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Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop

Version: 1.1.2

Best bubble shooting game!

Virus free

Apk Info:
File Name com.bitmango.go.happybubble
App Download Version: 1.1.2
Price Free
Apk Size 67 MB
Download 100,000
Last Update Time Jun 16, 2019
Min 4.1 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Pop bubbles till you drop!Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop is a brand-new, explosive bubble shooter game for endless hours of fun!Little Emma's backyard has an explosion of colorful bubbles! Join her on a quirky fun adventure as you blast all the festive bubbles with charming precision, clear her play space and find her missing baby toys.Train your brain in this highly addictive shooting game and improve your accuracy and strategy skills!Simple to learn and entertaining classic for all ages!FEATURES• Aim, shoot and match 3 or more bubbles to make them burst!• Play tons of unique levels with exciting challenges and puzzles!• Enjoy soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects.• Use creative special boosters to pass those tricky levels!• Resgamecue the rubber duck family trapped in the bubble and spinner!• Collect stars by completing levels to earn the star box!• Easy and relaxing to play but challenging to master!NOTES• Happy Bubble contains the ads like banners, interstitials, videos and house ads.• Happy Bubble is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and coins.E-MAIL• [email protected] Permissions [Required Permissions]- None[Optional Permissions]- Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission to save game data[Permission setting and withdrawal method]- Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access- Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting the application.

  • Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop Mod and Unlimited Money

    Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop Mod and Unlimited Money


    Pop bubbles till you drop!
    Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop is a brand-new, explosive bubble shooter game for endless hours of fun!

    Little Emma's backyard has an explosion of colorful bubbles! Join her on a quirky fun adventure as you blast all the festive bubbles with charming precision, clear her play space and find her missing baby toys.

    Train your brain in this highly addictive shooting game and improve your accuracy and strategy skills!
    Simple to learn and entertaining classic for all ages!

    • Aim, shoot and match 3 or more bubbles to make them burst!
    • Play tons of unique levels with exciting challenges and puzzles!
    • Enjoy soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects.
    • Use creative special boosters to pass those tricky levels!
    • Resgamecue the rubber duck family trapped in the bubble and spinner!
    • Collect stars by completing levels to earn the star box!
    • Easy and relaxing to play but challenging to master!

    • Happy Bubble contains the ads like banners, interstitials, videos and house ads.
    • Happy Bubble is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and coins.

    [email protected]

    App Permissions

    [Required Permissions]
    - None

    [Optional Permissions]
    - Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission to save game data

    [Permission setting and withdrawal method]
    - Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
    - Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting the application.
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    Detox Procrastination Blocker: Digital Detox

    Break free from procrastination and distractions, boost self control and stay focused with a digital detox! - a focus lock app for recovering procrastinators.

    Like any normal human being you've probably grappled at some point with a mixture of procrastination/smartphone addiction. With smartphones making a huge impact on society in the last few years things have changed for better AND worse. Access to anything is at your fingertips, but this makes it hard to concentrate or maintain self control.

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    1. You can slowly improve your own self control.
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    3. You can break free from needless smartphone use by using the app as a 'focus lock'.

    Huawei and Xiaomi devices have task killer services that interfere with this app. To ensure it works properly you need to add this app to the allowed apps in security settings.
    Huawei: Phone Manager App > Protected Apps > Add Detox to the list.
    Xiaomi: Services > Security > Permissions > Autostart, find Detox and enable autostart.

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  • Notepad
    Notepad - Notes
    Adler Notes is free, full-featured and easy to use notepad app for Android.
    You can use it as a digital notebook or diary.
    Our app is also perfect for recording lectures, business meetings and interviews.
    It saves your inspirations, holiday plans, shopping lists or anything you want to organize or remember!
    Colors and tags help you to organize and classify everything.
    You can work everywhere, stay productive and get reminders at the right time.

    More features and details
    • Basic note has a text field where you can write notes of any length
    • Notes can have many additional elements:
    - Bold title field
    - Colors such as on sticky notes, 8 colors to choose from (one of them can be set as default)
    - Task lists, to-do lists, shopping lists and checklists - checkboxes let you control what is to be done
    - You can take a photo and attach it to your note
    - Voice memos - high quality and low size M4A audio recordings
    - Speech to text - use voice recognizer to dictate a note
    • Reminders (one-time or recurring) notify you on time with blinking LED notification
    • Status bar - component (in the notifications area) helps you add a new note quickly
    • Tags support for better organize your notes
    • The most important notes can be added to Favorites
    • Efficient search helps you to get the information you need very quickly
    • Backup and restore features
    • Synchronization with Google Drive™ and Dropbox™ (auto sync works when needed and by default works on Wi-Fi only)
    • Very useful widgets - put your notes on your home screen:
    - Add Quick Note - provides quick access to the app
    - Single Note - sticky note memo, resizable widget displays one note
    - Your Notes - resizable widget displays all your notes or notes from selected list
    • Helpful actions on multiple notes at the same time (long-click selection support)
    • Sorting notes by modification date, creation date, reminder date and by name with favorites on top or not
    • Share ideas with friends and family via SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or any other app

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  • English for Beginners
    Learn English words and phrases with the application English for beginners.

