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File Name app.infractal.diamond_hill_villa
App Download Version: 1.0.0
Price Free
Apk Size 12.1 MB
Last Update Time Sep 22, 2022
Min 5.0
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Welcome to RhodesEnhance your holiday experience with ;our new app featuring information about our villa and the island of Rhodes. The Application includes: ~Basic information about our villas~Live chat function so we can assist you~Beaches you can visit in Rhodes ~All the sights you do not want to miss~Maps ~Directions ~Features to ease your stay(Rent a Car, Supermarket delivery and more)~Useful Telephone numbers you might need during your stay~Recommended places to visitWe hope you enjoy your experience with us while visiting the beautiful island of Rhodes.

  • Diamond Hill Villa v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Diamond Hill Villa v1.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)


    Welcome to Rhodes
    Enhance your holiday experience with ;our new app featuring information about our villa and the island of Rhodes.

    The Application includes:
    ~Basic information about our villas
    ~Live chat function so we can assist you
    ~Beaches you can visit in Rhodes
    ~All the sights you do not want to miss
    ~Features to ease your stay(Rent a Car, Supermarket delivery and more)
    ~Useful Telephone numbers you might need during your stay
    ~Recommended places to visit

    We hope you enjoy your experience with us while visiting the beautiful island of Rhodes.
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    * Easy Gameplay
    * Real Tribune Sounds
    * 90 Second Gripping Matches
    * 3 Different Stadiums
    * 3 different balls
    * High performance

    Head Football - Super League that Turkey will not understand how time passes while playing the game!

    Don't forget to mention your wishes and opinions so that we can offer you better games!
  • Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 3
    Realistic graphics!
    Realistic sounds!
    A wide range of different firecrackers, rockets, fireworks!
    Each fireworks has its own unique sound!
    Use this app on holidays!
    The app is completely safe and will not harm you in any way.
  • Shift race: Fun race game
    Helicopter, car, or motorboat - choose the required vehicle during the race to come first!
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    Frequent content updates: Fresh and free updates with new interior and exterior design challenges, floor plans, outdoor gardens, landscaping, seasonal items, and more!

    Home & Garden: Design Makeover is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. This game requires an internet connection. Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Imprint: https://www.goodgamestudios.com/terms_en/
  • Anti-Terrorism Commando Missio

    Welcome to #1 counter terrorism shooting game.You are a well trained commando and you are equipped with modern guns like machine gun,sniper,rifle,pistol,grenades and many more.In this game your mission is to lead your team of commandos and destroy enemy camps to save your country from terrorism.

    1) Beautifull Graphics
    2) Amazing Animations
    3) Smooth Game Controls
    4) Amazing Sound Effects
    5) 15+ beautifull modern guns
    6) Unlimited thrilling missions
    7) Realistic 3d effects
    8) Smart and Intelligent Enemy AI System
    360 Gaming Studio is not Affiliated in any way with other Action or shooting games developed by other companies or developers.
    Privacy Policy
    Give us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve the game continuously.

    Game that designed to match your requirements.
    You can completely modify your car
    New challenge make you collect coins and buy new cars and open new levels.
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    The streets of the entire city are your battleground, with dozens of diverse racetracks for both discerning and amateur racers alike. Get those nitro juices burning and win the race before your opponents hear you rolling!

    Every race is a real challenge. You're on the first step in the long career of a lucky street racer, but the top is only for the best and the most persistent. Get the best rides in town and make the rest RESPECT you!

    If you like Street Racing Grand Tour - car driving games

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  • Beep, beep, Alfie Atkins
    Beep, beep! Alfie Atkins and his friends are waiting for you to visit them in their wonderous world. Together with Alfie, you will build a clean world and recycle different materials to build roads, houses, stores, schools, parks and much much more. As the community grows, you and Alfie will help the citiziens with fun things/activities in the city. You will be able to recharge your electric car, shop in the store, go to the doctor's, pick fruit, rake leaves, and stop fires with fire hose. In return you will receive lots of love from the citizens and generous rewards to continue your important work. This is a game featuring many hours of fun for both young and old players.

    The game is free to download. If you like it and want to buy the full version then you can make a one time purchase inside the app. You will be able to continue building the world you've created in the free version.

    Beep, beep, Alfie Atkins is a game specially developed for children aged 3 to 9 years old. There are no elements featuring stress or timers. Children can play the game in the time they need and there's always an opportunity for them to continue playing the game.

    * 5 city blocks with roads and many construction sites where you can build houses, parks and stores/shops
    * 9 different mini games
    * 5 vehicles to drive
    * Totally free to play!
    * Totally free from 3rd party ads and commercials

    * The full version is purchased through the in app purchase function, this is the only purchase in the game. The player keeps all progress and can continue to build what they started in the free version
    * Total access to the entire world (a world that will continue to grow in future updates)
    * 25 vehicles (more to follow in future updates)
    * 15 mini games (more to follow in future updates)

    * Multi touch - play together simultaneously
    * Build, craft, paint, play - explore a child's creativity
    * Kid friendly interface - easy to understand and navigate
    * No 3rd party advertising

    Beep, beep - let start!

    Alfie Atkins (Swedish: Alfons Åberg) is a fictional character created by the author Gunilla Bergström.

    Gro Play creates GOOD GAME experiences to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living. We believe that play is not only the most fun, but also the most powerful way to learn. By entertaining and inspiring children and their parents, we are shaping a healthier and more sustainable future for us all. Gro Play is a proud winner of the Swedish Living Green award 2012.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GroPlay
    Instagram: http://www.instagr.am/GroPlay
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GroPlay
    Website: www.GroPlay.com
  • Dark Things - detective quest
    Dive into the thrilling adventures of Mr. Doe!

    Set off on a great journey in Dark Things!

