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Apk Info:
File Name com.swag.king.foo
App Download Version: 1.3
Price Free
Apk Size 2.43 MB
Download 50
Last Update Time Dec 19, 2015
Min Android 4.0.3 and up
ROOT Required
Offers In-App Purchase Yes

This is a dating app that allows users to post things about other users giving everyone more information about these random strangers that you would normally just meet online. Join our fun free site where you can hookup meet new people make friends and more.

  • Pou – Unlimited Money Mod

    Pou – Unlimited Money Mod


    This is a dating app that allows users to post things about other users giving everyone more information about these random strangers that you would normally just meet online. Join our fun free site where you can hookup meet new people make friends and more.
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  • Bigupstar Checkers Professional
    Our team at Bigupstar.com LLC brings to you a great game of checkers. With this game you will win amazing prices from our store at shopholicsusa.com and discounts on our services at developertechs.com. We encourage you to like our facebook fan page Bigupstar Checker Professional to stay on top of the leader board.
  • Metal Strike Force: Shooting Soldiers 2D
    Against you the whole army of enemies: tanks,jeeps,soldiers,zombies, artillery and others.Use different types of weapons and destroy all enemies.In several missions at your disposal a jeep with a machine gun.

    Peculiar properties:
    -Simple operation.
    -Stunning graphics and sounds.
    - Various weapons-pistols,machine guns,rifles, shotgun.
    -More than 10 types of enemies.(tanks,jeeps,artillery,zombies and others)
    -Language-not required.
    -No advertising.
    -Play offline.
    -Drive a jeep with a machine gun.
    -5 locations:forest,mountains,steppes,factory,city (new locations will be added in updates)

    -The game requires support for OpenGLES 3.

    Update the game once a month (new levels,enemies and others).Correct errors as they occur.If you have any questions or want to report a bug,please contact us by email: [email protected]
  • Tap The Right Color
    Tap The Right Color

  • Dark Snake
    New Basic game Dark Snake

  • Tap Wars
    Black Vs White Tap Colors

  • Space Boss
    Destroy the Space Boss

  • Tap AA
    Tap AA is funny mobile game. This game is very simple, a rotation ball in the center and small balls ready to fire. Tap AA is TIME version of classic game, center ball will start counting when you ready to play. Hope you have great time with this game. Thank you so much.
  • Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archery Games 2019
    Ever dream of living as a Knight in medieval fantasy world fighting against Dragons and Wolves? Ever dream of living as a fighter and fight for the glory of your kingdom? You dream is becoming a reality, you can now pose as a sword fighter and archer to fight for your kingdom. This game will give you the realistic feeling of being a gladiator or a royal knight playing for the glory of the Kingdom. Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archery Games 2019 is launched and ready to give you immense action packed game and challenges that will test your archery and sword fighting skills.


    Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archery Games 2019 has immense action packed game play with realistic effects and control, and the whole story revolves around the hero, fighting for the glory of the kingdom, fighting against undead army, wolf and dragons monsters. Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archery Games 2019 will give you the realistic feelings of playing as a brave knight with sword fight and archery skills and has the courage to fight against Wolf, Dragons and Undead army all alone in the intense winters.


    A gladiator sword fighter, while on the watch saw a movement in snow storm and a huge dragon flying over an army of the undead. He was scared and ran towards the fighters of the watch. The knight ordered him to go to the Lord Commander and inform him about the situation that enemies are marching towards the kingdom. After knowing about the situation, Sir Mitshi Byolon was nominated for the initial combat against the army of the snow and sent alone for the mission to get the information about the enemies and if possible, kill their wolves and dragon that is the huge advantage of undead army over army of the kingdom. Sir Mitshi – The great sword fighter of the kingdom is now on the mission to save his people and the reign of the queen.


    KEY FEATURES OF Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archery Games 2019:

    - FIGHT AGAINST WOLF and Dragons.

    Leave us your feedback, suggest improvements and report bugs, so we can improve its user experience.
  • Airline Flight Pilot 3D: Flight Simulator Games
    Do you like to play real flight simulator games? Have you ever wondered to become airline pilot? Airline Flight Pilot 3D is one of the best plane flight sim game where you can unleash your inner maverick. Take airplane real flight lessons, become a pilot, and be able to fly planes from airports around the world in 2019.

    Forget dumb repetitive games, here start career as a airline pilot in a airplane real flying game. Once you have completed your training, a variety of planes will be waiting for you on the airport. Your duty includes performing stunts for audience on fun occasions to flying passenger airlines and transporting cargo. Get yourself the best plane and go higher. Enjoy the fully immersive experience.

