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  • Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod APK

    Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod APK


    In this simulation game, you're an air traffic controller at a busy airport. The goal is to guide planes safely landing parking and taking off, avoiding collisions between them.

    This game is much like the actual operation of a busy airport, but with easy and self-explanatory controls. Is a great hobby that stimulates memory and reasoning.

    Have fun and good flights
  • Life is a Game Mod APK

    Life is a Game Mod APK


    'Life is a Game' is a life simulation game where you see the life of a person from birth until death.
    Listen to the laughter of children in the children's room.
    You will feel calm.

    Home page

    ■■■■■Game Introduction■■■■■

    'Life is a Game' is a running game.
    Your life and appearance changes based on the type and
    amount of coins you obtain, the choices you make using
    the Choice button throughout the game.

    For example, if you painted a lot when you were a child,
    your character develops into an artistic teenager and shows
    their talents in art. If they play a musical instrument, there
    is a higher chance that your character develops into a singer.

    Also, you need to take care of your happiness and the relationships
    you have with other people.

    Experience the numerous ending scenes that changes based on all of
    the decisions you make as a baby, as a child, as a teenager, as a man
    in his prime and as an elder.

    *Tip : Adequately make use of the skills on the lower left.
    Items purchased from the shop appear when certain conditions have
    been met, so make sure to keep an eye out.
  • Mansion Blast Mod APK

    Mansion Blast Mod APK


    Welcome to Mansion Blast! Help Granny and Grandpa renovate their home after the tsunami! Enjoy the breathtaking story full of adventures along with a lot of designer's decorations!

    Blast the cubes of the same color and combine boosters to win fun match-3 blast levels! Be careful, the number of moves is limited. Solve challenging puzzles and combine rockets and bomb for powerful explosions! Beat more levels by creating powerful combos to decorate rooms unlocking new chapters along with charming home decor and cute pets!

    Give the old family mansion a total makeover! Express your own style and creativity by decorating the hall, kitchen, garden, bedroom, library, and many more rooms! Hundreds of fantastic interior options are sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste! Discover different wonderful home decor and create your own excellent atmosphere! Don't forget to take care of your pets by feeding them! Cute cats and lovely dogs are waiting for you! Feeling a bit more adventurous? Discover adorable skins and beautiful clothes collection for your furry little friends!

    The game features:
    Addictive gameplay: win match-3 blast levels, restore and decorate the mansion, become a part of an exciting adventure
    Complete hundreds of challenging match-3 blast levels and unlock new chapters
    ● Dozens of in-game characters, which will help in mansion reconstruction
    Adorable pets: a sweet cat and a friendly puppy are waiting for you
    Incredible home decorations will allow you to show off your personal style
    ● Different rooms in the mansion, each with unique gameplay, amazing animations and addictive story
    Various clothes for your cute little friends
    ● A community of friend, who you can ask for help and send lives
    ● A super free game you can even play offline

    Mansion Blast is absolutely free to play.
    Enjoying Mansion Blast? Learn more about Alice adventure on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mansion.blast
    If you have any issue contact our support by sending an email to [email protected]
  • DO Multiple Accounts - Infinite Parallel Clone Pro Mod APK

    DO Multiple Accounts - Infinite Parallel Clone Pro Mod APK


    Soporte para clonar aplicaciones en espacio paralelo ilimitado. Clonador de aplicaciones rápidas para múltiples cuentas! Más que el espacio dual, puede crear e iniciar sesión en múltiples cuentas ilimitadas para WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook y otras aplicaciones sociales o de juegos.

    ¡Inicie sesión y ejecute más de 2 cuentas para aplicaciones de mensajería instantánea, reciba mensajes y converse con amigos en un solo dispositivo!
    ¡Juegue juegos con varias cuentas y manténgalos en línea simultáneamente para obtener funciones y experiencias duales! Disfruta de la diversión múltiple!
    Fácil de administrar cuenta de múltiples redes sociales, trabajo separado y vida personal.

    Do Multiple impulsado por River Stone Tech, con el motor de clonación más pesado y liviano, puede ayudarlo a clonar su aplicación en otro espacio paralelo separado. Además, Do Multiple puede ayudarlo a administrar las notificaciones de la aplicación clonada y proporcionar la función de bloqueo de privacidad para proteger la aplicación clonada. También proporcionó el Modo Lite para alcanzar el mejor uso de la memoria y la batería para la aplicación clonada.

    Do Multiple es compatible con la mayoría de las aplicaciones de mensajería instantánea, aplicaciones de juegos y aplicaciones de redes sociales. Google Play Service es compatible, y puede conectarse con sus Google Play Games u otros servicios en sus clones.

    ★ Inicia sesión en tus múltiples aplicaciones de mensajería, juegos y sociales.
    • Equilibrio entre tu vida y trabajo fácilmente con múltiples cuentas.
    • Doble cuenta de juegos y doble diversión.
    • Los datos de los clones y las aplicaciones originales están separados.

    ★ Cambia rápido entre cuentas duales con solo un toque
    • Ejecuta dos cuentas simultáneamente, y creará íconos con etiquetas de clonación.

    ★ Privacy Locker para proteger tu cuenta clonada

    ★ Modo Lite para la mejor potencia y eficiencia de memoria

    ★ configuración de notificación para gestionar la notificación de clones

    • Permisos: la aplicación Do Multiple requiere pocos permisos pero Do Multiple necesita aplicar muchos permisos por adelantado para las aplicaciones clónicas. Por favor, conceda esos permisos a Do Multiple para evitar errores de funcionamiento o fallas al ejecutar clones
    • Consumos: Do Multiple en sí mismo no ocupa demasiada memoria, batería y datos que son consumidos por las aplicaciones que se ejecutan en su interior.
    • Notificaciones: agregue Do Multiple to whitelist en la configuración de notificaciones del sistema.
    • Casillero de privacidad: a veces es posible que no vea que el Casillero de privacidad no se muestre incluso si habilitó la clonación. Verifique si otorgó el permiso de Múltiple para mostrar la ventana sobre otras aplicaciones en el control de permisos de su sistema.

    Para cualquier problema, no dude en contactarnos a través de la función 'Comentarios' dentro de Do Multiple o envíenos un correo electrónico a: [email protected]
  • Ailment Mod APK

    Ailment Mod APK


    Ailment is a pixel-art action game which takes place on a spaceship in a far far galaxy. The main character wakes up in a spaceship after being unconscious for three days and all of his crew became enemies. The last thing he remembers was returning from the other ship where he had a rescue mission. But everyone on that ship was already dead... He has to remember what happened and find out the truth.


    * Tons of different weapon
    * Brutal death animations
    * Exciting story behind
    * Pixel art graphics
    * Always talking character
    * Multiplayer
    * Atmospheric sound effects
    * Dramatic surrounding
    * Easter eggs on every level
    * Hours of dynamic game-play
    * Ability to bring NPCs with you
    * And many others

    Thanks to:
    Volodymyr Shyshov for Ukrainian localization
    Marta Barrena Domingues for Spanish localization
    Cédric Hautefeuille for French localization
    Jorge Cruz for Portuguese localization
    Efdal Karaaslan for Turkish localization
    Nicola Giuseppe Colafemmina for Italian localization
    Natalie Stanley-Ward for English localization

    Follow Us
    Twitter: @BeardyBirdGames
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/105604003372997
    Web: http://beardybird.squarespace.com/games#/ailment/
    * To use the screen recording function, permission to write to external storage is required.
  • OH Private Web Browser - Privacy by design Mod APK

    OH Private Web Browser - Privacy by design Mod APK


    - Auto clean & always clean! Clears everthing (history, cookies, cache, form data, web storage, etc) automatically when exit! No complex settings needed!
    - Feels fresh & new, always!

