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File Name com.naser.salatalduhaa
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Apk Size 31M
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Last Update Time Sep 22, 2021
Min 5.0 and up
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The Duha prayer time application contains sufficient information about the time of Duha prayer as mentioned in the honorable hadiths of the Prophet. It also contains the merit of Duha prayer and the greatness of its reward and reward for those who established it. It came in the authentic saying of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace: Every tasbeeh is a charity, every tahmeedah is a charity, every tahlilah is a charity, every takbeer is a charity, and enjoining what is right is a charity, and forbidding what is evil is a charity, and two units of prayer suffice from that are the two units of prayer that he prays in the morning prayer.” Narrated by Muslim (1181)The Duha prayer time application also contains how to perform Duha prayer, the time of Duha prayer and the number of its rak'ahs, with evidence from the Prophetic Sunnah, because of the many questions about Duha prayer how many rak'ahsThere is also what is meant by the Duha prayer and its importance, for Abu Huraira, may God be pleased with him, said. The Messenger of God, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, said, “No one preserves the Duha prayer except Awab,” which is the Awabeen prayer, and this indicates the extent of the importance and merit of Duha prayer.The Duha prayer time application also contains Surat Al-Duha, audible with the voice of Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly and Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, and also repeated in the voice of Sheikh Ahmed Al-AjmiIf you like the application, do not forget to rate the application and comment on itDownload now the Duha prayer time application

  • Duha prayer time v1 Mod (Free purchase)

    Duha prayer time v1 Mod (Free purchase)


    The Duha prayer time application contains sufficient information about the time of Duha prayer as mentioned in the honorable hadiths of the Prophet. It also contains the merit of Duha prayer and the greatness of its reward and reward for those who established it. It came in the authentic saying of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace: Every tasbeeh is a charity, every tahmeedah is a charity, every tahlilah is a charity, every takbeer is a charity, and enjoining what is right is a charity, and forbidding what is evil is a charity, and two units of prayer suffice from that are the two units of prayer that he prays in the morning prayer.” Narrated by Muslim (1181)
    The Duha prayer time application also contains how to perform Duha prayer, the time of Duha prayer and the number of its rak'ahs, with evidence from the Prophetic Sunnah, because of the many questions about Duha prayer how many rak'ahs
    There is also what is meant by the Duha prayer and its importance, for Abu Huraira, may God be pleased with him, said. The Messenger of God, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, said, “No one preserves the Duha prayer except Awab,” which is the Awabeen prayer, and this indicates the extent of the importance and merit of Duha prayer.
    The Duha prayer time application also contains Surat Al-Duha, audible with the voice of Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly and Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, and also repeated in the voice of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ajmi
    If you like the application, do not forget to rate the application and comment on it
    Download now the Duha prayer time application
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    Touch control to accompany ball tiles, easy to play
    Attractive environment and picture effects
    really beautiful and nice song to relax
    Different backgrounds to give you a new experience every time you play.
    Beat your best score and challenge your friends to the challenge
    Share your record with friends & friends, compare with players around the world

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    "Shadow Era is a must-download for fans of CCGs." - TUAW

    "Shadow Era is a deep CCG that's easy to pick up, but nearly impossible to put down." - Slide To Play (4/4)

    "Shadow Era proves that digital TCG's can be just as fun as their real world counterparts." - Gamezebo


    - 67 new cards in the Lost Lands expansion, bringing the total to more than 600 cards
    - Amazing card art that is sure to wow you, even rivals the top trading card games!
    - View games in progress or replays to learn new strategies
    - Free to play Meltdown game mode with great weekly prizes
    - Cross-platform multiplayer pvp battles
    - Game Center leaderboards
    - Full support for Retina and iPad displays
    - Fantastic 3d graphics and special effects
    - Amazing custom soundtrack
    - Completely free to play! No "pay to win" here!
    - One of the most active communities of any TCG

    Please visit http://www.shadowera.com for the official game rules, full card list, tutorials, and forums.
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    Mental arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication... With Math Land, children will learn math while enjoying a real adventure packed with action and educational arithmetic games.

    Math Land is an educational video game for children and adults. With it they will learn and obtain reinforcement for the main mathematical operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    It is not just a math app—it's a real educational adventure!


