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Virus free

Apk Info:
File Name com.app.kinchitkaram
App Download Version: 1.0
Price Free
Apk Size 39M
Download 1,000
Last Update Time Sep 16, 2020
Min 5.0 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

This Application is meant for daily usage of Kinchitkaram members to access member content, manage your membership and take part in the services undertaken by the trust.

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  • Vestido de invierno de princesa de hielo
    Todas las niñas pequeñas quieren parecerse a una verdadera princesa y sueñan con tener hermosos vestidos y un maquillaje elegante. Por esta razón, nuestra colección de juegos de princesas de hielo para niñas es más grande hoy con otro tipo de juegos de princesas llamado Ice Princess Winter Dress up donde tendrás un gran salón de maquillaje virtual y un estudio de moda y allí podrás ver cómo se hacen tus sueños. cierto.
    El primer paso en este tipo de juegos de princesa de hielo es una parte de cambio de imagen, donde puede utilizar más tratamientos de belleza y cosméticos para una piel perfecta. Después de esta parte, puedes pasar al siguiente nivel de juegos de maquillaje princesa para niñas con una fabulosa sombra de ojos o lápiz labial. Hay tantos colores y todos te transformarán en una deslumbrante princesa. ¡Todo lo que necesita hacer es elegir lo que es atractivo para usted!

    Después de este nivel de juegos de salón de belleza con princesas de hielo, te invitan a uno de los estudios de disfraces más completos donde puedes mostrar tus habilidades con la moda y completar el look fabuloso con elegantes vestidos de invierno, faldas o pantalones elegantes y hermosos accesorios. En esta parte de los juegos de princesa para niñas, debes elegir lo que crees que es mejor: una blusa roja o amarilla, una falda larga o corta, tacones altos o botas. Todo está ahí, en nuestros juegos de princesa, solo escoges las cosas que quieres. Al final te verás como una hermosa princesa.
    Características de Ice Princess Winter Dress Up Games:
    - un salón de maquillaje virtual completo
    - muchos cosméticos para usar como en todos los otros juegos de maquillaje de princesas
    - caja de maquillaje colorida y lápiz labial
    - un gran estudio de moda para juegos de disfraces de princesas para niñas
    - elegantes vestidos de invierno y accesorios
    - Faldas y pantalones coloridos, tacones altos, botas o bolsos

    Creemos que podemos mejorar nuestros juegos de princesas de hielo y hacerlos como quieras. Por lo tanto, escriba en su comentario lo que le gusta en nuestros juegos de vestir de princesas de hielo y trataremos de mejorarlos cada vez más. Diviértete jugando!
  • Les Animaux
    Discoveries of animals (in photos and drawings) with a little game for the little ones.
    Pronunciation of the name of the animal and its call.
  • Shapes Block Puzzle - Brain Puzzle Games
    Your brain puzzle-solving skills will be put to the test with this challenging paper puzzle game. Stretch your mind in ways you never imagined in this addictive origami shapes puzzle game. Enjoy the satisfaction of puzzle pieces fitting neatly in place, filling the board with a burst of color in jigsaw shapes puzzle game.

    Origami paper puzzle game includes a number of different shapes to make by joining blocks. The art puzzle game difficulty is based on the number of puzzle pieces, which should be put together. Join blocks of a paper puzzle together and complete the art puzzle to make shapes. Easy to play single touch controls, drag, and drop paper puzzle blocks to make different shapes. Test your brain puzzle and complete the shapes block puzzle challenge!

    Shapes Block Puzzle - Brain Puzzle Games Features:
    Complete the brain puzzle by joining paper shapes
    Test Your Art Puzzle Solving Skills
    Challenging & Addictive Gameplay
    Easy To Play Tap Controls
    Colorful Graphics

    Download Shapes Block Puzzle - Brain Puzzle Games now!
  • Filipino para sa Modernong Mundo G7
    Filipino para sa Modernong Mundo is an amazing and fun gamified e-learning platform of Filipino subject. It presents interactive lessons and exciting assessments which help learners study the subject at their own pace anytime and anywhere in this new normal in education.