    OH is not just another design. It is design revolution. Next generation UI. Makes the browsing stylish, fun and cool!
    * All controls at bottom
    * One handed usage
    * Simple and minimal
    * Intuitive Gestures

    OH doesn't need any unnecessary dangerous permissions. So you can surf the internet with absolute peace of mind.
    * No Location Permission
    * No Camera Permissions
    * No Microphone Permission
    * No Contacts Permissions

    OH comes with essential features. No plug-ins required! Some of the features are...
    * Supports Multiple Search Engines
    * Ad Blocker
    * PDF converter
    * Web Archive converter
    * Download Manager

    Gestures Reference

    Tabs Button:
    Double Tap - Add New Tab
    Swipe Left - Previous Tab
    Swipe Right - Next Tab
    Swipe Up - Remove Current Tab

    Search Button:
    Double Tap - Refresh
    Swipe Left - Go Forward
    Swipe Right - Go Backward
    Swipe Up - Go Home

    Hand Button:
    Single Tap - Slide down / up
    Tap & Hold - Goto Top
    Double Tap - Expand Status Bar

    Overflow Menu Button:
    Swipe Up - Show Downloads
    Tap & Hold - Open Settings

    (This app works with all premium features (Themes, Ad blocker, etc) for first 7 days. After that premium features will be disabled. But the app will continue to work. You can unlock any time by using In-app purchase. This is ONE TIME payment. NOT subscription or recurring payment.)

    So privacy by design, not just by words! Makes sense?

    Tips & Tricks : https://sites.google.com/view/onehandyapps/tips-tricks
    Contact: [email protected]
  • The Fishercat Mod APK

    The Fishercat Mod APK


    Become a cat and harpoon fish.
    You can use a variety of harpoons and items to maximize your fishing experience.
    Many different types of fish are waiting for you.

    Simple Controls: Drag to aim, and then shoot a harpoon to catch fish in this shooting game.
    Thrilling Action: Follow and hit fish that constantly move. It's thrilling and even has a realistic feel to it!
    Various Fish Types: Meet and collect over 150 different kinds of fish.
    Amazing Ships and Seas: Set out to sea on an amazing-looking ship. Dive into the sea and explore the incredible underwater world.
    Relax on an Island: Relax and enjoy playing with your friends on your island.
    Decorate Aquarium: Decorate your aquarium with the fish that you've caught and various decorations.
    Unique Equipment: Use different types of harpoons and inventive support items to easily catch even the toughest fish.
    Cute Graphics: You'll love Fishercat's simple yet charming graphic style!
    Events and Easter Eggs: Experience various events and hidden elements that are unlocked as you progress through the game.
  • Eternium Mod APK

    Eternium Mod APK


    Eternium is an amazingly fun and beautifully crafted Action RPG, reminiscent of the great classics.

    Eternium stands out from other mobile Action RPGs by its effortless “tap to move” and innovative “swipe to cast” controls, and its player-friendly “no paywalls, never pay to win” philosophy.

    With the exception of a couple of online-only features, the game can also be played offline after the content download completes.

    Drawing signs to cast spells is easy and rewarding. The tap-to-move control is more natural and relaxing than thumbsticks, and it's also truer to the vintage point-and-click Action RPG experience.

    The game can be really played for free, as more than 90% of our players do. Purchases are completely optional. Gems, the game's main currency, can be collected from enemies and quests. There is no limiting stamina or energy. The best things in the game are obtained by playing, not paying.

    As of fall 2017, major new features are in advanced stages of development, including real-time multiplayer, town portal, and a fourth world.

    Enjoy the visceral satisfaction of responsive, fast-paced combat, with spectacular special effects, pleasing sounds, rewarding damage numbers, all set against immersive backdrops and atmospheric, inspiring music scores.

    Play as a Mage, Warrior or Bounty Hunter, wielding a sword, axe, staff or gun. Level up to learn new abilities and increase your attributes.

    Battle skeletons, zombies, automatons, aliens, demons, dragons and many other creatures, across three beautifully hand-crafted worlds, or in endless generated levels.

    Venture into dark caves and dungeons, explore forests, villages and graveyards, lay siege to demon controlled castles, brave snowy mountain peaks, travel to the moon to slay strange creatures among craters and canyons, and beyond, to the deserts, pyramids and jungles of the red planet.

    Open treasure chests to loot gold, gemstones and battle gear. Equip shiny breastplates, menacing helmets and hoods, spiked shoulder pads, mysterious cloaks or capes. Protect yourself with a shield, or choose to wield two weapons as a warrior.

    Rescue your tank, healer and ranger companions who will join you in battle. Use their abilities together with yours to create rewarding and powerful tactical combos.

    Experience a refreshing storyline, filled with interplanetary intrigue and seasoned with funny characters. Hunt your arch-enemy, Ragadam, across the worlds, while trying to uncover and undo his twisted plans.

    Progress from common to rare, epic and legendary gear. Find gemstones that fit in your armor's sockets. Craft socketed rings and amulets, and fuse three of them into a higher quality one.

    Unleash awesome offensive abilities, such as Whirlwind, Shockwave, Arc Lightning or Blizzard, control the enemy crowd with Frost Nova, Vortex, Silence, or sneak and assassinate with Smokescreen, Traps and Snipe.

    Each hero class has access to about 20 abilities (skills or spells), and each of your three companions has four more. The game starts simple, but culminates in a flurry of tactical possibilities at high levels.

    Once your hero reaches level 70, your experience points go into Champion Levels, which are unlimited and yield steady stat upgrades. Champion Levels are also inherited by your new heroes, so they will have an easier time growing up.

    Aside from the three story acts, an endless progression of beautiful, randomly generated levels awaits in the Trials of Valor game mode.

    Eternium is crafted with passion by a small band of old-school RPG fans, who love making the game they always wanted to play.
  • Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Tiny Shop Game Mod APK

    Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Tiny Shop Game Mod APK


    Ready to be rich?

    Become the richest supermarket entrepreneur!

    Build your own business, earn money, and become the best supermarket tycoon in the world!

    Start with a mini-mart and turn it into a major supermarket business. Build a bakery, sell fruit and vegetables, offer high-quality fish and meat. Run your own perfume and electronics departments. Let the customers fill their shopping carts!

    Research new features to improve the quality of your products, offers, and departments. Make your business grow!

    Become the best supermarket manager. Hire sellers and make them increase your sales and profits. Set the salary of the employees from different departments. Take care of your customers too, offering them a wider range of options and healthy products. Build a huge parking lot where they can safely leave their vehicles while they shop.

    Develop different marketing strategies to attract potential and existing customers. Choose the best products and improve your research to offer the best deals to your customers. Their opinion and feedback is critical to run a profitable business. Happy customers are returning customers!

    If you like idle and tapping games, you will enjoy this casual supermarket management game. Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an easy-to-play game where you run your own business with different product departments. Make important management decisions to build your empire and transform your small supermarket into one of the greatest in the world!

    - Casual and easy gameplay
    - Different challenges to complete
    - Amazing animations and 3D graphics
    - Unique products to sell!
    - Make important managing decisions to expand your business
    - Save your progress in the cloud and recover it if you change your device
  • RussianTruckSimulator - Off Road Mod APK

    RussianTruckSimulator - Off Road Mod APK


    ¡Controla tu equipo a lo largo de las difíciles rutas de la remota taiga!

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    ✔ Hermoso diseño gráfico
    ✔ Sonidos de motor de camión real
    ✔ Técnica de comportamiento de física realista
    ✔ suciedad
    ✔ Más de 9 tipos de automóviles rusos y soviéticos
    ✔ Varias ubicaciones en el suelo
    ✔ Jugabilidad única

     ✩ ¡Arranca rápidamente el motor y vete! ✩

    Nuestros grupos sociales:
    - https://vk.com/moab.russia
    - https://www.facebook.com/Russia.moab/

    Nuestro YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1d0W-W_oX2_ZqPwjeDYQCw?view_as=subscriber
  • Карманный Фолыч - Pocket Survivor Mod APK

    Карманный Фолыч - Pocket Survivor Mod APK


    Pocket Folich: un emocionante juego para Android en el que sobrevivirás en un mundo terrible destruido. En este juego, tu héroe se moverá y explorará el mundo que te rodea, y seguirás todo lo que sucede en las páginas del "registro de eventos". Chupa a tu héroe durante el juego y dale un arma poderosa para luchar contra los enemigos. Desarrolla tus tácticas del juego y consigue excelentes resultados. Compre y coleccione consumibles y véndalos mucho más caros y más rentables para usted. Escucha la radio y espera el mayor tiempo posible en este juego.
  • Flyghts Mod APK

    Flyghts Mod APK


    Flyghts is a cauldron full of arcade challenges, tactical decisions and original humor.

