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Apk Info:
File Name action.slash.hero.high
Price Free
Last Update Time Jan 15, 2022
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Enjoy Easy control!Enjoy Superb Action!Kill enemies with ninja heroes.Avoid enemy threats like ninjas!

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    Break your stresses away in the SWIPE AMAZE BALL 2D PUZZLE game!

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    - Offline (without internet connection) gameplay supported
    - Challenge your highest score
    - Free to play

    Thank you for playing SWIPE AMAZE BALL 2D.
    Have fun!
  • Twist Magic Bloom
    ⭐Challenge yourself with Twist Magic Bloom : Twist Magic Bloom Music Ball Game, the hardest twisty tiles, magic music game on mobile that your friends want to make some twists, but they can't. It's your phone, mate⭐

    ⭐Show your skill and Let's Twist

    How to play:
    ⭐Tap the screen, control the Twister and Follow the music

    ⭐Try Not to fall off the Tiles

    ⭐Collect gems to unlock various hot songs

    What is your best score?
  • Brain Games - Color Mania
    Are you looking for some brain training or brain exercises? You have come to the right place.

    What is Color Mania: Brain Games?

    Color mania: Brain Games is a free brain training game that consists of memory games. reflex games, and concentration games.

    You have four different brain games games to choose from:

    Classic: Endless mode. Tests and improves your left brain - right brain coordination.

    Time Attack: Tests and improves your left brain - right brain coordination. The goal is to score as much as you can in a minute.

    Color Memory: It is a memory game. It is a good brain exercise. You have to remember a sequence of colors that expands with every correct answer.

    Color Match: This game tests your perception. You have to differentiate between similar colors before the timer runs out.

    Connectivity to Google Play Games means access to leaderboards and achievements which make the game competitive, challenging and addictive.

    All in all, these color infused brain games will definitely help you in improving your memory, concentration, reflexes, perception and concentration.

    Have Fun!!

    Our preview images were created using 'Previewed' at previewed.app
  • A Woman's Adventure Fairy Saga
    A Woman's Adventure - A Fairy Saga is a game that puts you on a quest to collect the diamonds in the game world while trying to stay away from enemies. It might sound simple, but this comes with a variety of unique challenges and demanding situations. Each time you play A Woman's Adventure, you will find yourself trying to complete levels and accruing all the shiny diamonds out there.
    But you are not alone in the game world. You will find yourself facing a variety of enemy types, and you must avoid them or pick the power ups and use them against these enemies to survive and finish the level.
    Each time you play, you will encounter unique challenges that will make the game more and more interesting. You still need to time your jumps and attacks wisely, as every enemy encounter can be fatal if you don't judge things correctly. With our help, you can help take your experience to the next level, while constantly pushing the limits and assessing the unique challenges that come your way.
    Do you have what it takes to guide the princess towards those diamonds? Try out A Woman's Adventure - A Fairy Saga today and test your skills!

    • Engaging platformer gameplay
    • Multiple enemy types
    • Collect as many diamonds as possible
    • Colorful game world
  • Hero Cage Mission - Pull Pin & Save the Princess
    Hero Cage Mission is a fun arcade game where your focus is to try and save the princess and obtain the gold. All you need to do is to remove the right pin and you will win. But if you're not careful and you remove the wrong pin, you will lose and you need to try again.

    The Hero Cage Mission experience is very engaging because each level is fully randomized, so you never have the same pin location. This provides outstanding game mechanics and ideas, and there's also a lot of replay value. It just helps bring in front a very powerful, immersive experience, and that helps push the experience to the next level every time.

    On top of that, you can unlock a lot of content as you acquire coins in the game. This encourages you to play more and more, while testing your skills and trying out a vast array of new things. If you love arcade games with a bit of a tactical approach, then Hero Cage Mission is definitely the right game for you. Just check it out today!

