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EndlessNote is a note-taking app that allows you to add more structure to your notes. It is based on the principle of abstraction and concretization. Go into detail as far as you want and still keep it abstract and clear. Each note is a card that can be customized and is also a folder for additional notes. Create to-do lists or just record your thoughts. EndlessNote is a note-taking app with many options and freedom.

Apk Info:
File Name com.newmod.endlessnote-1-0
App Download Version: 1.0
Price Free
Download 39
Last Update Time Jan 25, 2021
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
47 total





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    Juice Fruit Splash : Sweet Match3 Puzzle Pop Mod APK


    Do you like juicy fruit or sweet candy and jelly?
    I believe you will love "Juice Fruit Splash".
    Collect sweet fruits, Explode juicy bomb, clear all mission.
    Play with cute forest friends. They need your help.

    Juice Fruit Splash features:

    - Sweet fruit candy, lovely forest friends, colorful and fantastic effects, cool sound effects!
    - Unlimited play. No heart system, no waiting. Just enjoy the game.
    - Levels are constantly updated. More levels will be added soon.
    - Free daily bonus. Challenge next levels with powerful booster!
    - Play anytime, anywhere. Play this free match-3 game without the Internet.
    - 100% free to play fruity math3 puzzle game.
    - Multiple choice. Supported on both phones and tablets.

    How to play

    • Match 3 identical fruit candies in a line.
    • Connect 4 fruit candy to create splash bomb.
    • Connect fruit candy with 'T' or 'L' shape to create a juice bomb.
    • Swap 5 fruit candy in a line to create rainbow fruit bomb.
    • Various missions and levels are waiting for you.
  • TikMaster : Likes & Followers Booster for Tiktok Mod APK

    TikMaster : Likes & Followers Booster for Tiktok Mod APK


    TikMaster is the best and free app for increase your Tiktok profile engagement. If you make great videos but they are not easy to be discoverable, you have to choose trend hashtags and boost your videos on TikTok. It is important to get tiktok views and likes. You should increase your discovery reach level.

    TikMaster - Followers and Likes Booster app will help you to get more followers, fans and likes for free! You should just download our app.

    Key Features:
    - Hashtag trending suggestion
    - Boost followers for free
    - Boost views and likes on TikTok
    - Make your videos viral
    - Make your contents easily discoverable
    - Become popular with the best marketing tool

    Please don't hesitate to contact with us for any reason:
    [email protected]

    This app is an analytics app designed to view reports related to your TikTok/ Musical.ly profile.
    This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok/ Musical.ly
  • Trybe — Social. Rewarded. Mod APK

    Trybe — Social. Rewarded. Mod APK


    Trybe is a social network where we're giving you the power to build your community in one place, have fun, be creative, and get rewarded for what you do. The days are numbered where companies make money off your content without you being rewarded for being creative, and engaging online. We're not letting that happen any longer by allowing for creators, fans, and friends to build and run their community for themselves, connect directly, and give and get money without a middle man.

    On Trybe, you can:

    * Create and share photos, video, and long or short form audio.

    * Engage in chat discussions, or private message, including audio commenting.

    * Earn points based on your positive behavior, and you can use those points to increase your own exposure, or of the content you love.

    * Award (and get rewarded) credits to individual content posts, and comments. People, and you, can withdraw the funds (powered by Stripe) directly from the app once you reach $50 USD in rewards.

    Trybe won't sell your data unless you a) consent to it and b) want to make money off of your own data being sold to a third party.

    You don't have to be a creator or influencer with a large following to get in on Trybe, and make money. Anyone can be rewarded for their content, and anyone can earn points for their positive behaviour in the community. That's why people feel good about spending their time on Trybe, and making money while they're at it.

    When it comes to social media, people don't want to have to think about the negative impact it has on their lives, and advertising and algorithms, when all they're trying to do is have fun with their friends. That's where we come in. Why would we all let ourselves feel bad for trying to have fun?
  • Cat Cafe Idle Mod APK

    Cat Cafe Idle Mod APK


    * Buy upgrades to get more seats, more money, or make everything go faster!
    * Upgrade your cafe to unlock new cats!
    * Receive letters from your supporters!
    * Enjoy some daily cat facts!