    Filipino para sa Modernong Mundo is designed based on the most essential learning competencies of DepEd as part of the asynchronous learning modality. It aims to help the learners study the FIlipino subject with minimal supervisions of parents and teachers. It promotes learning through the use of technology to serve the different learning of the Generation Z learners.

    Filipino para sa Modernong Mundo is developed to help learners appreciate Philippine literature, use the Filipino language and be proud of our culture. This is created by CREOTEC Philippines Inc. as part of the solution in the challenge in education for the new normal.


    ✔ Promotes independent learning
    ✔ Adaptability to varying learning styles
    ✔ Innovative teaching methodology
    ✔ Gamified learning
    ✔ Motivational tool for learning
    ✔ Provides exciting videos and interactive assessment
  • No Humanity - The Hardest Game

    It's the end of the world and you are the lone survivor in a tiny spaceship. Get ready to dodge everything that is trying to kill you! Your reaction time and precision are key! No Humanity is the hardest bullet hell dodge game. Compare your score with friends and watch as they struggle helplessly. This game is impossible.


    No Humanity features:

    - Incredibly challenging gameplay as you dodge your way through an intense bullet-hell environment
    - Loads and loads and loads of things trying to kill you, even YOUR FRIENDS!
    - Compete against yourself and other people in a global scoreboard. Become the best!
    - Real-time MULTIPLAYER online mode, where you can play against your friends under the same WIFI or 4G
    - CLAW MACHINE simulator as a unique rewarding system, play the crane machine to win over 160 prizes!
    - OFFLINE MODE also available, play without the internet, save bandwidth!

    This is a perfect game for TROLL, ANGER MANAGEMENT, and SMASHING PHONES.


    Sign-in with Play Games. All your spaceships, weapons and worlds will be saved to your Google Play account!
  • Elite Killer: SWAT
    Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game! Elite Killer is the #1 realistic 3D FPS game available on Google Play.

    You are a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms and get your 5 star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!

    Game Features:
    - Boasting spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences
    - 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozens of worldwide themes
    - Local Mission mode and online PvP mode
  • Offroad Driving Adventure 2016
    Get Ready for a Renegade Riding Challenge!
    Remember roads? Well those don't exist anymore! Experience the thrill of driving amazing SUVs, Trucks, Monster Trucks, and Jeeps in a wild, roadless environment. Speed off with NO restrictions into beautiful graphics, realistic physics, and action packed excitement. A realistic driving simulator with smooth controls and 4x4 physics packs quite a ride!

    Choose your favorite vehicle and drive it through a rugged terrain on a secluded, hilly island, and incur car damage by flipping your car, driving through water, and bumping into mountains. Climb a high mountain, race along the death defying narrow rocky ridge, overcome tricky mud and quicksand patches and avoid getting stuck in a narrow trench. Each game level has its own unique challenges offering hours of nonstop fun!

    Offroad Driving Adventure 2016 Features:
    •Amazing Selection Of High Quality 4x4 Vehicles
    •Spectacular And Challenging 3D Environment For Offroad Racing.
    •Realistic Driving Experience
    •Detailed And Complex 4x4 Physics
    •Responsive and Realistic Gameplay
    •Smooth And Easy Controls
    •Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
    •Cool Visual And Sound Effects
    •Drive SUV, Heavy Truck, Jeep, Monster Truck and more
    •Realistic Weather Effect
    •Career and Free Mode For Max Enjoyment
    •Install and Play the best off-road driving now!

    About Tapinator
    Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes games on leading mobile platforms. The Company's portfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 400 million player downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visit Tapinator.com.
  • Summoner's Conquest
    Summoner's Conquest is a card and strategy game with fantasy elements. You can summon different heroes with unique attributes, unlock rare pets, choose a special formation and build the most powerful team of your own. Start your journey now and become the strongest summoner in the world!

    1. With extraordinary graphics and colourful graphics, we bring you a vivid world of endless details.
    2. Choose among over 90 unique heroes in 5 races and upgrade them to make them your powerful companion.
    3. Compose equipments and weapons. Unlock rare pets. Increase your power to be the greatest summoner!
    4. Each hero has its special attributes. Choose wisely and build your team with a suitable formation to conquer the world!
    5. Join a guild to fight along side your friends for more rewards
    6. Mutiple gameplays await! Sunset Tower, Hero's Expedition, Endless Abyss, Mysterious Land and Totem Temple… Discover more on your journey!

