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Temple Run 2 v1.49.0 (MOD, free shopping)


Mod Info:

MOD, free shopping


Temple Run 2 (MOD, free shopping) - Great continuation of the first part, you play as an experienced archaeologist, who always runs from the terrible curse of the ancient idola.Na your way there will be many different obstacles and opasnostey.Vtoraya part distinguished better and smoother graphics, better physics and music. The game has a huge number of levels that you will pass more than one hour of play.


Full network access:

Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and other applications provide means to send data to the internet, so this permission is not required to send data to the internet.

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage:

Allows the app to write to the USB storage.

Read phone status and identity:

Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. This permission allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.

Read the contents of your USB storage:

Allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage.

View network connections:

Allows the app to view information about network connections such as which networks exist and are connected.

View Wi-Fi connections:

Allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and name of connected Wi-Fi devices.

Apk Info:
File Name com.mod.temple-run-2-v1-49-0-mod-free-shopping
App Download Version: 1.49.0
Price Free
Apk Size 61.87 MB
Download 41
Last Update Time Oct 3, 2018
Min Android 4.0、4.0.1、4.0.2 (ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH)
Target Android 8.0
Screens small, normal, large, xlarge
Densities 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65534
MD5 3ADA5333C68FBA2DCDC7816EAD644A47
Signature FD7A95648FF46FB1ACAB854ACFE1BF97ECF92346
SHA256 1CBD2D0548BB11026D9AB4DBAD4A2C9405CE796235D4003BCF0A0AED8BFE0C98
Locality Lazyland
Country RU
State/city Lazyland
User Features Array
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
39 total





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  • Music Tiles Hero Mod APK

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    Discover Music Tiles Hero, the new trending music game!

    Perform perfects to win more points, and get crazy with the infinity mode!! But careful, rhythm is speeding up real quick: don't miss any tiles!

    More challenge, more bonus, more fun!

    How fast can your hands go?!

    ***** SUPPORT*****

    Don't hesitate to contact our team at: [email protected]
    Privacy Policy & Terms of Service: http://approver-studio.com/tos
  • Math Studio Mod APK

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    - Geometría
    - Función cuadrática
    - Función lineal
    - Sistema lineal
    - Ecuación de la circunferencia
    - Sucesiones
    - Álgebra
    - Vectores
    - Unidades (calculadora)

    - Cuadrado
    - Rectángulo
    - Rombo
    - Paralelogramo
    - Triángulo
    - Triángulo equilátero
    - Triángulo rectángulo
    - Triángulo 30-60-90
    - Triángulo isósceles
    - Teorema de Pitágoras
    - Trapecio
    - Trapecio isósceles
    - Trapecio rectángulo
    - Círculo
    - Corona circular
    - Hexágono regular
    - Esfera
    - Cilindro
    - Cono
    - Tetraedro regular
    - Cubo
    - Prisma cuadrangular
    - Ortoedro
    - Elipse
    - Pentágono regular
    - Deltioide
    - Trigonometría
    - Octógono regular
    - Dodecágono regular
    - Tronco de cono
    - Prisma triangular
    - Prisma triangular regular
    - Pirámide triangular
    - Pirámide cuadrada
    - Prisma hexagonal
    - Pirámide hexagonal
    - Teorema de Tales
    - Prisma pentagonal
    - Barril
    - Teorema de los senos
    - Teorema del coseno
    - Casquete esférico
    - Sector esférico
    - Trapecio circular
    - Cuña esférica
    - Huso esférico
    - Segmento esférico
    - Zona esférica

    - Forma desarrollada
    - Forma canónica
    - Forma factorizada
    - Discriminante
    - Raíces
    - Vértice
    - Corte con el eje Y
    - Monotonía
    - Desigualdades

    - Forma explícita
    - Forma desarrollada
    - Distancia entre dos puntos
    - Punto medio
    - Mediatriz de un segmento
    - Recta paralela
    - Recta perpendicular
    - Distancia de un punto a una recta
    - Ecuación de la recta que pasa por dos puntos

