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Apk Info:
File Name com.sixcircles.pmi
App Download Version: 3.5.17
Price Free
Apk Size 30M
Last Update Time Jan 14, 2021
Min 4.1 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Members can connect with each other either at events or online, promote offers and services and gain valuable insight via our polls and forums.

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  • Better Now - Musical Jump - Post Malone Songs
    We offer two beautiful themes, light and dark. We created awesome skins for everyone. Unlock as many skins as you can and try to beat your best score!
    As time goes by games gets harder and harder, so we give you three powers to save your life when you are in trouble. Ball movement is based on gravity, so utilize that to your advantage!
    Have a great time!
  • Fashion Modelos Universitárias
    Do you like fashion? So you will surely like this game, dress your doll with a multitude of models of clothes and accessories to go out with your friends. There are more than 600 models of clothes and accessories to make your doll more beautiful.

    Help us by giving us 5 stars so we can keep improving and adding new clothes weekly. Always following the fashion.
  • The Numbers
    Still playing the candy removal game? Why not play this fun number game, you can train your mental arithmetic speed in the game, which is very useful for kids who are just learning math
  • MathBox
    This is a fun math game where you can practice basic math calculations and increase the speed of mental arithmetic.
  • Merge runes : Idle Random Defense
    Merge Runes : Idle Random Defense is a Defense game that creates various types of runes to block enemies.

    If you combine runes of the same attribute, they grow into higher-grade runes.
    By growing the rune, you can make more powerful attacks.

    As the stage progresses, more powerful enemies and bosses appear.
    Try to compete with various strategies through your own rune combination!

    Game features
    - You can get a lot of rewards by blocking enemies using runes with 5 types of properties.
    - Open the box with the obtained key to get new runes and gems.
    - If you have a rune you already have, you can use gems to enhance the rune with a stronger rank.
    - Create your own combinations to build a powerful deck and face enemies.
    - As the stage progresses, more powerful and diverse enemies appear.
    - Enter the dungeon using a rune combination made of runes that you have grown.
  • POP Cat - Check
    Touch it.

    Please check the device frame with pop cat.

    Pop cat, let's play together.

    with pop cat.
  • Watch Orc
    **** This game is in a Closed Beta Test in Philippines currently; it will be available for whole world soon. ****

    Welcome Hero! As you see on the icon, I'm an Orc. The designer said that I should play as a villain in this game and let you be the ‘'HERO''. Oh come on, only the winner will be called ‘'Hero''! And I will say, You, will never defeat me!

    * You can find out 100+ HEROES from 4 FACTIONS: Human, Elf, Demon and Orc! Each faction has its unique skill. Summon, train and level up them to become your best troops. BUT! You are still far away from the victory.

    * You have to SWITCH the right heroes, CONTROL their movement and release the unique skills at the right time to defeat the enemies! Your fingers are the key to the victory!

    * Careful, MONSTERS are hidden at MULTI-STAGES. The higher level you reach, the more horrible monsters you will face! Watch out! Even the silent stones might be the most dangerous monsters!

    * Entering the Watch Orc World, you will have your own HOMELAND, where you can construct buildings and gain endless RESOURCE.

    * Guess what? You can adopt various CUTE PETS in homeland as well! Develop and LEVEL UP them. Let them be your best partners!

    * You are not the only challenger! WORLDWIDE PLAYERS are heading to the Watch Orc World. Not only want to challenge me, but they also expect to knock you down! Hey, you, Gear up! Join the CLAN and make an ALLIANCE right now!

    Come, you, human. Download the game now. See who's the best of the world!
  • Home Design: Dream House Games for Girls
    Come on! Let's design your dream home together! You can show off your design abilities and skills by redesigning and renovating an apartment! It's time to try this new Game, Dream Home Designer, which is a combination of match-3 plus home decorating!

    Your dream is to the best interior designer and now you are chasing your dream. After moving downtown, you decide to renovate your small apartment! By the way, your friends often visit your home and bring inspirational ideas to you!

    Solve the fun and addictive match-3 puzzle game and you will win the coins to unlock tons of furniture and interior decoration accessories! And your first mission is to redecorate your living room, bedroom and kitchen. What will happen during your renovation? Stay tuned for more!

