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  • QuickPic - Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support Mod APK

    QuickPic - Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support Mod APK


    Fast, light and modern! Loved by over 10 million users, with an overall rating of 4.6, QuickPic is ideally the best alternative gallery app designed for managing your beloved photos. It's significantly smaller than other gallery apps, but packs more power than any of them.

    ◆ Reviews

    ANDROIDPIT: One of the best free Android apps of 2015

    UltraLinx: Arguably the best gallery app for Android

    Life Hacker: QuickPic is our favorite gallery replacement

    ◆ Features

    Material Design: Colorful themes and modern design, transparent layered and immersive user interface.

    Fast: Quick app launching, view thousands of your photos instantly. QuickPic's smooth user experience is optimized for large screens and multiple finger gestures, and contains no ads or extra permissions.

    Privacy: Easily hide or exclude your private photos and videos from all gallery apps and protect them with a password.

    Management: Powerful file management features, including sort, rename, create new folders, moving/copying data and more.

    CM Cloud: Offering speedy back up and restoration, as well as password protection. Your photos will be stored on industry leading Amazon S3 servers to help you preserve all your precious memories securely.

    ◆ Other Functions

    > HD Quality: View thousands of your photos instantly in a high quality slideshow

    > Customize Photos: Internal picture editor which allows you to rotate, shrink, crop, and set as your wallpaper with the best quality.

    > Storage Support: Supports multiple online album services, including Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, Yandex, 500px, OwnCloud, Samba and more. You can even auto back up your photos to your specified cloud or computer.

    > Multiple Media Support: QuickPic's supported image and video formats are jpg, jpeg, jps, png, gif, bmp, wbmp, mpo, webp, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, avi, mp4, mkv, mov, m4v, mpeg, asf, divx, flv, k3g, mpg, m2ts, mts, rm, rmvb, skm, ts, wmv, webm. (Note: Some file types might not be supported on certain devices)

    ◆ Tips

    1) Due to the restrictions of Android 4.4, non-stock apps are unable to modify files within an external SD Card. Unfortunately we cannot bypass this restriction.

    2) Clean your app data or re-install QuickPic to clear your password.

    ◆ Keep in touch

    ♥ Translation volunteers: https://crowdin.com/project/quickpic-localization

    ♥ Google+ Beta Community: https://goo.gl/5Hzxyy

    ♥ Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/quickpic.mobile

    TOS Privacy:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.html
    Ad Choice:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/ad-choice.html



    The new PACYBITS 20 is here! This year we are bringing you more new modes and innovative features than ever before!

    Build unlimited drafts and open unlimited packs. Find out about latest cards and build squads. Complete Daily and Weekly Objectives, and Squad Building Challenges to earn unique rewards. Compete in new online and offline modes. Collect brand new cards and trade them with other players. Prove that you are the best player and build the ultimate club!


    • PLAYER PICKS - amazing new way to collect your favorite cards, available in rewards and Lightning Rounds.
    • IMPROVED TRADING. Add cards to your Wishlist for easy communication, join trading channels, create your own trading groups, and enjoy many more new trading features.
    • DAILY OBJECTIVES. Complete them every day to receive increasingly great rewards.
    • WEEKLY OBJECTIVES. Significantly harder than the daily ones, but amazing and unique rewards are worth the effort.
    • DRAFT LEAGUES - brand new way to play Single Player Draft. Climb through multiple divisions to become the Super League champion, and earn huge rewards on the way.
    • NEW MATCH SIMULATION in Single Player Draft. Vastly more realistic results and events, and ability to make your own decisions during the match.
    • VERSUS TOURNAMENTS. Compete in exciting weekly tournaments with interesting squad conditions and amazing rewards. Win all 4 to unlock the weekly Super tournament with no squad restrictions.
    • VERSUS AI. For the first time ever, play Versus offline! Get promoted to Div 1 through a new progression system, and lead your club to the title.
    • LIMITED TIME MODES. Many incredible LTMs and amazing upgradeable cards are planned for you this year!


    • Play unlimited DRAFTS, simulate leagues and tournaments, and complete Draft Building Challenges (DBC).
    • Open unlimited PACKS.
    • Learn about all FUT cards and practice building squads.
    • Build squads with your cards and compete in different Online modes.
    • Collect thousands of awesome FUT 20 cards. New cards are added every week.
    • Complete Squad Building Challenges to earn unique rewards, like special PacyBits SBC, Icon and All-Star cards.
    • Unlock exclusive Special Badges for your club by completing achievements.
    • Take advantage of frequent Lightning Rounds featuring the best and custom Packs and Player Picks, as well as Live SBCs to help you complete your collections.

    Enjoy many more new and unique features, modes, and of course, packs and rewards. As always, we have so much more planned for you this year, so stay tuned for awesome new updates!

    This application's sole purpose is to help its users learn how to build the best FUT drafts and squads, find out more about latest FUT players and updates, and grow the mobile FUT community. This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.
  • Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots Mod APK

    Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots Mod APK


    Armored Squad is a fast paced online action with mechs, robots and tanks with colorful graphics.

    Grab your friends and join online PVP battles!

    Or play 60 offline levels and play against AI bots : no internet required!

    Fight with lasers, swords and rocket launchers at the same time! Our robots can use multiple weapons simultaneously.

    Force fields and jump jets, boosters and shields, tons of guns - equip the mech to fit your style of play.

    Repair your allies and put defensive sentry guns.

    Collect parts of destroyed machines to assemble new robot.

    Achieve new ranks in multiplayer or single player duels.

    Unlock all three levels of dificulty.

    A lot of game modes in this online shooter won't let you get bored: Capture The Flag (ctf), Control Points, Bomb Delivery, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Football, Hail The King!

    The game size is small - under 50Mb ( megabytes)

    This is one of the few offline and online mech games with customization!

    See you on the battlefield!
  • I am Archer Mod APK

    I am Archer Mod APK


    You only have one bow at the start of the game. All equipments are earn by playing. You need to set up your teams and fight against your enemy in the endless way to death.
    ★ You can enhance your main archer, only he can get the start advantages.
    ★ Beat you enemy to death, you can receive enemy. You can use this energy to summon your own team.
    ★ One your enemy team suppress you, it is difficult to win the battle, would you like to try?
    ★ Your have 17 different troops the choose.
    ★ Destroy the enemy's home sculpture to win.
    ★ You can get diamonds in endless mode, the probability is about 1%.
    ★ Do not use all your energy in endless mode, because once your team have entered the Enemy's Magic Gate, they will betray you and become to the White Army.

    When you are unable to clear the stage, consider changing your team category. This game is suitable for high intelligent crowd, come and play this bow and archery game. Have Fun!
  • AFK Cats - Idle arena with cat heroes Mod APK

    AFK Cats - Idle arena with cat heroes Mod APK


    Addictive AFK RPG! Welcome to one of the most unique AFK games, where your heroes will fight even when you are offline! Create and manage a powerful team without all the grinding found in other RPG games! Relax and when you return to your phone, you can claim materials, new equipment and weapons, which your heroes gathered in automatic battles. It's absolutely stress-free!

    Unlike other role playing games, that you have already seen, this one features CATS as main characters and only heroes. It's a true gem among cat games! This awesome CAT RPG is set in a beautiful steampunk universe, where cute but fierce cats have to unite and win the fight against a legendary enemy of all felines – an evil vacuum cleaner called DOOMBA. The world needs all your tactical and strategic skills in order to win over this robotic monster. Can you lead the fight and defeat the terrifying Doomba which wants to take over the world

    Moreover, join our PvP Arena – a multiplayer feature for all fans of RPG games. Test your strategic skills in PvP fights against other Summoners from all around the world! Create the best strategy. Come up with unique tactics for multiplayer fights. Become the best Summoner who dominates the global leaderboards of the PvP Arena.

    ▶ 10000+ battle stages in the Main Mission
    ▶ 70 AFK heroes with unique skills
    ▶ 100+ weapons, upgrades and equipment items to choose from
    ▶ 5 Elemental Catacombs
    ▶ PvP Arena with a new leaderboard every month
    ▶ Daily, weekly and monthly quests
    ▶ Regular seasonal events
    ▶ Main progression inspired by clicker games
    ▶ Build your ultimate team, summon and master all 70 different AFK heroes
    ▶ Discover interesting skills and special powers
    ▶ Combine your squad well to create powerful combos
    ▶ Equip the right weapon onto the right hero and get a powerful combination of skills
    ▶ Show your skills in the PvP Arena and win prestigious rewards
    ▶ A CAT RPG that you'll quickly fall in love with!

    Clicker games have never been more fun! Get rewards even when you are idle! Upgrade all your AFK heroes to their maximum and let them farm resources for you even when you're asleep. When stuck, reset your progress and travel back in time! Then upgrade the heroes with your newly earned currencies, not losing anything besides the main campaign progress. Advance in the clicker game progress further and further, until you win over the main boss – Doomba, and save the Cat planet once and for all!

