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Unicorn Paint by Number

Version: 0.2

Virus free

Apk Info:
File Name com.unicornpaintbynumber.unicorncolorbynumber
App Download Version: 0.2
Price Free
Apk Size 15M
Last Update Time Oct 18, 2020
Min 4.4 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Enjoy unicorn coloring by number and unicorn color by numberThe best unicorn coloring games by number

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    Cooking Delicacies From Around The World In Crazy Fever Cooking Games
    - Hundreds of fresh ingredients for cooking into delicious dishes!
    - Cook savory cookies, grill tasty tender steaks and delicious hot dogs.
    - Fry, Bake, Boil, Steam, Simmer and Grill magical cook method.
    - Sweet donuts, pizza, waffles and shrimp - the recipes grow with opening city!

    Opening Special Theme Restaurants In New Cooking Games For Free
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    - Improve cooking skill and manage time efficiently to become the best chef!
    - Upgrade kitchen appliances and ingredients to earn more money.
    - More amazing restaurants and new cities will be added regularly!

    Proficiency in Cooking Techniques & Strategies
    - Create more combos: Get big bonus and achievements.
    - Upgrade ingredients & kitchenware: Increase income & Reduce cooking time.
    - Use useful boots appropriately: Complete special cooking goals smoothly.

    More Features:
    + More than 6 featured theme restaurants are available!
    + 85+ ingredients to create over 50 dishes from around the world!
    + 150+ well-designed levels with 3 kinds of difficulties!
    + Interesting and magical boots help you pass the levels.
    + Hundreds of kitchenware and ingredients are waiting for upgrading.
    + Wi-Fi not needed: No internet needed after the initial install.
    + Enjoy time-management game play in your pocket anytime for Free!
    + There are more restaurants and delicacies coming soon!

    How to Play:
    Don't worry! You can do all the steps just with one finger:
    According to the food on the customer's order, tap the ingredients to cook food in order.
    Click the finished dishes to complete all the orders.

    What are you waiting for? Come and try!
  • Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Games
    The most addictive puzzle game is here! This perfect collection of animal jigsaw puzzles will surely provide the most enjoyable entertainment for all ages. The simple and user-friendly interface will surely give you the best experience of playing free puzzles and help you improve your puzzle solving skills. Download Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Games - the best horse photo puzzle game, and let it entertain and train your brain.

    Welcome to the jigsaw world! Excellent graphics and original jigsaw pictures – the features that make these horse jigsaw puzzles one of the best puzzle apps for kids. Prepare for this horse puzzle game with pictures of horses running wild and free to blow your mind.

    Educational games and creative learning games are very helpful for improving a puzzle solver's cognitive skills and stress-relief. Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Games offer a friendly interface and simple and intuitive gameplay. We have made a perfect jigsaw puzzle app which will keep you amused for many hours.

    Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Games features:

    HD graphics of the most magnificent animals - horses
    100+ free jigsaws to play
    Choose a number of pieces to play with
    Challenging brain-teasers
    Choose shapes of puzzles
    Free hints to help you solve the puzzle if you get stuck
    Preview mode makes it easier to solve jigsaw. Turn it off for more challenging game play
    Set solved jigsaw puzzle as WALLPAPERS on your phone
    Dark mode - reduces battery usage

    The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.

    For everyone who loves horse games and horses, whether it be a towering stallion or a little pony, Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Games is the most perfect puzzle app! Try out one of the best horse games and exercise your brain. Download Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Games now and enjoy putting puzzle pieces together.
  • Breakout Bullet
    Bullet Breaker Time! Fast paced, arcade-idle game. Unique, one tap (and hold) release and break gameplay makes for explosive fun madness.

    • Get to the checkered line by breaking through the golden gates
    • Move quickly, earn rocket power-ups
    • Boost madness!
  • Yars' Revenge
    The player controls an insect-like creature who must nibble or shoot through a barrier in order to fire his cannon into the breach. The objective is to destroy the evil other creature, which exists on the other side of the barrier.
  • No Humanity - The Hardest Game
    Once up on a time, there is a spaceship emoji

    And it got caught up in a galactic doodle war between Brian and Shan, where lasers are beaming, bullets are firing, little boys' hairs are rapidly growing and monsters eyes are popping.

    To be warn, this is not a game for everyone, we made this game extremely hard and unpredictable to just make our fans very happy.

    Therefore this game contains:

    Mild frustration,
    Unfair gameplay,
    Ugly doodle
    space themed apocalypse
    poorly made bullet hell without shoot them up
    up-to 4 players online multiplayer - only not lag if you play with friends
    poor taste humour
    amateur graphic
    limited budget music
    rewarded video ads
    once of a time life experience
    no wifi kinda works
    claw machine

    This game probably deserve no attention, but somehow we got 10 millions download from tik tok, google play and Apple store altogether.

    Thank you my dear fans, because you shared this game with your friends and watched them struggle, this game survived, and the team get to go crazy with their ideas.

    Many love,

    Brian from discord.com/nohumanity
  • Elite Killer: SWAT
    Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game! Elite Killer is the #1 realistic 3D FPS game available on Google Play.

    You are a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms and get your 5 star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!

    Game Features:
    - Boasting spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences
    - 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozens of worldwide themes
    - Local Mission mode and online PvP mode
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    Remember roads? Well those don't exist anymore! Experience the thrill of driving amazing SUVs, Trucks, Monster Trucks, and Jeeps in a wild, roadless environment. Speed off with NO restrictions into beautiful graphics, realistic physics, and action packed excitement. A realistic driving simulator with smooth controls and 4x4 physics packs quite a ride!

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    Offroad Driving Adventure 2016 Features:
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    •Spectacular And Challenging 3D Environment For Offroad Racing.
    •Realistic Driving Experience
    •Detailed And Complex 4x4 Physics
    •Responsive and Realistic Gameplay
    •Smooth And Easy Controls
    •Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
    •Cool Visual And Sound Effects
    •Drive SUV, Heavy Truck, Jeep, Monster Truck and more
    •Realistic Weather Effect
    •Career and Free Mode For Max Enjoyment
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  • KOF'98 UM OL

    Experience the adrenaline rush of classic KOF fights combined with the exciting & addictive gameplay of collectible card games! Choose from an expansive roster of classic characters straight out of SNK games, assemble the ultimate tag team and chain-up your fighters' special move in battle to unleash devastating combos onto your challengers.

