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Mod Info:

MOD, Unlimited Gems


Soul Knight (MOD, Unlimited Gems) - beautiful RPG with pixel graphics. Take your weapons with you, and go to the dungeon, where you need to survive and return the artifact - a magical stone, for this, explore the labyrinths and find the treasured stone.

Apk Info:
File Name com.mod.download-soul-knight-v1-8-5-mod-unlimited-gems
App Download Version: 1.8.5
Price Free
Apk Size 59.88 MB
Download 41
Last Update Time Sep 13, 2018
Min Android 4.1、4.1.11 (JELLY_BEAN)
Target Android 8.1
Screens small, normal, large, xlarge
Densities 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65534, 65535
MD5 3ADA5333C68FBA2DCDC7816EAD644A47
Signature FD7A95648FF46FB1ACAB854ACFE1BF97ECF92346
SHA256 1CBD2D0548BB11026D9AB4DBAD4A2C9405CE796235D4003BCF0A0AED8BFE0C98
Locality Lazyland
Country RU
State/city Lazyland
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
33 total





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    This is a virtual world [dungeon] created by [system], attracting countless adventurers, some of them to get wealth, some to get reputation, some to find life experience, and one of them, in order to be given by [system] In order to find the meaning of the existence of [self], fighting in the dungeon without sleep ...

    【Game Features】

    -Placement game that can be casual
    In the mirrored world of the test tower, the artifact skill partner needs to make a choice, and set foot on the road of no return, the main god will pour tea for you who successfully reached the end.

    -Choice? Endless dungeon adventure
    There are brand new level mechanics and wonderful plots! The fog of the underground city will be uncovered, and the maze with more than two thousand floors awaits the challenges of the brave men.

    -Supported by famous painters, ace seiyuu
    The painters have brought their daughters and sons, and Uncle Lori Queen Taita has everything! The well-known CV excellent helper, voice control can not be missed!

    -Easily hang up, work offline overtime
    Whether it is the advancement of the dungeon or the test tower, even including combat and skill launching, upgrading and equipment collection, equipment strengthening, etc., only need to be placed to become stronger. Sleeping and eating experience is also UpUpUp!

    -Build your own city and make a fortune
    The main city is the eternal home, including all the adventure resources needed by the brave. Upgrade the building to revive the city, you can become stronger.
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    Turn empty sea bottoms into ocean paradise! Make a journey to the underwater fish kingdom to save it from evil sea villains and restore the world of fantastic marine creatures. Discover the secrets of ancient magic, solve challenging puzzles and see the life of various sea inhabitants with your own eyes! Create your undersea world in “Sea Merge!”!

    “Sea Merge!” is a merging game where every move of yours determines the further plot development. Merge elements to grow items of a higher level. Here you can merge anything you see: Floating Seeds, Water Sprigs, Water Flowers and many other objects - the magic world will easily respond to your every move. To complete levels you have to clear the sea bottom and merge the major element - the Sea Totem. Think ahead of your moves, change the appearance of the sea bottom and evolve your fish!

    Explore the seafloor and build a marine camp by collecting resources and constructing buildings such as Fish Houses, Mines, Stone and Jewel Storages. Solve challenging puzzles if you want to move forward discovering not only the fantastic world but also the new fish species. Fire Fish, Glowing Fish, Slime Fish… how many species could you collect? Find it out in “Sea Merge!”! Merge elements when rebuilding a new world of fantasy and magic from scratch!

    Remove toxic ink from the enchanted sea bottom and restore the former glory of the magic kingdom! Save enchanted seawater and become a part of the legend with “Sea Merge!”!
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    Attractive puzzles with lots of fun.
    Invite you to Logic Square!

    Easy And Fun~
    You can play easily with virtual pad.

    Tons of puzzles, Tons of fun!
    We have thousands of puzzles and free download new puzzles every day.

    If you are first time in this game, Tutorials can help you.

    Leaderboard System
    You can check your skills with other players.

    Online Synchronization System
    You can move your progress to new phone.

    Whole contents of Logic Square is not locked and free.

    Logic Square is a puzzle game known as picross or nonogram.
    You can find out hidden image using numbers.