    Summon your heroes and join the battle now!

    Official Facebook:
    Customer Support Email: [email protected]
  • まんぷくマルシェ 放置&料理ゲーム
    Easy store management & neglected game that anyone can play for free until the ending.
    But when you play to the end, you will love this world.

    60 kinds of ingredients that can be used, 180 kinds of dishes that can be made, and a large volume of about 200,000 characters for the story!
    When the friendship with the six male and female chefs deepened, the secret that was too surprising was revealed...! ?
    A "neo" cooking game that has been highly acclaimed by players who played until the ending
    This is the first installment of the Manmaru series (3 works in total).

    【how to play】
    ■ Collect the ingredients!
    Let's go to the kitchen car with 6 chefs and collect lots of ingredients.
    There are no difficult elements, and you can collect food easily and easily!

    ■ Let's cook!
    Let's infer the combination of ingredients based on the hints of the recipe and create a new dish.
    "Neo food" that you have never seen in other cooking games is completed...! ?

    ■Let's sell it!
    After arranging the dishes in the kitchen car, just leave them alone!
    Many customers came to enjoy your cooking!

    ■ Let's liven up the Marche!
    Increase the number of dishes that can be displayed in the kitchen car,
    To get more customers,
    Let's liven up Marche with various power-ups!

    ■ Enjoy the story!
    When you sell food and save money, new stories will unfold.
    Not only the story of the entire Marche, but also the story of the individual chefs is a big volume!

    [Recommended for people like this]
    ・I like cooking games where many dishes come out
    ・I like ranch games such as farm games, farm games, farm games, etc.
    ・I like store management games such as cafe management and restaurant management
    ・I like games with street food and kitchen cars
    ・Look for recipes from hints and like combination games
    ・I like idle games that are easy to play.
    ・I like nurturing and leaving games that gradually increase numbers
    ・I like games with proper stories and endings
    ・I like games that can be played offline
    ・Girls are the protagonists, and they like games with a slight love element
    ・I like surprising characters

    I think it's a futuristic management & cooking game, but it might be surprisingly deep?
    Asobox of "Kingdom Tool Shop" and "Regeneration!
    This is the latest series of neglected management and cooking games where you can play the ending for free!
  • Planet Nam Nam
    The world's most significant monuments have been stolen by invading birds and brought back to Planet Nam Nam! The fate of humanity's landmarks rest solely on our hero - P1W! His mission is far from easy - he has to travel to Planet Nam Nam to fight those vicious creatures and get back what is rightfully ours! Help P1W on his quest to retrieve our monuments and teach those crazy birds a lesson!

    A first-person shooter arcade game

    Guide P1W through Planet Nam Nam's 3 different worlds, help him overcome waves of birds and destroy their vehicles! You do so by tapping on the screen to shoot them and their eggs before they hit you on the ground. Progress through the levels, defeat the Nam Nam mastermind in the ultimate arcade Boss Fight and retrieve our monuments.

    The game is made-up of 3 themed worlds each with 16+ levels, a mind-bending frenzy level and two Boss Fights. Complete World 1 and unlock the game to access World 2 and World 3 to continue on the adventure!


    Lead our hero through his battles and get the landmarks back to its rightful people!

    Meet Koukouwa, Rikocha and the rest of the Nam Nam clan! As you advance in levels, the number, type and strengh of the birds you are up against increases as well. So get ready for the battle of a lifetime!

    Rank up by getting more experience and generating as many combos as possible. Collect coins and gems as you advance in the game to buy and upgrade weapons, power-ups and equipments to help you achieve the ultimate victory!

    What is a hero without his gear? P1W has at his disposal many awesome upgradable weapons to choose from. The dual gun, tesla launcher and assault rifle are just a few of the many weapons you can use!

    In addition to the weapons, you can also use upgradeable power-ups such as the homing missiles or thunderstorm, to name a few. Use these power-ups strategically to get through the tougher levels!

