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Version: 1.3

The game is a young hero to protect the homes of human beings, do not hesitate to make a hand, use the superb archery to resist the invasion of the giant, and the game is beautiful, cool, easy to operate, and the skills of the skill. Download experience!

Virus free

Apk Info:
File Name com.game.arrow.io.archerhero
App Download Version: 1.3
Price Free
Apk Size 11 MB
Download 5,000
Last Update Time Nov 24, 2020
Min 4.1 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

【遊戲畫面】:細膩精美的卡通畫風目前很多遊戲都以迷妳、簡潔的風格為主,其實說的不好聽,國產遊戲很多都是粗制濫造。市面上的大多數國產遊戲不僅畫面模糊、操作簡單,而且很多都是抄襲國外的火熱遊戲,生搬硬套的現象很嚴重。然而,今天為大家帶來的這款《天天神射手-城堡保衛戰》卻讓人眼前壹亮,不僅畫面精美,而且遊戲流暢,遊戲中的場景貼圖也做的非常細致,從中可以看出開發商對遊戲的認真負責。【遊戲操作】:點擊屏幕瘋狂射箭塔防遊戲大多走的是建造守城的模式,可是本作卻摒棄了傳統的塔防玩法,走的是“手動塔防”的模式,玩家需要通過點擊屏幕讓我們的英雄射出箭矢擊中來犯的敵人。值得註意的是,遊戲對射箭的速度沒有限制,只要妳的手速夠快妳就能射多快!【五花八門的技能強化】《天天神射手-城堡保衛戰》在技能升級的分類上很多樣,除了可以對角色進行各種屬性升級外,我們還可以對弓箭進行升級。遊戲中的升級並不是通過金幣升級,而是通過每次通過後我們獲得的評級星星來升級。因為星星有限,所以在加點上玩家也必須對技能有所取舍,不同的加點方式也讓遊戲有了不同的玩法,遊戲的耐玩度自然也就提升了。【對應關卡巧用武器】本作在關卡設計上並沒用采用數量壓倒壹切的戰術,雖然遊戲只有50個關卡,但是每壹關都有不同的挑戰。由於遊戲中有四種不同的武器,所以在關卡的設計上遊戲也巧妙的運用的這壹特性。也許妳的這支弓箭強化的很高,但是有些關卡對怪物卻不起作用,所以選擇武器挑戰副本也成為了遊戲的壹個樂趣。【玩法攻略】1.進入遊戲選擇角色然後進行遊戲2.點擊關卡模式可以選擇不同的關卡進行防禦3.掌握好弓箭射出去的拋物線原理,將是妳箭箭爆頭的前提4.取星星後可以用來強化人物、屬性、弓箭5.玩家可以強化角色能力、升級技能等等,讓妳更強大!【遊戲特色】1.多種遊戲模式可以挑戰 2.精美的漫畫風格3.獨特的人物、屬性、弓箭的升級系統4.多元化的關卡設計5.流暢的操作感

  • 天天神射手-城堡保衛戰 v1.3 mod

    天天神射手-城堡保衛戰 v1.3 mod











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  • MakeUp Salon My Dream Vacation
    Hola pequeña princesa! Temporada de verano va a terminar su tiempo de tomar todas las niñas un mágico sueño de vacaciones con sus amigos. Para conseguir listo para comenzar su viaje mágico decir adiós a su ciudad natal durante una semana y hola a la isla paraíso.

    Es el momento de dar un impulso a su belleza! Citrus Game Studios presenta maquillaje Salon - Mi sueño de vacaciones está aquí para ayudar a las niñas con su tiempo creativo skills.Its maquillaje para su sueño se haga realidad! Sacar algo de tiempo para su auto y obtener unas relajantes vacaciones en el paraíso como el medio ambiente.

    Alguna vez ha querido caminar sobre arena de playa mano a mano con sus mejores amigos y tomar autofotos
    Sumergirse en el brillo y el glamour de la moda de verano caliente. es su oportunidad de convertirse en el estilista de maquillaje súper estrella.

    Nada puede ser más divertido que unas vacaciones de verano inolvidables. La hermosa vestidos, maquillaje y joyerías también mejoran las vacaciones.

    Niñas estado estudiando y trabajando mucho y no dormir lo suficiente por lo que estas vacaciones de recibir tratamientos de spa para llegar relajado y fresco deshacerse de los ojos hundidos y bolsas de los ojos mediante la colocación de rodajas de frutas frescas en los ojos para deshacerse de las ojeras. Pop sus granos y eliminar el acné mediante el uso de cosméticos de alta calidad en la cara.
    Usar mascarilla con sabor a fruta fresca en la cara de las muchachas que ayudan a re apriete su cara aburrida y traer de vuelta a las niñas de belleza resplandeciente juvenil. Obtener cuerpo bronceado sol en verano fiesta en la playa.

    Depilan las cejas tupidas para una muñeca linda buscan impresionar a sus amigos de vuelta en la escuela.
    Use su imaginación y creatividad para diseñar supercute, diseños únicos de maquillaje de la belleza de moda.

    Hacer maquillaje facial; dar el maquillaje de ojos sensacional, glamoroso y elegir peinados mágicos y tintes para el cabello.

    Dar los Baner del deporte se ve mediante la aplicación de una amplia gama de maquillaje de ojos frescos de colores, lentes de contacto de colores Gafas de moda y barras de labios maquillaje diseñador.

    Aplicar revestimientos, máscaras, brilla todo el maquillaje lo que se pueda imaginar! , Glamorize muñeca mira con pícaro y se ruboriza con tatuajes Aplicar decenas de barras de labios jugosos tonos afrutados y conseguir exuberantes labios gruesos. aplicar brillos resplandecientes si te gusta el maquillaje brillante.

    Diseñar una mirada hermosa muñeca, el estilo de su cabello, y añadir accesorios de colores brillante, utilice el maquillaje y los accesorios perfectos para añadir brillo y glamour a las niñas. Elija entre elementos de maquillaje sin fin, cortes de pelo, la cabeza se desgasta, flores, cintas y bikinis de estilo y vestidos de playa para ver las celebridades súper estrella. Use cosméticos y maquillaje de la flor de la fruta en el elegante juego de niñas.


    - Un juego de chicas maquillaje perfecto
    - Elija entre 2 Los tonos de piel disponibles
    - Tratamiento de spa como masajes, scrubing, la eliminación del acné, mudanzas círculo oscuro.
    - Se pueden aplicar varios estilos de cabello Eyeshades, lápiz labial, delineador de ojos, coloretes, fruityl brillo labial y muchos otros cosméticos
    - Viste a las niñas en vestidos de playa bikini, los peinados y joyas flores para la diversión del verano mirada
    - Cientos de artículos se ofrecen de forma gratuita
    - Toma fotos y compartir las fotos con amigos y familiares! El sueño de vacaciones de verano!
    - Gráficos de alta definición y el juego sin problemas que las niñas juegan sin duda el amor

    Prepárense Mostrar su creatividad para el mundo del maquillaje salón mi sueño de vacaciones!

