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Find out the remaining battery capacity

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File Name com.ph03nix_x.capacityinfo
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Price Free
Apk Size 3.12 MB
Download 10,000
Last Update Time Nov 17, 2022
Min 5.0 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

The application will help you find out how much capacity is left in your batteryInstruction:1.In order for the application to show the remaining capacity, put the device on charge, while the service must be turned on.2.For a more accurate display of the remaining capacity, charge the device fully until "Status: Charged" is displayed.3.If charging occurs after reaching 100%, then this is normal. Modern devices continue to charge for some time after reaching 100%.4.If the design capacity is incorrect, change it in the application settings.5.If the current capacity and/or charge/discharge current and/or voltage is not displayed correctly, then change the unit in the application settings.ATTENTION! Do not kill the service. If the shell of your device likes to "kill" applications, or completely "kills" applications when cleaning the most recently launched applications or when removing an application from the most recently launched applications, or you use power saving, add this application to all possible exceptions. If your firmware has an application startup setting, be sure to ensure that this application can start after loading the OS, if you want the application to start automatically after loading the OSFAQ:Question: How does the app work?Answer: Residual capacity is formed on the basis of the current capacity upon reaching 100% and the status of "Charged". During charging, an "attempt" is made to find out the residual capacity by the following formula: current capacity / (battery level / 100). If the charge level = 1% or 0%, or when it reaches 100%, charging continues, then instead of calculating, the current capacity is displayed in the remaining capacity. The current capacity is taken from the kernel of the OS, by the Android API itself, which allows you to get the current capacity without root rights. The kernel takes the current capacity from the battery itself and writes it to the "charge_counter" file (file path: /sys/class/power_supply/battery). On how accurate the current capacity depends on the battery and the core itself.Question: What is considered to be "Capacity Added"?Answer: "Capacity Added" is considered very simple: the current capacity - capacity, which was before you connected the charging.Question: I have everything (or almost everything) in zeros. Why?Answer: Because the manufacturer of your device has saved on various sensors. And since the kernel cannot get the value, it returns 0.Question: Very large or small numbers are shown in the current capacity, charge/discharge current, voltage.Answer: Go to the settings, in the "Misc" section, expand all the settings and change the unit of measurement.Question: The current capacity has ceased to be displayed, although it was previously displayed (or is displayed, but not always).Answer: This means that the battery is coming or has already come to an end. If everything is in order with the battery, then the firmware kernel or the controller, which gives the current capacity, may be buggy.Question: The device is not supported. Add device support.Answer: Alas, this is impossible, since it depends primarily on the battery and secondarily on the OS kernel. Therefore, setting 1 and writing about what is not supported, as well as asking to add support for a device, is pointless. You can bet 1, but think about it three times: is it worth spoiling the average rating for the application due to the fact that your battery or core does not give up the current capacity?Supported Languages:• English• Română• Беларуская• Русский• УкраїнськаIf you want to help with the translation and you do not have a GitHub account, then follow this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DoBUA5wye-vGw8Me6b-7Y44iXfpBSu91All suggestions for improving the application should be written to E-Mail: [email protected] or to Telegram: @Ph03niX_X

  • Capacity Info: Find out battery wear v2.7.0.5 Mod (Free purchase)

    Capacity Info: Find out battery wear v2.7.0.5 Mod (Free purchase)


    The application will help you find out how much capacity is left in your battery


    1.In order for the application to show the remaining capacity, put the device on charge, while the service must be turned on.
    2.For a more accurate display of the remaining capacity, charge the device fully until "Status: Charged" is displayed.
    3.If charging occurs after reaching 100%, then this is normal. Modern devices continue to charge for some time after reaching 100%.
    4.If the design capacity is incorrect, change it in the application settings.
    5.If the current capacity and/or charge/discharge current and/or voltage is not displayed correctly, then change the unit in the application settings.

    ATTENTION! Do not kill the service. If the shell of your device likes to "kill" applications, or completely "kills" applications when cleaning the most recently launched applications or when removing an application from the most recently launched applications, or you use power saving, add this application to all possible exceptions. If your firmware has an application startup setting, be sure to ensure that this application can start after loading the OS, if you want the application to start automatically after loading the OS


    Question: How does the app work?
    Answer: Residual capacity is formed on the basis of the current capacity upon reaching 100% and the status of "Charged". During charging, an "attempt" is made to find out the residual capacity by the following formula: current capacity / (battery level / 100). If the charge level = 1% or 0%, or when it reaches 100%, charging continues, then instead of calculating, the current capacity is displayed in the remaining capacity. The current capacity is taken from the kernel of the OS, by the Android API itself, which allows you to get the current capacity without root rights. The kernel takes the current capacity from the battery itself and writes it to the "charge_counter" file (file path: /sys/class/power_supply/battery). On how accurate the current capacity depends on the battery and the core itself.

    Question: What is considered to be "Capacity Added"?
    Answer: "Capacity Added" is considered very simple: the current capacity - capacity, which was before you connected the charging.

    Question: I have everything (or almost everything) in zeros. Why?
    Answer: Because the manufacturer of your device has saved on various sensors. And since the kernel cannot get the value, it returns 0.

    Question: Very large or small numbers are shown in the current capacity, charge/discharge current, voltage.
    Answer: Go to the settings, in the "Misc" section, expand all the settings and change the unit of measurement.

    Question: The current capacity has ceased to be displayed, although it was previously displayed (or is displayed, but not always).
    Answer: This means that the battery is coming or has already come to an end. If everything is in order with the battery, then the firmware kernel or the controller, which gives the current capacity, may be buggy.

    Question: The device is not supported. Add device support.
    Answer: Alas, this is impossible, since it depends primarily on the battery and secondarily on the OS kernel. Therefore, setting 1 and writing about what is not supported, as well as asking to add support for a device, is pointless. You can bet 1, but think about it three times: is it worth spoiling the average rating for the application due to the fact that your battery or core does not give up the current capacity?

    Supported Languages:

    • English
    • Română
    • Беларуская
    • Русский
    • Українська

    If you want to help with the translation and you do not have a GitHub account, then follow this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DoBUA5wye-vGw8Me6b-7Y44iXfpBSu91

    All suggestions for improving the application should be written to E-Mail: [email protected] or to Telegram: @Ph03niX_X
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    Acrostics, also known as Crostics, Anacrostics, and Double-Crostics, are like crossword puzzles with a bonus prize. The app includes 50 quality puzzles from Puzzle Baron, Acrostics by Cyn, Penny Press, Acrostica and Lovatts Puzzles. Your goal is to reveal a hidden quote in a grid by correctly answering crossword-style clues. This combination of crossword and cryptogram will stretch your brain with an entertaining workout. Each letter in the quote is linked to a letter in one of the clue answers. As you fill in more and more answers, more letters will begin to fill the quote grid, until eventually the entire quote is revealed. You can also do this in reverse. As words of the quote become clear, they will fill in the clue answers!

    Designed for fast and easy play, Acrostics lets you concentrate on solving the clues without all the erasing of pencil and paper solving. The result is pure puzzle solving fun with no ads or distractions!

