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  • Deliveries Package Tracker Mod APK

    Deliveries Package Tracker Mod APK


    With "Deliveries" for Android you can keep track of all your parcels at a glance. Wherever you are, just add the delivery via its tracking ID and find out where it is. It's just one click away!

    Currently, the following providers are supported:
    - Amazon
    - An Post
    - bpost / TAXIPOST
    - BRT
    - Chronopost
    - City Link
    - CitySprint (Amazon orders only)
    - Collect+
    - Courierit, CouriersPlease
    - Correos
    - Dawn Wing
    - DHL, DHL Express International, DHL Global Mail
    - DPD, DPD.co.uk
    - eBay
    - ELTA, ELTA Courier
    - EMS Korea
    - EWC Express
    - Fastway
    - FedEx
    - Globeflight
    - GLS, GLS.it
    - Hermes, Hermes.co.uk
    - Hunter Trading Group
    - i-parcel
    - International Bridge
    - kuriero
    - LaserShip
    - LogoiX
    - OnTrac
    - Parcelforce Worldwide
    - Post: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France (La Poste), Germany, Hongkong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico (Mexpost), Moldova, Netherlands (PostNL), New Zealand, Norway, Singapore (SingPost), Sweden, Switzerland (Swiss)
    - Prestige
    - Purolator
    - P&T Luxembourg
    - Royal Mail
    - SDA
    - Seabourne Express
    - SFS
    - SkyNet
    - Stadtbote
    - StarTrack
    - STL
    - TNT, TNT Innight, TNT Fashion
    - UPS
    - USPS
    - Yodel
    - Full list: https://deliveries.oRRs.de
    Got suggestions for more? Please send us a functional tracking ID and the tracking URL via E-Mail and we will try our best to support that provider as soon as possible.

    Background Notifications:
    You don't have to open the app and check for new statuses. For natively supported providers, "Deliveries" offers the option to send you a notification when there is a updated shipping status.

    Synchronize deliveries across different devices via our synchronization service.

    Tracing the package via Google Maps is available for many logistic partners.

    "Deliveries" was designed to provide a pleasing experience on both smartphones and tablets.

    For a quick overview without opening the app, you can add widgets to your home screen

    You can buy the extended version of "Deliveries" right within the app! Your purchase will remove all ads and unlock many more customization options. Just hit the cart button in the main list and follow the steps.
    - no ads
    - easily import your Amazon and eBay orders and keep them synced
    - set a quiet mode for notifications
    - access to different app themes
    - many useful convenience settings
    - browser access to sync data via https://deliveries.orrs.de/sync/
    - shake to refresh, ...

    Online Shopping-Integration:
    Pro users can easily import all their Amazon and eBay orders in the synchronization settings. On top of that, tracking continues after the order is passed to DHL, UPS, USPS etc. (only for traceable, direct purchases).

    Help us translate deliveries to more languages! You can now be part of the development, just head over to https://localize.oRRs.de and submit your translations!

    Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions via our Q&A portal https://help.orrs.de
  • TapTower - Idle Tower Builder Mod APK

    TapTower - Idle Tower Builder Mod APK


    Time to build up your profitable business! Manage cash and make decisions as a construction manager and with every tap your tower will improve. And it's only for you to know how your tower will look like.
    Decide what parts to buy for your tower building.
    Distribute cash and choose what materials to use in the construction.
    Accept the challenge for true capitalist. Make your tower the best in the city!

    Let's make something fantastic! Each floor of your tower will have its own design. It can be anything: stone fortress, giant fairy tree, sand castle or even space station!
    Creating your own design as simple as it sounds: buy a piece of building materials with one tap, check out how it looks on the walls of your high-rise tower. Enjoy creation process, build an amazing construction and make a fortune!
  • DevTycoon 2 - Симулятор разработчика игр Mod APK

    DevTycoon 2 - Симулятор разработчика игр Mod APK


    Create your own gaming empire with “DevTycoon 2”!

    Since childhood, I dreamed of creating games, but was afraid that it was difficult? See for yourself that being a developer is actually not that difficult!
    Learn the whole process of creating games from the inside, get acquainted with the work of a freelancer, and also type a cool team for your studio ̶ ̶и̶ ̶п̶л̶а̶т̶и̶ ̶и̶м̶ ̶е̶д̶о̶й̶.
    Prove to the world that you can!

    Distinctive features:

    Immerse yourself in the history of the gaming industry!
    We studied the history of creating video games in 2 days in order to compile rating tables of all games over the past 10 years and introduce you to the main icons of the world of the gaming industry.

    Clear gameplay!
    Do not know programming languages? No problem! Our programmer too! Therefore, creating games has never been so easy.

    A variety of techniques!
    Buy various consoles and smartphones with the money you earned.

    Research and development!
    Get to know the advanced technologies of the IT sphere that we cannot afford. Combine technology, find patterns, learn to feel your audience!

    Nice pixel art!
    We decided to keep the game style of the DevTycoon series, which has sunk in the hearts of the players of the first part. But in fact, because there was not enough money for a normal schedule.

    Original music!
    Atmospheric music, which is selected in the best traditions of games such as Tycoon from open sources.

    A combination of lightness and complexity!
    An amazing combination of simple training and complex game strategy makes you look for the perfect game formula. If you find, write to us in support.

    We hope that after reading you will pound us out of pity. Because at least our game designer needs to finish school, otherwise mom will kill him.

    Take Game Dev to the next level. Face the onslaught of competition. Start writing your success story!

    The BoomDrag Games team wishes you good luck! We hope you succeed better than ours!
  • Five Heroes: The King's War Mod APK

    Five Heroes: The King's War Mod APK


    You are an experienced warlord and our land needs you.

    Explore the open world, recruit an army of heroes, defeat enemies, complete quests and capture gold mines.

    Our great heroes are desperate for a leader.
    Will you answer the call?
  • Sofia & Jack: Defenders Mod APK

    Sofia & Jack: Defenders Mod APK


    A whole new adventure begins after the first victory against Dr. Wings that saved all baby animals. Sofia & Jack are now back with their friends and family to protect their own town from waves of enemies.
    Empower your defenders' squad with tactical weapons and collectibles. Travel through battlefields to unveil the truth about the long-lost mystery of Sofia & Jack's family.

    Don't miss out on the adventure to unlock Sofia & Jack's mysterious story together with their friends, Scarlet and Jojo.
    Meet new characters who will guide you to win battles.
    Let's travel through 04 MAPS and complete all the MISSIONS in each map to earn lots of collectibles and receive glorious badges.

    The game is to defend Sofia & Jack's hometown against waves of robot enemies from Dr. Wings.
    To attack, the player can role play as Sofia or Jack together with their loyal allies - Scarlet and Jojo.
    Tap, hold and drag your finger on the screen to shoot at the targeted enemy.
    Be aware! Your enemies will come in waves from right to left and there will be one or more species of enemies.
    Remember to switch out your weapons to better deal with the diverse range of enemies.
    Are you ready to fight? Go earn your badges now!
  • Manor Cafe Mod APK

    Manor Cafe Mod APK


    Match pieces and solve puzzles to design your dream restaurant mansion and garden! Manor Cafe is the home for tasty recipes and interesting characters!

    - Swap and match items to beat uniquely designed match-3 levels!
    - Show your design skills and renovate the restaurant with awesome decors!
    - Uncover the mystery and be a part of an exciting story with many interesting characters!
    - Unlock tasty foods and learn new recipes!
    - You can play Manor Cafe offline!
    - All this fun-filled adventure is FREE!

    You had one dream when you bought this old and outdated restaurant mansion: bringing its full glory back by decorating and re-opening all the beautiful parts like the bar, dining hall and the garden. Meet Meg the restaurant manager and Bruno the angry chef and be a part of their gripping life! Play and beat match-3 levels and earn stars to decorate your cafe. Uncover the intriguing story as you move, meet exciting characters and unlock tasty foods! If you're a fan of puzzle games, house and kitchen design games, Manor Cafe is just the game for you!

    Matching items has never been more fun! Among all the match-3 games, Manor Cafe has a special place with tens of powerful boosters, super power ups and unique storyline, funny characters and the lively atmosphere of an open restaurant! You'll never live a dull moment in the crazy world of Manor Cafe! What makes it different than other cafe games and match 3 games is not only the exceptionally gorgeous decor items or the delicious food menu, but also the unique gameplay that merges match three and cafe makeover! Find best ideas for rooms and land scapes and make your restaurant space feel like a home!

    Follow us on Facebook!