    ==Key Features==

    Kusanagi Serpent, Maiden Masher, and Haoh Shoko Ken…unleash your fighters' incredibly powerful attacks at a tap of your finger. But with KOF98's unique QTE system, it takes the right timing and skills to chain up the perfect combo and KO your challengers!

    Train your fighters, upgrade their equipment and level them up to their maximum potential to unlock their most powerful passive and active abilities, and their deadliest attacks.

    Fight your way through the 70+-level campaign that follows the classic storyline of the games, and a multitude of PVE challenge modes. Then take on players from all over the world in a variety PVP modes and tournaments, to eventually claim the real “King of Fighters” title!

    All the classic fighters, battle arenas, iconic special moves, sound effects and even the Japanese voices from the original game. A must-play for the fans!

    ==Official information==
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kof98umol
    Official Website: http://98kof-us.game-bean.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOF98UMOL_EN 

  • まんぷくマルシェ 放置&料理ゲーム
    Easy store management & neglected game that anyone can play for free until the ending.
    But when you play to the end, you will love this world.

    60 kinds of ingredients that can be used, 180 kinds of dishes that can be made, and a large volume of about 200,000 characters for the story!
    When the friendship with the six male and female chefs deepened, the secret that was too surprising was revealed...! ?
    A "neo" cooking game that has been highly acclaimed by players who played until the ending
    This is the first installment of the Manmaru series (3 works in total).

    【how to play】
    ■ Collect the ingredients!
    Let's go to the kitchen car with 6 chefs and collect lots of ingredients.
    There are no difficult elements, and you can collect food easily and easily!

    ■ Let's cook!
    Let's infer the combination of ingredients based on the hints of the recipe and create a new dish.
    "Neo food" that you have never seen in other cooking games is completed...! ?

    ■Let's sell it!
    After arranging the dishes in the kitchen car, just leave them alone!
    Many customers came to enjoy your cooking!

    ■ Let's liven up the Marche!
    Increase the number of dishes that can be displayed in the kitchen car,
    To get more customers,
    Let's liven up Marche with various power-ups!

    ■ Enjoy the story!
    When you sell food and save money, new stories will unfold.
    Not only the story of the entire Marche, but also the story of the individual chefs is a big volume!

    [Recommended for people like this]
    ・I like cooking games where many dishes come out
    ・I like ranch games such as farm games, farm games, farm games, etc.
    ・I like store management games such as cafe management and restaurant management
    ・I like games with street food and kitchen cars
    ・Look for recipes from hints and like combination games
    ・I like idle games that are easy to play.
    ・I like nurturing and leaving games that gradually increase numbers
    ・I like games with proper stories and endings
    ・I like games that can be played offline
    ・Girls are the protagonists, and they like games with a slight love element
    ・I like surprising characters

    I think it's a futuristic management & cooking game, but it might be surprisingly deep?
    Asobox of "Kingdom Tool Shop" and "Regeneration!
    This is the latest series of neglected management and cooking games where you can play the ending for free!
  • PLAYMOBIL Kaboom!
    Master the High Seas with PLAYMOBIL Kaboom!

    Ahoy, matey! Are you ready to face gruesome sea monsters and enemy pirate ships? Then, come aboard and prove your skills!

    Use the cannons from the new Interactive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets (6162, 6163, 6164, 6165) to shoot at virtual targets, earn gold doubloons, and improve your ship's equipment.

    • take aim and shoot by using one of the cannons from the Interactive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets

    • customize your own pirate captain

    • upgrade your equipment

    • hit the barrels and receive power-ups

    • prove your skills in 18 exciting levels and 3 different game modes ("High Seas", "Defense," and "Duel")

    You don't own one of the four PLAYMOBIL Interactive Pirates with Cannons yet?
    No problem! Use the touch-based mode and play with your finger.
  • 火線突擊 Gun Strike繁中版

    ** The most exciting first person shooter game - FireWire Assault Gun Strike **
    The player plays a veteran mercenary, uses a variety of firearms to fight the enemy, and uses the money gained from completing the mission to purchase better equipment. The weaponry has a total of 22 long and short guns and grenade and body armor. The game has 8 theme scenes with a total of 80 small levels, and 2 independent games, and has a number of game achievements and online leaderboards, which can compete with players around the world.

    [Game Features]
    1. Fun and funny character performance
    - More than 30 different performances of more than 20 character modules.

    2. Unique and challenging scenes
    - 8 theme scenes with a total of 80 small levels and dozens of enemy soldiers' route design.
    - Survival mode with 2 small games that test the player's reaction.

    3. Authentic sound and light effects
    - A variety of realistic physical dynamic effects, such as penetration, killing, explosion, death and so on.
    - A variety of particle effects with rhythmic background music and sound effects to create a bloody gun battle atmosphere.

    4. Support Google Play game service platform
    - 70 game achievements, 23 leaderboards, and can compete with players around the world.

    4. Diverse weapons and optimized operating modes to test the player's gun skills
    - 22 weapons
    - Change the timing of the bullets, switch the long and short guns at the right time, and occasionally reward the enemy with a guava is a must-have skill for getting high scores.

    More information and user questions on Facebook or Twitter

    [minimum system requirements]
    Android 2.2/ 320x480 / 1GHz CPU / 512MB RAM

    [other instructions]
    *. When the game is not smooth, try to adjust the performance level in the game settings to normal.
  • Word Up to 6 Letters
    Play Guess the word up to six letters, the most addicting new word puzzle game designed for everyone on mobile and tablet! Swipe letters and guess hidden words!

    How to Play:
    It is very easy and simple, swipe the letters on the wheel to find hidden words.

    Game Features:
    Very Easy to play with a clean and modern look.
    More than 450 challenging levels.
    Play whenever and wherever you want any time without without internet connection.
    Relaxing background music and enjoy play without timer.
    Support 10 languages (Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Svenska, Türkçe and Русский).