    Your feedback is always welcome and highly appreciated. You can email us at [email protected] or message us at https://www.facebook.com/planetnamnam
  • Funny GameBox
    Thousands of online mini game platforms, let you play endlessly
  • ParrotQuiz
    ParrotQuiz is a quiz game
  • Plumber ®
    In the hottest desert water is a scarce resource. A little flower needs water to survive. Construct a pipeline and bring water to save the flower. Reveal your Plumber skills in this free puzzle game.

    Simply turn the different pipe pieces by touching them and connect all of them to make a complete pipe (that's the work of a plumber !) and make the water reach the flower !
    There is no time limit but you have limited moves for each round and you have to save the flower before running out of moves (touching 1 pipe = 1 movement). So think about a good plumbing strategy before you start working on the pipeline. Good tactics are crucial!

    Plumber Puzzle contains 200 free levels with an increasing difficulty and additional level pack of another 100 levels!
    If you like puzzles, Match 3 games, riddles and brain games this one will also make you think.
    This game is really fun and requires strategy to fix the pipeline in as few movements as possible to become the best Plumber in the desert!

    This app and all rights are owned by App Holdings.
  • Jurassic Free Fall - Match 3
    Explode into a Jurassic world of free fall, match 3!

    Crush, blast and swap your way through 600 levels that forward you along the path to Dino Mountain.

    Unique Jurassic Dinosaur power – ups from our T-Rex – Euoplocephalus – Pterodactyl - Velociraptor to help you on your way. Suitable for all ages, install now and enjoy THE BEST Jurassic Match 3 puzzle game with all the family.

    The Game features:

    Daily Bonus Wheel
    Smash Egg Bonus
    Combine Jurassic special powers for spectacular combos
    Swap tiles for that perfect match
    Animated 3D Dinosaur Power-Ups
    Dragonfly, Amber, Weeds that grow, Jurassic Falling items, Branches, Water, Walls, Stones and Rocks
    Stunning deep visuals and eye candy
    Authentic soundtrack and sounds
    Play in Portrait or Landscape

    NEW – Duel DNA levels – Play against AI to win these exciting levels.

    Languages Game available in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Death and Dust
    Compete against your friends in this FPS Multiplayer Game
    8 players per map
    Single Player with 2 missions

    6 Maps :
    -Destroyed City
    -Abandoned City

    7 Weapons:

    Many weapons is coming
  • Planet Escape: Addicting hyper casual Arcade  2020
    Planet Escape is a hypercasual game with simple one tap game play, in the game you need to leap, jump and avoid all obstacles while keeping an eye on incoming ufo invaders, rouge rockets and space invader debris, remeber the timing of jump is crucial.
  • Space Guardians
    Are you a fan of space shooting, bullet hell games and like to blast enemies for glory? If the answer is "ABSOLUTELY YES!" Space Guardians will suit you best!

    You and your team are the last defense between your citizen and space army. As the last hope of our civilization, let's abroad your spaceship and lead your team to glorious victory!

    Download now and enjoy the best space shooting game with infinite fun
  • Hero & Treasure
    You will become a lone hero, exploring the mysterious treasure in the dungeon! At the same time, you can collect various strange equipment and smash the monsters that hinder you! Feel the smooth and interesting game experience with some Roguelike elements!
  • Mad Head Games Collection
    DISCOVER and ENJOY new free hidden object puzzle adventures and other casual games for Android devices. The games listed in the Mad Head Games Collection App library will feature top-rated and classic HOPA mystery, fantasy, and adventure titles. The catalog of best free games comes with releases like Adam Wolfe and series including Rite of Passage, Nevertales, Cadenza, Maze, Wanderlust, Fright Chasers, and many others. Besides this, the app provides the ability to find the best discounts, special deals, game bundles, and other epic benefits that will allow you to play more great games than ever before!

