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Wootu : Weight Loss Diet Plan, Calorie Counter

Version: 1.0.1

Virus free

Apk Info:
File Name com.wootunutrition
App Download Version: 1.0.1
Price Free
Apk Size 12M
Download 10
Last Update Time Feb 14, 2020
Min 4.4 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

Ever wonder what you would really be without all those junk foods and gluttonous streaks in the past, Well, fortunately, it's never too late to start again. Eating healthy is the first step towards a healthier, vibrant life and WOOTU will be there by your side through every step of the way.Wootu is the best weight loss consultant which helps to reduce weight with a balanced diet plan for every individual. WOOTU makes sure that you eat right even in your daily hectic schedule. WOOTU ensures that you will regain your strength and thriving self back. Our nutritionists work hard to solve all your dietary troubles and make you fit and healthy again.We are fiercely against every clichs of dieting like tasteless and unsavoury dishes, extreme fasting etc. WOOTU also recognizes that each individual has their own special dietary regimen that would suit their system and come up with innovative healthy and savoury combos that would seem more like five star dish than a dietary platter but easy to cook.

  • Wootu : Weight Loss Diet Plan, Calorie Counter v1.0.1 Mod (Free purchase)

    Wootu : Weight Loss Diet Plan, Calorie Counter v1.0.1 Mod (Free purchase)


    Ever wonder what you would really be without all those junk foods and gluttonous streaks in the past, Well, fortunately, it's never too late to start again. Eating healthy is the first step towards a healthier, vibrant life and WOOTU will be there by your side through every step of the way.

    Wootu is the best weight loss consultant which helps to reduce weight with a balanced diet plan for every individual. WOOTU makes sure that you eat right even in your daily hectic schedule. WOOTU ensures that you will regain your strength and thriving self back. Our nutritionists work hard to solve all your dietary troubles and make you fit and healthy again.

    We are fiercely against every clichs of dieting like tasteless and unsavoury dishes, extreme fasting etc. WOOTU also recognizes that each individual has their own special dietary regimen that would suit their system and come up with innovative healthy and savoury combos that would seem more like five star dish than a dietary platter but easy to cook.
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    -"Master, Master! Can you tell me about my fortune?"
    -"...10 dollars per advice."
    -"Well, can you tell me if I am able to become an immortal spirit?"
    -"The heavenly secret cannot be spoken of. You must seek your own answer."
    It's said that anything can become immortal after training. However, it takes more than centuries of training to become an immortal spirit. 
    -"...Hey, I've said all I can, but you see, your neighbour Felix has followed our training program 10 years ago, and look at how successful he is now. Join us today and I guarantee you, all your friends will look up to you the way you look at him now!"

    Point and click adventure game
    Push the buttons to decide your training. Make your choices, explore your story, and achieve your own success.
    Hulihutu is by no means responsible for any of your failures. No refund.

    Made by Catloafbakery, two indie game developers who battle with procrastination and mental exhaustion every day. 
    Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions.
  • Bear Evolution – Juego increíblemente divertido
    Los osos cargan con el estigma insoportablemente injusto de tener disposiciones perezosas. ¡Menudo estereotipo polarizante! Combine diferentes especies de osos mutantes, maravíllese con todas las posibilidades y vea usted mismo cuánto pueden hacer estas criaturas peludas con sus patas de oso.

    Después de criar a su ejército de osos, ya no tendrá que hacer ningún trabajo. Sus mascotas mutantes pueden construir oseras, recoger comida en el bosque e incluso
    comprar alimentos de calidad para usted en la tienda.

    ¡Comience su periodo de hibernación y cargue a sus osos con sus tediosos recados diarios!

    • Panteón: Un nuevo lugar para que los seres supremos nos observen a los mortales y se rían de nuestra misera.
    • Impostores: Tenga cuidado con los impostores que intentan robar el protagonismo a los osos.

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    • Diferentes etapas y muchas especies de osos por descubrir
    • ¡Una historia alucinante con giros increíbles!
    • Una mezcla inesperada de evolución como y juegos de clic incrementales
    • Ilustraciones como garabatos
    • Varios finales posibles: Encuentre su destino
    • Ningún oso ha sido dañado en la creación de este juego, solo desarrolladores

    ¡Oriéntese y empiece a jugar!

