and animation effects✨
    Unique Challenges and Surprises
    Support Offline Games
    Various props,rewards and achievements✨
    ■ A 30-Player Battle On A Crumbling Field!
    30 players compete against each other to be the last one standing!
    You only have 8 minutes tops! Join the fray that takes place on a crumbling field and quench your thirst for action!

    ■ Skills That Highlight The Action Experience
    No more boring action skills!
    Use various skills that deal satisfying blows to your enemies to conquer the battlefield!
    Deal damage using Light Attacks that consist of quick moves and combos.
    Knock back enemies with big blows using Heavy Attacks.
    Stay invincible while charging up your Ultimate.
    Quickly dodge incoming moves and ambush enemies with Dodge Attacks.
    Push or throw enemies out of the ring!
    Hone your skills and become even stronger!

    ■ Treasure Chests And Items To Turn The Tables
    Become stronger with treasure chests that appear on the field!
    The stronger you become, the longer you'll survive!
    Don't miss these consumable items that could teleport you to enemies far away or bring you luck!

    ■ Calixers - Characters With Unique Action Skills
    Haul spheres of water at your enemies as Poseidon
    or become Medusa and turn your enemies into stone!
    Each Calixer has their own story and unique action skills.
    Choose your favorite Calixer and become the hero of this story!

    ■ Game Modes To Suit Your Style
    Battle Royale (Solo/Team):
    A Battle Royale that features up to 30 players.
    Only the last player or team that remains on the battlefield wins.
    The arena collapses as time goes by. Get to safe ground!

    Brawl (Solo/Team):
    Choose 3 Calixers to take to battle.
    Keep fighting until you are the final survivor!
    Aim for opponents who are already locked in battle in this enclosed arena of chaos!

    An intense 1 vs 1 game mode where the first to take 3 games out of 5 is the victor.
    See which Calixers your opponent chose before beginning the game.
    Prepare for battle!

    BATTLE CRUSH requires the following permissions for optimal gameplay.
    You can use the game even if you do not agree to the optional rights, and you can reset or revoke access permission after agreeing to the access rights.

    [Optional] Microphone: Use voice chat feature
    [Optional] Notifications: Receive in-game information and marketing notifications

    [How to Manage Permissions]
    - Android 6.0 and up: Settings > Application Management > BATTLE CRUSH > Select permission > Agree or withdraw access permission
    - Under Android 6.0: Due to the nature of the operating system, it is impossible to revoke access depending on permission type unless you delete the app. We recommend that you upgrade your Android version.
  • Relax Block Puzzle APK
    Block Puzzle Relax is a captivating and addictive mobile game that offers hours of entertainment and relaxation. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, it is the perfect game for players of all ages.

    In Block Puzzle Relax, your objective is to fit various shaped blocks into a grid, forming complete lines vertically or horizontally. As you progress through the game, the blocks become more complex, challenging your spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

    Featuring stunning graphics and a soothing soundtrack, Block Puzzle Relax creates a serene atmosphere that helps you unwind and destress. The minimalist design and smooth controls make it easy to pick up and play anytime, anywhere.

    With multiple game modes to choose from, including Classic and Time Attack, Block Puzzle Relax offers endless fun and endless possibilities. Challenge yourself to beat your high score or compete with friends and family to see who can achieve the highest level.

    Whether you have a few minutes to spare or want to immerse yourself in a relaxing gaming experience, Block Puzzle Relax is the perfect choice. Download now and get ready to experience the joy of solving puzzles while finding your inner peace.
  • Tangle Tower APK
    Unravel a thrilling mystery by exploring a strange and twisted mansion, discovering curious clues, interrogating peculiar suspects and solving unique puzzles.

    Freya Fellow has been murdered. The lead suspect? A shadowy figure found looming over her body, wielding a knife. The problem? That suspect... is just a painting.

    Investigate the entirety of Tangle Tower, from the bizarre and eerie gardens, to the cold and ominous crime scene at the very top.

    Will you be able to uncover the secrets of Tangle Tower?

    • A fully voiced and animated cast of characters
    • Atmospheric original orchestral soundtrack
    • Beautiful digitally painted environments to explore
  • Elderand APK
    Pre-register the game now to not miss the 28% promotion at launch! This exclusive reduction will last during the first day after the launch.