    - Design your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and so on!
    - Lot's of match 3 levels to enjoy. Solve the puzzle and win the coins.
    - Face different design challenges and design your room in any style you want!
    - Enjoy unique furniture and interior decoration accessories!
    - Heartwarming storyline and fun characters! They always lend a helping hand.

    How to Play:
    - Use interactive touch controls to play.
    - Beat tons of relaxing and exciting puzzles!
    - Unlock amazing rooms and practice your design skills.
    - Simply tap to decorate your rooms!
    - Meet your friends and friendly neighbors.

    What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD AND PLAY FOR FREE NOW!

    Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at: https://www.hugsnhearts.com/terms-of-use.

    Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at: https://www.hugsnhearts.com/privacy-policy.

    Important Message for Purchases:
    - By downloading this App you agree to Hugs N Hearts's Privacy Policy.
    - Please consider that this App may include third parties services for limited legally permissible purposes.

    About Hugs N Hearts
    Hugs N Hearts is an acclaimed mobile games developer who is enthusiastic about creating diverse and high-quality games for kids. We aim to provide users the best gaming experiences with high quality graphics and game design.
    We are always looking for opportunities to improve our games. Please feel free to leave us comment and let us know what you think.

    Important Message to Parents
    This app is free to play and all content is FREE with ads. There are certain in-game features that may require purchase using real money.

    Discover more free games with Hugs N Hearts
    - Subscribe to our youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUfX6DF6ZpBnoP6-vGHQZ0A.
    - Learn more about us at: https://www.hugsnhearts.com/.
  • Clean a Fish 3D
    Clean a Fish is the ONLY and most realistic 3D fish scale cleaning simulator that will bring you a lot of fun. It's time to pick up the knife and get down to business!

    Features of the Clean a Fish game :

    ★ realistic fish cleaning;
    ★ variety of fish, many of which you are already familiar with;
    ★ stunning graphics;
    ★ sounds and musical accompaniment;
    ★ large selection of tools for cleaning fish;
    ★ many nice bonuses and gifts.

    Forget about other simulators - DOWNLOAD Clean a Fish for FREE now and enjoy the gameplay! Start the game, take a knife in hand and show what you are capable of.
  • JDM - Car Quiz
    Test your knowledge about Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda.

    JDM - Car Quiz is only one quiz about japanese cars.
    It's perfect application for all car enthusiasts.
    Download now for FREE
  • Mini golf with your friends
    Beatiful mini golf game for you and your friends. Beautifly handcrafted levels with progressive complexity, full of colors and lots of fun. Different golf courses with unique graphics makes the game fun to play.

    - 40+ handcrafted levels to beat and more levels to come
    - 40+ different golf balls to win
    - 12 different golf clubs to play with
    - Lots of different colorful golf ball trails
    - Leaderboards: be the best and beat everyone else
    - Cool relaxed music
  • Candy More
    Player need to match at least 3 candies in line to gain points and to finish level.Cool animations ,awesome graphic characters and more.After collecting enough points from candy matching next level is unlocked.

    Candy More :
    -cool animations
    -daily rewards
    -new characters
  • Mine Sweeper Saves The Universe
    This game will help you train your brain and increase your speed of thinking
    - Simple and intuitive user interface
    - With the first click opens the free space around the cell down
    - Expand cells by clicking on an open cell with a number, provided that there are flags
    around this cell.
    - There are three standard levels of difficulty
    - A random level (width, height and the number of mines selected at random order)
    - Level with complete customization of the playing field
    - The game allows you to restart the current playing field with the old location mines (replay)

    - Full statistics for all played fields
  • Word Hunter
    Word hunter is a fun and exciting crossword puzzle game. puzzles include hints in case its too difficult.
    - Multiple categories.
    - Multi level difficulty Levels.
  • Tangle Fun 3D - Pigment Collecting Puzzle Game
    Relax and untangle in Tangle Fun 3D!
    Sort and untie all the knots to get oil colors. Wait and see the amazing art paintings you will get!
    This is the most rewarding tangle master 3D game there is. Just relax your brain and untangle them all!
  • Flappy Traffic 3D
    There are vehicles coming from both sides, avoid them to make your way to top.

