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District Panchayat Kutch v1.0.5 Free purchase


Mod Info:

Free purchase


With District Panchayat Kutch Mod APK, you can free to purchase any items in the District Panchayat Kutch APK. District Panchayat Kutch is developed by GIPL Team. You are downloading District Panchayat Kutch Mod APK 1.0.5 for free. District Panchayat Kutch

Apk Info:
File Name com.newmod.district-panchayat-kutch-1-0-5
App Download Version: 1.0.5
Price Free
Apk Size 7.3M
Download 31
Last Update Time Sep 11, 2019
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
50 total





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    The best Android phone flagships are getting more storage space these days. But capacity is still at a premium on older devices and cheap phones. A large chunk of your phone's storage is already taken up by the operating system and preloaded software. After you start adding your own apps, shooting photos and videos and downloading podcasts, you risk running out of space.

    Fortunately, a number of Android devices sport microSD card slots that allow you to expand your storage capacity by inserting an inexpensive memory card. You can grab a 32GB card for less than $10, while a 64GB card is about $12. A 128GB card costs $20 and a 256GB card $40.

    Here's how to move apps to the microSD card using Android's built-in application management features.

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  • BookBird Mod APK

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    BookBird is a marketplace where students from the same university can buy and sell textbooks.
  • otooji - Gujarati Classifieds Mod APK

    otooji - Gujarati Classifieds Mod APK


    otooji (ઓટુજી) is a free classifieds app to buy and sell locally in Gujarat.

    Find or list local promotions, services or products in any city, town or village of Gujarat.

    - Covers every city, taluka and district of Gujarat

    - Fun, simple and intuitive user interface in gujarati

    - Gujarati listings only.

    - Gujarati keyboard included for typing

    - Seller profile and reviews

    - Save favorite listings

    - Edit/Delete published listings from seller profile

    Website: https://otooji.com

    Support: https://community.otooji.com

    If you like this effort, like us on facebook and review the app.


    We welcome any suggestions to improve the app. Please reach us on facebook.
  • babakimpo Mod APK

    babakimpo Mod APK


    Brunei's Biggest Online Marketplace. Babakimpo is featuring more than 30,000 Products to change your shopping experience in Brunei.
  • e-Taxアプリ Mod APK

    e-Taxアプリ Mod APK


    ■ Version whose operation has been confirmed
    Android 6.0 to 10.0

    ■ Compatible models
    Your smartphone must support My Number Card.
    Check the list of smartphones that support My Number Card.

    ■ Notes
    To use the e-Tax app, you also need to install the JPKI user app.
    Depending on your device, you may not be able to install the JPKI user application even if you can install the e-Tax application.
  • Survive. Craft. Attack. Repeat (SCAR) Mod APK

    Survive. Craft. Attack. Repeat (SCAR) Mod APK


    Team up with friends or start your solo RPG journey in a huge city suffering from a ‍♀️ zombie invasion. You have 5-minute sessions to stand up for yourself and brawl against 20 other players in real-time immersive battles. Yes, this is a real PvP. Do you think you can handle it? If so, download this game for free and start to play, loot and survive!

    We brought a completely new brawl-RPG experience for PvP games lovers. Loot vital resources from fierce zombies, customize and upgrade your hero in a rushed manner, overcome your rivals and be the last one standing on a constantly shrinking map. Rush is the way to survive a war. Don't hesitate to start a ‍♂️ brawl. From zero to hero in 5 minutes!

    As you play you'll unlock customized content with a huge variety of choice. Loot fancy armor, inconceivable arsenal and tons of other items to make a difference on the battlefield. Rush to war right now! ☄️

    PvP your friends in this fair free RPG Battle Royale game. Forget pay to win with Survive. Craft. Attack. Repeat. (SCAR)


    ️‍♂️ A true gem in a battle royale-like genre. 20 players start, but only one survives at the end.
    ‍♂️ Fast-paced PvP RPG game. Get in and out within minutes. Rush to war!
    ‍ Tired of pixel graphics? Colorful and bright battle lands are waiting for you to brawl!
    Thousands of customization combinations. Loot resources and craft different kinds of gear!
    ‍♂️ Huge variety of characters in the best traditions of RPG games. Choose your style: a fierce warrior or a clumsy ninja?
    ‍♂️ Grab your friend, classmate or neighbor and start to survive together. This is true PvP.
    Fair multiplayer gameplay where only your tactics and skill matter.
    ‍♂️ Special events and epic updates on a constant basis.

    DOWNLOAD now and play, loot and survive in Survive. Craft. Attack. Repeat. (SCAR)
    Disclaimer: Survive. Craft. Attack. Repeat. (SCAR) - is a free Battle Royal game, but you can use in-app purchases to progress a bit faster and you may want to keep the game away from your kids, so they won't spend from your credit card or beat your high score!
    Please note that the game is in BETA now and although we do our best, there is a chance that you will experience some bugs including: lags and disconnects in gameplay, reduced performance and visual quality on certain devices, graphics glitches, unbalanced tanks, too difficult or too easy missions and so on.
    Also since we still are adding core features and content to the game you may experience some changes in your progress, and equipment and characters may be added or taken away, but we promise to finalize everything very soon.
  • TCGBinder Mod APK