    This is your chance to fly across the globe and explore a new horizon of plane flying. One of the most compelling and satisfying airplane flying experience on the store. Close to realistic engine sounds, and many camera views, this airline flight pilot will surely enthrall you as this is one of the coolest flight simulator games. You will get to fly all kinds of airplanes.
    The only flight game where you are provided with a third person controller pilot. Whether you like the outer camera or a fan interior cockpit, tricky levels are provided to challenge your airline flying simulator experience.

    • Challenging scenarios
    • Amazing selection of light aircrafts, passenger planes and cargo transporter airplanes
    • Large islands with airports
    • Smooth, easy, and responsive flight controls
    • Realistic graphics with dynamic weather
    • Fun to play gameplay with cool animations!

    If you are found of airplane flying games, then flying planes in this game must be fun for you. Then this flight pilot simulator 2019 is the game for you when you download it, you will get a chance to try all amazing planes. The game will let you play for hours. Enjoy playing this plane flight simulator game.

    Your feedback is appreciated!
  • Air Force Shooting Plane
    Air Force is back bone of any country's armed forces. That's why air force is so important in modern wars. Only one person selected among millions to go in air with air force fighting jet. To experience of flying air force jet here is Air Force Shooting Plane Game.

    You have to fly air planes to destroy given targets. If you have best control on you speed and controls you will be able to achieve required targets and complete surgical strike. Other wise you will lose your jets and could be arrested.

    Fly Different Airplane Jets is an action-packed, intense, fighter jet flying mission simulation. Fly the skies in hyper realistic military Thunder PAF Fighting jet planes and more! You've been giving the objective on remote desert islands! of taking out enemy army bases sited , the fighter jet pilot It is up to you complete the task and return safely for mission accomplished.

    When you get a call for war air shooting games, Airplane Fighting War Air Shooting Games combat mission to serve your naval force WW2 duty. Commando soldiers, WW2 airplane fighting air strike war plane in warplane fps shooting game WW2 survival air shooting game.
    Enjoy fps shooting games, war shooting games, with navy plane air strikes airplane battle in the enemy territory with devastating gunner attack in air war games when you strategically fire to destroy the enemy aircrafts rocket launcher from powerful machine guns. Those who love playing naval Strike, naval war, air war, air rad games grand battle, world war games and battleground survival war shooting games with WW2 battleground airplane shooting games can have an immersive experience of navy planes air assault airplane attack airplane fighter airplane flight and airplane gunner shoot.
  • Wars of City Crowd
    Its time for you to pay your country with your love and blood by filling streets of a city with a crowd in a war against your rival. Gather your popular heroes' army and rush through streets of city with your crowd in wars of popular army heroes. Create your own army soldier squad and erase everything that moves from streets. This wars of popular army heroes is fun with adventure. Show the city that you have a huge crowd with a lot of number of popular army hero.

    All you have to do is to rush through the streets in city town gather your army men make your army of soldiers by capturing citizens or enemy soldiers less in numbers. In this new simulator game of Wars of City Crowd you have a big challenge of making a clan of your army soldiers. You have to start with only one man army and start capturing the crowd and adding them to your army clan to fight against popular enemy hero.

    Select your country and your favorite hero and start your day by choosing the spot to start chasing citizens and adding them to your army soldiers tag team and start fighting with other army war team. Compete with them to add them to your crowd or if you failed to compete them then they will capture all your soldiers.
  • Speedster
    Speedster : Drive as fast you can and unlock more Tracks and Cars.
  • Big Red Keno
    Big Red Keno is the biggest operator of live ball draw keno in the US. Big Red Keno offers live ball draws at four main locations located in Omaha, NE, Lincoln, NE, Fremont, NE, and Norfolk, NE and are broadcasted to more than 240 satellite locations in Eastern Nebraska.The Big Red Keno app lets you watch live games, provides the latest game results and has a check your ticket function.Features Include: Live Games – Watch the live ball draw feed from any of our four main locationsGame Results – Select a location and date to view winning combinations or a ball draw frequency report Check Tickets – Scan your ticket barcode or enter your ticket number manually to view results Profile – Set up your profile with your favorite location.
  • Dominoes Puzzle: Drag n Merge
    Dominoes Puzzle: Drag n Merge is a simple block puzzle game with fun and exciting! With colorful domino dices and good logic, It will keep you entertained for hours! Time-killer is here!

    Do you love puzzle games? Do you like color and numbers inside dices of classic family game - "Dominoes"?

    Inspired by many puzzle games and other merging games! We believe you will feel love “Dominoes Puzzle: Drag n Merge”.

    The gameplay and rule is very simple! All you need is drag & match & merge blocks of dices on the grid in order to get higher and higher scores!