    Hi! Here is the English tutorial for those who want to start speaking English fast and free of charge.

    You can choose any of 48 topics to learn English words and phrases
    - Greetings/Farewell
    - Numerals
    - Pronouns
    - Family and friends
    - Calendar and time
    - Holidays
    - Age and stages of life
    - Babies and children
    - Toys
    - Parts of body
    - Colours
    - The senses
    - People and their character
    - Feelings and emotions
    - Clothes
    - Shoes and accessories
    - Hobbies and inerests
    - Sport
    - School
    - Education
    - Professions
    - Computer
    - The world around us
    - Home
    - Prepositions and adverbs
    - Bedroom
    - Bathroom
    - Kitchen
    - Household chores
    - Vegetables
    - Fruit and berries
    - Food and drinks
    - Cooking
    - Weather
    - City and country
    - Village
    - Transport
    - Shops and shopping
    - Society life
    - Free time
    - Books and art
    - Music
    - Cinema and theater
    - Media
    - Travelling
    - Nature and environment
    - History and politics
    - Health and desease

    Each lesson consists of 5 parts (+/- 20 min.):

    1. Vocabulary. Learn new words and phrases, the way they are pronounced and pictures which match them.

    2. Speaking. Practice your pronunciation.

    3. Listening. Match the picture with a word or phrase.

    4. Reading. Choose one of the words or phrase under the picture.

    5. Writing. Make a word out of letters or put missing words in sentences.

    Create your own set of words. You can add words to your notebook that are difficult for you to remember or that you need for your personal use in the coming days. Thanks to a personal notepad, you can independently determine which word to start learning, regardless of the topic.

    You can customize the color of the theme, choose the shade with which you will be more comfortable.

    You can set your individual timetable . Click on the icon with the clock and choose days and hours. You will have a sound and text reminder.

    You can choose your mode of difficulty:
    - only words
    - only phrases
    - together words and phrases in English
    - the number of words and phrases for one lesson 6 - 12 - 24
    - disable visual cues (pictures)
    - disable audio prompts (pronunciation)
    - partially close words

    The programme of each lesson is developed by highly-qualified teachers and the voice records are made by professional announcers.

    You can learn English words and phrases online and even if you are not connected to the Internet.

    You can also see statistics:
    - your progress in learning English words and phrases;
    - your progress in pronouncing words and phrases;
    - you progress in spellling writing.

    You can tell your friends about your progress:
    - share the link in Facebook
    - share the link in Twitter
    - share the link in Google+ or any other social network.

    If you have any questions, write us please: [email protected]
    We will be happy to answer all your questions.

    Thank you for choosing our application!
  • HTML & CSS book (htmlbook.ru)
    New user-friendly application for those who are tired to use the site http://htmlbook.ru/ on smartphones and tablets in "prokurti
    himself "with computer resolution.
    Now you can use the resources from any mobile device without discomfort.
    All relevant information about HTML and CSS, a huge number of recipes, lessons and guides.

    * No unnecessary scrolling and scrollbars
    * Sidebars placed on separate tabs
    * The information is displayed correctly and with any screen resolution
    * Material enough to learn the layout of sites from scratch.
  • Notification History
    new:Widget added (v 2.2.5)
    new:Portuguese language added (In the case of inappropriate or bad translation please contact our support team.)

    Some video tutrials could be found on our youtube channel.

    contributors: looking for contributors to localize the application...

    update: in the case of notifications not showing after update to new version, please uninstall the app, restart your device and then install it again.

    This app is designed to catch your device's notifications and toast messages, which pops up on your device and store them in order to browse and search them later even if they were dismissed. You can also define filters for notifications which are undesirable, so they will not be saved and will not appear in lists or search results.

    Received notifications should be also scheduled for later by long tapping within a list, or selecting a clock style icon in notification detail view.

    To remove notification from view try swiping the item left or right.

    When notifications not showing: Please make sure, you have provided a Notification Access in android settings
    When toasts not showing: Please make sure, you have provided an access to Accessibility Service in android settings

    Please note, only content shown at least once can be handled, past events (which happend before this app installed) not !

