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This application searches for all images and videos that are not showing in the gallery.These, sometimes legitimate files, can be unnecessary and take up valuable space on your device. These are for example:- Ads- Files sent with WhatsApp (and therefore duplicated)- etc ...Images and videos can be masked with basically three techniques:1. .nomedia files placed in directories to tell Android not to index files there.2. Hidden directories or files by giving them a name starting with a period.3. Files disguised by giving them an extension that is not that of an image or a video.This application is able to detect all these cases.The results are presented in two lists (images and videos) which can be filtered. A long press allows you to select the files to be able to delete them (be careful not to delete the files required by the applications).This application is guaranteed without collection of personal data!

Apk Info:
File Name com.newmod.reveal-hidden-media-1-0-g
App Download Version: 1.0
Price Free
Apk Size 4.2M
Download 34
Last Update Time Nov 22, 2020
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
40 total





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    A mobile application that allows the user to store their personal cards (ID, Insurance, Driving license …etc) and share it with our registered partners securely via a QR code, which frees the user from having to carry all these cards at all times
  • Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme Mod APK

    Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme Mod APK


    ✨Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme with new cool fonts and fun emojis is now available! Get this Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme, grab the chance to make your phone more stylish and trendy than ever before! Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme will bring your phone the most fashionable personalized optimization. In the meantime, Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme has the most fantastic typing experience. Download and install Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme for free right now!

    You will experience unbelievable pleasing, fluent and fast when you type with Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme. Your wish to customize your phone can be satisfied 100 percent by Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme. No doubt you will love Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme.

    ✨How to Use Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme:
    * Note: Please download and activate our keyboard first.
    * Download Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme from Play Store and open it.
    * Click the APPLY button or the preview picture of Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme.
    * Bravo! You have installed and applied Classic 3d Mechanical Keyboard Theme.

    ✨Privacy and Security:
    We will never collect your personal info and collect the photos you set as HD wallpapers. We only use the words typed by you to make the predictions more accurate.

    ✨Features including but not limited to:
    * Gesture typing;
    * Next-Word suggestion;
    * Auto correction;
    * Sticker Suggestion;
    * Voice input;
    * Copy, cut and paste straight from emoticon keyboard;
    * A lot more new features improving your typing wishing you to experience;
    * Our Keyboard which has been loved deeply by over 20 million users support over 150 languages and still counting;
    * Our Keyboard is the most personalized keyboard for Android with all categories of stylish android themes offering in our keyboard theme center;
    * Our Keyboard provides amount of free and perfect stylish & fashion keyboard HD wallpapers to decorate your phone background, like anime HD wallpaper, cute HD wallpaper, emoji HD wallpaper and so on. For example, glitter HD wallpapers, delicate themes, cool themes, cute themes, animal themes, luxury themes, high tech theme, etc. You can always find your favorite;
    * Our Keyboard allows you to customize keyboard theme by choosing your own photos, HD wallpapers, emojis HD wallpapers, applock pictures or launcher pictures. You can also change the theme colors (including background and buttons), customize the font styles, fonts sizes and colors! Be the designer yourself, hold your own style;
    * Our Keyboard is compatible with almost all android phones, including Samsung (S Series like S9, S9 +, S8, S8 +, etc.; Note Series like Note 8, Note 7, etc.), Huawei, Honor, LG, HTC,OPPO, VIVO, Smartisan, XIAOMI, MEIZU, One Plus, Lenovo, Moto, etc.

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    Become the biggest gaming tycoon and manage your own esports organization in the new esports manager game, FIVE. Designed for mobile-first, you can play FIVE online for free anywhere, anytime - while you are AFK in CS, streaming tournaments, on the go or if “duty calls”.

    Experience iconic multiplayer modes where you overwatch 5v5 matches and where the tactics of familiar maps become your greatest weapon on the battleground.

    FIVE is not an FPS (First-Person Shooter), but you will get the action of an FPS without the need to aim the crosshair for big clutches. Immerse yourself in amazing 3D graphics and feel the thrill of winning your ladder, league or major even while being idle!

    Whether you want to rush B go for eco or camp away from the crossfire, there is a tactic for your style and your favorite map. Train your players to make absolute apex snipes, flashes, flicks, frags, clutches and much more to counter enemy teams in your bracket and get the sweet feeling of calling out GG in the end.

    Customize your loadout and show off epic and legendary weapon skins, characters and stickers to make opponents jealous. As you play, you unlock bigger and better skin cases that will have your players look like pros.