    More levels, heroes and game modes will be added soon into AFK Cats - the best of AFK games! Survival Mode, Expeditions, Cat Games, Heroic Catacombs, AFK Arena, Guilds and Guild Wars are on the way! The endless AFK RPG begins!

    PLEASE NOTE! AFK Cats is a free sim game to download and play, but some in-game items can also be purchased for real-world money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is required.

    Visit https://care.pxfd.co/afkcats if you need help from our caring community managers!

    Terms of Use: https://pxfd.co/eula
    Privacy Policy: https://pxfd.co/privacy

    Love AFK Cats? Follow @AFKCats on social media to get the latest news and updates.
  • Club Soccer Director 2020 - Soccer Club Manager Mod APK

    Club Soccer Director 2020 - Soccer Club Manager Mod APK


    Take control of a Real Soccer Club in Club Soccer Director 2020

    This is the game that puts you in charge of the whole club. Create the club the way you want it, set the club philosophy and hire the manager and his team to play the way you want.

    Handle all the player recruitment, dealing with difficult agents and managing the budgets to build a squad capable of achieving the clubs goals.

    Develop a world-class soccer stadium and training ground, develop the academy, fitness center and medical facilities and maximize the commercial revenues with the development of facilities within and outside the stadium.

    Handle all the busy day to day interactions with the manager, the board, finance, the players, staff, opposition managers and the demanding press.

    No other game gives you total control of the club, but can you handle it?

    Choose from 820 clubs in 38 leagues from 14 different countries across the world. Create your legacy and build your team from scratch including home country, club, stadium name, and kit design

    Manage every aspect of your club's development and how you invest funds. Develop and upgrade your club's facilities, including the stadium, fitness center, medical, training ground and youth Academy. Increase revenues by negotiating sponsorships. Hire and fire your management team and build your dream squad by negotiating transfers and offers with player agents as well as handling contract negotiations with players and staff alike.

    Just like real life, your decisions affect the attitude of the board, team morale, and even the fans. How you engage with press and media, ticket prices, the quality of your squad and the potential of your Academy prospects all have a bearing.

    Club Soccer Director 2020's comprehensive live-action stats engine mirrors real-life player behavior and match outcomes, processing over 1000 decisions per game and generates real-time statistics for both individual players and teams.

    Now is beautiful 3D you can create your own area for the club and develop your stadium, training ground, academy, facilities likes shops, fitness center, and medical facilities.

    For the first time Club Soccer Director 2020 shows key match highlights during the game so you can see those key goals and misses!

    Leave key decisions to the manager or overrule him by implementing your own play style a and deciding on team lineup, formation, in and out-of-possession tactics, substitutes and more.

    Buy or loan players from a database of over 30,000 players, each with their own unique play styles, stats and behaviours. Club Soccer Director 2020 continuously generates new players on a regular basis, ensuring you have plenty of talent to choose from whether you've been in the hot seat for 1 season or 10! Player cycles continue beyond the pitch as some retiring players go into staff roles just as they do in real life!

    Full in-game editor allows you to edit team names, ground, kits, players avatars, staff avatars and share them with other players

    Lead developer Jim Scott is both a manager and coach, bringing over 15 years of industry experience to Club Soccer Director 2020.
  • Pocket World 3D - Assemble models unique puzzle Mod APK

    Pocket World 3D - Assemble models unique puzzle Mod APK


    「Pocket World 3D」is a fun and relaxing 3D puzzle game. All the models are based on world's famous buildings. While assembling the parts into various of models, players are also feeling the exotic atmospheres around the world.

    Game feature:
    * Assembling by yourself,hands-on and build it up, experience assembly fun.
    * 3D vision,a new 3D puzzle game that trains your brain, open your imagination.
    * Hundreds of famous scenarios here, take you travel the world in the smart phone.
    * Enjoy listening to classical music while managing your model.



    The game MYEC is based on eSports, it is possible to create your own team in it, to improve your players in order to get higher and higher in the top.

    ● Play tournaments
    ● Play training matches with other teams
    ● Play professional league
    ● Make transfers
    ● Conclude partnership agreements
    ● Create your merch
    ● Pump your trainer
    ● Read fan comments
    ● Create your own players
    ● Keep statistics
    ● Lose
    ● Win

    Privacy Policy - vk.com/topic-149281153_39550709
  • Face Animator - Photo Deformer Pro Mod APK

    Face Animator - Photo Deformer Pro Mod APK


    This software is registered by Russian Federal Institute Of Industrial Property # 2013619469

    Photo Deformer - create your own crazy photos!

    Photo Deformer is a unique photo editing utility gives users the power to create caricature and crazy photos they want all for their recreation!

    It's has never been more easy to create hilarious caricature out of your friends' photos, just choose the photo you'd like to transform - Photo Deformer automatically detects face and its parts offering possibility to create a perfect caricature in one tap.
    All you'll need to take is a minute out of your day!

    Users are also able to choose Manual mode to modify and create caricatures in even more advanced and sophisticated way.

    An innovative new recreational photo editing app, Photo Deformer has everything users need to mix, match and create funny photos whenever they want, and for whatever reason they can come up with!

    The app itself is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, users simply pick the picture they want to change and Photo Deformer does most of the legwork. The app is easy to navigate, and includes a full user manual for novice photo changers as well.

    Once photo is done users can share their creations with friends and family via Facebook, MMS or via email too!

    Whether you want to modify your photos and create crazy caricatures Photo Deformer lets you do everything with no limits at all, Photo Deformer is the photo-changing photo app that puts hilarious photo mashing action right at your fingertips!



    ✔ Auto face detection and one tap caricature creation

    ✔ Manual mode for advanced caricature

    ✔ Facebook download/upload

    ✔ 7 deformation tools, each can be applied with 3 sizes

    ✔ Real time animation

    ✔ Camera support

    ✔ Full size picture rendering (only in Pro version)

    ✔ Save deformations with different names

    ✔ Save deformations as animated GIF

    ✔ Send deformed pictures via mail, MMS etc.

    ✔ Send deformation as animated GIF

    Photo Deformer Pro is the Ad-free premium version with no distracting advertisement.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time and send with your suggestions or claims to our support email.
    We try to do our best to answer to your comments as soon as possible.
  • Driving School 2017 Mod APK

    Driving School 2017 Mod APK


    Driving School 2017 is the newest driving simulator that will teach you to drive many different cars. Driving School 2017 features some amazing environments like cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains, etc...
    You can learn to drive a manual transmission with clutch and stick shift or keep to the classic automatic gearbox. Use a virtual steering wheel or many other control options that suit your needs. Gain more knowledge of the road rules with this intuitive driving simulator.
    Play with your friends in new racing and free ride multiplayer modes.
    More than 80 levels with different driving conditions are waiting for you. Show off your driving skills, get your driving license now! Play Driving School 2017!

    • Nearly 100 vehicles to unlock!
    • More than 15 detailed maps
    • Smooth and realistic car handling
    • Different licenses to take, Car, Bus and Truck
    • More than 80 challenging levels
    • Free Ride mode
    • New Multiplayer Modes: Racing, Free Ride & Catch the Flag
    • Detailed vehicle interiors
    • Realistic damage system
    • Gas System with refilling at gas stations
    • Manual Transmission with clutch
    • Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
    • Online Leaderboards and Achievements
    • Real engine sounds
    • Next-Gen weather conditions
    • Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!
    • Controller Support, play with your Gamepad!
  • [ROOT] Custom ROM Manager (Pro) Mod APK

    [ROOT] Custom ROM Manager (Pro) Mod APK


    Custom ROM Manager was designed to make the process of installing custom ROMs, GApps and other zip files easier, and let users have more control in the process. It will:
    Search zip files present on your device.
    Identify the zip files.
    Manage and select zip files for installation.
    ⚙️ Install selected zip files in TWRP.
    ⭐ Let you discover popular ROMs.
    Show you detailed statistics.
    And let you do much more.

    (Check the listing of free version to know more about the features mentioned above, at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.corphish.customrommanager.free)

    Additionally, the pro version:
    Has no ads.
    Lets you have better control on how zip files are searched.
    Lets you have better control on how zip files are identified.
    Shows useful actions specific to a ROM/GApps.
    ⚙️ Provides you with more customization options.
    Has adaptive UI.
    Has themes.
    Is faster and much more optimized.

    NO ADS
    Pro version does not contain ads in anyway.

    Pro version lets users to override the default storage locations (detected by the app) and specify folders in which they usually keep their zip files, which makes searching zip files instantaneous. Additionally, it also lets users to modify the folder names which would be ignored while searching for zip files.

    Custom ROM Manager checks the size of a file to determine whether a zip file is a ROM or a GApps package or some other kind of zip file. In this way the app is able to distinguish between an actual ROM and zip files related to that ROM (like firmware, patches etc). The pro version lets users to have control on this 'size' parameter.

    Pro version shows you useful actions on downloaded files belonging to specific ROM/GApp which you can perform with just one click.

    Pro version also lets users have more customization options:
    1. Lets users have control on what partitions would be chosen to be wiped when a zip file is "quickly" selected for installation.
    2. Enables the "Organise files in subfolder" option in Zip File Organiser section.