    Sobre Citrus estudios del juego:
    Citrus Game Studios se compromete a ofrecer juegos móviles creativas de alta calidad para niños.

    Como los cítricos estudios del juego en Facebook
  • Billiards Nation
    A very relaxing billiard game

    Simple operation, you only need to move the finger on the table to do all the activities
    Realistic simulation of realistic billiard games

    The main features
    Single arcade mode
    Perfect 3D ball
    Realistic simulation
    Simple manipulation

    Enjoy this game now
  • Memory matching games 2-6 year old games for girls
    Juegos de combinación de memoria: juegos de más de 2 años gratis para niñas.
    ¿Te gustan los juegos de memoria? ¡Así que te encantará con pequeñas princesas increíbles!
    Este es el mejor juego de 3-6 años para niñas gratis.

    1 - ¿Cómo jugar juegos de memoria coincidentes?
    - Puedes abrir hasta 2 pares al mismo tiempo.
    - Unir cada par y ganar el juego.
    - 3 categorías diferentes: Fácil (6 tarjetas para niños), medio (4 años y 5 años) y difícil (mayores de 6 años).

    2 - Seguro y útil.
    - Con un juego simple e intuitivo. Los niños en edad preescolar y los niños pueden jugar fácilmente a estos juegos de combinación.
    - Apto para niños: no contiene imágenes o anuncios que puedan dañar a sus hijos de 4 años y 5 años.
    - Jugar regularmente todos los días; Es una excelente manera de mantener un cerebro sano que funcione mejor.
    - Estos juegos de memoria han sido preparados con formaciones pedagógicas formadas por personas.

    3 - Funciones amigables para el dispositivo.
    - No fuerza el rendimiento de su dispositivo.
    - 2 juegos de 3 años gratis para niñas no requieren ningún permiso de serius.
    - Tamaño de aplicación pequeño.
    - Lleno de excelentes gráficos, sonidos y efectos, consume muy poca batería y usa muy poco espacio de almacenamiento.

    4 - Hermosos gráficos con princesas alegres y más ...
    - Las imágenes de fondo y los fondos de cada una de las tarjetas coinciden en todos los niveles.
    - En la parte frontal, nueva princesa agregada a cada nivel.
    - Interfaz simple y fácil de dominar.
    - Entrena tu cerebro con 60 niveles diferentes.
    - También puedes silenciar música y sonidos y tocar en silencio.
    - Una característica superior a los demás es el cambio de música en cada escena.
    Entonces el entretenimiento continúa de manera diferente.

    5 - Mejora la capacidad de recordar.
    - Concéntrese en recordar e intente recordar el lugar de las cartas del rompecabezas correctamente.
    - Además de fortalecer sus habilidades de recuerdo: también se fortalecen el enfoque, las habilidades motoras, la mente, la paciencia y el pensamiento creativo.
    - Es una gran educación para todos los niños que apoya el desarrollo intelectual.
    - Los ejercicios mentales y de concentración regulares pueden mejorar enormemente su recuerdo fotográfico a corto plazo.

    6 - ¿Qué esperas para jugar?
    ¡Descárguelo ahora gratis!
  • Lady Popular: Fashion Arena
    Welcome to Lady Popular Fashion Arena! The most fun, and popular fashion game for girls!

    Join our community of fashionable ladies to make friends, express your unique fashion style, compete against other girls, and conquer the fashion podiums!

    In this fashion game, you can create the lifestyle you always wanted and live а life of beauty and high fashion!

    Start by customizing every aspect of your personal avatar by choosing the tone of your skin, your hairstyle, eyes, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

    Design the apartment of your dreams with fashionable furniture from our stores and get the cutest, most beautiful pets you always wanted to have!

    Discover the perfect boyfriend and style him to match your beauty, personality, and fashion style.

    Invite other girls and throw an amazing engagement party! Plan the perfect wedding and get married!

    Become a member of a lady's club and make long-lasting friendships with other girls that love fashion, beauty, and competition as much as you do!

    Here are some of the other features you can enjoy in Lady Popular Fashion Arena:

    • Mall – All girls love going to the Mall, it is so much fun! Visit the exclusive collections in the game to discover new trendy outfits and get the most fashionable clothes for girls.

    • Beauty Salon - You can have lots of fun in the Beauty Salon by experimenting with different hairstyles, makeup, and other beauty accessories.

    • Wardrobe - With shopping done daily, you need a cozy spot to keep all your fashion items. At the Wardrobe, you can try out all your clothes, craft the best-looking outfits and save them.

    • Apartment - As a cool lady that loves fashion you will need a nice and fashionable place that will keep up with your image of a fashion icon. In Lady Popular you can pick between tons of furniture and customize every room of your apartment.

    • The Fashion Arena - This is the place in the game where every lady gets to show off her skills and abilities. Compete against other girls in fashion duels to earn rewards, experience, and become the most popular girl in the most popular fashion game!

    • The Beauty Pageant – Here is where you get to show off your beauty and fashion sense as you compete against other girls to see who has the best look! Besides competing in this part of the game, you can also participate in Beauty Pageants as a judge to help determine the best-looking girl in a competition.

    • Contests - With millions of ladies from all over the world playing our cool fashion game it is not easy to say who has the best fashion sense. For this reason, ladies compete in weekly and monthly fashion contests to determine who is the most stylish girl of them all.

    • Events – The events are something that all ladies in Lady Popular love, as there is always something new happening in the game. A set of fantastic new prizes and rewards are being distributed every time there is an event in the game!

    • Boyfriends and engagement parties - Every cool couple needs an awesome engagement party! Invite your new friends and celebrate your special day as you have always imagined.

    • Clubs - Join a lady's club, become friends with other girls, and compete against other clubs to win amazing trophies.

    • Chat – Use the chat in the game to talk to other girls about beauty, fashion, competitions, and most importantly discuss the fashion sense of other ladies!

    Install Lady Popular NOW to discover these and many other cool features that made this fashion game an absolute hit among girls from all around the world!

    Follow Lady Popular Fashion Arena on social media to get the latest news and updates about the game:


    We hope to see you soon in Lady Popular Fashion Arena, the most fun and popular fashion game for girls and women!
  • Dude Perfect 3D: Amazing Bottle Flip
    Dude, have you ever made a perfect flip with your bottle? Make the bottle jump or even double flip. Dude Perfect 3D is back with the most epic trick bottle flip challenge ever!
    Go BIGGER than ever hitting a mind-blowing perfect flip with the bottle through tons of crazy levels!
    How? Just tap the screen at the right moment and jump!

    Dude Perfect 3D: Amazing Bottle Flip will get you to explore different rooms, jump on all sorts of objects: from tables, to sofas, shelves, lamps, chairs, and every object you can imagine that can be found in a room!
    Learn the bottle flip and calculate the distance correctly because it depends on your skills - whether you can get to flip the finish line and win.
    Have fun with Dude Perfect 3D
  • Cat Diamond Rescue
    A Cat Diamond Rescue pristine free air pocket game from Enjoy presents to you the most charming matches puzzle!