    If other make you boring. You should play our dice games! You will feel fresh and relax with new gameplay of dice games !

    ⭐ Drag a domino dice blocks to the grid empty cells!
    ⭐ Place 3 or more domino dice blocks with the same number and color next to
    each other to merge them horizontally, vertically or both.
    ⭐ You can rotate dice dominoes block before placing them on the grid by tapping on them.
    ⭐ Merge dice dominoes to get higher value.
    ⭐ The final piece is a dice with letter [M] called "SUPER DICE" which can be created by merging 3 or more dices [6].
    ⭐ Match 3 or more "SUPER DICE" will create explosion which destroy many blocks around it.
    ⭐ You can use 2 booster items: TRASH and HAMMER.

    Ideal for all ages.
    Play easily and quickly.
    With limited space on grid, merging will more difficult with totally
    random dice block of dominoes ! Improve your strategy skill and test your brain!
    Unlimited moves and no time limits then you won't feel stressful. Just
    feel relax after busy day or want to kill free time!
    Connect to Facebook and challenge with your friends!
    Cool sounds effect and super visual effects.
  • Snake Walls
    Snake walls is a relaxing game for all ages to spare time.

    The game is where you keep the snake from bumping into the wall and keep walking to find food or diamonds. This game is very well suited for children, teens and adults, if you feel bored you can play this game to get rid of your boredom.

    Remember this game is free, but developers insert advertisements to support the developers of this game so they can provide other games.

    If you like this game, please provide a 5-star rating for this game: D
    if there are complaints of errors or additions to other features, please review

    Thank You
    Alexa Media
  • Zombie Dead Target 2019 3D : Zombie Shooting Game
    Are you looking Zombie Shooting Games or Dead Target Zombies games for free? Have you played the top zombie shooting games of 2019?
    Then you are at right point, let's play the newest game of Zombie Shooting as fast as lightning, named as Zombie Dead Target 2019 3D : Zombie Shooting ,Zombie Shooter 3D Game.
    Zombie Dead Target 2019 3D : Zombie Shooting ,Zombie Shooter 3D Game is a Zombie Shooting and Dead Target Zombies 2019 With Destructive Weapons
    and it is a death shooter game new game it is also a 3d Zombie Shooting Games or Dead Target Zombies games.
    Live the dream of owning a realistic Guns and join the real world of Zombie Shooting or Dead Target Zombie,Zombie Shooter 3D is the most authentic Zombie Shooting game.

    Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse with the shooting games. Choose a best gun to fight against the dead that are walking toward you
    Kill all the dead and don't leave any zombies alive!! Are you ready for all the action and adventure in this awesome shooter game?
    If you don't want to be a dead, try your best in shooting and killing in wonderful zombie shooting games

    Zombie Dead Target 2019 3D : Zombie Shooting ,Zombie Shooter 3D allows you to boost your sniper shooting skills by giving you an access to the latest and modern assault guns.
    Enjoy the awe-inspiring and entertaining grossy terrain while experiencing the most accurate shooting simulation ever.
    Be a precise sniper shooter, as the precision is a key factor to succeed in all gun shooting games.
    Challenge yourself inside a zombie apocalypse world in this online FPS strategy battle!
    Train your gun shooter skills as a survivor in front line fighting for your survival: Enhance your arsenal of ammunition and weapons and face monster zombies shooting as
    an elite sniper hunter with the best guns and rifles in this dead zombie
    RPG FPS action combat game! This lethal battlefield war has only one target, stop the zombie apocalypse. Save the frontier!

    The city is a dead town. Zombies are everywhere, almost everyone you know is dead, but at least you still have your guns with you
    as you continue to salvage the desolated landscape for resources. Will you survive zombie hell once again?
    Remember that you're not in a thriller and the zombie monsters will hunt you wherever you go in this zombie shooting game.
    You have to become a dead zombie crazy hunter in this zombie hunter game.
    If you have played zombie games and you are in favor of hunting targeted zombies in zombie shooting games.
    You will love to play zombies war sniper shooting- combat trigger game

    Zombie Dead Target 2019 3D : Zombie Shooting Game ,Zombie Shooter 3D is one of FPS zombie shooting game, you need to hunt zombies, keep alive and save the survivals.
    Kinds of weapons can let you hunt zombies by any way you prefer. Whether you like accurate short-bursts or like the rain of bullets, whether you like a close battle .
    On the critical moment, the freezing grenade, time bomb, you can choose suitable equipment to help you to escape from the dangerous ground.

