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Free purchase


Greater Dickson Gas Authority's mobile payment application allows you to view and pay your bill, view your past payments, access your historical usage information in graph form, and manage your payments and notifications, among other capabilities.

Apk Info:
File Name com.newmod.greater-dickson-gas-authority-1-1-2
App Download Version: 1.1.2
Price Free
Apk Size 5.0M
Download 40
Last Update Time Oct 17, 2020
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
36 total





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    SwitchMatic - Schaltuhren für HomeMatic Mod APK


    SwitchMatic allows you to easily program weekly time switches in your HomeMatic system.

    Create any number of time switches for blinds, lights, etc. and create the desired switching behavior without the hassle of entering individual time values.
    The graphical editor has numerous functions to clearly define and edit switching times. Create complex presence simulations in no time.
    Save and load entire scenarios of grouped time switches.

    You can also edit the internal weekly time switches of your thermostats using the graphic editor.

    SwitchMatic is compatible with the CCU1, CCU2, CCU3 or RaspberryMatic.

    SwitchMatic is chargeable. In the free demo version, 1 time switch can be created or 1 thermostat can be edited and all functions can be tested.

    This app is an unofficial in-house development and is not developed by eQ-3 or on behalf of eQ-3.
    The app communicates with your smart home system. No liability is accepted for any malfunctions or damage caused by the use of this app.
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    Pişti is the best and fastest card game in other free card games.
    Pişti is easy to play and fun among Spades, King, Gin and other similar card games.
    Play pişti card game with different modes, 2 players, 4 players, coop play.
    Play against AI or computer without cheats.
    Simple and good graphics, smooth game play experience, no cheats, no ads, offline.
    No ads, totally free and offline card game, download and play now offline.

    * No Ads
    * Offline
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    * Themes
    * Level
    * No cheats
    * Good AI
    * Smooth game play
  • Fall Guys Royale Mod APK

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    Fall Run is the ultimate casual battle royale game

    Fun and addictive gameplay!
    Unlock new skins and customize your character!
    Easy to play: touch & drag to move and tap to jump!

    Have fun!
  • Moon Tower Mod APK

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    Build a block tower that reaches the Moon.
    If you practice every day you will become the best builder master.
    Surpass yourself or compete with your friends.

    Building block towers is not an easy task,
    Practice a little each day to improve your technique.

    If you fit five blocks in a row, the tower will gain width,
    on the contrary, if the blocks do not fit well you will lose
    the remaining piece, each time your tower will get thinner
    and it will be increasingly difficult to add a new block.

    If you like to build block towers this is your game,
    simple, practical and fast!

    Game Features:
    - Very fun and addictive construction game
    - Designed for players of all ages
    - The game takes up almost no space and runs smoothly on all devices
    - Without registration, download the app and start playing directly.
  • M&N Nursery & Pre-school Mod APK

    M&N Nursery & Pre-school Mod APK


    Key Features:
    * Keeping you up to date on M&N Nursery & Pre-school announcements.

    **About M&N Nursery & Pre-school**

    About Us

    حضانة ترفيهية وتعليمية تتهتم بكل نواحى الطفل فى جميع التخصصات الفكرية والسلوكية والدينية والثفاقيةوالرياضية
  • FANTASYxDUNGEONS - Idle AFK Role Playing Game Mod APK

    FANTASYxDUNGEONS - Idle AFK Role Playing Game Mod APK


    ■ Heroes of FANTASYxRUNNERS are back!
    After a year of fighting, the invasion of the monsters that had dyed the earth with darkness is over.
    However, the remains lurk in the underground dungeons and still threaten our lives.
    It is time to step into the dark and dangerous dungeons.

    ■ Heroes are waiting for you.
    Collect many attractive heroes with unique voices.
    Lead them to fight against the monsters!