    Advanced play features include automatic grid updating and indexing, see related cells, multi-level undo, remove errors, and hints. A wide range of difficulty levels will challenge beginners and seasoned players alike.

    Acrostics includes more than 50 additional puzzle packs available for purchase, each for about the price of a mocha java caramel swirl Frappuccino. Pick your favorite publisher or try something different. These will provide HOURS and HOURS of fun!

    If you like word games, crosswords or cryptograms, acrostics are a fun way to exercise your brain!

    Quality Software by Egghead Games. Contact us at [email protected] or www.eggheadgames.com. We stand by our products and will happily refund your purchase if you're not completely happy.

    This app contains puzzles licensed from: www.acrostica.com, www.acrosticsbycyn.com, www.pennydellpuzzles.com, www.puzzlebaron.com and lovattspuzzles.com.
  • Sea Cogs: Idle Base Building
    Underwater Steampunk Idle Engineer - build your mechanical empire on the sea bed, explore the idle ocean and construct incredible contraptions with cogs in the depth!

    Start your awesome underwater steampunk survival adventure. Build underwater factory, connect the cogwheels for the most efficient work in the idle game mode. Tap volcanoes for oxygen, drill the seabed and mine the ore.

    Employ octopuses and whales, explore the world with mechanical crabs, fish and submarines! Even the squirrels will help you, if you supply them with oxygen. Upgrade your incredible contraptions and connect the cogs to become the ultimate idle sea tycoon.

    Features of this addictive idle game
    • Various mad science contraptions, which can be connected in multiple fun ways. Ability to construct factory machines makes this game stand out among standard idle clicker tycoon games
    • You start in a small research station at the bottom of an ocean and work for survival in the idle ocean, but then you expand down, up, left and right
    • Tutorial gives you the basic concepts, but to ultimately succeed you must be a real researcher and uncover hidden gameplay mechanics
    • Engines will work while you are away, producing you idle cash
    • Big community in Discord: share your creation to 9500 group members
    • Contains only rewarded ads, which are launched by the player to increase earnings
    • Game works in offline mode without internet connection
    • Receive your daily reward by catching a submarine

    This is the Underwater, world of Steampunk Idle Spinner series. The first version of idle game with spinning cogwheels was made during a 3-days gamejam. The Underwater world was the most demanded by players' votes. This world introduces many new concepts unique to the series. They are:

    • Reworked game engine with "pins" concept, which let design even the most bizarre machines interactions and contraptions
    • Resources production chains. Money is produced from air, various gases can be combined to create new substances
    • Playable area expansion. Sideways expansion is performed with clockwork crabs and submarines, upwards expansion: with main base upgrades and downwards: by drilling the seabed
    • Wide usage of taps together with spins for interaction with machines. Tap tap to mine faster
    • New objects are not only bought, but also discovered (treasure chests, more underwater volcanoes, ore deposits)
    • Machines purchase interface is the most convenient here.

    Players continue giving new suggestions, which eventually appear in the game

    Available machines and entities:
    • Underwater volcano - produces oxygen or other gases
    • Cog 2:1 - increases rotating speed, basic for idle factory building
    • Hammer - automatically hits the attached machines
    • Clockwork engine - spins the cog it while you are away
    • Tap accumulator - stores your taps and transmits them to the coins
    • Bubble duplicator - steampunk building which duplicates the bubbles
    • Clockwork crab - discovers new territories for you
    • Drill - as you spin it, drills down, finds the deposits of ore and produces coins
    • Mechanical fish - transports resources to your base
    • Octopus - extracts tentacles and spins cogs
    • Air pipe - transports air
    • Whale attractor - emits infrasound, which attracts whales
    • Squirrel wheel - powerful engine, when fed with air bubbles
    • Water filter - filters gold from the water
    • Gas mixer - mixes air with the red gas and produces green gas
    • Base booster - gathers red or green gas and boosts your base
    • Treasure lootbox - you'll find it occasionally on a seabed. Tap it do get some gold
    • Submarines factory - floats in the water, as you spin its cog, will produce Scout submarines
    • Scout submarine - expands your visible idle ocean aquatory

    Your idle ocean colony is inhabited with an aquanaut, inventor, capitalist and biologist. Each sea hero is on a quest of survival and base building. They can find lootcrate, tame a whale or build an underwater base together.
  • 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator
    3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator App is both a 3D car configurator tool and a game at the same time. 3D tuning App gives you the possibility to customize hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes in unprecedented photorealistic quality and detail. With our huge range of car parts, customization features and design options, you will easily create THE build that perfectly fits your style.

    More than 1000 models popular among automotive fans in the US and around the world:
    - Truck configurator: almost all generations of legendary classic and modern US and Japanese trucks starting from 1950's;
    - Muscle Car Configurator: wide selection of classic and modern American muscle cars ranging from all time classics to now-a-days bestsellers.
    - Tuning configurator: most popular cars, bikes, choppers, SUVs and even semi-trucks from US and around the world.

    3D TUNING is more than just a configurator:
    - Test your automotive design skills by challenging other 3DTuning users;
    - Create your unique Garage of cars, trucks and bikes;
    - Post your creations to Timeline, get Likes and Comments from your friends and automotive fans worldwide;
    - Share photos and videos of your tunings to your social accounts;
    - Discover millions of customized vehicles created by other “tuning masters” from the US and around the world.

    - Huge selection of latest car, truck and bike models, as well as most popular classic models of the 20th and 21st century;
    - Fully detailed 3D car models with HD quality renderings and lots of interactive elements;
    - Tens of thousands of branded, custom, vehicle specific and universal fit car, truck and bike parts;
    - Unique collection of wheels, wide body-kits, bumpers, spoilers, fenders, lift-kits, splitters, diffusers, off-road and sport tires, grille guards and bull bars, mufflers and exhausts, base racks and chase racks, bed liners, decals and many more car part categories;
    - On-line auto parts catalogue - item specifications, official vendor information and dealer locator available;
    - Customization and configuration options include colors and finishes, suspension level and camber/offset settings, lights on and engine sounds feature, custom backgrounds applications and many more;
    - Application is integrated with 3DTuning.com website, so your unique car garage is always at your disposal, while constant and frequent content updates are immediately available on all devices.

    Car/Truck/Bike list includes models from the following popular categories:
    Sedans, Luxury Sedans, Sport Sedans, Coupes, Sport Cars, Station Wagons, Hatchbacks, Convertibles, Sport-Utility Vehicles, Minivans, Pickup Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Motorbikes, Choppers, Classic Cars, Classic Trucks, Pony Cars, JDM's, Muscle Cars, American Muscle Cars, American Trucks, Performance Cars, Super Cars/Hyper Cars and many more.