    Features Of Zombie Dead Target 2019 3D : Zombie Shooting Game ,Zombie Shooter 3D

    ? Completely free game.
    ? Easy selection of weapon
    ? Beautiful 3D environment of game
    ? Advance weapon selection
    ? A free FPS offline game where huge waves of zombies come to you as the storm
    ? FPS game
    ? Amazing graphics
    ? Challenging missions
    ? Destructive Weapons
    ? Shoot zombies before the invasion come toward you, the dead can come anytime in this Zombie game
    ? Different level to became a best Zombie Shooter
    ? Auto loader shot guns
    ? Sniper scope view
    ? Kill zombie by head shot to survive in the truly Shooting game
    ? Fabulous sounds.

    ? Play it anywhere
    Zombie Dead Target 2019 3D : Zombie Shooting Game ,Zombie Shooter 3D does not require you to be always online in order to have fun.
    You can enjoy it offline in the subway, while flying on a (real) plane, in the car on the road.
    From time to time, it may be necessary to download free online.
  • Gunner FPS Free Fire War : Offline Shooting Game
    Time to use lethal weapons for being the Last survival and show your survival shooting abilities in the unknown battles and finish all the terrorist forces around the battle arena. This fire shooting games is about GRAND GUNNER 3d against the sniper strike of the best world war sniper sharp shooter. Enjoy fast paced death missions in this amazing action game. It's about the best shooting gun games with the heat of ruthless shooting and Free Fire Squad battleground. You have to land on unknown island for completing the unknown survival battleground missions in this free fire unknown survival game. Gunner FPS Free Fire War will contain the intense shooting of terrorist forces & rivals forces are destroying what ever is coming their way of ultimate battleground.

    Gunner FPS FREE FIRE WAR is about the real survival shooter and destroying the army bases in the survival battlegrounds against the brutal sniper shooter & critical strike mission of rival special forces. Being free fire survival battleground shooter, you have to defeat enemies in their sniper shooting missions and assault sniper missions. Conduct rescue missions being the elite gunship gunner commando in this best fps game. Survive against the epic sniper rifles and best sniper shooter of enemies using sniper guns. This free fire game is also available as offline shooting games. Complete your survival war in between the free fire of enemies attack. You are going to enjoy this best shooting game.

    Real Gun Gunner shooter start shooting as war shooting has begin & battleground fire is full of firing squad. Show your firepower against the commando strike in the free firing battleground. Grand Gunner FPS is the best first person shooter game where you will enjoy the real sniper shooting and face furious battle. You will have to co-op your special forces and eradicate all the army bases of rival forces. Best action will be in the combat survival firing missions where lethal weapons will be used and you have to face free fire of heavy sniper weapons to gunship gunner. Smash hard survival hero of rival forces. These are times of modern world war and modern firing battleground weapons so hot free fire has been exchanged between epic battles of crossfire. You will have to face powerful weapons of terrorist and crossfire shooting will also having marksman bullets of sniper battle. Jump from your parachute and start unknown survival missions on unknown battleground against the unknown rivals players.

    Commando survival battlegrounds and amazing battles are waiting for you. Start your epic war journey by joining the free fire war squad and participate in this firing battleground by using best survival weapons. Complete your thrilling escape missions and explore more and more of world war unknown battleground. This is the best offline games with real action shooting games features. All you have to install this game and start offline adventure.

    Best Gun Gunner Game controls
    Unknown survival firing battlegrounds
    Ruthless firing and free firing missions
    Best War Shoot 3D
    Best 3D graphics and new thrilling game
    best free game with realistic sound effects
  • Balls & Walls
    Swipe your finger to dodge angry balls and walls. Unlock new balls, complete levels, defeat bosses, avoid walls! How many levels you can complete?

    Game features:
    • Variety of balls
    • Thirty exciting levels
    • One finger control
    • Simple and easy to play
    • Three unique ball-bosses
    • Eye-catchy design
    • Free-to-play

    There is a variety of balls & walls that are intended to kill your Ball. There are plenty of levels as well. Every 10th level is a boss-level. For each level, you are rewarded with a certain amount of coins that allow you to unlock new balls with better characteristics (each Ball has its own skin, size, and control sensitivity), or you can skip the level you aren't able to complete.

    First levels are easy enough so you get used to the controls. Levels after 10th are a real challenge!
    Hope you enjoy!

    Privacy policy:
  • MathoMan - Math Games with Maths Puzzles & Riddles
    This is a first & best of its kind Maths game in which 125+ puzzles & riddles are wrapped beautifully around a story arc.

    These 125 levels are divided into 5 stages based on the difficulty. You play the role of a warrior who needs to answer the maths puzzle questions asked by Sphinx to accomplish the 5 missions.