    Icons by Icons8
  • Sudoku – Puzzle Game with Levels Mod APK

    Sudoku – Puzzle Game with Levels Mod APK


    Sudoku – Classic puzzle game with levels
    Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle game where the goal is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that form the grid contain all of the numbers from 1 to 9. Initially the puzzle setter will give you a partially finished grid in this Sudoku game.

    This classic game has two modes - training mode and pro mode
    In each of these modes of this number game, there are difficulty levels - easy, medium, hard and expert.

    In this block puzzle app, we have daily challenges. Finish the daily challenge to get rewards in this Sudoku free game.

    Utilize the hint option if you are stuck while playing this Sudoku puzzle game. Improve your logical skills by playing this Sudoku game offline.

    Use the timer option to calculate the best time and current time in this Sudoku block game. Become an expert by solving all the Sudoku puzzles by playing this classic Sudoku game with levels.

    Key features
    • Two modes – Training mode and Pro mode
    • Different levels of difficulty
    • Touch sound option
    • Game music feature
    • Amazing themes to choose from
    • Timer option to calculate gameplay time

    Download this Sudoku game and solve the puzzles, all for free.
  • Fun puppy run Mod APK

    Fun puppy run Mod APK


    Prueba este corredor gratuito sobre cachorros divertidos de pug y otras mascotas. Salta a las islas tropicales en medio de un gran mar hermoso, esquiva los trenes de metro, recoge monedas y varias bonificaciones. ¡Construye casas sobre el oro recolectado y abre nuevas ubicaciones! Patrulla nuevas ubicaciones con amigos e intenta establecer un nuevo récord. El juego "Fun puppy run" es adecuado para todos, ¡tanto niños como adultos y toda la familia pueden jugarlo!

    Cómo jugar a este juego gratuito: elige tu cachorro favorito o sus amigos (aparecerán otros perros en las próximas actualizaciones) y haz clic en Iniciar. Salta y esquiva los obstáculos recogiendo oro. Construye una casa para el oro recolectado para tu cachorro. Cuando la casa esté completamente construida, se abrirá una nueva ubicación. Los controles del juego son simples e intuitivos, por lo que usted y sus hijos aprenderán fácilmente este juego.

    En este momento solo hay un bebé pug con lindas patas. Y muy pronto tendrá nuevos amigos lindos: pug y otros perros, como bulldogs, dálmatas, labradores, corgi y otras mascotas. Y luego todos los amigos se encargarán de la corrida de oro!

    ¡Construye para tu mascota virtual una casa, y no solo una casa, sino todo un palacio o incluso un templo! Pero no olvide que esto no es un simulador de construcción, sino un simulador de perros, por lo tanto, como en otros juegos, concéntrese en correr, saltar, trucos porque todo esto será necesario en la carrera de oro. ¡Bingo! Y ya estás por delante de todos tus amigos y amigos :).

    Características clave:
    - Lindo y divertido cachorro de pug virtual como el personaje principal.
    - Varios lugares de juego únicos disponibles para patrullar
    - Construcción de edificios que abren el acceso a nuevos mundos.
    - Bonificaciones únicas para ayudar a los perros en las carreras.
    - Bonitos gráficos de juegos y sonidos que seguramente les gustarán a usted y sus hijos.

    ¡Un interminable corredor 3D con los cachorros más rápidos para bebés, niños, adolescentes, adultos y todos tus amigos! Los botones grandes y los controles convenientes facilitan el control del perro. No hay obstáculos difíciles en el juego, por lo que los niños podrán correr infinitamente, desarrollando habilidades de motricidad fina.

    Conviértete en el mejor entre todos tus amigos. ¡Adelante a victorias y nuevos récords!
  • Animal Hunt 3D Mod APK

    Animal Hunt 3D Mod APK


    You are a lion.
    You are very hungry.
    It's time to hunt.