    Toss bubbles,challenge underhanded air pockets and spare cats.As you progress through levels you'll be treated with superb designs, extraordinary rewards.Take on your companions in this free air pocket shooter game to go after the best score!
  • Excite - Excerion Galaxy Rush
    A topnotch space game and one of the best game as "Excite - Excerion Galaxy Rush" will give you a amazing 3D graphics and great space game experience.
    Play through an breathtaking colorful world in Excerion Galaxy. Avoid the red obstacles and play as long as you can to score more. Feel one of the most soothing and peaceful experience while playing this game. Enjoy the calm meditating feel while also being a super alert space champion.

    what are you waiting for ? Download this game now. FREE TO PLAY!! ZERO ADS!!

    ✓ Beautiful HD Game Graphics
    ✓ Super easy game controls
    ✓ Interesting game to keep you engaged
    ✓ Play and beat your own high score
    ✓ Unlock new planets.
    ✓ Quick & Challenging Gameplay
    ✓ Improves Concentration
    ✓ Low app size and offline playing feature
    ✓ Free to play
    ✓ Zero Advertisements
    ✓ Bright colorful world
    ✓ Excellent Music

    If you want to play an easy game to improve your concentration and relax a while, you must try "Excite - Excerion Galaxy Rush" which is free to play. Download the free game now to get started.

    SAY HI!
    We are constantly developing and adding new feature to our game. We need your enormous support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Excite - Excerion Galaxy Rush”, do not forget to rate us on the play store.
  • Jewel Ancient 2: lost tomb gems adventure
    Back to the ancient Egypt civilization to find lost gems treasure in Pharaoh tomb with the lovely Priest and the legend lion. Jewel Ancient 2 - the classic jewel match 3 puzzle with new missions, +1000 levels, colorful graphics, and mythical adventure. This free game has well designed puzzles that all people can enjoy. Easy to start, but later levels will challenge you with various missions and obstacles! Can you dare to take the quest and find treasure in lost Pharaoh tomb of ancient Egypt world !?

    ★ Great graphics design with new character: the Egypt Priest
    ★ New items, missions, sounds, and more addictive levels!
    ★ Two game modes: normal and challenge hard mode. You can switch between them
    ★ Match 4 jewels with Square shape to make magic Bug to help you break the obstacles
    ★ Support multiple languages
    ★ Save game progress (synchronize) on multiple devices
    ★ You can buy more coins in temple shop

    ★ Colorful mysterious graphics, shining jewel, and impressive effect
    ★ Over 1000+ levels to find lost treasure of Pharaoh in legend Egypt civilization. More levels will be added!
    ★ Unlimited life - no any hearts! Play the puzzle adventure as much as you can!
    ★ No Wi-Fi, can I play? Yes, you can play this match 3 game offline or online
    ★ Get free boosters and moves by watching video reward to win challenging levels!
    ★ A classic free game with new gameplay that anyone can play
    ★ Take temple journey with the mythical legend lion - the Great Sphinx of Giza - and the lovely Priest
    ★ A small free game that support almost phones and tablets
    ★ Daily free games bonus. Helpful for the elderly to train the brain

    ★ Match 3 jewels have the same color to collect them
    ★ Match 4 jewels to create lightning thunder gems to blast and destroy all items in a row/column
    ★ Match 5 jewels with T or L shape to create bomb gems to destroy all items around it
    ★ Match 5 jewels in a line to create special color diamond to destroy all items with the same color of selected gem
    ★ Combine 2 special booster diamonds together to make a big blast explosion!
    This game supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and is acceptable for purchasing the items like coins and power-ups.
    If you have any question about the quest in lost Pharaoh temple, please contact us: [email protected]
    Like our fanpage for latest news: facebook.com/creativejoygames
  • Line Colors
    Line Colors is a hyper-casual mobile 2D game.
    Shoot the falling lines with the right color to unlock new levels. Line Colors is an addictive game, With beautiful graphics and interesting levels.

    Line Colors brings the joy of shooting thngs together with the joy of listening to .
    This 2D game is fun,and they are easy to learn.

    Line Colors is a hyper-casual mobile 2D game. It's easy to learn, challenging and hard to master.

    We are working hard to develop more funny, challenging and innovative game.

    * 3 Different mode
    Three mode to choose: Endless, Speed and Timer. Each mode is challenging in a different way.
    * Stunning visual effects
    The visual effects are designed in a way that makes you enjoy it without being annoying during the game.

    * A lot of well-designed levels
    More than 64 levels are waiting for you, while more levels are in the design.

    * Beautiful graphics
    The game graphics are very beautiful, you will like to open the game and enjoy the artwork.

    * Game play is easy and fun
    Friendly new player guide will take you into the game, it is suitable for players of all ages.
  • Anime Girls Dress Up
    Are you a fan of Anime or Manga? Then this dress up themed anime game maybe for you!

    Anime Girls Dress Up features a variety of hair, clothes, eyes, backgrounds, and other various items to choose from when customizing your own custom avatar. Anime girls come animated with an idle animation when selecting your outfits, hairs, eyes, and more!

    If your a fan of Jpop, Anime, or Manga then this dress up girl game is for you!

    - Animated avatar creator with idle animation
    - Various hair, clothing, hats, stockings, eyes and more
    - Take a screenshot of your creation
    - Cute and kawaii girl options!
    - Several backgrounds to choose from
    - Hundreds of combinations to do
    - Various pets and items
    This is a word guessing game. It presents you with four pictures and then tasks you with guessing what specific word fits with the theme of the photos presented.

    By downloading this game you agree with our privacy policy
  • Happy Plinko
    Gameplay features:

    *Simply: Bring the joy anywhere, anytime with clicking on the screen
    *Fast: drop the balls constantly.
    *Prize: get through the prize box and start the slots to win your prize.

    Install Happy Plinko now! Experience the joy of winning!

    Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor is any way affiliated with Happy Plinko and/or the sweepstakes prizes.
    Happy Plinko is a free mobile cool & free game app , no purchase is necessary.
    For feature requests and feedback, please send us an email to:[email protected]
  • Streamer Life Simulator New Tips
    Welcome to one of the best Simulator games ever called Streamer Life Simulator mobile.
    Streamer Life Simulator Tips application contains thousands of usefull tips and tricks for your journey in Streamer Life Simulator.
    Its not easy to play properly without cheats and bugs, but with this guide everything will be possible and your playthrough will be much exciting
    You will get best ways to upgrade your computer, tips about BTC miners and much more, eveyrthing in just one application.
    Create the computer with the features you want and start streaming using Streamer Life Simulator.
    Stream the games you play. You can invest with the money you earn and increase your money. By following the new games and events.
    Dont wait and get this app and become a real master of Streamer Life Simulator mobile game.
  • Put Bacon - Online Puzzle Game
    An Amazing Game by Addicting Games & Credit Goes as well.
    You can now have an Amazing Chance to Get your 6th Sense Tested by Idea of Playing with Amazing Scenario in the Game, surely this is gonna make you super Fan of itself.