    An evil pirate, Max, has stolen the sacred gems and has cursed the islands filling them with obstacles and traps. Help Ray, our pirate, find the gems and restore the natural order of things. Navigate your ship through the seas to get them, but remember: you will need a spyglass to discover new islands.
    Solve fun math games to get them. The islanders need you!


    Have fun with over 25 levels and negotiate all kinds of obstacles in order to get to the chest that holds the gem. It will be a real adventure—you'll have to deal with quicksand, bewitched parrots, volcanoes with lava, puzzle games, magic doors, funny carnivorous plants, etc. It will surprise you!


    For children aged 5-6:
    * Learning to add and subtract with very small numbers and amounts (1 to 10).
    * Sorting numbers from higher to lower.
    * Reinforcing mental arithmetic with already learned additions and subtractions.

    For children aged 7-8:
    * Learning to add and subtract with larger numbers and amounts (1 to 20).
    * Getting started on learning multiplication tables (the learning will be done gradually in order to track the children's progress).
    * Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 50).

    For children aged 9+ and adults:
    * More complex additions and subtractions, teaching mental association of numbers with different arithmetic strategies .
    * Reinforcing the learning of all multiplication tables.
    * Sorting numbers from higher to lower and vice versa, including negative numbers.
    * Mental division.


    Our development studio, DIDACTOONS, has extensive experience in developing educational apps and games that combine learning and fun. Proof of this is the success of our other three apps and their—at the moment—over three million downloads worldwide:

    * Dino Tim: An educational video game for learning shapes, numbers, and getting started on addition and subtraction.

    * Monster Numbers: A real educational adventure that blends pure arcade fun and learning mathematics.

    So don't miss it—download the educational game Math Land!


    Company: DIDACTOONS
    Educational video game: Math Land
    Recommended age: children aged 5+ and adults
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    AI-algorithms built into our system will suggest positions that fit you the best. Employers will be able to see you as a relevant match for their projects and will invite you for interviews. Don't lose your chance to become a part of another great inspiring project!

    — CV and portfolio creation
    — Interview scheduling
    — Management of personal availability

    It has never been so easy to find a dream job.
    Please reach out to us with any questions may have at [email protected]
  • Educate yoursilf - ثقف نفسك‎ APK
    Educate yoursilf thaqef nafsak general question the best app for Arabic

    Educateyoursilf application only on google play

    Try out educate yoursilf question for entertainment

    Try out educate yoursilf question application it contains a group of medium and difficult questions

    Try out educate yoursilf application to measure the extent of your knowledge to answer the questions

    Updated every week

    Try out educateyoursilf thaqef nafsak
  • SISMIC, Agitateur Numérique - Aveyron APK
    Entrepreneurs, Passionate, Committed!

    The SISMIC association was created in 2010 to ensure the development of digital technologies in rural areas!

    A few business leaders, starting from the observation that digital technology was not at the heart of economic debates, came together to address the issues that directly affected them ... While bearing in mind that the territory's economy was largely dependent on its ability to digitize quickly!

    A few years later, the pilgrims were joined, and, thanks to its members, the association represents an important part of the territory's economy!

    Our goal: To ensure that digital technology is one of the main issues that run through the minds of business leaders, artisans, traders, freelancers ... but also political figures who influence our territory in the medium term.

    This application allows you to be connected in your daily life to all our services and information within the SISMIC association:
    • Discover the association, its missions and the network of ICT companies in Sud-Massif Central.
    • Receive notifications directly on your smartphone so you don't miss any important news and appointments.
    • Access your member area in the application and chat with other users.
    • A QR code reader is integrated into the application.
    • Viewing offline content, sharing content on social networks, a "Favorites" section (certain information chosen by the user is saved in the device, as long as the user owns the application).

    Note: We have optimized the battery usage of our App, but please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease your battery life.