    The color of the UI elements changes to match the dominant color of the logo of the ROM/GApp, whose section you are visiting, to give an amazing look and feel of it.

    Pro version lets you choose one from 4 vibrant colors as the theme color. Additionally it also has the 'Random' setting which randomly chooses one from the supported colors during app start up for you.

    The pro version is optimized and is faster than the free version in general. It is also smaller in size compared to the free version, even though it contains all the features of free version plus it has pro features of its own. Due to this, the memory usage of the app is also minimized.

    (Even more details can be found at https://customrommanager.github.io/pro.html)
  • Kung Fu Z Mod APK

    Kung Fu Z Mod APK


    Become a kung fu master in Kung Fu Z!

    The earth is under attack from a zombie apocalypse! Our only hope is white belt, Zak.
    Superman punch, hurricane kick and headbutt your way through hordes of the walking dead. Harness the mythical powers of the Dragon to earn your black belt and put an end to the evil Dr. Z once and for all!


    Unlock special abilities and crazy attack combos!
    Harness the mythical powers of the Snake, Tiger and Dragon!
    Advance your training to legendary black belt status!
    Choose from many unique and recognizable Sidekicks to fight with!
    Find ancient scrolls and special weapons!
    Collect 100s of combat gear and costumes!
    Epic boss battles!
    Classic arcade action!
    Beautiful retro music and graphics!

    PLEASE NOTE! Kung Fu Z is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Kung Fu Z.

    Kung Fu Z can be played offline, but please note that an active internet connection is required to update some features.

    Are you having problems? Visit https://www.tinytitanstudios.com/contact or contact us in game by navigating to Settings > Support.

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Service:

    Like us on Facebook!

    Follow us on Twitter!
  • Butcher's Madness: Scary Horror Escape Room Game Mod APK

    Butcher's Madness: Scary Horror Escape Room Game Mod APK


    If you want removal of the game - [email protected]

    Butcher's Madness - penetrate the house of the insane maniac to find and rescue a girl kidnapped by the villain. Be apprehensive for your life! Demonstrate courage and inventiveness in this Android game. A horrible psychopath kidnapped a girl and locked her in his house. You must rescue a poor victim before the maniac kills her. For this you must penetrate a scary house of the villain. Carefully examine the rooms, basement and other premises. Find evidence and clues. Get useful objects. However, you need to remember that the maniac can hear your steps.

    How to do it in this horror game adventure?
    ★ The walking dead can hear your moves, use this to your advantage and hide to mislead him. If their eyes catch you, he'll try to kill you!
    ★ Solve puzzles to rescue the girl alive from the house of the serial killer.
    ★ Use the gun and be a sniper! Be the zombie catcher that this game needs! Action is guaranteed!
    ★ Enjoy excellent ambiental sounds and graphics during your jail break!

    If you want a realistic, creepy and scary sniper, zombie catcher experience, play now 'Butcher's Madness: Horror Escape Room'. Action, blood and fear assured!

    Headphones are recommended for a full experience against the walking dead neighbor.

    In each update new content will be available to solve this criminal case. We are open to suggestions by email or in the review section!

    Original Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kalipsogames.psychopathhunt&hl=en

    Try this one too: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keplerians.icescream&hl=en

    - This horror game contains ads. -
  • PDF Converter Mod APK

    PDF Converter Mod APK


    The best way to convert PDF documents to common file formats and vice versa right on your Android device. Just add or scan your reports, receipts, spreadsheets, designs and convert them to Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD and more formats. The simplicity and amazing conversion quality make this app the ultimate file converter for your phone.

    Use PDF Converter to:

    ✔️ Make professional PDF documents from your cover letters, certificates, portfolios and other documents when applying for a job.
    ✔️ Immediately manage reports, projects, invoices, and other documentation while on a business trip or out of the office.
    ✔️ Easily manage student notes, lectures and learning materials.

    Some of PDF Converter major features are:

    ⭐ File converter of excellent conversion quality.
    ⭐ PDF scans and complex documents are converted as well.
    ⭐ Powerful PDF scanner.
    ⭐ Cloud services are supported (Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Box and more).
    ⭐ Various file formats are supported (Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD and more).

    There's even more:

    ⭐ Different PDF quality options: high, medium, and low.
    ⭐ Batch conversions: as one file, as separate files.
    ⭐ Different PDF size: cropped part, letter, and A4.

    How to use PDF Converter app?

    It takes only three simple steps to convert PDF to desired file format:

    1. Select the document you want to convert. It can be a PDF file from your phone, cloud services or a PDF scan (scan your paper document with your phone camera).
    2. Choose a conversion type.
    3. Choose the PDF output, PDF quality, and page size.

    And that would be all! Files are converted by our powerful servers, and after conversion the result is downloaded to your device and files deleted from our servers. This also means the app won't burden your processor or RAM, nor it will drain your battery.

    Supported conversion types:

    - PDF to Word
    - PDF to Excel
    - PDF to PowerPoint
    - PDF to JPG
    - PDF to AutoCad
    - Scan to PDF
    - Scan to Text
    - Scan to Word
    - Scan to Excel
    - PDF to Text
    - Publisher to PDF
    - XPS to PDF
    - Word to PDF
    - Excel to PDF
    - PowerPoint to PDF
    - Text to PDF
    - Log to PDF
    - RTF to PDF
    - JPG/JPEG to PDF
    - BMP to PDF
    - PNG to PDF
    - GIF to PDF
    - TIF/ TIFF to PDF
    - OpenOffice Writer ODT to PDF
    - OpenOffice Impress ODP to PDF
    - OpenOffice Calc ODS to PDF
    - MHT/MHTML to PDF
  • Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK

    Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK


    Magic Tiles ™
    Get Ready for one of the Best piano games in the world - Customized for you

    Magic Tiles 3 ™ is one of the most loved piano games among thousands of free games in 2019 which has more than 100 million players around the world.


    - NEW albums: totally new theme and effects in the game play and amazing songs.
    - Starter Package: the chance to get Coins + Diamonds + Remove Ads with 75% off. Don't hesitate, just come and grab it!
    Further, our piano game also collects all new and popular great songs every week in its weekly songs chart. Furthermore, when the speed of tiles is high enough, you can collect Easter Eggs with hidden gifts inside.
    Thus, this is a special version with various genres of piano games combining diverse instruments such as guitar, drum, and especially piano! Magic Tiles 3 ™ was one of the most popular new games 2019 featured by Google which provides user the high-quality piano songs and beautiful gameplay.

    Let's tap the tiles, play the game on your mobile - One of the best new free games!

    Game's rules:

    It's similar to other piano games, you just have to tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles then enjoy the wonderful music in game.
    Game features:
    - Band mode where you can play with more instruments such as guitar, piano, and others.
    - Battle mode creates the opportunity for players to compete with others around the world which leads Magic Tiles 3™ become such a unique piano online.
    - Especially, the advanced feature of battle mode – custom match - which let you to compete directly with your friends and whoever you want to.
    - High-quality piano songs, and some popular pop music which are frequently updated
    - The challenge mode which leads users to improve their tapping speed in order to rank on the top of the world.
    Log in to your Facebook account and share data on multiple devices.
    So, get ready and try out the fantastic piano games for free! The attractive piano online which is more challenging than you could imagine.
    Permission: In order to provide the optimized experience, we would request “Storage” permission when you download this game

    Become a real pianist now! And catch up the trend with this new piano game 2019 right now!

    Are you having any problems? Send email to :[email protected] or contact us in game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.
    Privacy Policy: https://goo.gl/2WNN1V
  • Idle Landmark Tycoon - Builder Game Mod APK

    Idle Landmark Tycoon - Builder Game Mod APK


    Hire Workers and rebuild the landmarks of the world!

    Visit egypt and rebuild the pyramide and Synx.

    Visit France and rebuild the Eifel Tower.
    Visit the USA and rebuild the Statue of Liberty.

    We take your feedback very seriously. To get in touch with us, please send us an email:
    [email protected]
  • Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike Mod APK

    Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike Mod APK


    You keep the defense inside the house, which is stormed by a mob of zombies. You need to survive, build a time machine and save all the people!

    The game has unique features. Barrier doors, numerous secrets and a huge selection of guns will allow you to fight with many unusual pixel zombies. You will get your own base for the survival and construction of a time machine. Your task is the salvation of mankind.

    Passing a variety of 3D locations will not be an easy test. Use fancy guns to succeed. Do not forget to look for secret rooms that are on every level. It will not be an easy task, but the rewards received will make you a great warrior!

    Install the Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike shooter and get really awesome emotions!

    Always be on the lookout. Among the weak and half-dead, there are monsters with unique abilities. They are ready to tear you to pieces in seconds.