    Find the correct letters needed to win the level. Swipe to your letters, unscramble letter and unlock new levels with ever-more challenging puzzles. How far will you go? You will be amazed at how many words you can come up from two to six letters.

    Guess the Word up to Six Letters is completely free to play, enjoy now an unlimited number of word puzzles and hours of brain teasers!
  • Door-to-Door Sales
    Sell products from door-to-door and meet the most weird and crazy people in the world. Watch out as you might run into an occasional rude Karen.

    Use your hard earned money to improve your home and date the love of your life.
  • Kids piano
    Kids piano is a music game for kids of 1 to 6 years old. Our kids game features 5 entertaining and educational activities for toddlers. Our learning game for girls and boys will allow little ones to develop creativity, an ear for music, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and attention. Baby piano is perfect for pre-k and preschool education. It is also suitable for kids with developmental disorders, such as autism.

    Baby piano has 5 activities for kids to choose from:

    Nursery rhymes. There are 8 classic songs for your kid to enjoy:
    - Jingle Bells
    - Happy Birthday
    - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    - Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    - Pop Goes the Weasel
    - The Muffin Man
    - Wheels on the Bus
    - Five Little Monkeys

    Musical Instruments for toddlers. Children can use a variety of instruments to perform – piano, drums, bells, flute, guitar, trumpet, harmonic and tambourine. Great animations featuring cool characters will ensure an amazing experience for kids ages 2 to 5.

    Sounds for kids. Being not only entertaining but also educational, this toddler activity will allow your child to learn sounds of different animals, vehicles and much more! Baby piano contains 60 amazing sounds for kids across 6 awesome sets:

    - Animal sounds
    - Vehicle sounds
    - Kids' sounds
    - Robot sounds
    - Alien sounds
    - Environment sounds

    Lullabies. 8 outstanding lullabies will help your sweet child to fall asleep. Let your kid to choose a lovely character to watch them fall asleep while listening to a calming tune.
    Games for kids. 8 educational music games to choose from. Help Bimi Boo in his adventures at different locations. Kids games for girls and boys will help your child to develop love for music. The games for toddlers are perfect for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

    Baby piano is a game that doesn't require Wi-Fi to be played. Both boys and girls will love our baby game.

    The following content is available for free:
    - 20+ ambient sounds.
    - 2 music instruments.
    - 2 popular songs for babies.
    - 2 baby games.
    - 2 lullabies.
    Please kindly note that an in-app purchase is required to unlock additional content.

    Here at Bimi Boo, we strive to provide the best experience for your child. You will never find annoying ads inside our apps. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.
  • Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows

    Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is a fantastic casual puzzle adventure game that looks like a hidden object game and it plays like a hidden object game, but it ain't one. This is an excellent mystical family story with a paranormal twist!

    Your family's past is more interesting than any story. And it's not over yet...

    One of my father's stories was my favorite: “Once upon a time there lived a merchant with his wife. The family was happy and had never known grief. However, their maid, Julianne, was jealous of the little family's happiness and secretly dreamed of taking the place of a beloved wife. She learned of unholy powers hidden deep within the manor that could be summoned by a ritual … although there was a cost. She cursed the merchant's wife, unleashed deadly powers. The merchant vows to devote the rest of his life to finding a way to release his beloved wife from her cursed world.”

    Years have passed. My father dies, but he leaves me a message: “Your favorite fairy tale was the true story of our family. I tried to free your mother's spirit, but I failed. I beg you to finish what I could not. The solution is waiting in our old family home.”

    As a son, I must “write” the happy ending for my family's story.

    Developers edition features:
    • Complete your family's story
    • It looks like a HOG and it plays like a HOG, but it ain't one
    • Bonus content
    • Discover morphing objects as you play
    • Haunted atmosphere
    • Open world locations to explore
    • Eerie encounters and mystery
    • Pure puzzle adventure gameplay
    • Optimized for phones and tablets
    • One of the best casual adventure games. In our opinion:)

    We recommend it to all people who enjoy adventure hidden object style games.

    This puzzle adventure is perfect for playing while traveling. No internet connection required for this offline adventure game.

    Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is a puzzle adventure game from the creators of The Last Dream, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward, Inbetween Land, Tap the Blocks and Sonya: The Great Adventure!

    Game available in: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, French.

    Check our other games!
    WWW: www.specialbit.com
    YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/specialbitstudio
    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/SpecialbitStudio
    TWITTER: www.twitter.com/Specialbit
  • Secret Files 3
    Please adjust the level of graphic details in the options menu within the title screen if the app isn't working properly or try restarting your device before playing to clear the memory.


    [FULL GAME! NO EPISODES! Secret Files 3 - Nina and Max return to the touch screen in the follow-up of the Secret Files hit-series. The long anticipated sequel celebrates its debut on the App Store and received an overall update. The mobile version comes with new HD graphics, voice-overs and new animations!]

    Nina and Max just announced their upcoming wedding.. but from the beginning this turns out to be way harder than expected. Max gets arrested by the police in the middle of his apartment in Berlin. Nina can only watch the scene from the side lines.
    A secret message from Max on his way out starts Nina on her quest to find him and the reason for his arrest. She finds way more than that. When the watchers become part of the picture once again it becomes clear - rescuing Max may not be the most important task at hand.

    # # # FEATURES # # #
    • An interactive Mystery-Thriller for Smartphones and Tablets
    • 8+ hours playtime
    • clever riddles
    • 80 detailed locations
    • fully voice-overed by known TV voice actors
    • localised in German and English

    # # # LINKS AND RESOURCES # # #

    • Animation Arts Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anim_Arts
    • Animation Arts-Website: http://www.animationarts.de/
    • Animation Arts on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Animation-Arts-228904063854396


    Secret Files 3 requires at least Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above and runs on devices with 1GB RAM or more. As a full premium app, the initial purchase grants access to all content and features – there are no fee-based episodes or other IAPs.
New Apps
  • Perfect Hit . . . APK
    Avoid the obstacles. Collect the balls. Aim for the holes!
    Good luck!
  • Home Makeover - Hidden Object APK
    The exciting Hidden Object adventure game that started the 4 part series (tetralogy if you want to sound smart)!