    Are you seeking out a new HOPA or other mobile high-quality casual games? Find there and many more titles on Mad Head Games Collection App with an easy-to-use catalog. In this library of Mad Head Games releases, you will find both now-legendary titles, but also epic new games from this world-famous developer, which you can start playing for FREE. With Mad Head Games Collection App, all of this can be at your fingertips wherever you go, along with the opportunity to learn about the best new games coming out for mobile devices! Expand your collection of best casual games and regularly find new Mad Head games with this immersive and engaging gaming app. Here are the features that the app gives you:

    Ability to discover new hidden object adventure and casual games
    Clear and cross-referenced collection of games you can browse using type, genre, and franchise
    News and updates about upcoming and published games
    Access to a constant offer of deals, promotions, discounts and multi-game bundles
    Gateway to the entire immersive world of Mad Head Games

    Presently, here are some of the games you can find through Mad Head Games Collection App

    Adam Wolfe - Are you ready to step into the shoes of Adam, an intrepid detective of the paranormal? Haunted by the images of his missing sister, Adam is driven to the dark alleys of San Francisco, where the supernatural phenomenon intertwined with the criminal underworld. Secret societies, unnatural afflictions, and ancient covenants await. Are you ready to face them all?

    Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek - Twenty years ago, a group of children in the town of Greystone was taken by a mysterious fog while playing hide and seek, including your brother. Only you escaped, but only to see your father lost to the same fog. Now, you return to Greystone to find answers, as well as whatever might be waiting for you in that mysterious fog and this gripping HOPA title.

    Get Mad Head Games Collection App and see what other marvelous HOPA and casual titles you will be able to find!

    Discover even more Mad Head Games titles, including PC and Mac releases on the studio's official website!

    SIGN UP the Mad Head Games mailing list and get all the news first!
  • Kids piano
    Kids piano is a music game for kids of 1 to 6 years old. Our kids game features 5 entertaining and educational activities for toddlers. Our learning game for girls and boys will allow little ones to develop creativity, an ear for music, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and attention. Baby piano is perfect for pre-k and preschool education. It is also suitable for kids with developmental disorders, such as autism.

    Baby piano has 5 activities for kids to choose from:

    Nursery rhymes. There are 8 classic songs for your kid to enjoy:
    - Jingle Bells
    - Happy Birthday
    - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    - Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    - Pop Goes the Weasel
    - The Muffin Man
    - Wheels on the Bus
    - Five Little Monkeys

    Musical Instruments for toddlers. Children can use a variety of instruments to perform – piano, drums, bells, flute, guitar, trumpet, harmonic and tambourine. Great animations featuring cool characters will ensure an amazing experience for kids ages 2 to 5.

    Sounds for kids. Being not only entertaining but also educational, this toddler activity will allow your child to learn sounds of different animals, vehicles and much more! Baby piano contains 60 amazing sounds for kids across 6 awesome sets:

    - Animal sounds
    - Vehicle sounds
    - Kids' sounds
    - Robot sounds
    - Alien sounds
    - Environment sounds

    Lullabies. 8 outstanding lullabies will help your sweet child to fall asleep. Let your kid to choose a lovely character to watch them fall asleep while listening to a calming tune.
    Games for kids. 8 educational music games to choose from. Help Bimi Boo in his adventures at different locations. Kids games for girls and boys will help your child to develop love for music. The games for toddlers are perfect for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

    Baby piano is a game that doesn't require Wi-Fi to be played. Both boys and girls will love our baby game.

    The following content is available for free:
    - 20+ ambient sounds.
    - 2 music instruments.
    - 2 popular songs for babies.
    - 2 baby games.
    - 2 lullabies.
    Please kindly note that an in-app purchase is required to unlock additional content.

    Here at Bimi Boo, we strive to provide the best experience for your child. You will never find annoying ads inside our apps. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.
New Apps
  • New Cheeta Keyboard - My Photo Keyboard theme 2020 APK
    New Cheetah Photo Keyboard is tool to customize your keyboard with beautiful android keyboard themes.New Photo Keyboard is best app for you set your own photo as a keyboard background. Cheetah Photo Keyboard provides different keyboards layout, picture keyboard background, dictionaries and settings.

    Powerful Keyboard 2020 as my photo Keyboard - picture keyboard with amazing New 2020 Keyboard background features. my photo is designed for those who like sending message with GIF, emoticon & emoji keyboard. It is a MUST-HAVE picture keyboard, keyboard background. Change your picture keyboard with my photo as keyboard background.

    My photo keyboard or picture keyboard is the best free keyboard theme of android with many features helps you to change keyboard background, picture keyboard with your cute Photos, Wallpapers, and different Templates.. If you want to use “New 2020 Keyboard” with emoji keyboard, you are definitely at the right place. We have created a lot of cool red themes but we are very excited about this new new keyboard phone app that changes the old keyboard themes.