    • Remove the pin to kill enemies
    • Save the princess to win
    • Grab the gold and unlock new items
  • Little crook runner
    John is little boy live with his parents near by forest. One day he is playing outside and he see some peoples going towards the forest. When he chase them, he see that they are agents of deforestation Mafia and planning to cut the trees. He get afraid and ant to come back home they see him behind the trees. They catch him and tie up in the forest. But luckily the rope not such tied and he run away from them.
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New Apps
  • Guess The Building in Indonesia APK
    The New Building in Indonesia Trivia game! Guess the building in indonesia classic guessing game that will entertain you for hours! the fun quiz game tests your knowledge story the building in indonesia to solve simple (and somtimes hard) word guess the picture! The concept is simple, really. we promise.
  • Indian Rummy APK
    Welcome to the rummy game world, It's rummytime.
    Offline Rummy game is the famous card game, Indian rummy card game is to arrange the 13 cards in proper runs and sequences. A minimum of 2 sequences is a must and one needs to be a pure run whereas the other can be any valid sequence to win in rami.

    How will you get extra chips with the rummy game??
    - Daily Chips: Get more FREE BONUS chips than any other game.
    - Magic box: Every after few minutes you will get free chips from the magic box.

    ** Game Features **
    Indian Rummy offline game is played between 2 to 6 players and each player is dealt 13 cards. play rummy online with 2 or 3 players, two 52-card decks (104 cards), and 4 jokers (wild cards) are used. For 4 to 6 players, three decks (156 cards) and 6 jokers are used.

    Rummy app is origin from India, So players called the rammy offline card games like Indian rummy game, rummy modern, rami, ramee, rammy as well as rummy game software.

    How to play rummy card games?
    - Arrange all 13 cards in sets and runs with more than 3 cards.
    - Play rummy game free between 2 to 5 players.
    - A pure run is where the player has to make a sequence of 3 or 4 cards in order like clubs of 5, 6, 7 or Hearts of 10, J, Q, K.
    - An impure run is a sequence where the player can make use of the joker card or wild card to full-fill requirement for declare the game.
    - In rammy offline card games, A set can be called when there is a group of three or more cards of the same value but of different suits.
    - All your possible runs/sets are grouped together in Indian rummy card games.

    Download The Indian Rummy Card games, Play rummy free card games Anytime Anywhere in the world !!
  • Qosifire APK
    Qosifire live streaming quality monitoring service provides this application for getting push notifications about streaming alerts.
    It also allows viewing statistics about available live streams.

    Sign up at https://qosifire.com/ to create your account and start working with the service.

    Powered by Softvelum team who brings you other efficient products for your streaming infrastructure: Nimble Streamer software media server, Larix Broadcaster mobile streaming apps, WMSPanel cloud panel and much more: https://softvelum.com/
  • Suhail Plus APK
    Telecommunication Services Distribution System in Yemen
    And agent for all telecom services in Yemen
    Flexible system and a unique and reliable safety feature
    Payment Cabinet. One screen for all services
    Paying a merchant .. whereby any subscriber to the application can pay an invoice to any merchant, so that the merchant is registered with the application
    One application for all levels where the agent and also the distributor can enter the application with his personal account and make direct payments without the need to open a point of sale.
    He can also add points of sale through the application, add balances for them, and amend their data through the same application.
    Services for North and South
  • Berserker APK
    In Berserker, runestones are alternately set on a chessboard-like playing field. The goal is always to bring together three stones of your own color vertically, horizontally or diagonally. But be careful! Your opponent can mess up your entire strategy with a single move. Because every stone that is set pushes the other stones aside on the field and ensures a completely new set-up each time.
  • Gods & Civilization APK
    Create your Empire

    Ragnarok has started, the gods are in utter dismay and the divine world calls for the aid of a new Hero, you. Are you prepared to fight for world domination? Will you be the one to save what little remains of this world and make it your own, conquering the divine and mortal alike?

    Build an army and travel through the worlds of Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Norse mythology:
    Assemble Gods in 4 universes and lead Thor, Odin, Zeus, Poseidon, Osiris, Hercules, Venus...etc to fight the evil.
    Gather a horde of mythological creatures and build your legendary army, conquer Asgard and restore balance to the world after Ragnarok.