    Take part in duels!

    Match tactical cards to each fight and change strategy depending on the enemy you are fighting. Strain your muscle memory to stay on your mount or fall down and become the laughing stock of the plebeian ruff!

    Discover unexplored lands.

    Explore the garden map and become famous as the one who looked under the Old Boot!

    Be yourself a prince.

    Enjoy your free time! Play dice, hire players, save the dubious beauty of the princess and send henchmans for uncomfortable tasks.

    Expand your kingdom!

    Maybe a big word, but you have the opportunity to build something that resembles a city. After all, what a crumb to a man, a boulder to a fly!

    Fight other players.

    Your toothpick will knock down hundreds of enemies. Your loyal mount will earn its own title, and court maids will sigh at the sound of your name.

    Join The Flyghts and win pleb favors to look from above on them.

    Earn the recognition of insect nobility so that you can look at them from above.

    Be a fly, look from above!
  • This Is the Police 2 Mod APK

    This Is the Police 2 Mod APK


    Interpret the law as you see fit in This Is the Police 2, sequel to the acclaimed noir drama This Is the Police! Run the sheriff's department, manage your cops, investigate, interrogate, and incarcerate. Make tough decisions – and try to keep out of prison yourself! – in this story-driven mixture of adventure, strategy, and turn-based tactical combat.

    Is it a simulation? A management game? A tactical challenge? A visual novel? A puzzle? It's all of these, and more!

    Dive into one-of-a-kind -story-driven experience.
    Welcome to Sharpwood, a cold and harsh border town riven with violence, where no one is completely innocent. Smugglers, gangs, and screaming populists call this town their home. To maintain peace and order, the young sheriff Lilly Reed (Sarah Hamilton) will have to team up with fugitive criminal Jack Boyd (Jon St. John), and pray that her dangerous plan doesn't spiral out of control.

    Take charge of the Sheriff's department.
    Your subordinates aren't just some resource; they are living people with their own strengths, weaknesses, fears, and prejudices – and you'll have to reckon with all of them in order to survive. Is one of your guys drinking too much? Or always coming up with excuses for not coming to work? Or does he refuse to follow orders? You'll have to show a steady hand if you want to impose discipline on this department.

    Engage in tactical combat.
    During your most dangerous operations, the game will switch to turn-based combat. Gather a team of your finest cops. Carefully study the terrain, adapt your plans, stealthily approach your suspects and use non-lethal weapons and equipment – if the situation allows. True, sometimes gunfights are almost impossible to avoid, but be careful: This Is the Police 2 doesn't have hit points. A single bullet can cost a cop their life.

    Become a true detective.
    Collect evidence, study case materials, interrogate suspects and send the criminals to court. And if the suspect was innocent? Perhaps it's time to find out if any Sharpwood judges can be bought.

    ● Full tablet support

    Thank you for playing ‘THIS IS THE POLICE 2'!
    Get in touch with HandyGamesTM: http://www.handy-games.com
    Join us on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/handygames
    Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/2Kq6yY
    Check news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/handy_games
    Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/handygames

    Imprint: http://www.handy-games.com/contact/

    © www.handy-games.com GmbH
  • Slavic Gangster Style Mod APK

    Slavic Gangster Style Mod APK


    • Take the voyage the poor Russian province thousands of kilometers from the Kremlin
    • Full immersion in the realistic entourage of ruins of communism – here're squatting gopniks and bumpy roads
    • Crazy interactive crime - large selection of weapons, different enemies including robots tractors
    • Big auto park - references to the famous models Lada, Niva, Volga and others
    • Clothing selection, venturous quests and various achievements also waiting for you!
    Enjoy Slavic memes in the free RPG action! Streets are full of slav squats in sport suits, grannies on benches and alcoholics. Life here is a real Russian roulette because your routine fun is tank driving and fighting!
    Feel the Russian spirit! Take your AK and become a real people's avenger or just shoot people like a drunk veteran! Need no vindication! Download today and start crime adventures in Russia!
  • Stickman Hook Mod APK

    Stickman Hook Mod APK


    Discover Stickman Hook, the new MadBox game.

    Tap to hook and make incredible jumps; Avoid every obstacle that stands in your way. Can you execute all these acrobatic tricks in a row like a boss?

    In this game, embody the spider stickman.
    Finish all the levels with the same agility as a spider.

    For that, you just have to:
    - Tap to hook and make incredible jumps
    - Press your screen to hook your stickman with your grapnel and release to let go
    - Avoid every obstacle that stands in your way
    - Swing from hook to hook to pass all the levels

    Thanks to the bumpers and your grapnel, execute acrobatic tricks and show your friends who is the boss! You think you can do better than a spider? Prove it!

    The faster you go, the more amazing your tricks will be.

    Why is Stickman hook so perfect?
    - Because you can swing like a spider
    - Because your stickman dances at the end of each game (We challenge you to reproduce his dance)
    - Because there is a grappling hook (and grapples are cool, right?)

    You LOVE Stickman Hook? Discover all the MadBox games here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=5783349908488911518
    You want to share videos or screenshoot of your best performance on Stickman Hook, post theme here: https://www.facebook.com/madbox.apps/
    If you dance better than our stickman, please prove it! :sunglasses:: https://www.facebook.com/Stickman-Hook-343939029681779/
    And obviously if you have any request, please, contact us : [email protected]
  • War of Magic Mod APK

    War of Magic Mod APK


    En War of Magic, reúnes a un grupo de guerreros y los entrenas para ser los mejores héroes a medida que avanzas en las campañas de PvE y en contra de jugadores del mundo real en misiones y torneos de PvP.
    Inspirado por el sistema de batalla de los juegos de rol clásicos, el jugador debe tomar a sus héroes y usar poderosas cartas de batalla para derrotar al ejército malvado.
    Un simple sistema de ataque basado en turnos hace que el juego sea fácil de aprender, pero a medida que avanzas en el juego, debes aprender la combinación correcta de héroe y cartas para dominar a tus oponentes.
  • MARVEL Contest of Champions Mod APK

    MARVEL Contest of Champions Mod APK


    Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine & more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & begin your quest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion!

    Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-up of vile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on your mobile device…Marvel Contest of Champions!

    • Team up with your friends and other Summoners to build the strongest Alliance
    • Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their Champions in the fight
    • Battle to the top in Alliance Events and take on Alliance Quest Series together in specially designed quest maps to earn exclusive Alliance rewards
    • Test your Alliance's mettle by battling it out with Alliances from around the world in Alliance Wars!

    • Assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains (choosing Champions such as: Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier)
    • Embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor, ultimately to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe
    • Improve your team's offense and defense with multiple Mastery trees

    • Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes and villains wisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon team affiliation and relationships taken from the pages of Marvel Comics
    • Pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine for bonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for a team affiliation bonus
    • The more powerful the Champion, the better their stats, abilities and special moves will be
    • New Champions are being added to The Contest all the time!

    • Journey through an exciting storyline in classic Marvel storytelling fashion
    • Fight it out with a huge array of heroes and villains in iconic locations spanning the Marvel Universe such as: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more!
    • Explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy dose of action-packed fighting utilizing controls developed specifically for the mobile platform

    Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MarvelContestofChampions
    Subscribe on YouTube: www.youtube.com/MarvelChampions
    Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MarvelChampions
    Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/marvelchampions

    Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Notice before using our services as they govern the relationship between you and Kabam.
  • Forge of Empires Mod APK

    Forge of Empires Mod APK


    Forge of Empires - Build a city!

    Develop your own city through the ages into a glorious empire. Guide it through the ages, research new technologies, expand your empire and live through an epic story. Battle other players and prove your skills as king and warlord.


    - Build your city and evolve from the Stone Age to modern times (and beyond).
    - Develop new technologies and discover new buildings and goods
    - Produce supplies to manufacture goods
    - Exchange your goods and trade with your neighbors
    - Discover new territories and seize control of the provinces and their rewards
    - Use your negotiation or battle skills to take over sector by sector

    Forge of Empires is based on our successful browser strategy game which was published by InnoGames, developers of fantasy strategy game Elvenar, in the summer of 2012. Finally, the online strategy game is available for Android as well, providing cross-platform access.