    Mathoman series has cleverly designed games with the following benefits :
    1. Brain Training: This puzzle based game include logic reasoning and mental math calculations, which in turn sharpens both sides of the brain and helps in training the mind.
    2. Brain Teasers: These simple yet challenging math-based brain teasers keep the player engaging and focussed which increase focus & concentration.
    3. Logical questions: Some puzzles require out-of-box thinking which makes this game one of the best math games that test your logical skills
    4. Maths but not-Maths: The puzzles are designed such that they don't require any special mathematical formulae. All you need is your brain to analyze the patterns, understand the logic, hunt for the catch and deduce the answer. It's as simple as that. :-)
    5. IQ Test: These games test your IQ using the maths puzzles which look quite difficult unless you get the logical catch
    6. Mind sharpening: Such puzzle based training games requires strong analytical thinking.

    This Brain game is designed around an interesting story of a warrior who needs to answer maths puzzles to complete the challenges:
    1. The challenges are divided into 5 stages whose difficulty ranges from Very Easy to Very Hard.
    2. The player needs to complete 25 interesting levels by answering 25 Math puzzle set in order to complete the mission of the stage.
    3. Each stage is of a different difficulty level. Hence as the game progresses the requirement of the logical & analytical skills increases.
    4. You need to solve 125 unique questions each of different model to complete the games

    Different models of questions in these games are:
    1. Logical pattern-based questions
    2. Tricky analytical questions
    3. A geometric understanding of angles
    4. Algebra-based to solve real-world equations
    5. Interesting & confusing riddles

    Additional features:
    1. Share the puzzle game to friends via screenshot and challenge them.
    2. Hints and Solutions are available on demand.
    3. Links to additional 250 math puzzles

    These games are completely free. It consists of hints and answers which can be accessed with short ads which are important to induce competency & do not give up attitude which make this more interesting. Moreover, ads are our only way of earning because we made this game completely FREE for math enthusiasts like you.

    Thanks for your understanding and enjoy this FREE puzzle and riddles game.

    Don't forget to play the sequel games of this: MathKing & MathWars

  • Vegas Teen Patti - 3 Card Poker & Casino Games
    The #1 Top Free Teen Patti Game -
    Pack your bags - you're embarking on Teen Patti World tour to Vegas!!
    Enjoy first of its kind Teen Patti experience at casino destinations across the world.
    Kickoff your journey from the casinos of Goa and reach Vegas.

    Download for Free!
    Get Welcome Bonus of 50,000 Chips: Connect with Facebook to get more 100,000 FREE CHIPS and begin your Teen Patti journey.
    City wise World tour to Vegas benefits:
    1. Unique City casino Themes
    2. Decorated Rings to flaunt.
    3. Premium Bonus offers.
    4. High Roll bets.
    ♠ Variants: Enjoy all the popular Teen Patti variants like AK47, Joker, Hukum and Muflis.
    ♠ Private Table: Play Teen Patti with your friends. Create your own private table and invite your friends to play on your private table.
    ♠ Unique Leaderboards: Play & Top the leaderboards to get huge rewards. Real time Live Leaderboards on Game Table.
    ♠ Dual Currency: Chips and Coins. Convert Coins to Chips anytime and never run out of chips.
    ♠ Chat: Group chat with live players from around the world.
    ♠ Themes: Choose your own background and table theme while you play.
    ♠ Gifts: Send animated gifts have fun with other players and your friends.
    ♠ Mini Game: Try your luck on exciting Teen Patti Slots to WIN BIG!
    ♠ Connect with friends: Invite, chat and play Teen Patti with your friends from Facebook and other players.
    ♠ No Limit: No pot limit. Bet as much as you could to win BIG!
    ♠ Avatars: Choose from a wide variety of avatars or import your own picture from Facebook.
    Ranking of the cards from high to low are:
    1. Trail or Set (three of the same rank)
    2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)
    3. Sequence (straight or run)
    4. Color (flush)
    5. Pair (two cards of the same rank)
    6. High Card

    How to Play Teen Patti – Game Play Video

    Teen Patti game, 3 Patti, Indian Poker, or Three Card Poker is an ultimate teen patti flush card game. It is also known as teenpatti, 3patti, Indian teen patti game, three cards poker game, 3 cards poker,3 pati,tin patti,Flush,Flash,teen patti club,teen pati,tp,ten patti,utp,teen patti, 3 patti. It's one of the most popular game of taash or taas.

    People usually misspell Teen Patti as,3patti,tin patti,tin pati,ten patti,teen patti teen patti,ten pati,3patti,3pati,3card game,tin patti,tenpatti or 3 cards game

    This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.