    Your opinion matters, and we're listening!
    Use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or email us at:
    [email protected]
  • LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH Mod APK

    LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH Mod APK


    Free flashlight app Selene is the best flashlight! Fast and brightest flashlight app that uses bright LED flashlight and adjustable screen light dimmer. Featured flashlight for Android phones and tablets. It will immediately make your phone more useful and turn it into one of the best productivity tools in your life. Once you download flashlight, you will never forget to bring this torch with you :)

    Main features:
    Battery indicator - helps you turn off the flashlight just in time to save the phone battery.
    ★ Adjustable dimmer for screen light brightness.
    Strobe effects for parties.
    ★ Takes little space in phone memory.
    ★ Vibration feedback when switches.
    ★ Strobe light with several frequency modes.
    ★ Always available lamp - a powerful flashlight app is designed to be at hand when needed.
    ★ Low battery consumption - the app is optimized to use the battery wisely.
    ★ SOS flashlight frequency will help you to be prepared for emergency situations.
    ★ Wonderful HD graphics and nice tactical flashlight design.
    ★ Uses phone camera flash light and screen light.
    ★ Convenient super bright torch front and back.
    ★ Better than a free game!
    ★ Very bright and powerful flash light.
    ★ Vibration gives a real tactical flashlight feeling.
    ★ The ultimate military flashlight style for all military lovers.
    ★ Useful screen flashlight for Samsung tablet without led flash.
    ★ The light illuminates when you click an icon on home screen and works like widget.
    ★ Totally free app!

    Definitely the brightest lamp with lighting spotlight available for free can be useful for you and your friends.
    Flashing light from the strobe can be seen really far in the darkness. It is your lucky charm :)

    Why does a flashlight need access to the camera flash?
    - LED (flash) is a hardware part of the camera. To enable LED, access to the camera flash is required.

    Compatible with phone and tablet:
    Samsung Galaxy
    Sony Xperia
    Xiaomi Mi
    and other
  • WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft Mod APK

    WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft Mod APK


    This is Worldcraft – free block craft survival crafting and building online multiplayer games for your mini world exploration, multicraft, block build, mine, craft 3d adventure.
    Start playing now with thousands of players.

    Mini world crafting and building
    Build a house, city, bridge, village, mini world. Upload from single player to online multiplayer. Show your creativity using big variety of cubes.

    Exploration Fun
    Visit cube worlds 3d build by real players. Join to build together.

    Best multiplayer games ever
    Unlimited destruction building fun. Totally for free

    Play online multiplayer games with real players
    Meet new friends from every corner of the real world: boys, girls, kids, friends, classmates or new friends. Chat and block craft together.

    Survival craft
    Play survival games on the infinite server. Mine resources, multicraft, get food to satisfy the hunger, build a house to hide in the night, battle mobs.

    ⚔️ New weapon
    Shoot from bow, explode tnt. Wear armor to became strongest in the wild raft server.

    Tame pets, ride horses
    Now you can tame your favorite mobs – cats, dogs. You can breed other passive mobs. Ride horses with saddle now. Keep your exploration lite infinite adventure fun and fast on the horse.

    Customize your character
    Choose perfect skins from 7+ themed skins packs.

    Main Game modes: Creative Online, Survival, Creative Offline Free
    Creative: Block craft, destroy, share mini world to online multiplayer from Creative Offline single player to Creative Online. Start exciting exploration destruction over cube server 3d built by real players
    Survival: Mine and craft block, get food, satisfy hunger, minicraft a farm, plants seeds with mining. Tame pets, ride horses, squad kraft, battle monsters, survive. Shoot from bow, explode tnt. Use tons of blocks for survival crafting and building games.

    Follow us:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playlabsmobile/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9raRQKfSKIekED4aN6Z_Fg
    Site: http://playlabsmobile.com/worldcraft

    Download free online block crafting and building games with survival. Start creating your awesome mini world 3d now!
  • Girl Group Inc : Love Kpop Idol Mod APK

    Girl Group Inc : Love Kpop Idol Mod APK


    In the game you will be a company CEO and after scouted a few idol and create your own girl group, you will try to save your company from bankruptcy!

    Girl Group Inc : Love idol agency is a simulation game in which the user will be able to play as the CEO of an idol label company.

    You will play as the new CEO of a small idol agency on the brink of bankruptcy
    to uncover hidden potentials of idols and raise the company idols into stardom.

    Depending on your skill and belief in management systems, your idols can become a world-known superstar or disappear wordlessly into a sea of idols.

    How to play

    1) Search the streets and scout many talented trainees

    2) Train your idol in a variety of skills such as vocal, dance, comedy, acting, stamina, and intelligence

    3) As new levels are achieved, you can raise your fandom through a variety of different broadcast requests

    4) Raise the company funding by creating a popular girl group and managing the sales of album, goods, and concert tickets or attend different auditions to maximize your profit.

    5) Help grow your company by different investments available by enhancing buildings and hiring different trainers as your idol and company grow.

    6) By listening and giving advice and accepting requests of the idols, you will be able to build a relationship with your company idols.

    7) You will also be able to raise the support of your stockholders through interviews from a variety of different sources.

    8) Your company fame will rise with each trophy earned during the annual end-of-year ceremonies

    9) Create different units and expand out overseas to release albums or go on a world tour to manage and grow your idols
  • Love Balls Mod APK

    Love Balls Mod APK


    It's time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls!

    The rule's easy, just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination.

    You'll surely love this game once you get how it works!

    * Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
    * Suitable for all ages
    * Simple rules but a little difficult to clear the level, you'll find the addiction.
    * You can also enjoy the fun of collecting pens
    * Now try to get a higher score and share it with your friends!
  • Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind Mod APK

    Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind Mod APK


    Welcome to the evolution party! With this idle evolutionary simulation, you can go through all the stages, mixing different creatures: from a single-celled to a posthuman. Don't miss the opportunity to look at the evolution of the world and have fun. It's an amazing evolution game!

    Develop and update creatures - combine animals to get a new breed. Take two identical single-celled or multi-celled organisms, play with their genetics and enjoy the result. Buy crystals to accelerate the evolution. Evolution does not stand still.

    Try different experiments with mixing. Unlike other clicker games of evolution, our clicker of life is not a meaningless mating of ridiculous animals. Your task is to create cyborgs and intelligent robots by going through the stages of microbes, crabs, fish, lizards, seals, dogs, monkeys, troglodytes and ancient man. In fact, in one game you get evolution of cats, dogs, birds and the complete evolution of man. It's a genetics game about the development of life on Earth.

    Cool clicker of people's evolution. The world of evolution is waiting: start evolutionary fun right now. Evolution is near.
  • Dig Dungeon Mod APK

    Dig Dungeon Mod APK


    Dig&Dig&Dungeon is easiest roguelike

    GameFeature: Not Necessary Internet connection.

    I', handsome.
  • Bubble Pop Mania - Kitty Cat Adventures Mod APK

    Bubble Pop Mania - Kitty Cat Adventures Mod APK


    Únase a nosotros en el mundo loco lindo de Kitty Unido en nuestro nuevo juego de disparos de burbujas!

    Aventura a través de más de 75 emocionantes niveles, burbujas de disparar, una gran cantidad de valiosos tesoros de artesanía y - lo mejor de todo - conocer a un montón de corazón meltingly gatos lindos en el camino! ¿No suena como el paraíso? Con más niveles añaden todo el tiempo, la diversión nunca se detiene en la burbuja de la manía del pop!

    Los controles simples de Bubble Pop Mania lo convierten en el último juego casual - basta con mover el dedo para apuntar el tirador de la burbuja y la liberación de fuego. Match 3 o más burbujas del mismo color para reventarlos y ganar puntos.

    Fácil de jugar pero difícil de conseguir las puntuaciones más altas, la clave es reventar la mayor cantidad de burbujas que puedas en un solo movimiento! Planificar sus tiros y utilizar la estrategia para dejar grandes grupos de burbujas al mismo tiempo y ganar una cantidad insana de puntos.

    Los gatos de gatito Unido que han dado un globo mágico - se llena de monedas de oro gratis cada segundo! Basta con echar las monedas del globo, tal como aparecen, sentarse y centrarse en disfrutar el juego. Todavía necesita más monedas? Sólo tiene que ir hacia atrás y reproducir sus niveles favoritos para ganar aún más.

    Desbloquear obras de arte y HD imágenes impresionantes, increíblemente lindo de los gatos que viven en Kitty Unido. En su búsqueda para convertirse en el mejor de burbujas popper en el reino se puede desbloquear un modo experto más desafiante - ¿tienes lo que se necesita para vencerlo?