    While some of your players in FIVE become FPS legends on the battlefield, others are destined for entertainment. Draft an army of streamers like Ninja or Shroud to get featured on sites similar to Twitch and HLTV.

    Make aces and clutches when you strike down friends and other real managers in ranked matches to let them know that they are as bad as bots. The more you play, the more you will boost your understanding of what it takes to be an esports manager.

    Your team will progress through the popular ELO system in ranked matches or in simulated tournaments inspired by ESL, Faceit and ESEA you normally follow on Twitch and HLTV.

    Who knows - maybe in real life you will eventually own a CSGO, CoD, Fortnite or PUBG FPS team one day!

    Note: An internet-connection is required to play this game.
  • Assassin Dark Ninja Mod APK

    Assassin Dark Ninja Mod APK


    Overcome the obstacles! Do you want to be a powerful ninja? Destroy the ninjas you encounter! be quick and win. Go play to be professional assassin ninja
    * 11 challenging levels on each other
    * one button play
    * impressive visual effects
    * best graphics
    * best sound fx and music
  • Doug vs Daniel Heads Up Poker Hands Mod APK

    Doug vs Daniel Heads Up Poker Hands Mod APK


    Doug vs Daniel app records all hands played in the poker heads-up match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu. Real high stakes feud at its best, hand crafted just for you to replay, analyse and train from it!

    Main features of this app are:
    * Lookup any session, any hand quickly. Replay the session at your own pace. Don't waste hours and hours of your valuable time going through video footage.
    * Explore their stats and frequencies in depth. Nice graphs helps you understand how each one played.
    * Fancy playing as Doug or Daniel? We got it covered! Replay the whole session in their shoes and compare your decision with theirs.

    Gain access to all the hand histories when you want it and how you want it. This is one poker app that you don't to miss out! Get it now!
  • IEP Cristo Rey Chorrillos Web Mod APK

    IEP Cristo Rey Chorrillos Web Mod APK


    Exclusive application from the community of Colegio Cristo Rey Chorrillos, for communication between parents, students, teachers and staff of the institution.
  • UlimaExpo Mod APK

    UlimaExpo Mod APK


    ULimaExpo is a virtual exhibition platform that allows users to explore 3D galleries on mobile devices.

    How to move in the virtual gallery?
    - Use the left joystick with your finger and slowly push up or down to move forward or backward.
    - Use the right joystick left or right, up or down to rotate.
    - Press the crouch button and view the content at the bottom.
  • BizzNet Mobile F.O.Z. App Mod APK

    BizzNet Mobile F.O.Z. App Mod APK


    The BizzNet app is the universal data collection tool for mobile workers. Time recording, location and document management are recorded with smartphones and then processed in the best possible workflow. Whether in their existing systems or on the best platforms at our partners, the collected data is refined into management information.
    Time recording: The capture of even the most complex processes is so easily implemented that the employee no longer has to think. The recorded raw data are then calculated according to collective or collective agreements but also according to company-specific regulations. Diets, triggers, overtime, allowances are calculated, as well as automatic breaks. Various wage types such as travel times, driving times, readiness or bad weather rules can be read out at the push of a button. If you already have a time recording software in use, we provide data to your SAP, P & I, HR Soft, RZA, BMD, RZL in their desired format. The mobile phone delivers data in the format of the most common terminals such as KABA Benzing, Isgus, Ganter, Datafox, etc. They simply work in your usual environment and get the data in your system from anywhere in the world in real time.
    Location: A plausibility check of this data is possible. But also a representation of the visited places is possible on a GPS platform. This will give you a clear market advantage over your customers. Whether green space maintenance, winter service or just document the presence at the customer. With the BizzNet Smart Reporting, we enhance the movement data of the vehicle and employees with management information
    Document management: No matter if photos of the construction site or delivery note or order form or Aufmaßskizze or ....
    All these documents are indexed automatically and can be tagged by the employee according to five freely definable criteria. So you have the documents immediately in the company and also the information that only the local employee can know. These data are stored on our servers in the secure, certified data center for you or passed on immediately to their servers.