    ¡Recuerda! Este juego es un juego gratuito, pero cuenta con objetos que se pueden comprar con dinero real. Algunas características y extras mencionados en la descripción también pueden tener que ser comprado con dinero real.
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    Simply turn the different pipe pieces by touching them and connect all of them to make a complete pipe (that's the work of a plumber !) and make the water reach the flower !
    There is no time limit but you have limited moves for each round and you have to save the flower before running out of moves (touching 1 pipe = 1 movement). So think about a good plumbing strategy before you start working on the pipeline. Good tactics are crucial!

    Plumber Puzzle contains 200 free levels with an increasing difficulty and additional level pack of another 100 levels!
    If you like puzzles, Match 3 games, riddles and brain games this one will also make you think.
    This game is really fun and requires strategy to fix the pipeline in as few movements as possible to become the best Plumber in the desert!

    This app and all rights are owned by App Holdings.
  • ゾンビ彼女2 -TheLOVERS-【完全版】
    When the person you love is turned into a zombie, what would you do??

    One day, this town became a world where the rule of death.
    And I love her wake up.

    By changing the appearance and to those forced to become human -.

    © Karapon.Games Co., Ltd.

    † production & illustrations

    † SOUND
    Matsuoka Yuta
    Yumesaki Lai
    Bapak Uchida
    Beelzebub soul
  • 벽피하기 : 엄마에게서 튀어라
    ★ ★ 100 10 000 games top squirming selected by the user

    [game introduction]
    The particular shape of the wall approaches,
    Fit the body in the home game through the wall.

    Difficulty is up to 900 points.
    Since the 900 is a certain degree of difficulty.

    So let's get started.
    Who is really the best? !!

    [Game operations;
    Shaped wall touch!

    Required access rights;
    Photo equipment, media and file access: In the World Ranking of the game, will only be used to upload photos of nimdeul user.

    ※ You do not need to grant permission hasineunde the game no problem.
    ※ This game does not have any authority or any personal information, in addition to uploading photos.
  • Evolution Black Snow Princess
    Scary evolutionary games about "Snow White"
    Snow White is a zombie…
    ※The application language is Japanese.

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    HURT RECORD http://www.hurtrecord.com/
    甘茶の音楽工房 http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/
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  • Kids piano
    Kids piano is a music game for kids of 1 to 6 years old. Our kids game features 5 entertaining and educational activities for toddlers. Our learning game for girls and boys will allow little ones to develop creativity, an ear for music, hand-eye coordination, fine motor and attention. Baby piano is perfect for pre-k and preschool education. It is also suitable for kids with developmental disorders, such as autism.

    Baby piano has 5 activities for kids to choose from:

    Nursery rhymes. There are 8 classic songs for your kid to enjoy:
    - Jingle Bells
    - Happy Birthday
    - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    - Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    - Pop Goes the Weasel
    - The Muffin Man
    - Wheels on the Bus
    - Five Little Monkeys

    Musical Instruments for toddlers. Children can use a variety of instruments to perform – piano, drums, bells, flute, guitar, trumpet, harmonic and tambourine. Great animations featuring cool characters will ensure an amazing experience for kids ages 2 to 5.

    Sounds for kids. Being not only entertaining but also educational, this toddler activity will allow your child to learn sounds of different animals, vehicles and much more! Baby piano contains 60 amazing sounds for kids across 6 awesome sets:

    - Animal sounds
    - Vehicle sounds
    - Kids' sounds
    - Robot sounds
    - Alien sounds
    - Environment sounds

    Lullabies. 8 outstanding lullabies will help your sweet child to fall asleep. Let your kid to choose a lovely character to watch them fall asleep while listening to a calming tune.
    Games for kids. 8 educational music games to choose from. Help Bimi Boo in his adventures at different locations. Kids games for girls and boys will help your child to develop love for music. The games for toddlers are perfect for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

    Baby piano is a game that doesn't require Wi-Fi to be played. Both boys and girls will love our baby game.

    The following content is available for free:
    - 20+ ambient sounds.
    - 2 music instruments.
    - 2 popular songs for babies.
    - 2 baby games.
    - 2 lullabies.
    Please kindly note that an in-app purchase is required to unlock additional content.

    Here at Bimi Boo, we strive to provide the best experience for your child. You will never find annoying ads inside our apps. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.
  • Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows

    Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is a fantastic casual puzzle adventure game that looks like a hidden object game and it plays like a hidden object game, but it ain't one. This is an excellent mystical family story with a paranormal twist!

    Your family's past is more interesting than any story. And it's not over yet...

