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Computer Architecture & Org Pro

Computer Architecture & Org Pro


Complete handbook of Computer system Architecture \u0026amp; Organization

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    UpdateFeb 12, 2019
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You are Downloading Computer Architecture & Org Pro Latest APK 1. Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019.

Computer Architecture & Org Pro developed by Computer Architecture & Org Pro is listed under category 4/5 average rating on Google Play by 0 users).

Computer Architecture & Org Pro's main feature is Complete handbook of Computer system Architecture \u0026amp; Organization.

The app is a complete handbook of Computer system Architecture & Organization which covers important topics, notes, materials, news & blogs on the course. Download the App as a reference material & digital book for computer science engineering programs & software degree courses.
This useful App lists 125 topics with detailed notes, diagrams, equations, formulas & course material, the topics are listed in 5 chapters. The app is must have for all the engineering science students & professionals.
The app provides quick revision and reference to the important topics like a detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy & useful for the student or a professional to cover the course syllabus quickly before an exams or interview for jobs.
Track your learning, set reminders, edit the study material, add favorite topics, share the topics on social media.
You can also blog about engineering technology, innovation, engineering startups, college research work, institute updates, Informative links on course materials & education programs from your smartphone or tablet or at
Use this useful engineering app as your tutorial, digital book, a reference guide for syllabus, course material, project work, sharing your views on the blog.
Some of the topics Covered in the app are:
1. Introduction to Computer Organization and Architecture
2. Computer Organization and Architecture Structure
3. Performance Measures
4. Memory Locations and Operations
5. Addressing Modes
6. Instruction types of machine
7. A Simple Machine
8. Instructions mnemonics and syntax
9. Assembler Directives and Commands
10. Assembly and Execution of Programs
11. Number System
12. Integer Arithmetic
13. Floating Point Arithmetic
14. The IEEE Floating-Point Standard
15. Hamming Code
16. The Arithmetic and logic Unit
17. Integer Representation
18. Micro Operations
19. Control of the processor
20. Hardware Implimentations
21. Microprogrammed Control
22. Microinstruction Sequencing
23. Microinstruction Execution
24. TI 8800
25. Types of parallel Processor systems
26. Symmetric Multiprocessors
27. Symmetric Multiprocessors Organization
28. Multiprocessor Operating System Design Considerations
29. A Mainframe SMP
30. Cache Coherence and the mesi protocol
31. Software and hardware Solutions for cache Coherence
32. The MESI Protocol
33. Multithreading and Clip Multiprocessing
34. Approaches to Explicit Multithreading
35. Clusters
36. Operating System Design Issues in Clustering
37. Cluster Computer Architecture
38. Nonuniform memory Access
39. NUMA Pros and Cons
40. Vector Computation
41. Approaches to Vector Computation
42. Hardware Performance Issues
43. Power Consumption
44. Software Performance Issues
45. Application Example:Valve Game Software
46. Multicore Organization
47. Introduction to Input/Output Devices
48. Basic Concepts of I/O Devices
49. Progarmmed I/O
50. Interrupt – Driven I/O
51. Interrupt Hardware
52. Examples of interrupt I/O
53. Direct Memory Access(DMA)
54. Buses
55. Synchronous and Asynchronous Buses
56. Bus Arbitration
57. Input/Output Interfaces
58. Accessing I/O Devices
59. Program-controlled I/O
60. Interrupts
61. Interrupts Hardware
62. Interrupt Hardware
63. Enabling and Disabling Interrupts
64. Handling Multiple Devices
Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for better learning and quick understanding.
Computer system Architecture & Organization is part of computer science, software engineering education courses and information technology degree programs of various universities.

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