    Enjoy the next generation of 4X Real-Time Strategy Game. Download the app now and rebuild the universe after Ragnarok!


    Bring The Gods To Life
    Conquer - Fight to save the world after Ragnarok, cleansing it of its own destruction, Loki and many other evil gods have amassed powerful armies to stop your advance, you will need to build your army with the greatest Heroes you can find, and conquer different levels of mythical lands to improve both your empire and your wealth before you can even begin to stop him - whatever the cost.

    Repel Vast Invasions From Beyond
    PVP - The age of peace has ended, and now a new power seems to be rising in the horizon. Invasions from different players and heroes will come, and you will have to use your resources in the best way possible in order to repel the invaders, maybe even consider taking the fight to their lands?

    Seek Help From Distant Lands
    Co-op - Sometimes your own effort isn't enough, by building alliances with other players in your Guild, you can help and support each other's empires and take on bigger enemies together, as opposed to solo.

    Become The Ultimate Ruler
    Expand - Grow bigger, build bigger, become bigger. The world is at your feet, and now is your time to rise to the pinnacle of power. By assembling Gods and Heroes, customising them with the finest of rare mythical equipment, you will become unstoppable.
  • Mencari Kata APK
    Search for Words - Word.

    Word Search is a very entertaining, educational word search game that helps improve vocabulary skills. word search game with Indonesian vocabulary.

    ★ Features:
    ★ Download "Word Search" for free.
    ★ Level updated.
    ★ Interesting vocabulary.
    ★ Use hints or ask friends options when you get stuck.
    ★ Increase knowledge with new vocabulary.
    ★ This game is 100% free to play.
    ★ Play with family & friends.
    ★ Brain booster games.
  • Firebuzz - The Cloud buzz APK
    Firebuzz let you creating a Cloud BUZZ system for your quiz, game, exam or competition.

    Players and members can join using their smartphone/tablet/computer without needing to install any app. They can just scan the provided QRcode or click on the link you shared with them and you are ready do start. Quick and easy!

    Suitable for both live and remote events
    Internet-based, no need for WiFi or Bluetooth
    No-install web-based remote app for players
    Sound and haptic effects
    Sub-second accurate time synchronization between devices for maximum fairness
    ‍‍ Group players in teams (optional)
    Built-in score board to track teams and members points (optional)
    Players approval, removal and ban by host (optional)
    ️ Host can be a player too (optional)
    Multi-rooms library to manage all your events
    QRcode and link generator to quickly share the room between players
    ☁️ Cloud account to securely store and sync all your rooms across devices (optional)

    Quick start
    1️⃣ Launch the app and press "New"
    2️⃣ Give your room a name and press "Create"
    3️⃣ Press the "Share" button and share the QRcode with players
    4️⃣ Press the "Start" button and enojoy the fun!

    During Firebuzz launch period all users can access premium features without a paid subscription!
    Just enjoy and share the app, thank you!

    ❓ Have a question? Poke us at [email protected]
  • Ephoca APK
    Manage Ephoca devices installed in your home, create rooms or areas of your house. Define the daily and weekly programming of comfort thanks to the various EPHOCA devices present.
  • Deliver Food APK
    Try to best the best deliver guy!
  • Sahla IQ APK
    فني سهلة - Sahla Fanni

    سهلة .. الصيانة بمفهوم جديد
    تطبيق إلكتروني تم تطويره بهدف ربط مزودي الخدمة بالعميل لتسهيل أعمال الصيانة وفق طرق تقنية مبتكرة وسريعة من خلال طلب فنيّ صيانة ذو خبرة يقدم جميع خدمات الصيانة وفق معايير عالية.
    نسعى لنقلة نوعية ملموسة ومستقبل واعد في قطاع الصيانة ككل من خلال جعل كل منزل أو منشأة مكان أفضل بطرق تقنية بسيطة تمنح طالبي الخدمة و محتاجيها تجربة ممتعة سريعة بدلاً من كونها صعبة وعرضة أكثر للاستغلال وانعدام الضمانات.

