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Version: 0.2

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Apk Info:
File Name com.games.pipespuzzle
App Download Version: 0.2
Price Free
Apk Size 16M
Download 10
Last Update Time Oct 19, 2021
Min 4.4 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Puzzles are part of human nature. Recognize patterns, calculate and above all, have fun!One of the three points applies to you too? So feel free and join the pipes puzzle community!How to play this game:- Connect matching colors.- Combine all colors to solve the puzzle.- You cannot overlap the pipes!Remarks:- Play free!- Without internet!- For mobile phones and tablets!- 100 Lvls for now but always updating and adding more!The App uses ads but you can also buy the "ad free version" (In-App)

  • Pipes Puzzle v0.2 Mod (Free purchase)

    Pipes Puzzle v0.2 Mod (Free purchase)


    Puzzles are part of human nature. Recognize patterns, calculate and above all, have fun!
    One of the three points applies to you too? So feel free and join the pipes puzzle community!

    How to play this game:

    - Connect matching colors.
    - Combine all colors to solve the puzzle.
    - You cannot overlap the pipes!

    - Play free!
    - Without internet!
    - For mobile phones and tablets!
    - 100 Lvls for now but always updating and adding more!

    The App uses ads but you can also buy the "ad free version" (In-App)
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    Best Features: Old Classic Car Race Simulator
    • Realistic Old Car Racing Game 2019
    • Beautiful and Exciting Car Race Track
    • Top & High Quality Simulation Physics
    • Drive the Old Cars with Modern Style
    • Dynamic & Legendary 3D Classic Cars
    • Love your Speedy Vintage Car Driving
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    - Don't fill up collection bar.
    - Use props at the right timey to help you go more smoothly.
    - Focus on your senses, clear all tiles within limited time.

    Game Features
    - A huge amount of colorful new 3D objects!
    - Unique backgrounds are all free!
    - Enjoy Zen Puzzles!Enjoy nature!
    - Well-designed brain trainer levels!
    - Auto-saving system,no need to worry!

    Zen Cube 3D provides a wonderful way to find & match by combining a classic match game and some tile games to another level by adding in a 3D puzzle game.
    Zen Cube 3D is a challenging matching game but also is full of relaxation,that satisfies even the busiest person, makes your free time valuable. You will find all 3D objects and themes are familiar, inspired by everyday life, to make it a captivating colorful game.

    Join us now!Challenge yourself together!Enjoy the joy of matching in a Zen world~Download this free puzzle game today and Challenge yourself!
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    Misterio del Álbum Foto: Objeto Ocultos es un juego clásico libre en el género Objeto Ocultos. Durante el juego tiene que estudiar fotos de un álbum de fotos olvidado y aprender sus secretos.

    Se pondrá:
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    Challenges: Take a quiz or compete with colleagues to earn points and badges

    Community: Share your sustainability ideas and knowledge and help the greenZorro Community to grow!
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    - Keep an eye on the timers to ensure they're completed in time
    - Beautiful hand crafted cars, engines, and NOS upgrades
    - Complete car orders as quick as you can to maximize your score

    Check out Maintenance Mechanic today, and start filling those orders!
  • Fly To Survive
    Download and play Fly To Survive today, a casual game where the player taps to fly up, bounces off walls, and avoids spikes to survive. This arcade style game is perfect for any age!

    - Tap to make your bird fly
    - Avoid the spikes, and hit the walls as best as you can
    - Master your skills of flight to get hard to reach coins
    - Set new high scores by bouncing off walls and surviving for as long as possible

    Download Fly To Survive today and see what everyone is playing!
  • Couple Travel
    Are you ready for the best journey of your life?

    Travel with your partner and collect photos from the most beautiful landmarks in the World!

    But be careful! What if you don't have enough money?
  • Big Klondike
    Big Klondike features Winnable and Random deals. Our Winnable deals have been tested by an advanced artificial intelligence to actually be possible! If you want completely random shuffles untouched by AI you can play with Random deals enabled. Winnable deals does not mean you will always win, it's possible if you play in a certain way you can still get stuck, so keep retrying and eventually you will win!

    Big Klondike is the classic solitaire often found pre-installed on older Windows computers. Our version is opinionated in some ways.

    Big Klondike currently only supports landscape orientation.

    Big Klondike is an evolving game. We view the first version as a foundation to build upon. We want to hear from you so join our Discord server and let us know what you think about Big Klondike!
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  • Learn German Vocabulary APK
    Using the Learn German Vocabulary app, you can choose your native language and learn new German words and test your vocabulary. Exactly 2900 words, start now!

    You can use the application without the need for the internet. Within the application, daily German words are available in your native language and in German.

    ✅(IMPORTANT) You need to turn on the Text to Speech feature of your device for word and sentence pronunciations.
    You can choose your native language and learn German words that way.