    SISMIC Association
    BP 3425 - 12034 Rodez Cedex 9
    Aveyron - Occitanie
  • Ratbli APK
    تطبيق رتب.لي هي احد مشاريع شركة نثريات لتقنية المعلومات وهي منصه مختصه في ربط مزودي الخدمه مع المستهلك لنتمكن من تنسيق حفلتك بكافة التفاصيل المطلوبه بمكان واحد مع خيارات الدفع المتعدده
  • Arti Sangrah (आरती संग्रह) APK
    Contains Navratri aarti with videos for easy prayers during fasting
    1. Shailputri Arti
    2. Bramhacharini Arti
    3. Chandraghanta Arti
    4. Kushmanda Arti
    5. Skandmata Arti
    6. Katyayani Arti
    7. Kaalratri Arti
    8. Mahagauri Arti
    9. Siddhidatri Arti
  • 360 Panorama Viewer APK
    360 Panorama Viewer allows to view 360° spherical panoramas from local storage.
  • Pancake house: Pancake recipes APK
    The pancake house app provides you with many recipes that you are looking for to prepare your delicious dish
    The pancake house application, we have chosen for you what is delicious from many international kitchens

    A pancake is a thin, flat, circular piece of cooked batter made from milk, flour, and eggs. Pancakes are often rolled up or folded and eaten hot with a sweet or savoury filling inside. In America, pancakes are usually eaten for breakfast, with butter and maple syrup.

    The application contains the following pancake recipes :
    1- fluffy Japanese
    2- Americanische
    3- Panan
    4- Keto dutch
    5- Oatmeal
    6- buttermilk
    7- without eggs
    8- Pumpkin pancake for Halloween
    9- healthy recipe
    10- peanut butter
    11- free gluten

    Privacy policy:

    Through this application pancake house , you will learn the correct way to make delicious pancakes at home without having to go to a restaurant to eat it .
  • Slice Them All APK
    In the game you control a huge and sharp knife. It will cut off any object it touches.
    Slice everything on the road!
    Have fun and enjoy!
  • Calming Piano Sounds APK
    Calming Piano Sounds for studying, sleeping, relaxing, etc.
    When you press a key on the piano it causes a small hammer inside the piano to hit a string or strings. Each key is connected to its own hammer or hammers which hit a specific string or number of strings. When the hammer hits a string, it vibrates and makes a sound that is tuned to a specific note.
    Now You can enjoy in Calming and Relaxing Sounds of Piano for free and without an ethernet connection.
    ***New Look***
  • IC2: Chooch AI Computer Vision APK
    IC2 is the free app for Android from Chooch AI, which uses artificial intelligence to tag objects in live video and still images. Chooch is used in the media, security, geospatial, healthcare, retail and many other industries for object recognition applications. Chooch AI is a complete computer vision and visual AI solution, from training and models to deployment on the edge or in the cloud.

    This computer vision Android app analyzes imagery and tags details about it including color, background, type, through visual recognition. This app demos the power of artificial intelligence from Chooch AI. The modern world is full of visual data, and Chooch's artificial intelligence is being trained to recognize more and more. In this application you can simply tag an object or face, then train Chooch to recognize it. This creates a new class in the Chooch Model Library through Artificial Intelligence. More details below, but download this amazing AI-based application to experience artificial intelligence on your Android phone.

    Chooch IC2 Computer Vision Android App Features:

    • Object recognition in real time.
    • Annotate and save images to the cloud.
    • Fast response times.
    • Detects 200,000 AI classes.
    • Complete computer vision solution for the enterprise.
    • Search objects in any image on Google.
    • Choose a photo from the gallery and tag it.
    • Tag details in any photo.
    • Flashlight options.
    • Very lightweight and easy to use Android application.
    • About the Chooch IC2 Visual AI App for Android:
    • Chooch IC2 gives users the experience of AI with their phone camera.

    Chooch IC2 uses AI models to quickly tag objects in live video and still images. It can also provide real-time facial recognition and object recognition. The video streams from your Android phone to the cloud where our inference engine returns metadata. This is a demo of the complete computer vision platform available to companies as an AIoT deployment on the edge or as an API cloud subscription. For enterprise applications, Chooch trains the artificial intelligence to be extremely accurate in specific areas.
    This computer vision app offers live object recognition features. Just aim your Android camera at a scene and Chooch will tell you what it sees. Focusing on a person, the application generates tags like age range, background, hairstyle, fashion and facial expressions. If you want more detailed information, tap the tag and it will direct the browser to a search query.

    In this app, you can also tag photos in your gallery. Upload a photo and Chooch IC2 will tag all the visual content by matching within its Model Library.

    The app has a flashlight option, so you can use the application at night as well. This app features a front as well as rear camera modes.
    You can train chooch to do object recognition. The next time a video stream with the same type of object is sent to the server, it'll show the tag you've trained it with. Simply tap the suggest icon.