    Forge of Empires is free to download and install. However, some game features can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in­app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required.

    General Terms and Conditions: https://legal.innogames.com/portal/en/agb
    Imprint: https://legal.innogames.com/portal/us/imprint

    Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play's Festive Updates!
  • Fluid Simulation - Trippy Stress Reliever Mod APK

    Fluid Simulation - Trippy Stress Reliever Mod APK


    Feel bored or anxious? This app can solve your problem! Play with fluids with a touch of your fingers. Experiment and play with those swirling substances. Gorgeous visuals with professional post-effects like bloom and sunrays. You can also use the app as a live wallpaper

    This beautiful creation can help you to chill, relieve this pesky stress from your mind and enjoy your moment of life, right now. When you first launch it you gonna be freeze by a beauty, that magnificence, that you have never ever seen before. Believe it or not you will become happy playing it, squeezing every seconds from it, to experience love and connection to our big universe. Is it not yet convincing for you? Then you are a type a person that this app is made for. It's going to reassure your grumpiness and you would become a very enjoyable person to be around with. Also show it to your kids, they gonna like it. You only have one life so what are you waiting for. Stop reading this and play it.

    You may ask how it works and I can say it works by a force of magic. Our universe works by principles of emergence, small physical rules makes all life possible. This app simulates liquid, gas and water. This is a simulation of fluids life. Very satisfying and trippy experience. Watch those colorful swirls. Feel the flow. Become enlightened person. You should really stop reading this and install an app instead. Get a fresh dose of fluids to your mind! Just stop already! Do it!
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Mod APK

    BitLife - Life Simulator Mod APK


    How will you live your BitLife?

    Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the love of your life, have kids, and pick up a good education along the way.

    Or will you play choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, fall in love or go on adventures, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. You choose your story...

    Discover how bit by bit life choices can add up to determine your success in life the game.

    Interactive story games have been around for years. But this is the first text life simulator to truly mash up and simulate adult life.
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Latest Mods
  • Be Unique - Write Quotes, Poems, Status & Shayari v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Hello there!

    Since you have landed here, let me make it conversational. BeUnique , the one who'll welcome you once you login, taught me that good writing is about starting a conversation & keeping the reader hooked.

    The year was 2019. The month, October. I, much like you, accidentally landed on this description while searching for a writing app on Google Play. This app was merely a month old then. And I got hooked to it! Right from the start. It changed the way I saw and felt about writing. So much so that I joined the company and now am able to share my story with you. To share what truly stands for. :)

    In one line, BeUnique is a fun writing app that inspires you to be yourself. And it does so by taking care (rather, making sure) that you:

    1. WRITE EVERYDAY: Yes, that's it. No bullshit. It will inspire you to write daily, teaching you techniques to become better and unleash the most honest voice within you. It's the only writing app you'll ever need to keep the writer within you alive and kicking.

    2. BECOME A BETTER WRITER (& PERFORMER) WITH TIME: Meet the BeUnique and his family of writer-makers! With daily creative writing tips, masterclasses and prompts, BeUnique makes writing & performing fun and easy for those getting started, and fulfilling for those eager to take it to the next level.

    3. MAKE YOUR QUOTES GOOGLE SEARCHABLE: Ever searched for Albert Einstein or Mother Teresa quotes on Google? Ever wondered why only famous people's quotes are up on Google? Now no more. BeUnique turns your own quotes up on Google search within just a week. Google "Your Name Quotes" after posting 20+ quotes or videos & see how magic happens!

    4. FIND WRITER FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS: Befriend a writer and you shall never die, someone wise once said. Imagine a world filled with brilliant writers to follow and make friends with! BeUnique turns your imagination into reality, giving you an access to the finest creative minds at your fingertips. Try the fun collab feature to collaborate with your favourites.

    5. WRITE ON PHOTOS & CREATE A PICTORIAL PORTFOLIO OF YOUR ORIGINAL WORKS: Write & perform about anything under the sun (and even above it!): from quotes, stories, love poems, terribly tiny tales, shayari, ghazal, jokes, haikus, short audio or video to memes. BeUnique creates a stunning pictorial portfolio of your original literary work that you can turn into real posters or quote-books (you can order within the app!), simultaneously garnering thousands of followers on the app with your creativity.

    6. USE JUST THE RIGHT DESIGN TOOL FOR WRITERS: BeUnique , with its wide variety of wallpapers & numerous fonts for 10+ languages, has a creation tool of every writer's dreams. See your words come to life as frame-worthy quotes, in a super-easy creation flow.

    7. LET YOUR WORDS TRAVEL THE WORLD & EARN CREDIT: All quotes get posted as pictures & videos have your signature so that when you share on social media, nobody can copy paste your original work or take credit for your creations. Posting is boasting! :) Share across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp & Twitter at the click of a button.

    8. WRITE IN ANY LANGUAGE: We care for your mother-tongue. Our team speaks 20 languages, you know. BeUnique supports all languages & has over 1.2 million writers posting their original works in English, Hindi, Odia, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese among others.

    Easy to Copy and Share !

    Don't wait - Hit the Install button and thank us later :)

    Tags: best quotes and status, quotes and status, status and quotes, quotes for whatsapp, quotes for instagram, motivational quotes, love quotes, friendship quotes, sad quotes, best status and quotes.
  • SendME - direct msg send for whatsapp only v1.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    SendME app allows you to open chat with anyone on WhatsApp without save his/her number on your phone, as we all know that we can't open chat with someone without save the number on your contact but with SendME you can do it with easiest way just by writing the number of your friend or anyone you want and click open chat and a conversation with the number you wrote will appear and you can send message.

    Also SendME allows you to open conversation with yourself and as we also know that WhatsApp doesn't allow to open chat with yourself in WhatsApp but you can do it with SendME .

    How it works?
    1. Enter a number to which you are going to send message.
    2. Type your text message and tap on send button.
    3. This will take you to the official WhatsApp app then a chat window is created on WhatsApp with given number.

    You can also chat in WA Business.

    Note - This app or app developer is not associated with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc. You should follow WhatsApp's terms & condition while sending messages through WhatsDirect App.
    SendME is easy to use because it's not complicated , has just textbox to write the number and button to open the chat with the number you wrote.
  • Raksha Bandhan - Rakhi photo frames 2019 v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Rakhi photo frames for your loving brother & sweet sister.

    Wishing you a very "Happy Raksha Bandhan 2019". Rakhi is big festival in Indian religion so everybody have memorable celebration day on this festival.

    Rakhi Photo frames app to decorate your photo, send gift, chocolate to your lovely brother or sweet sister.

    Rakhi photo frames , Raksha Bandhan photo frames to share your beautiful pictures.You can add Rakhi stickers on photos.

    Awesome collection of Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi photo frames 2019, quotes , messages, SMS & stickers.

    Share on social network:
    Rakhi wishes for TikTok.
    Rakhi wishes for Whatsapp.
    Rakhi wishes for Facebook.
    Rakhi wishes for Instagram.
    Rakhi wishes for Wechat.

    Raksha Bandhan- Rakhi photo frames 2019 using photo effects, stickers and messages.

    You can share pictures, stickers or messages with friends and family on social apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, hike, Line, WeChat and others.

    It works without internet too.
    You can save or share the final photo.

    Rakhi photo frames has unique features:
    1. All work in single screen.
    2. Full view canvas.
    3. Share Stickers to social apps.
    4. Share Quotes to social apps.
    5. Set picture as wallpaper.
    6. Quotes to choose from.
    7. Landscape and Portrait support.
    8. Photo editor & photo effects
    9. Text Editor.

    Rakhi photo frames app can be used as :
    1. Raksha Bandhan photo frames
    2. Rakhi Frames
    3. Raksha Bandhan Quotes
    4. Rakhi Stickers
    5. Raksha Bandhan Messages
    6. Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi photo frames
    7. Raksha Bandhan Quotes
    8. Rakhi Wishes
    9. Rakhi Messages
    10. Raksha Bandhan wishes
    11. Rakhi Messages
    12. Rakhi Photo Wallpaper
    13. Rakhi Images
    14. Rakhi E-cards
    many more...
  • Set Caller Tune, Jiyo Music - Set Jiyo Caller Tune v1.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Set Jiyo Caller Tune Ringtone

    Now it is easy to set caller tune in geo to make your callers listen your favorite song by set as a Caller Tune for your Mobile number.