    One of my father's stories was my favorite: “Once upon a time there lived a merchant with his wife. The family was happy and had never known grief. However, their maid, Julianne, was jealous of the little family's happiness and secretly dreamed of taking the place of a beloved wife. She learned of unholy powers hidden deep within the manor that could be summoned by a ritual … although there was a cost. She cursed the merchant's wife, unleashed deadly powers. The merchant vows to devote the rest of his life to finding a way to release his beloved wife from her cursed world.”

    Years have passed. My father dies, but he leaves me a message: “Your favorite fairy tale was the true story of our family. I tried to free your mother's spirit, but I failed. I beg you to finish what I could not. The solution is waiting in our old family home.”

    As a son, I must “write” the happy ending for my family's story.

    Developers edition features:
    • Complete your family's story
    • It looks like a HOG and it plays like a HOG, but it ain't one
    • Bonus content
    • Discover morphing objects as you play
    • Haunted atmosphere
    • Open world locations to explore
    • Eerie encounters and mystery
    • Pure puzzle adventure gameplay
    • Optimized for phones and tablets
    • One of the best casual adventure games. In our opinion:)

    We recommend it to all people who enjoy adventure hidden object style games.

    This puzzle adventure is perfect for playing while traveling. No internet connection required for this offline adventure game.

    Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is a puzzle adventure game from the creators of The Last Dream, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward, Inbetween Land, Tap the Blocks and Sonya: The Great Adventure!

    Game available in: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, French.

    Check our other games!
    WWW: www.specialbit.com
    YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/specialbitstudio
    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/SpecialbitStudio
    TWITTER: www.twitter.com/Specialbit
  • Princess.
    Correr por las pistas y recoger notas.
  • 66 Santase - The Classic Card Game
    Este es un juego de cartas que se juega con 24 cartas. En algunos países se llama "Sesenta y seis", "Santase" o "Schnapsen". Ver cómo jugar y las reglas del juego en juego o ayuda a través de Internet. El juego es conocido en diferentes variaciones. Puede personalizar la configuración de acuerdo con las reglas que conoces (empezar con 20/40 o no, declara 20/40 con única reina o ambos - la reina y rey, mostrar u ocultar puntos oponentes ...). Cambiar el aspecto de juego de acuerdo a sus necesidades. Todo está en sus manos. Disfruta con IA mejorada y la mejor experiencia de juego de cartas ...

    Si quieres jugar contra gente real se puede descargar nuestra nueva versión 66 Santase en línea multijugador del juego: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=santasemulti.radefffactory

    En la configuración del juego se puede cambiar:
    - recolección de mano automático (on / off)
    - posibilidad de declarar el matrimonio (20/40), sin picos
    - posibilidad de declarar el matrimonio (20/40) con la reina y rey ​​(no sólo la reina)
    - posibilidad de ocultar los puntos androide (más difícil para que el usuario siga el flujo del juego)
    - cambiar la puntuación, el usuario tiene que alcanzar para ganar el juego
    - cambiar el aspecto de la cubierta
    - cambiar el aspecto de la parte posterior de las tarjetas
    - cambiar el fondo y actionbar del juego
    - Desactivar el sonido de encendido y apagado
    - convertir la animación de encendido y apagado

    Para declarar el matrimonio, de acuerdo con los ajustes (superiores en la descripción), acaba de lanzar la reina (o rey, si se establece en la configuración), y los puntos se añaden automáticamente a sus puntos.

    reglas del juego completo: http://goo.gl/I1Smlc
  • イケボーイ -脱出ゲーム
    方 How to play
    ・ Various things happen when you tap the screen.
    ・ If you get an item, swipe to the place you want to use.
    ・ When the start button is pressed, the hero starts to act.

    Even if you stumble to solve the mystery, you can see the hints.

    お す す め Recommended point
    ・ It is completely free and easy, so it is safe for children. Recommended for mothers and children!
    ・ Everyday 'Aru-Aru' element, full of play once played by everyone!
    ・ If you can do this, it is cool and full of cool elements!
    ・ Play with your school friends and family to create a topic!
    ・ Because of moderate difficulty, 脳 also for brain training
    ・ Able to enjoy people who are not good at escape games!
    -Easy escape, a mystery solving game that brings back a little nostalgic memory.