    Use your finger to tap and first drop the bacon and then slap it into the cup.
    Happy Gaming, Cheers
  • #Endless Beta
    Impulsm presents: The abstract, beautiful infinity jumper made in Germany.

    - full customization
    - different difficulty levels
    - very low amount of ads, only for one single menu action

    *Please note, that this game is in beta and therefore only available in English, thanks*
  • Crazy Fall Guys
    In this large variety show scene, you will face a challenge competition with a large number of contestants! You have to deal with savagely growing obstacles flexibly, squeeze away clingy opponents, fall and bump into the ground to start a charge for glory. Relax and enjoy the hilarious epic scenes!
  • Sauve ma peau 2.0
    Welcome to Save My Skin 2.0!

    Test your knowledge and learn in a fun way good prevention practices on the topics of pressure ulcers or foot sores for diabetic patients.

    Whether you are a patient or a healthcare professional, the game will offer you a game at your level.

    It's your turn !
  • Tower Defense School 2: The Campaign
    ✔️ 100% Indie Game (just one person doing everything).
    ✔️ This game was created to offer you a fun experience of real tower defense, mixed with MMORPG elements.
    ✔️ Fun evolution experience based on tower upgrades and the use of dropped items on monsters.
    ✔️ Total freedom in gameplay, allowing the creation of towers wherever you want.
    ✔️ Real photos showing the real gameplay.
    ✔️ It's not a game based on watching ads or spending real money to win.
    ✔️ It's not a copy of tower defense like most games.
    ✔️ Has its own mechanics based on the old style tower defenses.
    ✔️ Everything in the game can be obtained with in-game currency.
    ✔️ Multiplayer Mode - PVP.
    ✔️ Cooperative Mode - Under Development.
    ✔️ Online Campaign - Under Development.
    ✔️ Play with 38 amazing epic and medieval background music.
    ✔️ Fully transparent game, providing full details of the towers (heroes) and creatures, as well as damage, firerate and spells details.

    Learn the art of TD playing in the fantastic Tower Defense School.
    Destroy enemy creatures before they cross the map.
    ♖ Build Hero Towers
    Get Elixir and Gold Coins
    ‍♂️ You can build various types of defensive towers, each tower has its skills and spells. ‍♀️
    Upgrade towers
    Earn items in creatures loot
    ⚔️ Equip items to make your tower even stronger.
    Real challenges are waiting for you.

    ✦ ✧ ★ ☆ ✯

    ➢ Hero Towers
    ➢ Equipment Items to equip Towers ⚔️
    ➢ Hero Towers who change skin when equipping items
    ➢ Towers with powerful skills.
    ➢ 23 creatures
    ➢ Choose from 2 types of Tower Defense Style:
    ➙Path: monsters follow predetermined path
    ➙️Maze: monsters follow path created by the towers
    ➢ Available in 18 languages
    ➢ Classic tower defense system
    ➢ Controls designed for mobile and tablet
    ➢ Online Battles 1x1
    ➢ Competitive or casual battles
    ➢ Global and Regional Rank
    ➢ Chat with emoticons and ready-made phrases
    ➢ Friend's list
    ➢ Battle among friends

    Discord: Link:https://discord.gg/pwMFDq
    Facebook: Link:https://www.facebook.com/TD-School-122671894968737
    Instagram: Link:https://www.instagram.com/tdschoolgame
New Apps
  • Mobills Budget Planner and Track your Finances APK
    With Mobills you can take control of your finances in a few minutes and have financial peace of mind every month.

    Mobills is a Budget app that allows you to create a custom monthly budget that will help you take control of your money. You are able to manage your money, track your spending, and achieve your financial goals all in one place.

    Budgeting just got easy Mobills helps you create a monthly budget.

    When you create a plan for your money, you are then able to ensure that you will always have enough for the things you need and the things that are important to you. By using Mobills you can planner yours bills payments, you can also stay out of debt, and save money.

    ▸ Track your expenses and income
    The app has an intuitive and easy to use interface so that you can track your budget hassle-free.

    ▸ Know where your money is going
    Avoid scattered information in notes, statements, and expense spreadsheets. With Mobills, you can analyze your personal finances in a comprehensive manner, using graphs and reports.

    ▸ Budget Planner and Bill Reminder
    You are able to plan your finances and goals by creating categories. Thus, creating a customized budget that works for you and your family, while tracking your expenses throughout the month.

    ▸ Credit card control
    Can manage all your credit cards in one place. Track your limit, total amount due, and never lose control of your personal finances again with a built-in bill payment reminder.

    ▸ Learn how to save and keep your finances under control
    When you take control and categorize your expenses, you will know exactly what you are spending and how you can avoid overspending.

    ▸ Never miss a bill's due date
    You will be alerted every time a bill needs to be paid. Which allows you to take control of due dates, and gives you financial tranquility.

    Do you have difficulties save money? Think about saving and having budget planner? Are you in search of a personalized financial guide and the best finance app?

    Mobills is a budget app with features created for you to replace your monthly spending spreadsheet.

    Some Features

    ▸ Credit card manager
    ▸ Customized graphs and reports
    ▸ Advanced filters by bill, category, and tag
    ▸ Cloud synchronization (you can use it online and offline)
    ▸ Financial goals manager
    ▸ Expenses with geolocation (location permission)
    ▸ Store and save your receipts
    ▸ Exporting and importing of EXCEL, OFX and PDF spreadsheets (media permission)
    ▸ Bill payment alerts (notification by email)
    ▸ Monthly and Annual cash flow graphs
    ▸ Bill Reminder

    Mobills Free is personal finance app with some limitations.
    However, Premium Users have access to all the features described above.
  • Math Scanner By Photo - Solve My Math Problem APK
    Math Scanner by Photo - Solve My Math Problem Maths will give you the answer to any math question by simply taking a photo of it. With millions of users and many problems solved, math way is the world's smartest math calculator app. With a smart calculator, you just need to enter the formula and the equation calculator will give you answers automatically. Simply point your camera toward a math problem and photo calculator will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions. The calculator will give you the answer to any math question by simply taking a photo of it. The calculator is a great way to check your homework, study and learn math. Supports arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, roots, algebraic expressions, linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations/inequalities, absolute equations/inequalities, systems of equations, logarithms, trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, derivatives and integrals, graphs and many more.

    Features of Math Scanner - Solve My Math Problem:

    # Calculate math problems with the camera.
    # Math scanner with no internet required.
    # Step by step solutions for easy learning.
    # Smart calculator with graphing and tables.
    # Can solve simple to the advanced math question.
    # Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, percentage, EMI, interest, etc can be solved.
    # Click a photo of any mathematical problem & solve that problem for you.