    These unforgettable adventures will take you places no ordinary human has ever been before! Or so it seems...
    Unravel dark mysteries with the charming Mr. Doe and the gutsy journalist, Miss Cole. Dark Things is full of black comedy and sarcasm!

    - Dive into the pixel-art noir atmosphere!

    - Complete exciting, difficult quests! Help Mr. Doe and Miss Cole solve complex puzzles and uncover strange things.

    - Investigate cases in beautiful locations and enjoy strange, at times comical dialog! Every inch of Dark Things is full of curiosities and mysteries.

    - Meet new characters in each case and learn their unusual stories!

    A classic point-and-click adventure detective questgame. Mr. Doe must explore strange things, solve mysteries, and learn dark secrets... All the while striving to ensure no one learns his own secrets... or is he?

    ● Fun 2D graphics in the style of pixel art.
    ● Synth-wave inspired music. Back to the 80's
    ● A story full of interesting moments in the great traditions of the genre.
    ● Almost every line of dialogue is served up with a side of irony and sarcasm.

    Our team reads all the reviews, and we are always looking for ways to make our game better. Please, give us your feedback if you love what we do, and don't hesitate to suggest potential improvements. Enjoy the game!​
  • Horror Hospital® 2 Survival
    Are you ready to face your fears?

    You are in a hospital corridor which fear and horror in nested.
    You are feeling which fear and death pester to you in every step.

    In a haunted hospital which contains paranormal activities, it is very difficult to survive if your nerves is not hard as steel.
    You can't determine who is angel who is devil.

    Extraordinary atmosphere, nervous scenario and blood-curdling flow, you are one step ahead of comic book horror game.

    In second story, young girl couldn't get rid of nightmares and curiosity. There is only way to get rid of this hell which threaten her mental health. Face it! Of course young man won't leave alone the girl and our story continues from where it left. Unique musics and completely free..

    If you have courage, what are you waiting for?

    Note: We recommend that play the game with headset.

    Internet permissions are required for advertising display and analysis.
    Also requires a network connection.
    Privacy Policy: https://heisengames.net/privacy
    Attention please! According to our Privacy Policy Horror Hospital® 2 game to play or download at least 13 years old.

    Twitter: https://goo.gl/C9MAEE
    Instagram: https://goo.gl/KFRqvy
    Facebook: https://goo.gl/yfrZAq
    Web: https://heisengames.net
    Horror Hospital® 2 Survival Horror Game

    Heisen Games © 2022. All Rights Reserved.
  • Majesty-The Northern Expansion
    • One of 5 winning games for tablets - New York Times

    Do you know the easiest way to kill a dragon?
    Just stuff a sheep or ram with a heap of poisonous filth and feed it to a dragon. Of course it's not the most heroic method but it is very safe and effective.
    Another option is to announce a reward for the dragon's head. After that the only thing you have to do is wait while the army of heroes, wizards and freaks drive a monster to its grave.

    It is always necessary to find a solution to the dragon problem because all the members of this scale-winged tribe have the same disease. It is a strong allergy to humans and their settlements and all dragons use the only medicine against this illness; total annihilation of the humans.

    Troubles with dragons are in the forefront of “Majesty: The Northern Expansion”. Of course you'll have to defend your kingdom from the other evil spawns, for example how about the giant stone golems that have an outstanding amount of hit points? Expanding the territory of your kingdom and starting the northern expansion in the land of the frost and winter you'll have to rack you brains over the riddle of fire-spitting monsters.

    All who liked the original mobile game “Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” will undoubtedly be pleased by its add-on “Majesty: The Northern Expansion” which gives an opportunity for players to continue their conquest in a new snowy location. Among the key features of this add-on are improved graphics, changeable weather and the integration with social networks.

    • new missions and new location – Northern Lands
    • legendary indirect control strategy totally adapted for mobile platforms
    • 10 types of hero with dozens of statistics, weapons and armour
    • new monsters
    • several dozen spells
    • 30 upgradeable building types
    • changeable weather
    • all game awards and high-scores can be integrated into your social networks with one click
    • skirmish mode

    • The QualityIndex of Majesty is 7.0


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  • Mafioso: Mafia PvP online
    Over the last ten years, the Mafia has taken over almost every criminal city in the world. Make your own criminal clan, hire top mafiosos and show everyone who the true gangster is in mafia city!

    Mafioso is a turn-based strategy game in which players battle each other online. Become the boss of your own crime family!

    Choose from the strongest fighters for PvP battles online. Make sure you have a good balance of attack and defense. And don't forget about your secondary and support skills. They can play a decisive role in team battle games. Assemble a team and discover new winning strategies.

    Mafia games features:

    - Turn-based PvP online team battle games between players all over the world
    - Become the Godfather of your criminal clan
    - 30+ charismatic characters with unique abilities
    - Original designs and epic locations
    - Fun dialogue and audio
    - Сolorful mafia city

    Mafioso: Bring new members into your clan!

    Come to mafia city and take part in the global clan war!

    Join forces with other players from around the world. Unlock all the characters, develop their skills and assemble a fearsome crime family to win the global mafia war.

    You are the real boss of the gangsters! Play turn-based strategy games Mafioso now!
    Looking for new turn-based strategy games?

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  • Squire - Character Manager Pro
    Imagine you had just escaped from a prison cell. You have no armor and no weapons (now take time to recalculate your AC and attack roles). You bare-hand fight your way through the guards to the armory and you get all of your gear back. You put your armor back on and equip your trusty weapon (take the time to recalculate your AC and attack roles AGAIN). Now you're on your way trying to get out of the prison and you go through a series of encounters, each of which you have used different spells or shot your weapons multiple times. You're finally at the front door and the main boss is blocking your way. You engage him and just as you are about to attack, you can't remember if you've already used all of your spell slots or if you've shot all of your arrows.