    Cheetah Keyboard app new helps you to customize keyboard and set photo on keyboard background with best front keypad characters. This cute emoji keyboard for girls gives you beautiful smiley faces and “emoticons for texting” which will enrich your messages and make them even more fun. Custom Keyboard applies to whole device and for all apps.Make your keyboard very beautiful as your choice.you can change android keyboard to custom keyboard.

    cheetah Themes now supports best themes! Not only can you customize keyboard backgrounds with photos you like, but also you have various wallpapers to choose! In addition, cheetah Keyboard provides over lot kinds of key backgrounds, fonts and sound effects for you to create your favorite themes.Keyboard delivers the fastest and most personalized keyboard offered. our completely FREE exclusive keyboard themes and emoji art.

    app features:

    - HD wallpapers, emojis HD wallpapers, applock pictures or launcher pictures.
    - Enjoy the beautiful Emoji Keyboard with cute emoji and delicate fonts.
    - Over 150 languages supported.
    - Text face(✿◠‿◠)✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.
    - Clipboard for multiple fast copy and paste
    - Colorful themes , and DIY your own theme.
    - Gesture typing
    - Stylish Keyboard Sticker and Emoji Arts
    - Integrated emoji & word predictions
    - different button sizes and shapes
    - Auto correction
    - Sticker Suggestion
    - Set Photo From Gallery.
    - Live Themes and Backgrounds.
    - Swipe the spacebar from side to side for switching between languages.
    - Adjust the size of the keys.
    - Change the sound and vibration of typing.
    - Select the favorite top and bottom rows of the keyboard.
    - Fast Typing Keyboard.
    - Browse the Keyboard Themes For Android keyboard to select the best GIF for your reaction.
    - Fancy Fonts Style Supported.
    - Font Color of any keyboard themes.
    - Key Height adjustment.

    End User Licence Agreement
    Read to find out the conditions for downloading, installing, using and accessing features of this app - https://goo.gl/xUj6gb

    Privacy Policy
    We do not store personal information. See what data we analyze and how it is used - https://goo.gl/66xfmf
  • EDUMitra APK
    Excellent quality Education is on your finger tips

    EDUMitra is unique solution of digital learning is widespread though out the nation and used by more than 200 schools within a year High quality Educational content designed by renowned and qualified subject experts and Educationalists with the help of latest technology tools helps learners to visualize the subject. The curriculum of CBSE, ICSE, all State Board based for entire K-12 Education and many other. Conceptual learning helps learner to retain and reproduce topic resulting in good score in their academics.

    The user friendly interface and trustworthy delivery channel of largest Telecom Operator ‘BSNL' ensures flawless operations.

    Students will be able to save time of travelling and can learn anywhere and anytime at own pace.

    You will find…

    2D & 3D multimedia Educational content for all standard's CBSE….ICSE…State Board students
    IIT JEE /AIPMT preparation
    Science Lab, Math Lab & Spoken English
    Virtual Class of 9th/10th JEE Foundation & B.com
  • TPA Care APK
    TPA Care: A mobile application that provides information on policy-based or employee benefits such as coverage for medical benefits.
    History of claims Benefits disbursement history Including various medical and health services for users
    - The system has a Login function for accessing.
    - The system has a function for users who forget their password or forget their username.
    - The system can display the details of the protection of the user and the user's family that are available in the company's database.
    - In addition to the protection information in the database of the company Customers can add policy information And / or other coverage of their own
    - The system can notify the status of the claim.
    - Customers can search the map Phone number Of hospitals in the TPA network
    - Customers can use other additional services that are in the TPA Care Mobile Application.
    - Customers will receive new health news via TPA Care Mobile Application.
  • Synergy HRMS APK
    Features :
    1. Employees can check their attendacne status.
    2. Employees can apply for leave.
    3. Employees can send their daily work status.
    4. Employees can check their pay slip.
    5. Employees can send their reimbursement with bills.
    6. Employees can raise any query in case of any doubts.
    7. Employees can check yearly entitled holidays.
    8. Employees can send daily travel expense.
    9. For any meeting, the employee can set a reminder.
    10. Employee can see any alert from management or any other general communication which needs to be communicated to each/specific employee.
    11. Employees will able to see their respective awards/achievements which they have achieved during their tenure with the organisation.
    12. Employees can check their leave status.
    13. Employees can check company policy document.
    14. Employees can check their team members and their respective contact number.
    15. Employees can check their profile details.
  • Goal Seeker APK
    Education App
    Welcome to the APP of the AMPA SANT JOSEP of VILAFRANCA DEL PENEDÉS for the exclusive use of our families.