    SAHLA .. Maintenance with a new concept
    An electronic application developed with the aim of linking service providers with the customer to make maintenance work easier according to creative and fast technical methods by requesting an experienced maintenance technician who provides all maintenance services according to high standards.
    We seek a tangible qualitative leap and a promising future in the concept of all types of maintenance by making every home or facility a better place in simple technical ways that give service seekers and those in need a quick and enjoyable experience instead of being difficult and in risk of deceiving.
  • Story Saver for Instagram - Video Downloader APK
    The description of Story Saver
    Easily save your videos and photos to your device on Instagram with the Story Saver for Instagram app.

    All post types are supported. You can view and save many things such as IGTV, reels, story, highlight, profile pictures. Download video and photo with their caption, tags, location, tagged users, story music etc.

    The best features:

    Download and save video and picture from Instagram easily.
    Repost to Instagram quickly.
    Share photo and video to any other Apps.
    View stories anonymously
    Supports multiple accounts
    Search users and browse stories
    View and copy post caption and tags.

    One App has all Instagram media types downloader in 2021

    Picture Save for IG
    The easiest way to download photos from Instagram. You can download everything, including highlight cover photos and profile pictures.

    Instagram Post Downloader
    It's now easy to download any Instagram post you want to share again. Copy Instagram link and paste it into the app and start downloading. Leave all the rest to Downloader

    Insta Story Download
    Since Stories can be viewed for 24 hours, it makes sense to download and store them. If you want, you can choose one by one or choose all of them.

    Instagram Highlight Downloader
    Highlight download feature is one of the most used functions of the application. You can save highlight videos with all their details to your device.

    Video Downloader for Instagram
    Any video you love and want to repost is on your device with a click. Archive videos and share them from any app whenever you want.

    IGTV Video Download
    IGTv content consists of very long videos. Downloading them is often quite difficult. Easily download long IGTV videos to your device with the fast download manager.

    Instagram Reels Video Downloader
    Instagram's new content type reels videos are also available for download in our app. All you have to do is share the reels videos with this app. That is all!

    Get ready to use the best Instagram download manager of 2020.

    ❗Story Saver for Instagram App is not associated with Instagram. It is a downloader for Instagram photos and videos.
    ❗ We are not responsible for any intellectual property violation that results from downloading.
    ❗ We respect the copyright of the owners. Please get the PERMISSION from the owner if you want to repost videos or photos. DO NOT download or repost the videos and media clips without owners' PERMISSION.
  • Fafafa Higs Domino Islan Guide APK
    Selesei beberapa up date terkini dari higgs domino island, beberapa pemain mengeluhkan kurangnya berhasil kesuksesan di slot fafafa, untuk itu aplikasi ini mengancang cara dan alat terupdate memahat kesuksesan di slot fafafa. selamat bermain dan salam jackpot.

    **Aplikasi ini berujud melainkan untuk permainan, segala bentuk perbuatan pertaruhan dll di luar tanggung jawab admin
  • Tempo Pengantin Guide Editing APK
    Dari sentuhan satu orang make up maka setiap orang tentunya dapat merasa pangling tidak mengenali sejumlah wanita ini yang rampung menjadi cantik. Ternyata video t1kt0k yang viral di t1kt0k ini tidak selengkapnya benar, kenapa Begitu? Hal ini karena ada satu buah aplikasi yang dapat membuat hal termasuk merupakan aplikasi periode pengantin.