    • Tap on the screen to go up
    • Swipe Left or Right to move in the respective
    • There will also be enemy objects in between
    that you also have to be aware of
    • No Worries! You can always continue the game
    whenever you lose
    • Do you think you can do it? We bet 3 Billion %
    that it's really hard

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • A pixel Adventure Legion
    A Pixel Adventure Legion - Explore various locations of the dark castle, in order to find and save the princess.
    The story begins when your presence is requested by the king and he tell you that the princess has been kidnapped so you must search the castle to bring her back.

    Help Ulises to rescue the princess inside the enchanted castle, an adventure story with pixelated characters and many enemies.

    The pixel adventure legion begins now!
    Level up, buy or acquire swords, helmets and armor.

    ▶ Simple combat system!

    ▶ Character level system

    ▶ Collect swords, armor and helmets.

    Use the gold to buy weapons!
    Throw knives at your enemies!

    Defeat bosses to unlock new abilities.

    Guaranteed fun, with a cute pixelated style.

    Start a new adventure now!
  • Swipe the Square
    It's easy game with attractive design can help you to pass the time anywhere you are.
    You need to score by swiping the field and unite squares with the same color
  • Hermann Grid
    This game requires to be focused all the time. Every level of the game has unique design and interesting features, such as:
    - dynamical main field
    - blinking dots
    - new location of a dot after some period of time
    - etc.
    Be attentive and do your best!
  • Guess The work -2021-
    a very simple and fun game for you and the friends.
    by seeing the photos you have to guess the name of the job.
    a wonderful pastime.
    the game contains many levels it is enough to answer one of them to pass to another more defiant and more fun especially.
    Help methods are available to you in the game.
    I hope you will like it.
    good game
New Apps
  • How to have a good memory APK
    Just as a person trains to stay healthy, there are also a series of exercises that allow maintaining a healthy memory, having a good memory and concentration.
    How having good memory retention to study is the cornerstone of our life. As individuals we must know how to have better concentration and memory, we constantly rely on our good memory and we must know how to have good retention.
    With the passage of time our memory worsens and it is increasingly difficult to remember important events, names and details of our life. This training on How to Have Good Memory helps us exercise the brain and have better retentiveness.
    This app is specifically designed to help you maintain and train your memory to remember the important things in your life.
  • Text Reader Scanner APK
    This is the best OCR Text Scanner.
    The highest speed and the highest quality when scanning and modifying a document in word or in different files.
    You can convert an image from text, scan documents and pass them to Word, and digitize text.
    Text Scanner turns your mobile camera into a smart or portable scanner to scan multiple pages of your document.
    Mobile scanning is very easy and fun, you can scan documents, business cards, ID card receipts, invoices and other text documents such as books etc.
    you can scan documents offline, the ocr text scanner converts an image to text giving you excellent results and optimizing your work.
  • MTB images APK
    The best images for your phone with your mountain bike photos.
    MTB Images is an application that provides images for mountain bike fans.
    MTB Pictures app has many cool collections that you can use as wallpaper. For those of you who love mountain bike images you must have this app.
    The best photos about Mountain Bikes that you can choose to make your wallpaper, these wallpapers were made special for you.
    With this Mountain Bike app, you can choose an incredibly beautiful and stylish background for your device.
    Set a mountain bike photo wallpaper and enjoy these powerful images to the fullest!
    The MTB Pictures application is a very simple application. It has a very clear interface. It's really easy to find and set exactly the wallpaper you want. Download this MTB Images app and enjoy!
    Special features: Use the images as wallpaper, It is completely free, It does not affect battery performance. - High HD quality.
    For fans of this sport Mountain Bike you can download this app and enjoy it.
  • Buttocks Abdomen and Legs APK
    Abdominal Buttocks and Legs: It is the full body workout that helps you get a perfect body in just a few months. Free at-home abdominal and leg butt exercises will help women burn their body fat, slim down their legs, shape their figure, reduce stomach fat, and get in shape in no time.
    Follow the training designed in the application and you will see the results in just days, continue the exercises at home for women all over your body and you will obtain excellent results.
    Download and follow the exercises in this application.