    Geo caller tune song list, Geo hello tune for your Geo phone or Geo mobile.

    This is great caller tune idea for choose best of caller tune or caller ringtone.

    This is easy way to set or change the caller tune on your geo mobile phone. NO CHARGE It is 100% Free Caller tunes.

    This caller tune app contain best UI Design, Provide all song with high sound clarity.

    Caller tune app includes the new songs mp3 songs download for top new best ringtone 2019! You will be able to hear the phone ring over TV or whatever else is playing! New Top Hit Song Ringtones will be louder – when you need them to be!

    ✪ Best of some songs ✪
    Dekhte dekhte, heartbeat paniyon sa song download, true talk song download, baarish lete aana song download,Gold Movie Song, All Latest Bollywood song.

    ✪ Best of Punjabi songs ✪
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  • Clube ON v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Check out the Beta version of App Clube ON to follow local news, listen to Mega FM Radio, search local companies, check Club ON discounts and much more.
  • ivy The Social Network v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Reinventing connection. ivy serves as a way to connect you to your campus, friends, colleagues, and experiences that make up what ought to be the best years of your life.

    Become closer with these transformative years. Ivy offers a means of connection for every aspect of post-secondary social life, in an effort to make your university years everything you would want them to be.

    Gone are the days when the words university or college bred excitement. For all the new friends to be made, parties to be had, and unique experiences available to you only during this time of your life.

    Ivy hopes to reinvent each facet of that excitement again:

    EXPLORE: A place where you can find everything the community has to offer. From bake sales to features at the campus bar. From volunteer opportunities to frat parties. From suggested friends to events of the day. University has something for everyone, to help you develop yourself or simply to enjoy yourself. Explore offers every way in which we want to embrace being together. In this spirit, we encourage all students to share their events, parties, campaigns through ivy. If you would like to share events with ivy simply email us your information at: [email protected]

    MEET: Though a unique platform, ivy recreates the way in which students can meet one another. As though bumping into someone you recognize in the hallway, ivy offers a feature intended to simulate walking through your campus.

    CONNECT: ivy is the complete platform for University social life, as such we offer a way for students to chat, share, and collaborate through our imbedded chat platform.

    Create your personalized profile and enjoy all that ivy has to offer. Explore, experience, meet, connect and let us all Grow Together.
  • Custom Stickers for Whatspp - WAStickerApps v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Custom Stickers is a unique application where you can create your own WhatsApp stickers and be able to put on them differents phrases and decorate as you like.

    You will simply have to choose between more than 3000 personalized stickers for you and put the phrase that is most convenient for you. After that you can use it in your WhatsApp chat like a WAStickerApp. Surprise your friends or contacts with your personalized WhatsApp stickers with phrases that you use every day.

    Imagine the reaction of your friends showing them your sticker with the most crazy phrases, which only you can do.

    What are you waiting for? Create your first pack and have fun with the best sticker application ever made.

    You have to follow a few simple steps:

    1- Choose a sticker from the different categories of stickers .
    2- Write that phrase that will make your friends laugh and surprise
    3- Choose a font and a color
    4- Save the sticker in the pack you are going to create (remember that each pack must have at least 3 stickers in order to be added to WhatsApp)
    5- Add the new pack to the list of Stickers for WhatsApp

    HINT: Remember that you can also make your own phrases without an image. Just use the dialog boxes that we have for you.

    That's it, now just enjoy your stickers!
  • Jamestown Christian Church v1.3.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Stay up to date with the latest sermons, bulletins, calendar events and more at Jamestown Christian Church KY.
  • KOPO v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    KOPO helps you manage and find promotions from suppliers
  • Five Greatest Scientists v1.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    Five greatest scientists all over the world we see
  • SMS Duniya v3.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    SMS Duniya is a SMS App. In this app you are getting some great love sad & other sms.
  • Top PUBG Gamers v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    Top PUBG Gamers is an app of Top gamers name.
  • বাছাইকৃত বাংলা বাউল গান - Best Bengali Folk Songs v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    We found thousands of Bangla Bowl songs from YouTube, originally from the Bangla Entertainment Zone, and developed an easy-to-use app for users by combining the top 5 popular Bangla Bangla Bowl songs with quality.

    In total, those of you who are fans of Bangla Bowl songs can enjoy the best collection of Top 8 Bangla Bowl songs through an app.

    We will also be constantly adding new new Bangla Bowl song videos to this app.

    Hope you like the app. Encourage us with a review rating. And do not forget to give 5 Star.

    App Feature:

    Mumtaz Baul Music
    Zahir's Crazy Bowl Music
    Papaya Bowl Music
    Sukumar Baul Music
    Bowl songs
    New Bowl Music
    Bowl songs dj
    Baul Music Audio
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    Separation song
    The old Bengali song of old days
    Baul Shafi Mandal
    The Song of Baul Shah Abdul Karim
    Mind crazy music
    Bengali Best Bowl Music
    Shah Abdul Karim's hit ball song
    Popular Bangla Bowl Music
    Berah Bowl Music
    Baul Rinkur Music
    Baul Music Collection
    Separation song lyric
    Abdul Alim's best song
    Bengali New Music
    Bengali Folk Music
    Bengali Bowl Music
    Best Bengali Songs Selected
    Bengali Bowl Music Mumtaz
    Mamata's Best Bowl Songs
    Mindful Bowl Music
    Lalon Bowl song
    Pawan Das Baul Music
    Music by Lalon Sai
    Baul music

    Here's what you need to know about the app:

    - All the content provided in this application is taken from youtube and we just recommend to watch it. We just accumulate all Bangla Folk songs in one place.

    => App requires internet connection to run => No video to be downloaded => This is not an official app => We do not claim rights to the video content of this app => YouTube Public API rules obeyed => App is not affiliate.

    => YouTube video is developed without any kind of ad block.

    => If you still want to remove a video from the video owners, please mail us and we will remove your video within 48 hours.

    See our Privacy Policy to learn more



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    Parvathy Baul
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    Gostho Gopal Das
    Bapi Das Baul
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    Momtaz Begum
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New Apps
  • 소드마스터 APK
    Dungeons 3D side-scrolling action game!

    Key Features
    - Summons a random weapon!
    - All kinds of weapons!
    - Second hardcore play!

    National University of auditing culture of this game is the first semester sophomore majoring game app game production class project is the result of lessons.
  • Chibi Town APK
    The time has come to create your own city. Explore every corner, build homes and special buildings and bring entertaining characters to life.

    Help the policeman to catch the thieves, put out fires with the firefighters, cook in the restaurant, transport goods and take care of your sick citizens in the hospital.

    Have fun with the mini-games and missions and you will be able to get all the vehicles. Chibi Town is a complete game in which children will learn with total freedom to manage resources and make their own decisions. They will discover five professions and help with the maintenance and cleaning of the streets.

    - Play with 11 different characters: policemen, firefighters, doctors, cooks, engineers and deliverymen.
    - Build special buildings: a police station, hospital, restaurant, gas station, supermarket...
    - Drive and improve your vehicles: ambulance, fire truck, police car, taxi, bus, delivery truck, race car, scooter, ...
    - Complete all missions, challenges and mini-games.
    - Cook delicious recipes in the restaurant and surprise your customers.
    - Keep the city clean and the residents will always be happy.
    - Receive benefits for your characters' work and win great rewards to improve the city.
    - Find all the special items and help your characters use them.
    - Upgrade your vehicles to make them faster and more ecological, and fix them when they break down.
  • ねこのお化け屋敷 〜放置系経営シミュレーション〜 APK
    Cats have run a haunted house! ?

    == == The new game of cat app came out

    Quietly and standing nothing haunted house ...
    In this haunted house, you can decorate a lot,
    Place a gimmick that threaten
    Let's make the popularity of the haunted house!

    Visitor also cats.
    gimmick that threaten even cats.

    Neko-darake of cute (?)
    Haunted is a mansion.