    The visual AIl problem solved by Chooch is how to clone human visual expertise in a structured way. Computer vision from Chooch has many benefits per use case, from preventing account hacks to increasing medical precision, from decreasing manufacturing flaws to deepening our understanding of a our planet from space.

    So, install the amazing Chooch IC2 computer vision app now. If you find this application useful, please review it and share with friends and family through social media.
  • Kotaka's Adventure Kuster Vers APK
    kotaka is in his reflection environment, he sleeps and wakes up a day later than he should, and the video editing he had to make the delay and the kuster verse delays 10 years and the characters of Maicon are furious, kotaka has to put order in the house and fight for the world to return to normal.
  • Extreme Car Game : Drift Race APK
    Petrol-heads, motor-heads, turn to Extreme Car Game : Drift Race, the high octane driving challenge - test your skills and knowledge to the limit. Think you know cars? Extreme Car Game : Drift Race is a new card collecting game with over 1900 real life cars to collect, compare and compete in racing battles with other players.

    Build a garage of the best customized cars and create your very own perfect racing deck for supercharged action against your friends or other drivers. Whether you prefer a tuned up American muscle, a feisty Japanese hot rod or go turbo with European and agile, you'll find a car that gets your motor running in Extreme Car Game : Drift Race - the FREE car racing card collection game.

    Extreme Car Game : Drift Race is about racing cars across a variety of roads, tracks and challenges. If you like your driving fast and furious, you'll love Extreme Car Game : Drift Race. Hit the gas on asphalt circuits, slide your wheels around twisty circuits, master drifting in the G Force tests or speed to the chequered flag in a 1-100mph drag race. Choose Mustang, Camaro, Porsche Turbo, Audi TT or Nissan GTR, just make sure you've got the right car for the right track. You'll need a garage of cars fast in the wet, good off-road, can take corners and burn rubber for drag races.

    Why is Extreme Car Game : Drift Race the ultimate motorsport experience for every car enthusiast?


    - Build the perfect car racing deck from over 1900 officially licensed cars
    - Marques such as McLaren, Bugatti, Pagani, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Mustang, Golf, BMW, E30, E36, Lykan and many more
    - Real car stats sourced from Evo makes this the ultimate bench racing game
    - Unleash your cars on 100s of racing track challenges with our all-new Card Racing System
    - Manage, upgrade and tune your stock cars – be the best motorsport manager
    - Compete against your friends in thrilling scenarios including drag strips, race circuits & hill climbs
    - Compete against rivals to win exclusive cars in live multiplayer events
    - Weather effects and multiple surface types, including dirt tracks, asphalt and snow
    - Stunning car photography from one of the world's top car magazines
    - Turbocharged, addictive, fun racing strategy gameplay

    Own the road, start collecting the coolest new rides, customize with upgrades then sell on your tuned- up cars to build the perfect garage! Extreme Car Game : Drift Race has fast single player campaigns and multiplayer mayhem modes with speed battles to the chequered flag. Extreme Car Game : Drift Race is a combination of strategic card collecting with a motor-head racing theme!

    Get an edge by fusing your cars and push your hot wheels to the limit. Become driving champion with the best combination of performance, handling and grip. Start your engine. Hit the road with Extreme Car Game : Drift Race and unleash exciting updates, take to the track with the coolest, fastest cars including Porsche, McLaren and Mustang, plus enjoy new game modes and new events themed around global car culture.

    So, buckle up, stop dreaming and start driving.

    Download Extreme Car Game : Drift Race today and let them eat your dust.

    Extreme Car Game : Drift Race is FREE to play but offers some optional in-game items that can be purchased for real money. Extreme Car Game : Drift Race is an online game and requires a persistent internet connection to play.
  • Pipes Puzzle APK
    Puzzles are part of human nature. Recognize patterns, calculate and above all, have fun!
    One of the three points applies to you too? So feel free and join the pipes puzzle community!

    How to play this game:

    - Connect matching colors.
    - Combine all colors to solve the puzzle.
    - You cannot overlap the pipes!

    - Play free!
    - Without internet!
    - For mobile phones and tablets!
    - 100 Lvls for now but always updating and adding more!

    The App uses ads but you can also buy the "ad free version" (In-App)
  • Rolling Ball Balancer 3D: Challenge Everyone APK
    Rolling ball is a casual, extreme balancer, challenging and 3d game in which you have to balance the heavy round rock to reach the finish point, by passing the obstacles.