    Premium edition features:
    - Ads free interface
    - KEEP Matched filter type
    - Unlimited filters
    - Custom date range in notification view

    Starting with version 2.5.1 WhatsApp images, audio, video support added. That means you can view images received by WhatsApp application even if they are deleted. To mirror and view images please enable storage permission. Images can be opened within notification detailed view by tapping on any of the items labeled as "photo". Please note this function is now in beta version, if you are experiencing any inconveniences, please let us know as soon as possible. You can enable or disable the function from side menu, by tapping a "WhatsApp monitoring" option.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • mSwitch
    App for setting tasks to perform when pressing on your mSwitch or other compatible plug, or your Android Wear device. The big difference between mSwitch and the other applications is that this one is clean, and has readable English.

    For users who purchase the Unlocker, includes the ability to convert mSwitch to a system app, which enables many more permissions and toggles, as well as the ability to make mSwitch bulletproof (5.0+) or more resilient (4.4) to other applications trying to take control of the media button.

    Supported Presses:
    1-9 short clicks
    1-3 long presses

    Includes Android Wear micro app to send commands to your handheld device by tapping your wearable screen, and a desktop widget for the same.




    For everybody:
    Any application, activity or shortcut, flashlight, hotwords, toolbox, change ringer mode, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, auto-rotate, auto-brightness, home key, screen on/off, recent apps, media play/pause/next/previous, expand statusbar, expand quicksettings

    For users with root access:
    Screenshot, back key, camera shutter key


    Speak battery level, speak the time, voice recorder

    With root:
    Volume +/-, power key, menu key, brightness +/-

    With system permissions:
    Toggle GPS, toggle NFC, invert display (5.0+), flight mode, toggle mobile data, system reboot dialog

    Languages Supported:

    English (me)
    Chinese (4PDA)
    French (Florent Serre)
    Italian (Gianluigi Rubino & Ivan Sferrazza)
    Slovak (Henrich Lichtner)
    Spanish (Nayra Pumar)
    Russian (4PDA)
  • Music Tag N Roll
    You can select, group and play the music for the particular occasion, mood and condition easily!!
    Music Tag N Roll is the MP3 playing application not for the streaming service but for the local MP3 music in your smart phone.
    You can put your own Tags on each music file and apply the DB management technology.
    For example, you can easily select #90's #Male singer #American #Pop #Sad and #Slow songs to play.
    In easier way, you can select just Group A or B according to your own classification method.
    Please put the selected songs in retro style cassette tape and enjoy the analog feeling.
    TAG N ROLL provides the basic Template for simple Tagging work. The basic Template contains basic Tags.
    You can simply add or delete the Tag List in Template to make your personal Template which reflect 100% of your preference and style.
    The personalized Template makes Tagging work on music files remarkably simple and easy.
    Music TAG N ROLL provides the All-in-One Utility for music including music file management, EQ, and player.
    And enjoy the special sound effects offered only by TNR.

    Homepage : www.facebook.com/tagnroll
    Inquiry : [email protected]
    Tag N Roll Co.,Ltd.
  • GPS Data
    GPS Data app - you can check any necessary GPS data. If you like sports, mountaineering, journey, running you can use it to check your results or external parameters like speed, altitude, location, etc.

    Using this app you get:
    - altitude and elevation (measures of the height of a point relative to some datum - Height above sea level)
    - the location (latitude and longitude - GPS coordinates, lat and long)
    - speed km/h or mph
    - the quality of the GPS signal
    - list of GPS satellites (the number of satellites, and PRN are the "pseudo random noise")
    - direction - compass (determining the geographical position)

    In this app you get the access to the necessary mobile data, you don't need navigation, GPS tracker or GPS Watch.
    With this app you can check sunrise and sunset time of the day, local UTC time, position on the world map and many others data.

    Have a fun with GPS data app !
  • Hjerteforeningen Medlemsapp
    The Heart Association's Member App is an app for the Heart Association members only, which can be used to document membership as well as access to news, information about local associations, information about all upcoming events and contact data.

    The app requires 2-factor login with either mobile number or email. If you are a member, but your mobile number or e-mail is not registered with the Heart Association, please contact member service on phone 70 25 00 00 before you can use this app.

    If you are not a member but would like to be, you can sign up here: https://hjerteforeningen.dk/stoet-os/bliv-medlem/

    You can also call member service instead.

    The app includes a digital membership card, which in the future can be used for events and benefits. You can read the latest news from the Heart Association, and you can see all upcoming events at the Heart Association and at all local associations and exercise clubs. It is also possible to sign up for these events.

    There is also a list of all local associations with links to their websites. The app also contains contact information for the Heart Association.
  • iTranslator - Voice To Voice Translation
    Let's talk through iTranslator. We'll take turns talking and listening to translations.
    Whenever you need translations during your travels, business trips, or while studying, just come and enjoy iTranslator. Over 90 languages supported for translation.

    ⍟ Main features:
    ⎼ Text translation
    ༚ Compare translation with Google, Yandex, Glosbe, Naver, Microsoft...
    ༚ Quickly translate any text, more than 90 languages supported.
    ⎼ Voice translation
    ༚ Speech to text with many languages supported ( it depends on your device ).
    ⎼ Conversation ( voice-to-voice translation )
    ༚ Take your turns talking and listening to translations with your Friend.
    ༚ Also send a text instead of using your voice.