    Math scanner - solve my math problem you can scan the math problems and get quick and accurate math answers. This solve math by camera app will assist you with all the math problems when you are doing maths homework. Photo calculator solver is a valuable tool for a parent helping with his kid 's math homework and attempting to remember middle-school algebra, photo calculator, take a photo to solve math. Our math problem solver is designed to help you with your math homework. In addition to homework answers, we also show you how to get there step-by-step. Let me help you with your apps math homework today.

    Solve math by camera Calculator is a useful and easy to use a calculator with a basic calculator, scientific calculator and also an equation solver and a great maths homework solver which can solve maths problems more efficiently, quickly and accurately by the camera. This is cymath answers for math help with math solver online to photo math solver. How to solve math problems is photomath apps to solve my math problem solving app. That is answer my math problems with math solution app or math problems with answers. A photomath android or math answer app to solve any math problem for math equation solver.

    Math scanner - solve my math problem the photomath camera calculator is math solver camera about math solving website or mathematics solver app for homework answers app. You can mathematics resolver and math papa calculator for mathway offline. That is my script calculator to scan math problems with photo maths solver or word problem solver app. This is calculator vault download algebra calculator photo with a financial calculator app. Will give you currency converter or currency calculator for money converter. This is BMI calculator with maths questions answering app to google maths solver in math question solver.

    Camera calculator solver can simply snap photo calculator and math solver instantly delivers the photo calculator answers for math solution while also providing step by step solution. You can mathematics apps and math homework answers to solve the sum app. A photomath with solution offline with photo math trigonometry calculator for math quiz games. For math education and math word problem solver with math photo calculator or math photo scanner to math tutor app. Any other math problems such as calculus, equation systems, complex math, graphing, table of values, and more solutions.

    Download and give us a review of Math Scanner - Solve My Math Problem.
  • 4G LTE Only Mode APK
    Samsung Users please don't download as this app won't work with Samsung models. Please don't rate down this app, if you are a Samsung user. Other users, please carry on.
    4G LTE Only Mode App enables you to switch to LTE Only network mode by allowing you to open a hidden Settings menu where advanced network configurations can be selected. It is a common thing that most of the smartphone switch to 2G or 3G network if there is a 4G network. But this app helps you to choose 4G only mode and so that you can stay in that stable network.

    Also, this app allows you to open other hidden settings like Notification Log, Battery information, Usage statics and Wifi information.

    • Switch to only 4g network mode
    • Lock phone in 4G/3G/2G stable network signal
    • Enable VoLTE on supported device
    • Advanced Network configurations
    • Open Notification Log
    • Open Battery, Wifi information and Usage statistics
    • Check your Internet Speed Test
    • Check your Cellular Signal Strength
    • SIM card and Phone information

    It also has an Internet Speed Tester which will help you to test internet speed of wide range of mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, LTE), check connection status over the time. It even has a Cellular Signal strength Meter which helps you to find areas having the best reception. It provides SIM Card information SIM card of your device and Phone information.

    This app is very helpful if your device doesn't have 4G LTE only mode in your phone settings.
  • 3C All-in-One Toolbox APK
    The ENTIRE 3C collection in just one package! *

    * Except 3C Sensitive Backups and 3C Legacy Stats which are not allowed to be included in this app.

    3C All-in-One Toolbox combines many features into one giant toolbox with a modern and easy-to-use interface. Every tool you need to monitor, control and fine-tune all your Android devices.

    Fastest and most friendly support on Play Store. Feel free to send a request from app settings, help and support mentioning your concerns.

    Permissions detailed here

    Some features may require root or using 3C Companion app for PC starting with Android 6+.

    This app offers 2 accessibility services to help you stop apps easily or backup apps' data automatically, both of which will never ever collect any information. Privacy Policy

    ★ Go pro or use in-app purchases to unlock the following features
    Hide any tabs or any menu item
    Edit main screen buttons up-to 4x6 grid
    Multi/auto-select and sort apps
    Auto backup and new app notification
    Recording items and options
    Create multiple schedules, watchers and profiles
    Automatic battery markers and manage multiple batteries
    Notification shortcut to access any features from status notification
    Many extra widgets

    Here are some of the app features:

    ★ Device manager offers very powerful profiles, task scheduling and device watchdog you can find to optimize performance and battery saving depending on your unique situation

    ★ File manager is a very simple, yet very powerful explorer with thumbnails, folder size and more. Stream your videos and photo directly to your favorite player. Both locally or from any Samba, FTP, WebDAV, Google Drive or Dropbox locations.

    ★ Application manager provides backup/restore of all your favorites apps, including ability to import Titanium Backup! Also allows you to secure and customize your apps' events, orientation, full-screen and control permissions with Xposed framework.

    ★ Battery manager helps you analyze and improve your consumption. Complete data (including mA) and charge cycles history, custom statistics based on profiles, consumption estimates in use or standby. Special support for dual battery devices, battery changes and LG Quick Circle and Samsung Edge notifications

    ★ Network manager allows configuring and monitoring your network traffic.

    ★ Task manager offers a simple UI yet very effective in sorting apps by various usage and getting rid of unwanted apps

    ★ CPU manager controls single to octacore CPUs, thermal, multi-core and most custom kernel settings

    ★ System manager allows configuring Linux kernel settings.

    ★ ROM manager allows configuring Android OS settings.

    ★ Monitoring and recording all applications, and hardware components activities. Includes status bar notifications with historical graphics.

    ★ System component switches in app, in widgets or using profiles allows switching on/off about 20+ device components (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc)

    ★ Information notifications allowing to display key information in status bar.

    ★ Line indicators displaying simple information visually on top of everything.

    ★ Quick settings to quickly access app features or toggle various system components.

    ★ Toolbox integration allows for battery savings and performance optimization, profiles to control hardware and managing apps from anywhere.

    ★ Highly configurable UI allows you to transform the app into something you really like

    ★ Highly configurable widgets, from a simple gauge to more complex data display, component toggles, and historical graphics

    For advanced debugging/investigations:
    ★ Terminal Emulator & Script Editor allows sharing and running scripts optionally on boot
    ★ System Logcat and Kernel Reader* provides advanced filtering and search
  • Color Me Happy! APK
    When life gets crazy, sometimes you just need something to relax to take your mind off of things. Color me happy will take you to your zen state and have you filling in beautiful and colorful pictures with magical gradient markers.

    Never has the need for patience been so much fun. Sketch in between the lines and see your artistic skills come to life. The final pictures will leave you feeling satisfied.

    Let's grab that marker and start drawing and fill in that coloring book! Let's see how artistic you really are!

    Game Features:

    1. Simple but addicting mechanics
    Feel the satisfaction without the hassle? The pictures are there for you. All you need to do is draw between the lines and see the fantastic colored images come to life. Take your time and relax, it's that simple.

    2. Develop your own coloring book
    Keep the pictures coming. Whether it is a house, a zombie, or a cute design, there are so many coloring designs for you to draw. Save your art masterpieces in your very own color book to save your work.