    Car/Truck/Bike part components list includes the following categories:
    Wheels, Brakes, Tires, Off Road Tires, Bumpers, Fenders, Body Kits, Step bars, Headlights, Taillights, Roof Light Bars, Hood, Hood Scoops, Hood Vents, Side Mirrors, Exhaust systems, Mufflers, Grilles, Base Racks, Tonneau Covers, Decals, Lift kits, Chase Racks, Door Vents, Bull Bars, Grille Guards, Emblems, Fog Lights, Hitches, Led Light Bars, Lower Grilles, Skid Plates, Wind Deflectors, Bed Liners, Bed Steps, Camper Shells, Tool Boxes, Antennas, Exterior Trims, Canards, Splitters, Headlight Covers, Headlight Tints, Side Lips, Spoiler, Window Louvres, Diffusers, Taillight Covers, Fender Scoops, Brake Rotors, Engine Guards, Tanks, Gas Caps, Handlebars, Gas Caps, Seat Cowls, Front Fairings and many more.

    [email protected]
  • Steampunk Idle Spinner Factory
    A world of unbelievable science and incredible idle contraptions is waiting for you! All what you have in your factory workshop at first is an ingenious reactor machine, which produces coins as you spin the cogwheel. But this is the beginning of your idle assembly line. Earn money to upgrade the reactor or buy more cogs and gear, such as engines, pumps, hammers or wagons for the money factory. Engineering genius, experienced miner, dimensions researcher and other steampunk characters will help you on your way to become an ultimate idle tycoon

    The way you combine the details into an awesome steampunk contraption, affects your money earnings in this idle construction tycoon game. The exploration never ends: once the laboratory is fully equipped, the Portal to the other steampunk/dieselpunk/gaslamp fantasy worlds appears. Clockwork cities, Flying islands, zeppelins, windmills, energy towers, money factories, bridges and much more technological content awaits for you! Just like in the books by Jules Verne and Herbert Wells or in the movies about flying castle or walking mechanical cities - all these incredible machines are in your phone. Survival and exploration in the steampunk worlds will bring hours of fun and joy

    Steampunk Idle Spinner Factory game is a fusion of builder and incremental idle game genres. When it is closed, these awesome steampunk machines will still be generating income for you. The mines dig for resources, factories produce goods, balloons and zeppelins fly and explore the territory, reactors generate energy and once you are back into the game you'll see the results and you will be able to issue new orders and continue building and researching.

    Game features:
    * 3 ingame worlds reachable from the portal
    * over 60 various mad science factory machines and awesome steampunk contraptions
    * good looking visualization of workshop works
    * game optimized for wide range of devices
    * possibility to play offline, without internet connection
    * small game size of only 30 MB
    * regular content and service updates
    * daily rewards brought to you by the plane which flies above your idle factory
    * unlimited possibility to combine the cogwheels an machines
    * ads appears only if the player decides, in exchange of free game upgrades boosts

    Some starting tips:
    Spin the cogwheel and see how the coin machine produces the coin. Be fast enough to tap the coin - you'll receive 6x its value immediately! This money unlocks useful upgrades which boost your factory production
    Buy more cogwheels and connect them to the main to create a chain of increasing rotation speed for bigger idle cash earning
    Buy the reactor engine which will spin the cogwheels automatically, even when you are away
    Don't forget to upgrade your coin machine, engine and other facilities on the idle factory. Upgrades boost the production in a great way
    Later you'll unlock machine booster and mines. Tap the mines to mine the ore and drag the ore to the booster. You can buy hammers to mine the ore
    automatically. Also, once you upgrade the mine, the ore wagon will appear, it will transport the ore to the booster by itself. The wagons can be upgraded too! Their capacity and speed increase.
    You can expand your factory upwards: build Steam reservoir and a chain of balloon pumps, connected with air plumbering. The pumps produce balloons which fly to other dimensions and return with idle money. Taps on the balloons increate the coin value!
    Boosters for the balloons, mines, hammers and ore wagons appear once you earn enough coins for them. Connect them wisely using various types of the cogwheels and make upgrades to earn more money
    This is only one of three steampunk worlds waiting for discovery in this idle game - unlock them all!

    This idle construction game works offline - no need to be connected to the internet to play, build incredible contraptions and earn idle money

    Get rich by building and operating incredible machines on your Steampunk Idle Spinner Factory game!
  • Infiltrating the Airship
    Henry has been captured by the government, but they've offered him a deal. If Henry can help them take down the Toppat Clan, an international group of theives, his charges will be dropped. Henry will have to find a way into their airship and figure out a way to deal with the Toppats.

    -Featuring 60 unique fails!

    -Four different endings, each earning you a special rank.

    -Even more achievements than Stealing the Diamond!

    ** Requires Adobe Air **

    This game is the third in a series of games. The first is called Escaping the Prison and the second is called Stealing the Diamond.
  • Room Escape 100 Doors Artifact
    HFG has proudly launched a new Point and Click type unique 100 doors of Artifact escape game. Doors escape challenge is a new collection of an interesting room escape game with different locations in the year, which will boost your playing mood and sharpen your logical thinking!

    Escape from all possible places dedicated to different doors & locations, solve enigmas to collect the key, and open the doors just to have even more fun. There are lots of interesting tasks to test your Escape Skills. In order to pass a level, you have to search for the hidden objects, perform tasks, solve conundrums, and win the mini-games.

    It's time to show your escape skills to find any possible way to unlock the doors it is a very interesting and challenging puzzle that will baffle your mind. Use all your brain ability to open the doorway & Get all challenging levels sequel.

    A great Challenge for your brain trying to Xscape from the door. To solve the Puzzle think out of the box to get the important clues and exit the room. Use your intelligence to find the hidden objects and break the doors by using the key. Use hint if you stuck anywhere to unlock the doors and enter the next room to Xscape.

    The mind-blowing riddles and easy to solve the various categories to increase your memory power. Escape from various categories in the brain-teasing game, challenging rooms are awaiting you!!

    100 Challenging Levels
    Step by step hint process added
    Addictive gameplay
    Unique eye-catching locations
    Localized in 25 major languages
    Twisting hidden objects
    Suitable for all age group
    It's absolutely FREE!
    savable progress is enabled.
  • Esports Manager Simulator
    Esports Manager - is an Android mobile game that injects you into the real-life experience of being an esport organization manager. Create your own organization or choose over 28 existing ones. Want to win The International? Go ahead and lead your dreamteam to glory!

    • 28 real organizations.
    • 200+ real esports DotA2 and CS:GO players.
    • Buy/sell/loan players from the other teams. Build a new all-star line-up!
    • Train your players. You can train the skill/moral/physical attributes of your players. Also, you can send them to the psychologists, on massage, teambuilding events, boot camp or vacation. Be wise and careful since you can only have 60 hours per week for training.
    • Take part in tournaments and any kind of event. Make it to "The International" or "Major", let your organization become top-1 of the ratings!
    • Hire new staff members such as analytics, trainers, junior managers, newsmakers, digital/marketing specialists and others!
    • Acquire a new organization if you are feeling you are big enough for this scene.
    • Develop your own brand, make deals with other companies, increase your revenue and invite more useful people to the organization.
    • Talk to your players and impact on their motivation.
    • Choose your game tactics.