    How to play
    Left and top numbers instruct how many blocks should be marked in a row. You must consider leaving at least one empty block between each number. To mark a block, please click the ‘V' button. To leave out a bloc, click the ‘X' button. Every time you mark a wrong bloc you receive a time penalty.
    You can learn basics, items, and practice game in tutorial.

    Please write good review, if you fun with Logic Square.
    Please send a mail, if you have any problem or suggestion.
    We are changing from your good reviews and mails.

    Thank you.

    [email protected]
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    • A little bath for the chef!
    • I slipped chief ...
    • Eglantine? Here Mirabelle!
    • Stay group!
    • A rabbit chef!
    • ...

    • More than 20 extracts from the films But where did the 7th company go? presented in the form of an elegant soundboard.
    • Share your favorite lines with your friends via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger.
    • Use sounds to wake you up or alert you when there is a message or call.
    • Maracas mode: Shake your phone to play a random sound.
    • Magic mode: Run your hand over your phone to play a random sound. (Requires presence sensor)
    • Automatic or manually editable dark theme (Requires Android> 10).
    • Add as many widgets as you want on your home screen.
    • Suggest a missing sound.
  • Welland Mod APK

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    The WELLAND app is designed to make life easier for ostomy patients and also for healthcare professionals.

    You will find :
    - All our product ranges
    Find the Welland products suitable for your ostomy, classified by type of ostomy and also accessories such as removal sprays and wipes, powder, non-alcoholic paste, belts, adhesive reinforcements, protective rings and pouches. collection of 2L for urostomies.
    Tutorials are available to explain most of the products, from their installation to their use.
    - Practical advice
    Also discover many practical tips to take better care of your stoma. Food advice, advice for the choice of suitable clothing, to go on vacation, for your personal and professional activities. Tips and a glossary can be found under the “Did you know? "

    - A List of Stomatherapists
    It is also possible to find ostomotherapists near you if needed. Using a map of France, you will have a complete list of ostomotherapists near you who work closely with us. You can contact them directly or through the app.
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    Cop Chop - Police Car Chase Game Mod APK


    Run!! Police cars are chasing you! Hold your steering strong and evade them away. Make your way through power-ups, speed-ups, bombs, and coins. Level up and speed up your vehicle, do not get busted. Ready to take the challenge?

    Run faster choosing your best car! Evade police cars and collect coins to stay upgrade to play with new cars in new levels. Bombs, Speed ups and other power ups to make the game play more interesting.

    Police cars are faster than you so stay calm, drive safe & find out the best way to evade those all. Boom those cop cars!!


    Bosses are stepping ahead.

    Now every level contains different objectives / bosses. You have to complete the objectives by destroying them. These bosses are very strong and dangerous. Some are fast and some are slow in their own way. Do not get busted by them and attack on them from a safe distance .

    Trick the cop cars chasing you to destroy the objectives. Make them hit the objectives. Keep your eye on both the chasing cars and the bosses.

    Every objective moves in their own rhythm and you have to find your own rhythm to survive around that objective and destroy it.
  • Audit Cosmecert Mod APK

    Audit Cosmecert Mod APK


    Application for preparing, carrying out and validating on-site audits according to the COSMOS standard. This application is only intended for internal use at Cosmécert SASU.
  • Rock Paper Scissors - RPS game: fantasy arcade Mod APK

    Rock Paper Scissors - RPS game: fantasy arcade Mod APK


    Stone Scissors Paper. Fantasy RPS game (known as World of Hands - RPS game) is a combat version of the well-known game

    It all depends on your courage and dexterity!
    Give enemies hands! Defeat them in each of the worlds!

    Game features
    Fantasy enemy battles: Orcs, Vampires, Robots, Bikers, Snowmen, Dwarves, Witches, Scarecrows, Knights, Golems, Frost Wizards, and Elves
    Super ability - button “KILL THEM ALL!”
    Epic BOSS!
    Different difficulty levels!
    Cool music
    World Ranking Table
    Game mode for a while - your task is to defeat a certain number of enemies in a certain time.

