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File Name fr.amazon.loveisland
App Download Version:
Price Free
Apk Size 88M
Last Update Time Feb 22, 2020
Min 5.0 and up
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO

"Summer is coming" ... Summer is coming much faster than expected thanks to the official application of the Love Island show. Stay connected with the villa throughout the season and be the first to discover exclusive content (videos, slideshows, scenes not seen on screen)The app is interactive: you will be able to vote and your votes will have a direct impact on the program. You will be able to choose who should go on a date with whom, and save your favorite couples, and many other surprises ...That's not all, you will be able to test your knowledge of the show through polls & quizzes, pose with the unique filters of Love Island directly from your smartphone camera, and give your opinion on each Islander.

  • Love Island v1.0.9.2632 Mod (Free purchase)

    Love Island v1.0.9.2632 Mod (Free purchase)


    "Summer is coming" ... Summer is coming much faster than expected thanks to the official application of the Love Island show. Stay connected with the villa throughout the season and be the first to discover exclusive content (videos, slideshows, scenes not seen on screen)

    The app is interactive: you will be able to vote and your votes will have a direct impact on the program. You will be able to choose who should go on a date with whom, and save your favorite couples, and many other surprises ...

    That's not all, you will be able to test your knowledge of the show through polls & quizzes, pose with the unique filters of Love Island directly from your smartphone camera, and give your opinion on each Islander.
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    Have a laugh with your friends and family to see who can fly the furthest while making funny sounds, it's sure to make a quite evening a lot louder. A funny game if you want to play without using your hands and using your voice instead. Clap, whistle, click or just make any random funny sounds to fly as far as possible. Make sure you let your family know you are playing so they don't get confused when they hear those funny sounds coming from your room. Although its best to play somewhere quiet, you can always calibrate the sounds and volume to get the best game play anywhere.

    Screamy bird is a great way to get through the boring moments in life and is even more fun when you play with your friends to see who really has the best skills and have a laugh at the funny sounds they make to make the bird flap its wings.

    Remember, you can always switch to the original version, which lets you play by tapping the screen, by click original in the menu. Then you have to tap the screen to make the bird flap its wings and get through the pipes without crashing. This might be a lot easier than using your voice and making sounds, but its also a lot less fun and definitely a lot less funny. So you get 2 games in 1! The voice controlled version and the tapping version.

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    - Sounds calibration lets you play anywhere
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    If you like puzzles you will love Color Match as you test your puzzle skills and push your strategy skills to the limit to complete as many puzzle levels as you can in this fun and casual colour matching game. Train your brain and improve yourself by playing the fun puzzle game and start matching those colors. Improve your brain alongside your puzzle abilities to progress through as many color matching levels as you can and continue crushing those colour rows.

    How to play:
    Colour Match is a simple game that gets more and more challenging as you progress through the levels.
    You start with 16 empty white tiles and you will be given a random color. Click on one of the white tiles to place the random colour on it. To crush a row and get points you need to match at least 3 colors in a row. You get more points if you match 4 colours in a row and this also crushed a longer row, meaning you get more empty tiles to get more points. When all the white tiles are coloured in, you lose.
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    "The warhead is more fun to play with treasures". The fish bombs are bombed with bomb heads, torpedoes and missiles.
    "The most fresh fish species" are all kinds of deep-sea fish waiting to be explored.
    "Auxiliary props to get" a variety of practical props cannons to fight the fish have everything, open the violent, sweeping the sea king BOSS.
    "Red envelope game rich" knocks golden eggs, collar red envelopes, many games, etc. You try your hand, special gun awards waiting for you to take.
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    Anti-Terrorist SWAT Shoot FPS is a game trying to portray a story or an army command whose mission was to save his nation from all the evil eyes. Our mission is to take all those responsibilities which are used to be fulfilled by a hero command. It makes you feel like a sniper. Gear up to play the ultimate world war as amazing war command shooting hero hunting terrorists and keep shooting as free global war duty. Go on shooting first with fast bullets with precision at enemy troops in the extreme hot weather by selecting different weapon from artillery and complete each mission to win the war. Download this intense free to play live android game and apply your awesome sniper skills to the opposing team. Your weapon operation ability. Only good operational control in the war game mission in order to play the power of a variety of weapons. In this first-person shooter game, you can unlock and open all maps. As a member of unity to play the soldiers assault effect. Action shooting game, only aim and shoot, and the modern enemy tough soldiers, assault soldiers, commanders fighting. Just fire with your guns and kill the enemy, let us start to play the world's greatest military attack game. Command the national army, good battle!

    Follow the gaming rules if you want to be victorious in this fight between powerful armies in winter season.