    If you have any kind of suggestions or ideas - please let us know.
    Our Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/esportmanager/.
  • Cube Escape: The Mill
    Discover the residence of Mr. Crow, a mill at Rusty Lake. Fix the mysterious machine connected to the Mill in anticipation of a familiar guest. Explore the different floors, prepare dinner for your wife and be ready to face the storm!

    Cube Escape: The Mill is the sixth episode of the Cube Escape series and part of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.
  • Cube Escape: The Lake
    A trip to Rusty Lake takes an interesting turn when you stumble upon an abandoned cabin on a small island. The only things inside are some fishing gear, a knife and a crowbar. Some fishing might be peaceful...

    Cube Escape: The Lake is the second episode of the Cube Escape series and part of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.
  • Math Puzzle With Sticks
    We challenge you to show off your logical skills and solve the math equations in our new Puzzle Game With Sticks. It's a great entertaining app, and it's FREE, now on Google Play.

    The game play is really simple. Just grab the correct stick and move it to the place where it matches, so you can solve the puzzle and unlock the next level and the many other cool features. Move and position the sticks so that the answer of the mathematical problem is correct. If you can't solve it, we simplified the game a little by adding some hints, so that solving these math match puzzles will be easy and you can go through all the many levels we've designed for you.

    The app is also highly educational, as you need to do both math calculations and thinking logical, as you cannot finish the puzzles if you don't do a little bit of both.

    The puzzle game has some nice features:

    200 Unique Levels containing the four math operations. So you will find there
    Addition puzzles
    Easy hint system.
    6 types of different sticks that unlock in the game's progress:
    maces (weapon)
    Each stick has a different background
    Clean original graphics
    Lots of great and entertaining animations

    We hope you will enjoy the game!

    If you are having troubles with the game, or if you just want to send us feedback, please don't hesitate
    to contact us at [email protected]
  • Unwanted Experiment
    A scientist has come to Hidden Town. It is rumored that he is conducting very strange experiments. Some of the villagers claim to have seen very unusual creatures near his laboratory. The scientist has kidnapped you and has trapped you in his laboratory. Try to escape before he comes back and you become a victim of his tests.
  • The White Door
    Robert Hill wakes up in a Mental Health facility and suffers from severe memory loss. Follow the facility's strict daily routine, explore his dreams and help him recall his memories.

    The White Door is a new point-and-click adventure developed by the creators of the Cube Escape & Rusty Lake series.


    ■ Pick-up-and-play
    Easy to start but hard to put down

    ■ Interactive storyline
    Follow a daily routine and recollect memories in a playful way, filled with brain teasers and riddles

    ■ A unique Rusty Lake split-screen adventure
    Experience Robert Hill's stay in Rusty Lake's Mental Health facility with an innovative split-screen gameplay

    ■ Absorbing atmosphere
    Each day in the facility has its own atmosphere, suspense and a variety of unexpected and surrealistic events

    ■ Immersive and haunting soundtrack
    Atmospheric theme songs composed by Victor Butzelaar

    ■ Special achievements
    The White Door has more secrets to unravel
  • Mahjong Tiny Tales
    "Once upon a time, there lived a noble king and his daughter, Tina the little witch. The kingdom was peaceful until the king became entranced by the powerful spell of an evil sorceress! The sorceress, seeking to rule the land, banished Tina into a dark dungeon."
    And so begins the adventure of Tina the little witch! Tap into your brain's full potential as you match tiles, unlock clues, and complete tasks to help Tina liberate her father.

    Exercise your mind with fun Mahjong puzzles in exciting magical tales! You will discover the ghost hunting Grandma, the puzzle-solving Dog, the super friendly Giant, and more!

    - Unlock new worlds and discover new treasures in this free game.

    - Match tiles to solve challenging puzzles.

    - Play offline, or connect to Facebook and play alongside your family & friends.

    - Train your memory skills with beautifully designed classic Mahjong puzzles.

    In Mahjong Tiny Tales many fates lie in your hands, will you step up and defend them?
  • Monkey GO Happy
    Over 75 stages of puzzling fun to complete!

    Monkey GO Happy from Pencilkids is an internet sensation that has reached millions of players online.
    Now the original 5 Monkey GO Happy games have been compiled into one great app.

    Monkey GO Happy regularly reaches the #1 spot on Primary Games and other popular flash gaming websites. Now it's available for your Android device.

    - over 75 beautifully designed stages
    - 30 Hats to dress up your monkey
    - 7 different monkeys to choose from
    - Ad FREE
    - NO In-app purchases
    - Automatic save progress

    Instructions: Tap on objects and locations on the screen. Drag items to specific spots to solve puzzles and more!
New Apps
  • لعبة الدوري المصري APK
    The Egyptian League game is a new football game directed to fans of the Egyptian League and the best Egyptian football games, the idea of ​​the game came by mixing hockey with football, the game is directed to all groups of adults and children.

    Egyptian League game:

    You can choose any of the 66 teams that participate in the Egyptian Premier League or the First Division:
    Al-Ahly, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, El-Gouna, Ismaili, Arab Contractors, Aswan, Military Production, Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi, Enppi, Egypt Club, Border Guards, Misr El-Maqasa, Pyramids, Smouha, Vanguard of the Army, Tanta, Wadi Degla, Zamalek, Aluminum, Mansoura, Minya Damanhour Games, Beni Suef, Al-Dakhiliyah, Al-Rajaa, Ghazl El-Mahalla, Suez National Team, Al-Ahly Bank, Petrojet, Assiut Petroleum, Pharco, Ceramica and other teams. Then you can play friendly matches by yourself or against friends as you can compete for the Egyptian Premier League or Egypt Cup title.
    You can also postpone the Egyptian League matches to a later time, and you can also view the standings schedule, upcoming matches and match results in each round.
    The Egyptian League game contains a set of unlocked items, to unlock them you must collect enough coins to buy, each item has a value of at least 80 coins, and to collect these coins you must win matches or the league championship.

    Features :

    ★ Egyptian Premier League Championship
    ★ Egyptian Second Division
    ★ Egypt Cup
    ★ Egyptian Super Cup
    ★ CAF Champions League
    ★ CAF Confederation Cup
    ★ African Super Cup
    ★ Club World Cup
    ★ Play level: from easy to difficult
    ★ Playing time: from 90 seconds to 150 seconds
    ★ Night and day mode and after the demise
    ★ Various playgrounds
    ★ amazing balls
    ★ Diverse goal nets
    ★ great music

    The Egyptian League game is the best Egyptian football game. Hurry up to download it now. You will not regret it because it is very fun. This game enables you to live the experience of the Egyptian Premier League. And do not forget to also share it with your friends in order to motivate us to add more new updates to the game.
  • Private Browser: Incognito App APK
    Do you want to surf the internet anonymously? This is the Private Browser app for Android with Robust AdBlock, Fast Video Downloader, and vast video support. It lets you browse the internet privately. Each time you exit the Private Browser, everything you've done will be erased, including history, cookies, and sessions. So this is the best of this Incognito browser like browsing anonymously - meaning as soon as you exit the app, no one knows who used it and for what - making it a genuinely private browser. Incognito Browser is a feature-rich private browser, and it is in permanent Anonymous/private mode.