    This application is currently only available to a limited group of users, for demonstration purposes the user name "0000" and the password "test" can be used.
  • Kondrashov.Lab Mod APK

    Kondrashov.Lab Mod APK


    Easy registration

    Drive multiple vehicles

    Easy setup and management

    * Arm and disarm the car
    * Start and stop the engine without distance limitation
    * Ability to run the DVR
    * Configure the autostart parameters by timer and temperature, set the engine warm-up time
    * In an emergency, use the "Anti-theft" mode: the car engine will stall at a safe distance from you
    * Switch the security to the service mode, transferring the car for diagnostics or repair
    * Find your car in the parking lot by short siren sound
    * Set up the shock and tilt sensors individually or disable them if you park in a noisy place
    * Bind commands convenient for you to control buttons

    Clear status indication

    * Make sure the car is under guard
    * Check the status of the hood lock
    * All "alarm" events are clear at a glance, thanks to the intuitive interface
    * Find out the current balance of the SIM card, battery charge, engine and interior temperature

    Vehicle event notifications

    * Receive PUSH notifications about events happening with the car (for example, alarm, engine start, disarming)
    * Choose only notifications that are relevant to you
    * Scroll through the history log to see when the car's engine started
    * Find out the balance of the SIM-card of the equipment: alerts about low balance will come in the PUSH-notification

    Vehicle search and monitoring

    * Full monitoring with track display. View tracks, total route length, route speed
    * Find your vehicle on the online map in seconds
    * View your own location
  • Animal Farm Frenzy (Clicker) Mod APK

    Animal Farm Frenzy (Clicker) Mod APK


    This is the perfect time for new exciting and fun adventures! And today we are waiting for not just a walk in the Park, but a real farm that we will have to visit and work a little. After all, it's time to harvest.
    Our fun farm and all its inhabitants are looking forward to seeing you. What is the secret of happiness? Animals on the farm "animal farm Fun" know the answer!
    This game is a fun and exciting animal farm simulator. Here in the management of your character will be a real animal farm where you will need to take care of Pets. Your hero, as a real farmer, will have to do all these exciting and interesting things. Will he be able to cope with such a large farm? We'll check it out!
    Here, fun and joy reigns all year round! Pigs grunt contentedly under the gentle rays of the sun, cows frolic on the juicy grass, chickens cackle on their cozy perches.

    Animal farm fun game is a unique game of its kind that will interest not only boys, but also girls. It will clearly show and help you find out how the farm is run, how it works, what animals are there and how to take care of them.
    Farm for animals is an exciting game that you can play for hours on the fly, and that will be able to entertain him when you are bored, and your gamer will definitely want to play it again and again. Playing it, your hero will create his own small cozy world in which he will not be bored for a minute, show all the charm and beauty of a real farm, and at the same time - without leaving home.
    • You can't help but love these cute animals!
    • An abundance of levels will not let you get bored!
    * Find your way to victory!
  • Radio Adoooro Mod APK

    Radio Adoooro Mod APK


    Radio Adoooro

    Rádio Adoooro comes with the objective of presenting a new concept of radio, bringing the values ​​of conventional radio to the internet with all technology and connectivity in the fastest growing medium in the world, without losing its main characteristics.

    A modern, relaxed radio, with professional responsibility and ethics, a cheerful and innovative format.

    -------------------------------------------------- ---

    ❤ Developer: Virtues Media & Apps Agency - Application Agency

    ✪ APPRADIO.PRO: www.appradio.pro

    ✪ Website: www.virtues.ag

    ✪ E-mail: [email protected]

    ✪ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AgenciaVirtues

    ✪ Google: https://goo.gl/82B9SK

    ✪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/agvirtues

    ✪ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/contasvirtues

    ✪ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agvirtues
  • Scanner de encomendas - América Residencial Mod APK

    Scanner de encomendas - América Residencial Mod APK


    Order scanner for the America Residencial condominium
  • SYOS Install Mercados Mod APK

    SYOS Install Mercados Mod APK


    SYOS device installation app for markets
  • WAGO - Wartel Gontor Mod APK

    WAGO - Wartel Gontor Mod APK


    This is the application that provide by Warung Telekomunikasi PMDG (Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor) that student can communicate with they parent by video call



    Now you can buy online what you like so much.

    Candies, chocolates, drinks, perfumery, fast foods to prepare. Abnás in cash or by debit or credit card.

    We take you to your house in 30 minutes

  • Stereorey Argentina Mod APK

    Stereorey Argentina Mod APK


    The Maximum Dimension of the Radius. Sounding with Hi-Res audio quality, the first of its kind in Argentina, reaching more listeners every day who are looking for a leading and leading medium in the province, the country and the world.