    ⍟ Required app permissions:
    ⎼ Microphone ( allows voice/conversation translation )
    ⎼ Storage ( allows store database )

    ⍟ Language supported:
    Afrikaans , Albanian , Arabic , Armenian , Azerbaijani , Basque , Belarusian , Bengali , Bosnian , Bulgarian , Catalan , Cebuano , Chichewa , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , Croatian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English , Esperanto , Estonian , Filipino , Finnish , French , Galician , Georgian , German , Greek , Gujarati , Haitian Creole , Hausa , Hebrew , Hindi , Hmong , Hungarian , Icelandic , Igbo , Indonesian , Irish , Italian , Japanese , Javanese , Kannada , Kazakh , Khmer , Korean , Lao , Latin , Latvian , Lithuanian , Macedonian , Malagasy , Malaysia , Malayalam , Maltese , Maori , Marathi , Mongolian , Myanmar(Burmese) , Nepali , Norwegian , Pashto , Persian , Polish , Portuguese , Punjabi , Romanian , Russian , Serbian , Sesotho , Sinhala , Slovak , Slovenian , Somali , Spanish , Sundanese , Swahili , Swedish , Tajik , Tamil , Telugu , Thai , Turkish , Ukrainian , Urdu , Uzbek , Vietnamese , Welsh , Yiddish , Yoruba , Zulu.

    ⍟ Support:
    Always happy to hear your feedback. Thank you, we are here to make everyone happy. It's what we do!
    Please send an email to: [email protected]

    ⍟ Privacy Policy:
    ⎼ http://cuduapp.com/cuduapp/Privacy.htmll

    Download iTranslator and enjoy with your business!

    Best regards!

    CUDU developer.
  • Kaaji - User Owned App For Informal Workers
    As the hindi translation of the name suggests, Kaaji is for people who do work (kaaj).
    While all of us do some work or the other, for now, Kaaji keeps it's focus on informal workers.

    Who consitutes the informal workforce is an question that has been interpreted in different ways.
    For Kaaji, informal work is defined as work that is not formally documented i.e. workers do not get employment letters, salary slips, annual leave and generally fall under the tax radar.

    A significant portion of the work force in most countries falls under the informal sector, in India, estimates vary from 60% to around 90% depending on the source quoted.

    Kaaji is an effort to build an information commons for workers.

    The idea of "commons" or community owned property has traditionally referred to land used for grazing, ponds and other similar physical property.
    In the information world, the idea of commons is often reflected in open/free source software which is "owned" by an open community and is available for free,
    open libraries, open data and so on also refers to the availability of documents and data.
    Kaaji explores the idea of user owned digital assets in the informal sector space.

    Our team is small and self-funded. We are open to the idea of receiving funding as long it is in limited amount from multiple sources.
    We are building this app in collaboration with technologists, researchers and NGOs, so do get in touch with us at: [email protected] if you want to be part of this effort in any way.
  • SinapseOTP
    Calculator for use in Sinapse-CINTEPOL environment
  • The Alchemist
    A special 25th anniversary edition of extraordinary international phenomenon—the inspiring spiritual tale of self-discovery that has touched millions of lives around the world.

    Combing magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

    This masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago's journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.
  • eCL0WN: an NFC passport tool
    eCL0WN is an Android ePassport utility for NFC-enabled phones that allows you to read and backupyour ePassport's chip content. The following functionality is implemented:

    - Read passport data using a given authentication key (if needed).
    - View passport details including the JPEG picture.
    - Write passport data to an emulator chip.
    - Write passport data to internal storage (not very secure).

    eCL0WN requires an NFC-enabled phone running Android 2.3+. Don't forget to enable NFC.

    eCL0WN reads ePassport files EF.COM, EF.SOD, EF.DG1 and EF.DG2. If present and accessible, the optional files EF.DG3, EF.DG7, EF.DG11, EF.DG12, EF.DG13, EF.DG14 and EF.DG15 will also be read. Retrieved data can be written to an ePassport emulator. Use Dexlab's epassport_emulator-v1.02 (or higher) as the target device. You need a JCOP card and a PC to prepare the emulator. Please refer to http://download.dexlab.nl/epassport_emulator_v1.02.zip for more details. Before writing files to the emulator all Active Authentication (AA) related, Extended Access Control (EAC) related and unknown files (if any) are removed from index EF.COM. This allows one to bypass AA and EAC checks of inspection systems vulnerable to downgrade-attacks.