    TCGBinder Mod APK


    Add cards for trading, and find people around that have what you are looking for.
  • Yasveer Patel's Online Store Mod APK

    Yasveer Patel's Online Store Mod APK


    This is my new venture into the world of online shopping and e-commerce business.
    I would request all my dear friends and family to make full use of my new venture.
    Yasveer Patel's Online Store stocks practically every product you need for Women and Men and Kids giving you an exclusive shopping experience. The products are made to match your taste. Most products are sourced directly from manufacturers, making us the cheapest but, the most exclusive online store you will ever find. Online payments made with us are absolutely safe and secure. Alternatively we offer free cash on delivery COD and free and easy returns.
  • Tongo - Buy and Sell Locally Mod APK

    Tongo - Buy and Sell Locally Mod APK


    Tongo Mobile Application is a FREE facilitation platform for buyers and sellers to trade goods and services locally. The application is available for Android users for their daily purchase of groceries, fresh food, ordering dinner from a restaurant or for using handyman services. It is designed to be a utility tool for anyone and everyone who is looking for day to day goods and services within their vicinity.

    The Tongo Mobile Application gives you the power to create a Business Profile to sell instantly and/or a Personal Profile to be able to purchase goods and services from the comfort of your location.

    So now forget the blues and say hello to the new Tongo Mobile Application - Buy and Sell Locally!

    Key Features of Tongo Mobile Application

    • FREE OF COST mobile application

    • Personal Profile: Buy from a range of diverse categories and get anything with a click of a button to your doorstep from hundreds of options

    • Business Profile: Now anyone can create a shop instantly and start selling to hundreds and thousands of buyers within their locality

    • In-app Messenger: Communicate in real-time through our built-in in-app messenger and instantly get the status of your delivery

    • Orders: You can check your order history or status of your orders at any time, they show as pending or complete.

    • Cart: You can add products and services to the cart and order them instantly.

    • Always Logged In: With Tongo Mobile Application, you're always logged in, so no hassle of forget passwords - order instantly or sell instantly

    • One Window Solution: From one login you can at any time switch profiles from the Personal Profile (Buyer) to Business Profile (Seller)

    • And Much More: Google map integration for location view, multiple category options - grocery, fresh food, restaurants, handyman and other services

    *Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

    We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

    [email protected]
  • TT Autoteile,Karosserieteile,Kotflügel,Stoßstange. Mod APK

    TT Autoteile,Karosserieteile,Kotflügel,Stoßstange. Mod APK


    TT Autoteile Jonovic is a family business
    which was founded in 2008.
    From us are u.a. Over 100,000 private customers and many workshops supplied with body parts, headlights and cooling technology.
  • Dankaab Services Mod APK

    Dankaab Services Mod APK


  • ShopDrop Sample Sales Mod APK

    ShopDrop Sample Sales Mod APK


    ShopDrop helps urban fashion lovers discover sample sales so they can wear brands they love for prices they can afford.

    Created by sample sale fanatics, who live to share their discount luxury shopping tips with the world. ShopDrop is the most powerful tool for discovering sample sales in NYC. The one and only place where you can interact with your sample sale listing channel to score exclusive access to VIP events, gifts with purchase and more!

    Go ahead, download ShopDrop. You'll love it.

    Do you have it? Yes? Amazing. ShopDrop will be your guide to the hottest and most desirable sample sales in Manhattan. Brands include Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Diane Von Furstenberg, Theory and many more!

    Feedback? Ideas? Scathing criticism? Unalloyed praise? We love you and want to hear from you
    [email protected]

    Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
  • Agrovet Mod APK

    Agrovet Mod APK


    Agrovet platform gives users access to information on various agricultural products. At the same time allows manufacturers and distributors use the platform to showcase their various innovations and wide range of their products.
    Users can also reach out to the manufacturers through contacts provided in case of need for clarity, more information or a business deal.
  • Zkteco Mod APK

    Zkteco Mod APK


    Our mission is to provide high quality Security Systems Including CCTV,Time attendance,Parking Barrier,Full Height Turnstile,Flap Barrier Turnstile,Tripod Turnstile,Walk Through Gates,metal Detector Access Controls, Alarm Systems,home security system that complement and enhance the functionality of high-performance equipment

    The products we Offer

    First and foremost we offer durable and high quality products that carry extensive guarantees to perform. You will receive a personal and first class service with a speedy response to your enquiries. We offer to work with you to meet your and your customers' individual requirements. We are glad to help with projects large or small to overcome the hurdles you come across. Benefit from our 23 years of accumulated knowledge and experience and our position at the forefront of CCTV providers.

    As a cctv professional company we provide specialized digital vedio recorder (DVRs) cctv camers,network cameras and other cctv related peripherals.we provide high quality products with competitive pricing.we make every effort to increase the popularity of cctv cameras into our daily life/business/industrial areas,and the public invornment.
  • Raletsia App - PT Raja Walet Indonesia Mod APK

    Raletsia App - PT Raja Walet Indonesia Mod APK


    An application containing business / business opportunities that are engaged in beauty & care (Skincare). We are working with one of the nation's original companies, PT Raja Walet Indonesia (Raletsia).

    In addition to business opportunities, this application also contains knowlegde products, Testimonials, Company Profiles, and others

    If there are obstacles about this application or there are questions about this application please contact us via WA 0856-555-02-644