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With JMess! Mod APK, you can free to purchase any items in the JMess! APK. JMess! is developed by Réalisations Tremar Inc. - JALF.com. You are downloading JMess! Mod APK 1.3 for free. Appli de communication pour notre club privé réservée à nos membres. Cette application vous permet de lire et envoyer des messages ainsi que d'utiliser notre chat en temps réel.

Apk Info:
File Name com.newmod.jmess-1-3
App Download Version: 1.3
Price Free
Apk Size 26M
Download 47
Last Update Time Feb 14, 2020
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
40 total





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    Welcome to Knight Fighters: Epic Battle Strategy War Game a place to showcase your strategic war skills and tactical abilities in war game to claim your victory among millions of people in battle knight fighter and strategic alliances. Experience the real joy of victory with best knight epic games of war strategy game. In Knight Fighters: Epic Battle Strategy War Game, rise from the rank of lowly vassal up to royalty. Gather the best war equipment to experience real battle fight and form your clan of blocky knights. Carefully select your knight warrior and soon you will scale the high scores and rule over a blooming kingdom. One of its own kinds of war strategy game, all you need to place your blocky knight warrior strategically to win Knight Fighter: Epic Battle Strategy War Game.

    Dive in as mortal warrior assassin knight fighter and battle fight with rivals at war (RAW) in medieval combat army missions epic game. Let the archer battle knight begin to have ultimate warrior master combat fight. Take revenge as shadow hero from mortal warrior assassin knight fighter trying to crush you with their strong horse armor and mallet hammer in real war strategy game. Rivals at war have different abilities in epic battle games. Ultimate battle knight fighter will take you to medieval fight for rescue mission war strategy game. Battle Fight in medieval knight soldier combats and prove your war strategy in Knight Fighters: Epic Battle Strategy War Game. Embark on a battle quest to fight tactical war simulator with no limits real epic war strategy game. Combine the real battle strategy involved in roman war games with thrilled epic knight fighting battle tactical war games as real warrior assassin knight fighter. This battle simulator takes charge of entire ancient war and tiny trooper movement and lets you be the warlord for medieval combat army missions epic war strategy game.

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    Advanced army war strategy placement battle simulator.
    Watch battle simulation in action with TABS knight fight.
    Best strategy war game for epic game lovers.
    Use your master fire archery skills.
    More accurate strategy, more chance to win knight Battle.
    Rotate your camera to view your strategy battle arena.
    Plenty of strategic war missions battle game.

    Download this Knight Fighters: Epic Battle Strategy War Game and give us your feedback, so we make more tactical war and battle strategy games.
  • Crowd Master 3D Mod APK

    Crowd Master 3D Mod APK


    • Blast your enemies away!

    • Unlock weapons and discover new ways to play!

    • Unlock skins to customize your avatar!

    • Collect coins & buy upgrades!

    • Use the environment to your advantage!
  • The Darkest Woods 2: Horror Adventure Game Mod APK

    The Darkest Woods 2: Horror Adventure Game Mod APK


    You woke up in old, empty psychiatric hospital ward. How did you get here? What's going on around? Where does these creepy voices come from?

    It's the second part of legendary horror in the spirit of old flash games - The Darkest Woods. This story won the hearts many players around the world. You can download the first part absolutely for free. But even if you didn't play it, it will be exciting anyway.

    What awaits you:
    — Exciting investigation
    — Horrifying experiments
    — Secrets in the darkness
    — Shocking truth
    — Multiple endings

    We are not responsible for your nightmares, heart strokes and panic attacks!

    If you have any questions or you found a bug, please contact us at: [email protected]

    Check out www.thedarkestwoods.ru for more information about The Darkest Woods.
  • Twister Spinner - Türkçe Mod APK

    Twister Spinner - Türkçe Mod APK


    Do you want to have fun and benefit from technology while playing Twister?

    If the answer is yes, download the app immediately! you have the pleasure of handling the wheel


    twister, oyunoyna, spin wheel, twister game, wheel games, twister wheel, wheel for twister, twister, how to play twister, twister games, spin games
  • 9 Lives: The Cat Goes Home Mod APK

    9 Lives: The Cat Goes Home Mod APK


    An exciting arcade that tells us about the adventures of a cheerful cat who really wants to return home. The gameplay is a passage of many interesting and beautiful levels, where the character must run, jump, overcome various obstacles.