    Note that eCL0WN does not comply with ICAO Doc 9303 at all. Please do not use it to check authenticity or integrity of machine readable travel documents.

    ePassport chips typically comply with the ISO 14443 A or B standard. The A standard is widely used in at least Western Europe and the US. The B standard is widely used in at least Asia. Antenna quality of some NFC-enabled Android devices is very poor. If this is the case for your phone you won't be able to communicate with ISO 14443 type B ePassport chips. This is NOT an eCL0WN bug, this is a hardware problem. Problems are reported for the Google Nexus S (type B not readable) and the HTC One X (poor reception of type A , try disabling power saving mode).

    Version 1.06 build 20190612:

    - Released on 12 June 2019.
    - First release after the app was suspended by Google.
    - @Google: app was suspended because of using document number, date of birth and date of expiry of document. This is by design and part the ICAO Doc 9303 standard: without it chips cannot be read. All other ePassports app do the same.

    Version 1.05 build 20160414:

    - Released on 14 April 2016.
    - Fixed bug in displaying nationality of document owner of specific ID card type.
    - Added support for switching NFC reading speed and showing debug messages.

    Version 1.04 build 20140923:

    - Released on 23 September 2014.
    - Supports non-JP2 JPEG 2000 codestream pictures (at least Greek chips).

    Version 1.03 build 20140824:

    - Released on 24 August 2014.
    - Improved handling of EAC-protected files.
    - Shows the tag technology of detected chips.
    - Cleaned up parts of the source code.

    Version 1.02 build 20140408:

    - Released on 8 April 2014
    - Added support for data groups 3 and 14.
    - Shows the tag ID of detected chips.
    - Optimized reading order of data groups.
    - Optimized writing of data groups to emulator chips.
    - Optimized size of audio files.
    - Cleaned up parts of the source code.

    Version 1.01 build 20140121:

    - Released on 21 January 2014.
    - Implements a workaround for ePassports that implement BAC in a non-standard way (at least Italian chips).
    - Shows a message during startup if NFC is disabled.

    Version 1.0 build 20110927:

    - Released on 29 October 2013.
    - Shares codebase with version 0.99 beta 2.
    - Initial public release.

    Version 0.99 beta 2 build 20110927:

    - Released on 27 September 2011.
    - Fixed bug in MRZ parsing.
    - Various user interface updates.
    - Non-public release.

    Version 0.99 beta 1 build 20110912:

    - Released on 12 September 2011.
    - Initial version.
    - Non-public release.
  • AvGasYV
    This application appears in a moment of crisis for the aeronautics of Venezuela. His idea is to exchange information between operators and pilots about the existence of AvGas in the different airports of Venezuela.
  • IPT
    With the IPT App you create your own personal health and fitness account. You can do your individual fitness and health check and get meaningful, easy-to-understand reports.

    Set your individual fitness figure and health goals, follow your development and achieve your goals!

    - Perform the IPT Check 1 and determine your health, fitness and figure status
    - Receive your IPT recommendation report with decisive tips from your intelligent personal trainer
    - Receive your individual health report with an analysis and evaluation of your personal health reserves and health risk parameters
    - Receive your individual fitness report with an analysis of your fitness, your stamina, your strength and your agility
    - Receive your individual figure report with an analysis of your figure
    - Set your goals and see if you develop accordingly
    - Arrange appointments quickly and easily with your IPT Coach

    Special functions:
    Get precise readings from a professional and medical measuring device, which determines your segmental body composition with a 3-frequency measurement.
    Get accurate readings on your smartphone (by taking a look at your professional fitness club, personal trainer or healthcare provider) in seconds, benefit from individual reviews, and track your evolution over time:

    - Body type and figure type (Which of the 16 figure types are you?)
    - Personal Figuralter (What age could you exclude from your figure?)
    - Segment readings for each leg, arm and torso (muscle size, girth and fat percentage), and a rating: (How well toned are your arms, legs and torso?)
    - Muscularity Index (How muscular are you?)
    - Body Index (How athletic and well-trained are you?)
    - body fat in percent and kilograms (how much body fat do you really have?)
    - visceral fat (How much dangerous belly fat do you have?)
    - Total body water (%) (Do you drink enough or are you dehydrated?)
    - Muscular balance (Is your muscular system well balanced or are there imbalances?)
    - Fat-free mass and muscle mass in kilograms
    - extracellular water (kg)
    - intracellular water (kg)
    - BMI (body mass index)
    - bone mass (kg)
    - ECW / TBW ratio

    About the app permissions

    -> Identity: Search accounts on the device
    = Required for the installation as well as the connection to the smartphone calendar

    -> Calendar: Read and write calendar events
    = Required to transfer appointments to the smartphone calendar via the "Appointments" of the app (100% user-controllable)

    -> Photos / Media / Files: Read and write USB memory contents
    = Needed to save photos for posts between

    -> Other: vibration, standby mode
    = Required to receive Pushnotifications

    -> Miscellaneous: Full network access, view network status
    = Required to load current data
  • IPT Coach
    To care for your customers in the fitness and healthcare professional, you need a good overview and above all expertise. Professional care must always be based on the well-founded knowledge of the customer: this applies to different parameters relating to health, well-being, prevention status, fitness, figure and performance. Collecting, keeping track of, and evaluating this vast amount of information is a formidable challenge, and above all, it takes time.