    Behind the white picket fence lies a quaint old house with a FUN jam packed hidden object adventure. Emma's Grandparents' old house needs a home makeover! Okay...a LONG awaited makeover! Exchange old paint for dazzling wallpaper, outdated furniture for more modern pieces and more! Return this house back to its old glory!

    Clean out the old cluttered house and sell the items to your neighbors! Earn money from jumble sales to buy furniture and new fixtures for the old house! With over 10 ways to search for household items you will never get bored!

    This free adventure Hidden Object find the picture app will require you to search for Hidden Objects, exercise your Time Management skills and Match 3!

    • ROCKSTAR tutorial to help you with each new feature introduced!
    • AWESOME Home makeover rewards!
    • HOURS of gameplay!
    • INCLUDES fun facts and hints!
    • SEEK AND FIND hundreds of items!
    • EXCITING PUZZLE adventure app!
    • UNCLUTTER Emma's grandparents' house and give it a much needed home makeover!
    • 9 EXCITING achievements for you to pursue!
    • OVER 15 modes! Mirror Mode, Night Mode, Picture search and more!
    • UNLIMITED LEVELS span over 12 gorgeous scenes!
    • ZOOM feature: To help search for smaller items!
    • RELAX MODE available if you prefer to seek at your leisure!
    • ITEM HUNT: Find 20 items of the same kind, instead of working from a list!
    • STAMP Collecting mini game: Play entertaining Match 3 Minigames!

    VISIT US: http://tamalaki.com/
    LIKE US: https://www.facebook.com/tamalakigames/?fref=nf
    FOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/TamalakiGames
    YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TDHLBo9DqBdB77ps9Zt_Q
    CONTACT US: [email protected]
  • My Home Design - Modern City APK
    Welcome to Modern City! Your new favorite home design game set against a stunning NYC background.

    Take this chance to work side by side with star interior designer Chloe Williams and her business partner Liam Gold. From successful career women to newlywed couples to families, clients are on their way to meet Chloe and Liam right now!

    Help them design trendy kitchens, cozy living rooms, relaxing bedrooms and more to live the life of their dreams! Solve fun match-3 puzzles to collect coins and use them to select furniture, decor items and more! These lucky clients have very different personalities, needs and ideas but they have one thing in common: They all have high expectations for you to design an amazing home! Can you help them create spaces to relax, enjoy and spend quality time? Because after all a house without character is just a house. Help your clients to turn these houses into sweet designer homes.

    It's not going to be easy. You'll have to work and play your way up from the bottom, makeover different rooms and places to become a real designer and put a smile on your clients' faces. Do you have what it takes to remodel, decorate and furbish dream homes and become a household name in the home design game world?

    Here's how to do it:

    ️ Meet interior designer Chloe and Liam. Couples, singles and families, all kinds of clients are waiting for you!

    ️ Design, renovate, remodel kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and more in Modern City! Choose furniture and decor according to your style and preferences. Simply tap to decorate and create trendy places in the city.

    ️ Exciting and addictive Match-3 puzzle games! Play puzzles to collect coins and use them to create your perfect home design!

    ️ Enjoy witty and fun conversations among interior designers and clients!

    ️ Express yourself and nurture your interior design skills! Plus, find inspiration for your own home makeover!

    ️ Play for free and offline!

    ️ New episodes and match-3 puzzle levels coming out soon!

    Are you into the city life? Guam, Hawaii and the Caribbean won't do the trick for you? Come to NYC and play Modern City! Find inspiration, collect high-quality furniture, and decorate with enchanting colors and patterns. Build and design homes and make dreams come true in this match-3 puzzle and home design game! Create a home you'll never want to leave!

    *Please note that [ Modern City ] saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.*



    Are you into home design? Puzzle games? CookApps Playgrounds fan?

    Join us on Facebook for fun stuff and news about your favorite games!

  • The Zamazingo - Dark Puzzle Adventure Land APK
    The Zamazingo is an dark atmospheric puzzled indie adventure puzzle platformer game.it is black and white,
    There is trees , flowers. it's black-and-white land .Discover secret around , Try to survive !
    Where is there? Are you lost? try to solve puzzles.

    Recover The Time , Escape the darkness !
    Last thing that I remember is an old TV.
    Are there only two colours , black? white?
    There is too Dark ,black-and-white world
    I miss you Carolina, if only I didn't go

    Discover secret around , Try to survive!

    STORY: an airship was carrying a time machine. The time machine fell off and crashed into a small village. Curious Mark went to check out the crash.This was too wrong decision. When he arrived the old historical-tv time machine kidnapped him and sent him to Zamazingo limbo . It is dimmed,colours are swirling. It is another time dimension. Escape this black-and-white land !

    The Zamazingo is an atmospheric adventure indie platform game. The main purpose of the game is to find the lost time machine. You need to find the time machine in order to escape this frightening, strange, gothic, and mysterious world.What a bad fate .There are only two colors black and white. Avoid deadly traps .Escape spinning circular saws to survive . run off dangerous traps . Help the player! save boy!

    ⛥ Atmospheric world.mysterious puzzled mines ,weird invisible traps and caves.
    ⛥ Secret traps , obstacles , mystic forest , long trees , small forest , botanic flowers
    ⛥ inhabitant dwellers , physics-based gameplay
    ⛥ Light shines of dark sun , Beams into background , Run through traps
    ⛥ Atmospheric astonishing silhouette graphics and musics ,
    ⛥ immersive audio-visual gaming experience , light , dark , puzzle
    ⛥ Nice game controllers , moody sound and music , interesting puzzle-platformer maps
    ⛥ Puzzling long adventuremap can be explore
    ⛥ Bad Fly birds , Dark landscapes , death traps , silent inhabitants, bad trees and flowers ,
    ⛥ Horror , strange adventure platform game were inspired by Limbo Like Dark Background Game limbo , Artistic silhouette graphics

    Follow us!
    Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TheZamazingo
  • Lost Lands 2 (Full) APK
    An exciting adventure of a brave girl who found herself in a fantasy world. She is forced to fight against the Black Horsemen sent by evil forces to annihilate every living thing.

