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It's free poker game. Just play!

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File Name com.newmod.freepoker-1-0
App Download Version: 1.0
Price Free
Apk Size 15M
Download 49
Last Update Time Jan 14, 2021
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
30 total





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    In the name of Allah, most Gracious and most Merciful

    This is simple app to fetch the links of online classes that are delivered from Al-Burhan everyday.

    Simply open the app, and click on the course you are interested in. A simple popup will let you attend the lecture on Youtube or Browser, and you may also share its link with your friends and family.

    Remember us in your prayers.
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    yasin and tahlil with istighotsah, free, offline. can be used without internet. suitable for day to day. summarized. clearly

    The word "Tahlil" itself literally means doing zikr by saying the tauhid sentence "Laa ilaaha illallah" (there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah).

    Abu Hurairah asked Prophet Muhammad SAW, "O Messenger of Allah, who is the person who will be lucky with your syafa'at (help)?" Prophet Muhammad SAW said, "I don't think anyone has asked me about this kind of thing before. The most fortunate human being on the Day of Judgment is someone who recites Laa ilaaha illallah (There is no God but Allah) with a heart full of sincerity." (HR. Bukhari)
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    the way is enough
    1. Select the image you want to change (can be more than one)
    2. give the pdf filename that will be made as desired
    3. Click convert
    4. it's done. Just open it in the file explorer
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    change your link or anything into qr code
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    The Book of Mabadi'ul Fiqhiyyah is a book with Imam Asy-Shafi 'i madzhab compiled by Umar Abdul Jabbar which discusses daily worship, such as: thaharah, najis, istinja', mandatory bathing, tayamum, prayer, zakat, fasting, haj, etc. This is often known as Fiqh.offline
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    Used to read pdf files, very light, fast.
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    Application for the families of students of UNOi schools.

    Enables you to consult academic information related to your children: view and use the LMS messaging; consult upcoming events and scheduled work and access academic evaluation.

    WARNING: some of the options and information will only be visible if the school activates them.
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    With the We Track vehicle tracking systems application, you can access your vehicles registered in the system through a single application from all platforms.

    You can easily and quickly access many alarms such as over speed alarm, ignition opening / closing alarm and withdrawal alarm from all platforms, and make instant arrangements with reports such as end of day summary report, past monitoring and km detail report of your vehicles.

    This application has been developed by Turkish engineers in the N2Mobil R&D team and is 100% local and national software.

    - N2 R&D
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    Wisk has re-invented ordering of groceries and household essentials by combining similar items across orders, buying in bulk, and passing bulk discounts to users. Wisk's technology enables cart sharing automatically while delivering items same day with no membership or delivery fees
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  • Beni Mellal Mall - بني ملال مول، تسوق كل ما تريد‎ Mod APK

    Beni Mellal Mall - بني ملال مول، تسوق كل ما تريد‎ Mod APK


    Welcome to Beni Mellal Mall, where you can shop online everything you want.

    You can shop mobiles, computers, laptops, food, clothes, accessories, shoes, watches, furniture, kitchen supplies, beauty products, personal care and much more.

    Everything you love is now on Beni Mellal Mall. Download the Beni Mellal Mall app, explore and enjoy shopping from your home !!! And only pay for your merchandise after receiving it.

    You are a Seller and you want to develop your business online where you can sell your products in an easy way on the Internet ... It is easy, just download the Beni Mellal Mall application and create your store for free and start publishing your products, many shoppers are waiting for your products.

    You are young and you have many skills and want to work from home !! It's easy ... just download the Beni Mellal Mall app and create your store and share your skills and business in it. Lots of people are looking for your skill ...

    You are looking for buyers for your goods or anything you want to sell, it is very easy ... Just download the Beni Mellal Mall application and start publishing your goods, many buyers are looking for them.

    You are a restaurant owner !! Beni Mellal Mall provides you with a large space in which to display your restaurant's meals and their prices. By using the Beni Malal Mall application, you will simplify for your customers how to order their meals, the number of your customers will definitely increase.

    Beni Mellal market covers the provinces of Beni Mellal, Khenifra, Azilal, Khouribga and Fkih Bin Saleh.

    If you like this application, leave us a comment and a positive rating on Google Play, so you will encourage us to develop the application more and add other features.
  • Unblock Railroads way for Gold Miner: Swipe Puzzle Mod APK

    Unblock Railroads way for Gold Miner: Swipe Puzzle Mod APK


    Unblock Railroads way Gold Miner is a new Swipe blocks style of unlock block puzzle game, also is one of the best swipe and slide Blocks puzzle game to playing in Christmas holiday .

    Its easy to play Unblock Railroads way Gold Miner and solve the puzzle :

    ★ . Just Unblock Railroads way by swiping the blocks to Connect railroads and transporting gold on railroads way from the mine on a rush.
    ★ .Slide the blocks and connect all rails ways to make the gold reach its destination on old truck rush.
    ★ .Move and swipe horizontal blocks from side to side.
    ★ .Move and swipe vertical blocks up and down.

    Some stage are particularly difficult, We want players to think more. So enjoy with Unblock Railroads way Gold Miner puzzles and keep your mind sharp and

    Play this game!! Improve your problem-solving skills by unlocking each mine rush puzzle by sliding blocks and making a safe way for the truck to the station.

    This game is only for 13+ years old people.

    Enjoying with your free time by playing Unblock Railroads way for Gold Miner: Swipe Puzzle.
  • Revina Alvira Gasentra Mp3 Mod APK

    Revina Alvira Gasentra Mp3 Mod APK


    Revina Alvira Gasentra Mp3 Cover is an application that contains cover music from a dangdut orchestra with classic dangdut songs packaged in covers and the latest with the singer Revina Alvira this application is not offline even though the online application Gasentra Pajampangan is not wasteful on the internet

    Gasentra dangdut music began to be known through yt with classic cover dangdut songs Mp3 this music group is an excellent collection of dangdut songs that are easy to hear and very clear songs from the gasentra mp3 application with the artist Revina Alvira Gasentra Pajampangan

    Dangdut gasentra pajampangan classic is packaged via mp3, not offline but online, so to listen to dangdut songs sung by Revina Alvira cover there must be an internet quota

    The cover song Gasentra Pajampangan dangdut classic mp3 is not offline but online to be able to listen to the full album cover
  • mathRestaurant Mod APK

    mathRestaurant Mod APK


    The application in question will mainly store your recipes with all the necessary ingredients, acting as a database for your favorite dishes. It will also automatically calculate the cost of the raw materials needed to compose a specific dish (if necessary, the number of portions can also be chosen). In addition, you can set a timer for the kitchen, and you will have a table always updated on the average prices of all foods.
  • RMSushi Mod APK

    RMSushi Mod APK


    App. To facilitate the sending of orders