    With this APP you can do any management related to the AMPA, such as keeping yourself informed through the pop-up notifications that we send you, the news that we publish, registering your children as AMPA members, registering for extracurricular activities, registering for events such as excursions, contests, etc...

    With our APP you can do any management of the AMPA SANT JOSEP from anywhere and at any time.
  • Cars 27 APK
    Cars 27 is a used car dealership with 2 branches in the Rooderpoort and Vosloorus, Gauteng
  • Hospital Inc. APK
    Heal the world one patient at a time as you build the hospital of your dreams!
  • Military Workout 2 APK
    Military Workout is a bodyweight circuit training program based on a 30-day calendar. It's a full body workouts for loosing fat and muscle building. The program is designed for open & small spaces, it can be performed at home or on a track & field with a group.
    Choose from a wide range of superior products offered at attractive prices. Avail periodic offers and discounts on your orders, and get them delivered to your doorstep at your convenience.

    You can reach out to us at:
    Puraini bazar madhepura bihar 852116
  • MHT/MHTML Viewer & MHTML to PDF Converter APK
    MHT/MHTML To PDF Converter app is a powerful tool to create MHT file or convert web into MHT file and also read and convert all MHT/MHTML files to PDF. MHTML Reader provide an easy way to preview websites saved for offline reading. MHT/MHTML To PDF Converter can be used to convert web page to pdf and save webpage as PDF.

    Now a day it is very difficult to read article or check informative website in offline mode here we present the best solution for offline article and website reading Web to PDF converter will help you to save any web page to PDF file easily in a second free of cost, you can convert any website to pdf with just one click on this best tools web to pdf converter.

    Convert Web pages to PDF to access it any time any where even if you have not internet . HTML to PDF offers file upload and customizable editor for enhancing the content.

    Key Features
    • Read and View MHT and MHTML format file
    • Create MHT/MHTML files easily
    • Easily convert web page to pdf by using Print function available
    • Bookmark web page Easily
    • Download Web page as in MHT format for offline use
    • History of all visited sites or web pages
    • Print web page directly
    • Built-in manager show only supported files
    • Share MHT files easily

    Get the all new MHT/MHTML Viewer & MHTML to PDF Converter app for FREE!!!
  • Rede027 APK
    Now you can place your orders online at Rede027 right from your phone or tablet!
    Place your order online now!
  • Ex Burguer Santo André APK
    Now you can place your orders online at Ex Burguer Santo André straight from your phone or tablet!
    Place your order online now!
  • PolimiRun APK
    The Politecnico di Milano 10 km race is getting transformed: PolimiRun Days are born!
    From 21 September to 10 October, collect your jersey and run independently.
    Choose between the designed routes on our Campuses of Milan - Bovisa, Milan - Leonardo, Cremona, Lecco, Mantua and Piacenza, or, if you are far away from our Campuses, you can choose to run wherever you are, on a path identified by you and with your chosen length.
    Track your performance with this app, challenge the other PolimiRunners and secure your place at the big closing event on October 17th!
    If you haven't registered yet, hurry up! -> www.polimirun.it
  • Red Ball Balance — Extreme Sphere Game APK
    Red Ball Balance is difficult, interesting 3D adventure, with deep mechanics, realistic physics, possibility of upgrade, and multiplayer mode.

    Is not that enough to download the Red ball Balance right now?

    How to play?
    Roll the ball to the finish using your smartness, coordination, balance skills and sometimes the laws of physics.
    Roll the ball at high speed, making crazy jumps. Overcome interesting obstacles. Set world records. And have fun with one of the best games in the genre!

    – Levels –
    Hard levels of a few kilometers long will make you jump, fly and control your bounce
    45+ challenging levels in offline modes.