    ■ Endless growth with no pain.
    Interesting PVE contents including Dungeons, the Ancient Library, Bandit Suppression, and Boss Raid.
    Earn gems every time your Arena points go up!
    Battle to earn upgrade materials, gems and gold to grow heroes endlessly!
  • Baby Manor Mod APK

    Baby Manor Mod APK


    Welcome to Baby Manor!
    Baby Manor is an addictive unique puzzle game that combines baby raising simulation & home decoration & match 3 gameplay. It not only has extremely gorgeous decorations and exquisite elements, but also has a warm-hearted storyline. Explore fascinating stories as you play, recognize vivid characters, and join their exciting lives! Well-designed puzzles, colorful and varied boosters, tons of match 3 puzzle fun, at Baby Manor you will never get bored!

    Help novice daddy take care of the baby and build a warm and perfect home! Bobby took his wife Sarah and baby back to the old house where the great-grandma left behind. He hoped that his son would have a happy and carefree childhood in the place where he grew up. There are too many memories in this old house, let's explore together!

    Bobby's father-in-law seems not like Bobby, and stewardess Sarah has to leave home to work from time to time. Can Bobby decorate his new home before his father-in-law arrives? Can he become a qualified daddy who can take care of the baby on his own? He needs your help!

    Breaking through exciting match 3 levels to decorate old house, unlock ever more chapters in the fascinating story along the way! What are you waiting for?

    Game Features:

    -Exciting match 3 puzzle challenges
    Matching items has never been more fun! 
    Match baby items and solve hundreds of addictive blast match 3 puzzle levels;
    Match pieces to create unique, powerful boosters in this fun match 3 puzzle game!

    -Baby raising story
    To help Bobby become a qualified daddy;
    The Baby role will appear in the levels and accompany you breaking through!

    -Mansion style design
    Give full play to your creativity, a variety of decoration styles are up to you to decide;
Renovate the old house and dress up it as you like!

    -Addictive and enjoyable gameplay
    Collect milk bottles, follow the story and complete the task;
    Collect the panda and find the bear hidden in the box;
    There are bulldozers, swimming pools, doughnuts, jam bottles and more obstacles waiting for you to challenge!

    -Vivid storyline
    Enjoy plot twists in the story and collect puzzles;
    Unlock interesting illustrations to bring you different multiple joys!

    -Friend interaction
    Connect FB, share fun with your friends!

    -Play anywhere
    Baby Manor is FREE to play and available online or offline. Play this exciting match 3 game anywhere!

    Differences from other games:
    -Unique gameplay that combines baby-rising simulation with match 3 on the market;
    -Different from normal situation, dad takes care of the baby is a unique subject;
    -Home Decoration & Baby dressing up: Unlock new furniture by unlocking the new storyline, renovate the shabby mansion, and help baby change costume;
    -The story is close to daily life. Family story is easy to resonate with novice parents;
    -More popular mini puzzle games will be added;
    -Fine art style. Extremely gorgeous decorations and exquisite elements;
    -Interact with players at high frequency in our community(FB/Tiktok/Ins/Youtube), user feedback is important to us

    Play Baby Manor for FREE, with optional in-game items for purchase. 

    Baby Manor will be updated with more blast puzzles to solve and more romantic chapters regularly! Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review! Your opinion matters, and we're listening!

    Enjoying Baby Manor? More ways to learn about Baby Manor:

    >>Contact us: [email protected]
  • Finding Home Mod APK

    Finding Home Mod APK


    Mystery? Mansion? Puzzles? YES! Penny & Flo: Finding Home has it all. Renovate the mansion and solve challenging puzzles with this new relaxing and fun FREE match-3 game!

    Help Penny and Flo renovate the mansion of a former Hollywood actress to its former glory and match pieces to solve challenging puzzles. Dig into a story full of twists and turns as Penny and Flo interact with a cast of colorful characters. Match pieces & start your mansion makeover – play with themed boosters & renovate the rooms with dozens of customizations options!

    Discover hidden areas and choose among hundreds of pieces of furniture for your decoration project! Sit down, relax and enjoy this puzzle game enriched with a great story! Start your makeover now!

    - RENOVATE, decorate your mansion with unique rooms that tie into the story!
    - MATCH pieces and solve hundreds of addictive puzzle levels!
    - ENJOY plot twists in the story and uncover hidden secrets and mysteries along the way!
    - EXPLORE the mansion with its hidden objects unlock hidden areas
    - RELAX and experience a story filled with funny and heartfelt dialogue!