    ☆ Incognito Browser is the best private browser if you want to visit dating sites, medical sites, use Social Media on a friend's device, watch a video, or anything else without anyone finding out! ☆


    ✓ Absolutely no data is saved genuinely a Free Private Browser
    When you exit the app, all data and history are removed. Everything that goes on in the browser is removed when you hit Home, Exit, or Close. That's what makes it the best private browser.

    ✓ Be Private
    This Free Private Browser makes sure that nothing is stored on the phone. No browsing history or cache but the files you downloaded.

    With the newly added AdBlocker in this free Private Browser - you can now watch your favorite content without getting interrupted by ads.

    ✓ Dark Mode
    This Free Private Browser provides the actual dark UI for browsing through the internet at night.

    ✓ Fast Downloader
    Just integrated the new fast downloader, to download the files even more rapidly while browsing the internet anonymously.

    ✓ Search Engines
    Incognito Browser supports multiple search engines including Google, Bing & Yandex. You can change it in the setting while Google is the default Private Browser.

    ✓ Supports agent cloaking (no more mobile-version of sites!)
    Make websites think that you're visiting from another secret browser. Making it an even more secure free private browser, which is the best part of this Free Private Browser.

    ✓ Tabbed Browsing - Hassle-Free
    Incognito Browser's tabbed browsing feature has the ability to quickly switch between several open web pages within a single browsing session. Remember, every new tab you open is anonymous by default.

    ✓ Minimalistic, maximum space for browsing
    No junk, no extra bars - just enjoy maximum space for your anonymous browsing experience with Incognito Browser.

    ✓ Multiple Language Support
    Now Incognito Browser supports up to 5 mostly spoken languages worldwide, to make the app understandable for everyone and everywhere who is willing to be anonymous.

    ✓ No first or third-party trackers are bundled in the app. Your information is secure from leakage.

    ✓ You can set enable or disable images from Settings in Incognito Browser

    ✓ You can set enable or disable Javascript from settings in Incognito Browser

    ✓ You can maximize the browsing space by turning the Full-Screen mode on!

    ✓ No more personalized ads, as you are surfing the internet anonymously

    Moreover, you can buy our paid version in order to support the developer's effort here: http://bit.ly/IncognitoBrowserPaid
    Or if you want to test out our lite version of Incognito Browser, which is available here: http://bit.ly/IncognitoBrowserLite

    Keep using Incognito / Private Browser and secure your privacy by going completely private, Enjoy!
  • Apex Launcher Classic APK
    Apex Launcher helps you create a customized, fast, and stylish home screen experience on your Android device.

    Five Best Android Launchers - Lifehacker
    Top 10 best performance Android launchers of 2017 - Devs-Lab
    15 best Android launcher apps of 2017 - Android Authority

    • Customizable home screen and app drawer grid size
    • Scrollable dock ☝️ with up to 10 icons per page and up to 5 pages
    • Infinite & elastic scrolling (home screen, drawer and dock)
    • Fancy transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)
    • Hide elements as you want (status bar, dock, etc.)
    • Custom icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
    • Choose different folder preview styles and background
    • Drawer apps sorting (title, install date, mostly used)
    • Hide apps from the drawer
    • Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
    • Convenient home screen gestures (pinch, swipe up/down, double tap)
    • Advanced theme engine (icon packs, skins, etc.)
    • Backup/restore settings and data
    • Optimized for both phones and tablets
    • Lots of other customization options!

    Apex Launcher Pro (Paid Version) Features:
    • Powerful drawer customizations (sort apps in drawer, folders in drawer)
    • Unread count notifications (provided by the free Apex Notifier extension)
    • Convenient icon gestures (swipe up and down actions)
    • More gesture options (two-finger gestures)
    • Additional transition effects (accordion, cross, etc.)
    • Enhanced folder support (bulk add, merge folders)
    • Advanced widget options (widgets in dock, overlapping widgets)
    • More features on the way!

    • Long press an icon and drag it over another icon to create a folder.
    • Long press icons/folders on the desktop and choose edit from the popup menu to customize icons and labels.
    • Set Apex Launcher as the default home screen app to create icon shortcuts from other apps (e.g., Chrome).

    This app uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.

    Love Apex Launcher ? Rate us on Google Play. We're always trying to make Apex Launcher better. If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us !
  • Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank APK
    Prank your friends with WhatsMock Fake Chat Conversation Maker.
    Create fake chat conversations and fool your friends.

    Fake Chat Maker lets you create realistic mocks of chat conversations and share it with your friends. Create Whats Prank contacts and conversation and have fun with your friends and family.

    - Create Fake Profiles
    - Send Fake Conversation Chat
    - Add Fake Status
    - Full Emoji, GIF and Sticker support
    - Control both sides of the conversation
    - Image, Video and Audio chat support (Fake)
    - Fake Voice call
    - Fake Video call
    - List of call logs
    - Share Screenshots

    - Send Videos in Fake Conversation
    - Make and receive Prank Video calls
    - Send Status Video
    - Dark Mode

    - Stay tuned for more

    Disclaimer: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with any other messaging app in any way. This app does not try to compete with or replace the original.
  • Metronome Beats APK
    A free interactive metronome app, Speed Trainer, and Drum Machine designed by musicians. With over 10 million downloads Metronome Beats is used worldwide for solo and group music practice, teaching and live concerts. It is also used to keep a steady tempo during running, golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities.

    Designed with ease of use in mind, Metronome Beats has controls for easily increasing and decreasing the tempo in small increments by one touch of the screen. The visual beat indicators help you to keep track of where you are in the bar and enable you to mute the metronome whilst still monitoring the tempo visually. You can also create your own custom sound settings or simply change the pitch to make Metronome Beats easier to hear over your instrument.

    Only need a few bars lead in? Use the timer function to stop Metronome Beats when you want. You can also use Metronome Beats at the same time as other apps, allowing you to read sheet music off your Tablet whilst playing the metronome to check your tempo.

    On larger devices the Tablet specific layout gives you access to all of the Metronome Beats features on one handy screen.

    Features include:
    - Separate layout for larger devices
    - Drum Machine
    - Speed Trainer
    - Select any tempo from 1 to 900 beats per minute.
    - Don't know how many beats per minute you need? Then use the tap tempo button to select a tempo.
    - Option to keep the metronome playing when you exit allowing you to use it with other apps
    - Set a timer to stop the metronome after a certain number of bars
    - Displays Italian tempo markings – handy if you're not sure how fast Vivace should be.
    - Subdivide the beat with up to 16 clicks per beat – so you can practice the timing of your triplets.
    - Choose whether to accent the first beat of the bar.
    - Visual beat indication - mute the sound and use the visualisations to follow the beat.
    - Your settings are saved automatically on exit – so you can carry on where you left off next time you play.
    - Change the pitch of the sound to make the metronome easier to hear over your instrument.

    Check out Metronome Beats Pro for even more features, including a “live” mode where you can create and play set lists.