    This app is designed for role playing games which requires a lot of different calculations to be made for each attack, skill check, and defense. A lot of work goes into maintaining your character sheet. This app does a lot of the work for you. With this app you can:
    - Create multiple characters
    - Use multiple classes for a single character
    - Create new weapons, armor and gear
    - Purchase items that have already been created
    - Create spells and features
    - Apply conditions to you character which will automatically apply penalties and benefits
    - Attack using the equipment you have purchased or spells that you have selected/prepared
    - Automatically calculate all the modifiers that need to be applied to each roll
    - Automatically calculate proficiencies
    - Quickly equip or unequip items and have your stats change automatically
    - Casting of spells will expend spell slots and taking a long rest will replenish them
    - Easily level up
    - Take notes

    All of these features are the same as the free app. This app has these additional features:
    - Create magical items
    - Play as a GM
    - Create/Control Monsters
    - Control the initiative order

    With this app, you will be able to focus more on the game rather than on keeping up to date with all of your characters' stats. With fewer interruptions, you will be able to feel more like you are actually in the action and will be able to feel what your character is actually going through. You will be able to make better, more realistic decisions that your character would actually make and the game will be more fun because of it.

    To see a list of the upcoming features, please visit this page:
  • Phantom of Opera
    An eerie love story at a majestic opera house!
    A love story, causing quite the stir at the theater, with such tension surrounding it!
    And the creepy cases will be revealed.
    Play the game, to experience hidden stories at the opera house!

    Mystery Visual Novel, Thriller Romance Story Game
    This game based on the original story of The Phantom of the Opera. A romantic thriller Visual Novel story game set in a opera theatre.
    This is the fourth story game that MazM has created. Experience the thrill of the opera theatre and the romance which blooms within the story.

    Game Features
    • Visual novel style story game
    • Enjoy this offline text game without internet connection
    • Adventure game interpreted from a classical novel with a unique twist
    • Thrilling game with dramatization and filled with mysteries to enrich the story even more
    • Story Adventure Game with better delivery than the original story
    • Drama game with story line like that of a movie
    • Multiple endings to the game depending on your choice
    • Experience romance within the opera theatre through the Romantic Story Game
    • The tension between the characters will keep you on your toes during this thrilling game

    ️ Play points about Phantom of the Opera
    ▶A movie-like story game,
    •'Phantom of Opera' is a story game.
    •Experience the story yourself as you wander around the opera house.
    •You can play MazM's version of the story, based on the original novel, 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

    ▶A Vast collection of footnotes and trivia you can only collect with MazM
    •Collect 'Footnotes' as you progress through the story, and clear achievements to earn special gifts!
    •The more you play, the more you learn! With a total of 102 footnotes to collect.

    ▶Console-like game, in which you can check the ending
    •Play the whole of chapter 1 for free!
    •Afterwards, for a one time purchase you can then enjoy the whole game, just as you would in regular 'paid games.'
    •You can play the game offline. (*You can't purchase or save offline.)
    •You can experience the game, from beginning to end, by just watching ads. (*Extra episodes and illustrations must be purchased.)

    Visual Novel, Story Game, Adventure Game, Text Game, best suited for those who love historical games.
    Drama directed by MazM, we bring you a heartbreaking and touching story.
    Those who are looking for a more special visual novel story game won't be disappointed.

    About MazM
    • MazM is a studio developing superb Story Game, Adventure Game, and Text Games. With dedication, we want to take praiseworthy stories and reinterpret them into games.
    • We wish to instill a lasting impression in our players, like that which is made after experiencing a great book, movie or musical.
    • Try various games such as Visual Novel, Story Game, Text Game, and Adventure Games through the indie game studio MazM.
    • We, MazM, promise to deliver more touching Visual Novel, Adventure Game, and Indie Games.

    READ_PHONE_STATE permission:
    This permission is used to create an ID to identify a unique user within the game.
    Since this ID is used one-way encryption, the user's unique device information is unknown.

    This permission is used to read the APK expansion file (obb) as the app size is larger than 100MB.

    This permission is used to write the APK expansion file (obb) as the app size is larger than 100MB.
  • Rock Hero 2
    * Rock Hero 2 *

    Rock Hero 2 comes back again to test your musical skills.
    This time you'll have to improve your old skills to play our new Metal songs even faster.

    Rock n' Roll is, of course, the spirit of this game.

    In Rock Hero 2, you have to tap the right notes at the right time. Enjoy your favorite songs any time and play them like the best bands in the world.

    Play your guitar and become a hero in this challenging music game. Play different songs everyday and get new songs every week.

    Feel the adrenaline of playing a guitar solo all the way in Rock Hero 2. Combine different tap styles and drags to complete all the songs in the game.

    If you like music and guitars, download Rock Hero 2!

    * More than 15 songs to play in Classic Mode. The list grows every week.
    * Play songs from your device using Local Mode: A new intelligent system of beat detection will give you hours of guaranteed fun.
    * 3 difficulty levels.
    * Adjustable speed.
    * Download tracks from internet.
    * Connected notes!!
    * New Perspective mechanism.

    And much more improvements that you'll have to see by yourself!!

    Hit the notes at the right time to get the highest score!!!
  • Penguin Run
    Love cute, fun penguins?

    Penguin Run is an exciting, FREE endless running game for Players who love endless runners.

    Penguin Racing Run is specifically designed for people who want to enjoy and play with the coolest and cutest Penguins in the world!

    Choose from a variety of awesome Penguins then dodge obstacles, slide under bridges and many more exciting obstacles in this endless Penguin Run Game!

    The longer you run, the faster you become as you slide, dash and jump in order to dodge trains, signs and even cute animals such as birds while you run through the subway! This exciting Penguin running game is full of fun and action packed environments.

    Don't forget to collect as many coins as possible as you jump, surf and dash across bridges, slides and temples in this fun Penguin run simulator. Find new and exciting powerups in the snow and use them to help you reach the highscores!