    Métodos para resolver:
    - Método de sustitución
    - Método de reducción
    - Método gráfico
    - Método de determinantes

    - Forma ordinaria
    - Forma general
    - Recta tangente a la circunferencia

    - Progresión geométrica: término inicial, término n-ésimo, término m-ésimo, razón, suma de los primeros n términos, fórmula del término general
    - Progresión aritmética: término inicial, término n-ésimo, término m-ésimo, diferencia, suma de los primeros n términos, fórmula del término general
    - Serie geométrica: término inicial, razón, suma

    - Máximo común divisor (mcd)
    - Mínimo común múltiplo (mcm)

    - 2D
    - 3D
    - Longitud del vector
    - Producto escalar
    - Producto vectorial
    - Suma y diferencia

    UNIDADES (calculadora)
    - Longitud, distancia
    - Distancia
    - Masa
    - Velocidad
    - Potencia
    - Presión
    - Temperatura
    - Tiempo
    - Energía
    - Datos
  • Snowboard 3D Mod APK

    Snowboard 3D Mod APK


    Snowboard 3D provides unlimited gameplay with its unique levels. Slide left or right not to hit obstacles, collect golds and make the highest score! Get different boards and challenge yourself.
  • BikeComputer Pro Mod APK

    BikeComputer Pro Mod APK


    BikeComputer Pro is one of the best apps for cycling or other outdoor activities. The Pro version contains all the features you need:

    ✓ Support for Ant+ and Bluetooth power meters

    ✓ Support for Ant+/Bluetooth heart-rate, cadence, speed and temperature(Ant+ only) sensors

    ✓ Easy route setup : create a route in a few steps

    ✓ Recalculation when you leave the foreseen route (BikeComputer Premium necessary)

    ✓ You can use multiple offline map files simultaneously

    ✓ Pause, resume or continue any session, also after a reboot / battery change

    ✓ Support for Android Wear

    ✓ No login, no account necessary. All data remains on your device unless you decide to upload it. BikeComputer Pro is completely ad-free

    ✓ Synchronisation - plan a route on your tablet, synchronise and use it on your mobile

    ✓ Turn-by-turn instructions : the app indicates you when to make a turn on your route

    ✓ You can load turn-by-turn instructions also for imported GPX

    ✓ Rotating map : the map follows your direction to have the upcoming area always on top

    ✓ Audio Feedback – BikeComputer Pro informs you about your average speed, the current elevation, the remaining distance on trail, your climbing speed, your heart rate and training zone, when you have lost the actual trail and other information

    ✓ Import GPX tracks or POIs and follow the track of a friend on the map

    ✓ Take photos or set waypoints during your ride

    ✓ Use the barometric sensor to achieve exact elevation change data (if your devices features it)

    ✓ Modify the resolution of the offline map and the font size of the driving values

    ✓ Support for Polar Bluetooth 2.0 heart rate straps

    ✓ Plan your route! Touch the map where you want to go. BikeComputer Pro will calculate a route with distance, elevation and elevation profile for you and will save the route to follow it while riding

    ✓ Adjust the GPS sensitivity as you want, which means you can determine in which intervals the GPS values are refreshed

    ✓ Arrange and setup your session values as you want and the app saves this order

    ✓ Additional driving values as number of currently used satellites, accuracy of the GPS signal and the direction according to the GPS position

    You can import your sessions from the free version as well.

    If you change your phone, backup your session to SD card and restore them on the new phone or use the synchronisation!
  • IP Cam Viewer Pro Mod APK

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    Awarded Best Software in Utilities category for 2011
    Remotely access your video camera, digital video recorder, network recorder and webcam.

    Over 1600+ devices supported. Use Scan Camera to automatically find compatible driver.

    With 5+ years of development there are so many features they won't let me describe them properly so here's an overview.