    Why the application of Abdominal Buttocks and Legs?
    Because it is better than other similar applications.

    Application features:

    • Quick and effective workouts to maximize fat burning.

    • All exercises are 100% free, without blocked functions

    • No equipment is needed.

    • There are many levels, from beginners to professionals.

    • Detailed 3D gif for a better experience.

    • Training reminder.

    • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

    • Full body workout at home, butt workout, abdominal workout for women, leg exercises, chest workout for women.

    • Exercises specially designed to have an attractive figure.

    • The coach's advice on each exercise helps you use the correct form for best results.

    • Track your weight loss progress.

    All of our online workouts can be done at home, without equipment.
  • Streetwear Official APK
    We are the fastest growing Streetwear platform on the planet. Shop your favorite streetwear brands in one place. We carry the best streetwear you can find. From headwear, to t-shirts, to sneakers. We have it all. Shop with Streetwear Official. Shop with the Best.
    Easily transpose the use of the ink pad and handwritten signature into the mobile world.
    BYSTAMP is the mobile application inseparable from the KEYMO electronic stamp.

    With this application you can:
    - Activate your KEYMO stamps
    - Synchronize your stamping receipts
    - Consult your stamps
    - Check the status of your KEYMO buffers (battery level ...)
    - Update your KEYMO stamps
    - Subscribe to a higher subscription to access more features

    3 subscription levels:
    This level allows you to only stamp the loyalty stamp applications of merchants and restaurateurs.
    Here the KEYMO stamp replaces the mini ink pad generally used at checkout to stamp a box on paper stamp cards (printing of a star or a check mark ...).

    This stamping does not formally authenticate the business or the restaurant.

    STANDARD (paid)
    FREE level + Authentication of the legal person + Storage of stamping receipts.
    This level is necessary when the buffered application requests the authentication of the legal person.

    Here the KEYMO stamp replaces the ink stamp usually used to validate paper documents for, for example, stamping the delivery of a package, stamping a report of work receipt ...

    PREMIUM (paid)
    STANDARD level + Authentication of the natural person + Digital signature with electronic certificate
    This level is necessary when the buffered application requests the authentication of the natural person who uses the KEYMO buffer.

    Here, we also want to make sure that the stamper is the owner of the KEYMO stamp. In this case, during stamping, the person stamping is asked to type in their PIN code and / or present their face for facial recognition.
    This level also makes it possible to digitally sign the stamped screen (.pdf file, image, photograph, etc.) using the electronic certificate present in the KEYMO stamp.
  • Recover all deleted videos - video recovery APK
    About This amazing recover all deleted videos - videos recovery

    Best Recover all deleted videos tool is the new analysis tool that helps all users recover deleted videos by mistake for simple and simple steps.
    This app is a pro tools created by special development teams, is a professional technique to restore deleted videos from cookies files, without the need to root your cellphone or use a program, a computer or whatever.

    Recover deleted videos can Restore all deleted videos, deleted movies from internal memory of android mobile phone. Video recovery app will scan your deleted Videos on your mobile phone and Save Recover video deleted in a Folder.In deleted video recovery By tap on scan button and than restore button it will display all deleted videos.
    Recover all deleted videos - video recovery include: FLV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP.

    Recover all deleted videos - video recovery from your android mobile phone accidentally deleted by you.The Video recovery App will recover all format of videos deleted from your android device and tablet. Recover deleted video including deleted movies, deleted videos songs and deleted music videos. Recover all Video files instantly with Deleted Video Recovery App. 

    How this amazing Recover all deleted videos - video recovery function work technically :

    To recover deleted videos this amazing Video Recovery appliaction based on your cache and cookies files and transferm it , so please note that is you format you mobile phone you will lost this cache files means your can not recuperate video exept if you rooting your phone but root have negative effect on your mobile .

    Our wonderful application recover video deleted file without root because we are responsable to protect your devices.