    Game features:

    - Cubic first-person shooter in confined spaces.
    - A huge selection of 3D Locations in a pixel style.
    - Survival and battle with many unusual bosses with special abilities.
    - A huge arsenal of weapons (knives, axes, pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, a flamethrower, a minigun and much more).
    - Pocket edition that you can play on the go.
    - Lots of 3D Effects that create the atmosphere of a royal battle.
    - Craft weapons and ammunition.
    - Pixel version of the Black Ops Zombie Mode.
    - Characters and design as in Minecraft.

    The game will not leave you indifferent.

    Install the shooter game Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike. Survive in the shelter under the onslaught of zombies!

    Save humanity!
  • Barometer & Altimeter Mod APK

    Barometer & Altimeter Mod APK


    Barometer and Altimeter is a simple application for measuring atmospheric pressure and altitude.

    The application uses:
    - built-in GPS,
    - built-in pressure sensor / barometer (if the device does not have a barometric sensor, application retrieves atmospheric pressure data via the Internet from the nearest meteorological station),
    - automatic altitude and atmospheric pressure calibration algorithm, based on data from local meteorological stations.

    Barometer and Altimeter features:
    - accurate height measurement above sea level (from GPS and other sensors),
    - accurate measurement of barometric pressure (if the device is equipped in pressure sensor and check data available online)
    - GPS coordinates, name of location, country
    - information and current weather data from your local weather station (if available).
    - outside temperature,
    - wind speed,
    - visibility,
    - humidity, hygrometer (if device is equipped with appropriate sensors).

    Exemplary uses of a barometer or altimeter tracker:
    - health and medical - by monitoring the atmosteric pressure, you can be prepared for pressure jumps, headaches, migraine and malaise,
    - for fishermen and anglers who fishing and sailing - monitoring the atmospheric pressure and weather you can increase the chances for good fishing,
    - sportsmen and tourists,
    - for determining, predicting and checking weather, air temperature, wind speed,
    - to check the location,
    - for pilots for check pressure and altitude,
    - sailors, seamans and surfers can check the wind.

    Using this barometeter tracker is simpler than using an aneroid or mercury barometer. Our Barometer and Altimeter tracker are free, easy to use, simple and handy.

    Warning! Some portable devices (tablets, phones, smartphones) do not have a built-in pressure sensor. On these devices, the measurements may be less accurate as they will be based on data from the local meteorological stations.

    We are constantly developing this app, if you see something that can be improved send us on [email protected] If you like this app, rate it for 5 stars.

    Enjoy and have a good time with this app!
  • Fishbrain - local fishing map and forecast app Mod APK

    Fishbrain - local fishing map and forecast app Mod APK


    Millions of anglers use Fishbrain to share their fishing activity and connect with like-minded anglers with our social fishing app. Fishbrain has over nine million users and seven million catches logged, sharing the points for those catches, which makes Fishbrain one of the largest social networks and utility apps for anglers. Your personal fishing diary, map and forecast in one app, shared with experienced fish hunters.

    Here's what you can do together with Fishbrain:

    • Explore Exact Catch Positions: No need to wonder anymore; knowing where three million fish were caught gives you the edge you've been waiting for.

    • Get Angler Friends: Find fellow anglers on the fishing maps, connect with anglers in your local area -- that's right, local.

    • Fishing Forecast and Calendar: Step up your game by knowing when it's most likely for the fish to bite. We cover 130+ species, incl. bass, trout, catfish, carp etc. (based on real life catch data). Check out what fish species you can catch in your area.

    • Top Baits: Based on real life catches in the app, we're able to provide you with live bait recommendations.

    • Personal Statistics: Log your catches and see a statistics report on your historical performance in the fish finder app.

    • Discover fishing points: Yes, we make sure you're able to find new interesting locations to catch them up at.

    • Join the Conversation: Get fishing tips and gain knowledge from the
    Fishbrain community. Get real pro fishing tips on everything: from choosing the best fishing tides, hooks and barometer to best fising time and spots.

    • Keep Track of Anglers: Know who is catching and what they're catching, see top hotspots on the map. All the best spots around the US realtime: Florida, California, Texas and more.

    • Follow and get relevant updates on various fishing methods: ice fishing, sea angling, trolling and many more.

    • Family weekend activity: Organize a fishing adventure for your kids, based on pro tips in the app. Let it be their big catch!

    Our free version offers a lot of cool features. For more advanced fishing experience, Fishbrain Premium is available from $5.99/month. You can subscribe and pay through your Google Play account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
  • VPNhub Best Free Unlimited VPN - Secure WiFi Proxy Mod APK

    VPNhub Best Free Unlimited VPN - Secure WiFi Proxy Mod APK


    VPNhub protects your online privacy and masks your IP. With thousands of servers in over 60 countries, our VPN lets you access sites and streaming from anywhere on the planet without losing one second of browsing speed. It's an armoured car with a supersonic jet engine.

    The reality today is that the internet is full of restrictions, censorship, privacy invasions, security breaches, and a host of unwanted entities trafficking in your personal data. What a horror!

    VPNhub is your first-class ticket to that original ideal of a truly secure and private internet. It is the most powerful, most reliable and most secure VPN service in existence. Right on!

    Sure there are other VPNs out there. Many of them profit from tracking you, keeping logs, or selling your data. We're in the business of putting our users first, and letting the benefits of our Premium service sell itself.

    Standard Features:
    * American VPN Servers
    * Military-Grade Encryption
    * Hide Your IP and Location
    * Bypass Site Blocking
    * Access Public Wi-Fi Securely

    VPNhub Premium includes:
    * Global Video Streaming
    * Servers in 60+ Locations
    * Apps for Desktop
    * Multiple Devices At Once
    * Top Speeds & Zero Data Caps

    * Unblock Global Video Streaming
    Watch TV, movies and live sports from any country no matter where you are. VPNhub spoofs your IP, letting you connect from the VPN server of your choice. If geographic restrictions were like angry border guards, VPNhub is your diplomatic immunity to the world's most popular sites.

    * Bypass Site Blocking and Censorship
    With censorship and information control on the rise, the internet can seem like a dark place. VPNhub transforms the internet into a tool of liberation, allowing people everywhere to unblock all web sites and apps! Use VPNhub to keep accessing your favorite sites when travelling in Myanmar, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and other countries where access to the internet is restricted.

    * Avoid Getting Hacked on Public Wi-Fi
    Sure it's convenient to get online using the internet at your local coffee shop, but using public Wi-Fi is very risky. Not only are you at risk of having an unwanted audience, but people can stroll right in to steal your personal data, like passwords and photos. VPNhub encrypts all of your communications over public Wi-Fi.

    * Privacy Protection and Location Masking
    Your ISP may keep logs of every website you visit. Other VPNs may do it too. VPNhub does not, end of story! It's like wherever you browse, we're the forensic clean-up crew covering your tracks, and then we wipe our own memories too. And not only your browsing, but we'll mask your true location by routing your data through our full stack of encrypted global servers.

    * Servers in 60+ Locations
    Standard users get unlimited access to our United States servers. That's a good place to start, but why stay in one location? Go further. Go global. Go Premium, and get access to servers from over 60 countries, including: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, US, and many more. Additionally, gain access to our desktop client with P2P (torrent) support.

    Install VPNhub today, and get the entire internet at your fingertips. No fingerprints!

    VPNhub is compatible with all web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Brave, UC Browser, Proxy Browser, and Opera Mini.
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Latest Mods
  • QuickPic Gallery 7.8.2 Apk + Mod for android Mod
    Fast, light and modern! Loved by over 10 million users, with an overall rating of 4.6, QuickPic is ideally the best alternative gallery app designed for managing your beloved photos. It's significantly smaller than other gallery apps, but packs more power than any of them.

    ◆ Reviews

    ANDROIDPIT: One of the best free Android apps of 2015

    UltraLinx: Arguably the best gallery app for Android

    Life Hacker: QuickPic is our favorite gallery replacement

    ◆ Features

    Material Design: Colorful themes and modern design, transparent layered and immersive user interface.

    Fast: Quick app launching, view thousands of your photos instantly. QuickPic's smooth user experience is optimized for large screens and multiple finger gestures, and contains no ads or extra permissions.

    Privacy: Easily hide or exclude your private photos and videos from all gallery apps and protect them with a password.

    Management: Powerful file management features, including sort, rename, create new folders, moving/copying data and more.

    CM Cloud: Offering speedy back up and restoration, as well as password protection. Your photos will be stored on industry leading Amazon S3 servers to help you preserve all your precious memories securely.

    ◆ Other Functions

    > HD Quality: View thousands of your photos instantly in a high quality slideshow

    > Customize Photos: Internal picture editor which allows you to rotate, shrink, crop, and set as your wallpaper with the best quality.

    > Storage Support: Supports multiple online album services, including Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, Yandex, 500px, OwnCloud, Samba and more. You can even auto back up your photos to your specified cloud or computer.

    > Multiple Media Support: QuickPic's supported image and video formats are jpg, jpeg, jps, png, gif, bmp, wbmp, mpo, webp, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, avi, mp4, mkv, mov, m4v, mpeg, asf, divx, flv, k3g, mpg, m2ts, mts, rm, rmvb, skm, ts, wmv, webm. (Note: Some file types might not be supported on certain devices)

    ◆ Tips

    1) Due to the restrictions of Android 4.4, non-stock apps are unable to modify files within an external SD Card. Unfortunately we cannot bypass this restriction.