    Lost Lands: the Four Horsemen is an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells a fairy-tale story about the world with never-before-seen races and folk types.

    One fine day an ordinary good-looking housewife was walking down the car-park of a shopping center when she got into a cloud of mysterious fog turning out to be an interdimensional portal. As a result, Susan returns to the fantasy world of the Lost Lands she has been before. There has been a talk of her for years - the brave woman from another world is known as Susan the Warrior.
    This time it is a Druid hermit, whose name is Maaron, who called her on. He had a vision of liberation of the Lost Lands from the oppression of the Four Horsemen: Heat, Coldness, Death and Darkness.
    Maaron decides on to seek support of the woman from the other side; the one who has already saved the world from the forces of evil once. Susan will set forth towards the encounter with Four Horsemen with an aim to confront them.
    But first, she has to eliminate the Horsemen forever in an uphill battle by finding the weakness of each…

    Game features:
    • Explore over 50 stunning locations
    • Complete over 40 different mini-games
    • Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes
    • Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements
    • The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

    Immerse yourself in an amazing adventure in a fantasy world
    Meet the peoples of the Lost Lands
    Solve dozens of puzzles
    Stop the Black Horsemen
    Save the world from a danger threatening to annihilate every living thing

    +++ Get more games created by FIVE-BN! +++
    WWW: http://five-bn.com
    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fivebn/
    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fivebngames
    YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/fivebn
    PINTEREST: https://pinterest.com/five_bn/
    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/five_bn/
  • Jalebi - A Desi Adda With Ludo Snakes & Ladders APK
    Jalebi – A Desi Adda is first ever Indian Game center, Now it's packed with 8 favorite games.
    Play Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Word Search, Quiz, Word Hunt (Jalebi) and 4-Letters (Barfi), Brick and Snake in this single pack. And also play all these games in our own language.

    8 Game in 1 pack ‘Jalebi – A Desi Adda'

    #1 – Word Hunt
    Do word hunt in this word games to find the hidden words. Solve words with friends and challenge them to guess the word. Tap your finger over the crossword grid and see the puzzle breakdown in our desi word hunt games challenge as a word master.

    #2 – Word Search
    Best desi word search game ever played before. Our desi word search is a classic word puzzle game where you need to find the hidden words from the secret letters on the board. All the word search puzzles are automatically generated by the app for endless fun and their difficulty varies with 4 different grid sizes - 7*7, 8*8, 9*9, and 10*10.

    #3 – Ludo
    Play this mazing Ludo game and become King.
    Ludo – An Indian variant ludo game ever played before. Grab this real ludo board game and have ultimate desi ludo fun. This ludo game is a board game played between 2 – 4 members – friends, family and kids. Play this ultimate ludo game and recall your childhood!

    #4 – Snakes and Ladders
    Snakes and ladders is the simple and addictive family board game for all snake game players. The snake games – kids board game or fun board games comes alive with this amazing Snakes Ladders board game! Play this snakes games in two different modes i.e.., against computer and local (play with your friends). Have the fun of catching the ladder, attacked by snake and sliding down and leading against your opponent and lot more.

    #5 – Quiz
    Quiz is an ultimate desi trivia game, test your general Knowledge and learn more about India. Let's play Quiz game! This Indian GK Quiz is forms of quiz game in which everybody can be strengthen their knowledge by answering the questions related to India in different Indian languages. All the quiz questions are automatically generated by the app for endless fun.

    #6 – Four Letters
    Desi four letter word games is waiting for you, get ready to create a four letters one word in different Indian languages. Creating word from given 4 letters is an easy game, but you must be quick! You gain extra time when you create 4 letter words. The ultimate word puzzles becomes more and more challenging as you keep on making words to solve the 4 letter word puzzle games. All the 4 letters one word puzzles are automatically generated by the app for endless fun.

    #7 Brick

    Play Brick game in Jalebi now. Brick retro game will take you down the memory lane. It's nearly 25 years since its arrival to this world and since then, it has been a great entertainer. This was and will be your favorite classic video game, which entertains like nothing. If you have played the 1 Bit Video game, then you will really like this game on your Phone.

    #8 Snake

    The old classic snake game and 1-Bit animation brought live on your Jalebi Pack now. This serpent is sure to take you by its hood. We have made all efforts to make this game really awesome classic snake game.

    Its simpilicity is in its controls and animation. The very easy to navigate controls makes this an excellent entertainer. If you need to kill your time or banish your boredom, try Snake game and feel the difference.

    Adding More Games very soon. Stay Tuned to Jalebi - A Desi Adda.
  • Halls Of Madness APK

    The job was supposed to be simple. Break in to an abandoned house, steal the loot, and get out.
    There is one catch. The mansion is been watched over by a deadly hunter. Use the houses security network to evade what haunts these halls.

    Experience horror like never before!
    Complete various puzzles in 7 terrifying levels. Collect loot and items to use to outsmart your foe.

    Halls Of Madness includes:
    - A fully voiced story mode in 7 terrifying chapters
    - Compete against others in the 'Pages' mode. Get the best time by collecting 8 pages in 4 levels
    - Free future content updates including new monsters and more levels
  • イケボーイ -脱出ゲーム APK
    方 How to play
    ・ Various things happen when you tap the screen.
    ・ If you get an item, swipe to the place you want to use.
    ・ When the start button is pressed, the hero starts to act.

    Even if you stumble to solve the mystery, you can see the hints.

    お す す め Recommended point
    ・ It is completely free and easy, so it is safe for children. Recommended for mothers and children!
    ・ Everyday 'Aru-Aru' element, full of play once played by everyone!
    ・ If you can do this, it is cool and full of cool elements!
    ・ Play with your school friends and family to create a topic!
    ・ Because of moderate difficulty, 脳 also for brain training
    ・ Able to enjoy people who are not good at escape games!
    -Easy escape, a mystery solving game that brings back a little nostalgic memory.