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------
    Bubble Mania POP - Destacados
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------
    • Más de 75 niveles de disparar bolas con tema lindo de los gatos
    • Explora lugares impresionantes en su viaje a través del gatito Unido
    • Gana monedas y recibir recompensas diarias gratuitas sólo para iniciar la sesión
    • Volver a reproducir sus niveles favoritos y ganar más monedas
    • Punto, disparar y las burbujas de pop, haciendo coincidir 3 o más del mismo color
    • El globo se llena de monedas automáticamente en darle monedas diaria gratuita!
    • Desbloquear obra de alta definición de los reinos mágicos de Bubble Pop Mania - es tuyo para siempre!
    • ¿Quieres más de un desafío? Desbloquear y jugar en el modo experto!
    • Disfrute de esta burbuja tirador sin conexión - no necesita conexión a Internet!

    Ya sea que esté en el camino al trabajo, en casa o relajarse en la playa en alguna parte, puede jugar a nuestro nuevo reventar burbujas juego fuera de línea o en línea. Hooray!

    Siempre estamos desarrollando nuevos contenidos a partir de nuevas características a los nuevos mapas de diversión para jugar. Con tanta ternura en un juego, ¿por qué jugar en otro sitio?

    dispara burbujas y se divierte con los gatos más lindos - DESCARGAR GRATIS HOY!
  • DEAD CITY: Zombie Shooting Offline Mod APK

    DEAD CITY: Zombie Shooting Offline Mod APK


    ¡Un nuevo juego de Disparos Zombie de VNG está disponible para preinscribirse en Google Play Store!

    ¡Los zombis serán más concurridos y peligrosos! Cuando los muertos se levanten, no corras! ¡Agarre sus armas, mantenga el gatillo y nunca suelte!

    Dead City es un juego de disparos de zombies de FPS en el que simplemente te quedas parado defendiendo tu publicación contra hordas de zombies en toda la ciudad para devolver la paz a la humanidad. Este juego de Zombies es un juego sin conexión, por lo que puedes jugar en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar que desees.

    ¡El Apocalipsis Zombie acaba de comenzar! Se está propagando una pandemia y las personas comienzan a mutar en algún tipo de muerto. Eres el último en salir y tu misión en este juego de zombies es matar el brote de zombies y detener el fin del mundo. Necesitarás estrategia y precisión para detener el asalto en este juego de disparos de zombies. ¡Mantén el dedo en el gatillo, sobrevive y dispara a todos los muertos vivientes!

    No solo necesitas disparar a zombies con tu disparador mortal, sino que también tienes que encontrar la manera de obtener la mejor arma en los juegos de zombies.

    Usted experimentará:
    ● Zombie juerga matando junto con locos frenesíes de disparo en la cabeza.
    ● La alegría de conseguir nuevas armas y mejorarlas.
    ● La necesidad de romper el récord propio y de los sobrevivientes de todo el mundo.
    ● Juego sin conexión - fácil de jugar

    Recorre los rincones de la ciudad, busca armas y elementos sobrantes. Ten cuidado con los lugares con armas, ahí es donde residen los zombies más difíciles de matar.
    Dead City es un juego de disparos de zombies extremadamente simple, dispara a los zombies rápidamente, no dejes que te ataquen.

    ¡Este juego de Zombies, llamado Dead City, es uno de los mejores juegos de disparos de todos los tiempos! Sobrevive en un páramo post apocalipsis matando zombies y deteniendo a los muertos. ¡Dispara a los muertos, detiene la invasión sin habilidad y salva a la humanidad en los emocionantes juegos de zombis FPS! Toma tus armas y dispara armas, apunta a todos los muertos vivientes y mata a los zombies como un único sobreviviente para evitar el fin del mundo.

    ¡Descarga juegos de zombis gratis, juega sin conexión, diviértete disparando zombies y sé el último en sobrevivir en el mejor juego de zombis sin conexión en 2019!
  • Rungeon Mod APK

    Rungeon Mod APK


    Dude, where is your hammer?!

    Nine Worlds are in danger! Ragnarok is out of schedule and has just begun. Horrible beasts have infected every place around and threaten all life. Pick up your Mjöllnir and show ‘em what's what! Future of the whole universe depends on you!

    Incredible and wonderful adventures await you! Battles insidious monsters and fearsome bosses, open chests, gather weapons and power-ups and invent deadly skills' combinations.

    But don't stop! Either you're fast or you're dead. Become The Savior of Everything!

    • Dodge! your hammer would deal with your enemies itself : )
    • Uncover mysteries of The Nine Worlds and The Yggdrasil Tree
    • Unleash your fury! Endless hordes of enemies waiting to be smashed by you
    • Collect hundreds of swords and bucklers. Become stronger!

    Run, and hit, and save the world! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at [email protected]
  • 돌즈 클로젯 - 귀여운 캐릭터 옷입히기, 자캐, 오너캐 꾸미기, 웹툰 만들기 Mod APK

    돌즈 클로젯 - 귀여운 캐릭터 옷입히기, 자캐, 오너캐 꾸미기, 웹툰 만들기 Mod APK


    ★ A new version is now available on the 10/22 Play Store!

    Create your own doll in Closet World today!
    Collect a bunch of cool clothes and coordinate them as you wish ♬

    ■ More than 1000 different coordination items included! ٩ ꒰⍢ ꒱۶⁼³₌₃
    Extensive customization makes the only one stone in the world complete ♥

    ■ Various new items added every week! ʕ ◔ᴥ◔ ʔ
    You can play every week with variety of code items !

    ■ Collect items with a random capsule toy! (ღˇ◡ˇ) ♡
    You may get unexpected pretty items !

    ■ Save money with a part-time jobʕ ๑ • ̀ᴗ-ʔ ✧
    With minigames Feel free to play dress up ♬

    'Closet world' of twinkling planets beyond the universe.
    Here are cute and cute 'Clodge Stone' friends.
    Closet stones are wearing a variety of unique coordination
    You can be a person when you find yourself.
    Access the app now and decorate your closet stones! ლ (´ ڡ` ლ)
  • Police Cop Simulator. Gang War Mod APK

    Police Cop Simulator. Gang War Mod APK


    Try on the role of a real policeman! Walk the path from cadet to captain - head of the Police Department! Stop and check pedestrians for illegal documents and prohibited items, as well as car drivers and traffic violators. Arrange exciting police chase for violators, but do not forget to perform the routine work of a simple police officer - maintaining law and order in the city. 

    You just graduated from the Police Academy, and you're assigned to this city. Historically the city has several gangs, and the local police chief is trying to maintain a delicate balance, but problems in the relationship of the gangs accumulate, few can forget old grievances, a war for resources and financial flows becomes more acute, and soon, this powder keg is going up and the coming of a real gang war! Relationships with gangs depend on your actions and how much civilians will suffer, as well as which gangs can get real influence in the city and crush the rest of the gangs!

    Develop your character and increase your rank! Like any police officer, you have two ways - legal and illegal.  It is possible to fine violators of a law and order strictly, then on the next check your works will be estimated by the administration and you are waited by promotion, and also bonuses. And you can be more cunning and take bribes to help gangs in their dark Affairs, as well as sell evidence on the black market. Only you can decide which way to choose: the right and long or dishonest, but faster.

    Features of game:
    - More than 40 cars from specialized to civil
    - Three types of vehicle control in pursuit of the offender
    - Three types of camera when driving a car in police chase
    - Full realism of this patrol police car - from headlights to siren
    - Choosing the appearance of the main character
    - Five police uniforms
    - Ranks from cadet to captain
    - More than 10 police patrol cars
    - Two ways of character development - good and evil policeman
    - Various gadgets indispensable for the police (improved baton, body armor, cameras, etc.)
    - A wide range of weapons, both cold and firearms: from batons and pistols to shotguns and rifles
    - Unique inspection systems for both pedestrians and cars
    - The system of police calls from the Manager (the pursuit of a stolen car, the design of an accident)
    - Realistic car physics - car damage system, speedometer, fuel level control 
    - Find out the life of a police officer from the inside: get paid, get ready for inspections of the authorities, bonuses and fines
    - The system of tuning cars (car painting/change disks/spoilers/regulation of suspension)
    - The story, which is tied to the war of gangs and police
    - The intelligent system of city services: the wounded and killed are taken by ambulance to the hospital, and the detained criminals are taken by the paddy wagon to the police station
    - Addictive gameplay, showing all the charm of the lives of ordinary policeman

    Are you fond of the police? Do you like exciting police chase for violators?  Wanted to feel like a real police officer and go all the way from the cadet to the captain of the police station? Then the game Police Cop Simulator. Gang War is Your Choice!
  • Alice: Moonlight Arena - Action RPG Mod APK

    Alice: Moonlight Arena - Action RPG Mod APK


    Game goal: survive, kill monsters, gain experience, improve stats, make different builds that will help you to survive longer.

    Your character is Alice the mage. She uses mana (magic energy) to use most of her skills.

    Melee attack - aoe melee strike, does average damage, stans for a 0,3 sec. The main difference from other skills is that it does not consume mana.