    Think before you act.
    Hunt the weakest.
    Divide the packs.
    Trap the strongest.

    Hunt the cows.
    Avoid the bulls.

    Can you hunt them all?
  • Colegio Espíritu Santo Mod APK

    Colegio Espíritu Santo Mod APK


    Mobile app to manage the Phidias platform for Colegio Espíritu Santo
  • Maestra Mabel Pérez Mejía Mod APK

    Maestra Mabel Pérez Mejía Mod APK


    Through this app my students will be able to be aware of the curricular content offered in the educational center and parents will be able to follow up with their children at home.
  • Politécnico Miguel Infante Santana Mod APK

    Politécnico Miguel Infante Santana Mod APK


    TE mostramos nuestra app escolar, en ella podrás encontrar las clases que ofrecemos en nuestro centro escolar.
  • Domino Slide Mod APK

    Domino Slide Mod APK


    Slide the tiles to complete the domino fall!

    The dominoes fall automatically, if the dominoes are connected from the start to the goal.
    If you beat all the dominoes, you'll get perfect!

    Can you get perfect at all levels?
  • Croc Art Mod APK

    Croc Art Mod APK


    Design The Most Creative and Comfortable Crocs.
    Make your Customers Happy.
  • Mensajero Devy Mod APK

    Mensajero Devy Mod APK


    Receive services from the Devy platform.

    Turn your free time into profit with the Devy Messenger app and bring the things people want most to your home or office.
  • Devy Mod APK

    Devy Mod APK


    Hundreds of Restaurants and Products in a single app!

    You can choose your favorite food and products from the comfort of your home or office in just a few clicks.

    Don't you want to eat from the same place anymore? We have the solution, you can find hundreds of restaurants and food styles in one application.

    Do you need something from the pharmacy? You do not need to leave home, just ask and we will bring it to you in just a few minutes.

    Do you need something from the convenience store? Your time is very valuable, do not waste it, we are going for you.

    Devy is going to change your life. 365 days a year. Ideal for your food. Ideal for your emergencies. Ideal for your cravings. Ideal to live better.

    We are here to pamper you, just choose • order • enjoy.
  • Video Downloader for Pinterest - Save GIF & Images Mod APK

    Video Downloader for Pinterest - Save GIF & Images Mod APK


    Downloader for Pinterest helps you save Video / Photo / GIF from Pinterest to your phone.

    This video downloader for Pinterest is the right choice when you wanna save videos or photos from Pinterest. Why? Because Video downloader for Pinterest is free and simple to use, you can just copy the link or share it to the app and the video/ photo/ GIF will be auto-downloaded right away! This high-rated app with millions of beloved users is your right choice. Come on and try!
    Video Downloader for Pinterest, image and GIF saver, is free to use.

    ⭐ Features
    ✓ You can download videos, Images, and GIF from Pinterest
    ✓ Multi-download videos from Pinterest at the same time
    ✓ Play, send, and share downloaded media easily
    ✓ Direct share to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media
    ✓ Play the video in the app.

    Save photos and download videos on Pinterest to your Android phones. With a single click and it will be done! No need to search for another video download app for Pinterest. Check below how to use and download videos from Pinterest:

    How to Download Videos, Photos, and GIFs from Pinterest?
    #1 First Method:
    - Open Pinterest and copy the link of Video, Photo, GIF
    - Open Video Downloader for Pinterest (This App)
    You copy the link from Pinterest and the download will automatically start.

    #2 Secon Method:
    Click "Share" and choose Video downloader for Pinterest App.
    All Done!
    Pinterest videos or images will be downloaded automatically on your local phone, and you can enjoy all the photos and videos anytime!

    You can see that Photo & Videos Downloader for Pinterest & images and gif downloader is one of the easiest and most convenient apps to save Images, download videos from Pinterest. The Pinterest save app helps you to download Pinterest photos easily. Download this fast video downloader and save Pinterest video and Pinterest Photo into your mobile gallery.