    Learn German Vocabulary supported native languages:

    Words are available in your native language and in German audio pronunciation.
    You can adjust the pronunciation speed slowly and normally.
    The random word button is available in Learn German Vocabulary application.
    If you wish, you can bring the word list to the top.
    You can continue from the word you left in the card view.
    After pressing the repeat button in the card view, you can listen to the pronunciation of the word you want many times.
    With the slide button in the card view, you can automatically advance the words.
    You can mark the words you think you have learned in the list view.
    As a result of the tests, the words you know are marked in the list view.
    Learn German Vocabulary app has night vision mode.
    You can test your German vocabulary.
    The test section consists of three-stage tests.
    Each test consists of 10 words.
    In order to achieve effective results, you should use the application repeatedly.
    Over time you will see progress in your German vocabulary.

    Note: Internet permission is required for displaying advertisements for support purposes only.

    With Learn German Vocabulary, you can learn 2900 German words by choosing your native language.
    Learn German Vocabulary is a foreign language application that aims to improve your German vocabulary memory.
    Please do not forget to write your comments. Your feedback will be used for future updates.

  • UP CONNECT - Motorista APK

    Our application allows the driver to receive new races and increase the daily revenue of the professional.

    Here the driver can check the distance to the passenger before accepting the request.

    In case of any emergency, you can call the passenger directly through the application with the rates of your operator.

    Our drivers and passengers are pre-registered, providing greater security for everyone.

    This is the most modern way to receive races anytime, anywhere.
    This application was designed for those looking for an executive transportation service present in the neighborhood and that guarantees that you and your family will be attended to by a well-known driver with safety.

    Here you have a direct line to solve your problems, just call us!

    Our application allows you to call one of our vehicles and track the car's movement on the map, being notified when it is at your door.

    You can still see all vehicles close to your location with the information of busy or free, giving our customer a complete view of our service network.

    Charging works like calling a normal taxi, that is, it only starts counting when you get in the car.

    Here you are no longer a customer in many, here you are the customer of our neighborhood.
  • FiNANCiE / フィナンシェ - クラウドファンディング2.0 APK
    Your dreams become everyone's property.
    New generation crowdfunding 2.0 "FiNANCiE" utilizing blockchain technology
    Proof of support = Experience a new form of support using tokens.

    I want to make my dream come true.
    I want to start a new project.
    -And I want a companion who can walk with me.

    If you find a dream or project you want to support, you can support it by purchasing "tokens".
    The "token" is a proof of support, and if you hold it, you can continue to participate in the activities of the project.

    [What you can do with the FiNANCiE app]
    ・ Support the project by purchasing two types of tokens
    ・ Tokens can be bought and sold within FiNANCiE
    ・ In addition to purchasing support, continuously participate in project activities
    ・ Communicate with project owners and other supporters

    [Advantages of holding tokens]
    ・ You can participate in the project-only community
    ・ Participate in planning and voting in a limited community
    ・ Apply for special goods and events
    ・ Future benefits of project growth

    Let's support many dreams with Crowdfunding 2.0!

    If you would like to publish, please apply from here.
    * Posting is a screening system.
  • Laparaga - Sewa Lapangan Olahraga Online APK
    Mau sewa lapangan untuk olahraga favoritmu? Atau punya bisnis lapangan olahraga dan mau diiklankan online dengan gratis? Laparaga solusinya!


    Temukan sewa lapangan olahraga di aplikasi Laparaga secara mobile. Dapatkan kemudahan dalam booking sewa lapangan olahraga secara online sehingga Kamu dapat menghemat waktu untuk menentukan tempat olahraga. Kamu juga bisa tahu, lokasi mana saja yang menyediakan sewa lapangan untuk olahraga favoritmu.

    - Pilih tipe olahraga yang kamu inginkan

    - Pilih lokasi sewa lapangan

    - Setelah pilih lapangan, selanjutnya pilih tanggal, nomor lapangan dan waktu yang sesuai

    - Pilih jadwal dan klik booking

    - Jika detil pesanan sudah muncul, kamu dapat melanjutkan ke pembayaran secara online

    - Voucher-mu akan segera terbit di aplikasi. Tunjukkan voucher saat datang ke lokasi sewa lapangan olahraga.


    Dapatkan lebih banyak customer dan pantau bisnis lapangan olahragamu secara online sehingga terhindar dari karyawan yang memanipulasi pendapatan di bisnis Anda, iklankan lokasi sewa lapangan olahraga mu di Laparaga dengan gratis, dapatkan Listing gratis dan mudah dilihat oleh calon customer. Ditambah lagi, Laparaga memiliki system manajemen untuk memudahkan mu mengatur jadwal penjualan dan melihat laporan.