    The whole surrounding is full of sky and you have to balance the rock ball towards the destination by avoiding the hammers, catapult, rolling ground, and by rolling over the joint pipes.

    Rolling ball 3d comes with the single finger control, that is why it may be harder to balance and this is the mission of the game to balance the ball.

    Rolling ball balancer is a challenging game, so make a record by winning all the levels. First level is easier and last one is hardest, but not impossible.
    So get ready for the extreme and heavy challenging game, Rolling ball balancer 3d.
    Enjoy the game !
  • Kill Samurai APK
    Slain your enemies master
  • The Pillar APK
    Move Pillar in limited place to reach the target with roll and move.
  • Box Madness APK
    A step forward to the classic SOKOBAN-type puzzle game based on the mechanics of pushing boxes to put them on the place marked on the board.
    Different colored boxes, sliding floors, and more news have been added to the classic rules.
    Very addictive game that will test your intelligence at each level.
    The first levels start out easy, but then they get harder and you can't stop. You will always find a challenge tailored to you!

    Game rules:
    * You have to place each box on the place marked with an "X"
    * Each box must be placed on the mark of the same color.
    * You can push the boxes, but you cannot pull them.
    * You can only push one box at a time.
    * You cannot pass through walls or boxes.

    - Retro 2D style for easy gameplay.
    - 72 original levels. New levels added with each version.
    - Three handling modes:
    - Tap a point on the board to move there.
    - Slide your finger on a touchpad to indicate the direction to move
    - Press the cursors on the screen.
    - Zoom and pan of the board.
    - Step back button, to undo the last movement.
    - You can ask tips to solve each level step by step.
    - Get achievements and scores on Google Play.
    - Get points and coins by completing levels. You will need the points to advance to next page. You can use the coins to ask tips to solve the level and to get extra "steps back".
    - TOTALLY FREE! You can finish all levels without paying a single cent!
    - NO INTRUSIVE ADS! You won't see any ads you don´t want to, and without paying a cent.

    In this game we have gone beyond the classic SOKOBAN:
    - The boxes are colored. Each box must be placed on the mark of the same color.
    - There are levels with puddles of oil and the boxes slide.
    - There are levels with ice on the ground, and ... you also slip!
    All of this adds gameplay and new challenges never seen before in this game genre.
    Do you dare to try it?
    Will you get better scores than your friends?
  • DIY Fidget Toy Maker Pop It APK
    Play this ASMR based oddly satisfying game that includes all your favorite anti-stress and antianxiety sensory fidget toys for anger management, destress calm & satisfaction.

    Have you ever thought about a satisfying and relaxing game to release stress in minutes? If your answer is Yes! Then you are at the right forum of toymaker, endless calming games. In this DIY fidgets pop making game, you will find ideas on how to make simple dimple pop it step by step. Make Pop its with infinity cubes, Fidget Spinners, Squishies, Tangles, and Boinks in the antistress kinetic game.

    How to play:
    - It's the most popular relaxing popit game filled with lots of fidget toy designs.
    - Choose your favorite fidget toy maker machine and select from Some of our figet toys like Pop it Fidget, Fidget Bubble, Bean Toy, Slice Sand, Bubble Wrap are available in this popit shredded game.
    - Select the colorful pop it jellies and press the button to drag the materials around and place them in the pop it molds as you like.
    - Press them into shape and your push pop us digit fidget toy is done. Make it pop the bubbles as much as you want.

    Features :
    - Realistic Pop it 3d fidget toy maker game for relaxing and stress relieving big size push popping sounds.
    - Pop It fidget trading master can help you counteract restlessness. If you don't Focus on one thing, this giant sensory fidget popper can help.
    - Various levels for stress relief and anti-nervousness.
    - Virtual diy for pop it fidget toy 3D simulator.
    - DIY simple dimple pop its maker, pop it creator & pop up magical sounds.
    - The pop bubble fidget toy is effective for people with autism special needs stress reliever, anxiety and restore emotions.

    Kids love popit toys, it keeps their hands busy and minds recharge/stimulated. Make pop-it in different shapes like rainbow hearts, popop animals, flower popers, and other popular poppit shapes. Become a sensory fidget toymaker and trading master by playing a satisfying pop up, relaxing, and soothing 3D poppet maker bubble wrap game.