    2) Clean your app data or re-install QuickPic to clear your password.

    ◆ Keep in touch

    ♥ Translation volunteers: https://crowdin.com/project/quickpic-localization

    ♥ Google+ Beta Community: https://goo.gl/5Hzxyy

    ♥ Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/quickpic.mobile

    TOS Privacy:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.html
    Ad Choice:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/ad-choice.html
  • Bricks Breaker Life : World Champion v1.3.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    "Emoticones añadidos
    Permitir PVP en tiempo real entre usuarios
    Infórmenos sobre traducciones incorrectas y / o errores tipográficos. ¡Arreglaremos lo antes posible!"

    ¡Adictivo! ¡Un Juego Emocionante!
    ¡El Mejor Juego con la Esencia del Rompebloques!

    【Características del juego】
    - ¡500 Etapas Gratis con Varios Bloques y Bolas!
    - ¡Toneladas de Elementos que Te Salvarán de la Crisis!
    - Modo de Clasificación Multi-Jugador a Nivel Mundial
    - Podrá jugar sin conexión de datos (No 4G o Wi-Fi requeridos)
    - Se puede jugar en los modos online y sin conexión

    【Cómo jugar】
    -Desliza la bola y rompe los bloques.
    -El juego se termina cuando los bloques llegan a la línea de abajo.
    -¡Desafía al más elevado! ¡Combiértete en el mejor!

    【Política de privacidad】
    - http://mkt.onlinestory.co.kr/data_dev1/agreement/personal_gg_en.txt

    【Términos de Servicio】
    - http://mkt.onlinestory.co.kr/data_dev1/agreement/service_gg_en.txt
  • iknow следить за избранными ссылками, ценами... v1.13 Mod (Free purchase)

    Iknow tracks changes in your favorite links.
    - Add your links to iknow
    - Receive notification of changes on sites.
    Add a product announcement to iknow and get a price alert. You no longer need to go to your favorites, open each link and see what has changed. Iknow will do it for you!

    Instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVR-H4Qdvlg&feature=youtu.be
  • QUIZ 101 : offline games, no wifi games free. v3.63 Mod (Free purchase)
    En QUARTZ GAMES creamos juegos gratis sin internet y sin wifi. Que ocupen poco espacio, que sean adictivos. Juegos entretenidos y totalmente gratuitos que se puedan jugar sin conexión. No es necesario ni wifi ni internet, son totalmente offline. Ocupan poco espacio para poder instalarlos sin problemas. Nuestros juegos son divertidos y totalmente gratis. Tienes la posibilidad de pagar una pequeña cantidad para poder jugar sin anuncios. Nuestros juegos gratuitos sin conexión a internet se pueden jugar en cualquier lugar y momento, ya que no requieren ni wifi ni internet y ocupan poco espacio. Tenemos los mejores juegos gratuitos para jugar offline.

    - Cada pregunta tiene 3 posibles respuestas. Solo 1 es valida.
    - Tienes 15 segundos para responder o pierdes una vida.
    - Tienes 2 vidas antes de que finalize la partida.
    - Cuanto antes respondas correctamente mas puntos conseguirás.
    - Puedes ampliar el tiempo y las vidas viendo videos o con compras en la aplicación.

    - De poco espacio.
    - Totalmente gratis.
    - Sin internet.
    - Sin wifi.
    - Sin conexion a internet, offline.
    - Adictivos, divertidos, entretenidos, gratuitos.
    - Para adolescentes, niños, mayores, niñas, todas las edades.
    - Sin anuncios. Compras integradas. Video recompensas disponibles.
    - En español.
    - Los mejores y mas nuevos juegos para android.

    Quartz Games
    Website: www.quartzgames.com
    Email: [email protected]
    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC62nB_oHVlExI_ox95vBqxA
  • Schafkopf HD v1.0 Mod (Paid for free) (Free purchase)
    Juegos BlockHead cuando y donde quieran!
    El juego de cartas de entretenimiento bávara.
    oponentes fuertes. diseño de primera clase.

    Juegos en cualquier momento contra oponentes de la computadora!

    ** Sheepshead HD es completamente libre de publicidad **

    Aspectos destacados de Sheepshead:
    - Diario de Baviera
    - Opciones de Política para Farbwenz, buitres y más
    - Original Altenburger jugando a las cartas
    - Juego fuerte oponentes de la computadora
    - animaciones de flota para partidas rápidas
    - Muestra de juego detallada sobre todos los juegos

    Juegos Sheepshead de acuerdo a sus preferencias personales:
    - camino de los oponentes de la computadora establece
    - Flexible opciones de clasificación para sus tarjetas

    para que pueda aprender Sheepshead fácil:
    - Las reglas completas
    - Tren de retirar aprender variantes
    - Repetir el último partido

    Por supuesto, se encuentran:
    - Ver última puntada
    abreviar juego -
    - Dial o interrupción de la situación del juego será guardado y restaurado más adelante si continúa su juego.

    Juegos Sheepshead en línea con amigos (*)
    - Pista de las ovejas contra jugadores reales
    - No es necesario registrarse
    - No juego del dinero

    Mirar hacia adelante a muchas horas de juego!

    Sheepshead HD es la nueva aplicación de Isar interactivo, los autores del popular juego de iOS "Skat" y "de dos puntas".

    Estamos encantados de que Sheepshead encuentra así una gran respuesta! Desarrollamos Sheepshead continuamente. Envíenos sus deseos para [email protected]

    (*) La disponibilidad de las funciones en línea no está garantizada mediante la compra de la aplicación.
    Términos de las funciones online ver www.bayerisch-schafkopf.de/terms_of_use.html

    Más contenido en www.bayerisch-schafkopf.de
  • SeeMore v1 Mod (Free purchase)
    By downloading the SeeMore application for free, you will have the opportunity to see more by simply positioning the application's display on any image that has the SeeMore logo.

    It is very easy and fun, every time you see the SEE MORE logo in an advertising message, in a package, in an establishment or anywhere you will know that there is more information for you; promotions, discounts, more useful information and many surprises.

    But See More is even more, with this application you will expand the usefulness of your cell phone and have a fun option to enrich your experience in museums, airports, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

    See More is available at any application store and takes up almost no memory space on your cell phone.
  • La Costeña v2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Find the special edition beans of La Costeña® commemorating the Day of the Dead, scan the packaging and meet our different characters created by the plastic artist Cocolvú and listen to the wonderful stories they have to tell you. Discover new characters every month, interact with them and collect the packaging.
  • Knife Blade v1.9 Mod (Free purchase)
    Throw sharp knives at the moving wooden target to smash and collect apples without knives colliding

    Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!
  • Resim Üzerine Yazı Yazma Ücretsiz v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Write text on your pictures easily with text writing application. With this application it is now very easy to write text on the picture.
    Whether you choose a picture from your gallery or take a new hd photo. Then add text on the photo as desired.
    How to use
    1-) Take a picture from the gallery or take a photo button and continue.
    2-) Then you can change your picture with effect or add one of various stickers or emojis.
    3-) You can write on photos with the application of writing on pictures.
    4-) In the same way, you can set the size and font color of the text you write to the picture.
    5-) After writing text on the picture, you can set the background color and frame size of the text.
    6-) You can add text styles to the text you have added to the photo.
    After writing text on the picture you can share your photo on social media and with your friends as you wish.
    You can e-mail us for your comments and suggestions.
    Have fun.
    Tags --- ---
    writing on pictures, Design9luminary, writing on photos
  • Winter At Tantora (Test) v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Winter at Tantora offers a variety of diverse experiences to match every interest. The festival runs each weekend from 19 December 2019 until 7 March 2020.
  • Dominator v0.11 Mod (Free purchase)
    Dominator. Capture alone or with friends empty territories on a paper sheet, playing for the red, blue, yellow and even for the green kingdom.

    Compete with friends or with bots with two modes:
    For two and four players, so do not be shy and call your friends!

    I was inspired by boring everyday life to create this game.
    In this game, the main feature of the capture of the territory is demonstrated - this is uniqueness, unpredictability and diplomacy.

    The game shows all the difficulty in fighting and defending on several flanks.

    Capture territory and become the most influential on the sheet!

    KoditApp Team.
  • ITT Connect v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    As a global, diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customised technologies, we have a clear vision of where the world's key industries are heading and how we can provide the solutions to help them get there.
  • [UX7] Glow Theme for LG G7 V35 v1.0 Mod (Paid for free) (Free purchase)
    This theme is for the LG UX9 phone only include:
    - LG G7 Pie
    - LG V35 Pie

    Feedback to me if you have problem or bugs in my group with screenshots:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lgthemes
    Email : [email protected]
  • Zain Kidz v0.0.4 Mod (Free purchase)
    Zain Kidz provides your kids with a safe environment and the best educational apps for kids up to 6 years old. Join Zain Kidz and enjoy apps and games hand-picked by experts and more than 200 TV shows on your tablet or smartphone. The content is regularly updated so your child will never get bored!