    ス テ ー ジ Stage introduction
    01. School entrance and exit. That child who forgot the umbrella.
    02. Graffiti. He reached for a block that was likely to collapse.
    03. A small bartender "from those customers."
    04. After-school exercise. The lifting of the guy can not be imitated by anyone.
    05. Stair slip. He fell like a bird.
    06. Hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred, shoot the trash can.
    07. morning sun Keyboard harmonica. drawing board. That day when going to school is difficult.
    08. Game Center. He can't break his hand in the game.
    09. Do not spill one drop of milk. I can not blink tablecloth pulling.
    10. Sports gym where old and young men and women sweat. A guy who lifts the barbell with a cool face.
    11. School lifts. That child who forgot the umbrella. Part 2
    12.Turn the ball with your fingertips. A ball that forgot to stop.
    13. Game Center. Part 2
    14. Who is the culprit of eating pudding? There is no mystery that can not be solved by the guy.
    15. A date mission to return. Keep an eye on the little gentleman.
    16. Even if there is a ghost, the guy can not move.
    17. Rival appearance. Valentine chocolate get operation.
    18. Art Festival, Opening Day. I am seriously worried about acting of the guy.
    19. A bug came into the classroom. The guy does not abandon one small life.
    20. Festival date. After all the center of the festival is the guy.
    21. Small bartenders. Part 2
    22. There are times when a man has to fight. Even my best friend.
    23. He's holding a concert for one person.
    24. Even if the age is different, cool guy.
    25. The cheeks fall and fall in love. Miracle Cooking.
    26. PC class. That child's PC is full of viruses, a big pinch.
    27. "No way!" Still, she challenged Kanakan.
    28. Sports day. Red and white dance rhythm confrontation by the cheering leader.
    29. Cleaning time. Rescue the child who is wall dong.
    30. One brave arrives at the temple. There seems to be a sword that only the cool guy can pull out.
  • A Street Cat's Tale
    Mama cat has gone,
    how is a baby kitten to survive every day on the streets?

    ※※ Please save your game data at the Title Screen
    before you delete the app to change device, or upgrade to Support Edition

    ■ Food
    It's inevitable that most cats living on the streets will starve.
    They often dig through trash to find whatever leftovers they can get.
    Or sometimes eat delicious canned food from nice humans if they are lucky.

    ■ Many NPCs
    Many NPCs with their own unique personalities.
    Listen to their stories, get them what they want and they might feed you.

    ■ NPCs provide multiple endings
    What will happen to the kitty?
    Will the kitty end up living with a human? Or stick to the streets?
    It's up to you to guide this poor kitty!

    *Feemodev donates 10% of the profits from the game to Cat/Dog shelters.

    *Supported languages : English, Japanese, Korean
    *Language updated: Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French has been added. (Please understand, that google translator was the best we could do.)

    [Frequently asked questions]

    Q)Why is this game so SAD?!
    Isn't the game supposed to be fun and cute?
    this game is so traumatizing.

    A)This game contains the reality of the street cat's life.
    Of course, the content of the game is somewhat rough or sad.
    And we understand your feeling coming from that.
    but we don't have any plan to change the game or ease the violence because there's a message we wanted to send through this game.
    we made this game because we love cats, not because we hate them.
    I hope that you understand that there are such aspects of the street cat's life.

    Thank you.

    Q)I always get sad endings, how do I get happy endings?
    A) Instead of ending ‘solitude' and 'rainbow bridge'. (Ending 5,6)
    The endings can be seen by achieving an intimacy level 7 with a specific NPC(characters).
    However, you can only see one ending at a time,
    so if you target one character at a time, you'll get the ending you want!

    Q)There's only to ‘drop' or ‘eat' with the item, how do I pick up and give it to the NPC?
    A) If you saw the option to eat or drop.
    it means you already picked up an item.
    talk to the characters and select 'give present' while holding an item.

    Q)The cat is too slow and the hunger shrink so fast!

    A) Upgrading the house will help you.
    Hunger, HP, movement speed increase each time you upgrade your home.

    Q)Where can I get ‘gloves' and ‘band-aid'?
    A) the gloves and band-aid can be obtained from the store near Doggo.
    And they are 50% chance each to get.

    Q)Why do I have to start all over after the game ends?
    A) If the game's over,
    We assumed that you have already finished the game.
    All the progress will be reset except with a house upgrade.
    And we think that it's going to be strange if Everyone would recognize the kitty
    After crossing the rainbow bridge or get adopted by someone. xD

    Q)I want to purchase support edition, can I continue playing with the previous save data?
    A) yes you can.
    Select the ‘cloud' icon on the normal version of the title screen and select 'Save' to save the data.
    Then, select the ‘cloud' icon in the same way on the title screen of the support edition and 'load' the data to play.