    In Penguin Run, once you collect enough coins you can see the rainbow fall from the sky as the coin boost starts! Jump and slide to collect as many coins as possible whilst the rainbow is ahead of you and watch your score multiplier increase which will help you reach the Penguin runners high score!

    Going to hit an obstacle? Then simply double tap the screen to activate your rainbow shield! This will protect you from any obstacles, breaking any that your Penguin runs into in this awesome Penguin run simulator.

    Once you have enough coins from running through the snow, the arctic, past temples and through the subway, you can go and spend them in the shop. You can spend your coins to unlock the coolest Penguins, upgrades and powerups which will help you in your next run! Every Penguin has different clothes and accessories, can you unlock them all?

    Don't forget to come back and run with your Penguin every day so that you can earn exciting and exclusive rewards by completing the daily tasks.

    Penguin Run Features:
    - Run, dash, slide and jump to avoid dangerous obstacles
    - Watch the rainbow fall from the sky and collect lots of coins with the coin boost
    - Choose from 8 cool and fun penguin friends
    - Activate your rainbow shield to protect yourself and smash through obstacles!
    - Find exciting powerups to help you reach the highscore!
    - Collect coins and spend them on new Penguins, exciting powerups and more!
    - Come back daily to complete tasks and receive exclusive and exciting rewards
    - Incredible 3D graphics
    - Free updates: New Penguins added regularly

    Please rate us for future improvements and updates!

    Invite your friends to play the cute, magical, addictive games created by Green Tea Games and challenge them to beat your highest score!

    Visit our official site at www.GreenTeaGames.com

    Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/GreenTeaGames or like us on

    Facebook at facebook.com/GreenTeaGames to get more info about all our upcoming titles.
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  • Spider Hunter Amazing City 3D APK
    Spider Hunter Amazing City is new intense 3D first person action shooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick from arsenal of weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4 rifle, AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics is compareable to visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC. You can configure graphics to fit your device, so you can play more smootly and your movement will be more fluent. This game was made on unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, but you can also buy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to the primal gun. Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simple task, which is to eliminate all spiders from city. After each finished game, you gain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.
    Each match is not time limited. After you die, you will return to the war frontline battlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. You can avenge yourself and gunshot surviving killer spider with critical damage. Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achieve desirable victory.
    Become the best ruthless online hero assassin who will lead headshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar game with unique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours of not ordinary gameplay.

    - Possibility to Demolish buildings
    - Stunning 3D mountain park ( hill ) graphics
    - Hours of fun gameplay with this great shooter simulator
    - 9 spider types to kill ( tarantula, black widow etc)
    - 6 levels, more to come
  • Jugg Wars APK
    Slow-Mo Adrenaline Rush where you can slow time for a limited period to beat the enemy.

    It's year 2050. The enemy forces have landed near Kathmandu to take control of the World Heritage, but thanks to Nepal Allied Robotics, they have created a JUGG, mechanical robot, that can withstand better than normal armies.

    Can you survive the continuous attack?
  • Offline Army Shooting Games 3D APK
    Commando Shooting 3D Gun Games: All-New Fps Shooting Games 3d
    Real commando shooter is exciting army commando games & new fps shooting games with a lot Fun. Play free fps shooting games. Face the fps counter war of real army shooting Games. Use your real commando skills to survive and show your extreme sniper shooting powers to win in fps Army shooting games. Being a real commando in shooting games offline low MB. First, disable the watch tower security in the army shooter games by using your sniper shooter gun in this Fun shooting games. Play Sniper shooting games. here is new action Games in the Fps shooting games 2021. You are going to accomplish the offline shooting games experience unlike other new gun shooting games. The amazing Military shooting games. Gun Games are Always Amazing. Shooting game offline low mb is amazing and free gun game 3d. Banduk wala game best graphics. Commando Shooting 3D Gun Games

    Commando Shooting 3D Gun Games: Free Army Shooting Game
    Commando shooting games boost your sniper skills. Fps Gun shooter games gives you new shooting games free. Enjoy the 3d army shooter in our counter-terrorist attack game and free fps all gun games 3d 2021. Fps game offline are amazing. Shooting game offline low mb is amazing and free gun game 3d. Experience free offline shooting games 2021 by playing our commando games. Be an army games 2020 shooter. Play all-new gun shooting games. Banduk wala game best graphics. As a member of army sniper games. The offline shooting games 2021 is best. Be ready for new action shooting games 2021 and show your opponent what you are capable of in offline army fighting games 2021. Top Fps Games offline. Fps Gun Shooting game offline low mb is amazing and free gun game 3d. Commando Shooting 3D Gun Games

    Commando Shooting 3D Gun Games: New Military Gun Games Offline
    A new shooting games with a plot based on army commandos. Enjoy new Fun shooting games offline designed specifically for fans of shooting game offline and gun games 3D. this sniper shooting games consists of many sniping missions in this new army games 2021. Banduk wala game best graphics. In these military war games, you can use the sniper zoom for close-range enemies in army fighter plane games modern shooting games. So, gear up for the new shooting offline games 2021 for the first time in real 3D mode and enjoy this fps sniper shooting games for free, different from military 3d shooting games. Banduk wala game best graphics. Military shooting games are always best. Play shooter games for free any time. Shooting game offline low mb is amazing and free gun game 3d. Enjoy action shooting games any time at your mobile. Best Fps games offline. Commando Shooting 3D Gun Games

    Commando Shooting 3D Gun Games: Free Army Shooting Game
    This 3D army shooter games Is full of action to make this new gun games offline 2021 stand among high action games 2020. An elite army gun shooting games missions is best. Lead your team in action commando shooting games 2021. your roles in these military Games as an expert sniper shooter in firing Games. Shooting game offline low mb is amazing and free gun game 3d. In assault shooting games you can show your skills and be a pro-gun shooter. Banduk wala game best graphics.This is free fps shooter games to download offline are among the new Sniper Shooting games 2021. Army games are for everyone.