    – Customization –
    You can dramatically change the visual component of the game. Starting the level on the football field you can finish it in the nuclear apocalypse.
    Feel sci-fi, neon, cosmic, or any other atmosphere of your choice at any level

    – Upgrade –
    Upgrade yourself to your style of play, improving grip, jump, acceleration, speed and control in flight.

    – Multiplayer –
    Rush the most difficult levels together with other players in real time online mode.(про кросс платформу нужно вписать)

    – Global Leaderboards –
    Cross-platform, global leader boards on every level.
    Use hacks, cut corners, fight for every split second, and be the fastest in the world

    – Gameplay –
    High speed levels, narrow sections, trampolines, tunnels, Xtream grip surfaces, ice, wall ride, parkour, bunny hop, guided flights, falls and much more awaits you in this difficult but interesting adventure.

    * Features *
    - All content is available for FREE
    - Flashback (Time rewind)
    - Realistic physics, based on PhysX technology
    - Precise ball control
    - Automatic adaptive camera
    - Large number of falls
    - Real time multiplayer
    - Global Leaderboards
    - Cross platform
    - Modern graphics
    - Good optimization for older phones
    - Upgrade
    - Customization
    - Atmosphere sound
    - 120 FPS supported
    - Frameless display supported

    Red Ball Balance is resurrection roll ball games in new, modern way.
  • Express Food & Drink Premium APK
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  • Ligerinho Pizzaria e Hambugueria APK
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  • Comida Mix APK
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  • Pizzaria Magnata APK
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  • イケボーイ -脱出ゲーム APK
    方 How to play
    ・ Various things happen when you tap the screen.
    ・ If you get an item, swipe to the place you want to use.
    ・ When the start button is pressed, the hero starts to act.

    Even if you stumble to solve the mystery, you can see the hints.

    お す す め Recommended point
    ・ It is completely free and easy, so it is safe for children. Recommended for mothers and children!
    ・ Everyday 'Aru-Aru' element, full of play once played by everyone!
    ・ If you can do this, it is cool and full of cool elements!
    ・ Play with your school friends and family to create a topic!
    ・ Because of moderate difficulty, 脳 also for brain training
    ・ Able to enjoy people who are not good at escape games!
    -Easy escape, a mystery solving game that brings back a little nostalgic memory.

    ス テ ー ジ Stage introduction
    01. School entrance and exit. That child who forgot the umbrella.
    02. Graffiti. He reached for a block that was likely to collapse.
    03. A small bartender "from those customers."
    04. After-school exercise. The lifting of the guy can not be imitated by anyone.
    05. Stair slip. He fell like a bird.
    06. Hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred, shoot the trash can.
    07. morning sun Keyboard harmonica. drawing board. That day when going to school is difficult.
    08. Game Center. He can't break his hand in the game.
    09. Do not spill one drop of milk. I can not blink tablecloth pulling.
    10. Sports gym where old and young men and women sweat. A guy who lifts the barbell with a cool face.
    11. School lifts. That child who forgot the umbrella. Part 2
    12.Turn the ball with your fingertips. A ball that forgot to stop.
    13. Game Center. Part 2
    14. Who is the culprit of eating pudding? There is no mystery that can not be solved by the guy.
    15. A date mission to return. Keep an eye on the little gentleman.
    16. Even if there is a ghost, the guy can not move.
    17. Rival appearance. Valentine chocolate get operation.
    18. Art Festival, Opening Day. I am seriously worried about acting of the guy.
    19. A bug came into the classroom. The guy does not abandon one small life.
    20. Festival date. After all the center of the festival is the guy.
    21. Small bartenders. Part 2
    22. There are times when a man has to fight. Even my best friend.
    23. He's holding a concert for one person.
    24. Even if the age is different, cool guy.
    25. The cheeks fall and fall in love. Miracle Cooking.
    26. PC class. That child's PC is full of viruses, a big pinch.
    27. "No way!" Still, she challenged Kanakan.
    28. Sports day. Red and white dance rhythm confrontation by the cheering leader.
    29. Cleaning time. Rescue the child who is wall dong.
    30. One brave arrives at the temple. There seems to be a sword that only the cool guy can pull out.