    Become the hero of an epic quest in Elderand, a metroidvania that will test your will and skill. Heads will literally roll in this gruesome, retro-inspired action platformer, where only the strong will survive in brutal, skill-based combat against terrifying creatures.

    Through the darkness and madness, promised glory awaits.
    Wield a variety of killing instruments and abilities to test your metal against towering, bone-chilling bosses. Explore a twisted Lovecraftian world shrouded in darkness and madness. RPG elements allow you to customize your battle experience to your liking, from your character's appearance to skills, stats, and weapons. Slay or be slain as you collect glory and treasure in this nightmarish 2D world.

    Glory and riches await those who can spill the required blood and guts to collect it.

    •Wield an arsenal of killing devices, including whips, swords, daggers, axes, bows, and more. From a magical staff that shoots bursts of energy to a giant sword, different weapons have different stats and capabilities, so find the ones that you enjoy battling beasts with the most!
    •Satisfying Metroidvania-style exploration meets terrifying Lovecraftian creatures in this detailed hand-drawn pixel world with glorious gothic aesthetics and handcrafted level design.
    •RPG elements let you customize your experience to best suit your play style, from your character's appearance to their skills, stats, and weapons.
    Collect loot from exploration and fallen enemies and then use it to upgrade your weapons via crafting.
    •Travel to the many corners of this perilous land, such as an inviting village with merchants, a forest, a temple prison, floating islands, a cursed Cathedral, and the hellscape that is Elderand itself.
    •More than 60 different enemy types and around a dozen bosses for your slaying pleasure.
    •Collect lost letters and other correspondence from the poor souls who came before you to learn more about the darkness taking hold of this grim land.
  • Kitty's Bubble Shooter APK
    The most popular bubble puzzle game!
    Stunning character cute pets and game scene special effects!
    More challenging levels, let you go through the levels non-stop!
    Rich and fun powerful props, experience another surprise and fun!
    "Bubble Bomb Elimination Game" is a free game of elimination music. In
  • Rolling Ball Unblock APK
    Embark on an exhilarating journey in the world of Rolling Ball Unblock! Prepare to immerse yourself in an exhilarating experience that tests strategy and problem-solving skills. In this gripping puzzle game, your goal is as simple as it is challenging: slide the b locks, guide the rolling ball through the intricate maze, overcome the obstacles, and reach the goal.
  • 2048 BigBoss Winner APK
    By swiping the chips on the screen, combine three chips with the same number into one chip with a larger number. What is the maximum number you can synthesize?
  • Octopus Game 456: K Challenge APK
    Octopus Game 456 K Challenge is a free 3D casual game that is played in First Person mode, it invites the Squid to make careful choices and take risks to earn generous prizes.

    K Challenge will give Squid the opportunity to make decisions that affect his score. Challenging yourself in a rich 3D environment, and testing your luck & skills.
    Squid Player 456 goal is to reach the final challenge, defeat all competitors and earn a Big Prize!

    Octopus Game 456 is a hardcore, fun casual game that'll make you think twice before you make a decision. The goal is to give it all to the game and earn a big prize. But make careful choices! If you don't, you'll be left with nothing.

    Octopus Game 456 can be played offline. The Squid is immersed in a rich 3D environment, where you need to survive various hardcore Challenges and win the big prize.
    The game is free and can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

    Octopus Game 456: K Challenge initial launch features:

    - "Dead Light, Green Light"
    Player 456 starts along the starting line, waiting for the starting signal. When the Giant Doll says 'Green Light' players move towards the finish line, When the Giant Doll says 'Red Light' every Squid must immediately stop. If any Squid is still moving when the Giant Doll calls 'Red Light', they will be shot and eliminated.

    - "Glass jumping Stone"
    In this Challenge, the Squid needs to cross from one platform to another, through a bridge made of glass panels. Each panel is either made of tempered glass, which could withstand the weight of the player; or regular glass, which would break on impact, causing the player to fall to their death, & their elimination. The goal of this challenge is for players to successfully cross the bridge by jumping across the tempered glass and avoiding the regular glass.