    Q)I want to help translating your game!
    A) First of all, we apologize that we were not able to support various languages at present.
    A lot of players have emailed us about language support.
    Until now, we were refusing any supports for various reasons.
    However, since many players have difficulty waiting for translation, we decided In the future, we would like to appreciate and accept the help of language-translation.

    if you want to give us any help for the translation.
    please send us an e-mail to [email protected] .

    Thank you very much for your interest and support!
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  • Idle Egg Tycoon APK
    Welcome to the most exciting idle game! Are you ready to manage your own egg farm and become the richest man alive?

    - Unlock 100 fun chickens
    - Upgrade your chickens
    - Earn millions while you're offline
    - Tap to increase your chickens productivity
    - Become a billionaire!!!
  • Sniper Shooter : free shooting games APK
    Welcome to Sniper Shooter: free shooting games

    Are you fans for sniper games or shooting games? If yes then your search ends here, finally we brings the high intensive sniper shooting game. This gun fighting game having huge variety of guns in the store. Upgrade them to the maximum level and see what you have got! So for what you are waiting now take a step and download our offline sniper shooting game.

    Sniper Shooter - free shooting games Aim down each and everyone in this gunship game and doesn't let a single chopper run. Now you will become one of the world's top snipers. Don't mercy and show fury to put everything into destruction. You need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shooting practices.

    Don't let your rivals escape! Gear up your rifle and target the merciless enemies as a professional shooter. Use enemy forces as a target and be a range shooting master. For striking the targets, use different military snipers shooting techniques. Quickly pick up the weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up, do not let the terrible criminals out of your sight, do not hesitate to experience the excitement of the game.

    If you fire a bullet , it targets the enemy in real slow motion to make you feel and experience in the game. Play through different levels and complete the missions to become an ultimate savior. So hurry up! Download this Sniper Shooter and learn how to defeat your army and survive.

    Sniper games: gun fighting game Features:
    Cool and amazing Gameplay
    Intensive and thrilling, sniper shooter missions
    Huge variety of snipers
    3d stunning environment with intuitive easy controls
    Unlock cool guns and upgrade them
    Thrilling sniper shooting experience
    Free available on play store

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    Get it download our free shooting games: sniper games and achieve perfect shot on the target!! If you like our gun fighting game then don't forget to rate us!! If you have any suggestion about our game must share it with us thanks!!
  • OffRoad Police Transporter Truck Games APK
    Let's play the role of Offroad Police Transporter in this truck games, where your
    duty is to drive heavy trucks and transport police cargo vehicles. Get on your
    police truck to transport police car, police bikes and other cargo on your
    offroad destination. Enjoy the best offroad driving experience, drive amazing
    US police vehicles on hill climb and transport all the police cargo.

    It is your chance to become a police agent and perform your assigned duties no
    matter what the situation might be. Its time to show off your driving skills on
    offroad tracks, pick up your truck and deliver all the cargo without any damage
    in this truck games.

    Game Features :

    - Free to Play!
    - Amazing Offroad transport and driving simulator of 2018
    - Highly Quality HD Graphics.
    - Many trucks to upgrade.
    - Various Challenging Mission in offroad adventure.
    - Real life truck driving simulation.
    - Realistic Car Damage.
    - Plenty of Camera Angles.
    - Easy and Smooth Controls.
    - Addictive game-play with lots of fun.

    Download and play "OffRoad Police Transporter Truck Games" Now.
  • Toca Kitchen 2 APK
    Do you want to be the head chef of your very own sushi restaurant? Check out Toca Kitchen Sushi, the newest app from Toca Boca http://bit.ly/TocaKitchenSushi_GooglePlay

    The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing!

    Who said dishes have to be pretty and tasty? In Toca Kitchen 2 you can cook however you want! Juice tomatoes, boil the salad or make a burger. Come up with your very own recipes and treat your guests to something special.

    With six different kitchen tools to choose from, you have the perfect setup for preparing fun foods! Load up with your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was it a winner?

    Discover your guests' preferences by watching their reactions. Oven-baked fish head with fried leftovers and lettuce juice coming right up! Oh, they didn't like it? Try adding some salt. It's fun to get the “ew”!