    Bleeding in RPGs (we are talking about the RPG game - role play games)
    with each level enemies become stronger - therefore you need to pump your hero
    you pump the power of attack - and all your attacks like “rock paper scissors” become stronger (this does not apply to special skills - about them further)
    you pump life and you have more lives, which means you can withstand more blows and increase your chances of survival
    super skills (special abilities) - in the course of the game you discover new skills that are completely different from each other
    Super skills can be pumped by increasing their strength and duration of action.

    The visual part of the game (art) is made in the style of fantasy
    The animation of the game is made in pleasant combinations of colors and without sharp and frightening elements.
    The sound design of the game is made in the musical style “Rock”

    And do not forget the rules:
    Stone breaks scissors
    Scissors cut the paper
    Paper wraps stone

    “Stone Scissors Paper. Fantasy RPS game ”(known as World of Hands - RPS game) is a free game, but some game elements can also be bought for real money.
    Developer Address - [email protected]
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    Lucky Quiz, the hottest trivia game that is 100% FREE!

    It features thousands of interesting questions and a variety of difficulty levels. Install now and challenge yourself to see which level you can reach. Have fun!


    【Lucky Quiz Features】
    ⭐Thousands of FUN daily trivia questions!
    ⭐ A variety of categories (Movies, History, Sports, etc)
    ⭐“8th Year Anniversary Special Event”
    ⭐Test your knowledge and win prizes!
    ⭐Download 100% FREE!
    ⭐No in-app purchases or deposits!

    【8th Anniversary Event - "Lucky Draw"】
    We're turning 8! A special thanks to you for your support. Let's celebrate!
    ⭐$3,000 cash prize!
    ⭐Prizes worth over $10,000 (iPhone 11 Pro, LG High-end 55'' Smart TV, PlayStation 4, and more)
    ⭐Gift cards from famous brands (Amazon, Starbucks, Netflix, Google Play, and more)
    Fun to play, free to win! So what are you waiting for?
    Download Lucky Quiz and get lucky quick!


    【Terms of Use】
    • All goods and gift cards offered in Lucky Quiz are neither sponsored nor in any way affiliated with their respective merchants.
    • Lucky Quiz reserves the right of final interpretation of rules and the right to modify, discontinue, and restrict, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the services or activities without notice in our sole discretion.
    • Lucky Quiz reserves the right to substitute the giveaways, or portion(s) thereof, subject to availability, with a different giveaway of comparable or greater value, at our sole discretion.
    • The Amazon.com, Inc. is not involved in the operation process.
    • Giveaways are open only to legal residents of the United States, who are living in the United States and who are at least 18 years of age.
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

    【Copyright Information】
    All pictures used in screenshots, feature graphics and app have gotten authorization from its company or owner in advance, particularly from Freepik. Some of them are free license photos. If there is any other question or advice, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]
  • Big Time - Gana dinero Mod APK

    Big Time - Gana dinero Mod APK


    Big Time es la única aplicación en la que puedes ¡GANAR DINERO JUGANDO A JUEGOS GRATUITOS!
    ¡Ya hemos regalado DECENAS DE MILES de DÓLARES a jugadores afortunados como tú!
    Lo único que tienes que hacer es jugar a cualquiera de nuestros juegos y recoger al menos un boleto para participar en los sorteos de premios de dinero en efectivo. ¡Cuantos más boletos tengas, más probabilidades de ganar el premio en efectivo! ¡Echa un vistazo a la hora del sorteo para ver si tu nombre se encuentra en el boleto ganador!
    Es muy sencillo, en cada sorteo compartimos una parte de nuestros ingresos por publicidad con un afortunado ganador. Cuantos más usuarios haya, más dólares sortearemos. No hay compras integradas y no hay que pagar para ganar. A nuestro modelo lo llamamos Free-2-Win (ganar es gratis) y estamos muy orgullosos de él, ¡así que descárgate Big Time y échale un vistazo para poder ganar premios en efectivo! ¿Por qué vas a querer jugar a otra cosa?
    ¿A qué estás esperando? ¡Descarga Big Time ahora para desbloquear más fantásticos juegos y conseguir más premios en efectivo de forma GRATUITA! Usando Big Time, cualquiera puede ganar dinero jugando a juegos gratuitos desde casa, en el bus, en el tren, en el metro, etc. ¡EN CUALQUIER PARTE!
    ¡Big Time es tu oportunidad de conseguir, ganar y obtener dinero, premios en efectivo, dólares, premios, regalos y sorteos!
    ¿Tienes preguntas, problemas o comentarios? Contacta con nosotros en [email protected]
  • Highrise Mod APK

    Highrise Mod APK


    Highrise is way more than just a social network. It's the easiest way to create your avatar identity, make new best friends, stay in the loop, and explore a magical virtual world - all on your phone.