    ス テ ー ジ Stage introduction
    01. School entrance and exit. That child who forgot the umbrella.
    02. Graffiti. He reached for a block that was likely to collapse.
    03. A small bartender "from those customers."
    04. After-school exercise. The lifting of the guy can not be imitated by anyone.
    05. Stair slip. He fell like a bird.
    06. Hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred, shoot the trash can.
    07. morning sun Keyboard harmonica. drawing board. That day when going to school is difficult.
    08. Game Center. He can't break his hand in the game.
    09. Do not spill one drop of milk. I can not blink tablecloth pulling.
    10. Sports gym where old and young men and women sweat. A guy who lifts the barbell with a cool face.
    11. School lifts. That child who forgot the umbrella. Part 2
    12.Turn the ball with your fingertips. A ball that forgot to stop.
    13. Game Center. Part 2
    14. Who is the culprit of eating pudding? There is no mystery that can not be solved by the guy.
    15. A date mission to return. Keep an eye on the little gentleman.
    16. Even if there is a ghost, the guy can not move.
    17. Rival appearance. Valentine chocolate get operation.
    18. Art Festival, Opening Day. I am seriously worried about acting of the guy.
    19. A bug came into the classroom. The guy does not abandon one small life.
    20. Festival date. After all the center of the festival is the guy.
    21. Small bartenders. Part 2
    22. There are times when a man has to fight. Even my best friend.
    23. He's holding a concert for one person.
    24. Even if the age is different, cool guy.
    25. The cheeks fall and fall in love. Miracle Cooking.
    26. PC class. That child's PC is full of viruses, a big pinch.
    27. "No way!" Still, she challenged Kanakan.
    28. Sports day. Red and white dance rhythm confrontation by the cheering leader.
    29. Cleaning time. Rescue the child who is wall dong.
    30. One brave arrives at the temple. There seems to be a sword that only the cool guy can pull out.
  • Christmas Match 3 - Merry Christmas Games APK
    Christmas Bash - Match 3 Merry Christmas game from the makers of Spots Connect, Birds Pop mania, Pastry Jam, Halloween Witch Connect, Garden Paradise, Candy world games.

    It's Merry Christmas Game Eve and your sweet candy shop is full of customers staying on the line and waiting for your tasty cookies and candies. You just need to matching 3 candies with the same color (and taste) and deliver the matched ones to the customer. So, do you think you've got what it takes to match as many candies and elements as it takes to satisfy all the customers and finish the levels one by one? If so, download Xmas Santa Claus Match 3, the free addictive puzzle game, on your phone or tablet and enjoy hours of fun with family and friends.

    Santa Claus Match 3 Puzzle Games Have Never Been More Addictive and Challenging

    Santa Claus Match 3 Adventure, the free casual puzzle game, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly and the gameplay is so easy to learn that doesn't take a genius to figure out the whole idea. You just need to swipe between 2 adjacent candies to matching at least 3 identical cookies and get them ready for the customers. The more cookies you match the more points and rewards you'll get.

    Each level comes with a specific mission, and you need to match a certain number of specific candy in order to move to the next level. Note that, your moves are limited and there are several boosters and power-ups that may come handy in case you are stuck on a level.

    So, open up your sweet candy shop for the Christmas Sweeper, start matching cookies, deliver them to the customers, and solve puzzles one by one. As you move further and complete more missions, more difficult levels come in your way and you need to have a decent strategy to be able to pass those levels.

    There is also the leaderboard feature in this free match3 puzzle game that enables you to compete against family and friends to see who has matched more candies and have completed more levels. Enjoy playing the awesome Christmas Bash without Wi-Fi or Internet!

    Xmas Match-three: Sweet Candy Shop Main Features at a Glance:
    ✔ Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
    ✔ Wonderful graphics with awesome sound effects and music
    ✔ Easy to learn yet addictive gameplay with Christmas Sweeper theme
    ✔ Tons of different levels and challenges
    ✔ Different boosters and power-ups including Hammer (destroys a single cell), Vertical Arrow (destroys an entire column), Horizontal Arrow (destroys an entire row), Bomber (destroys the board), and Free Swap (swaps between any two cells)
    ✔ Daily lucky spin and daily check-in reward
    ✔ Play offline or online and enjoy the unending Matching 3.

    So, Xmas Santa Claus Match-3 offers everything you should expect from such match-three puzzle games and it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering stunning graphics and high-quality design, smooth animations, wide range of boosters and power-ups, addictive gameplay, leaderboard feature to compete against family and friends, variety of challenges and missions, and a lot more.

    Download this free match 3 puzzle Merry Christmas game for free, enjoy the Xmas while making some sweet lollipops, matching as many identical lollipops as possible, and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.
  • Farabel APK
    Farabel is a turn-based strategy game where you start at the end of the story; but that's not all. In Farabel, the whole gaming experience is turned upside-down.

    You start your adventure with a hero at maximum power. With each jump into the past, your character is left slightly weakened, as the game become more and more complex. Develop your cleverness, your strategic prowess, and your inventive capabilities in order to survive!

    - Campaign Mode: Play as Cendor, lord of Farabel. Go back in time to save the city in a campaign of 13 epic and challenging battles.
    - Challenge Mode: Fight a new battle every day, and compete with other players in a new season every month.
    - Classic Mode: Build your own army by purchasing units and war machines. Destroy your enemy as quickly as possible and with the least amount of casualties to become a hero! This game mode allows you to play through a series of different battles.
    - Defence Mode: Build your own army by purchasing units. In Defence mode, you take on an endless army which is impossible to beat. Survive for as long as possible and kill as many enemies as you can to become a hero.
    - 40 different units
    - 18 different spells and abilities
  • Snake And Ladder - dice, board game APK
    Snake and Ladder is an ancient Indian dice rolling board game.
    It is played between two or more players on a game board having numbered, gridded squares.
    A number of "ladders" and "snakes" are pictured on the board, each connecting two specific board squares
    The object of the game is to navigate one's game piece, according to die rolls, from the start (bottom square) to the finish (top square), helped or hindered by ladders and snakes respectively.