    We added a whole lot of fun stuff! You can now enjoy cooking:

    New foods!
    - Chicken
    - Prawn
    - Pineapple
    - Corn
    - Peach
    - Strawberry
    - Watermelon
    - Onion
    - Octopus
    - Spaghetti
    - Rice

    New condiments!
    - Ketchup
    - Dressing
    - Soy

    Watch the characters react to spicy hot sauce and sour lemons or and laugh at loud burps.

    At last but not least, we added more levels of grossness to the characters. Have fun!

    - New ingredients in the fridge
    - New characters to feed
    - Stronger character reactions
    - New juicer and oven
    - Deep fryer! You can now deep fry anything. Get your crust on.
    - No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun!
    - No third-party advertising
    - No in-app purchases

    What are you waiting for? Get in the kitchen and start cooking!

    Toca Kitchen 2 is a free cooking app for kids that's perfect for aspiring chefs. Kids can roleplay a chef in a kitchen full of tasty foods and ingredients! Learn how to cook your favorite dish or experiment with fun combinations to feed hungry customers. This fun cooking app is sure to deliver nothing but fun for kids!

    There's no time limits or rules, right or wrong, so explore all the ingredients and tools the kitchen has to offer! Cook up some crazy food and feed your guests.


    Subscribe to our YouTube channel!


    At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids' imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at tocaboca.com.

    Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy: http://tocaboca.com/privacy
  • BMW Canada Retailer Direct APK
    Retailer Direct was created for the purpose of supporting BMW Group Canada Retailers. This app focuses on improving the ability to communicate non-sensitive, organizational and industry related news to Retailers quickly through various media content such as articles and videos. This app provides the latest news and events for BMW, MINI, and Motorrad.
    Please note: You must have a Retailer Direct account to use this mobile application.
  • 90s Girl Pro ✓Two Two ♪ '90s K-pop Medley APK
    Two Two (투투) was Korean pop group during the mid-1990s.
    They garnered great popularity with their hit debut single "One and a half" (일과 이분의 일).
    They are Kpops 90s stars.

    * Album List

    1. Two Two
    Released: May 1, 1994/Label: Oasis Records/Format: CD
    * Track listing
    - 일과 이분의 일 (One And A Half)
    - 내 인생의 러시 아워
    - 너의 눈에 슬픈 비가 내리고 [Version 1.0]
    - 너의 눈에 슬픈 비가 내리고 [Version 2.0]
    - 그대 눈물까지도 (Even Tear Drops In Your Eyes)
    - 홀로 지낸 기억
    - 재수생

    2. Two Two 2
    Released: June 30, 1995/Label: BMG Korea/Format: CD
    * Track listing
    - 바람난 여자
    - 니가 내것이 되갈수록
    - 미소를 띄우며 나를 보낸 그 모습처럼
    - 어색한 미소
    - 고백
    - 널 위한 노래
    - 잃어버린 너
    - Ben
    - Even Tear Drops In Your Eyes [English ver.]
    - One And A Half [English ver.]

    3. New Two Two
    Released: May 1, 1996/Label: Samsung Entertainment/Format: CD
    * Track listing
    - 이미지
    - Hero
    - 약오르지
    - 아침
    - 외면
    - 넌 내게로 그리고 난
    - 잃어버린 너
    - 프롤로그

    * History:
    Two Two was originally to debut as a 3 member boy band called "Traffic Light." After female member, Hwang Hye Young joined, the name was changed to "Two Two" since all members were 22

    * Members:
    Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈, Vocals)
    Hwang Hye-young (황혜영, Vocals)
    Oh Ji-hoon(오지훈, Leader, Vocals, Guitarist)
    Yoo Hyun-jae (유현재, Bass player)
    LIm Sung-eun(임성은, Dancer)

    * External links:
    - Two Two 황혜영 쇼핑몰
    - Duke's Kim Ji Hoon

    * Ha soo bin 하수빈
    하수빈,河琇彬, Lisa Ha
    하수빈 - Lisa In Love
    Ha soo bin - NONONONONO

    * Lim Sung-Eun (Miz)
    She is a solo female singer of Korea. Lim Sung-eun, who had already worked on a solo album in 1992, was a visiting member of 'Two two' in 1995, and in 1996 he became known as the lead vocal of the Young Turks Club(영턱스클럽).