    Fireball - long distance skill, average damage, Alice spawns a missile that flies straight, explodes when contact with an enemy, explosion hits all the targets within it and stans for an 0,3 sec

    Rain - short distance skill. Alice spawns missile that throws mini-fireballs downwards, hitting all the enemies under them and slowing them by 60% for 3 sec. Low damage from single missile, difficult to aim.

    Air attack - Alice hits the ground with the great power, throwing enemies away from her and stunning them for 1 sec. High damage. Can be used only from air, so you need to jump in order to use it.

    Mine - Alice spawn a landmine on the ground next to her. Mine will explode when enemy touches it. Explosion does high damage, throws enemies up and slowing them by 80% for 3 sec.

    Levitation - control power, lifts enemies to the air for 5 sec. Can be used in order to escape or in combination levitation+rain which is quite powerful.

    Mind control - makes enemies ignore Alice and attack each other. Alice can walk through controlled enemies.
  • Logic Pic - Picture Cross & Nonogram Puzzle Mod APK

    Logic Pic - Picture Cross & Nonogram Puzzle Mod APK


    Solve endless logic puzzles and get a bit smarter every day while having fun!

    Sharpen your mind anywhere, anytime with easy to learn, hard to master nonogram logic puzzles (a.k.a. Picross, Griddler, Picture Cross), all while discovering awesome pixel art illustrations!

    Challenge your brain with increasingly complex nonograms and feel smarter with every new logic puzzle solved!

    Have your wits always one step ahead!


    If you're already familiar with grid puzzles and puzzle games, you'll quickly get the hang of nonograms.

    You only need to follow two steps to get started:

    1-Look at the numbers at the ends the rows and columns;
    2-Use logic to fill the blocks and discover the hidden picture!

    Our quick in-game tutorial will have you solving picture cross puzzles like a genius of puzzle games in no time!


    SOLVE countless brain-teasing, easy-to-expert nonogram puzzles!

    BEAT a challenge every day with the daily puzzles feature!

    USE logic to color the blocks on the grids and reveal the pictures hidden underneath them. The simple and fun picross and nonogram gameplay you know and love!

    ENJOY hours upon hours of picross picture logic puzzles with varying difficulty: lots of fun for all ages and skill levels!

    NO WI-FI NEEDED: play the game offline at any time!

    DISCOVER beautiful pixel art pictures from different thematic sets in the biggest selection of picture cross puzzle categories yet! Puzzle Packs include famous landmarks, animals, everyday objects and movies

    SHOW OFF how smart you are by solving nonograms and daily puzzles with record speed in front of your friends or that special someone you wish to impress!

    AUTO-SAVE feature lets you resume your picross puzzle solving from where you left!

    You might not know nonogram, griddlers or picross logic puzzles yet, but if you like similar brainteasers like crosswords and jigsaw puzzle games, you'll love our logic challenges and daily puzzles!

    Complete fun thematic puzzle sets and power-up your problem solving skills without even noticing it!

    Enjoy an ever growing collection of thematic level packs and daily puzzles and different modes to cater for every taste! From easy warm-up puzzles to daunting mind benders, carry a wide selection of fun nonogram logic challenges with you to play anywhere!

    Try to beat every single puzzle available and discover all the cool pixel-art images hiding beneath the nonogram boards! The bigger your pic collection is, the smarter your brain becomes!

    Each solution you come up with for these deceptively simple number-based riddles counts as a complete mental workout!

    Download now and start boosting the power of your brain with this genius among puzzle games!
  • Pressure Washer Mod APK

    Pressure Washer Mod APK


    Wash off all the mud from the objects with the satisfying pressure washer.

    Ooh ahh - that is satisfying!!

    Enjoy everybody!!
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Latest Mods
  • Vehicle Driving Simulator v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    As a driving simulator game player, are you tired of downloading and installing different driving simulators with different games? We guess so. Shall we have a new choice that one driving game is combined with truck driving simulator, car driving simulator, plane simulator, forklift simulator and crane simulator? YES, we recommend you this one Vehicle Driving Simulator.

    Vehicle Driving Simulator is a latest car driving simulator game with the most realistic driving physics, many customization, realistic 3D virtual city and addictive storyline gameplay. In this city driving simulator game, you'll have opportunity to drive five different vehicles, namely, sports car, truck, plane, forklift and mobile crane. That is why we named this driving simulator game with title Vehicle Driving Simulator. All the five vehicles are combined with driving storyline, which were made into 30 levels for the first unlocked mode, storyline mode.

    In the storyline mode, you'll spend time in driving sports car, driving truck with different trailer, flying transport plane to transport goods, operating forklift or mobile crane to load or unload on truck or plane. The storyline mode is full of car driving, truck driving, plane flying and forklift and mobile crane driving and operating experience, which is totally different from pure car driving simulator game.

    Ever wanted to operate a mobile crane and built blocks? Now you can do that, operate a mobile to build blocks according to a real model in a 3D virtual world. There are 20 different models are waiting for you to build.

    And also, ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and reach the checkpoints as many as possible to beat the countdown time. For the sports car mode is an endless mode, in which you feel a racing sports car for free as long as you can beat the countdown time. In the sports car mode, you'll have chance to unlock and drive 6 different world famous sports cars. And also you can customize the sports car with paintings, tyres and upgrade them.

    In the fourth mode, you'll drive and operate a forklift to move the boxes with different colors into different color areas. But time is limited. The more boxes are moved into the correct areas, the more extra time you will be given, so that you can continue the game. How long can you hold on? Go and try your best. For this forklift mode, we also made 6 different forklifts in realistic and nice models for you to drive.

    The last two modes in this vehicle driving game are truck mode and plane mode.

    In the truck mode, you'll have chance to drive 6 different world famous trucks like euro truck and USA truck, which you can customize in different paintings and tyres as your own ideas. Your missions are transport different trailers in the city, which looks like you are playing a city truck simulator game. It's an endless and free mode without timelimit, where you can play as long time as you will.

    For the plane mode, we built 6 different aircrafts in realistic models. The plane models are very beautiful and realistic. As a vehicle driving simulator game fan, we promise you will like them.

    Having said so much, in fact, it's better to play once than hear a hundred times. We strongly suggest you download and try this vehicle driving game.

    ★Sports car driving simulator;
    ★Truck driving simulator;
    ★Plane flying and transporting simulator;
    ★Mobile crane driving and operating simulator;
    ★Forklift driving and operating simulator;
    ★Abundant customizations: paintings, rims, upgrades;
    ★Many trailers for truck to transport;
    ★Six different modes with many different missions and addictive gameplay;
    ★Realistic 3D virtual city map;
    ★Realistic traffic system;
    ★Different camera views;
    ★Easy controls like tilt, buttons or steering wheel;
    ★Digital Goods: cash packs, remove ads and special offers;

    ☀NOTE: Vehicle Driving Simulator is a free vehicle simulator game on Google Play and supported by Ad.
  • Change Thought and Change Life (offline) v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Change Thought and Change Life (offline) android application is all about control over the thinking and make positive changes in lives.
  • auguri di buon Natale e felice anno nuovo 2020 SMS v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    What is the right way to wish a Merry Christmas?

    The messages of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings remain a demonstration of intimate and personal affection, and it is for this reason that one cannot generalize and think that one has got away with little.
    But if writing so many beautiful phrases can take too much time and creativity, here are some ready-made Christmas messages, useful for inspiring dedications and greeting cards.
    Send phrases of greetings for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. This is the goal that every year many people set for their friends and relatives.

    ♥♥ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages ♥♥ Features:

    * - * More than 670 messages
    * - * You can listen to my voice messages
    * - * Random messages
    * - * category
    * - * Change the font size
    * - * This easy to use application supports all screen resolutions of mobile phones and tablets!
    * - * Each SMS can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ or SMS / Mail
    * - * 100% free application.
    * - * Does not require much space.


    * ♥♥ * Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages * ♥♥ * can be used as:

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    happy new year 2020
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    I hope the app helps you
    We await your evaluation. to provide more
    and thanks
  • Flashlight Pro v1.6.8 Mod (Paid for free) (Free purchase)
    The brightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight.

    No ads.

    Instantly turn your device into a bright flashlight.

    With the most elegant design and the fastest startup.

    This torchlight application is a very useful tool in your daily life, with this application you will always be accompanied by a super powerful flashlight in your pocket.

    It has a strobe function that makes the flash of your phone blink very fast and has super innovative themes.

    Powerful, Fast, Simple and Totally Free! Don't miss it! Download it Now!

    Main features:

    - The brightest illuminator ever.
    - Fastest startup flashlight.
    - Built-in SOS flashlight signal.
    - Super bright torchlight.
    - Strobe mode with 10 different frequencies.
    - Intuitive and elegant UI design.
    - Enjoy the LED light.