    Solve challenging blast puzzles to uncover the story of Penny and Flo, unlock hidden areas and decorate the mansion. Relax, sit down, and enjoy this exciting story!

    Penny & Flo: Finding Home will be updated with more blast puzzles to solve and more fun chapters regularly! Already played and enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review!
  • iDaTank Classic Mod APK

    iDaTank Classic Mod APK


    This game was disappeared from the PlayStore along with its publisher years ago, but now, in 2020, the developer could not resist a sudden touching letter from a fan 조용진 :

    "I have played this game when I was 9.
    It's 8 years passed and recently I started to miss this game very much. So can you put it on the google playstore again? I'd like to go back to my childhood's best mobile game. I don't care how much is it, I just want to play iDatank again.
    Thank you."

    So, the game has been revived on the developer's account and now I can reply to your rare comments. ^ _ ^

    Actually, this is a classic game from 2012 without remastering.


    One man, no man? What about the one tank with onboard replicator?
    This is a story of the scout drone adventures, painted in sci-fi colors and filled by energy beams, plasma bolts and overheated weapons. Our cybernetic hero will have to face a horde of extremely evil aliens. Of course, if all creatures in the Universe were kind and friendly - anything similar wouldn't happen.
  • Forex Masters Mod APK

    Forex Masters Mod APK


    A forex signal system is a set of analyses that a forex trader uses to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any given time. Forex signal systems could be based on technical analysis charting tools or news-based events. The day trader's currency trading system is usually made up of a multitude of signals that work together to create a buy or sell decision.

    Forex signal systems can create executions that are either manual or automated. A manual system involves a trader sitting at the computer screen, looking for signals and interpreting whether to buy or sell. An automated trading system involves the trader "teaching" the software what signals to look for and how to interpret them. It is thought that automated trading removes the psychological element that is detrimental to a lot of traders.
  • Kuai Video App Status Guide Mod APK

    Kuai Video App Status Guide Mod APK


    Welcome to Kuai Video App status guide for trending videos.

    How to use
    kuai guide and tips lets you provide a complete guide for how to create videos, share videos and enjoy popular and trending videos.

    This application is a guide for Kuai Video. It supports most of devices in today's market and consumes very low resources. You can use it anytime, anywhere and enjoy the multimedia in this application.

    1. Kuai Video App Status Guide complies with the United States copyright law "fair use."
    2. All content and all copyrights in this application are owned by each copyright holder.
    3. If there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use, please contact us and we will immediately take action on.
  • Logistics.ONE GO Mod APK

    Logistics.ONE GO Mod APK


    The user-friendly, flexible and multilingual Logistics.ONE software presents, registers and communicates all relevant information to and from your drivers.

    Excellent Last Mile support, knowing the exact location of your shipments, uniform processes, highest percentage successful first deliveries, save time and money on communication, Management By Exception, process optimization, going ahead of competition, "Always On", knowing what happens outside your vehicles and make the delivery-man your principal's business card are various objectives which are realized by using the Logistics.ONE software.

    The Logistics.ONE solution guarantees proven, highly effective functionalities which are currently operational at customer sites of successful companies successfully active within markets such as Package Delivery, Web-store Delivery, Wholesale, Retail Distribution, Two Man Handling and fine-meshed distribution.

    Some example usage scenarios;
    -Taking pictures of the goods and location and marking damages.
    -Calling the consignee 30 minutes before the estimated time of arrival.
    -Barcode scanning of delivered and picked up goods.
    -Guiding the user in goods placement and installation.

    Logistics.ONE GO may collect the following information;

    GPS location
    The location of the device is shared only when Logistics.ONE is active. This location will be shared with the Logistics.ONE server. Depending on the used centralized modules and external systems by the Logistics.ONE Customer (The Logistics service provider), this information can be shared with the planning department and customer service

    Phone calls
    If correctly configured, telephone call duration to and from phone numbers listed in the active tour can be registered.
    This information is helpful in monitoring customer contact by the user.

    If correctly configured, Logistics.ONE can use the camera for taking pictures of goods and or delivery- or pickup locations and other objects surrounding the user.