    -------Key features------- :

    - Recover all deleted videos from android mobile phone.
    - Video Backup and save deleted video files into mobile or SD card storage using Video recovery and backup system.
    - Recover deleted videos from phone memory and from sd card
    - Recover deleted videos from gallery
    - No rooting necessary, high quality Video File Recovery
    - This app will recover all deleted files into android mobile phone.
    - This Video Recovery software is free for recover deleted video files.
    - Easy and Simple videos restore tools .
    - Amazing application .
    - super and fast recover video app
    - Free download, scan and free videos restore without need to pay any fees .
    - Find and save recovery video from internal storage, external memory and memory card of phone.
    - Support top File format: 3GP, MP4, AVI.
    It's very easy to use this amazing recovery video app to recover deleted videos you've lost. We hope these tools will help all users recover all deleted videos that have good experience.
  • Recover all deleted files APK
    Recover all deleted files is a best application in tools categories, is amazing data recovery to restore files deleted in error in phone.

    Recover All Deleted files tools is a special application with different algorithm and amazing best special options to make this application wonderful and different, In the next part all power pint of this best data recovery application it will be mentioned..
    Recover deleted files can restore and recover lost files and files from your memory card or internal memory. You can use it and you have to find all the files deleted by mistake, and you will recover the file, recover the video, and recover the music, the media never deleted by accident? 
    This application tries to recover all lost or deleted files on your device. Retrieving files, recovering video, and recovering deleted pictures and videos. This application tries to recover all lost or deleted files on your device.
    You need to recover all files and recover files and recover all files. Google Drive or drop box. recovery any deleted photo will help restore your deleted files and videos, recover your deleted files and videos with this free android application. Now you can recover most of your files and videos for just a few seconds! This file recovery application allows you to recover your files with this simple. Retrieving any deleted photo can restore and recover lost pictures and images from your memory card or internal memory. Can you recover and recover from your computer? This application attempts to recover your lost files on your device.

    free best Recover all deleted files tools Key features :

    * Best Scan and restore files tool as different format ( photos - videos - contacts etc... ) 
    * Can restore deleted files on sd card for easy and simple .
    * Compatible to Recover files from memory card.
    * Amazing tool to backup deleted data .
    * Best and wonderful easily and simple tools .
    * Compatible with all android devices .
    * Support most top languages .
    * Without need to switch your devices with any pc .
    * Best tool Backup : save a copy on the device ( just for contact ).
    * Best Free application tool.

    All best and wonderful option offered by this application :

    1- Amazing recover all deleted photos : power option to restore deleted photo from different file in devices.
    2- Amazing recover all deleted contacts : support recovery contact option and saved to protect all your contact to not be lost again .
    3- Amazing recover all deleted videos : is a video recovery as different format videos .

    How can use this top application tool to recover all deleted files from android step by step for easy.Want to recover all files and recover files and recover files and recover all deleted files, you must use this application "Recover All Deleted Files".

    In fact this application is very easy to used to restore deleted files that you lost because all work automatically .

    Step 1 : Select great option that you need it ( recovery photo or video or photo etc).
    Step 2 : The app have amazing function that is automatically start to scan and start to recover files from phone also is restore deleted files from sd card at the same time .
    Step 3 : After scan end please select your file restored and saved .
    Step 4 : rate and comment this amazing application .

    We working hard to make this Recover deleted files application great and best.

    Thanks for all users, we hope to contact us is the are any feedback or question in our best application.
  • Greendate - 呷菜時刻 APK
    A long-awaited app for finding vegetable friends.
    Everyone can chat with each other and exchange ideas about plant-based diets! Exchange delicious restaurants!
    There are not many people choosing plant-based diets in the world, and they are scattered all over the world.
    I hope you will find like-minded friends on the road to veggies!

    The author feels that the choice of animal-friendly eating habits should not reduce the chance of meeting friends.
    So I wrote this app! Hope to help everyone.
    After all, everyone's kind intentions deserve better treatment! :)
    Come on!

    Contact now!

    PS. As long as the two parties have seven or more tomatoes, you can create a chat room!
  • Pelis Gratis Cine APK
    You can watch free movies in Free Movies Movies The best movies online premiere of 2020
    Application allows you to watch movies and premiere series as classics and in HD from your device.
    Enjoy full HD movies in Spanish without interruption.