    Metronome Beats is supported by adverts, which is why it requires the “INTERNET” and “ACCESS NETWORK STATE” permissions.

    For more help with using Metronome Beats, see our blog posts:
  • Glowing Clock Locker - Green APK
    Glowing Clock Locker is a beautifully made analog clock which glows on your screen and you can unlock it by using your desired Pass code.
    Glowing clock Locker is simple useful application.
    Glowing clock Locker screen lock helps you to lock screen lock and show date and time on screen on the top.
    Glowing Clock is just like your night mode clock.
    Unlock your screen with slide to unlock feature and enter your pin code to make your phone secure.

    You can Also see beautiful digital clock on the top of screen with time.

    You can also Enable and Disable new Glowing Clock (Analog Clock) screen lock as a Default screen lock.
    Slide to Unlock and enter the pass code you have set.
    Attractive glowing clock hands moving animation in real time.
    Beautiful Glowing Clock screen lock is nice app with beautiful and high definition graphics.
  • App Maker APK
    App Maker is an Android application that creates Android Apps directly on your phone or tablet without programming. Download App Maker for free today.

    App Maker builds stunning Android apps which can be installed on any Android phone or tablet or uploaded to Play stores. App Maker is free to use for basic apps.

    Get this app maker or app creator today!

    App maker generates fully functional APKs directly on your phone without programming. For, all your app needs, get app maker today.

    App Maker for Android Features:
    App Maker has the following activities/app types:
    -About your app/company: Build about us pages with App Maker
    -Audio Player: Build apps that play audio files with App Maker
    -RSS: Build stunning RSS apps with text and images with our app maker
    -Web: Build web apps with App Maker
    -Facebook: Build Facebook apps/apps with Facebook pages
    -Email:Build apps for sending emails with App Maker
    -Map: Build apps for displaying locations/maps with our app maker
    -Phone:Build apps for making phone calls with our app maker
    -PDF:Build PDF reading apps with App Maker
    -Twitter:Build apps for displaying tweets with our app maker
    -YouTube:Build apps for playing YouTube videos with our app maker
    -Google Play: Build apps for linking other apps in Google Play store with our app maker
    -Custom: Build beautiful custom apps for basically everything e.g custom pages, custom websites etc with our app maker

    App Maker has the ability to build individual apps with the above features or a single app with all the above features.

    Your creativity and imagination is the key to building wonderful apps for yourself or your company.

    App Maker has all the features you need to start building powerful apps. All apps made by App Maker are purely Java/Native which ensures you have powerful apps that operate with speed/load faster on both phones and tablets.

    We will always be adding new features or app types to App Maker.

    Download App Maker for free today and start building powerful apps.

    Our app builder and app generator will help you design apks faster. It features an intuitive apk builder or apk generator that works like an app designer to help you make web apps or any new Android native apps.
  • App Hider-Hide Apps and Photos APK
    App Hider is the best app for hiding other apps on GooglePlay, especially for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. App Hider is also an excellent app cloner for you to access multiple accounts from one device. More than that App Hider can hide photos and videos and hide App Hider itself by turn itself into a Calculator. Our Featrues:
    ★ Hide Apps
    - Import app into App Hider which you want to hide and then uninstall that app from your Home system.
    - Extremely optimized for social apps like: Whatsapp Instagram Facebook Messenger Telegram and etc.
    ★ Clone Apps (Dual Apps)
    - Access multiple accounts of your social media (Whatsapp Facebook...) from one device.
    - You can go multiple accounts with your favorite game on only one device.
    - Not like other app cloners our clones can run without the original app installed on your device.
    ★ Hide Photos (Hide Pictures) Hide Videos
    - Import your photos to our hidden gallery from your gallery
    - View and play your hidden photos and videos directly from App Hider
    ★ Hide Myself
    - App Hider can turn itself into a Calculator Vault to protect your privacy in App Hider.
    - The Calculator Vault is a real Calculator and if you input the right password into the calculator... Boom App Hider home shown up.
    ★ 64-bits Supported
    - For some users of WhatsApp and Telegram. You need to install a tiny support library to run WhatsApp and Telegram which is only on 64-bits mode.
    - 64bits supports library https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.hider.helper.hider64helper
    ★ Android 8 Oreo supported

    How to hide app?
    - Import the app which you want to hide into App Hider.
    - Launch the cloned app in app hider to make sure the clone is working well.
    - Uninstall the origin app from your device. Now you can only launch that app from App hider

    Does every app can be cloned in App Hider?
    - We are not sure because we can not test them all. But you can try just dual the app dual Whatsapp dual Facebook. You will lose nothing trying to dual the apps.
    - Feel free to email us [email protected] If you find some app is not working properly with App Hider

    Why there is notifications comes from the hiden or dual WhatsApp?
    - You can switch off the hidden app notification from our App Hider setting.

    How to hide app hider itself?
    - Tap Protect App Hider icon in App Hider Home
    - Setup your password.
    - Then in several minutes. App Hider will turn into a Calculator.
    - Open the Calculator and tap your password then your App Hider Home show up.

    Why App Hider in my Settings->Applications when it already turns into a Calculator vault?
    - Settings show the default icon and name of an application.
    - To avoiding that you can download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.calculator.vault.hider which has almost the same features of App Hider.

    If you have any question about App hider feel free to email [email protected]
    Whatsapp feedback group:https://chat.whatsapp.com/8w7XTsT1JYlB8TCMdne0QN
  • Smart Transfer: File Sharing APK
    Smart Transfer: File Sharing App is a powerful cross platform content transfer solution for android transfer to iPhone & iOS transfer to android supporting all the major smartphones and tablets platforms. It also includes iPhone transfer or Android transfer also Phone Replication and more. This Smart Transfer : File Sharing App provides secure sharing of mobile content or data transfer from phone to phone or from one or more of your old devices into a single device. It supports HotSpot/WiFi network free secure file transfer & large file transfer efficiently.

    Smart Transfer is intuitively designed, Free transfer app providing quick and easy way to transfer content & send big files including contacts transfer, music transfer, photo transfer, calendar, files transfer, text messages sms transfer, WhatsApp™ transfer, videos transfer & other large files transfer in to your new device. This mobile transfer content secure sharing app, let's you forget about using troublesome apps & old methods to transfer content because their phone data transfer was always a headache, but this phone clone app does migrate data quickly & swiftly. Now you can copy the data & perform free data transfer from phone to phone via best android transfer tool Smart file transfer: File Sharing App This Amazing transfer large files free solution, doesn't have the same restrictions, as Bluetooth or more. Smart Transfer also offers data transfer over Cellular (3G/LTE) networks free file transfer, as you can easily copy the data or transfer data from ios to android & android transfer to iPhone. With the ability to transfer data over WiFi, WiFi-Hotspots or Cellular networks, gives the flexibility to deploy this solution in a variety of ways to meet their specific and ever-changing needs. No matter which platform or device you use, this transfer content app free solution is your key for all your data migration needs. Now switch phone data or move data, seamlessly in no time with all your significant data at one place with this transfer data free app to transfer contacts from android to iPhone.