    • Create an avatar with our avatar creator and pick from 1000s of outfits and items
    • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups
    • Meet new friends and characters with similar interests in the app store's largest sim game
    • Design an infinite number of rooms for play, chat or just plain fun

    There's always room in Highrise. See you soon. :)

    P.S. Follow us on Instagram @highrise.
  • Juegos de bailarinas de ballet gratis Mod APK

    Juegos de bailarinas de ballet gratis Mod APK


    Ballet: ¡el más elegante de las bellas artes! Se originó en las salas renacentistas italianas del ballet del siglo XV desarrollado en forma de danza de concierto en Francia y Rusia. Desde entonces se ha convertido en una forma altamente técnica de baile y hechiza a la gente más allá de las naciones y generaciones. Esta pequeña aplicación de ballet es una oda a todos los pintores, compositores y bailarines que han hecho este arte tan grandioso durante siglos.

    Juegos de bailarinas de ballet gratis:Esta aplicación gratuita contiene

    - juegos de parejas (juegos de memoria)
    - rompecabezas
    - música de ballet
    ¡¡¡TODO GRATIS y en español!!!

    Los juegos son fáciles de manejar:
    - Toca la pantalla e intenta emparejar los elementos escondidos para encontrar parejas
    - Coloca las piezas en el orden correcto
    - Disfruta de una pequeña recompensa cuando resuelvas el rompecabezas

    Esos divertidos juegos mejoran tu capacidad para resolver problemas, concentrándose y memorizando.

    - Juego de memoria de alta calidad
    - Fácil de usar y manejar
    - Mejorarán su motricidad y desarrollarán su memoria

    Divertido y divertido de aprender y jugar, con muchos minijuegos. Muchos juegos educativos gratuitos para niños y adultos de todas las edades.

    Encontrarás más juegos de sparse kids en: http://sparsekids.com
  • Blockscapes Puzzle Mod APK

    Blockscapes Puzzle Mod APK


    Unwind with this beautifully simple and addicting block puzzle game. Blockscapes Puzzle is easy to play but difficult to master - once you start playing you won't put it down!

    Are you ready to put your jigsaw puzzle skills to the test?

    Drag wooden blocks strategically onto the jigsaw board and watch them click satisfyingly into place. Complete vertical and horizontal lines across the jigsaw board to clear blocks and free up space. Can you beat your high score before the board fills up and you run out of moves?

    ★ Addictive & endless fun
    ★ Challenge yourself - beat your high score
    ★ Train your brain and challenge your spatial abilities
    ★ Improve your cognitive & problem-solving skills


    This block puzzle game is brought to you by Peoplefun, the makers of hit games like Wordscapes, Word Stacks, Wordscapes Uncrossed, Wordscapes In Bloom, and Word Mocha. Join the millions of players enjoying our games worldwide!
  • Radios de Honduras Gratis Mod APK

    Radios de Honduras Gratis Mod APK


    Honduras Radio Free is an elegant and easy to use application and best of all with lower Internet consumption.
    In Honduras Radio you will find all FM and AM stations. likewise you can find the favorite radio using the search engine which gives you the ease of finding. You can also add the radios of your liking to favorites to facilitate and enjoy online radios.
    Honduras Radio Free is a completely free application and you can at any time you. I want it and also available 24 hours a day and for everyone.