    3. Stay in the lines!
    Oh no the picture got messed up! Don't fret, you can always go back and re-do any pictures.

    4. Feel the experience
    Feel every stroke with the best haptics experience there is.

    Whether you are a painter, a drawer, a designer, or a polisher, or you just like coloring, Color Me Happy is the game for you. This is the best and most rewarding and relaxing marker drawing simulation game there is. Good luck putting down Color Me Happy

    Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

    Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;
  • Percentage Calculator APK
    Everyday calculations
    * simple percentage calculator (5 percent of 40 is 2)
    * percentage increase/decrease (5 percent decrease from 40 is 38)
    * tip calculator
    * discount calculator
    * convert fractions to percentages (5 / 20 is the same as 25 percent)

    Business calculators
    * markup calculator
    * profit margin calculator
    * VAT
    * Sales tax
    * a powerful trader's calculator (VAT or sales tax, net cost, gross cost, markup/profit margin, my net price, my gross price and profit all in one calculator)
    * compound interest
    * loan payment
    * cumulative growth
    * Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
    * inflation
    * doubling time (rule of 72)

    Percentage Calculator's strongest feature is that any value can either be a source or result of a calculation - just enter the values you know and it will tell you the remaining ones!

    Percentage Calculator is useful in many real-life situations:
    * school (mathematics, statistics, algebra)
    * business and finance (markup, profit margin, profit, loan payments, cumulative growth, inflation, doubling time, investment return rate, loan interest rate, company profits changes). Sales people love the markup and profit calculator!
    * shopping (discounts, comparison of two products that differ in quantity)
    * tipping
    * cooking (ingredients are often shown in percentages)
    * health (body mass index, fat percentage in food)
  • English books, multilingual parallel dictionaries APK
    The application contains simple texts, fairy tales, dialogues, a lot of books in English.

    You can also add to the application any ebook in epub, fb2 or txt format.

    Built-in dictionaries for different languages allow (in parallel with reading) to get the translation of a word from an English text and to add it into the integrated subsystem of English words memorizing.

    Texts have a different level of complexity and are suitable for everyone who studies English and wants to increase vocabulary and improve understanding of texts. Learning takes place "intuitively," thanks to immersion in the English language, without the need for boring memorization. This is close to the natural way that a child learns native language. The built-in dictionary allows you to not be distracted by the search for a translation of unfamiliar words.

    Frequently repeated words and principles of their use in English will be memorized without much effort. And if during reading you will select and enter English words into the memorization system for further processing, then the effect will multiply.

    Over time, you will notice that it is becoming easier to translate, since most English words are familiar.

    Good luck in learning English!
  • Stickman jail-break - Jimmy escape prison 2 APK
    Present you a new part of Stickman, Part two! Everything is as simple as ever: your task is to help Jimmy escape from prison with the help of improvised means. The game is more exciting than ever, using the items you either release Jimmy, or leave him in solitary confinement.…
    In your hands the fate of Jimmy! Help him to get out using different combinations.
    With gratitude, the Team B!
    Game Free!
  • 法律人 - 帶你走入法律的世界 APK





    —— 多項基本功能免費讓你用 Free Features ————

    【法條快搜】不管你輸入 民410、刑訴95,都搜給你看
    【全國法規】擴充法規、命令、細則收錄超過 7000 部
    【法條資訊】新增法條項次 I, II, IV 等,法條閱讀更清晰


    —— 訂閱式的法律革命 法律人PRO Join now! ——


    Period: Monthly , Annually

    —— Terms of Use & Privacy Policy ——

  • Roguelike RPG Offline - Order of Fate APK
    Order of Fate welcomes you in it's world! In this roguelike RPG adventure, inspired by the classic RPG games, you'll venture deep into the Dungeon to explore its mysteries, fight hordes of enemies and collect tons of loot. Turn based system will let you plan your every move and special mechanics and interactions will put a twist on the tactical aspect.

    “When ancient evil will arise in the depths, when followers of darkness will come out of hiding, when villages will be terrorized and people will be in danger, you'll have no choice but to fight back!”

    Explore caves, dungeons and catacombs of the Ancient Castle.
    ⚔️Fight the demonic Cult and cleanse the world from hordes of monsters.
    Discover rare armor, equipment and magical artefacts.
    Collect your rewards for quests and create your own unique setup that will help you survive in the Dungeon.

    In this fantasy role playing game you'll be able to enchant and upgrade your weapons, complete lore driven quests, get new skills for your characters and with each fight won, come closer to destroying the source of all evil.
    Be warned, the Cult will stand in your way and only by uncovering their mysteries and finding their secret treasure rooms you'll be able to prevail. But don't get consumed by your greed for knowledge or treasure: the Dungeon is always ready to strike.
    Choose your own fate — become the hero of lands that will go down in legends or become the nightmare who will bend the darkness itself to his will.

    — Procedurally Generated Levels — every location is unique and will change each time you explore many levels of the Dungeon.
    — Play Offline — our roguelike does not need to be connected to the internet all the time.
    — Monster Variety — each monster provides new challenges and adds complexity to the fight if they cooperate.
    — Dive into lore and meet unique characters — uncover the story of the lands, make friends along the way and write down your name history.
    — Tons of quests, achievements, adventures and offline play makes our free roguelike RPG one of the best turn-based, strategic games on the market. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!
  • VPN Russia - get free Russian IP APK
    Get a Russian IP address with single-click ease via fast and free Vpn Russia service or use it for unlocking access to blocked websites and apps. VPN connection technology featuring a 1024-bit key generated provides a secure and confidential connection to open Wi-Fi networks.

    You'll need a VPN in the following instances:
    1. Changing your IP address to the VPN server's IP address.
    2. Visiting websites and launching apps blocked by your Internet Service Provider.
    3. Willing to conceal from your Internet Service Provider a fact of visiting certain websites. VPN provides anonymous access to websites and apps - your Internet Service Provider is only notified of you being connected to a VPN - all the web-traffic is encrypted with a 1024-bit key.
    5. Connecting to open Wi-Fi networks (password-less). All the data in these networks is transmitted in the clear (without encryption). If a website doesn't feature an SSL, then all the information that you submit on this website may be intercepted by ill-intentioned persons. VPN encrypts traffic and prevents it from being read even in case of open Wi-Fi networks.

    VPN Russia Features.

    # Free, Unlimited and Multifunctional.
    + 100% free VPN service, forever.
    + VPN without registration.
    + No traffic limits.
    + Compatibility with any connections type.

    # Blocked Content Unlocking
    + Bypassing lockdowns introduced by your Internet Service Provider.
    + Bypassing regional restrictions introduced by firewalls at school, offices, etc.
    + Getting access to the following blocked websites.
    + Unlocking VoIP networks and video calls.
    + Bypassing firewall at school.
    + Unlocking torrent.

    # Protecting Your Privacy
    + Provides anonymous access to websites and apps.
    + Can be used for torrent downloading.
    + Changes IP address.
    + Doesn't keep a log or save any info about you.