    * Roo'ra, 룰라 was a co-ed hip hop and dance-pop vocal group from South Korea who was one of the country's most popular musical acts of the 1990s. The group debuted in 1994 with the hit album Roots of Reggae.
    Their second album, The Angel Who Lost Wings (1995), sold 1 million copies in record time.
    Roo'ra disbanded in 2001, then reunited in 2009 to release their ninth and final album, A9ain.

    The original members of the group were Lee Sang-min, Go Young-wook, Kim Ji-hyun, and Shin Jung-hwan.
    In 1995, Shin Jung-hwan left the group to fulfill his military service requirement, and was replaced by Chae Ri-na.
    In 1997, Kim Ji-hyun left the group to pursue a solo career, and was replaced by temporary vocalist Mikey Romeo.
    Kim Ji-hyun returned for the release of the group's next album in 1999.
    After Roo'ra disbanded in 2001, members Lee Sang-min, Chae Ri-na, Go Young-wook, and Kim Ji-hyun reunited in 2009.
  • John GBC - GBC emulator APK
    John GBC is GB/GBC emulator for android 4.1+.
    This app does not work without your own game files.
    Please try John GBC lite before purchasing.
    John GBC can take over John GBC Lite data.

    This app will not be actively updated in the future.
    John GBAC of the successor app have been released.

    - Original GBC engine
    - High quality rendering
    - Very fast
    - Search game files in SDCard & Internal Storage
    - Virtual On-screen keypad
    - Zipped file support
    - Save States (with previews)
    - Customizable keys
    - Turbo buttons
    - Screenshot
    - Fast forward / Slow down (x0.25 - x16)
    - Cheats (Game Genie/Game Shark/PAR)
    - Bluetooth/MOGA controller support
    - Super Gameboy borders
    - Dropbox support (requires John DataSync)
    - No ADs
    - No internet connection
  • Rio Entregas - Cliente APK
    Application for people who need the service of Motofrete
  • Autastico II APK
    Autastico was great, but your successor is even better! Autastico II!!! More fun, no loud music, lighter application and with weekly updates.
    Designed for kids, especially Autistics ones, but many others can play and have fun!
  • Autastico II - No Ads APK
    Autastico was great, but your successor is even better. Autastico II!!! More fun, no loud music, lighter application and with weekly updates.
    Designed for kids, especially Autistics ones, but many others can play and have fun!
  • I Love You Poems APK
    Download the new i love you poems application available for android devices.

    Your new i love you poems application is easy to use,useful and entertaining.

    No matter where you are, you can always enjoy your i love you poems application.

    If you have questions or suggestions about your i love you poems application you can write to [email protected] and we will be happy to resolve them.

    For the correct operation of your i love you poems application you need internet connection.

    Download now and always enjoy your new app i love you poems Lets Go!
  • Classic Yamb APK
    Score points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. The dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make various scoring combinations. Goal is to score as mush as you can.

    * Straight: 1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6 sequence (Score 66 after first roll, 56 after second roll, 46 after third roll)
    * Full house: Three dice with one number and two with another (Score 30 + Sum of all five dice)
    * Poker: At least four dice showing the same number (Score 40 + Sum of those four dice)
    * Yamb: All five dice showing the same number (Score 50 + Sum of all five dice)
  • Wendy's APP – Chile  y Argentina APK
    Wendy's APP came so you can order from wherever you are and enjoy the best square burgers like our unmatched BACONATOR.

    You will be able to find information about your nearest store, make your order, know the status of it, and receive it wherever you are.

    You will also have the option to receive notifications to find out about our exclusive discounts on our combos, our square burgers, desserts, drinks and cravings.

    What are you waiting to enjoy the benefits that the Wendy´s APP offers?
  • Autowini - No.1 Auto Trading Platform in Korea APK
    Autowini is a wholesale marketplace for professional automobile traders.
    We offer the safest and the cheapest ways to buy items directly from South Korea."