    - "The Arena"
    The last man alive wins all.

    Note: more features are planned to be added with future updates. Your feedback is expected and most appreciated(Ratings, reviews, Comments...).
    Thank you.
  • Alone in the Dungeon 3 APK
    The warrior's challenge to go deeper into the dungeon!

    Equip unique characters and weapons, use items to enhance yourself as you descend through each floor, striving for a higher score. But be cautious, the dungeon is not a walk in the park.

    - Collect a variety of charming characters and skins, all with cute pixel graphics!
    - Each character has different performance, and during gameplay, there's a one-time enhancement system for strategic choices. Also, an item system that can change the course of the game awaits as you go deeper into the dungeon, with increasingly challenging enemies
  • Shooter Ground: shooting range APK
    Shooter Ground: shooting range is a free fast paced, offline shooting game in 3D, that relies on realistic shooting, accuracy & good timing. Join Master Shot's elite snipers & challenge yourself, your friends, and other players to who can get the ultimate best accomplishments, & eventually who is the best shooting marksman of all times.

    Even though Shooter Ground: shooting range is an offline game, it is still a highly competitive realistic shooting game, that offers multiple dynamic game mods and levels, filled with action, excitement, and great graphics. Every level has a specific objective(s) to complete. But still, In this game all objectives are to be completed by gunpoint, so you will need experience and an inventory filled with powerful weapons.

    Advanced levels and weapons are locked until you reach certain ranks, so you'll have time to familiarize yourself with the easy-to-grasp controls and game mechanics. At start, you can only access the Shooting Range where you'll use your pistol to kill enemy targets, collect some coins, and earn experience to level up. As you rank up, more levels & weapons will be unlocked.

    There is a whole arsenal of guns to choose from and beat your friends and other players Scores on the leaderboard.
    (More weapons & levels will be added in future updates)

    When you have some free time or you just waiting for the bus; shoot some rounds in Shooter Ground: shooting range, it will make the waiting enjoyable and fulfill your entire shooting crave.

    Do not hesitate to share your ideas and opinions about the game, and how could it improve and be more fun. Also, it will help me a lot if you rate and review Shooter Ground: shooting range.
    Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com
  • Indian Carrom Board Game 3D APK
    The Ultimate Carrom Game is a free family-friendly board game with compact yet carrom modes like multiplayer strike & Carrom Lite offline, You can also become the reigning Carrom King and establish your reign as the ultimate Carrom King by using your zig-zag shots and Striker power in this online multiplayer carrom board game. This Play Carrom In Multiplayer 3D Board Game is Offline Carrom Fun also known as karrom, carom, or carrommen. Pool disk (disc) pool billiards or carom billiards or billiards City is Freestyle crambot: carrom board offline game Feel free-to-play classic carrom board game.

    Get into World Of Carrom Novuss (also known as koroona or korona) Crokinole, Pichenotte and Pitchnut challagne yourself
    As a Disc Pool player of Carrom Star, Carrom Club, Carrom Battles, Carrom Ball, and Carrom Pool compete against friends and family in 1v1 or 2v2 matches.

    How to play Carrom bot board offline game 2-player

    In This Carrom Lite Bot Offline: Carrom bot game you have three Carrom Lite moods, FREESTYLE CARROM, carrom offline game 2-player, Carrom Premier League, Let's play New Carrom 3D board game, and enjoy Offline Carrom Fun.

    CARROM DISC POOL: In this mood, the first chosen color caram disk pool, Kerim into the Carrom or Karrom or caram hole then you chase the red queen This mood is the same as an Indian version of pool.

    Online Carrom disc pool game: You can play karom online with your Carrom Game For Pool Lover friends in this Carrom Cricket: multiplayer board game.

    Pool Disk: Carrom offline games: This mood is the same as free mood and offline Classic Carrom bot game You can play freely and make some coins to purchase the latest Carrom in this Carrom bot board game and mobile carrom game.