    Smart file transfer: share apps is intuitively designed, quality-focused free secure sharing mobile transfer app with various notable features. The reliable android data migration phone clone app saves time, allows you to manage content including effortlessly & copy my data for free ios to android transfer. Supported Content data transfer app for Android transfer or iPhone transfer on all major Smartphone / Tablets Platform:

    • Contacts Transfer
    • Pictures Transfer
    • Videos Transfer
    • Calendars Transfer
    • Reminders Transfer
    • Apps Transfer
    • Phone Replication
    • WhatsApp™ Backup Transfer
    • Bulk Transfer Large Files

    • Support for more content types continuously being added.

    Cross Platform Mobile Transfer App
    This Phone clone free data transfer solution or best file sharing application keeps you hassle-free! Shifts everything straight from your old android, iOS phone or across any other major platform / device that may be Android to Android, iOS to Android, Android to iPhone with best mobile transfer content app free.

    Easy Connectivity through QR Code
    One of the best content transfer app is here! Just connect two phones wirelessly. Choose the type of content to be migrated using genuine QR codes for free secure file transfer and let My Smart Transfer: Phone Clone App do the rest. No more cloud backup, cables or wires.

    Supports Multiple Languages
    This data transfer app supports multiple languages that makes it a regional app. Transfer content with ease in 5 different languages - English, German, Spanish, Chinese & Russian and more to come.

    Download Now Free Smart Transfer: Free File Transfers App & enjoy your new phone without missing a beat. P.S: Feel free to reach us out in case of any queries or suggestions at [email protected]
  • App Cloner Premium & Add-ons APK
    This app allows you to purchase the App Cloner premium license, add-ons & make donations.

    This app does not offer cloning itself. Please check the App Cloner home page.

    You can get in touch at [email protected] We're happy to provide support and answer your questions.
  • Little Ant Colony - Idle Game APK
    No food is left behind. Not when the Little Ant Colony is around.

    In this fun, easy idle game, it's time to take charge of the ants colony. Collect the food, grow your ant tribe, and win.

    Start out with just one lonely ant, but as you eat your way through this idle game, you add more ants to your colony. And more ants means more income & rewards.

    It's so fun!
  • Can you escape the 100 room 12 APK
    Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room XII" is coming ...

    It is a classic puzzle game , If you like the challenge must not miss it!

    The new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, start your brain cells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations, trying to escape ...

    Humane tips, the key moment will be pleasantly surprised,Make you successful escape.

    If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge.

    50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you to escape!!!
  • Burn Out Drag Racing 2019 APK
    Burn Out is back with a brand new edition fuel up your gasser, methane, nitrous or NOS powered dragster, rail, funny car, jet car, or motorcycle. Then heat the sneaker and lay down some rubber as you tear down the track and establish dominance with perfect reaction times, rt, and estimated times et.

    Feel the g-forces throw you back in your seat. Rip down the track at 10000 horsepower.

    Master the drag racing competition online against live competitors for cash.

    Rule the bracket and drive up your bank roll through tournament wins, season wins, sponsorships and live racing wagers.

    Build your ride and fight for the number one world ranking. Become a legend and feel the adoration.

    Be careful, wicked crashes and explosions may be fun to watch but they are costly.

    This is the deepest most realistic drag racing, tuning and competitive experience you'll find.

    Download now and experience drag racing just like the pros!
  • Water Surfer Racing Bike Games APK
    Get ready for new Water Surfer Bike Race in the sea water. Riding bike on the beach is fun but what about surfing on the water with your favorite Sports Bike. This Water Surfer Bike Racer Stunts Simulator is an ultimate Riding & Bike Surfing Game with numbers of motorbikes which are best for stunts on the water. In this Beach Stunt Racing game, you will get a chance to ride water surfer floating bike and perform stunts or start drag race on Water Boat in fast transformed surfing dirt bikes.

    Surfing Dirt Bike gives you the thrilling experience of real surf rider instead of standup Jet Ski Racing power boat. In Water surfer bike game, race your water boat against the beach rivals in the heart pounding fast paced Water Motorbike. Ride fast like an extreme motorbike rider with water surfer racing. Experience the realistic drive of the fast Motor bikes and enjoy the high-speed surfing on the water. Moto Bike surfing is easy to learn but very challenging to master.

    It will keep you in the game for hours. Speed and fast drive will increase your bike riding and motor surfer expertise. Learn how to surf fast on the water and take your skills to the professional level. Face the challenge and become the top bike rider. Become the legend of the motorbike surfing. Enjoy the best game play with high graphics, HD animations, interesting and challenging missions, realistic sounds and smooth controls.

    Features of Water Surfer Sports Bike Racer Stunts Simulator:

    • Realistic floating & surfing super sports bikes
    • Realistic Environment of the Ocean and underwater sea.
    • Easy and smooth controls
    • Realistic sounds of sports bike driving.
    • New physics of floating Motor bike in the sea

    Transform your Moto bike into water vehicle and drive your Water Surfer Floating Bike and try the taste of Water Surfer Bike. In this modern era, everybody wants to have a bike which could swim underwater like a submarine. This Sea Bike floating game gives you an opportunity to ride your underwater or floating speed bike and perform ultimate water stunts.

    This Water Sports Bike surfing floating simulator combines with water racing is one of the best stunning Water Riding Games. Try this Water Surfer Simulator and become a water bike champ. You had played other water riding games but this new superbike water surfer is completely different with the new touch of game play.
  • App Lock APK
    Protect your app usage from unauthorized access on your phone. This app lock gives that extra protection needed for anybody else to use your apps or information without your permission.

    There 2 main types of locks that can be use to lock you apps.
    - Pattern lock which is easy and quick to use.
    - Pin Lock is more like actual digital lock where you need to type your secret code to unlock the app.
    You can choose your favorite style of lock. Also for extra security you can also use the fingerprint scan lock.
    If you fear of forgetting your pattern lock and pin that you have set, don't worry you can easily reset your lock by answer your security questions.

    Main Features:

    - Lock only those apps that you wish to guard from others.
    - Lock it with style with
    - Pattern Lock : Easy and quick.
    - Pin Lock : Like a realistic safe vault.
    - Fingerprint Scan Lock : for that extra security.
    - Along with apps you can also lock your phone gallery, contacts and other system apps.
    - Reset pattern or pin with security question.

    App Lock adds that extra security needed to protect your data on your phone like, contacts, photo & video gallery, notes, etc,.

    Permission Needed:
    - PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS & Protected Permissions : This permission is used to get all app list to secure apps with app lock.
    - USE_FINGERPRINT : It used for fingerprint sensor.
    - FOREGROUND_SERVICE : To allow app to run in the background.
    - RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Used to lock app after screen lock is opened.
  • AndrOpen Office APK
    Celebrating 5 Million Downloads!!!

    AndrOpen Office is the world's first porting of OpenOffice for Android and it's a powerful and complete office suite for OpenOffice / LibreOffice documents.

    You can view, edit, import, and export PDF, Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents using full features of the OpenOffice in the PC version.