    The app is designed to look like the average household:
    - The Loft: apps and games available on the shelf.
    - The Kids Room: Allows you to see the most and last used apps by your kids in addition to the most popular apps.
    Every day on the main floor there's a little present for your child: just click and discover the App of the Day.


    In the TV room, you can browse more than 200 videos organized by characters. New episodes and new popular TV shows are added every month.

    All the videos are also available also in offline mode so you can enjoy them wherever you are.

    Art, Pictures and Music:

    - Selfie Wow: shoot and decorate pictures with funny gadgets
    - Art Attack: paint and unleash your creativity
    - Piano: play your first melodies
    - Sing and Dance: popular songs and exclusive music videos.

    In the kitchen, your kids can play with lots of animated stickers with different scenarios.

    Educational Activities:

    Toddlers can train and improve their abilities in the English alphabet by playing memory games, puzzles, crosswords and more games.

    Choose among the educational apps selected by experts in education:

    - Writing and reading in English
    - Logic, math, measuring
    - Creativity, emotions, arts
    - Civism, nutrition, hygiene
    - Environment, society, science.

    Kids Safety
    - No hidden in-app purchases
    - Totally AD Free.

    Parent Dashboard
    - Child profile: create your kid or kids profile(s) to personalize the app.
    - Your videos: download and watch entire cartoon series offline.
    - Your album: drawings and pictures of your child is saved in his/her personal gallery.
    - Settings: set WI-FI on to avoid consuming mobile data

    We Value Your Privacy
    We safeguard the confidentiality of the information provided using our app. Please read our complete privacy policy at http://www.zainkids-bh.com/#!/terms/privacy
    Zain Customer Support: [email protected]
  • doaa & adkar muslim mp3 v1.04 Mod (Free purchase)
    doaa & adkar muslim 3p3 offline

    Application features
    easy to use
    install to SD card
    Works without Net


    duaa islamic
    doaa sabah
    doaa mosagab
    Doaa Muslim
    Doaa Muslim Saad Alghamdi
    azkar muslim
  • Distribuidora Empagro v1.0.70 Mod (Free purchase)
    Own application of the MBC Developers company for mass market of collection of collection documents
  • Construction Simulator 3  0.1 Money Fraud
    Discover an idyllic European town in the sequel to the popular Construction Simulator 2 and Construction Simulator 2014 with officially licensed vehicles by famous brands: Caterpillar, Liebherr, CASE, Bobcat, Palfinger, STILL, MAN, ATLAS, Bell, BOMAG, WIRTGEN GmbH, JOSEPH VÖGELE AG, HAMM AG and MEILLER Kipper. Take on diverse and challenging contracts. Build and repair roads and houses. Shape the skyline of your city and expand your vehicle fleet. Discover a completely new map and unlock new contracts and vehicles with your growing company.

    Explore a 10km² map, lovingly designed to resemble the idyllic Alpine foothills and play in three different districts: The village where you establish your company, a spacious industrial area and a modern town. Use the time between jobs to explore the freely drivable open world.

    Enjoy the Liebherr LB28 drilling rig for bridge construction for stable and deep foundations during bridge construction and other exciting missions! Another feature long-awaited by many fans is the cockpit view. Now you can enjoy Construction Simulator 3 from the inside of every vehicle and get a first hand feel of what it's like to take control of epic machines!

    A huge amount of vehicles is waiting for you! Choose the right machine for every job: Take on the challenges of road works and refurbishments with machines by Caterpillar, BOMAG or WIRTGEN GmbH, VÖGELE AG and HAMM AG. Available for the first time: The E55 compact excavator or the T590 compact track loader from Bobcat will make earth moving a walk in the park! Get behind the wheel of the MAN TGX truck to visit your local gravel pit or supply store and discover new heights with the Liebherr 150 EC-B 8 tower crane.

    Prove your skills on the job: From small Bavarian style family homes to industry warehouses and skyscrapers - more than 70 challenging contracts demand all your skills and precision in Construction Simulator 3. Refurbish crumbling roads and use your large vehicle fleet to master every challenge. Shape the skyline of Neustein through your unique work!
New Apps
  • Catatan Hutang Piutang (Accounts Payable Notes) APK
    Debt Note Application Accounts Receivable is an application that can be used to record our and other people's debts. This application is very easy to use and very simple. With this application we can remember how much we owe other people what we owe and how much other people owe them. The flagship of this application is
    1. Language can be arranged according to our wishes, namely Indonesian and English.
    2. This application can provide information or as a reminder for us to share debt against the debtor.
    3. Currency in this application can be changed according to our wishes.

    So immediately download the notes receivable notes application that is full of benefits.
  • The HKFYG Leadership Institute Self-Guided Tour APK
    This is an APP to give you a guided tour to the Former Fanling Magistracy, which is a Grade 3 historic building now revitalized and transformed to The HKFYG Leadership Institute.

    By visiting the Institute with the aid of this Self-Guided Tour APP, you can understand the historic, architectural and other cultural significance of the building, the aim of the revitalization and the conservation process.
  • Dirty Sex Game for Couple ❤️ - Best Couple Game! APK
    The best sex game for couples! This couple game is perfect for having a great time with your partner, from foreplays to naughty pleasures.

    With more than 1 000 dirty and sex dares, discover cute things about your partner and play a lovely game !

    The truths and dares are split into 4 levels of difficulty, the first ones bring some love in your couple, the last ones are more on the dirty side ;) Find the perfect balance by trying them by yourselves!

    • SOFT, the best foreplay game for couple
    • HOT. Spice up the foreplays with naughty truth or dare questions
    • HARD. Serious stuff starts here. Try things you would have never tried before
    • EXTREME. Be ready for anything. You will remember that night forever after playing this level. This is the one couples enjoy the most.

    This couple game, based on the truth or dare games, is perfect to bring sex for couples to a whole new level. Let the app guide you, and both enjoy the perfect sexy night :)

    Tired of our truth or dare questions? Don't worry, there are plenty of other sex games. Give a try at our sex dices! This sex game inside our app is perfect to take a small break in the truth or dare questions. Launch the dice, and do what they tell you

    Have a look at the comments left by couples about this adult game app, you will see that people are enjoying it a lot :)
    With an average score of 4/5 with more than 1 000 ratings, it's pretty safe to say that this is the best of the adult games out there.

    ❤️ A PROBLEM?
    You can contact us at any time to flag up a mistake or to give us a suggestion. We push out corrections very quickly because we want to remain the best of all the sex games!
  • PortDroid Network Analysis Toolkit APK
    Portdorid is a Network Analysis Application that helps Network Administrators, Penetration Testers and Hackers with several useful networking tools including:
    • Port Scanning
    • Identifying Devices on Local Network
    • Ping
    • Traceroute
    • Wake-On-Lan (WoL)
    • DNS Lookup
    • Reverse IP Lookup

    Portscanner - Scans and ip for open TCP ports, optionally it will use Banner Grabbing on with each port in order to gain more information or discover a web service. When a service is found on a port external applications will be offered to deal with certain protocols (ssh, telnet, http, https, ftp, smb etc.)

    Local Network Information - Find out who's on your wifi network. This will identify all devices on the same network and from here you can probe further and open the portscanner on any of the found devices.

    Ping – Check if a host is online and how fast it responds

    Traceroute - Perform a traceroute and geo-locate IPs to view on map

    Wake-On-Lan - Wake compatible WOL devices.

    DNS Lookup - Lookup the DNS records for a website

    Reverse IP Lookup - Find out websites that are hosted on an IP address

    Permissions Required:
    • Internet - Needed for remote connections (ping, port scan etc)
    • Wifi Connections - Needed to analyse wifi connections
    • Network Connections - Needed to analyse non-wifi network connections
    • In-App Purchases - To upgrade to pro version to receive additional features

    This app is highly configurable and in active development, so feature requests and bug reports are appreciated!
  • Gun Shooting King Game APK
    Love FPS shooting games? Do you love shooting bottle with big guns like sniper rifle? Be an expert in gun shooting king game. The 3D effect of the gun shooting king game looks very realistic.

    Gun shooting king game is advance version of Bottle game with archery. If you are a fan of medieval weapon and admire first person shooters – this app will definitely impress you!

    A person who shoots is called a shooter. Shooters shoot bullets for hunting animals in jungle, warfare, self-defense and duels.
    Gain uneasy experience to become the real shooting master. Join this unusual shooting contest and shoot the bottles just for fun!
    Have the best shooting game and shooting simulation experience.
    Have an unlimited fun playing the gun shooting king game with some expert levels, Blast the bottles By using the Special forces Sniper.
    Shooting can be very tricky depending on the weapon being used just like pistols, shot guns sniper rifles, etc.

    Gun shooting king game is the free casual game with expert and challenging levels. Game gives you best visual sniper experience.

