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The skill energy used in combat is not reduced (4 skills in the left column)!


Latest Version:0.6.2

Updated:Jul 16, 2019

Size:38.78 MB

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Os:Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)


Get Boring about being a Warrior or Hero to defeat demons and dragons again and again in different games?To be bad is good, it's time to choose the evil side!Be a Great Devil, Recruit and Summon the Creatures from 6 races(Human, Orcs, Wild, Undead, Demon, Fantasy)Repress the Knights and Clans of 6 kingdoms that betrayed you!Rush with strategies of defense and attack!Crush the justice and liberty totally!This World is called the "Alchemy Continent" which is full of Magic Power. But the Magic Power never comes out of thin air, it comes reasonably.The Key is Alchemy, the science of magic.The man who gets the secrets of Alchemy can take the most powerful magical force in the world.Experience the most classical Features of Real Time Strategy games.⚗️1. WIN INTENSE BATTLE IN FOG OF WAR!The map in the fog of war keeps invisible until you scout or explore it with your troops or magic skill.We are using the "Vector Field" algorithm with high efficiency which is quite similar to the algorithm used in many PC RTS games.When the troops in large scale move, it appears like a kind of liquid flow, which looks much more smooth, vivid and less mechanical. ⚗️2. CLASSIC RTS FEATURESThe epic battle is not pre-calculated, which means infinite possibilities in the fog of war, you need to send troops to explore and fight.Use your brain to win a battle in both micromanagement and macromanagement.Try everything you can in a Real RTS game to win, including Formation, Hold and Attack, Surround and Focus Fire, Wall-in and Hold the Chokepoint⚗️3. VARIOUS GAMEPLAY MODETower Defense, Boss Battle, Escorting Play and Endless ModeMore fascinating Gameplay mode will come!⚗️4. WIN WITH TACTICAL COMBINATIONSPerfect Combination Gives You Stronger Troops.How to choose them to build up your troops is a Real Question.Simply combining the most powerful ones will not make sense.⚗️5. RECRUIT POWERFUL CREATURES100+ Creatures from 6 Unique Races (Human, Orcs, Wild, Undead, Demon, and Fantasy)No GachaYou don't need to Gacha or buy a chest to get a new creature for your troops. There are many interesting ways to unlock new creatures.Finding out secrets and hidden information, solving the puzzles successfully will give you a clue.⚗️6. POWER-UP WITH STRATEGIESSpending more time and money to get stronger in a game is the most common method for most games. We offer some different interesting ways to power up your force. We put so many secrets, puzzles and hidden information in game. ⚗️7. EXPLORE THE ROGUELIKE DUNGEONSAn Adventure to Mysterious Treasure and Monsters.Dynamic Change of Difficulty LevelsThe Dungeon appears time to time with different enemies, puzzles and difficulty levels of course.Troops' Real DeathYou will lose some of your troops on the basis of death in battle. You will need to recruit troops again with the cost of Alchemy Metal.Words to the old usersAfter 6 months of hard work, we have finished our game mostly, added some more fascinating features and upgraded almost all the graphics in the game.So we have to publish it as a new game. The Alchemy War: Pioneer will keep available and free to play all the time for old users only if you want to keep playing it.Contact us by Support E-mail if you are an old user and want to play the new game. Please supply your new ID and anything can prove you are an old user of ours. We‘ll send you a reward in the new game. Thank you for playing our game, since it was a very early Beta Version with a few contents.About usChessia Game Studio is a small indie game studio with 8 people now.We are not only game makers, but also game lovers.We make games we love and we proud of, hoping that you will love it.Contact us for further support and information:



Alchemy War: Clash of Magic v0.6.2 mod

Mod Info:The skill energy used in combat is not reduced (4 skills in the left column)!

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