    We are a medium affiliated to the MVS Radio group - Reaching several countries and with more than 90,000,000 listeners
  • Tapovan Science School Mod APK

    Tapovan Science School Mod APK


    Test Series platform features:
    • Synchronization of online test on Web and Mobile App which is accessible 24/7.
    • Instant scorecard after submitting the online test.
    • All India ranking
    • Detailed reports for proper Test Analysis
    • Analyze performance by comparing with toppers
    • Bookmark questions and review them anytime
    • Focus on weak areas and work upon it.
    • Resume anytime – anywhere on your Android Device.
  • Leds Cube Mod APK

    Leds Cube Mod APK


    A little history of creation
    As you know, increasing the matrix and its resolution increases the sensitivity and quality of the photo, but this is not an endless pattern. To make high-quality photos in low light, you need an additional light source. It is often more profitable to install it next to the object being photographed.

    Development and creation
    In November 2019, the initiative group of our company, having enlisted the support of one of the Russian manufacturing plants (the main contractor of the project), developed this device. Only the Godox A1 device was officially sold in the mobile gadgets market. A focus group was created, the design and functionality of the future device was determined. At the stage of creating a schematic diagram, it was decided to make the device as small as possible (36.5X38.5X38.5 mm) and direct most of all resources to the development and manufacture of high-quality and user-friendly software.

    Market situation and certification
    In December 2019, this category of gadgets, according to the order of the government of the Russian Federation No. 589 dated 05/14/2019 under the commodity nomenclature code 9006, is subject to mandatory certification using Data Matrix codes. Also on December 24, 2019, Apple on its American website announces a device of 2 types, similar in characteristics, "Joby beamo" and "Joby beamo mini". Later, another device, the Lume Cube, was announced, which won first place at the US CES and most distinguished itself on the Kickstarter project. Significantly higher cost analogs of our device "LEDS CUBE" and the mandatory certification of this product category made it unprofitable to sell foreign gadgets of this category in the Russian Federation.

    Thus, our development is not only an exclusively Russian product, but also affordable in terms of pricing.
  • getupd.io - Приложение компании Mod APK

    getupd.io - Приложение компании Mod APK


    getupd.io - Company Application is a Connector module that implements a customizable mobile application for the Planfix system
  • Pixie the Pony - My Virtual Pet Mod APK

    Pixie the Pony - My Virtual Pet Mod APK


    Take a chance to have a virtual pony that you've always wanted. Your pony likes running, swimming, gardening, watching beautiful butterflies and, mostly, being a part of your life! Adopt the cutest pony in the world and make your dreams come true.

    Take care of your pet's feeding, sleeping and health. Shower your pony under the waterfall or wash him in a lake. For a good and quiet sleep, put the pony in a stable and turn off the sun.

    Explore pony's green land, lake, prairie and steppe. Grow your own vegetables, cereals and fruits like carrots, wheat, apples and many more. Plant flowers to attract butterflies so you can fill all pages in your butterfly collection album. You can customize pony's home, stable, castle and trees to create a dream world for your pony.

    Have fun playing different mini games, like Diamond Connect, Flying Pony, Pony Jumping and Pony Racing. Earn coins to do a pony makeover and unleash your creativity. Make a rainbow unicorn, galaxy pony, fairy pony and many others. Complete as many funny quests as possible to get super shiny rewards.

    Your cute pet needs some loving care. We promise you'll have the best virtual pony in the world!

    This game is free to play but certain in-game items and features, also some of those mentioned in game description, may require payment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Please check your device settings for more detailed options regarding in-app purchases.
    The game contains advertising for Bubadu's products or some third parties which will redirect users to our or third-party site or app.

    Privacy policy: https://bubadu.com/privacy-policy.shtml
    Terms of service: https://bubadu.com/tos.shtml
  • Reveal Hidden Media v1.0-G Mod (Free purchase)
    This application searches for all images and videos that are not showing in the gallery.

    These, sometimes legitimate files, can be unnecessary and take up valuable space on your device. These are for example:
    - Ads
    - Files sent with WhatsApp (and therefore duplicated)
    - etc ...

    Images and videos can be masked with basically three techniques:

    1. .nomedia files placed in directories to tell Android not to index files there.
    2. Hidden directories or files by giving them a name starting with a period.
    3. Files disguised by giving them an extension that is not that of an image or a video.

    This application is able to detect all these cases.

    The results are presented in two lists (images and videos) which can be filtered. A long press allows you to select the files to be able to delete them (be careful not to delete the files required by the applications).

    This application is guaranteed without collection of personal data!