    Free Honduras Radio contains all Honduran radios live

    Radio América 94.7 FM
    Radio Activa 99.7 FM
    Radio Musiquera 93.1 FM
    ABC Radio 550 AM
    Classic Stereo Honduras
    Metro FM 99.5 Choluteca
    Radio El Patio 91.5 FM La Ceiba
    Radio Ondas del Ulua 97.5 FM Santa Bárbara
    Satellite Radio 104.5 FM
    Magic FM 88.1
    Stereo Fe 98.9 FM Tegucigalpa
    Radio Center 640 AM
    Radio Stereo Palma 100.1 FM Tocoa
    Radio Conga 103.7 FM
    Stereo Successes 88.1 FM
    Stereo Center 91.3 FM
    The Mega 92.7 FM
    Modern Radio
    Radio Planeta Vox 101.9 FM
    Zol Radio 89.1 FM
    Radio Light 101.3 FM
    Radio Estrella de Oro 97.3 FM San Pedro Sula
    Inter 91.7 FM
    Your FM 94.1
    Radio Eco Digital Honduras
    Radio El Mundo 90.5 FM
    The Voice of Suyapa 910 AM Tegucigalpa
    Super 100 Stereo
    Soft FM 102.5
    Environmental 102.7 FM San Pedro Sula
    Stereo Sula FM 100.1
    FM Fame 97.7
    Rock N Pop 92.3 FM
    SB Stereo 102.9 FM
    Stereo Mil
    Stereo Light
    Radio W107 107.3 FM Tegucigalpa
    Radio Progreso 103.3 FM
    Radio XY 90.5 FM
    Radio Globo 88.7 FM
    The Top 107.9 FM Tegucigalpa
    Stereo Mass FM 98.5
    Radio HRN 680 AM
  • Radios del El Salvador Gratis Mod APK

    Radios del El Salvador Gratis Mod APK


    El Salvador Radios Free is an elegant and easy to use application and best of all with lower Internet consumption.
    In El Salvador Radios you will find all FM and AM stations. likewise you can find the favorite radio using the search engine which gives you the ease of finding. You can also add the radios of your liking to favorites to facilitate and enjoy online radios.
    El Salvador Radios Free is a completely free application and you can at any time you. I want it and also available 24 hours a day and for everyone.

    El Salvador Radios Free contains all El Salvador radios live

    Radio Scan 96.1 FM
    Radio YXY 105.7 FM
    Radio Bautista 89.7 FM
    Radio YSKL 104.1 FM
    Radio ABC 100.1 FM Stereo
    Radio La Chévere 100.9 FM
    Radio Fiesta 104.9 FM
    Radio Light 97.7 FM
    Radio The Best 98.9 FM
    Radio Cool 89.3 FM
    Radio Ranchera 106.5 FM
    Radio Vox 94.5 FM
    Radio Exa 91.3 FM
    National Radio El Salvador
    Radio Que Buena FM 88.9 San Salvador
    Radio La Pantera 98.1 FM San Salvador
    Radio Verdad 95.7 FM
    Women's Radio 102.5 FM
    Radio Laser 92.9 FM
    Radio Restoration 100.5 FM San Salvador
    Radio Monumental 101.3 FM
    FM Globo 93.3 Radio
    Radio Club 92.5 FM
    Radio 102.9 FM
    Radio Chaparrastique 106.1 FM
    Radio Paz 88.5 FM San Salvador
    Radio Laser Espanol 90.1 FM San Salvador
    Radio Chain My People
    Adventist Radio 96.5 FM
    Radio El Camino 106.1 FM
    Radio Astral 94.9 FM
    Fire Radio 107.7 FM San Salvador
    Radio Doremix 92.5 FM
    Radio Maria 800 AM San Salvador
    Radio Elohim 1120 AM
    Radio Cadena Cuscatlán
    Radio La Campirana 97.3 FM Metapán
    Radio RX FM 99.7
    Classic Online Radio 103.3 FM
    Radio Vive FM 102.1 FM
    Radio El Mundo 93.7 FM
    Radio Galaxy 94.9 FM
    Radio Impact 106.1 FM


    If you see a radio that does not work or you can not find the radio you are looking for please let us know in the comments we will be giving an immediate solution
    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Download free radios from El Salvador live
  • Radios de República Dominicana gratis Mod APK

    Radios de República Dominicana gratis Mod APK


    Free Dominican Republic radios is an elegant and easy to use application and best of all with lower Internet consumption.
    In Radios of the Dominican Republic you will find all the FM and AM stations. likewise you can find the favorite radio using the search engine which gives you the ease of finding. You can also add the radios of your liking to favorites to facilitate and enjoy online radios.
    Free Dominican Republic radios is a completely free application and you can at any time you. I want it and also available 24 hours a day and for everyone.