    Key features:
    1) The cat has only 9 lives to return home;
    2) Collect all the coins to get 3 stars for each level;
    3) No in-game purchases! Only your skill decides!
  • Scan ticket - JDS Mod APK

    Scan ticket - JDS Mod APK


    Scan Ticket - JDS app provides a quick and easy way to scan and manage ticket status for your events manually.
    You can easily update and check the status of your tickets as well as the number of validated tickets for each of your events.

    FREE - Download the Scan Ticket - JDS application now for free!
  • Falcon Landing Simulator Mod APK

    Falcon Landing Simulator Mod APK


    Falcon Landing is a new super relistic simulator of first stage "Falcon" and spaceship "Dragon" Landing.

    Three cards are available in the game: Island, Sea and Mars. Each map has levels of varying difficulty. Complete tasks and collect the maximum number of stars to open the next map.

    Ending fuel, limited landing time, checkpoint, wind, sandstorm and many other obstacles the player will have to overcome.

    Game features:
    Map for landing "Island". Land a Falcon on an island in difficult weather conditions with a hurricane wind.
    Map "Sea". Try to land the Falcon stage on a moving barge in the midle of Sea.
    Map of Mars. Get the new game experience by landing the Dragon capsule on Mars with a low-gravity physics simulating and a completely different type of spaceship control.

    Also there are many levels with different arcade tasks like time landings and landings with checkpoints collecting

    Advantages of the game:
    - Highly detailed realistic 3d models
    - The thought-through physics of accelerators, gravity, wind
    - arcade missions
    -Inexpressible atmosphere
  • Fruit Tea World Mod APK

    Fruit Tea World Mod APK


    Fruit Tea World

    Hai Sobat Fruit Tea,
    Fruit Tea Kini Hadir
    dengan aplikasi baru

    "Fruit Tea World"

    Dijamin lebih seru karena ada fitur foto dengan karakter AOV, FREE FIRE dan NAURA! Dan kalo mau cari sponsor untuk event kalian, bisa juga tinggal upload via aplikasi ini.

    Penasaran kan?
    Yuk kumpulkan karakternya dan mainkan gamenya untuk medapatkan point Fruit Tea.

    Cara bermain:
    • Beli Fruit Tea Botol dengan gam bar karakter dan Fruit Tea kemasan genggam
    • Download gratis aplikasi Fruit Tea World di Google PlayStore.
    • Untuk bermain; Tekan tombol PLAY, kemudian scan Karakter pada botol Fruit Tea dan Fruit Tea kemasan Genggam dengan kamera handphone kamu.
    • Kamu juga bisa lho, berfoto dengan filter 3D karakter favorite kamu !

    • Aplikasi Fruit Tea World hanya dapat digunakan dengan Fruit Tea Botol dengan gam bar karakter dan Fruit Tea kemasan genggam
    • Koneksi internet diperlukan untuk download aplikasi.
    • Aplikasi kemungkinan tidak bisa mendeteksi gambar jika gambar rusak atau gambar pada kemasan Fruit Tea terkena cahaya berlebih.
    * Spesifikasi minimal untuk memainkan game ini: android 6.0 dan minimal RAM 3GB.
  • ควิซชีววิทยา ม.ปลาย อัพเดทใหม่ 2019 : BioQuiz Mod APK

    ควิซชีววิทยา ม.ปลาย อัพเดทใหม่ 2019 : BioQuiz Mod APK


    BioQuiz is a quiz game for biology. With reference content from IPST. Covering all lessons from grade 4 to 6, with statistics being played incorrectly for each lesson Fun and knowledgeable!
  • Gero apetito Mod APK

    Gero apetito Mod APK


    Send a beautiful image to your friends to say enjoy your meal.
    This image is included in the image.
  • Innova-Con by IAOIP Mod APK

    Innova-Con by IAOIP Mod APK


    Seamlessly navigate Innova-Con events by downloading the Innova-Con app from IAOIP.

    Once downloaded and signed in, attendees of the Innova-Con 2020: Innovation in Military Aviation VRTL Training Workshop Event can quickly locate the:
    - Agenda
    - Speakers
    - Collaboration Zones
    - Attendees
    - Sponsors

    Enjoy the event, and stay connected with us on social media @IAOIP
  • Farm Island: Hay Bay City Paradise Mod APK

    Farm Island: Hay Bay City Paradise Mod APK


    FREE adventure about farming, hay, jungle, coco and holiday spa. Rest on vacation, eat banana, invite adorable farm animals and farm friends to your cove paradise! This day will farm paradise - time to new day on you farm! New farm game from creators of Farm Town - more that 10 000 000 players!