    Genre: Comedy Action Science Fission Fantasy Family Drama Animation Romance Horror Much ... more

    This app contains different categories including:
    * Free HD Movies
    * Pelisplus HD Movies
    * Watch movies online
    * New movies

    What do you expect to enjoy a good movie
    Download it Pelisplus Movies - Online Free premiere 2020 now, I assure you they will love it.

    *** LEGAL NOTICE ***

    This application is used only to view movies, it does NOT allow you to download the videos, we only provide a service that shows the links of the videos that are on a free platform

    All content is publicly free, the application has the permissions provided by the Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Peliculas de Estreno 2021 APK
    The best online premiere movies of 2021, you can watch free movies in Spanish HD.

    You will find excellent premieres of comedy, drama, action films among others.

    What are you waiting for to enjoy good cinema? Download it now, I assure you they will love it.

    **** IMPORTANT NOTICE *****

    This application is used only to view movies, it does NOT allow you to download the videos, we only provide a service that shows the links of the videos that are on a free platform

    All content is publicly free, the application has the permissions provided by the Application Programming Interface (API).

  • Recover all deleted photos - photo recovery APK
    Are you looking for recover your photo memories which are deleted from your phone??? you are at right place!!!

    Recover all photos deleted - photo recovery is the most compact data recovery app to find or discover videos.

    This app is the best tool to get deleted photos and recover your old photos which are lost years ago!!!

    Recover all deleted photos is the powerful Recovery tool to scan all deleted data and restore deleted photo from your internal storage and also recover deleted photos from SD card.

    Recover deleted photos which restore deleted data when sometimes you accidentally deleted or lost photos and then you want to recover them back but unfortunately, the Android deleted photo and video recovery app is not giving you a facility to undelete your lost pictures.

    Have you ever deleted an important photo by mistake?

    Sometimes it happens when you delete accidently a photo from your phone, and start looking for a good tool that can restore it for you can bring you a headache. To solve this problem all what you have to do is the download recovers data recovery for android and let it scan your entire phone s internal and external memory.

    This application allow you to Recover your deleted items now with this simple android deleted files recovery for free!

    Recover deleted photos can restore all your deleted files with ease. Photo Recovery has never been this easy and user friendly.

    Photo Recovery does not require your device to be rooted,The app is compatible with any andriod device that uses Android 5.0 or higher.

    ---- FEATURES app-----:
    - Easy to use
    - Saving and restoring photos videos
    - Best software for recovering images and files.
    - Super Data Recovery and Images !
    - Does not require a PC !
    - you can restore or recover photos from the smartphone or memory card.
    - Restore deleted files from any type of volume - internal storage, SD card

    Photo Recovery can recover the following file types: JPG, PNG

    ►Note: Recover all deleted photos or photo recovery App can recover 100% of the deleted photos. 
  • Radio Classica Gratis APK
    Radio Classica Gratis

    Radio Classica Free live listen easily, quickly and simply to your favorite radio stations classical music for free And it's free! Enjoy it!

    Welcome to the application that will allow you to listen to radio classical music for free and the best channels of Radio classical Music Free completely online and without cuts!

    We present you our classical music radio APP, created in a totally different way, so you can enjoy your classical music radios for free, anywhere in the world.

    Free Classical Radio live a very friendly and easy to use design where you will find the best free violin music, violin music for sleep, free live classical Music, Enjoy the best music from your mobile device (phone and Tablet) Android

    With classical music radio you can listen to live music and many other classical music radio for free and where you can select your favorite programs quickly and easily.

    The Radio Classica Free application offers you, free of charge, the opportunity to enjoy listening to broadcasts of classical music radio and music online on your Android, no matter where you are.


    - Modern and elegant interface.
    - Favorites option-
    - Search option
    -Timer (automatic shutdown)
    - Share the app with your friends.
    - Variety of Themes to customize your application
    - Share with others through social networks,

    -Requires internet connection.
    -Contact: [email protected]
    -If you want to add a radio, contact us.
  • Musica de los 70 80 90 Gratis APK
    Musica de los 70 80 90 Gratis

    Music from the 70s 80s 90s Free live listen easily, quickly and easily your favorite stations of music 70s 80s 90s free live And it's free! Enjoy it!

    Welcome to the application that will allow you to listen to music from the 60 70 80 and 90 free live and the best music chains 70 80 90 free in Spanish live, music from the 70 80 90 free in Spanish live completely online and without cuts!