    With this app, you can do:

    - Walking in a dark place.
    - Read a real book at night.
    - Find your keys in the dark.
    - Save yourself while black out at night.
    - Light the way when camping and hiking.
    - Light your room during a power outage.
    - Make your party shining.
    - Illuminate the roads when Outdoor traveling.

    It is definitely the Best Flashlight & the Brightest Flashlight free in the world. Our Flash Light will accompany you any time whenever you need light! Download this Flashlight Free now!

    If any advise or need help, please contact us via [email protected]
  • Peace FM 104.3 v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    More than just a traditional broadcaster, Peace FM is today evolving into a content company, the home of Ghana's Most Popular programming and a multimedia leader with a solid presence in the country. The station delivers services to all Ghanaians on platforms ranging from news, online radio and audio on demand.
  • Joyeux Noël et Bonne année 2020 SMS très touchants v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020 with texts of good wishes.
    Present your Christmas greetings and your wishes for the new year with an original message.
    Find text sms to send for this new year!
    A romantic SMS for your girlfriend! A fun SMS for your best friend! A simple text message for your mom! Do not hesitate, it's free !
    However, you have until the beginning of January 2019 to send your Happy New Year message to your friends and family!

    ♥♥ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year SMS ♥♥ Features:
    * - * More than 250 messages
    * - * You can listen to my voice messages
    * - * Random messages
    * - * category
    * - * Change the font size
    * - * This easy-to-use application supports all screen resolutions of mobile phones and tablets!
    * - * Each SMS can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ or SMS / Mail
    * - * Free application at 100%.
    * - * It does not need a lot of space.


    ♥♥ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year SMS ♥♥ You will also find:

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    I hope the application will help you
    We are waiting for your evaluation.
    To offer more .. And thank you
  • Mas Armonia v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    A beautiful country place with a natural landscape in the hills of Cali, located within the city, with harmonious spaces for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our facilities include a spa, wet areas, lounge and event area.
  • Eternal – ККИ в лучших традициях жанра v1.46.8 Mod (Free purchase)
    juego de cartas eterna de los mejores maestros del género! Sumergirse en una nueva y emocionante mundo mágico. Perfeccionar sus habilidades en PvE y PvP batallas. Ser el mejor entre amigos y rivales de todo el mundo!

    Elija sus tácticas
    Eterna - el juego de cartas estratégico donde el único límite es tu creatividad! duelos y batallas interminables para eterno trono. Tomar su lugar en la lucha por el poder.

    Recoger una cubierta única de tarjetas
    Ampliar su propia baraja de cartas! La actualización constante de los mapas no se aburre incluso el jugador más experimentado. El nuevo mapa regional "Urksa, oso" ya está disponible en esta versión. Y eso va a crear exactamente estás?

    Probar su habilidad
    La Eterna Usted puede obtener cualquier tarjeta y pasar cualquier nivel absolutamente gratis! Mostrar a sus amigos y rivales lo que puede hacer!

    eterno juego fue desarrollado por los mejores maestros de los juegos de cartas. juego emocionante con un número infinito de movimientos. Convertirse en un héroe de las guerras de tarjetas!
  • Go Pet Delivery v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    It works like this, register your pet, and can schedule appointments and aesthetic procedures in your pet shop preferably, we do the transport of your pet. Our platform also offers doguine or cat walking service, reducing your pet's stress and anxiety. Contact us and be part of the GoPet world!
  • Best Small Business Ideas v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Best Small Business Ideas
    This app carries articles on getting business thoughts, defensive commercial enterprise ideas, and the way to generally reflect onconsideration on commercial enterprise ideas. In addition to the articles, there is a listing of a hundred enterprise ideas. In addition to that, there may be a tool to help you start planning your very own enterprise - all on this one app!! Maybe you're a younger boy/woman who desires to start getting grimy within the entrepreneurial aspect of the business world.

    Or perhaps you just need to begin a side business as a way to afford some more weekend beers.In any case, there are so many ways you may flip your pursuits and talents into actual coins on-line, operating from the consolation of your home.The net has created a number of infinite opportunities for all of us who's ready to make use of them.
    To a few people, making a living from the net typically feels like a complicated nightmare. Well, I'll be sincere with you:

    Inclusive content of below topics:
    Best Small Business Ideas
    How To Start A Small Business
    How To Start An Online Business
    Baby Sitter
    Household Organizer
    Laundry Business
    Unique Business Ideas
    Commission on Sales
    Making Custom furniture
    Gift Baskets
    Start A Business With No Money
    How To Work For Yourself
    Work From Home Ideas
    Jewellery Making
    Service Business Ideas
    Small Business Ideas
    Home Business Ideas
    Beauty Parlour
    How To Start A Home Business
    Business Ideas For Women
    Business Proposal Ideas
    How To Make Money On The Side
    Self Employed Jobs
    Self Employment Ideas
    Handmade Business
  • YouAIO v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Support YouAIO web links to redirect to paypal payment gateway
  • Islamic Wallpapers HD v1.2.6 Mod (Free purchase)
    1. Open this app.
    2. Choose your favorite picture
    3. Tap the "Set as wallpaper" button to apply
    4. Your wallpaper has been changed.
    5. Tap the "Save To Gallery" For Offline Use.

    - Best selection of Islamic Wallpapers for Fans
    - High screen image resolution
    - Set as wallpaper in the phone
    - Save wallpaper to your phone's gallery For Offline
    - Share wallpaper to your friend. You can save or Share "Islamic Wallpapers HD" to Social media

    Allah Wallpapers HD
    Muhammad Wallpapers HD
    Islamic Wallpapers Offline
    Islamic Wallpapers HD 2019

    This app is not officially endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. The information contained or used on The Islamic Wallpapers HD is for general information purpose only. All content is copyrighted and or trademarked to their respective owners and use for this wallpaper app is included in the fair usage guidelines. This app is aimed solely for The Islamic Wallpapers HD fans and helps them find an easier way to organize images as their mobile wallpaper.

    Give a nice feedback and review about this app if you enjoyed it!
  • Volume Booster Control v5.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Volume Booster PRO can raise the volume to the cell phone until it has a stronger volume than the high volume limit of the mobile system and make the loudspeakers extra loud volume.
  • AWS - AWS Certified Developer - Associate. DVA-C01 v2.5.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    This application is your ultimate preparation resource for the latest exam! Covering all exam objectives, this invaluable resource puts a team of AWS experts at your side with expert guidance, clear explanations, and the wisdom of experience with AWS best practices. You'll test core services and basic architecture, and train and verify yourself to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications using AWS.

    The AWS Developer certification is earned by those who demonstrate the technical knowledge and skill associated with best practices for building secure, reliable cloud-based applications using AWS technology. This guide is your official exam prep companion, providing everything you need to know to pass with flying colors.

    - Study the AWS Certified Developer Exam objectives
    - Gain expert insight on core AWS services and best practices
    - Test your understanding of key concepts with challenging topic questions
    - Have access to your offline study tool which includes: flashcards, a searchable glossary, practice exams, and more

    Cloud computing offers businesses the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low, variable costs that scale as they grow. This customized responsiveness has negated the need for far-future infrastructure planning, putting thousands of servers at their disposal as needed—and businesses have responded, propelling AWS to the number-one spot among cloud service providers. Now these businesses need qualified AWS developers, and the AWS certification validates the exact skills and knowledge they're looking for. When you're ready to get serious about your cloud credentials, the AWS - AWS Certified Developer - Associate. DVA-C01 is the resource you need to pass the exam with flying colors.
  • Taxy Modern Simulator v5.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Try to become a taxi driver in one of the best taxi simulator.
    Drive your cab through the big city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely to their destinations.
  • Big Cruise Game v5.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Enjoy dynamic ocean waves and realistic cargo movements. While you play, Big Cruise Simulator makes you fully aware that you will not stumble over any obstacles. And while you park your boat
  • Mobile Number Locator v5.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Mobile Caller Location Number helps you to Search and Track Mobile Number ,STD code and ISD code without internet connection, it will display location of caller with service providers name, with City, State information on every incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Translator Live Camera v5.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Translator Live Camera This All Translator Language - Camera Translator, Text translate, Voice translate is the most powerful translation tool on your Device.
  • Fake Chat Prank v1.1.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    This is a very interesting entertainment application, you can easily design fake chat,
    set every detail of the interface. It would be very interesting to play pranks on friends.
    And you can bring infinite happiness when you are bored.