    AndrOpen Office has 5 components:
    Writer a word processor you can use for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book.
    Calc a powerful spreadsheet with all the tools you need to calculate, analyze, and present your data in numerical reports or graphics.
    Impress the fastest, most powerful way to create effective multimedia presentations.
    Draw lets you produce everything from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations.
    Math lets you create mathematical equations with a graphic user interface or by directly typing your formulas into the equation editor.

    * AndrOpen Office is a forked project from the Apache OpenOffice project.
    AndrOpen Office is not affiliated with the Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice projects.

    Supported File Formats
    You can import and export the following formats:
    - Microsoft Word (DOC / DOT / RTF)
    - Microsoft Word 2007 (DOCX / DOTX / DOCM)
    - Microsoft Excel (XLS / XLT)
    - Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX / XLTX / XLSM)
    - Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT / POT)
    - OpenDocument (ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG / ODF)
    - Portable Document Format (PDF)
    - OpenOffice.org1.0 / StarOffice6.0 (SXW / SXC / SXD / SXI / SXG / SXM)
    - Text (TXT / CSV)
    - Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
    - Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
    - Windows Metafile (EMF / WMF)
    - Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
    - Data Interchange Format (DIF)
    - SYLK (SLK)
    - Portable Anymap Format (PBM / PGM / PPM)
    - OS/2 Metafile (MET)
    - Sun Raster Image (RAS)
    - Mac Pict (PCT)
    - X PixMap (XPM)
    - StarView Metafile (SVM)
    You can import the following formats:
    - Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (PPTX / POTX / PPTM)
    - AutoCAD (DXF)
    - T602 Document (602)
    - Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)
    - Truevision Targa (TGA)
    - X Bitmap (XBM)
    - Zsoft Paintbrush (PCX)
    - Kodak Photo CD (PCD)
    You can export the following formats:
    - HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
    - PlaceWare (PWP)
    - Macromedia Flash (SWF)
    - JPG / GIF / PNG / BMP

    - View / edit / insert / export docs
    - Export / Import PDF
    - High fidelity
    - Formatting paragraphs
    - Support for embedded object
    - Save docs to extensive file formats
    - Support for password
    - Internationalization
    - Localization
    - Support for macro
    - Support for Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive / Box / NAS / WebDAV (Paid version only)
    - Support for spell checker, hyphenator, thesaurus
    - Support for printing (Android 4.4+)

    Motion Event Assigns
    The device's motion events (mouse, pen, finger, trackball) are assigned to mouse events of the PC version.
    And some gestures are assigned to application actions.
    - Swipe = Scroll
    - Pinch In / Out = Zoom In / Out
    - Long Tap = Click Right Button
    And you can general mouse operations by virtual mouse pad.

    Supported Languages
    French / German / English (US) / Italian / Spanish / English (British) / Russian / Polish / Dutch / Japanese / Indonesian / Portuguese (Brazilian) / Turkish / Czech / Swedish / Portuguese (European) / Finnish / Hungarian / Chinese (Traditional) / Catalan / Greek / Romanian / Danish / Arabic / Slovak / Norwegian / Bulgarian / Serbian / Vietnamese / Thai / Slovenian / Korean / Chinese (Simplified) / Hebrew / Hindi / Bengali / Persian / Basque / Gaelico / Galician / Central Khmer / Lithuanian / Tamil


    Bug reports
    Please report bugs at following the e-mail address;
    [email protected]

    About Apache OpenOffice
    "Apache OpenOffice" is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

    Special Thanks
    This product includes many open source codes.
    Thanks to Open Source!!!
  • Formula Car Racing Simulator APK
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    Play in 4 unique modes:

    1. Police Chase Mode on Formula Race Kart
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    Feel the rush as you tear down the track at reckless speed in a thrilling car race to the finish.

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  • Apex Notifier APK
    Apex Notifier is an extension application for Apex Launcher Pro. It provides notification data to the main Apex Launcher app and does nothing on its own. Unread counts will show up in badges on application icons. Please enable Apex Notifier in Apex Settings > Notification Badge.

    Supported Apps
    • Missed Calls
    • Unread SMS
    • Calendar Appointments
    • Gmail
    • HTC Mail
    • Samsung Email
    • K-9/Kaiten Mail
    • Battery Level
    • Stock Email
    • Google Hangouts
    • WhatsApp
    • Google Play
    • Google Voice

    • Unread SMS provides the number of unread messages, not unread conversations.
    • Gmail unread count requires Gmail version 4.0.5 or higher.
    • If you update Gmail or install K-9/Kaiten Mail after installing Apex Notifier, you may have to re-install Apex Notifier to get proper permissions.
    • Notification data for Email, Google Voice, and Starbucks are retrieved from widgets. Please set up your account in those apps first. Depending on how often each app refreshes its widget, data may not be updated in real time.
    • Features listed under Labs are experimental and may stop working in the future.
    • Please install Apex Launcher before installing Apex Notifier.
    • Apex Notifier only works with official versions of Apex Launcher Pro. Please do not ask for support if you are using a modified or pirated version.

    Feature Requests
    For now, only apps listed above are supported. Integration with additional apps may be implemented in the future if there is official API or public content provider.

    Developers: Apex Launcher Pro also supports notifications from other apps. Please check out the notifications API at http://goo.gl/NC8EO
  • Steal 'N Loot APK
    Steal and sell the loot, this is your main goal in our game. Reach the highest level and be the master thief! Experience the intense feeling of stealing and lurk in the shadows to find the most valuable items.

    You will need a plan, to be successful. Unlock skills like safe cracking, lock picking, car stealing, drone control skill. Use a driller to unlock a safe. Use the lock pick tool to get in to every house, but don't worry if you don't have a lock pick tool you can still buy yourself a glass cutter, you can find many way for home invasion. Buy a drone, and use it to discover every possibility.

    Upgrading your equipment is unavoidable, collect items and sell them at the pawn shop, there's always someone, who needs something!

    Drive a car, and use it to steal the biggest items like TV, paintings. People are suspicious, they're protecting their valuables, make sure you watch out to their field of view because if they spot you they will call the police, police can easily find you. Hide in the dumpsters to avoid any trouble. Many things to do!

    Rating and reviewing our game will help us, to give you a better and enjoyable experience with every new update. Feel free to share us your thoughts!
  • WhatsMock Pro - Prank chat APK
    Create fake chat conversations and prank your friends.

    Note: WhatsMock Pro Does not remove the Watermark.

    Fake Chat lets you create realistic mocks of chat conversations and share them with your friends. Create Whats Prank contacts and conversations and have fun with your friends and family.

    - Create Fake Profiles
    - Send Fake Conversation
    - Add Fake Status
    - Full emoji support
    - Control both sides of the conversation
    - Image, Video, and Audio support
    - Fake call
    - Take Screenshots and share
    - List of call logs
    - Send videos in conversation
    - Make and receive video calls
    - Send Status Video

    - Advanced Automatic reply with time, text image triggers for reply messages

    - Dark Mode

    - Stay tuned for more

    Disclaimer: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with any other messaging app in any way. This app does not try to compete with or replace the original.