    Logistics.ONE requires the storage permission only for specific Logistics.ONE support and installation purposes and will not read or collect non-Logistics.ONE data via this permission.

    Logistics.ONE is a business to business application. If you have questions about Logistics.ONE, please contact your employer or contractor.
    If you have got a fantastic idea about for improving our product, you can always sent an email to [email protected]
  • Memory Challenge Mod APK

    Memory Challenge Mod APK


    This game is to enhance your memory by playing N-Back.
  • Flea For Your Life Mod APK

    Flea For Your Life Mod APK


    You are tiny flea living on top of a really big friendly dog... eventually you are discovered and now you will need to jump away from the anti-flea soap.
  • Flags game Mod APK

    Flags game Mod APK


    play and learn at the same time, improve your knowledge about flags and countries
  • ألغاز للأذكياء فقط شغل عقلك‎ Mod APK

    ألغاز للأذكياء فقط شغل عقلك‎ Mod APK


    Riddles for the intelligent only occupy your mind, it is an application that promotes thought and helps to stimulate the mind, there are several questions posed that can be answered in a correct way and earn points if you do not know the answer, you can pass the stage with points if you do not have enough points, you can watch the video and earn points
  • Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper Mod APK

    Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper Mod APK


    The application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper is a simple and beautiful solution - personalizing the screen of your device and cool entertainment for you. Do not miss the opportunity to download and install Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper, individually select the personalized screen design of your device. Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper - a good cool entertainmen, you can select a cool background, personalized for your device.
    Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper - one of the best personalization theme. Mobile application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper is perfect for your new smartphone! The Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper application is compatible with most mobile devices, does not require an Internet connection, has a simple and convenient settings menu, does not load the battery of the device.
    Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper - Personalization and Entertainment. Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper - nice and simple appication with a select graphics, beautiful effects and believable animation. Our appication is completely free for users. The application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper is not only the ability to set beautiful and stylish APP Personalization. on the screen, but also the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest applications of our team. The application contains the announcement of the best APP in the relevant topics from the developer.
    Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper - This is a cool animated Personalization application with realistic spectacular effects. At the demonstration images to the application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper shows you how to work and customization features.
    Quick input in the setup by double-tapping the screen. Disabling call option settings by double-tapping in the basic settings.
    Tap the center of the screen - Connect the audio unit tunes the respective topic. Sounds off and adjusted in the settings.
    Application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper contains additional Components - it lights, sparks, drops. Number of animated objects can be put in the settings.
    The application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper realizes the realistic effect of water droplets on the glass. Drops of water or dew flow down the phone's glass. When you touch your finger, the drops realistically fly apart.
    The application contains an interactive effect of an extra screen saver - a decorative addition to the background.
    In the application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper, it is possible to connect the effect of flickering sparks - fireflies and stars randomly scatter over the background field. Calm and fascinating flicker emphasizes the harmony of the composition of the application.
    Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper can be used on most phones and tablets. New versions of this app out periodically, depending on popularity among users.
    Your feedback on our development is very important for improving the quality of new applications. It contains a proven advertising.
    Installation Instructions Manual Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper:
    1. Download the application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper on your device.
    2. Run the application Leopard Jungle Live Wallpaper using the icons in the main menu.
    3. When the application is finished loading, you can view it in the preview window. - Next, launch the application by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Siren Head: The Lost Signal Mod APK

    Siren Head: The Lost Signal Mod APK


    ❗️The Siren Head is a game in Early Development state❗️
    Collect all five hovering, rotating, green wireframe spheres to win the game

    Rotate camera by swiping the screen.
    . Use sinus signal button to make the creature walk away.
  • Dr. Panda Town Mod APK

    Dr. Panda Town Mod APK


    Now all your favorite Dr. Panda Town apps have come together in one amazing app! Break boundaries, explore and uncover the many wondrous adventures that are waiting to be had in over 30 unique locations!

    Will you fight crime as a police officer, run your own hair salon or be the world's greatest vet? In Dr. Panda Town: Collection, everything's up to you! If a vacation's what you need, grab your swimsuit and head to beach for the trip to remember. Be a thrill seeker and enjoy a day out at the amusement park! In this town, the possibilities for adventure are endless.  