    Modern World War Winter Chapter has unique features and optimized gameplay for FPS game players. It has amazing 3D graphics for fighting and artillery choices to select M1911, MPS, AK47, M4, short-gun, sniper rifle and many more. Numerous missions and assignments must be achieved. This game has smooth controls that are easy to handle for precise shooting. This game also has astonishing sound effects and background music for shooting in war ground. You are a master of stealth, kill enemies and anti-terrorism in this offline adventure shooting game. There are no rules in this battlefield. Risk your life in this fast paced army FPS gun shooting game, fight for domination! You are a ruthless terrorist hunter. Strike your blow in this one of a kind Pakistan's first modern warfare FPS shooter game. This is a strategic RPG with extreme gun shooting action and military warfare tactics. As an elite command shooter, you are assigned multiple secret missions to save the world from militants. Select your weapon wisely as per situation and find some cover while shooting at the terrorist force.

    The main part of this game is that this game is an action packed frontline war game. Shoot and kill your enemies with modern techniques of 2019. This simulator is full of exciting levels. It is having multiple levels. And in order to get to the next level you have to fulfill the task before specific time duration given in every stage. And every stage itself is having some tasks full of excitement. Fight like a command and make your fellows safe from being killed and extreme fear. If you survive until you end up more rewards and bonus counts after you try to run from this evil mania. Equip yourself with advance gun, sniping rifle you must stun enemy's sniper army. Navigate through secret unknown road by avoiding tanks and helicopter across the enemy arena to destroy their evil syndicate plans that stands in a way of a peaceful world. Download, play and aim while using unknown force with bullet combat versus eternal rival enemy snipers!

    Modern Counter War: Anti Terrorist SWAT Shoot FPS all functions:

    - Shooting weapons, special weapons, heavy weapons, assault rifles, main and auxiliary weapons.
    - AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniper rifles.
    - Mission mode, Defuse bomb mode, zombie mode.
    - Realistic 3D environment, high-quality 3D graphics.

    This is best ever top fps gorilla army 3D shooter game to experience the thrill of fight among rivals while crossing enemy border.
  • FreeFaller - A Skydiving Adventure
    FreeFaller is an exciting skydiving adventure. Tilt your phone to move the skydiver away from danger whilst collecting all the rings before your time runs out. Can you handle the challenge?


    - Dynamic weather effects
    - Realistic controls (tricky to master)
    - Troublesome birds
    - Awesome scenes across 30 levels with varying difficulty
    - Bonus diamonds for extra points
    - Tilt mechanism for controlling the skydiver
    - Trophies for completing with maximum stars (new)

    This skydiving adventure is under continual development. Please send over any bugs or suggestions for improvement. Keep an eye out for future updates. Unleash your inner skydiver!

    This application was developed by Raaaa Studios - A one man band from Peterhead, Scotland. Any support is much appreciated.

    Also available on iOS.
  • Color Guns
    Control the guns to shoot the enemies with the same color
  • Little Light
    A journey of a little light in a colorful world.
    Many types of challenges to play.
  • Dark Hunt: Platformer Game
    A challenging platform game where a little kid lost in darkness with lot of hurdles and obstacles to face before go home safely. It is a quite hard platform game that you've never seen before. You might die many times before you complete the level. But don't worry about the death, you won't waste your time to wait a very boring game over scene. If you die, you can try again immediately so you can focus on your playing.

    The Darkness is spreading!

    The future of the dark world is in your hands!

    - challenging platforming game play designed specifically for mobile devices.
    - Overcome the adventure game play and survive the endless mode.
    - Run and Crush with easy to use controls!
    - Lots of dark environments and monster.
    - Avoid the enemies and game obstacles.
    - Learn to avoid deadly traps!
    - Enjoy addictive,atmospheric music and great sound effects!
    - Leader board and achievements to track your progress and compete with others.

    Enjoy the game!
  • Classic Bouncy Ball
    Join the infinite bouncy ball fun with classic bouncy ball game. Just tap on the screen to control the bouncy ball to avoid the collision and beat your own score
  • Little Boy: The Last Journey
    Little Boy is an endless arcade games which is very addictive for everyone. This is really simple to play. Just tap to jump over the square boxes. The more you can accurately jump over the boxes, the more you can make score. This is really easy to play. This is one of the most addictive games to play in any age of people.

    How To Play:
    Tap anywhere in your mobile screen to jump.

    Hope you like the game. If you end up liking the game, please don't forget to give 5 stars in review section.

    Powered By:
  • City Bird: Fly Into The Sky
    City Bird: Fly Into The Sky is an arcade based addictive game. You will love the game to fly different kinds of city bird in the sky. It's very easy to control the bird. You just need tot very careful to avoid any collision and collect the hearts to buy different colors city bird.

    How To Play:
    Just tap on the screen to fly the city bird into the sky.

    Powered By:
  • Color Match
    Play Color Match and switch and match your way through three of levels in this divine puzzle adventure.