    Features of Commando Shooting Games Offline
    - Fps sniper gun games.
    - Free to play gun games 3d.
    - Fps army shooting games offline
    - Unlimited fun sniper games offline 3d 2021.
    - Non-stop sniper games 3d thrill in one place.
    - Non-stop action & engaging FPS gun shooting games.
    - Exciting battle offline sniper shooting games 2021.
    - Unlimited thrilling missions of the sniper 3d shooting games offline.
  • Magic Fantasy : Tile Match APK
    Enjoy a relaxing Tile match puzzle and recover your own miniature garden every day with countless buildings and new pets.

    Tile match puzzle with no time limit!
    Match tiles of the same shape within the limit and Use various kinds of 「MAGIC」 spells and blast through hundreds of levels!
    Help the cute pets and let them recover the garden together. If you clear the level together, the pets will level up!

    Adventure with cute pets and help the poor animals who are suffering.
    With every little touch, you can protect the nature of the garden and save the poor animals.
    The helped animals will also work with you to recover the garden.

    Someone may come to your hometree with gifts and letters. Check out what kind of friends are coming to play.

    Mahjong Magic Fantasy features:

    ● Tile match puzzles that solve various puzzle modes within the limited match counts
    ● Various gorgeous 「MAGIC」 that can be used by matching the order of the icons displayed on the magic scroll
    ● Collect pets, grow them, and protect the garden!
    ● Simple and beautiful tile design - Various special tiles that add to the fun
    ● Adorable pets will jump in when you have a hard time! Cute and reliable pets!
    ● Only once a year! 「Monthly event」 where you can get plenty of rewards

    If you change your device or delete or reinstall the game without logging, the previously played level, as well as the purchased Gold Cans and Boosters, may be deleted.

    Mahjong Magic Fantasy is completely free to play, but some optional in-game items will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings.

    By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service which can be found at http://mahjongmagicfantasy.com/terms.html

    Need help or have questions?
    Click the '?' to send a message or email [email protected]

    The homepage is also open.

    Have fun playing Mahjong Magic Fantasy!!
  • Stunt Bike Freestyle APK
    Archfiend studios Welcomes you in to the world of Bike Stunt Games.
    Stunt Bike Freestyle is completely based on the real world subculture of motorcycling discipline called Freestyle Street bike stunt riding.

    It is the First 3D bike game which stands true to the technical aspects of STUNT RIDING , The multiplayer tournament games allows you to challenge online players who you are matched against in beautiful 3D environment with real stunt bikes

    ●Play Stoppie challenge and match your score against actual players.
    ●18 individual tricks which you can mix and match to create combos to effectively multiply the the points you earn from each tricks.
    ●5 Game modes Freestyle Run, Longest Stoppie challenge, Challenge series, Crash test and Tournament.
    ●9 stock bikes with 100s of after market and custom upgrades from the best manufactures in the scene.
    ●Customizes your bike to look unique and increase the aesthetic value to gain more attention while playing online and also get to more cash reward while riding.
    ●As you progress in the Story mode you will be challenged by friends and foes beat them all there is no point in playing the nice guy
    ●Get the best gear for your character to look like a pro while you stunt like one.
    ●With the Tournament you can challenge others. It provides a new experience through Multiplayer Bike Stunting.
    ●Faster riding gets you more rewards, ride your Stunt Bike like a Pro Gamer.

    Do wheelie tricks on custom build hot bikes, but always make sure they can take a beating by installing proper protection parts like Crash cages, 12o'clock bars and subcages

    If you are a Motorcycle enthusiast then you will find the right look for your bike with 100s of parts contributing to very sexy looking machines

    Play like a PRO
    Crash & fail is a part of the game but as you learn to balance your bike on one wheel while ripping through the street or parking lot with insane speed you will score the highest points and don't forget to throw in some sweet tricks to multiply that with your combos

    Almost all the in-game bikes and upgrades are available for the player to enjoy for free , all you have to do is keep your Riding tight and your Rides fresh everything else will fall in to its places.
  • Tic Tac Toe Glow APK
    Play Tic Tac Toe on your Android phone. No need waste paper to play puzzle games! Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your Android device for free. Our new modern version appears in a cool glow design.

    The AI for this puzzle game is one of the best you will see. It adapts to your play style and is highly unpredictable. Unlike other Tic Tac Toe games on the market you will always find Glow Tic Tac Toe AI to be fresh and entertaining. If that is not all the AI skill can be adjusted on the fly in game. So you can crank up the difficulty while playing or notch it down if you got cornered.This puzzles games is recommended for kids & adults too.

    Features :
    -- Single and 2 player mode (Computer and human)
    -- 3 difficulty levels
    -- glow effects
    -- one of the best puzzle game in the world.
  • Zombie Sweeper: Seek & Strike APK
    Seek and Strike! Minesweeper Revolutionized!
    Brain Action Puzzle, Zombie Sweeper

    A revolution of minesweeper with extra action and fun!
    If you want to know how this unlikely combination of zombies and minesweeper came to be, download "Zombie Sweeper - Minesweeper Action Puzzle" now!

    A highly confidential bioweapon development project led to the birth of "Kent". His escape has led to an outbreak of the zombie virus, and humanity faces their biggest threat in history. A new task force, USTF (Undead Special Task Force), is formed by the government to sweep out the zombies, rescue survivors and develop vaccines. Now as commander of USTF, complete missions and save the world!