    Free Dominican Republic radios contains all Dominican Republic radios

    Radio Z 101.3 FM
    Disco Radio 106.1 FM
    Radio KQ 94.5 FM
    Radio Dawn International 98.1 FM
    Mortal Radio 104.9 FM
    Radio Kiss 94.9 FM
    Radio La Kalle 96.3 FM
    Radio MiXX 104.5 FM
    Radio Star 90.5 FM
    First Radio 88.1 FM
    Radio Sound Soft 99.3 FM Santo Domingo
    Radio 100.1 FM Santo Domingo
    Radio CDN 92.5 FM
    Radio Super K 100.7 FM
    Radio Cima 100.5 FM
    Radio Super Q 100.9 FM
    Radio El Bacharengue
    Radio Pura Vida 92.9 FM
    Radio Channel 105.1 FM
    Radio Exa 96.9 FM
    Radio Turbo 98.3 FM Santo Domingo
    Radio Independence 93.3 FM
    Radio Rhythm 96.5 FM
    Roots Radio 102.9 FM
    Radio Escape 88.9 FM
    Fire Radio 90 FM
    Monumental Radio 100.3 FM
    Radio Disco 89 88.9 FM Santiago
    Radio Suave 107.3 FM Santiago
    Radio KV 94.7 FM
    Radio Caliente 104.1 FM Santo Domingo
    Radio Latidos 93.7 FM
    Radio Los 40 Dominican Republic
    Eternity Radio 990 AM Santo Domingo
    Radio Salsa
    Love 91.9 FM
    FM radio 107.5
    Criolla Radio 106.1 FM
    Super Regional Radio 103.9 FM Santiago
    Radio La N 103.5 FM Santiago
    Radio Rumba 98.5 FM
    Flavor Radio Merengue
    Radio Mega 105.1 FM

    Important note:

    If you notice that some radios do not work or if you need to add radios, do not hesitate to leave your comment, we will be happy to provide an immediate solution.

    Download Radios from the Dominican Republic for free
  • Radios de Paraguay Gratis Mod APK

    Radios de Paraguay Gratis Mod APK


    Radios de Paraguay gratis is an elegant application that is easy to use and best of all with lower Internet consumption.
    In Radios de Paraguay you will find all the FM and AM stations. likewise you can find the favorite radio using the search engine which gives you the ease of finding. You can also add the radios of your liking to favorites to facilitate and enjoy online radios.
    Radios de Paraguay free is a completely free application and you can at any time you. I want it and also available 24 hours a day and for everyone.

    Radios of Paraguay free contains all radios of Paraguay

    Radio Laser Paraguay,
    Radio Popular 103.1 FM
    Rock and Pop 95.5 FM
    ABC Cardinal 730AM
    Radio Ñandutí 1020 AM
    Radio Station 40 91.1 FM
    Radio Venus 105.1 FM
    Radio Corazón 99.1 FM
    Radio 780 AM
    The 40 Paraguay
    Monumental Radio 1080 AM
    Urban Radio 106.9 FM
    Radio Montecarlo 100.9 FM
    Radio La 970 AM
    Radio Uno 650 AM
    Radio Disney 96.5 FM
    The Klasikera 100.5 FM
    Radio Farra 101.3 FM
    Radio Amor 95.9 FM
    Radio Colmenar 92.5 FM
    Horizon 106.3 FM
    Itapúa FM 102.5
    The Sports 1120 AM
    AM 1000 radio
    Radio Kokue Poty 97.9 FM
    Radio Latina 97.1 FM
    Radio 106.1 FM
    National Radio of Paraguay 95.1 FM
    Radio Top Milenium 91.5 FM
    Radio San Ignacio 89.7 FM
    FM Blue And Gold 94.7 FM
    Radio Obedira Satelital 102.1 FM
    Radio Conquistador 89.1 FM
    Radio Chaco Boreal 1330 AM
    Radio Aguai Poty 90.5 FM
    Radio Cáritas 680 AM
    Panamericana 93.5 FM
    Radio Camera 104.1 FM
    Radio Channel 100.1 FM
    FM Concert 107.7
    Land Radio 107.9 FM
    Radio Aspen 102.7 FM
    Radio Encarnación 95.7 FM

    Download Radios from Paraguay for free
  • CodeBlocks Mod APK

    CodeBlocks Mod APK


    The mobile game application will serve as a visual tool. Since students cannot ‘see' what is happening ‘in' a computer when a program is executed, a visualization tool should be developed to assist them in visualizing the programming process dynamically. The mobile game application is intended for students to apply the learnings acquired academically and to improve their techniques in solving problems. However, the game will not serve as a substitute for lessons and compilers. Students still need to comply with the exercises and schoolwork provided by the school in order to apply the knowledge gained from the teaching aids.
  • Idaho Parks Roadtrip from the Idaho Lottery Mod APK

    Idaho Parks Roadtrip from the Idaho Lottery Mod APK


    Hold on to your maps, folks! This high-energy, outdoor road trip of adventure places you on a crash course of exciting gameplay across the highways, trails, lakes and rivers of the great Gem State in hot pursuit of valuable, collectible park ticket tokens. Navigate and complete key Idaho State Park destinations, in the form of a graphically-rich Idaho map; featuring our 11 key geographic launchpads.

    Using simple left and right controls, power through a series of dynamic Idaho-centric outdoor obstacle courses while avoiding collisions and collecting items with competitive point breakdowns. Idaho's rich outdoor landscape springs to life with 11 fresh and unique adventures — from swerving highways and backroads to traversing lakes, rivers and streams.

    Play for fun, or play for prizes with your non-winning Idaho Lottery Idaho Parks Scratch Ticket — where you can reveal your entries for the second chance game with an ultimate Idaho Adventure grand prize!

    Idaho Parks is a fun, fresh, and diverting addition to the Idaho Parks Scratch Game, connecting players with Idaho's state parks via a rewarding new game experience.
  • Live Wallpapers Saiyanz HD Animated Video Mod APK

    Live Wallpapers Saiyanz HD Animated Video Mod APK


    ANIME Live Wallpapers HD Saiyanz Ultra Instinct Animated Video

    Anime Live Wallpapers Saiyanz Ultra Instinct HD is a free collection of live wallpapers HD and backgrounds 4K within your favorites Anime or Manga.

    You can change automatically your favorite Backgrounds or Live Wallpapers.

    Get a great and stunning effect to improve your screen beauty.

    Enjoy it, this free app is for you.

    This app is made by anime fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any Company. This app is mainly for entertainment and personalization purposes for all anime fans to enjoy these anime wallpapers. Support download anime picture with size large. If you feel you have rights to the content of this application, send an email or write your comment. I will follow up soon.
  • Download Soul Knight V1.8.5 (MOD, Unlimited Gems)
    “In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…”

    We honestly can't keep making it all up. Let's just shoot some alien minions!

    This is the game you have always wanted in your subconscious. Explore the dungeon, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot‘em all up! Extremely easy and intuitive control; super smooth and enjoyable gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements.

    * Unique heroes, with unique ability.
    * 270+ weapons waiting for you to explore.
    * Randomly generated dungeon world, new experience every time.
    * NPCs that actually matter! They will fight by your side!
    * Auto-aim mechanism for super intuitive control.
    * Many more features that you will find out in game.

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    Thanks to:
    Matthias Bettin, for initial of German localization.
    Numa Crozier, for French corrections.
    Jun-sik Yang(ladoxy) for Korean corrections
    Iván Escalante, for Spanish corrections.
    Oliver Twist, for initial of Russian localization.
    Почеревин Евгений, Алексей С. and Турусбеков Алихан for additional Russian localization.
    Tomasz Bembenik, for initial Polish localization.