    ⦁ It has three game play mode
    1) Play - One Player - play with computer for self practice
    2) Play Online - play with world wide player
    3) Play Private - play with your friends and family

    ⦁ Key Features
    - Get daily FREE spin
    - Beautiful graphics
    - Smooth and sweet animations
    - Easy and hard playing type
    - Fit for all age groups
    - Fit with all phones and tablet screen
    - Play online as well as offline
    - No time limit, enjoy anytime anywhere

    Download FREE and play this most addictive game.
  • Percentage Calculator APK
    Everyday calculations
    * simple percentage calculator (5 percent of 40 is 2)
    * percentage increase/decrease (5 percent decrease from 40 is 38)
    * tip calculator
    * discount calculator
    * convert fractions to percentages (5 / 20 is the same as 25 percent)

    Business calculators
    * markup calculator
    * profit margin calculator
    * VAT
    * Sales tax
    * a powerful trader's calculator (VAT or sales tax, net cost, gross cost, markup/profit margin, my net price, my gross price and profit all in one calculator)
    * compound interest
    * loan payment
    * cumulative growth
    * Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
    * inflation
    * doubling time (rule of 72)

    Percentage Calculator's strongest feature is that any value can either be a source or result of a calculation - just enter the values you know and it will tell you the remaining ones!

    Percentage Calculator is useful in many real-life situations:
    * school (mathematics, statistics, algebra)
    * business and finance (markup, profit margin, profit, loan payments, cumulative growth, inflation, doubling time, investment return rate, loan interest rate, company profits changes). Sales people love the markup and profit calculator!
    * shopping (discounts, comparison of two products that differ in quantity)
    * tipping
    * cooking (ingredients are often shown in percentages)
    * health (body mass index, fat percentage in food)
  • Absolute Drift APK
    In Absolute Drift, you will master the art of drifting. Practice your skills in Free-Roam and compete in drift events such as Driftkhana and Mountain Drifting.

    Note: This version contains all the Zen Edition content for master drifters.

    Key Features

    • Drive and customize up to 6 drift cars
    • 3 Game Modes: Driftkhana, Drifting, & Mountain Drifting with 34 levels
    • Custom Event and Drift Line Challenges
    • 5 Midnight Events to Challenge the Most Seasoned of Drifters
    • 5 Free-Roaming areas, each with unique levels and themes, from airports and docks to a floating metropolis
    • Online Leaderboards
    • Local Replays and Ghost Cars.
    • 3+ hours of clean Drum & Bass and Electronic music by C41 and Nyte
    • Bluetooth Controller Support
  • 3C All-in-One Toolbox APK
    The ENTIRE 3C collection in just one package! *

    * Except 3C Sensitive Backups and 3C Legacy Stats which are not allowed to be included in this app.

    3C All-in-One Toolbox combines many features into one giant toolbox with a modern and easy-to-use interface. Every tool you need to monitor, control and fine-tune all your Android devices.

    Fastest and most friendly support on Play Store. Feel free to send a request from app settings, help and support mentioning your concerns.

    Permissions detailed here

    Some features may require root or using 3C Companion app for PC starting with Android 6+.

    This app offers 2 accessibility services to help you stop apps easily or backup apps' data automatically, both of which will never ever collect any information. Privacy Policy

    ★ Go pro or use in-app purchases to unlock the following features
    Hide any tabs or any menu item
    Edit main screen buttons up-to 4x6 grid
    Multi/auto-select and sort apps
    Auto backup and new app notification
    Recording items and options
    Create multiple schedules, watchers and profiles
    Automatic battery markers and manage multiple batteries
    Notification shortcut to access any features from status notification
    Many extra widgets

    Here are some of the app features:

    ★ Device manager offers very powerful profiles, task scheduling and device watchdog you can find to optimize performance and battery saving depending on your unique situation

    ★ File manager is a very simple, yet very powerful explorer with thumbnails, folder size and more. Stream your videos and photo directly to your favorite player. Both locally or from any Samba, FTP, WebDAV, Google Drive or Dropbox locations.

    ★ Application manager provides backup/restore of all your favorites apps, including ability to import Titanium Backup! Also allows you to secure and customize your apps' events, orientation, full-screen and control permissions with Xposed framework.

    ★ Battery manager helps you analyze and improve your consumption. Complete data (including mA) and charge cycles history, custom statistics based on profiles, consumption estimates in use or standby. Special support for dual battery devices, battery changes and LG Quick Circle and Samsung Edge notifications

    ★ Network manager allows configuring and monitoring your network traffic.

    ★ Task manager offers a simple UI yet very effective in sorting apps by various usage and getting rid of unwanted apps

    ★ CPU manager controls single to octacore CPUs, thermal, multi-core and most custom kernel settings

    ★ System manager allows configuring Linux kernel settings.

    ★ ROM manager allows configuring Android OS settings.

    ★ Monitoring and recording all applications, and hardware components activities. Includes status bar notifications with historical graphics.

    ★ System component switches in app, in widgets or using profiles allows switching on/off about 20+ device components (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc)

    ★ Information notifications allowing to display key information in status bar.

    ★ Line indicators displaying simple information visually on top of everything.

    ★ Quick settings to quickly access app features or toggle various system components.

    ★ Toolbox integration allows for battery savings and performance optimization, profiles to control hardware and managing apps from anywhere.

    ★ Highly configurable UI allows you to transform the app into something you really like

    ★ Highly configurable widgets, from a simple gauge to more complex data display, component toggles, and historical graphics

    For advanced debugging/investigations:
    ★ Terminal Emulator & Script Editor allows sharing and running scripts optionally on boot
    ★ System Logcat and Kernel Reader* provides advanced filtering and search
  • Evil Snowmen APK
    The city is captured by evil snowmen, Santa's sleigh is in danger, your task is to find all the bags with gifts, load them into the sleigh and leave this city. Shoot snowmen with a snow gun. Find and open gifts in which you can find something interesting and useful, but sometimes vice versa, dangerous.

    - Winter Christmas atmosphere
    - Large map
    - Evil enemies
    - Available weapons "snow blower"

    We are in social networks:
  • Doodle Master - Glow Art APK
    Amazing magical doodle game provide a creative doodle world for you!

    Doodle Glow : The glow art game full of pleasant surprise.
    Simplest doodle way : Create glow mandala and magical kaleidoscope patterns.
    Playback the painting process as a cartoon video clip.

    Glow magical brushes ✨and endless beautiful colors!
    Get more joy ! Try it now!