    [Game Features]
    1. One-of-a-kind action puzzle game!
    2. Juicy action and animation!
    3. Numerous missions with uniquely designed Special Forces troops and Zombies!
    4. Fascinating story accompanying the exciting game-play
    5. Simple yet in-depth strategies
    6. Various Achievements and a global ranking system

    [Recommended for]
    1. Those in search of an innovative game
    2. Zombie fanatics
    3. Nostalgic minesweeper
    4. Fans of Action and Puzzle games
    5. Those looking for games to de-stress in their free time

    [Facebook fan page]

    Please use the 'Contact Us' button in the in-game settings for any further questions or inquiries.

    If you have any issues running the game, please let us know via [email protected]
  • Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live APK
    Uplive - Live Virtual Chats, Games, Friends
    Uplive - Virtual Streaming,Make friends
    Are you a fan of singing and dancing or do you prefer to join a relaxing chat and share a few stories with a couple of friends? Uplive can offer you exactly that and so much more!
    With our unlimited selection of livestreams, you will always find something new and exciting. Join video or audio streams, send gifts, interact with Hosts and have fun. Start your own Virtual Stream and show everyone a whole other side of you.

    Why join Uplive?
    - Livestreaming is everyone's exciting new hobby! Want to try it yourself? Come to Uplive: try out your karaoke skills, start a video or audio stream, dance to your favorite song or try your luck at any of our beautiful mini-games.
    - Stream and battle with friends to see who gets the most likes. Find your fans on Uplive!
    - Get to know the most exciting Hosts. Watch streams from every country on the planet, chat with Hosts you like, send them various exciting gifts and see how they respond. Install Uplive and explore the world!

    What type of streams does Uplive offer?
    Watch a whole variety of streams. Missing school days? Check out the exciting everyday life of college students - what songs are most popular, what outfits are trending, what games is everyone playing. Watch streams and be on top of trends on Uplive!

    What type of Hosts does Uplive offer?
    Internet celebrities, make-up artists, professional singers and dancers - find them all on Uplive!


    Virtual Streaming
    All new virtual experience! Create your unique new avatar - choose your facial features, your outfit, your style, be whatever you want to be! Set your background, find your dance moves and take the stage. Start a virtual stream, with an avatar that mimics all your expressions - wink, smile, laugh - try it now!
    24/7 Live Streams
    Singers, dancers, make up artists, social media gurus - Uplive has it all! Come and find your favorite one!
    Can't sleep? Check out what the rest of the world is doing - watch streams 24/7!
    Friends From All Around The World
    Chat with fans from different countries and different time zones, get to know new languages and cultures.
    Audio & Video Party Rooms
    Invite up to 9 friends in your Party Room, play games, sing songs or roast each other. Have fun on Uplive!
    Audio Rooms
    Chat with friends and strangers, share your thoughts on any topic - gaming, everyday life, tv shows and more.
    Live Battles
    Want your idol to win? Support them, send gifts to your favorite Hosts during live battles and see their score skyrocket!
    Friends Near You
    Share streams and videos, text and meet the most unexpected friends nearby!

    Join Uplive and experience the best quality Virtual Streaming on the market!

    Want to receive updates? ✨ Follow us!✨
    Website: https://up.live

    We always strive to improve, if you have any questions, please contact us!
    Wish to collaborate? Email us at [email protected]
  • The Emerald Maiden: Symphony o APK

    The underwater complex called Emerald Maiden hides a lot of grim secrets and mysteries. On the surface it appears to be a paradise, but it's not all that it seems to be.

    Try the remastered edition of the wonderful, classic adventure game!
    In the process of enhancing the game:
    • we added more languages
    • boosted the graphics
    • improved the gameplay
    • optimized the game for mobile

    Captivating hidden object game in a unique underwater setting!

    London 1957. You were abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage as a child. Now, 25 years later, you receive an enigmatic letter containing an invitation to go on a mystery voyage and an old picture of you and your mother together.

    25 hand painted hidden object scenes to explore!
    Why did your mom leave you and how is she connected to the secret organization? Take on the role of detective to discover the eerie truth and embark on a trip to Emerald Maiden.

    19 challenging mini games to test your puzzle solving skills!
    Soon it becomes apparent that something eerie and mysterious is going on inside this supposed “playground for the rich and elite”. It's up to you to investigate!

    Investigate the secrets of Emerald Maiden!
    Put on your detective's hat to face the facility's darkest secrets, learn the truth about your family, and flee before it's too late!

    Solve various puzzles to find your parents!
    Are you strong enough to challenge the mysterious ancient evil lurking deep under the sea in The Emerald Maiden?

    Try the remastered edition of the spellbinding classic hidden object game!
    The game is available in English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with boosted graphics and improved gameplay.

    Bring all the hidden object games with you!
    Optimized for phones and tablets, filled with hidden objects, perfect for playing while traveling. No - wifi required for this offline game!

    Sign up to our newsletter for new hidden object games every month!
    Captivating adventures, stories, tales and eerie mysteries await in our selection of immersive hidden object games!

    Look for “Artifex Mundi” to get more hidden object games like this!

    • Thrilling story in a unique underwater setting!
    • 19 challenging minigames to test your wits!
    • 25 original hidden object scenes to explore!
    • A personal robot will help you on your quest!

    +++ WE ARE HERE +++
    WWW: http://artifexmundi.com
    FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/artifexmundi
    TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ArtifexMundi
    FORUM: http://forum.artifexmundi.com
    YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/ArtifexMundi
    PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/artifexmundi
    INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/artifexmundi
  • Homo Machina APK
    Homo Machina is a puzzle game inspired by the work of avant-garde scientist Fritz Kahn. Set off on a crazy journey to solve the surreal puzzles of Homo Machina and learn about the internal working of the human body, represented as a gigantic 1920s factory.

    In this narrative puzzle, players are plunged into an ingenious system of nerves, vessels and valves. The aim is to help the body function correctly in about thirty steps or so throughout the entire day. Each scene breaks down daily acts, such as opening your eyes, chewing a toast or listening to music, through seamless navigation and intuitive gameplay.