    Wide protocol and video format support include HTTPS, RTSP and ONVIF.
    Features include matrix view, pan tilt zoom, home/lock screen widgets, grouping, encryption and in-app motion detection.
    Support for 2-way audio, background audio, record mode with remote control.
  • Expanse of Sky:Merge&Idle Mod APK

    Expanse of Sky:Merge&Idle Mod APK


    No more stressful games!
    High-quality idle RPG, Expanse of Sky!

    ★Your own troop of powerful Starships!
    Combine ships to get a legendary ship!
    Use the powerful skills of legendary ships to claim victory!

    Upgrade the starships for an even more power!
    Form your team according to the attributes for added excitement!

    ★ Idle Shooting RPG
    Crush the enemies with auto battle!
    Turning off the game won't stop the fight!

    Thirsty for some shooting actions?
    Show off your skills with the Boss Battle!
    Combining Idle and Merge with thrilling RPG.
    Join the battle now!

    ★Endless Contents to Enjoy
    Compete against other users in the League Ranking!
    Defeat different Attribute Bosses every day!

    Cooperate with your Legion Members to eliminate the enemie!
  • Castle Burn - RTS Revolution Mod APK

    Castle Burn - RTS Revolution Mod APK


    Welcome to Castle Burn, the mobile fantasy RTS game with competitive PvP battles!
    Fire Pillars, Cannon Towers, Vikings, Dragons, use whatever you want to fight alongside great Heroes to burn down your enemy's castle!

    [An authentic RTS so simple you won't believe it!]
    Build Camps and Mana Sanctuaries to secure your territory and resources.
    Carefully choose between upgrading your castle and adding cards to your deck.
    Enjoy a feast of strategies and tactics lasting no more than 6 mins!

    [My own in-battle customizable deck!]
    Choose card combinations to defeat your opponents.
    Tactics that become increasingly deeper
    Come up with a strategy to crush the enemy!

    [Unique Heroes wait for you in the Castle!]
    Heroes will grow with the Castle
    Turn the tide of battle using each Hero's distinct skills.

    [Various elements to add fun to the battle!]
    The fog on the battlefield hides both you and your opponent!
    Return wounded allies to the Castle and recover some mana.
    Explore enemy territory to uncover your opponent's strategies!
    Learn strategies from other users by watching match replays.

    [Seasonal ranking system!]
    Win Ranked Matches and advance to higher Leagues.
    New cards and maps unlocked in every League.
    Get rewards based on your score at the end of the season.

    [Various rewards will ignite your fighting spirit!]
    Quests to keep battles diverse
    Open Victory Card Packs to receive cards and gold.
    Strengthen your cards to become more powerful.

    ※ The following access permissions are required for users with devices using Android 6.0 or higher:
    * You will not be able to play the game if you refuse these permissions.
    READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required for game settings and to load cache.

    ※ How to revoke permissions
    Android 6.0 or higher: You can revoke permissions in Settings > Application Manager > Choose App > Permissions
    Below Android 6.0: While access permissions can't be revoked, erasing the app will cancel permissions.

    [Castle Burn Official Website]

    [Contact Us]
    In-game Mail -> Contact -> Choose a Category -> Write message -> Send