    All Features of video downloader & Image saver for Pinterest:
    ☆ Save Pinterest photos/videos
    ☆ Download video from Pinterest
    ☆ Download video and image from All account
    ☆ Watch Offline videos anytime anywhere
    ☆ The app is Safe and Free
    ☆ Multi-download videos from Pinterest at the same time

    - You should understand that the ownership, intellectual property rights, and any other interests of the Video, Photo, GIF on the platform belong to its publishers or owners. We respect such legitimate rights and interests of the publishers or the owners. We recommend you obtain permission before download and use the content, also, you shall indicate the source of the content when using the downloaded Video, Photo, GIF.
    - This video downloader is not associated with Pinterest.
  • 順億GO Mod APK

    順億GO Mod APK


  • CHIN Healing Mod APK

    CHIN Healing Mod APK


    瀞時尚療癒中心CHIN Healing是療癒工作者們組成的國際交流中心

  • KidzKidz質感童裝 Mod APK

    KidzKidz質感童裝 Mod APK





  • Kms.Bdg Mod APK

    Kms.Bdg Mod APK


    Bandung, Paris Van Java, atau Bandung Kota Kembang, kota cantik yang memiliki daya tarik tersendiri untuk masyarakat Indonesia dan dunia. Sebagai kota yg penduduknya sarat dengan ide dan kreatifitas, membuat Bandung kaya akan terobosan baru. Namun belum adanya panduan lengkap soal kota Bandung membuat orang harus mencari informasi secara terpisah pisah.
    Fakta hari ini, diera digital 4.0, membuat Orang ingin mencari kemudahan dalam mencari informasi, hemat waktu, hemat biaya, membuat kita harus mengoptimalkan media sosial dan digital, ataupun aplikasi smartphone.
    Kamus.BDG dibuat untuk memenuhi kebutuhan informasi tentang kota Bandung yang lengkap. Menjadi panduan yang mudah dalam mencari segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan kota Bandung. Menjadi wadah silaturahmi, promosi, iklan, komunitas dan semua unsur yang ada di kota Bandung. Kami juga ingin membuka potensi wisata yang belum tergali, melakukan sharing ekonomi dan memupuk rasa kecintaan yang tinggi, khiususnya untuk kota Bandung, Umumnya untuk jawa barat dan Indonesia.
    Kami ingin menghadirkan pengalaman baru untuk semua yang mendownload aplikasi smartphone kami. Dengan folder yang lengkap dan informasi yang terupdate. Semoga dengan adanya Kamus.Bdg berbagai kesulitan untuk informasi kota Bandung, bisa diakses hanya dalam satu 'rumah'. Akhir kata, wilujeng berselancar, mohon masukan dan saran untuk kemajuan Kamus.Bdg. Hatur Nuhun.
  • Black Lollipop クール&キュート着せ替えゲーム Mod APK

    Black Lollipop クール&キュート着せ替えゲーム Mod APK


    The dress-up game "Black Lollipop" is a dress-up game that you can enjoy by dressing up cool and cute girls and designing backgrounds.

    Share images of fashionable girls with your friends.

    This game saves the data on the terminal, so if you delete the app, all the saved dress-up data will also be deleted.

    Let's experience not only cute but also dress-up that can not be done anywhere else with high quality illustrations!

    Of course, you can change your clothes in a fashionable way that you can't find in other clothes that are just cute.

    It can also be used as an icon on SNS, so let's make a difference in design with everyone!

    You can save a lot of the coordination you made, so if you try various outfits and save them, you can make illustrations that can be used in various ways depending on your mood or event!

    It's not just the usual dressing up of cute clothes, so you can create a slightly dangerous atmosphere!

    By combining the background with the pattern and background color, you can create a pattern that will not be worn by anyone!
  • EndlessNote v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    EndlessNote is a note-taking app that allows you to add more structure to your notes. It is based on the principle of abstraction and concretization. Go into detail as far as you want and still keep it abstract and clear. Each note is a card that can be customized and is also a folder for additional notes. Create to-do lists or just record your thoughts. EndlessNote is a note-taking app with many options and freedom.