    Of various types and reputation is going up
    Because the cat's us coming,
    More and more high cat's of rare degree by raising the reputation
    Locate it!

    Cat who came to the haunted house is
    Because it is registered in the picture book,
    It will gather high rarity cat Good luck!

    Such as collecting elements or leave-based game elements and management simulation elements
    Lots of game content! !

    It was not likely,
    The Nyanko haunted house perfect for summer
    Come Let's play!

    Sound Effects Lab
    Pocket Sound
    - Sound people
    -Jellyfish Artificer
    Maou soul
  • IRON FACE - FPS Multiplayer APK
    IRONFACE - is a multiplayer fast-paced first person shooter taking place in various battlefields around the World. Face MMOFPS action in dynamic online combat with different modern day weapons and game modes.

    Two multiplayer combat modes will suit anyone. Take place in Team Deathmatch and Free For All modes. Upgrade your modern gear as you progress through the ranks. Who will become the best shooter player?


    Love zombies games or single player games? We also have zombie mode! Push your weapon trigger to the limit , face and survive hundreds of zombies in fearless combat. The more you fight, the stronger they become. Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

    • Amazing FPS warfare action.
    • Stunning visuals and effects.
    • Up to 16 player battles online in multiplayer games.
    • Different modern weapons including Pistols, SMGs and Shotguns.
    • 3 different close range battlefields to participate in.
    • Explosive zombie mode.
    • Aim through iron sight to become more accurate.
    • Easy to learn, but hard to master.

    This game requires at least 1.5 GB of RAM.
  • 料理&経営の放置ゲーム まんぷくマルシェ APK
    A surprising character and the story is attractive, handy management and left the game.
    When played to the end, you have surely become the love this world.

    Use ingredients 60 kinds, you can make cooking is 180 type, a story about 200,000 characters large volume of!
    And deepens the relationship between men and women 6 chefs, surprising too secret is obviously ....
    Free standing game of rave reviews after another from played in the player until the ending
    It is "perfectly round" series the first series (all three works).

    [Especially recommended for those who like]
    · Ranch games, farm games, such as farm game, like Honobo games
    Such as Cafe management and restaurant management, like the management game cooking
    - like game from the tips Find recipes
    I like to feel free to play left the game in the Quentin
    · Gradually like training and left the game to increase the numbers
    - a story that decent, like a game ending
    I like to play games, even offline
    · Girl is like the hero of the game
    I like - surprise of a character
    Guess face like

    I thought the heartwarming standing game of Futsu, be surprisingly profound?
    Give the Aso box of "Mr. kingdom of tool toul to", "Play! Caracalla planet",
    Is a management simulation type left the game latest series to play for free until the ending!
  • Cap Runner APK
    Run! Jump! Hit! Adventures in the Funny Island.

    -2D endless runner game play with 3D graphic.
    -4 character costume.
    -11 Different stage with 5 background.
    -Beautiful 3D graphic.
    -Leader broad.
  • Jelly Smash Heroes APK
    Smash jellies in your off time. First in the "G-Cafe" Series♪
    It's the year 20XX.
    The world was invaded by mysterious jelly aliens.

    [・-・] < Hi! I'm a jelly alien.

    Smash jiggly jelly aliens!!
    A super enjoyable and refreshing action game!

    Many interesting characters! Tons of speedrunning!
    Play once and you're addicted! Let's play and have fun !!
  • WIFI Optimizer APK
    WIFI Optimizer helps you avoid conflicts with other WIFI networks and optimize the performance of your network.

    Analyze and list all the WiFi networks detected.
    Select a WIFI network and will show the overlap in all channels. Choose the channel with less overlap for the best performance on your WIFI network.

    Remember that this app cannot change the channel, but will let you know the recommended one to get the best performance!

    Very easy WIFI analyzer tool.

    Now you can follow this step by step guide to optimize your WIFI Network:

    You can support this development buying WIFI Optimizer PRO, with landscape support and ads-free.
  • War of Magic APK
    En War of Magic, reúnes a un grupo de guerreros y los entrenas para ser los mejores héroes a medida que avanzas en las campañas de PvE y en contra de jugadores del mundo real en misiones y torneos de PvP.
    Inspirado por el sistema de batalla de los juegos de rol clásicos, el jugador debe tomar a sus héroes y usar poderosas cartas de batalla para derrotar al ejército malvado.
    Un simple sistema de ataque basado en turnos hace que el juego sea fácil de aprender, pero a medida que avanzas en el juego, debes aprender la combinación correcta de héroe y cartas para dominar a tus oponentes.
  • Detox Procrastination Blocker: Digital Detox APK
    Detox Procrastination Blocker: Digital Detox

    Break free from procrastination and distractions, boost self control and stay focused with a digital detox! - a focus lock app for recovering procrastinators.

    Like any normal human being you've probably grappled at some point with a mixture of procrastination/smartphone addiction. With smartphones making a huge impact on society in the last few years things have changed for better AND worse. Access to anything is at your fingertips, but this makes it hard to concentrate or maintain self control.

    Are you experiencing issues with self control? Do you want to stay focused? Would you consider yourself to be a major procrastinator?

    That's why we developed this app - to help curb procrastination, distractions and maintain focus. Detox is a timer/focus lock designed to stop you from messing around on your phone needlessly. It can even be used as a way to give yourself a digital detox. As a bonus you can also uninstall other addictive apps from inside it!

    Once you turn on the lock in the app, you won't be able to use your phone for a period of time - which you can select. The app will monitor your app usage during the period and stop you from using other apps. Plus, the timer keeps going even if you reboot your phone, there's no way out - No more excuses!

    It's really easy to start a digital detox, just:

    1. Launch the app.
    2. Set a time to lock your screen for.
    3. Hit the lock icon and confirm.
    4. Study away, without procrastination and distractions.

    Main Features
    1. An easy to use interface without unnecessary features.
    2. The timer stops you from using other apps and getting distracted(you can set up to 11 hours for free).
    3. You can view your timer use history on the History Screen.
    4. You can also see a calculation of the total time you've used the timer in the History Screen for a motivation boost.
    5. You can handily uninstall other apps from the 'Uninstall Apps' screen of the settings page. It also shows you the size, name and package name of your installed apps.

    1. You can slowly improve your own self control.
    2. It should become easier to stay focused and keep on top of your tasks.
    3. You can break free from needless smartphone use by using the app as a 'focus lock'.

    Huawei and Xiaomi devices have task killer services that interfere with this app. To ensure it works properly you need to add this app to the allowed apps in security settings.
    Huawei: Phone Manager App > Protected Apps > Add Detox to the list.
    Xiaomi: Services > Security > Permissions > Autostart, find Detox and enable autostart.

    If you have any suggestions for this app or find a bug feel free to write it in the review section or email it to [email protected]
  • Elite Killer: SWAT APK
    Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game! Elite Killer is the #1 realistic 3D FPS game available on Google Play.

    You are a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms and get your 5 star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!

    Game Features:
    - Boasting spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences
    - 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozens of worldwide themes
    - Local Mission mode and online PvP mode
  • No Humanity - The Hardest Game APK
    2M+ Downloads All Over The World!

    * IGN Nominated Best Aussie/NZ game *
    * Top 5 indie games at PAX 2015 Australia – Mashable *
    * Global Game Jam "Best Game" Sydney 2015 *
    * Global Game Jam "Best Audio" Sydney 2015 *

    It's the end of the world and you are the lone survivor in a tiny spaceship. Get ready to dodge everything that is trying to kill you! Your reaction time and precision is key! No Humanity is the hardest bullet hell dodge game. Compare your score with friends and watch as they struggle helplessly. This game is the impossible game.

    No Humanity features:

    - Incredibly challenging gameplay as you dodge your way through an intense bullet hell environment
    - Loads and loads and loads of things trying to kill you, even YOUR FRIENDS!
    - Compete against yourself and other people in a global scoreboard. Become the best!
    - Real-time MULTIPLAYER online mode, where you can play against your friends under the same WIFI or 4G
    - CLAW MACHINE simulator as unique rewarding system, play the crane machine to win over 160 prizes!
    - OFFLINE MODE also available, play without internet, save bandwidth!

    This is a perfect game for TROLL, ANGER MANAGEMENT and SMASHING PHONES.