    # Intuitive Controls and Convenience
    + For your convenience, we introduced two separate connection buttons. The first connects to a selected VPN in the list. The second connects directly to a Russian VPN. It's that simple. In case you need to unblock websites, just select a server in some other country and establish a connection. In case you need to get a Russian IP address, just connect to a Russian VPN server in one click.
    + Easy to control, one click connection.
    + Searches the nearest server for maximum speed.
    + Searches a server with minimum neighbors.
    + Constantly growing pool of servers around the globe.

    Our Servers.

    VPN Servers PRO.
    Reliable servers with minimum clients: currently, less than three clients are connected to our servers. We monitor servers and, in case client number exceeds ten, we activate an extra server.

    Since there's no Internet censorship in Germany, France, Luxembourg and the US, connecting to one of these VPN servers opens access to the majority of websites;

    Free VPN Servers.
    Free services always enjoy huge popularity, and our servers are no different. As a rule, free servers' audience is 10-to-30 times larger than in case of PRO servers. If this number increases, we add an extra server. These servers operate smoothly, but sometimes a free server becomes overloaded - in this case you need to connect to some other free server or try PRO for 7 days for free.

    Since there's no Internet censorship in Finland, France and the Netherlands, connecting to one of these VPN servers opens access to the majority of websites;

    Our Russian VPN server is subject to all the restrictions imposed by Roskomnadzor, meaning that after connecting to this server you will not be able to get access to all the websites blocked by Roskomnadzor.

    If a PRO server in a specific country is required, please inform us by sending an email at [email protected]

    Terms of Use:
    By downloading and / or using this product, you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy http://tap2free.net/privacy/russia/Privacy-Policy-of-VPN-Russia-by-tap2free.html

  • Drum Pad Machine - Beat Maker & Music Maker APK
    Drum Pad Machine is a popular DJ beats music mixer. Create music with the DJ app in a few clicks by your own. Be a beat maker, mix loops and record your own melodies with super pads on the launchpad. Use your imagination to discover a new world of hip-hop tracks by beatbox maker.

    We make music production easy! With the help of the Drum Pad Machine soundboard, you can not only learn the basics of music creation, but mix music beats as well. A great variety of sound effects will help you to create appropriate chords and use them both for piano and guitar.

    What you can do with DJ music mixer:
    • Make music on a device like a beat maker;
    • Compose tracks, make beats and create mixtapes;
    • Record sounds by beats maker;
    • Share music and songs with the world.

    How does the drumpad machine work?
    First, you will see a colorful field with various buttons. Each new launchpad sector is a new sound for creating music. Buttons of the same color play similar sounds. Try our music making app, develop beat making skills and create your own hits!

    You can use many sound packs for making music beats. Choose an individual theme for beats music. All samples and sounds are developed for you by professional musicians. Beatboxing is easy and exciting even for newcomers. You can use drum machine anywhere: at home, in a music studio, in street jams or during a long trip.

    The app suits both pro beat makers and budding music makers. It has detailed tutorials that will teach you step by step how to create and mix music on a drum machine.

    It won't take very long for you to feel like a real DJ. Create beats on a drum machine, make, mix and play music and share it with your friends!

    Available styles of music & beats:
    ‣ Trap
    ‣ Dubstep
    ‣ EDM
    ‣ House
    ‣ Drum & Bass
    ‣ Hip-Hop
    ‣ Electro
    ‣ Future Bass

    Drum Pad Machine is a handy, creating music mixer app for playing in real time, as well as for creating and playing loops. Create tracks 24/7 as a drum pads guru, record hits like a real music maker and share them with your friends!

    This rapper soundboard app is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to get the best music experience:
    - get professional music samples;
    - try loops creation with a sequencer;
    - change tempo and create sounds via beatbox recorder;
    - use launch pad finger drumming option;
    - record your own tracks and share recordings;
    - get tips and tricks by watching videos and tutorials to master your beatmaker skills in music production.

    Drum Pad Machine is a real piece of music production and a very entertaining drum game! Make sick beats and create music in a matter of minutes with drum pads! Drop the beat!
  • Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash APK
    Budge Studios™ presents Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash! Assemble all the Rescue Bots and go on an action-packed adventure to save the world from the evil Dr. Morocco! Rescue citizens, outrun disasters and chase down Morbots. Avoid obstacles, collect Energon and morph from bot to vehicle to epic DinoBot! Roll to the rescue!

    • COMPLETE exciting missions in four major cities, including Griffin Rock
    • USE special jump powers to rescue citizens in Bot mode
    • RIDE fast and catch evil Morbots in vehicle mode
    • COLLECT Energon and become a giant DinoBot!
    • OUTRUN lava flows, tsunamis, avalanches sand tornados!
    • AVOID meteor showers, lightning strikes, icy hail and flinging cars!
    • TEAM the Rescue Bots together to destroy the Morbot King
    • DEFUSE the sinister Disaster Machine and save the world
    • BONUS: Play with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Quickshadow!

    • HEATWAVE: Fire-Bot, with the Apatosaurus Water Blast
    • CHASE: Police-Bot, with the Stegosaurus Shield
    • BLADES: Copter-Bot, with the Pterodactyl Tornado
    • BOULDER: Construction-Bot, with the Triceratops Battering Ram
    • OPTIMUS PRIME: leader of the Autobots, with the T-Rex Roar
    • BUMBLEBEE: legendary Autobot Scout, with the Raptor Leap
    • QUICKSHADOW: Spy-Bot and new recruit, with the Dashing Slash

    Budge Studios takes children's privacy seriously and ensures that its apps are compliant with privacy laws. This application has received the “ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Privacy Certified Kids' Privacy Seal”. For more information, please visit our privacy policy at: https://budgestudios.com/en/legal/privacy-policy/, or email our Data Protection Officer at: [email protected]

    Before you download this app, please note that it is free to try, but some content may only be available via in-app purchases. In-app purchases cost real money and are charged to your account. To disable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases, change your device settings. This app may contain contextual advertising (including the option to watch ads for rewards) from Budge Studios regarding other apps we publish, from our partners and from third parties. Budge Studios does not permit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app. The app may also contain social media links that are only accessible behind a parental gate.

    This application is subject to an End-User License Agreement available through the following link: https://www.budgestudios.com/en/legal/eula/

    Budge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission to entertain and educate children around the world, through innovation, creativity and fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists of original and branded properties. Budge Studios maintains the highest standards of safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a global leader in children's apps for smartphones and tablets.

    Visit us: www.budgestudios.com
    Like us: facebook.com/budgestudios
    Follow us: @budgestudios
    Watch our app trailers: youtube.com/budgestudios

    We always welcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

    BUDGE and BUDGE STUDIOS are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc.

    TRANSFORMERS is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

    Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash © 2017 Budge Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Butterfly Idle APK
    Try the most relaxing idle game: discover, collect and hatch lovely butterflies to increase your nectar income!
  • Funky Karts APK
    In Funkyland a certain harmony has long existed between species. So much so that cross-breeding is quite common throughout the land. In fact, hybrid animals now rule all its three kingdoms.