    - Klik add venue, isi form dan upload foto venue mu dengan foto yang terbaik

    - Tunggu verifikasi dari tim Laparaga

    - Setelah verifikasi berhasil, Anda bisa atur jadwal penjualan venue mu, di jam berapa saja yang ingin Anda jual, dan di harga yang Anda mau.

    - Kamu juga bisa cek laporan penjualan dengan periode yang bisa kamu set sendiri
  • Gain Health And Fitness APK
    With the Gain Health And Fitness App, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your personal trainer. Download the app today! And be sure to check out our website at: gainfitness.ca
  • Santa Tracker: Where is Santa APK
    How many more days till Christmas?
    Santa Tracker 2021 to see where Santa is right now and say merry Christmas to you.

    Message from Santa! video & audio call simulated app.

    Features for Santa tracker 2021 App
    - Christmas countdown
    - Merry Christmas ringtone
    - Happy new year wishes
    - Santa Claus story photo frame
    - Merry christmas wishes quote
    - Check where is Santa right now
    - Christmas and New year 2022 wallpaper

    Say Hello to Santa Claus? And Track where is Santa Claus Right now and also where it comes to the next town?

    Create and share magical personalized messages from Santa Claus. This Santa Call Simulation app helps you make a fake video call to your friend or family members who still believe you can speak with Santa.

    Get a video call from Santa Claus because Santa is coming to your town check when?

    Enjoy Christmas countdown and much more. We wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

    Santa tracker and video call intended for entertainment purposes only. Calls and video calls from Santa are simulated.
  • Nko lawourouki deh APK
    Platform for a new language "Nko"
    A platform to provide tutorials (videos) about different sciences in N'koo language.
    With us you will have access to multiple videos.
  • WSL Stores APK
    WSL Stores app helps you to sell your products or provide a services to your customer and generate electronic invoice.

    Contact us to register your store now and enable you to be ready to generate your electronic invoice in seconds
  • Pegase Moto APK
    Why get a Pégase GPS tracker?

    1) To protect myself against theft

    If someone tries to take my vehicle: I am immediately alerted by SMS, E-Mail and Notification.

    And if my bike is stolen, I can quickly intervene with the police thanks to a very precise real-time location (up to 4 positions per second).

    2) To replay my ride

    I can visualize my speed and lean angle at every moment and on all my trips.
    I can then share my rides easily in Instagram - Facebook stories & posts.

    Bonus: Pégase's precision even allows me to retrieve my lap times if I ride on a circuit!

    Pégase is the GPS tracker that stands by its promises :

    100% Subscription-free Riding a motorbike means freedom. That's why Pégase is the only GPS+GSM tracker on the market without subscription!

    100% Made in France Pégase has been designed and manufactured in France to meet the best standards in force as well as :
    - easy to install (only one cable to connect)
    - safe (integrated motorcycle battery protection)

    100% Satisfaction With Pégase, you get protection or your money back! If your stolen motorcycle is not found, your Pégase device will be fully refunded.
  • Fine Voices APK
    Fine Voices - the audio book app for everyone who is looking for well-read and well-written audio books - but who are spoiled for choice!

    Whether it's exciting thrillers, moving novels or light holiday reading, with us you will find your favorite titles without a long search.

    Our Fine Voices label recommends audio books that we have produced ourselves with the best voices.

    When browsing the app, you can look behind the scenes and see who is reading what, why and how.

    Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/finevoices.de) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/finevoices.de/) or write to us directly at: [email protected]

    We look forward to receiving your feedback!
  • mobi Community Mobility APK
    mobi is a new transportation service that allows you to share rides with people living in your neighbourhood!

    Whether you are going shopping, dining, buying grocery at supermarkets, transferring at MRT / BRT stations or bus stops bringing your children to and from schools or tuition/enrichment centers and visiting clinic/hospital, you don't have to worry! Book rides via our on-demand mobility app and you will be shuttled around your neighborhood quickly and conveniently without having to worry about payment.

    Opening Special!
    Current Promotional Rates
    Two weeks free trial and starting price for 1 month (Japan)
    Two weeks free trial and two months launching price! (Singapore)
    Free trial within the year of 2021 and launching price afterward. (Viet Nam)

    Features of mobi
    ○mobi will pick you up in 10 to 15 minutes on average!
    ○Our AI routing plans the most optimal route to drop off all passengers at their destinations in the shortest possible time!
    ○Book a ride via our app quickly and easily!
    ○Shared transportation at an affordable monthly fixed rate for unlimited rides!
    ○Top up an additional nominal fee for each member from the same household, up to a maximum of 5!
    ○Dedicated drivers in the area makes it safe for both children and the elderly!