    Don't miss the interesting glow doodle art magic! DOWN LOAD NOW !

    Child Safety and Privacy is important to us. Please read more about them on https://sites.google.com/view/draw-apps-for-free/

    Our privacy policy for apps is accepted if you download this app.
  • Glitch Lab APK
    Glitch Lab brings well known effects as well as novel ideas to the world of digital glitch art, following the philosophy of simplicity, power and control of its predecessor apps.

    Effects are organized into categories and span a wide array in and around the concept of glitch art.

    Glitch Lab is simple to use yet at the same time endlessly configurable. Filters combine to produce endless variations of your art.

    Over 100 effects covering:
    ★ Color
    ★ Streaking, Breaking, Repeating, Data corruption
    ★ Pixel Sorting
    ★ Retro (Pixelation, Scanlines etc.)
    ★ 3D (sphere, voxel, smooth surfaces and more)
    ★ Text and gimmicks
    ★ Art filters

    Powerful user interface
    ★ Infinite undo/redo
    ★ Erase parts of the last applied effect (PRO)
    ★ Bookmark images to save progress or reuse as masks
    ★ Area of effect options (activate from settings)

    Glitch Lab comes with a powerful animation module. Create smooth videos with parameter interpolation between key frames (be sure to activate video from the app settings).

    PRO Version
    Available as an in-app purchase, the PRO version comes with extra filters, extra parameters, higher resolutions and lossless file saving (PNG).
  • Funky Karts APK
    In Funkyland a certain harmony has long existed between species. So much so that cross-breeding is quite common throughout the land. In fact, hybrid animals now rule all its three kingdoms.

    Recently, the King of Ducks has been pronounced ill and his exiled brother, the King of Dragons, sits upon his throne. A team of the best doctors are dispatched to help, but when none return the King of Fur becomes restless. Take the wheel as nimble King Grolar in an adventure to find them all.

    Funky Karts is a continuous motion platformer with 64 dazzling levels full of prickly obstacles and pesky robots.
  • Special Strike Shooter APK
    Special Strike Shooter has the most advanced and thrilling combat combat missions. You have to fight with courage and fearlessly for your country to win the fight. With the best weapon to destroy all enemies.

    No matter what kind of shooting game you like, this first-person shooter will satisfy your desire for shooting games. Slide your screen to control, including moving, jumping, throwing explosives. This is just the beginning of a battlefield battle that requires excellent combat skills and shooting skills to accomplish all kinds of difficult missions.

    Your mission is to destroy all enemies and you have to find them. They do not know your presence. But when you start shooting, they will hear gunshots and discover your presence. So when you start shooting, it is necessary to be very careful. To escape the enemy's firepower, one by one to kill the enemy.

    This is a very interesting and very challenging first-person shooter game. He has high-definition graphics and is simple to operate. As a commando, you need to have incredible bravery, even in the face of brutal enemies. You have to destroy all the enemies, to complete the mission. You can destroy the enemy to get gold coins, use gold coins, you can buy more powerful and more advanced weapons. Use your mighty weapon to destroy more enemies. Join us, fight is about to start!

    The mission is full of excitement and challenge. Kill all your enemies and win. Clear the area and get a new mission. You have to clear all the deadly areas below you. Do not be defeated, destroy all your enemies.

    Special Strike Shooter Features:
    - realistic 3D effects
    - Simple and smooth control
    - Real war scenes
    - advanced and powerful weapons
    - a variety of challenging missions
    - Smart AI, make the game more interesting
    - shocking music and sound effects
    - Play anytime, anywhere
  • Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash APK
    Budge Studios™ presents Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash! Assemble all the Rescue Bots and go on an action-packed adventure to save the world from the evil Dr. Morocco! Rescue citizens, outrun disasters and chase down Morbots. Avoid obstacles, collect Energon and morph from bot to vehicle to epic DinoBot! Roll to the rescue!

    • COMPLETE exciting missions in four major cities, including Griffin Rock
    • USE special jump powers to rescue citizens in Bot mode
    • RIDE fast and catch evil Morbots in vehicle mode
    • COLLECT Energon and become a giant DinoBot!
    • OUTRUN lava flows, tsunamis, avalanches sand tornados!
    • AVOID meteor showers, lightning strikes, icy hail and flinging cars!
    • TEAM the Rescue Bots together to destroy the Morbot King
    • DEFUSE the sinister Disaster Machine and save the world
    • BONUS: Play with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Quickshadow!

    • HEATWAVE: Fire-Bot, with the Apatosaurus Water Blast
    • CHASE: Police-Bot, with the Stegosaurus Shield
    • BLADES: Copter-Bot, with the Pterodactyl Tornado
    • BOULDER: Construction-Bot, with the Triceratops Battering Ram
    • OPTIMUS PRIME: leader of the Autobots, with the T-Rex Roar
    • BUMBLEBEE: legendary Autobot Scout, with the Raptor Leap
    • QUICKSHADOW: Spy-Bot and new recruit, with the Dashing Slash

    Budge Studios takes children's privacy seriously and ensures that its apps are compliant with privacy laws. This application has received the “ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Privacy Certified Kids' Privacy Seal”. For more information, please visit our privacy policy at: https://budgestudios.com/en/legal/privacy-policy/, or email our Data Protection Officer at: [email protected]

    Before you download this app, please note that it is free to try, but some content may only be available via in-app purchases. In-app purchases cost real money and are charged to your account. To disable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases, change your device settings. This app may contain contextual advertising (including the option to watch ads for rewards) from Budge Studios regarding other apps we publish, from our partners and from third parties. Budge Studios does not permit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app. The app may also contain social media links that are only accessible behind a parental gate.

    This application is subject to an End-User License Agreement available through the following link: https://www.budgestudios.com/en/legal/eula/

    Budge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission to entertain and educate children around the world, through innovation, creativity and fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists of original and branded properties. Budge Studios maintains the highest standards of safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a global leader in children's apps for smartphones and tablets.

    Visit us: www.budgestudios.com
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    We always welcome your questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

    BUDGE and BUDGE STUDIOS are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc.

    TRANSFORMERS is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

    Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash © 2017 Budge Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.