    Sign-in with Play Games. All your spaceships, weapons and worlds will be saved to your Google Play account!
  • Notepad APK
    Notepad - Notes
    Adler Notes is free, full-featured and easy to use notepad app for Android.
    You can use it as a digital notebook or diary.
    Our app is also perfect for recording lectures, business meetings and interviews.
    It saves your inspirations, holiday plans, shopping lists or anything you want to organize or remember!
    Colors and tags help you to organize and classify everything.
    You can work everywhere, stay productive and get reminders at the right time.

    More features and details
    • Basic note has a text field where you can write notes of any length
    • Notes can have many additional elements:
    - Bold title field
    - Colors such as on sticky notes, 8 colors to choose from (one of them can be set as default)
    - Task lists, to-do lists, shopping lists and checklists - checkboxes let you control what is to be done
    - You can take a photo and attach it to your note
    - Voice memos - high quality and low size M4A audio recordings
    - Speech to text - use voice recognizer to dictate a note
    • Reminders (one-time or recurring) notify you on time with blinking LED notification
    • Status bar - component (in the notifications area) helps you add a new note quickly
    • Tags support for better organize your notes
    • The most important notes can be added to Favorites
    • Efficient search helps you to get the information you need very quickly
    • Backup and restore features
    • Synchronization with Google Drive™ and Dropbox™ (auto sync works when needed and by default works on Wi-Fi only)
    • Very useful widgets - put your notes on your home screen:
    - Add Quick Note - provides quick access to the app
    - Single Note - sticky note memo, resizable widget displays one note
    - Your Notes - resizable widget displays all your notes or notes from selected list
    • Helpful actions on multiple notes at the same time (long-click selection support)
    • Sorting notes by modification date, creation date, reminder date and by name with favorites on top or not
    • Share ideas with friends and family via SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or any other app

    About Us
    • Visit SplendApps.com: http://splendapps.com/
    • Our Privacy Policy: http://splendapps.com/privacy-policy
    • Contact Us: http://splendapps.com/contact-us

    Follow Us
    • Twitter: http://twitter.com/SplendApps
    • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SplendApps
    • Google+: https://google.com/+Splendapps
  • Sanford Guide Collection APK
    Sanford Guide Collection provides subscribers to Sanford Guide Collection, Sanford Guide All Access, and Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist with integrated coverage of Antimicrobial Therapy, HIV/AIDS Therapy and Hepatitis Therapy. Content is updated on an ongoing basis, so users will always have access to the latest information. A subscription is required.

    Full text search provides fast access while intuitive menus provide an alternative way to navigate our content. Interactive tables, calculators, and other tools are included and updated regularly. Institutional users of Sanford Guide to Stewardship Assist also have access to local guidelines and antibiograms.

    Coverage includes: clinical syndromes (by anatomic system/site of infection), pathogens (bacterial, fungal, mycobacterial, parasitic and viral), anti-infective drugs (dosing, adverse effects, activity, pharmacology, interactions), comprehensive coverage of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis, preventative therapy, all evidence-based, extensively referenced and updated as new information becomes available.
  • Notification History APK
    new:Widget added (v 2.2.5)
    new:Portuguese language added (In the case of inappropriate or bad translation please contact our support team.)

    Some video tutrials could be found on our youtube channel.

    contributors: looking for contributors to localize the application...

    update: in the case of notifications not showing after update to new version, please uninstall the app, restart your device and then install it again.

    This app is designed to catch your device's notifications and toast messages, which pops up on your device and store them in order to browse and search them later even if they were dismissed. You can also define filters for notifications which are undesirable, so they will not be saved and will not appear in lists or search results.

    Received notifications should be also scheduled for later by long tapping within a list, or selecting a clock style icon in notification detail view.

    To remove notification from view try swiping the item left or right.

    When notifications not showing: Please make sure, you have provided a Notification Access in android settings
    When toasts not showing: Please make sure, you have provided an access to Accessibility Service in android settings

    Please note, only content shown at least once can be handled, past events (which happend before this app installed) not !

    Premium edition features:
    - Ads free interface
    - KEEP Matched filter type
    - Unlimited filters
    - Custom date range in notification view

    Starting with version 2.5.1 WhatsApp images, audio, video support added. That means you can view images received by WhatsApp application even if they are deleted. To mirror and view images please enable storage permission. Images can be opened within notification detailed view by tapping on any of the items labeled as "photo". Please note this function is now in beta version, if you are experiencing any inconveniences, please let us know as soon as possible. You can enable or disable the function from side menu, by tapping a "WhatsApp monitoring" option.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Collins Japanese<>English Dictionary APK
    The Audio Collins Mini Gem Japanese-English & English-Japanese Dictionary is an up-to-date, easy-reference dictionary, ideal for learners of Japanese and English of all ages. The dictionary covers about 10,000 words from each language with Collins pre-recorded audio pronunciation for each word.

    From Europe's Leading Bilingual Dictionary Publisher:

     • Get it right: all essential words and phrases you need in English and Japanese
     • Get there fast: the fast search takes you quickly to the words you want
     • Colour layout helps you find what you are looking for quickly and easily
     • Easily learn the correct pronunciation with the native speaker pre-recorded audio pronunciations (requires an Internet connection).

    NEW! Learn in style with any of the four colorful new themes.

    Also includes advanced search and language tools that have become the staple of quality language apps from MobiSystems, Inc.

    SEARCH TOOLS - effortlessly find words thanks to a clear, functional, and easy-to-use interface.
    Designed to provide the most comprehensive search experience the dictionary combines several search tools to match or suggest what you are looking for, including:
     • Search autocomplete helps find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type
     • Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases
     • Looking for a specific word but don't know how it's spelled? We've got you covered with our automatic ‘Fuzzy filter' to correct word spelling, as well as ‘Wild card' ('*' or '?') to replace a letter or entire parts of a word
     • Camera search looks up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results
     • Use our Voice search when you don't know how an entry is spelled
     • Share word definitions via installed apps on your device

    LEARNING TOOLS - engaging features that help you further enhance your vocabulary.
     • Designed to give you the freedom to structure your studies the way you see fit the 'Favorites' option allows you to create custom folders with lists of words from the vast library of entries
     • ‘Recent' list to easily review looked-up words
     • Learn a new word every day with our ‘Word of the day' option
     • Home screen widget provides random words at a glance

    ***This is a fully functional 30-day trial version***

    Get MORE by purchasing the full version.

     • Permanently unlock the complete features list.
     • Offline mode - look up words without an internet connection
     • Premium Support – Get expedited support for any app-related issues
     • Ad-free
  • اذكاري - طمئن قلبك بذكر الله APK

    الطريقة الافضل لتذكيرك بالاذكار هي الطريقة التي لا تتوقعها...لذا دع اذكاري يذكرك

    تطبيق الذكر أذكاري هو تطبيق اسلامي صُمم ليساعدك على ان لا تنسى ذكر الله ابداً، وعلى طريقتك الخاص!

    * يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية اثناء تصفح الانترنت او اي برنامج تواصل اجتماعي مثل فيس بوك، تويتر، او انستقرام بدون ان يزعجك
    * يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية اثناء المحادثة مع الاصدقاء على واتس اب، لاين، ڤايبر، فيس بوك، تانغو و غيره
    يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية اثناء مشاهدة الصور أو فيديو و حتى اثناء اللعب على جوالك
    يظهر الذكر او الدعاء او الاية في الاشعار بشكل سلس، بسيط، و لفترة قصيرة ليذكرك بذكر الله

    أذكاري هو تطبيق لكل المسلمين فيه من الخيارات ما يساعدك ان تخصص ظهور الأذكار و الأدعية و الآيات و الأحاديث، و شكل ظهور الأذكار و حجم خط الذكر، و مدة الاشعارات الاذكار على شاشتك، ليناسب ذوقك و يناسب حجم جوالك

    يعمل بدون انترنت

    خصائص و مميزات تطبيق الأذكار و الأدعية "أذكاري":

    ★ أذكار المسلم اليومية: اذكار الصباح, أذكار المساء اذكار النوم و غيرها من اذكار اليوم و اليلة
    ★ تنبيه لأوقات اذكار الصباح , اذكار المساء , اذكار النوم مع اشعار بسيط يمكن تأجيله او منه الدخول الى تطبيق المسلم أذكاري
    ★ سورة الملك, سورة الكهف, سورة الاسراء, سورة الحديد, سورة الرحمن, سورة يس, و العديد من السورة من القران الكريم التي يحتاجها كل مسلم يوميا
    ★ اشعار يوم الجمعة للتذكير بسورة الكهف و الصلاة على النبي و الدعاء
    ★ رسائل اذكاري لتلقي اذكار و ادعية و احاديث و ايات قرانية يوميا
    ★ امكانية تخصيص الاشعار الذكي لتغير موقع ظهور الذكر او الدعاء
    ★ المسبحة الاكترونية الذكية ! ستتذكر عنك اين كنت بالورد اليومي
    ★ ظهور الاذكار و الأدعية و الأحاديث و الايات القرانية على الشاشة لبضعة ثوان, لكي لا تنسى ذكرك الله ابدا
    ★ امكانية اضافة اذكارك و ادعيتك الخاصة بك لسهولة الوصول اليها
    ★ امكانية التحكم بمدة ظهور الاشعار على الشاشة
    ★ الوضع الليلي لقراءة القران و الاذكار في حالة وجودك بمكان مظلم
    ★ يمكنك تصميم اشعار الذكر بنفسك من تغيير لون خلفية اشعار الذكر, حجم و شكل خط الذكر..والمزيد..
    ★ والمزيد من الميزات الرائعة التي تنتظرك لتكتشفها في برنامج أذكاري...

    انشروه لينالكم الاجر

    ☆ يحتاج برنامج أذكاري لصلاحية القراءة و الكتابة على كرة الذاكرة, لقراءة و حفظ الادعية أوالأذكار المدمجة و التي ستضيفها بنفسك الى الادعية أوالأذكارالموجودة.
    ☆ يحتاج برنامج أذكاري صلاحية بدأ التطبيق مع بدء تشغيل او بعد اعادة التشغيل الهاتف او الوحي الخاص بك, لتغعيل التطبيق بعد اعادة تشغيله
    ☆ يحتاج برنامج أذكاري صلاحية انترنت لان البرنامج يحتوي اعلانات غوغل التي تدعمني ماديا للمزيد من التحديثات ان شاء الله فقط.

    شكرا لكم لاستخدام برنامج أذكاري

    "Athkari" Islamic app for all Muslims, the daily needed application for all Muslims around the world.

    Athkari has been designed to help you to never forget mentioning Allah and on your customized way.

    you can customize every single details about the islamic zikir notification message, including the thikir background and stroke color, azkar notification font size, azkar notification animation, when to show the zikir notification and the occurrence of the azkar appearance.

    While you are browsing Internet, reading news, chatting or whatever you are doing on your mobile, Azkari will display the notification smoothly to remind you with Athkar, Duas, Ayah, Suran, or Hadith (Athkar), on your personally customized way..

    Please share Azkari app as much as you can... let Thikr reach all muslims around the world.

    Features of Azkari for Muslims:
    ★ Morning Athkar, Evening Zikir, and Sleep Athkar
    ★ Notification for Sabah Athkar, Evening Athkar, and Sleep Zikirs
    ★ Athkar will show up automatically, and periodically to remind you to mention allah with Dua, Hadith, Surah, Ayah, or Zikir.
    ★ You can add your own Athkars that you want it to show up in the notification
    ★ you can choose when to display the Islamic Zikir, Dua, Hadith, or Ayah's notification
    ★ you can change the Athkar's notification background color
    ★ you can change the Athkar's notification stroke color
    ★ you can change the Athkar's notification font color and size
    ★ you can adjust the animation of showing the Islamic Athkar's notification
    ★ Android Material Design
    ★ FREE
  • GPS Data APK
    GPS Data app - you can check any necessary GPS data. If you like sports, mountaineering, journey, running you can use it to check your results or external parameters like speed, altitude, location, etc.

    Using this app you get:
    - altitude and elevation (measures of the height of a point relative to some datum - Height above sea level)
    - the location (latitude and longitude - GPS coordinates, lat and long)
    - speed km/h or mph
    - the quality of the GPS signal
    - list of GPS satellites (the number of satellites, and PRN are the "pseudo random noise")
    - direction - compass (determining the geographical position)

    In this app you get the access to the necessary mobile data, you don't need navigation, GPS tracker or GPS Watch.
    With this app you can check sunrise and sunset time of the day, local UTC time, position on the world map and many others data.

    Have a fun with GPS data app !
  • Easy Drugs APK
    Easy Drugs is an index for drugs and other medical products existing in the Egyptian market.

    Easy Drugs is backed with the most trusted, accurate, and up-to-date medicine data source in Egypt, which has been popularly used years ago in Egypt's medical sectors - Dawaa - دليل الدواء المصرى.

    Medications data is maintained and updated frequently to always keep the application accurate, and up-to-date.

    You can easily search medicines or active ingredients, write only as little as 3 letters and let Easy Drugs remind you with the full medicine or active ingredient name.

    Browse drugs by medical categories, choose main category, such as: anemia, then subcategory, such as: iron preparations and browse products in Egypt's medical market under this group.

    Browse all medicine companies that has products in the Egyptian market, use the fast alphabetical indexer to fast scroll to the company you want, and browse its products.

    Browse all active ingredients, see drugs under specific active ingredient.

    Detailed view of drug information, including its name, form, company, and - most importantly – price in Egyptian pounds.

    Know what other categories a specific drug belongs to, Easy Drugs show you all categories for a specific drug, so you know all its possible uses.

    Know drug alternatives through its active ingredients.

    Easy Drugs support both Arabic and English user interface according to your mobile current language.

    Your medical information, enriched, accurate, and up-to-date.
  • iTranslator - Voice To Voice Translation APK
    Let's talk through iTranslator. We'll take turns talking and listening to translations.
    Whenever you need translations during your travels, business trips, or while studying, just come and enjoy iTranslator. Over 90 languages supported for translation.

    ⍟ Main features:
    ⎼ Text translation
    ༚ Compare translation with Google, Yandex, Glosbe, Naver, Microsoft...
    ༚ Quickly translate any text, more than 90 languages supported.
    ⎼ Voice translation
    ༚ Speech to text with many languages supported ( it depends on your device ).
    ⎼ Conversation ( voice-to-voice translation )
    ༚ Take your turns talking and listening to translations with your Friend.
    ༚ Also send a text instead of using your voice.

    ⍟ Required app permissions:
    ⎼ Microphone ( allows voice/conversation translation )
    ⎼ Storage ( allows store database )

    ⍟ Language supported:
    Afrikaans , Albanian , Arabic , Armenian , Azerbaijani , Basque , Belarusian , Bengali , Bosnian , Bulgarian , Catalan , Cebuano , Chichewa , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , Croatian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English , Esperanto , Estonian , Filipino , Finnish , French , Galician , Georgian , German , Greek , Gujarati , Haitian Creole , Hausa , Hebrew , Hindi , Hmong , Hungarian , Icelandic , Igbo , Indonesian , Irish , Italian , Japanese , Javanese , Kannada , Kazakh , Khmer , Korean , Lao , Latin , Latvian , Lithuanian , Macedonian , Malagasy , Malaysia , Malayalam , Maltese , Maori , Marathi , Mongolian , Myanmar(Burmese) , Nepali , Norwegian , Pashto , Persian , Polish , Portuguese , Punjabi , Romanian , Russian , Serbian , Sesotho , Sinhala , Slovak , Slovenian , Somali , Spanish , Sundanese , Swahili , Swedish , Tajik , Tamil , Telugu , Thai , Turkish , Ukrainian , Urdu , Uzbek , Vietnamese , Welsh , Yiddish , Yoruba , Zulu.

    ⍟ Support:
    Always happy to hear your feedback. Thank you, we are here to make everyone happy. It's what we do!
    Please send an email to: [email protected]

    ⍟ Privacy Policy:
    ⎼ http://cuduapp.com/cuduapp/Privacy.htmll

    Download iTranslator and enjoy with your business!

    Best regards!

    CUDU developer.