    Recently, the King of Ducks has been pronounced ill and his exiled brother, the King of Dragons, sits upon his throne. A team of the best doctors are dispatched to help, but when none return the King of Fur becomes restless. Take the wheel as nimble King Grolar in an adventure to find them all.

    Funky Karts is a continuous motion platformer with 64 dazzling levels full of prickly obstacles and pesky robots.
  • Miss Hollywood - Lights, Camera, Fashion! APK
    Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood - Lights, Camera, Fashion! Join Miss Hollywood and all her pet friends to live the celeb life at her mansion in the Hollywood Hills! Jump into the action of movie scenes with fun mini games and win fabulous prizes! Dress up in glamorous outfits and bring the mansion back to life with beautiful decorations! Experience true movie magic and become a Hollywood superstar!

    DECORATE all 7 of your pets' unique mansion rooms
    DRESS UP your pets in cool outfits
    CHASE and jump onto the chopper!
    BUILD the movie sets
    GRANT the costume wishes of your pet friends
    SWING your way to the pirate treasure
    FLY through stars and space!
    DANCE to Bollywood beats
    ATTEND your own movie premieres

    MISS HOLLYWOOD: the supreme fashionista Chihuahua
    PRINCESS: the royal white kitten
    HOP: the hip-hop bunny
    MISS PUGGY: the Hollywood actress
    ALLIE: the rock star black cat
    MAX: the gamer
    PAW DADDY: the R&B swag-dog

    Budge Studios takes children's privacy seriously and ensures that its apps are compliant with privacy laws. This application has received the “ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Privacy Certified Kids' Privacy Seal”. For more information, please visit our privacy policy at: https://budgestudios.com/en/legal/privacy-policy/, or email our Data Protection Officer at: [email protected]

    Before you download this app, please note that it is free to try, but some content may only be available via in-app purchases. In-app purchases cost real money and are charged to your account. To disable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases, change your device settings. This app may contain contextual advertising (including the option to watch ads for rewards) from Budge Studios regarding other apps we publish, from our partners and from third parties. Budge Studios does not permit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app. The app may also contain social media links that are only accessible behind a parental gate.

    This application is subject to an End-User License Agreement available through the following link: https://budgestudios.com/en/legal-embed/eula/

    Budge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission to entertain and educate children around the world, through innovation, creativity and fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists of original and branded properties. Budge Studios maintains the highest standards of safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a global leader in children's apps for smartphones and tablets.

    Visit us: www.budgestudios.com
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    We always welcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

    BUDGE, BUDGE STUDIOS and MISS HOLLYWOOD are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc.

    Miss Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Fashion! © 2016 Budge Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • Evil Snowmen APK
    The city is captured by evil snowmen, Santa's sleigh is in danger, your task is to find all the bags with gifts, load them into the sleigh and leave this city. Shoot snowmen with a snow gun. Find and open gifts in which you can find something interesting and useful, but sometimes vice versa, dangerous.

    - Winter Christmas atmosphere
    - Large map
    - Evil enemies
    - Available weapons "snow blower"

    We are in social networks:
  • RadioNet Radio Online APK
    Listen popular radio stations online with best quality wherever you are, for free.

    We are always making improvements on the app from time to time to provide a better experience to our users. If you enjoy using our app please give us a review on each update.

    Important! The list of countries and stations is expanding constantly.

    Main features:
    ► Android Auto support
    ► Chromecast technology support
    ► Equalizer setting
    ► Visualizer
    ► Current track info
    ► Broadcasting track information via Bluetooth
    ► Filters by region and by style
    Not sure which channel to pick? Explore the easy-to-use styles list
    ► Stream music from the app or in the background while you do other things
    ► Manual sorting favorites list
    Save your favorite channels for quick and easy access later
    ► Buffering adjustment
    ► Auto selection of an optimal stream
    ► Widget on the home screen
    ► External audio monitoring (i.e., telephone calls)
    ► The last station auto-play
    Pin your favorite channels to your start screen
    ► Sleep timer
    New Sleep Timer feature to fall asleep to music without draining your data plan
    ► Volume control
    ► Different color skins
    ► Set data streaming preferences for when using a Cellular vs. WiFi network
    ► Share your favorite tracks and channels on Facebook, Twitter, or by email

    Some Canadian stations: CBC Radio One, CBC Music, CBC Radio 3, Ici Radio-Canada Première, Ici Musique, TSN Radio, CKOI, NRJ, Rouge FM, Réseau des Appalaches
    Rythme FM, Énergie, boom, The River, boom 97.3, Radio-Classique Montreal, The Fox, Rock 102, K-Rock, New Country 103.5, Okanagan Oldies, 104.7 FM Outaouais, Radio Circulation, CJBQ, Calgary Eyeopener, CINA
  • Doodle Master - Glow Art APK
    Amazing magical doodle game provide a creative doodle world for you!

    Doodle Glow : The glow art game full of pleasant surprise.
    Simplest doodle way : Create glow mandala and magical kaleidoscope patterns.
    Playback the painting process as a cartoon video clip.

    Glow magical brushes ✨and endless beautiful colors!
    Get more joy ! Try it now!

    Don't miss the interesting glow doodle art magic! DOWN LOAD NOW !

    Child Safety and Privacy is important to us. Please read more about them on https://sites.google.com/view/draw-apps-for-free/

    Our privacy policy for apps is accepted if you download this app.
  • Tor Browser (Alpha) APK
    Tor Browser is the only official mobile browser supported by the Tor Project, developers of the world's strongest tool for privacy and freedom online.

    Tor Browser will ALWAYS be free, but donations make it possible. The Tor
    Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the US. Please consider making
    a contribution today to help us resist the surveillance pandemic. Every
    dollar makes a difference.

    Tor Browser isolates each website you visit so third-party trackers and ads can't follow you. Any cookies automatically clear when you're done browsing.

    Tor Browser prevents someone watching your connection from knowing what websites you visit. All anyone monitoring your browsing habits can see is that you're using Tor.

    Tor aims to make all users look the same, making it difficult for you to be fingerprinted based on your browser and device information.

    When you use Tor Browser for Android, your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times as it passes over the Tor network. The network is comprised of thousands of volunteer-run servers known as Tor relays. Watch this animation to learn more about how it works:

    With Tor Browser for Android, you are free to access sites your local internet service provider may have blocked.

    Tor Browser is free and open source software developed by the Tor
    Project, a nonprofit organization. You can help keep Tor strong, secure,
    and independent by making a donation. https://www.torproject.org/donate/donate-usetor-gp

    Learn more about Tor Browser:
    - Need help? Visit https://support.torproject.org. The manual is coming soon.
    - Learn more about what's happening at Tor: https://blog.torproject.org
    - Follow the Tor Project on Twitter: https://twitter.com/torproject

    The Tor Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization developing free and open source software for privacy and freedom online, protecting people from tracking, surveillance, and censorship. The Tor Project's mission is to advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy technologies, support their unrestricted availability and use, and further their scientific and popular understanding.