    This app is just create a fake message and used to joke with your friends.
    Any other use of the App is strictly prohibited.
  • Full Call Screen - Color Call Flash v1.0.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    If you have been fed up with the same default call screen, choose call screen app and customize a color phone!
    Hot features:
    * Live Wallpaper Call Screen Themes - Caller Screen provides numerous colour call themes with live wallpaper.
    * Delightful Ringtones - Fair-sounding songs are included in this colour phone call app.
    Color call themes - call screen, call flash is a real cool application to set the background for calls, which contains a large number of colorful call backgrounds. There are Santa Claus, all kinds of animals, hip-hop and so on.
    Color call themes - call screen, the main functions of call flash are:
    -Download colorful phone background resource video to the device.
    -Set colorful video as a phone theme.
    -Customize your device call page.
    -Send out the distress signal with the flash of mobile phone
    To use the colorful phone background, Download Full Call Screen - Color Call Flash, call flash experience!
New Apps
  • Life simulator. New life 2 APK
    Real and improved life simulator. New Life 2 will allow you to try to simulate life in the real world with all its features and difficulties. This is a real life simulator, and not just a time killer. In this simulator you have complete freedom of action and a huge number of strategies for passing. Everything is as in real life!

    The game is being finalized and is still improving. Therefore, play and write your wishes for improvements. But even now, the game has implemented many interesting features.

    Simulator Features:
    - You can live life from birth to death
    - It is possible to equip a cemetery
    - Can play in Russian and English
    - The game has many types of making money: job, freelance, deposits and business
    - You can open and grow your business
    - Player can upgrade his skills.
    - In the game you can travel to different cities and countries
    - Each city has its own unique attractions.
    - Different activities affect your character's development in different ways.
    - This game has a complex system of relationships with other characters. You can build relationships, marry and raise children
    - You can rent and buy housing, as well as various goods and vehicles
    - You can work at different jobs and get different salaries
    - There are diseases in the game that need to be treated
    - You can be a freelancer: a blogger, photographer, programmer, translator, and many, many others
    - The player needs to plan spending money and time on different aspects of life
    - Lots and lots of things

    Try to live in this difficult world
  • upday news for Samsung APK
    Just imagine: All the current news on all your favourite topics available at your fingertips, exclusively on your Samsung Galaxy phone. That's upday!
    upday finds the news and stories that really interest you. Using lots of rocket science and a hint of magic, it gathers news just for you from hundreds of sources. All in one place, exclusively on your Samsung device. And the more you use upday, the better your recommendations will get. This means you can enjoy your very own personalised news stream, “My News”, with content that's relevant, gripping, and easy to navigate. 
    Additionally, there are “Top News”, to supplement your personal news stream with a round-up of major developments – both in the UK and across the world. There, our experienced upday editorial team permanently scans news, websites, blogs and social media.
    By the way: Highly practical article cards make upday unbeatably user-friendly. Just try it!

    We're always trying to make upday better for you, so your feedback is important to us: Inbox us if you have any criticism, suggestions – or praise:  [email protected]
    upday is also preinstalled on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can find it on the “-1” page: Simply swipe right on your homescreen.

    In the settings you can switch between different country editions.
  • Bunny Life - Munch Munch Puzzle - APK
    Visit lots of different places while searching for a way to get to the moon with Bunny and friends.

    What kind of game is it?
    A simple, fun, and exhilarating puzzle game!
    A match-three puzzle where you line up pieces. No difficult or confusing rules.
    Take on the bunny's friends and rivals in intense puzzle fights! Finish before your opponent does.
    Unlock and view the comical stories of the slightly bizarre bunny and friends as you progress through the game.
    You can even customize the bunny's appearance to your liking!
    A free puzzle game that can be readily enjoyed by all ages!

    What kind of story is it?
    A lone bunny that has been released into the wild has one wish…
    To journey to the moon that shines in the night sky!
    Lead the laid back life of a rabbit while solving puzzles!

    The goal is to lead a life of excess and debauchery!

    It's hungry…
    Can I eat this carrot?

    Carrot: Wait a minute!! Don't eat me!!!

    *munch munch munch*…

    Overcome with hunger, the bunny believed a life of excess and debauchery was awaiting it on the moon.
    The first order of business is...eating up these carrots and cabbages

    Carrot/Cabbage: No! We're your allies! Stop!!!

    Capture different kinds of food for the hungry rabbit, defeat the lineup of rival characters, and search for a way to get to the moon!

    Recommended for these types of people
    - People who love playing free games in their free time!
    - Players who love addicting, free, casual games
    - People looking for a simple game to kill time with
    - Those who want a game that can be played at a leisurely pace
    - People who love rabbits!
    - ...and cats!
    - ...dogs too!
    - ...or any cute animal for that matter!
    - People who enjoy surreal settings
    - People who feel at ease watching relaxing, cute, and weird characters
    - People who want to feel warm and fuzzy
    - People who want a soothing experience
    - People who feel worn out
    - People who like lighthearted stories
    - Puzzle lovers
    - People who like match-three puzzles
    - Those who want to train their brains
    - People who want a refreshing feeling
    - People who want a feeling of achievement
    - People who like playing addictive games
    - People searching for a game to play during short windows of time
    - People who want something to do on their commute to work or school
    - People who like accomplishing goals and completing collections
    - People who like sharing their favorite apps on LINE, Facebook, and Twitter

    - Background music and sound effects
    効果音ラボ - くらげ工匠 - 小森平 - DOVA-SYNDROME

    This game provides paid items.
    Free play is possible, but those who would like to progress at one shot can use these items.
  • UC Browser Turbo- Fast Download, Secure, Ad Block APK
    UC Turbo is a new product of UC Browser Team. It is a browser with simple design, no news streams or push messages,it can give you a better browsing experience.
    There are functions such as Fast Video Download, Private Browsing, Free Cloud Acceleration, Ad block, Secure Browsing,Pesonalized Wallpaper HD, Multi-language and Homepage Customizable to optimize your browsing.
    ✪Main features✪
    ■ Minimalist Design
    ■ Fast Download
    ■ Free Cloud Acceleration
    ■ Secure Browsing
    ■ Ad Block
    ■ Video playing in the background
    ■ Homepage Customizable
    ■ Video Download
    ■ Night Mode
    ■ Personalized Wallpaper HD
    ■ Support Multi-language
    Minimalist Design
    No news flow, no push message, simple but smart design brings you clean and convenient browsing experience.
    Fast Download
    Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads. By setting high download threads, your download speed may enhance a lot.
    Free Cloud Acceleration
    Free cloud acceleration help you visit websites and watch videos around the world anytime at anywhere.
    Secure Browsing
    Incognito mode helps you to browse in private. Your browsing history will not be recorded in this mode.
    Ad Block
    Ad Block function blocks different forms of ads that effect your browsing experience. Also you can mark them manually to block ads with same style in future.
    Personalized Wallpaper HD
    Set your favorite photos on your phone as wallpapers and share them to social platform with one click.
    Homepage Customizable
    You can decide your own homepage. Add your favorite sites to homepage from Bookmarks (add sites to Bookmarks first), or delete all built-in sites to have a blank homepage. You can also set your own picture as unique wallpaper. It's all up to you.
    Video Download
    Download your favorite videos in advance so that you can watch them anywhere or anytime as you wish, even in situation without any network.
    Support Multi-language
    Multi-language customized for you. Choose the language that suits you to achieve barrier-free browsing.
    Night Mode
    Night mode is more eye friendly and allows you to browse more comfortably at night.

    For help & feedback, please go to feedback pages in Settings. Thank you.
  • AppLock Master APK
    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The best free App Lock ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    Lock apps with PIN, Pattern
    # Fingerprint (Only for Samsung devices with fingerprint sensor and Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint sensor)
    # Random keyboard
    # Time Password
    # Show Password transformation
    # Invisible Pattern
    # Pattern size
    Lock Incoming call, Recent tasks, Switch lock ( Wi-Fi , Bluetooth), Install/Uninstall and 3rd party apps.
    Temporary unlock. You don't need to unlock apps every time
    # Delay lock at time
    # Lock your app at the device screen off
    # Enter password once to unlock all
    Cover (Disguise your App Lock screen to prevent from breaking into your password. fake Fingerprint scanner and fake Force close dialog will hide the real lock screen)
    Lock screen orientation (System settings, Auto-rotate, Portrait, Landscape)
    Hide AppLock Master icon
    Intruder selfie
    # Take a photo of who tried to unlock your device
    Theme, background
    # Background (Choose from gallery, System wallpaper, Transparent, Blur)
    # Theme
    # Theme customize (Show theme icon, show app name, hint message)
    Animation lock screen
    # Animation type (Fade, Zoom, Slide left, Slide right, Slide up, Slide down)


    1. How to open AppLock Master after hide AppLock Master icon
    - You can using 3 way below to open AppLock Master again
    + Open Phone application -> Dial ##12345 (this is default dial code of AppLock Master)
    + Visit web http://vnnewsolutions.com/protocol/ammyentertaiment/applock/support/applock_master_open.php
    + Drag out widget icon of AppLock Master and click to open

    2. How to uninstall AppLock?
    After you turn on uninstall prevention, nobody can uninstall AppLock without password. If you want to uninstall it, please turn off uninstall prevention first.