    Current operation area
    Kyotango (Kyoto), Shibuya (Tokyo)
    River Valley – Robertson Quay - Orchard (Singapore)
    Linh Lang,Kim Ma,Ho Tay,Hai Ba Trung,Cau Giay,Mi Dien,Nam Tu Liem,Ha Dong (Viet Nam)
  • Merge hexagon jewel - Match 3 APK
    Merge hexagon jewel combines hexagonal gems, digital synthesis and match-3 gameplay to create a colorful and addictive game.

    Play this game for free now, release stress and be happy!

    How to play?

    1. Swap the positions of two gem blocks.
    2. Connect three or more gems of the same value.
    3. Constantly challenge.


    1. Bright graphics and soothing sound.
    2. Easy to play and quickly master the game play.

    Now let us see who can get 99 gems.

    Sounds easy? Play it now!
    PDKS (Personnel Attendance Control Systems) is a system that records and enters the staff's input-outputs and reports them to the PDKS software by placing PDKS devices in the places determined in the workplaces in order to follow up the entry and exit times of the staff.

    These data, which are reported through the PDKS Software, are generally within the company; It is used by the human resources department for salary and overtime tracking.

    The whole process of recording personnel data and reporting with PDKS software constitutes the PDKS system.
  • Ehsaas Program Phase 2 APK
    Some people in Pakistan are living very poor life. The PM of Pakistan has taken a great step to help these people not only in lock down days, even after those days. So, ehsaas program phase 2 is an app which help people to check their eligibility for ehsas program for free.
    The PM of Pakistan make the life of many poor people easy by helping with the stipend of 12000 rupees which is still continue in ihsaas program phase 2 for their kafalat.
    To make kafalat of these poor people PM has introduce many easy ways to check their eligibility. This app is one of the other source to check the eligibility for ehsaas program. People from any province can freely check their eligibility simple by entering CNIC in app.
    The other feature of this app is that you cannot only check cash status for ehsaas imdad but can also register for ehsaas rashan rayyat for ghrana and ehsas rashan rayat for store registration.


    The purpose of this app is to provide information only which is freely available on internet. The source of information is https://www.pass.gov.pk/
    This app has no affiliation with any Government or other organization. Also the app has no affiliation with any other website or app.
  • Novel Fun APK
    Novel Fun-Romantic Books & Fantasy Novels for Story lovers!
    -Book Genres: Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Western, Sci-fi, Fan-fic
    Collection of Best Books & Hottest New Reads in Every Genre!

    Novel Fun has collected popular web novels and books, provides you with the latest chapters of the highest quality. This is a must-have book app for the majority of web novel lovers.

    Start reading your favorite book, by downloading the Novel Fun app

    -No.1 Book Reading Platform for Novel Lovers
    -Numerous of Book Genres for Choosing Freely
    -Hundreds of web novel Read More Than 1,000,000+ Times
    -Professional Author Team Creates Best Novel

    Book Genres
    Novel Fun contains many web novel genres, from urban books to supernatural books, and is deeply loved by the majority of our readers.
  • Valentino Rossi Video call APK
    Collection of Valentino Rossi Video Call Prank. All Aplication for Free, Choose your fovorite character now.

    Valentino Rossi fake video call and call is a simple and easy application for you to make a fake call video, Enjoy calling your favorite Valentino Rossi and call in an easy way, video call app for fun and prank your friends.

    Valentino Rossi Video Call Prank App Features
    ✅ Voice Call From Valentino Rossi.
    ✅ Video Call From Valentino Rossi.
    ✅ Having fun with a Video call and Call.
    ✅ Easy To Use.
    ✅ Friendly Design.
    ✅ Schedule a fake call.

    The app is an unofficial version, not related to any copyrighted material
    This is not a real call it's just for fun and stop feeling bored
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    Renato Garcia Video Call Prank App Features
    ✅ Voice Call From Renato Garcia.
    ✅ Video Call From Renato Garcia.
    ✅ Having fun with a Video call and Call.
    ✅ Easy To Use.
    ✅ Friendly Design.
    ✅ Schedule a fake call.

    The app is an unofficial version, not related to any copyrighted material
    This is not a real call it's just for fun and stop feeling bored
  • Federico Vigevani Call APK
    Collection of Federico Vigevani Video Call Prank. All Aplication for Free, Choose your fovorite character now.

    Federico Vigevani video call and call is a simple and easy application for you to make a fake call video, Enjoy calling your favorite Federico Vigevani and call in an easy way, video call app for fun and prank your friends.

    Federico Vigevani Video Call Prank App Features
    ✅ Voice Call From Morgenstern.
    ✅ Video Call From Morgenstern.
    ✅ Having fun with a Video call and Call.
    ✅ Easy To Use.
    ✅ Friendly Design.
    ✅ Schedule a fake call.

    The app is an unofficial version, not related to any copyrighted material
    This is not a real call it's just for fun and stop feeling bored