    Fritz Kahn, a pioneer of infographics and popular science, came up with easy to understand analogies to enable people to improve their understanding of the human body. By combining old school design with a contemporary influence, Homo Machina delights with its clever dialogue between the absent-minded director a the helm of the body-machine and Josiane, his diligent secretary, encouraging players to put task the armada of workers to get the incredible factory up and running.

    After Californium, Homo Machina is the new video game created by Darjeeling production. It was published and co-produced by ARTE, European culture digital and TV Channel, and Feierabend.
  • White Tiger Family Sim Online APK
    Have you ever wondering how to be a real White Tiger? Live the wildlife of the white tiger in a new White Tiger Family Sim Online. Explore huge 3d.

    Find your partner to start a family and breed cubs to the world. Teach them how to hunt and survive into the wild. Build beautiful home by decoration it with more than 40 unique elements including orc.

    Main Features:

    White Tiger Family Sim - Raise A Family:

    - Find soulmate
    - Breed cubs
    - Teach cubs how to survive into the wild
    - Let them go when the time will come

    Beautiful home to live:

    - Beautiful home to raise your family
    - More than 40 unique decoration elements

    RPG style and challenging quests:

    - Earn XP and coins by completing quests
    - Enlarge your attack health and mana power from skill points
    - Unlock special attacks like sniper and slash


    - Challenging other players with global leaderboards

    Huge 3d world to explore:

    - Snow Forest is the main location where white tigers live
    - Go to Desert location to hunt African animals
    - In Green Forest, you will hunt down deer and leopards
    - Shiny Island will teleport you into the summer

    Online Mode:

    - Strong bosses are waiting for you
    - Cooperate with your friends to take down enemies
    - Chat and become friends online

    Download now and start raising your White Tiger Family Sim today!

    So you don't miss updates and our new games follow us!

    If you need a help write us [email protected]

    If you have any suggestions on how to make this family simulator better - let us know! Just write us on any social network or drop a letter on email!
  • Car Simulator : Ultimate APK
    A new car simulation game from developer of "Real Car Parking Multiplayer".

    Car Simulator:Ultimate offers players more than parking and drifting.

    Car Simulator Ultimate takes drift games to a whole new level with different modification options, new game modes, better graphics and skill levels.

    All the modification options you dream of is with you. Put on the spoiler, wheel and exhaust of your choice. Determine car and window color. Stick a sticker to the rear window and write any meaningful word you want. With the suspension you can press your car and give it camber. Moreover, the hood and trunk can also be customized!

    Game features;
    - Unlimited modification options
    - Decal system
    - Radio
    - Fantastic game modes including multiplayer
    - Different language options
    - Realistic traffic and vehicles
    - Free ride
  • Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner APK
    Sharpen your blade, sword master! It's time to embark on the real shinobi adventure!

    Welcome to Sword Play! – a fun arcade game where all you have to do is dash, slash & slice!

    Dash through the hundreds of challenging levels and cut all your targets in pieces who dare to stop you! Could you prove you're a true hit master?

    Slow the time and chop flying bullets, slice explosive barrels in half and beat giant suricens back to your stickman enemies!

    The gameplay is super simple. All you need is swiping through the phone screen to cut the dummies into halves.


    Face tricky stickman shinobi, gun masters and powerful bosses! You must float like a butterfly unless you want to be cut yourself. Don't let any samurai make a scratch!


    Complete samurai missions to unlock the most dangerous swords in the world! Your arsenal includes Infinity Blade, Lusting Katana, Sabre of Darkness, Beat Blade, Arthur's Excalibur, and other epic bladed weapons. Crush them all with the superpower of your swords!


    A smart shadow ninja takes every chance to defeat their enemies! Don't hesitate to use poisons, tomahawks and even lasers to bring down all the stickman opponents in a slicing level.

    Neither money nor lineage can make a slicing hero! Grab a sword and show your ragdoll enemies who is the real blade master! Download one of the most stylish 3d blade sword games now and slice them all!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azur_games
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
  • Baseball Game On APK
    Enjoy fast-paced, realistic baseball game, featuring compact gameplay, motion captured animations and high-definition 3D graphics.

    More than 50 animations allows you to play in all possible directions - swing the baseball bat and smash the ball into the wall or for a home run. Play matches against all top baseball playing nations, beat them all and lift the world series baseball championship cups.

    Wish to know more why this is one of the best baseball games? Here is a list of features:

    Unbelievably real looking batter, pitcher and fielder 3D models. We have made an effort to deliver top notch graphics quality to your mobile devices. Play the game on a big screen tablet to see the mesmerizing graphics in full glory.

    You can enjoy the entire game without being connected to the internet. However, with an active internet connection, you may progress faster by watching rewarded ads.

    Our proprietary algorithm for bat-ball collision detection & response allows us to achieve very realistic feel for all the hits. Realistic physics along with motion captured animations, makes you feel as if you are part of a real baseball game.

    Watch your hits in mesmerizing super slow motion. See closeups of the ball hitting the bat. Capture and share screenshots of the batter in various photogenic poses.

    Ours is the only Mobile Baseball Game that achieves flawless bat-ball contact. We are so confident about our collision detection technology that we now allow you to watch replays in extreme super slow motion (more than 1000 times slower). Choose from many camera angles and see closeups of the ball hitting the bat at extremely low replay speeds. Unbelievable? See for yourself!

    Choose your home country from an exhaustive list of 30+ baseball playing nations. Doesn't matter whether you pick a top country like United States, Japan, Australia, South Korea or whether you pick an upcoming country like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia, you still need to perform well to reach the top. Beat all countries to win the 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 innings baseball world championships (worldcups). More than 500 games to beat, are you up for it?