    Untuk anda yang memiliki keterbatasan dalam merias diri namun ingin tampil lebih cendayam dengan riasan pengantin. Maka tidak ada salahnya anda untuk menakar memanfaatkan aplikasi era ini.
  • Craftsman: Building Craft APK
    You are a craftsman, your task is to design houses, castles and build them.
    You can do it alone or with your friends' help.
    Please experience our game:
    - Stunning graphics and realistic sound.
    - Simple, easy to play.
    - Many game modes.
    - Very much like the real world.
    - A lot of interesting things
  • Car Parking 3D: Modified Car City Park and Drift APK
    Car Parking 3D: Modified Car in the City Park and Drift is completely renewed. New modified option, new city and multiplayer game modes are added. Parking in the city, drift, racing against time and many more new missions are added. Complete parking in the huge city, drifting and other missions or drive your modified e46 car in new free roam map.
    MODIFICATION OPTIONS and GARAGE: Improve your car's performance with performance and nos upgrades. Beautify your car with rim, color, window tinting, spoiler, roof scoop and exhaust options. Adjust suspension height and camber. You can change your car's plate or you can write your name on the plate. Also you can add any bass system you want in your car's trunk. You can control your car's park lights, fog lights, high and low beam headlights and you can change the color of LED lights. All of the controls of the car are under your control. You can turn on and turn off TCS ABS ESP and SH. You can adjust rev limiter, delayed gear shifting and clutch threshold.
    CAREER MODES AND FREE MODES: Collect the stars in five different modes and customize your car with the awards you win. Complete the parking, drifting and racing against time missions. Improve your driving skills with 430 levels. Step on the gass, drift and jump ramp on newly added maps. Also, you keep earning money in the new free roam mode too.
    PARKING IN THE CITY MODE: Experience parking your modified car in new parking lots in the city that has high detailed buildings and bridges. Modify your car with your earnings. It's easy to find your destination in the city with the new navigation features. Also, you can switch to interior driving camera.
    DRIFT MODE: Earn drift point by sidestepping with your modified car. Increase your drift score by hitting bonus drift point and drift multiplier. Collect stars and complete levels by reaching 3 tier goal points. Burn your tires by sidestepping with your realistic modified car in the city. Try not to hit other cars in the traffic and other objects.
    TIME RACE: Reach the final destination on time. Follow the lines on the ground to find the goal. The less accident you make, the more stars and money you will earn. You can obtain the 3 stars without hitting. Reach the final flag on time and earn the reward.
    PARKING MODE: Complete 214 levels from easy to hard in the parking lot and improve your driving skills. The hardest levels in driving simulation are in the advanced levels of the parking mode. You will earn more money by completing the levels.
    PLATFORM MODE: Reach the goal without hitting in compelling platforms. Complete the level by passing ramps and small spaces.
    DESERT, HIGHWAY and AIRPORT: Drive your car as you wish in the newly added free modes and earn money. Use the ramps to collect the money on the hight points and reach the reward points by stunting in ramps. Collect money by going over the hills in desert. Reach the maximum speed by pushing the limits of car in the highway mode. You can go to the garage for maximum speed and acceleration upgrades to reach higher speeds. Drift between the flights in the airport and collect money. Experince acrobatic driving, high speed and adrenalin in the free .
    FREE CITY MODES: Drive in the newly added huge and high detailed city as you wish. Drift and wreak havoc without hitting the cars in traffic. Drive over bridges, on the streets and in parking lots.
    ADVANCED CAMERA MODES: Experience realistic driving in inner driving mode. Use top camera mode to see surroundings better while parking. You can use remote camera mode to have a wider point of view in traffic.
    OPTIONS: Choose the control type of steering wheel or left-right button control that suits you.
    MULTIPLAYER MODE: Drive online drift and race with your friends. Have a pleasant time with your friends with the online car game. The multiplayer car driving game offers you various challenges and free ride with other players.
    NEW CARS: New E30 E92 M3 BRZ Golf and Doblo car models added.
  • PK XD - Play with your Friends APK
    Welcome to PK XD!

    Do you want to explore this universe and join millions of people around the world?! Join us and reach a new level of fun!


    This world is yours! In addition to exploring and facing challenges, you can try different activities and have fun with your community!

    Your experience is even more complete with a virtual pet! From common to rare, find lots of cute creatures to accompany you in the game. Take good care of them and see how much they can evolve by your side!