    High quality graphics and aiming bottles to shoot will make you play the game for hours! Gun shooting king game is a new bottle blast game with classical touch game-play.
    There are also some factors which can play in accuracy of shooting while you are in shooting arena, jungle or in battle field.
    This game targets fun loving shooter and those players who are looking for real action shooting simulation game.

    Shooting bottle games were never so much fun before.
    You might have played many bottle shoot or bottle crush games, but the water bottle flip challenge and the bottle shooter experience in gun shooting king game will amaze you.
    Gun shooting king game beats all online shooting games and all android FPS shooting game. Gun shooting king game is the best Sniper shooting bottles game.
    Clear all 24 stages and become legendary shooting king. Gun shooting king game covers both indoor and outdoor environments.

    Gun shooting king game is free sniper shooting game of 2017. Game contain best 3d FPS sniper shooting graphics with real feel of enivorment.
    Become specialist like elite sniper shooters of special forces by shooting bottles in Gun shooting king game. Become a real bottle shooter expert.
    Pick up specail forces sniper rifle and start shooting bottles. You will feel real enjoyment with shooting zone atmosphere by this modern Shooter Training Bottle Expert game.
    Raise up your shooting abilities or skills to become a shooter champion by targeting the bottles. Hit all the targets on time to move toi next mission.

    It is the most challenging or exciting target shooting game for shooting lover.
    It is an action simulation game not just simulation type mode. In this game, multiple bottles are placed in different positions having a little dark background.
    You must have high precision with sniper rifle to shoot all the bottles and clear the mission and move forward. There will be the complexity of levels more as you move further levels.
    If you will miss your targets, then you will fail the mission. is a simple game for range shooting practice for all ages shooter.

    To be the best shooter you must follow the tips which are Comfort, Breathing, Trigger control, Sight and target alignment.
    Download this game on your android device or tablet for free and don't forget to rate us. Provide us with your valuable feedback. We will be looking forward to you.

    How to Play:
    - Aim to shoot at bottles
    - Move left or right using controls on screen
    - Take shots with maximum precision
    - Destroy all targets within time limit

    -Different Exciting levels
    - Sniper Guns with realistic controls
    - Well managed Artificial Intelligence with real life Response
    - Realistic Environment both Indoor and Outdoor
    - Best ever User Friendly controls
  • Sniper Warrior Shooting Games: Sniper Shot Game APK
    Mejor juego de acción de disparo FPS
    En una línea, el mejor juego de disparos de francotiradores. En este juego de cañonera como agente secreto, debes terminar las misiones como los mejores francotiradores del mundo. Puedes disparar múltiples objetivos en diferentes misiones con prácticas de tiro precisas. En el nuevo juego de disparos de francotiradores, usa un telescopio de puntería 10X para matar a los terroristas que conducen para escapar en la ciudad. Destruye los autos enemigos. Y mata al enemigo dentro del auto. El alcance de francotirador de recarga automática y el objetivo de objetivo automático lo convierten en un juego de experiencia de usuario real en móviles. Este juego 3D Mountain Sniper Shooter es un emocionante juego de francotiradores fuera de línea multijugador FPS con misiones desafiantes de la vida real.

    Sniper Shooter 3D Game Inventory
    En Sniper shooting Battle obtendrás un cañón de francotirador 10x telescopio 4 segundos Escudo de protección y balas de francotirador. Sniper Shooter 3d es un juego de misión verdaderamente desafiante. El guerrero francotirador tiene una variedad de vehículos locales que pertenece a una liga de juegos de deportes de acción superior. su misión delta no es dejarlos escapar, apuntar y matar a tiros a todos los enemigos, su misión de disparo es muy crítica ya que un francotirador de comando completa su misión de tiro.

    El más impresionante de todos los juegos de disparos de francotiradores
    Traffic Sniper Killer tiene una variedad de armas de francotirador mejoradas, los mapas de batalla enriquecen una variedad de escenarios diferentes, agregando una guía para principiantes, la dificultad del tutorial de fácil a difícil sucesivo es brindarte un placer más estimulante de un buen juego.
    Quienes se esconden en un resort. Sniper shoot tiene un nuevo y poderoso juego. En este juego siempre puedes tomar una foto de portada. El fuego de bala es muy realista. La animación en cámara lenta lo convierte en la mejor experiencia de disparo. Descarga el juego de arena de tiro y completa las misiones fáciles a difíciles. Juega al juego de disparos de francotiradores con un entorno realista y gráficos increíbles. Después de completar este juego, te conviertes en parte del escuadrón Sniper Anti Terrorist. Descarga el juego y juega sin conexión y en línea. Si terminas el juego en el primer intento, obtendrás una corona de Sniper king. Es un juego de francotiradores superior. Solo descarga gratis estos juegos asesinos y sé un alto. Sniper warrior es un juego de guerra contra la mafia y los fuegos libres disponibles en muchos niveles. Este es un increíble francotirador real para guerreros reales. Es un juego de francotiradores de arena 2019.

    Características del juego de disparos FPS
    20 misiones difíciles
    Mejores gráficos en 3D
    Complejo de vacaciones
    Rifles de francotirador de largo alcance
    Efectos de disparo reales
    Respuesta de objetos en tiempo real
    Disparando armas
    Armas especiales
    Armas pesadas
    Gráficos 3D de alta calidad.
    Pvp Army shooting
    Sniper PVP y PVP Arena
  • 鐵血群俠傳 APK


    ■決戰華山之巔 五絕論劍問英雄■

    ■還原十大門派正邪之戰 俠客初心寫出武林新編章■

    ■自創武學再戰江湖 三百經典武學任你配搭■

    ■神兵流落江湖 狹路相逢群雄PK爭奪■

    官方網址: http://hts.goone.tw

  • Nabis War APK
    This is a Simulation strategy RPG. The game's rule is turn by turn within you and AI. You can fight down the enemy to gain SP, and use MP to launch your magic power to destroy full screen's monsters. By this way, you can train your boy LV UP to finish the mission.

    It is a long long long time ago. The supreme God “Huang-Di” defeats evil spirit Emperor “Chi-You” finally. The world of Nabis regains peace. But 1000 years later, the evil spirit Emperor returned. He becomes the king of Nabis. His name is ZHOU, whose name stands for tyranny. He is more stronger, cruel and ferocious. Now, the young boy “Jiang-Shang” (your role) is growing up and ready to fight against ZHOU's army. In order to look for the mandate of prince “Ji-Fa” , you must pass layer on layer the danger zone and defeat the enemy again and again .

    Now, this game supports the Traditional Chinese language only!
  • Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows APK

    Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is a fantastic casual puzzle adventure game that looks like a hidden object game and it plays like a hidden object game, but it ain't one. This is an excellent mystical family story with a paranormal twist!

    Your family's past is more interesting than any story. And it's not over yet...

    One of my father's stories was my favorite: “Once upon a time there lived a merchant with his wife. The family was happy and had never known grief. However, their maid, Julianne, was jealous of the little family's happiness and secretly dreamed of taking the place of a beloved wife. She learned of unholy powers hidden deep within the manor that could be summoned by a ritual … although there was a cost. She cursed the merchant's wife, unleashed deadly powers. The merchant vows to devote the rest of his life to finding a way to release his beloved wife from her cursed world.”

    Years have passed. My father dies, but he leaves me a message: “Your favorite fairy tale was the true story of our family. I tried to free your mother's spirit, but I failed. I beg you to finish what I could not. The solution is waiting in our old family home.”

    As a son, I must “write” the happy ending for my family's story.

    Developers edition features:
    • Complete your family's story
    • It looks like a HOG and it plays like a HOG, but it ain't one
    • Bonus content
    • Discover morphing objects as you play
    • Haunted atmosphere
    • Open world locations to explore
    • Eerie encounters and mystery
    • Pure puzzle adventure gameplay
    • Optimized for phones and tablets
    • One of the best casual adventure games. In our opinion:)

    We recommend it to all people who enjoy adventure hidden object style games.

    This puzzle adventure is perfect for playing while traveling. No internet connection required for this offline adventure game.

    Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is a puzzle adventure game from the creators of The Last Dream, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward, Inbetween Land, Tap the Blocks and Sonya: The Great Adventure!

    Game available in: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish.

    Check our other games!
    WWW: www.specialbit.com
    YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/specialbitstudio
    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/SpecialbitStudio
    TWITTER: www.twitter.com/Specialbit
  • Treasures of Montezuma 2 APK
    A sequel to the popular PC game “Treasures of Montezuma” will please fans of puzzles and the match-3 genre. Over 100 levels of ancient Aztec secrets and riddles, plenty of magical artifacts and three game modes – that's what awaits for the players.

    Playing “Treasures of Montezuma 2” you'll have to combine pieces of the same color and complete missions within the given time. Success will be rewarded with bonus scores and gold which you may spend to purchase various bonuses and upgrades. Upon the discovery of Aztec magic and gathering all the precious jewels the player will rebuild the Heavenly City Tenochtitlan.