    Music of the 70s 80s 90s Free Live is a free application of the main ones, music 70s 80s 90s free live, music of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s free live l, radio hits of the 80s live among other genres music of the 70 80 90 free in Spanish. The list of included radios is varied.

    We present you our APP of Music of the 70s 80s 90s Free, created in a totally different way, so you can enjoy your music of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s free live, music of the 70s 80s 90s free in Spanish live anywhere Place of the world.

    Music 70 80 90 free live a very friendly design and very easy to use where you will find best music from the 70 80 90 free in Spanish live radio, Enjoy the best music from your Android mobile device (phone and tablet)

    With Music from the 70s 80s 90s Free Live You can listen to live music and many other music of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s free live and where you can select your favorite programs quickly and easily.

    The Music of the 60 70 80 and 90 Live Radio application offers you, for free, the opportunity to enjoy listening to free 70 80 90 radio music and online music broadcasts on your Android, no matter where you are.


    Find your station quickly and easily.
    - Modern and elegant interface.
    - Option of favorites-
    - Search engine option
    -Timer (automatic shutdown)
    - Share the app with your friends.
    - Variety of Themes to customize your application
    - Share with others through social networks,


    -Requires internet connection.
    -Contact: [email protected]
    -If you want to add any 70 80 90 music radio, contact us.
  • OkCidade APK
    Sergipe News, Agenda and Services App
  • BattleTime 2: Original APK
    Do you want to fight battles on a massive scale?
    Do you enjoy tactical real-time combat?

    BattleTime 2 will give you much more!

    Choose one of the factions!
    The Barbarians, Assassins, Druids, and Necromancers are locked in a deadly struggle. Each faction has its own unique campaign!

    Unlock new skills!
    24 magic and alchemy skills will help you turn the tide of battle. Every skill has its own system of upgrades!

    Fight bosses!
    Five ancient machines are waiting for their moment join the fray. Each machine will become a special trial!

    Increase the stats of your units and buildings!
    Armor, strength, and speed are the keys to defeating a wily foe. You'll need to develop all three stats to advance!

  • TanzaFlix -  Movie TV shows and Live chanel APK
    - Live Chanel
    - Latest Movie
    - Tv shows and Series
  • Unofficial telegram | vpngram | speedtelgram APK
    speedtelgram, with professional features and without interruption, frees you from the need for a filter breaker and easily and
    You can connect to it without filtering problems. Supported messengers is an unofficial telegram version of
    Uses API and is equipped with anti-filter, smart and powerful proxies.
    What features does the anti-filter speedtelgram offer you ?!
    Spirit mode
     Advanced Forward
    Use multiple accounts
    . Hide chats
    Turn off accounts off
     Delete contacts individually or in groups
    Tab and chat categories
     Has anti-filter proxies, no filter, smart and strong internal
     Manage and schedule downloads
     No need for a filter breaker
     Has stickers and animated emoticons
    Optimized and higher speed than other versions
    View the latest contact changes (including name, photo)
     Has a calligrapher
     Has different themes and skins
     with radar (find close people)
     Has an ID finder
     Create a secret conversation
     Localized (Solar History, Rastchin)
     Advanced announcements
     Ability to turn off notifications
    High speed connection without filter
     Smart selection of anti-filter proxy with the highest speed
  • Double Trouble APK
    Get your thumbs in a twist with Double Trouble!

    Using one thumb per slider to control the balls you must keep each ball on it's path.

    Your thumbs will get tangled.

    Your mind will be tested.

    Do you have what it takes to claim the top spot on the leaderboard?

    Change the game speed and ball size to increase your score multiplier.

    5 challenging levels!
  • BattleTime: Ultimate APK
    In BattleTime Premium is waiting for you:


    Huge territories with strong opponents!
    Over 100 unique levels!
    8 heroes with special skills!
    Five difficulty levels for the bravest!
    Achievements and leaderboards!
    Competition with friends!

    Each battle will be unique! Opponents do not forgive mistakes and are ready to do anything to win. Use special skills and improve your army, study the enemy's strategy. Deal the decisive blow and claim the winner's award!