    3. How to use time PIN?
    - Device's time will combine with your PIN at end.
    Ex: If the time is 19:02, ***1902 would be your PIN (*** is your PIN)

    AppLock uses the Device Administrator permission. (only used to prevent AppLock being uninstalled)

    Any issues or suggest for AppLock Master, welcome to send email to us!
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/entertaiment.ammy
  • MobiDic Guitar Chords APK
    MobiDic Guitar Chords is an illustrated chord dictionary for acoustic and electric guitar containing about 5000 chords with realistic sound. All examples are shown along with a picture, which provides the best view for left hand positioning.
    Its interface allows quick access to the desired chord through lists with tonic and chord types, and even a search engine. This app, developed by brazilians, was tested and approved by great musicians like Yamandu Costa, Nelson Faria, Daniel Sá, Gustavo Assis-Brasil, among others!
  • Ship Info APK
    Ultimate and one of the largest merchant-ships' database. More then 300K ships in database!
    Scanning public resources, collects many data for commercial fleet, such as:
    - ship particulars;
    - deck equipment;
    - engine equipment;
    - radio-communication equipment;
    - crew;
    - status;
    - schedules;
    - position;
    - pictures

    Searching by name, IMO number or MMSI

    Some of functions are working offline.

    Available languages:
    - English;
    - German;
    - Danish;
    - Russian;
    - Ukrainian;
    - Chinese.
  • Super Clone - App Cloner for Multiple Accounts APK
    First app cloner to well support Android 10 ! More than 2 accounts, it can run unlimited multiple accounts for WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, Messenger, other social app and games . Support login with Google account in each app clone! Super Clone is stable and 100% free.

    Do you have problem to manage multiple Whatsapp accounts?
    Do you want to login multiple Facebook accounts on one device at the same time?
    Do you want to create multiple roles in game and get multiple experience?
    Do you want to quick switch between your accounts?
    Do you want to customize your clones with different label and icon?

    Please choose Super Clone! Manage more than 2 accounts for social and game apps.

    As the top ranked multiple accounts tool, the tech of Super Clone empowered by Polestar Applab has achieved millions downloads worldwide. It is the first to support clone up to 99 multiple parallel accounts for social & game accounts and keep the accounts online in multiple spaces on one phone.

    Super Clone is for users who wants to switch between multiple social and game accounts easily. Just one click to clone for whatsapp, instagram, facebook, clash and other games, customize their label and icon to identify, protect with privacy locker and fast switch between accounts with one tap.

    Super Clone is the most compatible with instant message apps, game apps and social apps. Google Play Service are supported for each account and clone. You can connect with your Google or Facebook accounts in the cloned application.

    ❤️❤️❤️ Run multiple accounts for social and game app
    • Help you balance your work and life by login multiple account for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social app
    • Play games with multiple account to get multiple experiences and faster level-up

    Privacy and Security.
    • Privacy Locker to hide and protect your cloned account
    • Data of each cloned accounts are separated

    Support to customize app icons and label

    Easy to use and one tap to switch between accounts
    • Run multiple accounts simultaneously, and clearly tagged with label and icon
    • Can manage notification of each clones
    • Fast switch between account used recently

    Google login support for multiple accounts and lite mode for less power consumption

    • Permissions: Super Clone app itself requires very few permissions itself but it may need to apply many permissions in advance for the clone apps. Please grant those permissions to Super Clone to avoid mis-function or crash when running clones
    • Consumptions: Super Clone itself doesn't take up too much memory, battery and data by which are actually consumed by the apps running inside.
    • Notifications: Please add Super Clone to whitelist in your system notification settings.
    • Shortcuts: Sometimes you may not see shortcut not show up even if you enabled for the clone. Please check whether you granted Super Clone the permission to create shortcuts

    For any problems, please feel free to contact us via the 'Feedback' feature inside Super Clone or send us an email at: [email protected]
  • Симулятор Хакера: Сюжетная игра APK
    This is a game in which several different game themes are combined, such as "Hacking", "Creating games", "Programming" and, of course, "Simulation of life".

    - Perform tasks of dark hackers, starting with the installation of spyware and ending with hacking the infrastructure of another country.

    - Perform tasks of white hackers, starting with protecting the site from DDoS attacks and ending with protecting international banking systems from hacking into dark hackers.

    - Create mobile games and applications of different genres and directions. You can choose the graphics, game sizes, icons for them and much more. All released games are saved and you can show them to your friends.

    - Nonlinear plot, divided into several chapters with different endings. It is possible to disable the scene mode for those who prefer a conventional simulator.

    - Pump your character, getting new levels and skills. The higher your level, the more complex and expensive orders you will be able to carry out, and you will also have new gameplay elements available that are not available at the first levels of the player.

    - Simulation of life will allow to start a full-fledged family in the game: wife or husband, children and pets. All of them will grow, live and interact with you.

    - The game features a huge number of different houses and vehicles that a player can buy and improve.

    - Ability to create your own business, starting with a simple website with games and ending with a huge IT-corporation.

    This and much more awaits you in the game "Hacker Simulator: Subject Game"! :)
  • DO Multiple Accounts - Infinite Parallel Clone App APK
    Support to clone app in unlimited parallel space. Fast app cloner for multiple accounts! More than dual space, you can create and login unlimited multi accounts for WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, Facebook, and other social or game application.

    Login and run more than 2 accounts for instant message applications, receive messages and chat with friends on one device!
    Play games with multiple accounts, and keep them online simultaneously to get dual function and experiences! Enjoy multiple fun!
    Easy to manage multiple social network account, separate work and personal life.

    Do Multiple powered by River Stone Tech, with the most light-weighed and powerful clone engine, can help you clone your app into another separated parallel space. What's more, Do Multiple can help you manage notifications of the cloned app, and provide Privacy Locker function to protect the cloned app. It also provided the Lite Mode to reach best memory and battery usage for cloned app.

    Do Multiple is compatible with most instant message apps, game apps and social networking apps. Google Play Service are supported, and you can connect with your Google Play Games or other services in your clones.

    ★Log in to your multiple messaging, game and social apps
    • Balance between your life and work easily with multiple account.
    • Double game accounts and double fun.
    • Data of clones and original apps are separated

    ★Switch fast between dual accounts with just one-tap
    • Run two accounts simultaneously, and will create icons with clone tags.

    ★Privacy Locker to protect your cloned account

    ★Lite Mode for best power and memory efficiency

    ★Notification setting to manage notification of clones

    • Permissions: Do Multiple app itself requires few permissions but Do Multiple needs to apply many permissions in advance for the clone apps. Please grant those permissions to Do Multiple to avoid mis-function or crash when running clones
    • Consumptions: Do Multiple itself doesn't take up too much memory, battery and data by which are actually consumed by the apps running inside.
    • Notifications: Please add Do Multiple to whitelist in your system notification settings.

    For any problems, please feel free to contact us via the 'Feedback' feature inside Do Multiple or send us an email at: [email protected]
  • RussianTruckSimulator - Off Road APK
    Manage your equipment on the difficult routes of deaf taiga!

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    Fine graphic design
    ✔ Real truck engine sounds
    ✔ Realistic physics behavior of technology
    ✔ Dirt
    ✔ More than 9 types of Russian and Soviet cars
    ✔ Various ground locations
    ✔ Unique gameplay

      ✩ Hurry up and start the engine and go! ✩

    Our Social Groups:
    - https://vk.com/moab.russia
    - https://www.facebook.com/Russia.moab/

    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1d0W-W_oX2_ZqPwjeDYQCw?view_as=subscriber
  • War never changes (Pocket Survivor) APK
    Pocket Folich - an exciting android game where you will survive in a terrible destroyed world. In this game, your hero will move and explore the world around you, and you will follow everything that happens on the pages of the “event log”. Suck your hero during the game and give him a powerful weapon to fight enemies. Develop your tactics of the game and achieve excellent results. Buy and collect consumables and sell them much more expensive and more profitable for you. Listen to the radio and hold on as long as possible in this game.
  • War of Magic APK
    In War of Magic you assemble a group of warriors and train them to be the ultimate heroes as you progress through PvE campaigns and against real-world players in PvP quests and tournaments.
    Inspired by the battle system from the classic RPG games the player must take their heroes and use powerful battle cards to defeat the evil army.
    A simple turn based attack system makes the game easy to learn but as you progress through the game you must learn the right combination of hero and cards to dominate your opponents.
  • Namaham APK
    Very real hamster "Namaham"
    Hamster's fluffy, cute movement "Namaham"
    is born.