    • Over 100 levels
    • 3 game modes
    • Magical bonuses and totems
    • Mysterious atmosphere of Aztec civilization

    ***** The QualityIndex of "Treasures of Montezuma 2" is 7.9


    FOLLOW US: @Herocraft
    WATCH US: youtube.com/herocraft
    LIKE US: facebook.com/herocraft.games
  • Mi Diario Digital APK
    Enjoy all the content of My Digital Diary. With the application you can access all our national and international news. You will find information on culture, sports, trends and country to keep up to date. Each article is accompanied by an audio, providing the option of being informed in a more comfortable way or that adapts according to your needs. And if you like to express your opinions, you can do it through the option to rate news.
  • KeyCity - подарки от компаний! APK
    KeyCity - the first Giftback service!

    Receive gifts from the companies of your city every day! Open chests for points or with each purchase, invite friends, find out about the most interesting promotions in your city!

    Everything is very simple:

    - receive gifts from every purchase in partner companies
    - recommend the application to your friends and get bonus points
    - buy company chests for points and receive gifts

    And now a gift :)
    When registering, use the KCIOS promo code and get 200 points as a gift!
  • Phobia APK
    Disgusting Noises - Disgusting Sounds – Disgusting Sound provides you Gross Sounds - Nasty Sounds - Disgusting Sounds at your fingertips.

    Disgusting Noises - Disgusting Sounds – Disgusting Sound and are clear, crisp, and lifelike.
  • Chippin Royale APK
    Become chicken #1 in the multiplayer game in the genre of BATTLE ROYAL!

    In "CHIPPIN ROYAL" you have to flap wings to survive. Make a Chicken Roll out of your enemies until the narrowing of the zone has done this to you.





  • MoCo - Morse Code Translator APK
    This app can
    - encode text to Morse codes
    - decode Morse codes to text
    - play sound of Morse codes
  • Jumping Box Up APK
    Let your box jump.
    Otherwise it will fall.
    Jump and go up as high as you can.
  • Prado parking Car Games: New car games 2019 APK
    Enjoy the best prado parking simulator in all prado car games. You have played many prado games but this realistic parking game has all levels of multi storey parking. Are you looking for prado parking games like real dr driving 3d? So, your wait is over the best car parking 2019 from all other free parking games. Grab your parking car steering and drive car to the storey parking area. To perform the duty of car parker is not as easy as it looks. This car parking 3d needs parking space to drive car in difficult situations. Drive your car in this parking car for simulator to become a parking master. Your duty is to find the car park and park car effectively in this driving game. Luxury Prado is waiting for your parking skills. The garage of this 3d simulator parking has high efficiency prado. It's time to test your car driving and driving skills in this real prado car 3d simulator. Many different and amazing features of this car parking 2019 make it different from all other prado car games. When you play this parking car simulator it feels like real car traffic parking around the city.

    Many different levels of this multi storey prado parking 3d game need some prado acceleration to complete prado parking level. This will enhance your excitement level to play this amazing car simulator game. Different cars are ready to test your parking and driving skills on the city roads. Escape from incoming traffic cars to complete the level within the time limit. Minor accident will cause failure of prado parking level. This prado car games: Parking simulator game needs a good car driving and time management. This prado jeep parking is the best parking game from all other worlds popular prado games. You need to drive your car fast to find car parking zone on the city road and the building. Each coming level of this real prado car simulator 3d game will be harder and difficult. Get ready to drive on these types of car shifting area. This car parking 3d simulator will give you a chance to check your parking skills on different prado car driving levels like multi car parking car. Auto parking is not as easy as it takes to increase your prado parking experience. No need to join car parking and driving school this prado car parking simulator 2019 game allows you to become a parking master. This feature makes this parking 3d different from all other boring type of prado car games.

    Parking at prado perfectly on the parking area is not an easy task. It needs extreme parking skills to become king of all real parking mania 3d. This prado parking adventure 2019 Simulator game makes car parking easy for the beginners. Prado parking in the city is really hard duty for the new car driver. Show your parking and driving skills on this kind of crowded places. Amazing graphics and realistic physics of the sports cars increase the excitement of the driver in this extreme car parking: prado car games game. The luxury prado parking simulator 3d allows you to polish and increase your driving and parking skills in inspiring atmosphere to give you inspiration. Driving cars or other cars and park them on the congested parking spot is not an easy task. So, why are you waiting for this real prado car simulator 3d and enjoy the mesmerizing experience of real car 3d parking. So, download and enjoy this multi story car parking 3d simulator game to show your hidden parking driver talent. We are waiting for your valuable suggestions and comments about this car parking simulator. Good luck.

    Prado Car Games: Parking Simulator FEATURES:

    Exciting 3d and stunning environment.

    Addictive music and Sound Effects.

    Ultimate exquisite HD car parking graphics.

    Many Multi storey Parking car challenging levels.

    Very realistic and smooth friendly control.

    Addictive gameplay with perfect animations.
  • My City : Home APK
    Welcome to My City: Home. Drop by and visit your neighbors, Explore your house to find hidden treasures, check out the latest fashion and even make your own clothing at the fashion store! Everything is possible in My City. With lots of totally new characters, rooms, clothing and cool accessories every day is a new adventure where kids get to Play, Explore and Imagine.

    Explore Your City Home
    Explore your new home and visit your friendly neighbors. Can you find the two baby kittens hiding? Will you fix the leaking water pipe? Adventure and fun can be found everywhere in My City.

    A New Story Every Day
    Mom and Dad are away? It's a great opportunity to hold a party in the living room. Simply throw the pizza in the oven, turn on the disco ball and let the music play. With so many rooms and characters, we offer kids endless options for there very own pretend play game.

    Age Group 4-12 :
    Easy enough for a 4 year old to play, Exciting enough for 10 years old to enjoy!

    Key Game Features
    - 12 locations including 2 apartments and a clothing store
    - Tell your own story, create your own adventure, Each game is a new game play
    - Lots of new characters, including 2 families with kids, babies and grownups of course.
    - Free-Play stress free games, Extremely high play time
    - Customization of characters and rooms
    - Daily gifts and prizes!
    - Kids Safe and Ads Free.

    Play Together
    We support multi touch so kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen!
  • Custom aim Pro - Donation version APK
    This is a donation version of custom Aim, thank you for your Help! :)
    you can get the same premium features from the other app with less price
    if you want to donate more buy this version its the same as the full-featured version

    Custom aim (Crosshair generator) PRO version will continue to provide you high quality and good crosshairs as always
    With Custom aim (Crosshair generator) PRO version you can:
    √ Remove Ad an Ad-free version
    √ More to customize updated crosshairs 300+!!!!
    √ more to expect Custom aim (Crosshair generator) developer will keep improving the app and strive to keep it the #1 most powerful Crosshair generator for Android.
    improve your shooting accuracy with sniper and rifles and dominate on the room
    are you bored of the normal crosshair that in all FPS games, or some games do not support crosshair for some
    weapons like RPG and snipers?
    do you want to pick a color and start customizing your own crosshair and start shooting like a king of fps
    * this is only a tool helps you not a game *
    everything you want is here
    > 24 available style

    >pick any color you want

    Improve your skills for the perfect assassination and will test your reflexes and tactical skill in the Battlegrounds and it will make you the best shooter games for all first person shooter even you can make it lighting to kill a dead zombie in critical ops and making your esports career in the top

    so what are you waiting for? download this app and start playing like a pro
  • Delta Touch [6 x Doom engine source port] APK
    Important! You need to supply your own copy of the 'Doom' wad files to play original Doom.

    SIX of the best 'Doom engine' source ports brought to Android.

    * GZDoom (v1.9.1 & v3.2x & dev)
    * LZDoom
    * Zandronum 3.0
    * Chocolate Doom
    * PrBoom+
    * RetroDoom

    Full touch screen controls and full game-pad support.

    * Highly customizable touch screen controls.
    * Built in keyboard to access cheats and console commands
    * Custom UI to easily select your wads and mods
    * Custom buttons for GZDoom for mods
    * Fully navigatable UI via a gampad
    * Software AND OpenGL modes for PrBoom and GZDoom
    * Play thousands of community made mods and levels!
    * Downloads midi and Fluidsynth samples for quality music
    * Support for Doom, Hexen, Heretic and Strife wads
    * Multiplayer launcher for GZDoom and Chocolate Doom
    * Mouse and Keyboard support (OREO ONLY)
    * Now with gyro aim assist (Gyroscope needed)

    FreeDoom data included to start playing immediately.

    You will need approximately 60MB extra space to download music libraries and FreeDoom data.

    Copy your own 'wad' files (doom.wad, hexen.wad etc) to your device to play games compatible with the 'Doom' engine.

    Note: A high end device is needed to play complex and demanding mods such as Brutal Doom.

    PLEASE email if you have any issues , this is a new release and is constantly being updated and issues fixed.

    Full money-back guarantee at any time, just email and we will issue a full refund


    Icons and internal touch screen graphics are copyright to Open Touch Gaming.

    Screen shots are taking from the FreeDoom game.

    This is a GPL source port and contains no 'Doom' copyrighted data.