    IPT - Intelligent Personal Training & Health Management provides you with a system that allows you to increase the professionalism of your service significantly, always have a perfect overview of your customers and are optimally networked with them. As a certified IPT Pro, you are accessing a quality management-based process ....

    With IPT you have all the important fitness and health parameters of your customers under control and their needs will be displayed at a glance. By means of the IPT Demand Pyramid, you will immediately recognize, together with your customer, where there is a need for action in the development of health and well-being. As an IPT Coach, you will be active in a targeted manner, matching training and nutrition to the true needs and goals of your customers.

    As an IPT Coach, you take responsibility for the fitness, figure and health of your customers. Thanks to the customer platform my-ipt and the IPT App you can push this important task together with your customers. In this way, you develop from a trainer to a partner and a sought-after confidant in all fitness and health issues - the doctor helps with illnesses, the IPT Coach helps to preserve health and to create reserves. As an IPT Coach, you are taking on a key position in healthcare.

    With IPT, all developments are recorded and successes documented positively. So you can perfectly present your quality as a coach and optimize your communication and marketing. ,
  • WSFM 101.7
    Quick and Easy Download the free WSFM 101.7 app from AUSTRALIA .You want to listen to the WSFM 101.7 App of AUSTRALIA with the best Classic Rock music and More

    If you want to Relax Listening to The Best Music with your friends and family this APP is for you