    - Direct supply from Korean domestic market
    - Item photos & working video
    - Calculate shipping cost to your port
    - Search & buy auto spare parts
    - Track your order!
  • Audio Recorder With Effect APK
    Record songs, sounds, instruments, podcasts, rehearsals, voice memos, ideas, lyrics, beats, and more with incredible audio quality!
    recording app and get a suite of automatic studio effects in an easy-to-use audio recorder

    • WAV or MP3 recording formats
    • Extract Audio from One Video
    • Visual tools (FFT, oscilloscope, spectrogram)
    • Supported import formats: 3gp, aac, aif, aifc, aiff, alac, amr, au, caf, flac, htk, iff, m4a, mat4, mat5, mp3, mp4, ogg, paf, pcm, pvf, raw, sd2, sf, snd, svx, voc, w64, wav, xi
    • Supported export formats: aiff, flac, mp3, ogg, pcm, wav
    • Trim audio
    • Built-in file browser for loading and saving files
    • 32-bit floating point signal processing
    • Single sample editing
    • Zooming, panning, and selection functions
    • Macro processes such as fade, reverse, & invert
    • Amplitude meter

    • Chorus
    • Crusher
    • Delay
    • Distortion
    • Phaser
    • Reverb
    • Filter
    • Graphic EQ
    • Parametric EQ
    • Stereo Mixer
    • Compressor
    • Multi-band Compressor
    • Gain
    • Noise Gate
    • Normalization
    • Insert Silence
    • Resample
    • Granular Stretch
    • Pitch Correction
    • Pitch Shift
    • Time Stretch
    • Tapestop
  • Estados de Alemania: Quiz de las capitales y mapas APK
    Aprenda todos los 16 estados federados de Alemania. De Baviera a Schleswig-Holstein: Baja Sajonia, Bremen y todos los demás.
    * nombres
    * mapas
    * capitales: por ejemplo, Maguncia es la capital de Renania-Palatinado.
    * banderas alemanes
    * escudos de armas

    Elija el modo de juego:
    1) Quiz (fácil y difícil).
    2) Cuestionarios de opción múltiple.
    3) Juego de tiempo (dé más respuestas en 1 minuto) - debe responder más de 25 preguntas para obtener una estrella.
    4) Nuevo modo de juego: identifica las ciudades en el mapa.
    Dos herramientas de aprendizaje:
    * Tarjetas (flashcards).
    * Tabla de todos los 16 estados federales.

    La aplicación se traduce a 9 idiomas, incluyendo español y alemán, para que pueda aprender los nombres de los estados de Alemania en cualquiera de ellos.
    A program of Humanities Tennessee, the Festival annually welcomes authors from throughout the nation for readings, panel discussions and more. Book lovers have the opportunity to hear from and meet (virtually, this year) some of America's foremost writers in fiction, history, mystery, food, biography, travel, poetry and children's literature among others.
  • Hot Anime Boys APK
    Anime has given us some of the most incredible characters we could imagine.
    It is time to pay our respects to some of the most handsome and beautiful men from anime movies and series.
    Hopefully their looks might motivate you to watch more Anime .

    This App includes both hot men and hot anime boy characters - popular and sexy boys like Takumi Usui, Takashi Morinozuka, and Light Yagami

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  • SFG - Saudi Fertility Group APK
    Saudi Fertility Group (SFG)
    Saudi Fertility Group (SFG) is a branch of Saudi Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SSOG) founded in 1994. Saudi Fertility Group (SFG) is a non-profitable Organization established in 2007 to promote Reproductive Health thru clear and noble Vision, Mission and Values.

    Saudi Fertility Group (SFG) is accredited scientific organization in accordance with Saudi Commision for Health Specialties (SCFHS).

    Saudi Fertility Group (SFG) established Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Ethical Committee to promote Research in Reproductive Care.

    Strategic Plan
    To work together with other research scientific organizations and to collaborate with other reputable society in order to expand within the region and to reach more people.

    To be the trusted organization in Reproductive Healthcare promotion.

    Provide the latest in Research and Science thru new Information Technology and Media Channels to reach all interested in this field of Reproductive Medicine.

    Continues Research and Education
  • Pick The Wings 2 Go APK
    Pick The Wings 2 Go, wings and more is a restaurant specialized in the preparation and tasting of chicken wings served with different types of sauce: buffalo, Teriyaki, Sweet Chilli, Barbacao, among others.

    In addition to chicken wing dishes, it offers the public boneless, chicken, hamburgers, meats and traditional soups. All meals can be served accompanied by soft drinks or national and international beers.

    During the tasting of any of our products, in a bimodal environment, you can enjoy sporting events of the different soccer leagues, music or in a space in a free environment to chat pleasantly with your friends or family.
    Our commitment is to produce quality food, free of preservatives, with hygiene and an excellent seasoning made in our kitchen.

    We are located in Col. San Carlos behind the American Embassy in Tegucigalpa.