    Explore your house before taking a stroll down the street and visiting a supermarket, park, restaurant, school and police station.  

    Visit the mall and go on the shopping spree of your dreams and splurge across four floors with a clothes store, toy shop, arcade, playground, movie theatre and more!  

    Time for a vacation? Grab your suitcase and sail away on the cruise of a lifetime visiting more than 7 exotic islands and other locations! 
    For the perfect day, invite your friends to Pet World, a pet-themed amusement park. Brave the roller coaster, stay in the pet-hotel and visit the magical castle and enchanted café. 
    Key Features:
    •Monthly updates with new locations, characters and more!
    •Tell your own stories
    •Play in 30+ locations
    •Play games in the arcade and collect tickets
    •Explore the ancient ruins and underwater city
    •Hatch dragon eggs in the enchanted café
    •35 fun and diverse characters to play with 
    •Discover tons of hidden secrets and fun interactions
    •Safe for kids 
    •The perfect app for inquisitive kids!  

    Subscription details:
    •Subscribe to unlock more areas to play in in Dr. Panda Town: Collection
    •Subscriptions of Dr. Panda Town Collection can be purchased on either a monthly or yearly basis, whichever suits you best.
    •Your subscription will auto-renew unless you switch off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your current subscription period ends. If you don't wish to auto-renew, you can switch it off at any time via your Account Settings. 
    •If you start a free trial, your account will be charged at the end of your trial period for the monthly or annual subscription term chosen. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to Dr. Panda Town Collection, where applicable. 

    Need to get in touch? There's always someone from the Dr. Panda team on standby ready to help, drop us an email: [email protected] 

    Privacy Policy 
    We know how important privacy is to you and your family. 
    Learn more about our privacy policy here:http://www.drpanda.com/privacy  

    Terms of Service: https://drpanda.com/terms

    About Dr. Panda
    Dr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. All of our games are safe and do not contain inappropriate content.
    If you'd like to know more about us and how we're designing apps for your kids, or you just want to say hi, visit our website www.drpanda.com or get in touch at [email protected] or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/drpandagames), Twitter (www.twitter.com/drpandagames) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/drpandagames ).
  • Manor Cafe Mod APK

    Manor Cafe Mod APK


    Match pieces and solve puzzles to design your dream restaurant mansion and garden! Manor Cafe is the home for tasty recipes and interesting characters!

    - Swap and match items to beat uniquely designed match-3 levels!
    - Show your design skills and renovate the restaurant with awesome decors!
    - Uncover the mystery and be a part of an exciting story with many interesting characters!
    - Unlock tasty foods and learn new recipes!
    - You can play Manor Cafe offline!
    - All this fun-filled adventure is FREE!

    You had one dream when you bought this old and outdated restaurant mansion: bringing its full glory back by decorating and re-opening all the beautiful parts like the bar, dining hall and the garden. Meet Meg the restaurant manager and Bruno the angry chef and be a part of their gripping life! Play and beat match-3 levels and earn stars to decorate your cafe. Uncover the intriguing story as you move, meet exciting characters and unlock tasty foods! If you're a fan of puzzle games, house and kitchen design games, Manor Cafe is just the game for you!

    Matching items has never been more fun! Among all the match-3 games, Manor Cafe has a special place with tens of powerful boosters, super power ups and unique storyline, funny characters and the lively atmosphere of an open restaurant! You'll never live a dull moment in the crazy world of Manor Cafe! What makes it different than other cafe games and match 3 games is not only the exceptionally gorgeous decor items or the delicious food menu, but also the unique gameplay that merges match three and cafe makeover! Find best ideas for rooms and land scapes and make your restaurant space feel like a home!

    Follow us on Facebook!

    Your opinion matters, and we're listening!
    Use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or email us at:
    [email protected]
  • Greater Dickson Gas Authority v1.1.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    Greater Dickson Gas Authority's mobile payment application allows you to view and pay your bill, view your past payments, access your historical usage information in graph form, and manage your payments and notifications, among other capabilities.