    Entire tropical farm at your disposal:
    ★ Grow a fresh crop;
    ★ Build your own hotel and invite guests;
    ★ Tame the most amazing animals: lions, zebras and panda bears
    ★ Create your own Zoo. Invite lovely pet and pets on island and make them happy;
    ★ Build island airport, steamboat and invite tourists;
    ★ Find old ruins and artifacts;
    ★ Prepare your villagers to unforgettable adventure!

    Download the game and make your holidays unforgettable!

    Group on Facebook:
  • Klondike Solitaire - Patience Card Games Mod APK

    Klondike Solitaire - Patience Card Games Mod APK


    Play the most popular solitaire card game for FREE! Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience) requires thinking and good memory, also a little bit of luck to win. Download our Solitaire game NOW, and immerse yourself in the world of classic card game!

    ♣ Classic Klondike Solitaire gameplay
    ♣ Beautiful UI and easy to read cards
    ♣ Play without network
    ♣ Multiple languages supported
    ♣ Small in size(about 10MB), yet rich in joy

    ♦ Draw 1 or 3 cards
    ♦ Dozen's of themes
    ♦ Unlimited hints
    ♦ Unlimited undo
    ♦ Auto-save game in play
    ♦ Auto-complete option to finish a solved game
    ♦ Left-handed or right-handed option
    ♦ Portrait or landscape
    ♦ Detailed statistics
    ♦ How to play tutorial
    ♦ Save dead deal with magic if you like

    If you have any problem, please contact us: [email protected]

    Used to playing classic card games on PC? This Solitaire game would be the BEST choice for you on Android platform! Join us and enjoy this gorgeous game now!
  • CohesionWork Mod APK

    CohesionWork Mod APK


    The "CohesionWork" project was carried out with the aim of simplifying internal information flows and rationalizing the circulation of documents between the structures - above all decentralized - of the Marche Region.

    The new system allows the production and validation cycle of the flows of the Marche Region to be carried out completely digitally



    Application of Self-management employees Coopeguanacaste, R. L.

    It allows users to request holidays and leave, request payment of travel expenses, overtime and availability, request proof of salary and consult outstanding invoices.
  • Pet Vet Care Wash Feed Animals - Animal Doctor Fun Mod APK

    Pet Vet Care Wash Feed Animals - Animal Doctor Fun Mod APK


    Love animals? Have the best playtime fun with Pet Vet Care!

    Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and even pandas – all these cute creatures need your help! Take on the role of a kind and loving vet, and nurse a wide variety of animals back to health. Play with and train them, ready to find their forever homes.

    For the young at heart, Pet Vet Care lets you play doctor to a wide variety of lovable animals, as they feed, wash and have hours of fun with dogs, cats, pandas and more!

    Meet the adorable, squishy-nosed pug. Pet the two fluffy cats. Go barking mad with a German Shepherd and befriend the woolly sheep. Get to know the cute, cuddly rabbit and the playful pony, or have a long chat to the parrot.

    And there are even more animals to keep you entertained, including a mischievous little squirrel, a happy hamster, a tiny turtle, a dapper duck, a little pink piggy, a furry panda and a prickly hedgehog!

    Discover a whole new world of fun!

    Feed them! Pet them! Take them to the store! Everything you need to keep these fluffy critters happy is right there, with a whole town at your fingertips, where you can find all the supplies you need to make sure they always stay healthy.

    You can choose from a variety of toys and games to keep your pets busy, too – like a ball, a skateboard, string or balloons! Is kitty looking a bit worse for wear? Quick! Get your vet's supplies ready to make her better! Take care of all her cuts and grazes super fast so you can play again!

    Give them injections to make them better. Apply special cream to their wounds and make them smile all over again! Have you got the skills to be a real live vet? Try Pet Vet Care and find out for sure.

    Oh dear! And look how dirty Panda is! Best you get him to the shower and wash off all that grime he collected while playing outside. Make sure you dry him properly so that he doesn't catch cold, otherwise, you'll have to make him better all over again!

    For anyone who loves animals, Pet Vet Care is a fun game that teaches them all about the importance of caring for animals while you let your imagination take flight and make a whole lot of new friends in the animal kingdom.