    The Carrom Board game is free and totally full of fun like the Carrom online game.
    Download this Top Carrom game and play the 3D Board Game offline and board Disc Game anytime.
  • Pilot Journey APK
    Take off with our jetpack, aviod different barriers, and reach high score to get back to your crew! Complete your own Pilot Journey!
  • Durak .net APK
    - Great 3D graphics
    - Spectacular animation of a real card game
    - Realistic audio accompaniment
    - Chat with your partners online
  • Dream Farm APK
    Dream Farm - a farming simulation game that will give you the best experience and fun with farming games. It's time to take a break from your stressful work, life and build your own farm!

    If you are a fan of farm , time management game, you don't want to miss this new Happy Farm game!
  • City Speed Master APK
    This is a great game!
    It simulates a real driving road and adds a lot of various obstacles to the road.

    You can control the vehicle by accelerating and decelerating, avoiding obstacles or giving the car.

    Speed up and let you experience the thrill of drag racing yourself!
  • The Magic Painter APK
    This is a very sweet game, in this game, you need to use the bumps on the wall to change the direction of the dye sponge to paint the wall!

    Come and build yourself a lovely house!
  • Parking Simulator 3D APK
    The parking game that you are looking for is in front of you.
    A lot of exciting leves are waiting to be completed.
    Finish the hard levels more than 150. Enjoy the parking simulation with perfect car driving physics and models.
    We know you're here and hope to find a game that works for you.

    Unlike other games, we provide you the game with high-quality graphics, sensor system for easy parking management, and different camera angles using selectable in-vehicle view and out-of-vehicle view! Also, you can drive from inside the car anytime, anywhere Check it out, this will give you a complete real feel. So we offer you practical experience at a high level. But it's not just for passing the time. You'll also learn how to actually park your car in the game and master it yourself with practice. You will be the king of parking. Wondering how? Easy! With smart guides in the game, not only will you learn the easy methods, but you will also have the opportunity to test them constantly. Come on, what are you waiting for, the game you were looking for is here!
    Popular coupe car with detailed car interiors.
    Best car driving experience and support to driving schools.
    You can customize your car as you wish. Paint your car your favourite color with different color options.
    Select Left-Right steering options. Start to compelling missions in realistic city parking.
    Show your control on car by improving your driving skills.
    This game which is only 18mb length needs less space.
  • Clone Crowd Wars APK
    Clone Crowd Wars is a super fun leisure puzzle game. With simple picture and excellent image quality, a group of partners are moving towards the same goal, constantly expanding the team, passing through many obstacles, reaping various rewards, and finally reaching the end and winning. Come and feel the feeling of running side by side with everyone!
    -Lovely character image
    -Enjoy simple and interesting games.
    -Special finish line.
    -Experience the game in a comfortable environment.
    -You can play at will according to your own ideas.
    -Suitable for all ages.
    -HD graphics and immersive experience.
    -Include video tutorial, easy to understand.
  • Magic Jewel Brick Puzzle APK
    A simple yet extremely addicting block puzzle game that can be enjoyed by everyone! Train your brain & sharpen your spatial intelligence and geometric skills!The goal is to clear the entire board with jewel blocks. Add even more excitement by enabling block rotation with stars! No time limit!Drag the given blocks and put them into the grid.Shatter the blocks by forming full lines horizontally or vertically!Rotate the blocks by collecting stars and charging up the booster gauge.Try to remove multiple lines at a time to score higher!Magic Jewel Brick Puzzle is an addictive relaxing jigsaw puzzle game.In the game, we have no time limit, You won't be under the pressure of time or restriction of steps and you can select and place the gem blocks as you want.
    Let's play this simple and addictive jigsaw puzzle together. Once you start playing, you will be attracted. Drag the gems and place them in the blank. When a column or row of gems is eliminated, you will get points. Our goal is to create and destroy all blocks on the screen vertically and horizontally. The more eliminations, the higher the score.Drag and drop jewel blocks to fill vertical or horizontal lines.The goal is earn as many score as possible and always keep the board clean for next jewel blocks.Game is over if no space to put any gem blocks.
    Fascinating sound effects
    Have fascinating visual effects
    Classic but stunning graphics brick design.
    It's funny, suitable for all ages and genders.
    Wonderful jewel and special effect.
    Pure game environment: NO time limit.
    Simple and easy to use.
    Gems block cannot change shape.
    Gems cubes of different shapes and colors.