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God Mode, Dumb Enemy
Counter terrorist robot game mod apk 1.33 is a thrilling action game that offers players an unparalleled gaming experience.
With its state-of-the-art graphics and realistic animations, this game is sure to keep you engaged for hours.
The mod apk version of this game allows players to access God Mode, which gives them unlimited health and ammunition, and the Dumb Enemy feature, which makes the enemies in the game less intelligent and easier to defeat.
This makes the game more enjoyable and challenging at the same time.
Overall, the Counter terrorist robot game mod apk 1.33 is a must-try for anyone who loves action and adventure games.


Counter terrorist robot war in fps shooting games offers best of robot shooting games, fps robot games and counter terrorist games. Counter terrorist robot shooting game provides you with the real fun of new shooting games, fps jungle games in one terrorist robot game. Many robot terrorists have invaded the jungle. Be the part of this modern fps jungle combat of futuristic world. Fight against the evil robots in counter terrorist war games and robot shooting games. Be the best fps shooter of the futuristic battle in robot wars. Get now free robot games having extreme action of new shooting games in the best fps strike game. Challenge yourself in critical shooting games arenas of futuristic robot battle in realistic environment of jungle, snow, and desert. Feel the thrilling frontline shooting experience in full action based fps shooting games especially designed for the lovers of robot shooting games or jungle shooting game. Join the arena of counter terrorist shooting within this new shooting games. Show ability of shooting and fighting in counter terrorist games. Let's wipe out all the enemy counter terrorist robot in the jungle combat.Survive within counter shooting of robot wars in in terrorist robot games and real robot counter terrorist game. You are giving the chance to play as a grand robot inside terrorist war games and fps robot games where you have to fight with counter terrorist robot. Use of a high level of accuracy and precision leads you towards success in new shooting games. Play the robot wars and accomplish counter terrorist shooting missions in robot shooting games, robot fighting games and fps jungle games. Don't miss the chance to get into the warfare that has been established in counter shooting strike of terrorist robot game. This time you have the face the challenges in the jungle against enemy forces of alien robots. Be like a warrior in intense battlefield of terrorist war games along with counter terrorist games. Use destructive weapons for your survival. Counter shooting game always the source of ultimate fun for the people who love to do terrorist robot strike in free robot games & fps jungle games.Can you fight with the alien mech robots in fps jungle games and new shooting games? It the best time to prove your robot shooting skills in futuristic robot battle of fps strike. Wreak the terrorist robots in robot war games which give you the extreme experience of fps robot games, robot fighting games. Counter terrorist robot strike games enclose the full merger of action and critical shooting in multiple environments. Are you ready for the fps strike in jungle? Let the enemy robot encounter trouble in futuristic robot battle of fps shooting games encapsulating robot shooting games. Destructive animation makes the terrorist robot game interesting. Counter terrorist robot shooting game proving great ambiance of real robot strike & modern battle of futuristic robots.Be prepared for the counter attack of alien robots in in counter terrorist games. Become the brave fps shooter in battle robots. Use modern weapons to win the battle of mech warriors as sniper robot in counter shooting games. Take duty to clear the area in counter terrorist strike by eliminating all the alien robots in fps shooting games, robot war games. If you love fps games, terrorist war games, fps robot games or sniper games in the fps jungle games. This counter shooting game is definitely for you. Your duty is to face every critical counter attack from the enemy. Have fun with an unending robot battle integrating free robot games exciting mission all in robot shooting games in the era or robot war games, counter shooting games.Key Features of Terrorist Robot GameMultiple environments to play fps strike.Lots of breathtaking levels.Stunning sounds effects make the game addictive.Free robot games. Smooth controls.

Apk Info:
File Name dt.mod.counter-terrorist-robot-game-mod-apk-1-33
App Download Version: 1.33
Price Free
Apk Size 83.46 MB
Download 48
Last Update Time May 26, 2023
Min Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Target 31
Screens small, normal, large, xlarge
arm64-v8a armeabi-v7a
Densities 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640
MD5 579D68614FFB4EB1E7F8F6AD0DDBBF76
Signature A7B3774480C00C2064EA19F159906241F9F9D225
SHA256 AB9E09A265FEBB9CD0AD883E0F2E56D098665237F0B26B6B6C0912CB4A5889A0
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
34 total





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    Live-Events and Quests
    There's always something new and exciting happening! There are live events throughout the year to keep you entertained. During the Halloween event, you can explore the spooky Vampire Castle and uncover its secrets. The castle is filled with hidden chambers, mysterious artifacts, and maybe even a few ghosts. As you make your way through the castle, you'll have to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to progress. It's a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Or, join in the Fall Camping event and cook up a delicious turkey. Whether you're grilling, baking, or frying, there are plenty of tasty recipes to try. And when Easter rolls around, hop over to Bunny King Island to make your own bunny hat and celebrate the season.

    Coco Valley is free to play. In-app purchases available for premium experience.

    Have fun!
  • Counter terrorist robot game mod apk 1.33
    Counter terrorist robot war in fps shooting games offering you the action packed features of robot shooting games. If you want to get the real fun of robot games, get ready to perform shooting missions in multiple environments. You will have to fight with enemy robots who have invaded the jungle. Be the part of robot wars established among multiple robotic forces. Fight against evil robots and win the battle of robot war games. You are a pro fps shooter who can fight fearlessly in fps games. So challenge yourself in gun shooting games where you can explore the different battle arenas i.e. jungle, snow, and desert unseen in other gun games. Feel the thrilling shooting experience in this robot game that is specially designed for the lovers of robot shooting games. Its time to kill all the enemy robots. Select your weapons and show your expertise in counter terrorist shooting game.

    Survive the robot wars like a real warrior of counter terrorist robot game. You are giving the chance to prove yourself as a hero in fps robot games. Use of high level accuracy and precision leads you towards success in robot fighting game. Take the duty and accomplish counter terrorist shooting missions in given time. Modern weapons i.e. shotgun, pistols, rifles and machine guns are provided in the warfare to give you the different shooting experience. In this game you will face multiple challenges of shooting against enemy forces. Use destructible weapons and Pick up the health to survive longer in the battle. If you are the lover of gun shooting games. You will find this robot strike is the fun.

    Can you fight with the alien mech robots in fps games? It the time to prove your robot shooting skills in futuristic robot battle of fps strike. Eliminate all the terrorist robots in robot war games that gives you the ultimate experience of robot fighting games. Counter terrorist robot game is a merger of action packed shooting missions which you have to accomplish in multiple battle arenas. Are you ready for the fps strike in jungle? Let the enemy robot encounter trouble in futuristic robot battle of fps shooting games. Realistic destructive animation makes the robot shooting games experience interesting. Get ready for the action and enjoy robot wars.

    Be prepared for the counter attack that will give you the real challenge of counter terrorist games. Fight fearlessly and become the brave fps shooter in robot battle. Take duty to clear the area in counter terrorist strike by eliminating all the alien robots in fps shooting games. If you like fps games, this counter shooting game will fulfill you craze of shooting. Keep an eye on your target and destroy the enemy base and survive like a champion. Have fun with an unending robot battle integrating exciting missions of gun games.

    Key Features of Terrorist Robot Game:
    Multiple environments to play fps strike.
    A lot of breathtaking levels.
    Wide range of advance weapons.
    Stunning sounds effects make the game addictive.
    Smooth controls.