    Fight the evil and save the world from underworld Samurai assassins!
    Fancy saving the world? How about possessing an obvious yet carefully concealed super power? “Senses: Ninja Games 2019” is all about the zest and thrill to fight the evil by deploying the ultimate fight battle skills available at your disposal. If you are a fan of interesting storylines, stunning powers and an overall action-filled game play, Senses is the perfect pick for you as an Adventure story game.
    Become the super ninja this world needs! For those of you who have spent their childhood fantasizing about gaining a timeless super power, Ninja Dash offers you the ultimate suit of exceptional powers so you can fight the evil and save the world. Senses features an interactive and thrilling Ninja games 2019 game plot which demands you to use your heightened abilities to trace undercover evil Samurais and fight the evil with your ultimate Ninja Dash weapons. The world is in danger and only you, Akin, can save it from falling a prey to malevolence.
    Leverage your super power to save the world! As a Ninja, Akin, is gifted with a gift of heightened senses of touch, vision and much more which helps him in locating and killing the enemies. It is your job to navigate across the breathtaking plot, locate the agents of devil and kills them with your weapons.
    Unleash your deadly weapons! As a Ninja Dash superhero, you are gifted with a deadly suit of exciting weapons. Choose your deadly Shuriken or sword or combine the weapons to get to the last levels of this adventure story game. It is all about making a strategy and implementing it in the best way possible! If nothing works, choose to unleash the Epic Ultimate Attack of Shuriken wind to kill your enemy.
    Enter survival mode! Think you can take the pressure of saving the world from falling a prey to underworld's agents? We urge you to think again! Senses: Ninja Games 2019 is hardly anything like you would imagine. With its challenging survival mode, the adventure story game to make everything much more action-filled and exciting. Fight battle and move your rank up in the global scoreboard.
    How to play:
    • Download and launch the game
    • Choose your avatar and hit the play button
    • Use the navigation map to locate enemies
    • Deploy your heightened senses to locate and kill Samurai agents
    • Complete survival mode to move up in the scoreboard.
    Features of Senses: Ninja Games 2019:
    • Unique storyline featuring weapons, enemies, superpower and superhero
    • Exciting assortment of weapons
    • Ultimate Attack to blind the enemy and kill them at once
    • Ultra-modern graphics
    • Simple and clean UI/UX
    • Easily accessible game controls
    • Navigation map to locate the foes
    • Survival mode global scoreboard
    • Fight battle to save the world
    Jampacked with unlimited thrill and action, this game is a perfect treat for you! Download Senses: Ninja Games 2019 today!
  • Simon's Cat Crunch Time - Puzzle Adventure! Mod APK

    Simon's Cat Crunch Time - Puzzle Adventure! Mod APK


    Simon's Cat in Crunch Time! - Connect treats with Simon's Cat
    Published by Tactile Games.

    The devilish crows have swiped Simon's Cat's favourite Tasty Treats and only YOU can help him find them!

    Join Simon's Cat, Maisy, Chloe and Jazz, and a cast of determined kitties on a colourful adventure through some pawsome new places where Treats are just waiting to be eaten.
    Be ready to collect Tasty Treats, fight off big baddies and befriend a host of animal critters in this FREE puzzle game with added CATitude!

    Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay! Connect the same coloured Treats to make a delicious chain!

    Play your way through the neighbourhood in six different game modes and hundreds of challenging levels!

    Challenge your friends! Can you beat your friends purrfect high score?
    Can you beat the villains? Use your Treats and special boosters to fight off Sir Royston the Pug, Mr Potts, hungry hedgehogs and even a treat crazed vacuum cleaner!
    Play with Simon's Cat featuring brand new animations

    Simon's Cat is the internet's most mischievous cat and has become a global phenomenon. Star of over 60 films, which have been watched over 870 million times, and winner of several major industry awards, Simon's Cat has captured the hearts of a worldwide audience.

    We are working hard to update the game with new levels that are purrfectly crafted and will leave you feline great!
  • Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK

    Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK


    Magic Tiles ™
    Get Ready for one of the Best piano games in the world - Customized for you

    Magic Tiles 3 ™ is one of the most loved piano games among thousands of free games in 2019 which has more than 100 million players around the world.


    - NEW albums: totally new theme and effects in the game play and amazing songs.
    - Starter Package: the chance to get Coins + Diamonds + Remove Ads with 75% off. Don't hesitate, just come and grab it!
    Further, our piano game also collects all new and popular great songs every week in its weekly songs chart. Furthermore, when the speed of tiles is high enough, you can collect Easter Eggs with hidden gifts inside.
    Thus, this is a special version with various genres of piano games combining diverse instruments such as guitar, drum, and especially piano! Magic Tiles 3 ™ was one of the most popular new games 2019 featured by Google which provides user the high-quality piano songs and beautiful gameplay.

    Let's tap the tiles, play the game on your mobile - One of the best new free games!

