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GPS tracker with online internet access v5aug2019 Mod (Unlocked)


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Latest Version:52019

Updated:Aug 14, 2019

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Using this app, you can determine the location on the map where your child or vehicle is currently located.It is enough for the child, for example, to carry an android gadget with the app installed. Since the app works in invisible (hidden) mode, the battery is consumed slightly.Assume that your child (or your vehicle) has an android gadget with this application installed.On the other hand, you (the parent of this child or the owner of this car) have a computer, smartphone, from which you want to receive online information about the location of this gadget, as well as to turn on and see its camera in real time.This can be done simply through an Internet browser without using any additional programs.To do this you need:1) Open the www.realvisor.net  website through the browser.2) Enter the username / password of your account. You can see your account data (see below) or send it via SMS, BlueTooth or Email using the "Send by Air" button.   3) After you log in to your account you will be open online access to the android gadget through the following set of buttons:A) "Location" buttonShows the place on the map where the gadget is currently locatedB) "Track" buttonShows the history of the gadget's movement for a certain period (from 1 hour to 30 days or more) as a track on the mapC) "Live Camera" buttonTurns on the camera on the gadget over the browser. You can select front / rear camera or USB camera to view over the InternetD) "Archive" buttonShows the video made by the camera. You can also download any video file to your computer / smartphone over the browser.Browser requirementsAny browser, any computer or smartphone / iPhone.Gadget requirementsAs for your child or car, this app can be installed on any gadget that has Android 5+, a camera and a built-in geolocation function.Features of the app:1) The app starts automatically every time you turn on the gadget.2) The app is not visible on the screen (hidden operation) and works even when the gadget itself is in a state of sleep. 3) The app turns on the camera only when a human clicks the "Camera" button in the browser to see this camera online. When a human clicks the “Stop camera” button in the browser, the camera in the gadget is completely released.4) It is clear that the android gadget must have an Internet connection in order to be accessible at any time over the browser.


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