    You Can Listen to The Best Music Station of Australia Classic Rock
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    It could be that some The WSFM 101.7 App do not work because their stream is turned off but then retried after 12 hours.
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  • Husoyo
    : ܐܬܕܥ ܫܕܘܩܕ ܇1
    ܆ܐܬܕܥ ܬܕܘܚ ܇3
    ܆ܐܝܪܟܙܕ ܐܪܒܘܣ ܇6
    ܡܝܪܡ ܐܗܐܠ ܬܕܠܝܕ ܪܒܘܣܕ ܇
    ܥܒܫܝܐܠ ܕܝܨ ܡܝܪܡܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܇ 12
    ܢܢܚܘܝܕ ܗܠܝܕ ܐܕܠܘܡܕ ܇ 15
    ܡܝܪܡܕ ܗ̇ ܦܣܘܝܕ ܗܢܝܠܓܕ ܆ 11
    ܐܕܠܝ ܡܕܩܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܆22
    ܐܝܩܘܪܦ ܐܕܠܝܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܆25
    ܐܕܠܝ ܪܬܒܕ ܐܒܫܒ ܐܣܟܛ ܆21
    32 ܆ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܗܐܠ ܗ̈ܝܣܠܘܩܕ ̇
    35 ܆ ܡܚܠ ܠܝܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܠܥܕ
    ܣܘܝܪܘܓܝܪܓܘ ܣܘܝܠܣܒ ܐ̈ܢܦܠܡ ܠܥ ܆ 39
    ܢܪܡܕ ܗܚܢܕ ܝܬܟܘܐ ܐܫܝܕܩ ܐܕܐܥܕ .22
    24 ܆ ܢܳܕܡܥܡ ܢܢܚܘܝܕ ܝܗ̈ܘܣܠܘܩܕ
    51 ܆ ܐܝܡܕܩܘ ܐܫܝܪ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ
    ܐܕ̈ ܗܣܕ
    ܐܣܟܛ܆ ܢܝܪܬܕ ܐܣܟܛ܆ 56
    ܐܚܢܕܕ ܐܝܝܬܠܬ ܐܣܟܛ ܆59
    ܐܚܢܕܕ ܐܝܥܝܒܪ ܐܣܟܛ ܆62
    ܐܕܡܥܕ ܐܝܫܝܡܚ ܐܣܟܛ ܆65
    ܝܪܚܐ ܢܘܢܟܒ ܠܐܡܬܫܡܕ: ܡܝܪܡ ܐܗܐܠ ܬܕܠܝܕ ܆ 69
    ܐܥܪܙ ܠܛܡ
    ܠܐܟܝܗܠ ܢܗܐܠܘ ܢܪܡܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܆43
    ܐܘܢܝܢܕ ܝܗ̇ ܠܥܕ ܆ 44
    12 ܝܫܝܪܘ ܢܳ̈ܗܟ ܟ ܢܳ̈ܗ ܢܳ̈ܗ ܢܳ̈ܗ
    11 ܆ ܐ̈ܝܢܣܟܐ ܐܢܡ̈ܝܗܡ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ
    ܐܢܛܩ ܠܥܕ ܐܒܫܒ ܆93
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܢܦܠܡ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 119
    ܐܢܒܪܓ ܐܪܒܓ ܘܗ̇ ܠܥܕ: ܐܡܘܨܕ ܐܢܝܪܬ ܐܒܫܒ ܕܚܕ 113
    ܢܝܥܒܪܐܕ ܐܫܝܕܩ ܐܝܝܬܠܬ ܐܒܫܒ ܆ ܆
    ܐܝܪܫܡ ܘܗ̇ ܠܥ
    4 ܝܗ̇ ܐܡܘܨܕ ܐܝܥܝܒܪ ܐܒܫܒ ܆ ܆ 4
    ܪܓܒܠ ܐܥܕ: ܐܡܘܨܕ ܗܓܠܦܕ ܐܒܫܒ ܐܥܒܪܐܕ ܆ 164
    : ܐܟܠܡ
    ܬܚܢܕ ܘܗ̇ ܐܡܘܨܕ ܐܝܫܝܡܚ ܆ 5 5 5
    : ܘܚܝܪܝܠܐ ܡܠܫܪܘܐ ܢܡܬ ܐܘܗ
    212 ܆ ܐܕ̈ܗܣ ܢܝܥܒܪܠ ܐܥܕ ܐܣܟܛ
    ܐܝܡܣ ܘܗ̇ ܠܥܕ: ܐܡܘܨܕ ܐܝܝܬܬܫ ܐܒܫܒ ܕܚܕ ܆ 214
    ܢܝܥܒܪܐܕ ܐܫܝܕܩ ܐܡܘܨ ܐܬܒܘܪܥܕ 2 .222
    ܪܙܥܠܕ ܗܡܚܘܢ ܠܥܕ ܆231
    232 ܆ ܐܢ̈ܥܫܘܐܕ ܐܒܫܒ ܕܚܕ ܐܣܟܛ
    1 ܐܫܚܕ ܐܬܫܝܕܩ ܐܣܟܛ 231
    3 ܐܒܫܒ ܐܬܠܬܕ ܐܣܟܛ 163
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܬܒܫܕ ܐܒܫܒ ܐܣܟܛ146
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܒܫܒ ܐܫܡܚܕ 245
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܬܒܘܪܥ ܗܓܢܕ ܐܣܟܛ 216
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܬܒܪ ܐܬܒܫܕ ܐܣܟܛ 226
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܒܫܒ ܕܚܕ ܐܣܟܛ 222
    ܒܘܬ ܢܝܪܬܕ ܐܡܘܝܕ ܒܘܬ 256
    1 ܐܬܠܬ ܡܘܝܕ ܒܘܬ 261
    ܒܘܬ ܐܬܒܘܪܥ ܡܘܝܕ ܒܘܬ 266
    1 ܐܒܫܒ ܕܚ ܒܘܬ 241
    2 ܪܬܒܕ ܢܝܪܬܕ ܐܣܟܛ 242
    1 ܪܬܒ ܐܬܠܬܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 211
    3 ܪܬܒ ܐܥܒܪܐܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 213
    ܐܣܟܛ ܪܬܒܕ ܐܫܡܚܕ ܐܣܟܛ 214
    1 ܢܪܡܕ ܗܩܠܘܣܕ 291
    6 ܪܬܒܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 296
    9 ܐܝܥܝܒܫ ܒܘܬ ܒܘܬ 299
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܒܫܒ ܕܚܕ 315
    1 ܪܬܒܕ ܐܝܡܕܩ ܐܣܟܛ 311
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܝܢܝܡܬ ܐܒܫܒ ܐܣܟܛ 316
    321 ܐܝܡܕܩ ܐܣܟܛ ܐ̈ܝܥܨܡܕ
    323 ܐܣܟܛ ܕ ܐܢܝܪܬ ̈ܐܝܥܨܡ
    326 ܐܝܝܬܠܬ ܐܣܟܛ ܕ ̈ ܐܝܥܨܡ
    331 ܐܣܟܛ ܥܝܒܪ ܐܝ ̈ ܐܝܥܨܡ
    332 ܐܣܟܛ ܫܝܡܚ ܐܝ ̈ ܐܝܥܨܡ
    331 ܐܣܟܛ ܬܫ ܐܝܝܬ ̈ ܐܝܥܨܡ
    321 ܐܣܟܛ ܥܝܒܫ ܐܝ ̈ ܐܝܥܨܡ
    325 ܬ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܝ ܐܝܥܨܡ ܐܝܥܨܡ
    1 ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܝܡܕܩ 351
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܢܝܪܬ 355
    1 ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܝܝܬܠܬ 351