    Fun, Friendly Gameplay

    In this game you take on the role of a veterinarian who has to treat, clean and care for different animals. In each level, you're tasked with diagnosing what is wrong with each pet and figuring out the correct treatment. Fun for playing together, you'll need to clean, give medicine, apply ointment and much more!

    Learn and Grow
    Pet Vet Care teaches you how to look after your furry friends. Whether it is pets you have at home like dogs and cats, or wildlife such as sheep and squirrels, take care of animals.
    Start by identifying issues, such as bumps, grazes, splinters, or bugs. Then apply treatment in the form of tweezers, creams, stitches or medicine. Whatever you end up doing, this is a great way to help you understand what happens at the vets and help take the worry and anxiety out of taking care of a poorly pet.


    Once you've treated each animal, you can wash and bathe them to get them looking as good as they feel – and even take them out to play. Watch as your animals' happiness and health grows as you groom, feed and train them. Give them gifts and treats for good behaviour, and use different toys to exercise and entertain them.

    Care for the Cutest Creatures!
Return to the animal hospital again and again to look after different animals, including household pets such as a playful pug dog, a fluffy cat, a sweet shorthaired cat, a bouncing bunny rabbit, a parrot and a friendly hamster.
    There's also wild and exotic animals such as a lovable sheep, a pony, a curious squirrel, a micro pig.

    Invite the your friends to join the fun as you test out your skills by caring for the cutest animals in town.
  • Tajik Russian Translator Mod APK

    Tajik Russian Translator Mod APK


    The best free application to translate text from Tajik to Russian and Russian to Tajik.
    Таджикский русский переводчик

    You can translate words and sentences instantly.

    Can be used offline with the favorites menu.

    Features of the application
    - Translation of words and sentences
    - Voice input, you can speak and translate instantly
    - Voice output with accent to hear the translated text
    - Share the translation by message or send by mail
    - Favorites menu to bookmark and see the translations offline
    - Can be used as a dictionary with favorites mode
    - Translations can be copied in the clipboard
    - Perfect application to learn Russian and Tajik languages
    - Best application if you want to travel and communicate
  • Funtome: online communication messenger Mod APK

    Funtome: online communication messenger Mod APK


    Funtome Messenger is a new free messenger that transforms your text into original pictures.
    How does it work? You type a word – Funtome transforms it into picture by one click.

    What makes Funtome Messenger special:

    - Who said that message sound should always be the same? Choose your receive and send sound!
    - The Eggzzz are memes designed to express emotions in Funtome. There are no emojis as emotional as The Eggzzz!
    - And when your boundless imagination asks for more - our cool stickerpacks won't let you down!

    What other bonuses do you get from Funtome?

    Your communication can be as fun as game! You won't even notice how this simple word transformation will bring your Funums for your new stickerpacks! Sounds complicated? Let's make it simple: 50 new pictures = new level = funums = your new stickerpack!

    We have designed a messenger for brighter life. Enjoy the Funtome collages made with your photos and favorite Funtome pictures! You can place them anywhere you like, change their size and rotate them. Anyway, spin them as you like and share with your friends in any social media!

    Funtome has all standard messenger functions as well:

    - Profile and personal data settings;
    - Conversations and chat rooms;
    - Send media files;
    - Send text SMS messages;
    - Voice messages with high-quality sound!

    Don't wait, join now as Funtome is ready to surprise you and your friends!
    Install the app and leave your feedback, use cool pictures, stay positive, inspire your nearest and dearest. Get to the next level of communication with Funtome absolutely free!



    Scribble Rider !!3D Roll, Swim.

    Draw Scribble Rider draw
    Roll, Swim, Stick and Fly with the ultimate 'All-Terrain' vehicle
    guide for scribble rider
    tips for scribble rider
    walkthrough for scribble rider
    tricks for scribble ridder
    scribble rider game
  • Best New Guide  08/2020 :  Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

    Best New Guide 08/2020 : Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK


    Guide for scary teacher 3D 2020-all levels.
    This is a guide of a game-scary teacher game- that is very famous in the world of horror games. It is totally 3D interactive,fun-time instructional game that teaches a slew of subjects, Scary teacher is for Education the difficulties and Learning are nice and wonderful.
    It's free and forever are free.
    If you follow this guide step by step you will inevitably be able to win and finish the game to the end.
    This application will guide you to know everything about scariest teacher at school.
  • JMess! v1.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    Appli de communication pour notre club privé réservée à nos membres. Cette application vous permet de lire et envoyer des messages ainsi que d'utiliser notre chat en temps réel.