    Game's rules:

    It's similar to other piano games, you just have to tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles then enjoy the wonderful music in game.
    Game features:
    - Band mode where you can play with more instruments such as guitar, piano, and others.
    - Battle mode creates the opportunity for players to compete with others around the world which leads Magic Tiles 3™ become such a unique piano online.
    - Especially, the advanced feature of battle mode – custom match - which let you to compete directly with your friends and whoever you want to.
    - High-quality piano songs, and some popular pop music which are frequently updated
    - The challenge mode which leads users to improve their tapping speed in order to rank on the top of the world.
    Log in to your Facebook account and share data on multiple devices.
    So, get ready and try out the fantastic piano games for free! The attractive piano online which is more challenging than you could imagine.
    Permission: In order to provide the optimized experience, we would request “Storage” permission when you download this game

    Become a real pianist now! And catch up the trend with this new piano game 2019 right now!

    Are you having any problems? Send email to :[email protected] or contact us in game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.
    Privacy Policy: https://goo.gl/2WNN1V
  • Summoner's Greed: Endless Idle TD Heroes Mod APK

    Summoner's Greed: Endless Idle TD Heroes Mod APK


    You, the greatest and most powerful summoner, broke into the King's castle and stole his priceless royal treasure! You gleefully take your loot back to your lair… But! The King has sounded the alarm and deployed his endless army of valiant heroes to bring it back! Grrr... It's time to ready your defenses! They can't steal your Precious…

    In this idle TD game, you will strategically place your towers and cast powerful spells to defend against endless waves of the Kingdom's mightiest heroes. Defend your ‘stolen' (pshhh) loot against a variety of do-gooding heroes like the lowly peasant, the axe-wielding lumberjack, the ice mage and the King's Elite Knight himself - you kinda don't want to mess with him!

    Earn magical orbs for defeating wave after wave of the King's heroic army - use them to power your summoner's portal to call forth a variety of monsters, creeps and minions to aid your defense! Recruit the common slimes, Slimey and Grimey - the super rare and absurdly cute hellhound Mocha - or Teddy, the EPIC teddy bear with superhuman strength! With dozens of creatures to call to your defense, do you have what it takes to defend against the heroes of the Kingdom?

    So… Is the King stupid or something? He seems to have forgotten that you can shoot fireballs from your hands! Hello? Torpedoes of FIRE? In addition to your misfit army of monsters, you can cast powerful spells to bring death from above to your enemies. Use fireballs, lightning, ice and more to power up your monsters, rebuild defenses or defend your lair against the King's army. Radical!

    • Dozens of monsters and towers to summon
    • Defend against endless waves of heroes and bosses
    • Each monster has their own unique abilities and secondary powers
    • Upgrade your towers to increase their effectiveness
    • Collect common, rare, epic and legendary monsters
    • Defeat a variety of enemy heroes, each with their own unique skills
    • Strategically place your towers to cause maximum damage
    • Use & upgrade spells to destroy, rebuild defences and buff your minions
    • Original graphics & unique gameplay for a totally new kind of TD experience


    Are you having problems? Email us at [email protected] or contact us in game by going to Settings> Email Us

    Privacy Policy:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/summonersgreed/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/summoners.greed/
  • Talon for Twitter Mod APK

    Talon for Twitter Mod APK


    Created with Material Design at its core, Talon for Twitter includes stunning layouts, eye catching animations, and that buttery smoothness you should expect from the latest and greatest apps. On top of that, Talon takes the ads out of Twitter so that you can focus on the content!

    Talon gives you everything you could ever need to experience Twitter. Oh, and did I mention: it is the highest rated Twitter app on the Play Store! Here's what makes it so special:

    •  Materialized theme engine for fine-grained color control.
    •  Completely custom swipe-able pages for the main screen. Want a list or saved search for easy access? No problem! Don't use direct messages? Go ahead and take them out. Choose what you want to see and where you want to see it.
    •  Night Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode.
    •  Compact Timeline Layout option to get the most out of your screen space.