    3 ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܝܥܝܒܪ 363
    1 ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܝܫܝܡܚ 361
    2 ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܝܝܬܬܫ 342
    4 ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܝܥܝܒܫ 344
    1 ܐܝܪܚܐܕ ܐܝܢܝܡܬ 311
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܝܡܕܩ 315
    1 ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܢܝܪܬ 311
    3 ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܝܝܬܠܬ 393
    1 ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܝܥܝܒܪ 211
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܝܫܝܡܚ 216
    1 ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܝܝܬܬܫ 211
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܝܥܝܒܫ ܐܣܟܛ 212
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܝ̈ܢܘܓܕ ܐܝܢܝܡܬ 214
    221 ܝܕ ܐܣܟܛ ܠ ܬܕ ܬܕ
    225 ܠܐ ܠܛ̈ܡܕ ܐܫܝܕܩ ܐܕܐܥܕ ܐܣܟܛ
    1 ܐܒܝܠܨܕ ܗܬܚܟܫܕ ܐܣܟܛ 231
    4 ܐܝܒܢ ܐܝܐܠ ܐܣܟܛ 234
    1 ܝܪܡ ܐܝܒܓܘ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 221
    4 ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ 224
    3 ܝܪܡ ܐܝܟܙ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 253
    261 ܐܒܗܕܕ ܐܝܪܩܬܡܕ ܐܚ̈ܝ ܐܬܒܘܪܥܕ ܐܣܟܛ
    ܐܣܟܛ ܝܪܡ ܠܥܕ ܐܣܟܛ 266
    241 ܐܫ̈ܝܕܩ ܐܚ̈ܝ ܠܫ ܠܥܕ ܐܣܟܛ
    2 ܝܪܡܘ ܣܘܪܛܦ ܐܣܟܛ 242
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܡܘܐܬ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ 212
    ܐܣܟܛ ܝܪܡ ܐܕܗܣ ܐܣܟܛ 214
    293 ܝܐܠܘ ̇ ܐܫ̈ܝܕܩ ܪܙ ܪܙ ܪܙ ܪܙ ܪܙ
    9 ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 299
    15 ܝܪܡ ܐܫܝܕܩ ܐܣܟܛ 515
    19 ܝܕܐ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ 519
    15 ܐܪܒܪܒ ܝܬܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ 515
    11 ܐܪܣܘ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 511
    ܐܣܟܛ ܐܡܘܢܩ ܐܣܟܛ 526
    529 ܐܣܟܛ ܝܬܐܢܘܓ ܐܕ̈ܗܣܕ
    1 ܡܗܪܒܐ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ 531
    6 ܝܪܡ ܒܘܬ ܒܘܬ ܒܘܬ 536
    ܠܐ̈ ܝܒܐܕ ܐܫܝܪ ܐܝܝܒܪܓ
    2 ܢܢܛܒܕ ܒܘܩܥܝ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 522
    1 ܝܪܡ ܠܥܕ 551
    2 ܝܪܡ ܐܫܝܕܩ ܐܣܟܛ 552
    2 ܝܪܡ ܠܥܕ 562
    4 ܣܝܓܪܣ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ 564
    2 ܝܪܡ ܐܫܝܕܩ ܐܣܟܛ 542
    9 ܬܕܠܝܕ ܗ̇ ܐܣܟܛ 549
    ܣܚܢܝܦ ܝܪܡܘ: ܐܝܒܠܚ ܐܝܥܫܐ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ 513
    ܐܝܣܐ ܝܪܡܘ
    19 ܗܬܚܘ ܝܪܡ ܐܣܟܛ ܐܣܟܛ 519
    ܐܣܟܛ ܝܪܡ ܠܥܕ 596
    12 ܝܪܡ ܐܫܝܕܩܕ 612
    11 ܝܪܡ ܐܫܝܕܩܕ 611

    Tags: Aramaeans, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Aramaic, Aramean, Aramaic, Syro-Aramaic, Eastern Aramaic, West Aramaic, Suryoyo, Suryoye, Syrian, Syriac, Madenhoye
  • Faloho - Branchenapp für Suryoye
    What and where are you looking for?

    Are you building a house and looking for an electrician from Gütersloh? Are you getting married soon and need a catering in Delmenhorst? Or do you want to eat something delicious in Augsburg?

    No matter what and where you are looking for: Download the FALOHO APP on your smartphone or tablet and find every independent Suryoyo in Germany.

    Faloho is the largest collection of companies, churches and organizations of Suryoye. You can search all over Germany, contact them and follow them.

    By the way: Faloho is Aramaic and means "worker".


    Want to register your business in the Faloho app? Visit the page www.faloho.com/register and log in.

    Tags: Aramaeans, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Aramaic, Aramean, Aramaic, Syro-Aramaic, Eastern Aramaic, West Aramaic, Suryoyo, Suryoye, Syrian, Syriac, Madenhoye