    Intuitive controls. Play on your phone with ease with a single hand. Strike the ball with millisecond accuracy - see how good your hand-eye coordination is. The unique quantized home rect control allows you to quickly & effortlessly pitch the baseball wherever you like.

    When you use Google or Facebook login, your progress is periodically backed up on our server such that even you if change your device, your progress is not lost and can be restored.

    See your friend's score, even if they are playing on a different platform. Share your stats with your friends or on your Facebook wall. Compare yourself with other players from your friends list or from your country or globally.

    Progress through the game without having to spend any real money.

    This game can be played by all sports games lovers. If you like cricket, tennis, football or basketball, you will also like this baseball game.

  • Stickman vs Zombies APK
    Previously known as Stickman Zombie Shooter, the game has been rebranded to better describe its features.

    ▪️ Epic stickman fights and massive zombie attacks!
    ▪️ Awesome Parkour moves: you can climb platforms and hang on high places!
    ▪️ Incredible melee fighting combos!
    ▪️ Many platformer levels and a lot of waves to defeat!
    ▪️ Many weapons and strategies to shoot all the zombies!
    ▪️ Survive the apocalypse!

    ▪️ Save your progress online.
    ▪️ Reach the top of the online leaderboards!
    ▪️ You can play it offline too!
    ▪️ Simple controls and hardcore gameplay!
    ▪️ Good performance on any device.
  • Gun Camera 3D Simulator APK
    Feel the weapons energy with augmented reality features in the Gun Camera 3D Simulator app on the phone screen.

    Download and install the gun app 3d-simulator on the phone. Choose the weapon model in gun simulator. Turn on the device cams and control the virtual weapon on the phone screen. Shoot, reload, throw grenades and earn coins to unlock the new gun 3d model. Use different landscapes to play the gun app. Choose different weapons in gun 3d and have fun.

    For choice, the player has the 3D models pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and hand grenades collection. Each gun 3d model simulator is felt as an item you holding before the eyes. Gun Camera is a 3d simulator augmented reality in your phone.

    Use in gun simulator 3d a night vision goggles and thermal imager. The game goings to be fascinating thanks to cool special effects 3d-simulator. Audio and visual effects 3d-simulator immerse yourself in the gun app atmosphere. Gun simulator uses phone camera and is safe and fun.

    Get incredible emotions using the Gun Camera 3D Simulator app with the augmented reality features. Learn to safely handle weapons.

    Read carefully!
    Gun Camera 3D Simulator is the safety phone app. The app uses the firing imitation from the weapon and created by professionals.
    Dont forget that the Gun Camera 3D Simulator app is the game and doesnt bear any danger to the player health or others.
    The development team call on NOT to use real guns in life. Its safety and exciting in the augmented reality programs.
  • Meteor 60 seconds! APK
    Meteor 60 seconds! is a simple, fun, comic-like action game that simulates your life if there were a meteor heading towards Earth and you had 60 seconds to live. Do anything you want to do with your last 60 seconds, even if it's illegal! What about planting an apple tree?

    NASA recently stated that a massive meteorite will collide with Earth soon and that Earth will be destroyed!

    Surprisingly, we all only have 60 seconds left to live before the earth is destroyed!


    What will your choice be...?

    -Simple, fun side-scrolling action game
    -Comic-like story
    -Multi Ending
  • Archaic: Tank Warfare APK
    Archaic: Tank Warfare is a World War 2 tank battle simulation game with realistic graphics and advanced physics. Special attention was given to the correct visualization of the vehicles and the realism of the battlefields.

    Experience challenging open field battle action with fluid and precise controls against AI enemies, alone or with your friends.

    Game play:
    - Single player mode against AI
    - Local cooperative Multiplayer
    - Multiple game modes and campaigns
    - Historically accurate tank models
    - Intense world war 2 armored warfare

    - Standard android controllers support

    The game requires less than 100MB of free space and an Internet connection for the free ad-supported version. Full offline mode without ads is also available for a small fee.

    Follow the development of the game on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArchaicWarfare
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archaic.tank.warfare/
  • Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen APK
    Step into the world of Masketeers, where heroes empowered by mysterious masks take a stand against the inner demons of society.

    Topped with an orb-matching feature, Masketeers pushes the boundary of idle games to create a familiar yet refreshing experience. Charge into battle against the Wraiths to explore new talents and strategies. Discover runes and relics along the way, and even receive the blessings of guardians along with magical allies.

    Don't be trapped within darkness, embrace your powers and charge towards victory - one orb at a time.

    • Be Adorned With Power
    A Masketeer can be equipped with masks and runes of various bonuses and rarity. Collect and equip them to see which ones best suit your battle strategies.

    • Master The Orbs
    Chain orbs to unleash each Masketeer's various unique attacks! Use them wisely along with other special orbs to enhance your team's strengths against the Wraiths.

    • Grow and Transcend
    Through experience, rise above challenges and reach greater heights! Explore talents, skills and strategies that allow the Masketeers to shine at their fullest potential.

    • Fortune Favors The Bold
    A Masketeer is never alone. Guardians, wisps, charms, and fortune creatures will bring about luck and timely help to them.

    - Minimum Device Specifications -
    • Android Lollipop 5.1
    • 2 GB RAM

    We'd love to hear your feedback! You're welcome to visit our Discord or send us an email with your thoughts at:

    [email protected]

    Join The Masketeers Community!

    Discord : https://discord.gg/7HsuXjX
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/masketeersgame
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/masketeersgame
    Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/masketeersgame

  • Nikki Guide APK
    ☆ Nikki Guide's features ☆
    1. You can check all item's information!
    2. Very easy & familiar UI that can recommend you the best item!
    3. You can check all stage's infomation, including skill info.
    4. You can search item's information with very simple and powerful features!
    - You can search items by all of 5 property.
    - Name search, of course!
    - You can search items by tag.
    5. Copy item's name into clipboard so that find items in Nikki Game easier!