    •  Follow threads and view replies to any tweet!
    •  Have favorite users? See only their tweets or have options to get notified whenever they post a new tweet!
    •  Powerful mute options for users, retweets, hashtags, Twitter clients, and expressions.
    •  Support for 2 accounts.
    •  Easily see who has quoted, liked, or retweeted any tweet!
    •  Use TweetMarker to keep your timeline position between multiple devices!

    Media Ready
    •  Use our awesome readability-style browser for the best web experience of any app.
    •  Play Twitter videos and GIFs without leaving your timeline!
    •  Search for the perfect GIF from Giphy.
    •  Crop, rotate, and zoom to get the perfect photo before you post it!
    •  Native YouTube, Twitter GIF, and Twitter video playback.

    Powerfully Quick and Integrated
    •  Advanced - and unique - tweet filtering on profiles, so you can choose what type of tweets you want to see, from that user!
    •  Android Wear app to view, like, retweet, and reply to new tweets on your timeline, without having to take out your phone.
    •  Widgets to view the home timeline, mentions, and unread counts.

    All this, plus so much more. This is Twitter and Material Design like you've never seen. Bold and beautiful. All material, all speed.

    Try it today! I am sure you will never go back.


    Have questions? Check out Talon's help documents: http://klinkerapps.com/talon-overview/help
    Then, check out Talon's webpage: http://klinkerapps.com/talon-overview
    If you are a developer, despite being a paid app, Talon is open-source. Check it out: https://github.com/klinker24/talon-for-twitter-android

    Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns - I am @lukeklinker on Twitter, and love to hear from my users!
  • Homecraft - Home Design Game Mod APK

    Homecraft - Home Design Game Mod APK


    Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own interior design studio? Now you can with TapBlaze's newest home design game, Homecraft! Do your best to satisfy your client's design request while staying true to your interior decorator intuition. Become the master homecrafter of your neighborhood... your city... your country ... your world!

    Solve match 3 puzzle levels and unlock hundreds of new decor items to help your clients create their dream home! The final design is entirely up to you!

    1000s of different home decor items
    Home design simulation with match 3 puzzle challenges
    Unique homes and clients
    Stylish furniture and home decoration accessories
    Unlock rewards as you polish your design skills as an interior decorator
    Cute story and relaxing gameplay

    Take on the decoration assignment! Earn coins from the match puzzles to customize the your clients' rooms with a variety of furniture and decorations. Use your own design style to make their dream home a reality.

    Download and start homecrafting now!

    Follow our fan page on Facebook to participate in home design events and get the latest news!
  • Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

    Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK


    The newest game from the Candy Crush Franchise! With updated graphics, fun new game modes and a host of friends to help you blast through hundreds of levels!

    Your Candy Crush Friends have been scattered throughout the Candy Kingdom - Join this match 3 puzzle game to find them! This friendly bunch have their own unique powers to help you to create sweet candy combinations and blastthrough blockers!

    Switch and match candies to unlock rewards, friends, and sweet collectable outfits! The more candies you collect the greater your power on the game board!

    This fun new Candy game is filled with delicious treats - cookies, jam, chocolate and more! Your favourite game modes, but sweeter than ever!

    Candy Crush Friends Saga features:
    • Hundreds of levels to play – collect your favorite friends along the way!
    • Your Candy friends are your allies – they are ready to help you blast through levels!
    • Watch Yeti and his friends dance when you win levels!
    • Fun new game modes; dunk the cookie in the chocolate & free the octopuses and the mammoths!
    • Keep your friends in a sticker book and change their outfits!
    • Explore sweet new worlds in 3D!
    • Easy to play but challenging to master!
    • Play whenever, online and offline. Easily sync the game between devices and access full game features when connected to the internet.
    • Take on this epic saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

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  • Temple Run 2 v1.49.0 (MOD, free shopping)
    With over a zillion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!

    Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!


    ★ Beautiful new graphics
    ★ Gorgeous new organic environments
    ★ New obstacles
    ★ More powerups
    ★ More achievements
    ★ Special powers for each character
    ★ Bigger monkey!!!

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