    It's easy.
    Clean the rice, water and cage.
    Let's give hamsters various meals and snacks while taking care of their health.

    Enjoy your time with the fluffy hamster.
    If you stroke hamsters directly, they will gradually become attached to you.
    A hamster that opens up to you will show various figures.

    Shoot the video together.
    When hamsters become attached to you, you will act in various ways while you are away.
    You can watch the movie "Namaham Video" at any time.
    You can also take a picture with a cute hamster using the video.
    You'll want to brag about it by posting it on various SNS sites.

    Let's change the cage theme once in a while.
    You can change the hamster cage to various themes.
    Your hamster will be happy with the kit of nature and the room with delicious sweets.

    *The download is free.
    *There are some paid contents.
    After the Gods disappeared, a world of darkness was left behind.
    You will undertake a trying journey accompanied by breathtaking music, ELCHRONICLE.

    ■ Game Introduction

    ▶ The Return of Classic JRPG
    A fantastic world where ancient gods,
    humans, and beastkins live together.
    The classic JRPG with a lyrical story.

    ▶ Full Cinematic Video with Voiceover
    Enjoy the story with a cinematic video
    that fully voiceovered with the best actors.

    ▶ MOBA Style Real-time Action!
    Experience the real action and unique heroes.

    ▶ Real-time Boss Raid
    A real-time party play!
    Defeat the boss with your friends.

    ▶ The Connect System
    Beautiful and Strong Heroes.
    Enhance attraction point
    and recruit them as comrades.

    ▶ Crafting System
    Strong set armors and exclusive weapons
    Collect materials and craft it yourself.

    ▶ Huge OpenWorld
    The adventure to the world!
    Explore the vast continent of the Balam
    for hidden requests and treasures.

    ■ Asking for Permissions
    For your convenience, the following permissions will be requested.

    [Compulsory Permission]
    - Photo, Media, File access :
    These are used for installation and saving screenshots and running the game.

    [Optional Permission]
    - N/A

    [How to Withdraw Permission]
    - Android 6.0 or later: General setup > App > Select the App > Permission > Withdraw the Permission
    - Below Android 6.0: On this version, It's impossible to withdraw the permission. So just delete the App or upgrade your Android OS up to 6.0.

    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElChronicleOfficial
    Website: https://global.elchronicle.io
  • TikTok - Make Your Day APK
    TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you're a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there's something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don't, and you'll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day.

    We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more.

    ■ Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you
    A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

    ■ Explore videos, just one scroll away
    Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

    ■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
    Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need.

    ■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
    Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired.

    ■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
    Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.

    ■ Express yourself with creative effects
    Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.

    ■ Edit your own videos
    Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

    * Any feedback? Contact us at [email protected] or tweet us @tiktok_us
  • Smart Clean: Free Junk Cleaner Log Cache Duplicate APK
    Smart Clean is the most powerful junk (Unwanted Files) cleaner ever made on android.
    It has the following features:

    1. Log Files:
    Removes logs files and folders from every location.

    2. Cache Files:
    Removes caches without removing your important files.

    3. Temporary Files:
    Removes temporary files and folders which sometimes not gets deleted by apps and results in storage consumption.

    4. Duplicate Files:
    Scans clone files very fast without removing original files from Duplicates.

    5. Blacklist Files:
    Removes all the files which is present in Blacklist
    Unnecessary files / folders which are automatically created with time could be kept inside blacklist to remove them automatically on every scan.

    6. Blacklisted File Extensions:
    Removes all those files which have blacklisted extensions
    (i.e. whose extensions are present in "Extensions Blacklist")
    Simply insert those extensions in "Blacklist Extensions" separated by commas without including period.

    7. Hidden Files:
    Removes all those files and folders which are hidden to users (which are started with a period).

    CAUTION: Make sure to add important hidden files and folders into whitelist to prevent them from deleting at the time of scan.

    8. Unnecessary Big Files:
    Remove all large files without fearing of loosing your favourite movies, music, apk and many more important big files.

    9. Empty Files:
    Removes all empty files.
    i.e. Files which don't have any contents in it.

    10. Empty Folder:
    Removes all the folders which are empty.

    11. Whitelist Files/Folders:
    This feature is developed to save some of those files or folders which are important to the user but occurs in category of logs, cache, hidden, unnecessary large files, etc...
    Simply put those files/folders into white list and this will not going to scan those folders / files.

    12: Data Backup & Restore:
    This feature is developed to backup all the data of Smart Clean including blacklist, whitelist, and preferences data.

    In short its best cleaner ever made on android !
  • Кейс Симулятор Реальных Вещей 2 APK
    This application allows you to open cases with real things. Open the cases and get the most expensive items. Find your luck on our simulator. Try your luck first in our case simulator here, if you do not want to sink everything in a real case with an opener

    Features of this simulator.
    • Jackpot
    • Inventory
    • There are 18 kinds of cases
    • 220+ different items from different manufacturers
    • Prices for each item are taken from stores
    • The probability of loss of things is based on real statistics
    • And many others

    ATTENTION: The game is a simulator and a joke, so the things you won here can not get in real life
  • The Homeless GO APK
    • Achieve the max indicator of popularity through your prosperity enhancement!
    • Search coins on the streets, wash cars, work on the plant or gamble on a Stock exchange!
    • Open your office or create your own social network!
    • Gain a huge capital for the shortest period! Compete with your friends!
    • Play roulette and redouble your cash!

    General information:

    Almost every event in this game is happened due to selection of random numbers.
    Every move in this game is equal of one day. Every day you lose your health, happiness and satiety in accordance with the random number.
    If your health, happiness or satiety will drop by 0 levels you get only 7 days for improving. Otherwise you will die.
    Every year you will celebrate your Birthday and get presents.
    Every day you have a chance to find bottles in a trash bin and then sell them.

    Now you can raise your mood, health, or satiety, in reality!
    Turn on GPS and are looking for rare atrefakty to raise ranking and compete with your friends in the findings.
    On the streets you can find a coin, a suitcase with money, gold teeth and stuff.
  • Over: Edit & Add Text to Photos APK
    Design and edit everything you need quickly and effortlessly. Get Over now and use our inspiring templates, tools and effects to make your brand and personal art projects shine. Wow the world with your creations! All you need is the app, a phone and your thumb!

    Subscribe to Over and you'll get:

    - Over 84,000 graphics
    - Over 350 fonts
    - Over 700 customizable templates
    - Unlimited access to the coolest stock images around
    - New design content added daily

    • Create in an instant: Pick a template or start from scratch. Either way, it's a breeze.
    • Customize it: Add text. Pick photos, colors, fonts, shapes and graphics.
    • Share it: Share to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

    Logo maker and Flyer creator to help you build your brand
    Create extraordinary new logo designs with Over and build your brand. Give color to your creations with our new color dropper tool and create images that wow the world. With beautiful, hand-curated and easy-to-edit photo templates, Over helps you create impactful content that will make your brand stand out – whether you're creating a logo, poster, business card or otherwise.

    The best editing tools
    Get your hands on amazing editing tools, like our hotly anticipated masking tool (otherwise known as the eraser tool) which will allow you to edit images like a boss. You'll be able to remove photo backgrounds, create stunning disappearing text effects and so much more. Your images will look polished, professional and exactly as you want them to be.

    How to build your next big marketing campaign with Over:
    • Choose templates or fonts for social media posts, posters, ads, flyers, and more from our vast library. Access our range of Unsplash photos and draw inspiration for your designs… or simply use the image that catches your eye.
    • Edit and perfect your photo: Use Over's broad selection of editing tools to wow the world with your designs.
    • Add graphics, captions, or logos to make your designs pop.
    • Post directly to social media right from the app.

    Design your world.
    Up your social media game with eye-popping Instagram Story templates, Facebook posts, covers, profile pictures and more. Edit however you want and post directly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. Then go beyond social media: Browse through amazing templates to create a fantastic business card, invitation, flyer or even an album cover before you embark on your next world tour!

    Breathtaking templates.
    Choose from an extensive library of royalty-free, hand-picked photos, fonts, graphics, templates, and tools to filter, mask, and blur like a pro. And if you need a little nudge of inspiration, our designers, branding experts, and social media gurus provide tips, trends, and insights to help you stand out. Go beyond customized templates and turn your side hustle into your main hustle.

    Ready, set, design! Download Over today and build your brand at the tap of a button.
    Over Pro offers a 7-day free trial with an auto-renewing annual subscription option thereafter. And if you are not the commitment type, give our monthly option a go.

    Share your designs on social media using with hashtag #madewithover.

    Read our terms and conditions at http://madewithover.com/legal.html
    Read our privacy policy at http://madewithover.com/legal.html#privacy

    Got feedback? Email us at [email protected]