    Your character, your rules! You can be anything you want, use your imagination to combine all available items.


    We always plan very special moments for you to enjoy! Take part in our events like Halloween, Easter and Christmas, with amazing decorations around the Island, challenges and themed items!


    Decorate the perfect house, however you like. The only limit is your imagination! Take a peek at the items you can find: Cloud Sofa, Dance Mat, Soft Mats, Player Chair, Kitchen Items, Bathroom Items, and more!


    Play the minigames with your friends. How about participating in a Crazy Run, breaking the record at the Pet Parade or delivering pizzas to earn coins? Enter the Arcade and win all challenges!


    Build the game with us! We want to hear everyone's suggestions so that we can offer the best experiences.
    Stay on top of news: @pkxd.universe
  • TikTok APK
    TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you're a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there's something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don't, and you'll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day.

    We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more.

    ■ Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you
    A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

    ■ Explore videos, just one scroll away
    Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

    ■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
    Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need.

    ■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
    Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired.

    ■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
    Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.

    ■ Express yourself with creative effects
    Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.

    ■ Edit your own videos
    Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

    * Any feedback? Contact us at https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback or tweet us @tiktok_us
  • Toca Life: Neighborhood APK
    Welcome to your new neighborhood, filled with friendly faces to hang out with. Explore your new block, where you can explore cafés and shops, and meet a new set of characters. And guess what? A Toca Life app has never had this many homes!

    What's your interior style? Minimalistic, cute, bohemian or industrial? Pick one of four apartments, or move into all of them! Move in, get settled, visit your neighbors and invite them to help decorate your home!

    Visit the interior design store were you can find loads of items to decorate your new place. Plants, clocks, pillows and mailboxes! Paintings, stools and many other things.
    Don't leave before spending some time in the photo booth. Choose a filter and get your friends ready! Say cheese!

    Spend some time with your friends chilling in the Rob-o Café. Grab a bite from the conveyor belt or order a smoothie from the giant robot. Choose between four tasty flavors. Which one will you pick?

    Very soon we will introduce Toca Life: World, our new mega app that brings all of the Toca Life locations together. Toca Life: World will be the place for all new themes and updates, and even some surprise gifts! We're almost ready to introduce it to you. If you download Toca Life: Neighborhood today, soon you will be able to connect it with the rest of your Toca Life apps.

    Meet 23 new characters
    4 new apartments with different themes to live and hang out in!
    Shop at the design store to get new furniture and objects for your home - make it your style!
    Bring your best friends to the Rob-o Café and pick out food from the conveyor belt.
    Get a smoothie from the giant smoothie robot. Choose between four tasty flavors!
    Bring family and friends to take a photo in the photo booth! Which filter will you use?
    Get a Sloth toy in the Slothtato toy machine!
    Find the secret Rob-o Disco Club!
    Visit the tiny creatures that have a hideout in the elevator!

    At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids' imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at tocaboca.com.

    Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy: https://tocaboca.com/privacy
  • Toolbox for Minecraft: PE APK
    IMPORTANT: This mod requires Minecraft: Pocket Edition. You can download it from the Play store.

    Toolbox is a launcher/modification for Minecraft: PE (MCPE) that allows you to give yourself items (just like in the popular Too Many Items modification), potion effects, change gamemode, set health, time, weather, enchant items, spawn, remove or set health of all entities of a certain type, see valuable blocks using a special mode called X-Ray, and much more!

    - Missing an item in Survival? No problem, just add it from the menu.
    - Almost died? Heal yourself or switch to creative in-game!
    - Forgot the recipe for an item? Just check it using the menu!
    - Got tired of walking every time you need to get an item from main chest? Use the teleport feature!
    - Can't find diamonds for hours? Just activate the X-Ray mode.
    - Destroying trees takes forever? Enable the tree capitator option and destroy whole trees instantly!
    Download this application and become a master of Minecraft: Pocket Edition!

    Note: This app is not affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft