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Danger is at every step and if you do not pay attention, you can fall. The speed of reaction will be useful. Learn to act in motion. Jump Off — this is a good way to play, get a lot of pleasant impressions and master the necessary reflexes. Excellent graphics and free access will be a plus for you!

Apk Info:
File Name com.newmod.jump-off-1-0-2
App Download Version: 1.0.2
Price Free
Apk Size 30M
Download 41
Last Update Time Oct 13, 2021
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
30 total





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  • Amplificador de graves Mod APK

    Amplificador de graves Mod APK


    Esta aplicación ayuda a aumentar el volumen de los graves en el dispositivo.

    Sólo tiene que pulsar el botón de impulso para poder activarlo.

    Para mayor efecto, utilícelo junto con nuestra aplicación de amplificador de volumen, que se puede descargar desde Google Play.

    * BassBooster

    Si te gusta nuestra aplicación, por favor califique en Google Play.


    Esta aplicación no va a dañar su dispositivo.
    No escuche durante largos períodos a todo volumen o con refuerzo de graves activado. Esto puede ser peligroso para su audiencia o

    el dispositivo.
    Al descargar esta aplicación, el usuario acepta que no estamos va a ser sostenido responsable de cualquier daño que pueda ocurrir por

    uso de esta aplicación.

    Gracias por utilizar nuestro Bass Booster! Si tiene alguna pregunta por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros vía e-mail.
  • Car Rush: Endless Run Mod APK

    Car Rush: Endless Run Mod APK


    Enjoy the new car upgrading game, that starts for the simple car. Pick the score points to upgrade the simple car to the racer car and jet engine powered car.

    It's a endless game so it will never stop. The point collected will automatically converted the the cash amount and then use it for buying the cars from the garage.

    In this endless run, you have to avoid the cars and truck that fall from the Airplane. Also collect the score points to upgrade the cars while playing the racing game on the highway.

    Last five cars Contains hover cars and two jets cars that can be opened temporarily by watching a video ad and earn extra 100 to 500 cash amount for each ad view.

    Contains five free enabled cars, five purchasable cars and five hover and jet cars enabled by ads.

    Enjoy the game!!
  • Waifu Simulator Multiplayer Mod APK

    Waifu Simulator Multiplayer Mod APK


    ❤️❤️Waifu Simulator Multiplayer❤️❤️

    You want to be waifu, you want to be a husband, select your character, accessories, companion and skateboard, now travel on the island.

    Have fun with your virtual partner, he will follow you if you get his trust, invite him to your house, find your partner, all the characters are interactive

    Use the joystick to navigate inside the island and double jump to reach high places

    Interact with objects on the map along with hers, different actions, to simulate a couple.

    ⚽️️ Work delivering mail, pizzas and newspapers, or collect garbage that people leave in the city, to get some money, play soccer or basketball

    Find the keys to open the hidden chests on the island

    Find the lost cats on the map

    ⌛ Now play with your friends with the same version of the game, creating a multiplayer room


    ⌛The more positive feedback, the more we can improve the game and spend more time on it.

    The game has no sexual content, it is against the rules.

    ⏳Game still in development: the game has many updates ahead, game developed by one person.
  • Idle Space Business Tycoon Mod APK

    Idle Space Business Tycoon Mod APK


    Idle Space Business Tycoon is an incremental game like simulation games where you can become a space business tycoon. Open businesses, build your factory, upgrade them, produce goods, trade with galaxy corporations and create your idle farming empire. Let's start space exploring for research technologies! It helps you upgrade your AI, fulfill special orders and build great Citadel in this idle game. Speed up businesses to get more money or just collect idle cash income, even when you offline, earn money with your space farm even without wifi.

    If you like popular management or economy games, where you build and upgrade own space business empire and become the richest tycoon - this is game for you. That cosmic sim getting you easy but interesting gameplay, aside other clicker games here you can do space exploration and feel yourself in future.

    Open business in different directions: ore mining, food production, luxury supplying and others. Manage and upgrade businesses to create your space business empire. Open departments at your office to get more opportunities. Own AI that improves automation also increases your profit including idle income. Create your idle space farm to grow from zero to hero!

    This Sci-Fi universe is waiting for you, let's space exploration. As a business tycoon, think over your upgrading strategy - produce goods yourself, increase production capacity, accelerate base building, or simply buy goods on the global market. Spend a lot of time in the game, making a lot of money, or be a lazy tycoon and only collect idle cash income. If there is not enough game money, simply get bank credits. This is not just a clicker or an idle or a tapping game, it's like a business simulator game.

    A lot of modern games require internet connection or even wifi, if they download a lot of data. So no possibility to play if you are offline. In this idle tycoon game is possible to play even if you don't have an internet connection, there may be no wifi aroundes or you are at the underground. But if not offline you can compete with other players and see their progress.

    * Beautiful Sci-Fi style
    * Research technologies
    * Open departments in the office
    * Upgrade businesses. It's also increase idle cash income. You can explore a many upgrades for expand.
    * Improve AI
    * Interesting economy strategy game
    * Speed up tapping. To speed up businesses just use tap tap technique. Clicking faster to earn more money with your space business.
    * Love games that don't need wi-fi, no internet required games? That's it! Enjoy this idle game even if you are offline.

    Become the greatest space business tycoon ever!
  • Tasty World: Cooking Games Mod APK

    Tasty World: Cooking Games Mod APK


    Become the Top Cooking Master and Build Your Own Restaurant Empire!

    Experience the real joy of cooking with Tasty World — one of the best food management games. Start a chef fever crazy to build my empire bun bakery from a scratch. Cook and eat yummy food, keep it crazy in order to become the highest rising super chef in the world. You can open my taco shop, run a mall food court, or make street truck food.

    different restaurants (Pancake, Hamburger shop, Chinese restaurant, Ice cream truck and Cool soft drinks);

    choose more than 200 actual levels in the story;

    collect the combo and get a tip for additional bonuses;

    various blenders, coffee & tea machines, all kitchen inventory to cook the best meals;

    a lot of ingredients to prepare the desired order.

    Be the real top chef ‍. Show real cooking skills to prove that your chef papa john restaurant deserves a unicorn glory. Find new recipes of noodles or christmas dessert box with girl toca or dr nasreen and improve your kitchen to turn my secret bistro into the best tasty ramen restaurant on the planet.

    Embrace your inner chef kitchen fever and start eating sandwich right now, oh, king of krabby burger! A huge choice of spaghetti and donut ​​ recipes. Become the world's best food maker! Earn money and use it 2 improve your food hut panic cooking restaurant.

    Cook n learn delicious meals. The game includes top cooking chef recipes for any taste. Bake pizza, serve cupcake, burgers and pie, scramble milkshake or turn into an Asian cooking star and feed cute bear panda masha. The world café lets you choose any path to the masterchef dream plate. Cook your own food game!

    ✨ Exciting story. Unlike other food games for free, this one has a great narrative. Meet Roger the manager, florist Sasha, cook Baker, carpenter Sam, girls: May the vet and her friend Emily. There are never too many cooks in the kitchen!

    Cook whatever you want. The player is free to choose between multiple chef wars journeys. Sell high cuisine or ready to serve burger and sushi , noodle and pasta, donburi and taco. There are tons of recipes that you can use during the dash diner.

    Amazing visuals. The game look exceptionally good thanks to high-quality textures and unique art style. At the same time, it runs smoothly even on older portable device . Enjoy the best gaming experience on any smartphone or tablet!

    Multiple easy bake oven games in one. Become a jr chef the grill or start an elite we happy restaurant. Play this as a bake cookies cooking game or make great good cake with icing on it. Feel joy with the never-ending hot dog cooking craze in any cafe land world kitchen!

    This chef fever cooking express game includes dozens of exciting mechanics. You will be able to write new recipes in cookbook, serve the veg food, buy new restaurants, and design your cafe in ramsay hotel. Amaze people with your skills and complete achievement . Receive great rewards for your efforts!

    Learn more, say “Hi” and get a cooking lesson on social media:

    Tasty World is the perfect mobile game for true food enthusiasts . Thanks to it, we can open your own lunch rush HD and turn it into the biggest cafeville. Design the kitchen and create the best menu. Cook, serve with me to build the restaurant of your dreams! Get the app right now and play it free of charge without any restrictions.



    With more than 3000 high quality icons and many wallpapers.

    (NOTE: Icons pack needs a Launcher to be able to use it)

    Recommended Settings and Launcher

    - Use Nova Launcher
    - Set Icon Normalization Off From the Nova Launcher Settings
    - Set Icon Size to 100% - 120%


    To support this icons make sure to Donate within the app. This icons are very time consuming to make, we really appreciate for the support and patience.


    Open to receive any suggestions for EXTRA icons as long is not offensive or only adult related. Keep it for everyone!

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bubulabs/
  • Learn English with ABA English – Study English Mod APK

    Learn English with ABA English – Study English Mod APK


    Want to learn English? Let us guide you. We've designed a guided course based on practice exercises and interaction with certified teachers and students who are at the same level as you.

    Start today and improve your vocabulary. More than 30 million students have already signed up for the most complete English language course.

    Welcome to the first Digital English Academy. Here, you'll learn via our unique and guided methodology. A course plan based on three main actions: TO PRACTICE, TO SPEAK AND TO LEARN ENGLISH.

    The course comes in all levels: A1 to C1. Before starting your English learning experience, you'll be able to take an English level test A1 to C1, to verify your level.

    ★ ABA Film
    You'll start each unit with a short film that includes conversations and everyday scenes, with subtitles in your preferred language. Practice your English pronunciation and listening.

    ★ Thousands of exercises
    You will find English exercises with answers that help you to correct your mistakes. You'll practise all linguistic skills: reading, writing, comprehension and pronunciation. For more advanced learners, you'll also find advanced English grammar exercises and various exercises to learn advanced English vocabulary.

    ★ Video classes
    n every English online class, you'll find all the grammar explained by our teachers.

    ★ Certificates
    Every time you pass a level you'll get an Official ABA English Certificate. You can share it on LinkedIn via the app.

    ★ English Level test A1 to C1
    You can take a free English level test A1 to C1 to make sure you start at the right level.

    Live English online classes every day where you can practise. You will be able to study English conversation and to learn advanced English vocabulary. Try an English online class and improve your vocabulary!

    New content every day based on your interests. You'll learn something new in just a few minutes. Set yourself a Weekly Goal and create the routine that will be sure to lead you to success.

    You can start for FREE with the Basic plan and see your first results. With this plan, you'll get access to the 144 course units and can enjoy all ABA Films and video classes. You'll also be able to practise with English exercises with answers.

    If you want to take it a step further and enjoy a more comprehensive plan, we recommend Premium. As well as being able to enjoy the complete English language course and all the activities, you'll have unlimited access to group classes and microlessons.

    You can pick one of the following subscription plans:
    1 month
    6 months
    12 months

    Enjoy a 7-day free trial with no obligation to stay. We'd love to guide you in your new English learning experience.

    All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless the automatic renewal is disabled at least 24 hours prior to the renewal date. The renewal will be charged to your account 24 hours prior to the renewal, at the current renewal price. However, if you disable automatic renewal you can continue using the full app content until the last day of your subscription. The payment will be charged to your Google Play account when the purchase is confirmed. You can manage your subscriptions or cancel the subscription in the menu of subscriptions in your Google Play account.

    Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions:

    Download the app and study English conversation in Live group classes. It doesn't matter what your level is; you'll find exercises adapted to your level. Beginners will find lots of exercises designed to improve all the linguistic skills. For advanced learners, you can explore more advanced English grammar exercises and learn advanced English vocabulary. Start today!
  • My Cafe — Restaurant Game. Serve & Manage Mod APK

    My Cafe — Restaurant Game. Serve & Manage Mod APK


    Decide on your cafe or restaurant business strategy and earn income, even when you are offline!

    • With My Cafe you can own and grow a coffee shop or a restaurant of your dreams
    • Decorate your coffee shop as you wish, hire and train staff, decide on cafe menu items and even set prices as you see fit

    • Do you have a knack for design? Hone your interior design skills!
    • In this cooking game, you can choose from numerous decor styles, position furniture as you wish, and make a coffee shop totally yours by accentuating with elements that show your true self

    • As a true coffee shop owner, you will get to meet your customers from various backgrounds and get to help them navigate through life. In this restaurant game you can pick between different lines of dialogue with customers and see where your story takes you!
    • Do you like drama? Romance? In My Cafe, the choice is all yours!

    • Play my cafe with friends and meet like-minded coffee lovers to compete against owners of other coffee shops
    • Fulfill festival tasks and lead your town to success together!

    Do you love coffee as much as we do?
    • Unleash your barista superpower and create custom coffee and tea drinks for all your guests
    • Unlock unique coffee recipes and spice up everyone's life in your cafe with distinctive coffee drink combinations

    Note: An internet connection is required to play the game

    Follow our official page to get the latest news and helpful tips on how to develop your cooking game:
    Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MyCafeGame
  • Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game Mod APK

    Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game Mod APK


    Sick with love? Meet a total Survival Otome!
    Survive Together With 5 Charming Boys!

    Dangerous Fellows is a visual-novel based otome dating simulator game. Discover fresh new episodes and stories that will make you fall in love with your favorite character. Find rare and special cards to keep in your private collection.
    Chat with main characters and discover new endings to your amazing story having endless fun.
    Ready for the adventure?

    A sudden outbreak of an unknown virus has destroyed the entire world.
    Your choices are critical when building intimacy with your favorite guy and ultimately surviving the terrifying zombie apocalypse together with him.

    As I was trying to escape an attack from a deadly zombie,
    I was miraculously saved by strangers; five attractive fellows.

    They've been hiding safely in a school building with other survivors…
    …But is this place really safe for us?

    Find out the shocking ending of a romance thriller
    In a way you've never experienced before!
    An otome game of romance and thrills,
    Dangerous Fellows!

    Official Webpage :: http://lucydream.kr/
    Twitter :: https://twitter.com/lucydreamgame
    Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/lucydreamgames/
    Contact :: [email protected]
  • Gleeden - Extramarital Dating Mod APK

    Gleeden - Extramarital Dating Mod APK


    Gleeden.com – the leader in married and coupled people encounters!

    With a top-of-the-range community of more than 6 millions members, Gleeden.com is the first extramarital dating site made by women !

    You want to break the routine? Enjoy some new discreet, anonymous and secure encounters! Sign up for free in just a few clicks!

    Start now and enjoy:
    - 100% real members
    - An intransigent content moderation 24/7 to keep a high-quality community
    - Innovative features to protect your anonymity

    It's up to you!
  • Truck Simulator 2022 Cargo Truck Driving Mod APK

    Truck Simulator 2022 Cargo Truck Driving Mod APK


    Truck Simulator 2022
    Cargo Truck Driving- 3d Truck Simulator game is here for you if you like playing
    3d truck driving simulator games!

    We offer you one of the top truck driver simulator games that will give you the thrill of real life 18 wheelers driving. Get your cargo truck ready and start exploring amazing locations. Drive across different places, shops, restaurants and other scenic places and have ultimate driving experience. This cargo truck driving game is your right choice if you like the experience of driving a heavy vehicle. We have designed this truck driving simulator 3d in such a way that you will get the real-life driving experience.

    Cargo Truck Driving- 3d Truck Simulator game's easy, simple yet challenging gameplay will keep you going for hours. From the store, you can choose your favorite truck or cargo and start driving it without wasting a moment. Easy controlling of this 3d truck simulator will allow you to drive and change the way very swiftly. You will have to drive and collect points to clear the level and move to another level. Play this cargo truck driver simulator effortlessly, clear all the level, pass through different places and structures, overcome all the obstacles on your way and be the ultimate truck cargo driver.

    So, if you are looking for cargo truck simulator or truck driving simulator games to play in your leisure, install our amazing 3d truck driving simulator and enjoy!


    Free and Offline:

    If you are looking for free online truck games, free truck driving games or simulator cargo transport offline games, then this new truck game is here for you. Play the game without spending a single penny and offline without an active internet connection.

    For Everyone:

    Whether you are searching for truck driver simulator for adults or truck simulator games online for kids, this truck simulator free game is for everyone. We have designed this game for people of all ages and genders.

    Easy, Simple yet Challenging:

    The easy controlling and user-friendly interface of this truck simulator online or cargo truck simulator will allow you to play effortlessly. But the real challenge is when you face various obstacles on your way. The target is to overcome all the hurdles and drive to the end.

    So, if you are looking for 3d truck simulator or cargo truck driver games to spend your leisure in fun and have real-life cargo driving experience, then install this truck drive simulator and play anytime, anywhere.

    Download Cargo Truck Driving- 3d Truck Simulator game on your android device and become the real-life truck cargo driver!
  • Havenless - Otome story game Mod APK

    Havenless - Otome story game Mod APK


    Havenless, the interactive otome game will lead you to enjoy the mysterious and dangerous zombie world!
    It's all depending on your choices!
    Get various episodes by your choices and enjoy dating each character!
    Find your favorite character > Target him/her with love choices > Get LOVE and survive!

    In Havenless, you can target a fascinating female character, Samantha!
    How can you raise affection and get your special ending with her?
    Meet her and other charming characters now!

    A female-oriented dating simulation interactive otome game!
    Meet the 4 uniquely charming characters!
    Beautiful illustrations, together with music and sound effects, and direction to help you get immersed in the captivating story!
    Find right choices to raise affection, unlock the special episodes with your favorite character, and more!

    Episodes depending on your choices!

    ▣ Story ▣

    Spring, a few months after a mysterious infection of unknown origin started spreading…
    I got infected, but still managed to keep my humanity.
    Even in this zombie situation, there is something I need to find.

    “I have something urgent to ask of you.”

    One day, we were brought to a place by the priest John…

    Shane, my childhood friend who has a promise to keep,
    Lance, who has to return to the safe zone,
    Noah, the mysterious guy I met in the streets,
    Samantha, the girl dead set on achieving her goal.

    Is there really a safe place in this world?
    Full-fledged Zombie Survival Interactive Choice Stories + Romance, Havenless!

    ▣ Havenless is for those who..

    Want to play an interactive otome game but also mysterious and dangerous!
    Are looking for a brand new survival story game with choices in zombie land!
    Want to collect all the endings with special episodes!
    Are interested in fateful love in desperate situations!
    Have played Dangerous Fellows and wanna know the next episodes!
    Want to try an otome roleplay game by their own choices!
    Love to play an otome interactive game with zombie fantasy stories!
    Want to experience how to survive in zombie land with various episodes!
    Like watching anime or novels about love stories!

    ◆Notice about phone permissions◆

    The following services will need additional permissions when using the app.
    [Optional Permissions]
    - Storage (Pictures, Media, Files) : For saving illustrations on your device
    [Retracting Permissions]
    Options > Privacy > Choose permission > Choose app > Allow or Deny Permission

    Official Webpage :: http://lucydream.kr/
    Twitter :: https://twitter.com/lucydreamgame
    Facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/lucydreamgames/
    Contact :: [email protected]
  • Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker Mod APK

    Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker Mod APK


    Over 200 million women around the globe have already chosen Flo as their menstrual calendar, period tracker, fertility tracker, and pregnancy assistant!

    Flo is a smart and simple feminine menstrual cycle calendar with a period tracker, helpful pregnancy tracker, and accurate ovulation calendar. The Flo Period Tracker app not only accurately tracks your cycle and flow intensity, but is also a sensitive regular and irregular period tracker, reliable trying-to-conceive app, and fertility tracker. Flo period diary makes accurate predictions of menstruation, ovulation, and fertile days. It's the first free period and ovulation tracker, pregnancy app for Android, fertility tracker, and ovulation calendar that uses machine learning (AI). All women, even those with irregular periods, can use this health tracker. It's also the ideal period tracker for teens. Log your menstruation days & flow intensity in a handy period calendar (menstrual cycle diary), ovulation tracker, schedule menstrual cycle reminders, record moods, and PMS symptoms, follow a pregnancy calendar, and take full control of your health with the app.
    Want to know when your next period is coming? Need a cycle tracker?Want to track your PMS symptoms? Want to take your birth control pills on time? With this free period and ovulation tracker, fertility, and pregnancy tracker app, it's easy to keep up.

    Download this period and ovulation tracker app and:
    • Track your cycle, period days and mood with the menstrual tracker and period tracker for Android
    • Log the start and the end date of menstruation, flow intensity in the period tracker and ovulation app
    • Pinpoint your fertility window (fertile days) and ovulation if you plan a pregnancy with the ovulation predictor
    • Analyze your current and past cycles and menstrual flow with the menstrual tracker and period tracker
    • Get predictions for upcoming periods, ovulation days, and fertility
    • Log ovulation tests results (positive, negative) in the period calendar app for Android
    • Log pregnancy test results in the app for Android
    • Log more symptoms in the menstrual tracker and get relevant content/tips if you have irregular periods

    • Track the week of pregnancy with our pregnancy tracker
    • Pick and change the week of your pregnancy
    • Get interesting articles on pregnancy every day

    • Add your weight and water consumption every day
    • Log your physical activity every day in the mobile app for Android
    • Track your sex drive and moods
    • Log your PMS symptoms in the cycle tracker

    • Schedule reminders and get notifications of your period, ovulation days, and fertility
    • Get reminders to log weight, sleep, and to drink water
    • Get reminders on medication and contraception depending on your contraception type

    • Check your period, menstrual flow, ovulation, fertility and symptoms history
    • Analyze your cycle and period duration with the menstrual cycle tracker
    • See the graph of your ovulation days
    • Analyze your weight changes and activity during the cycle with the PMS tracker
    • Track your sleep duration and sleep debt
    • Control the amount of water consumed every day

    • Find out more about your body, cycle, fertility and menstrual flow with the app Flo Period Tracker and Ovulation Calendar
    • Get support from the amazing Flo Period Tracker, Ovulation and Fertility Calendar community

    Download this menstrual cycle tracker and join millions of women and teens who trust their cycles to this Period Tracker & Ovulation Tracker & Fertility Calendar.

    Note: Flo app should not be used as a contraceptive.

    [email protected]
  • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod APK

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod APK


    You've never seen Hollywood like this before! A fresh look, new squad, and pathway to fame await you in an all new KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD.

    Featuring a new and exclusive A-List feature: Squads! Connect with a community of players and make new friends around the world in this celebrity life and fashion story game.

    There's so much more of everything you love about KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD: new events, outfits, accessories and celebrities to meet.

    There's something new and exciting to do every day. See you on the A-List!

    Choose Your Story:
    - Celebrity Life: become a top model, cover girl, movie star, fashion designer, entrepreneur and more!
    - Travel around the world visiting clubs, boutiques, and luxury homes in LA, Tokyo, Paris & more!
    - Virtual families: get married, have kids, and build a home

    Fame Games with Friends:
    - Live your Hollywood story with your friends
    - Squads: Join a squad to earn rewards, exclusive clothing and more!
    - Send gifts and help each other rise to fame when you connect to Facebook

    Style Outfits:
    - Dress up for special events and submit looks based on themes to win prizes.
    - Enter the fashion world and compare daily looks, OOTD and more to see who can be the biggest star!

    Can't keep up with Kim? Continue the adventure and make new friends in Hollywood!
    Media Mentions:
    - “Would you play the Kim K game? Of course you would!” – MTV News
    - “Check out the resemblance! Digital Kim is a spitting image of the real thing!” – E! Online
    - “ If you've always wanted to be part of the Kardashian family, it's your lucky day.” – Marie Claire

    © 2014 - 2021 Glu Mobile Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,TM and © 2014 - 2021 Kimsaprincess, Inc. All rights reserved. Kim Kardashian and Kardashian Kollection and all related designs, stylizations, and images are trademarks and copyrights owned by, in part or whole, by Kimsaprincess, Inc. and used under license herein.

    Auto-renewable Subscription Information (“Subscription Terms”):

    Gold: 49.99USD / month (or local equivalent) including a 7 day free trial
    Silver: 19.99USD / month (or local equivalent) including a 7 day free trial
    Bronze: 4.99USD / month (or local equivalent) including a 7 day free trial

    Subscriptions are available via in app purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the applicable subscription price at the end of the subscription period until you cancel your subscription. Payment for the subscription period you selected will be charged to your Google account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your Google Account Settings and selecting to cancel your subscription. After canceling, you will be responsible for paying the subscription fee for the current active applicable subscription period.

    Here are the links to our privacy policy and terms of service:
    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Use:

    - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
    -This game is not intended for children.
    - Please buy carefully.
    - Advertising appears in this game.
    - This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites is not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
    - A network connection is required to play.
    - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: www.Glu.com/privacy
    - If you have a problem with this game, please use the game's “Help” feature.

    Twitter @kkhofficial
    Instagram @kkhofficial
  • Daddy Was A Thief Mod APK

    Daddy Was A Thief Mod APK


    Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. This time something went wrong! Gain as much money as you can! Hurry! Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren't you? Find combo speed boosts, shortcuts and grab power-ups to survive.

    "Losing your moral fiber has never been so easy nor, thanks to Daddy Was A Thief's cartoony visuals, adorable" Androidpolice

    "This one's pretty simple and casual, and its lighthearted feel and graphics make it great for all ages" Appolicious

    Awesome FEATURES:

    - Smashable obstacles: walls, furnitures and more! Gain as much destructions as you can! Crash through walls, floors and watch the pieces fly all over!
    - Playable thieves and crazy power-ups to unlock
    - Different every time you play!
    - Just one finger control! (swipe up and down) Quick pick-up-and-play
    - Many achievements to earn

    Our games are free to download and play. However it is possible to buy game currency or some game items using real money. You can disable in-app purchases from your device's settings if you do not want to use this feature.

    To start the game you must accept our:

    Privacy Policy: http://www.rebeltwins.com/privacy-policy/
    Terms of Use: http://www.rebeltwins.com/terms-of-use/
  • Block Craft 3D:Building Game Mod APK

    Block Craft 3D:Building Game Mod APK


    Ready? Block? Go!
    Craft and grow your own village or build freely in an unlimited open world!

    • Fun building game: Lots of different constructions. Build a house, a castle, a mine or even a spaceship and the Eiffel Tower!
    • Simulate the best life it's a fun simulator game!
    • Lots of pixels: enjoy the special pixel graphics.
    • Choose your character!
    • Animals adopt and play with animals! It's fun!

    Amazing buildings in 3D
    Play now one of the best construction games!

    Lots of Pets and free exploration
    Play with pets! Adopt a dog, a cat or even an elephant! Unlike other block games, there are no monsters in Block Craft 3D: you can focus on constructing the best buildings or exploring the world.

    Multiplayer game: visit your friends
    Start the exploration! You can visit the city built by your friends (or foes) and help them finish their construction. Multiplayer is so much fun!

    Create and sell
    In Block Craft, no need for mods, launchers, or PE. You can create custom blocks, craft special furniture, or complete a blueprint of a building! And even better: sell those and receive lots of gems!

    Not so creative?
    In Block Craft 3D, no need for maps, just visit the village of your friends to get new ideas and follow the blueprints and guides to easily build fantastic constructions.

    Try this simulator now and have fun building your city!

    Block Craft 3D: Free Building is brought to you by Fun Games for Free, creator of the 100+ Million downloads games Flight Pilot Simulator, Sniper 3D, and Sniper Shooter.
  • Seliga Box Mod APK

    Seliga Box Mod APK


    If you are a user of a Seliga Box smart router, this app is for you! Manage your Wi-Fi password, guest access and more! Forget complicated options, as this application was designed to be simple and intuitive. Download now!
  • Clock TImer Mod APK

    Clock TImer Mod APK


    This app fulfills the need of a Stopwatch. Through this app you can set the timer of your desired time.
  • Flash Light - Torch App Mod APK

    Flash Light - Torch App Mod APK


    It's hard to beat the super bright LED flashlight on Android when it comes to simplicity.
    If it's a free and simple flashlight app you're after and you use a smartphone running Android, this should be one of the first downloads you check out.
    You'll find the basic torch functionality with this torch light app.
  • Jump Off v1.0.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Danger is at every step and if you do not pay attention, you can fall. The speed of reaction will be useful.

    Learn to act in motion. Jump Off — this is a good way to play, get a lot of pleasant impressions and master the necessary reflexes.

    Excellent graphics and free access will be a plus for you!