    Playing Level in 6 Methods Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Hardest, Master in the Color Match Game....
  • Dont Eat (ME)
    Save the cake from the hungry pets
  • Archery Master
    This is the game to shoot target by bow and arrow

    Board have 5 rings on it each have different score. Inner circle give you 50 points and outer circle can give you 10 points

    Submit Your score to compete with all around the world using our leaderboard feature.

    Target changes the position after each shot by itself.

    It is enough description to start the game.
New Apps
  • ElektroinnungApp APK
    Member app of the electrical guild Lübeck
  • TsOrders APK
    Mobile workplace of a sales manager (collecting customer orders).
    Master the High Seas with PLAYMOBIL Kaboom!

    Ahoy, matey! Are you ready to face gruesome sea monsters and enemy pirate ships? Then, come aboard and prove your skills!

    Use the cannons from the new Interactive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets (6162, 6163, 6164, 6165) to shoot at virtual targets, earn gold doubloons, and improve your ship's equipment.

    • take aim and shoot by using one of the cannons from the Interactive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets

    • customize your own pirate captain

    • upgrade your equipment

    • hit the barrels and receive power-ups

    • prove your skills in 18 exciting levels and 3 different game modes ("High Seas", "Defense," and "Duel")

    You don't own one of the four PLAYMOBIL Interactive Pirates with Cannons yet?
    No problem! Use the touch-based mode and play with your finger.
  • Ball Park 3d APK
    Park the Ball you will be entertained in a 3d game!

    Ball park is a 3d Puzzle game with one finger control. You'll find the best soloution to fit the ball in the holes.

    Find the best order and match the balls.

    Ball park 3d is a free to play game.

    Build your newest fun!
  • Chibi Town APK
    The time has come to create your own city. Explore every corner, build homes and special buildings and bring entertaining characters to life.

    Help the policeman to catch the thieves, put out fires with the firefighters, cook in the restaurant, transport goods and take care of your sick citizens in the hospital.

    Have fun with the mini-games and missions and you will be able to get all the vehicles. Chibi Town is a complete game in which children will learn with total freedom to manage resources and make their own decisions. They will discover five professions and help with the maintenance and cleaning of the streets.

    - Play with 11 different characters: policemen, firefighters, doctors, cooks, engineers and deliverymen.
    - Build special buildings: a police station, hospital, restaurant, gas station, supermarket...
    - Drive and improve your vehicles: ambulance, fire truck, police car, taxi, bus, delivery truck, race car, scooter, ...
    - Complete all missions, challenges and mini-games.
    - Cook delicious recipes in the restaurant and surprise your customers.
    - Keep the city clean and the residents will always be happy.
    - Receive benefits for your characters' work and win great rewards to improve the city.
    - Find all the special items and help your characters use them.
    - Upgrade your vehicles to make them faster and more ecological, and fix them when they break down.
  • 인스팅고(Instingo): 무료 영어 학습. 외국인과 1:1 화상 영어회화 어플 APK
    Imagine how fun it would be if you were learning English as you were interested. Others no longer need to learn the same content: a 12-year-old sports enthusiast, a 40-year-old office worker who is soaked in tack, and a novice mother, who is in her 30s when he first gave birth to a baby. If we have fun studying the things I care about most, we will already be language geniuses. All this learning is free!

    If you just learn and don't speak for yourself, you will never become your own.
    Talk to your English teacher directly with the foreign teacher 1: 1 video!
    (If you sign up, we will give you one free 1: 1 conversation)

    ★★ Free learning feature ★★

    ✔ Provides a tutor card for each level to learn like a game (vocabulary / pattern / sentence)

    ✔ Provide reviewable my vocabulary

    ✔ Book-free grammar and vocabulary tips

    ✔ Learn sentences by dictation

    ✔ Listen, listen and write dialog

    ✔ Memorize by song (chant)

    ✔ Questions by situation and topic

    ✔ One-on-one video chat with a foreign teacher and class notes

    ★★ paid learning features ★★

    ✔ One-on-one video chat with foreign teachers (twice a week, three times a week, five times a week)

    * Instingo user's learning environment is monitored every day, and as time passes, the learning environment of the user is improved and the tutor card is continuously updated.

    Please send feedback to [email protected]
    [Customer Center] 1599-7642
    [Kato Talk] http://pf.kakao.com/_LsGIu/chat
    [Homepage] http://www.amigotalk.com
  • Panda Second Grade Games APK
    Únete a los pandas en una aventura de aprendizaje lleno de diversión para los niños de segundo grado con Panda II Juegos de Grado, mejor para todos los estudiantes de segundo grado para ayudarles a desarrollar habilidades importantes.

    El estudio acaba de hacer mucho más fácil! Con una variedad de actividades cuidadosamente programadas para elegir, sus Grado 2 hijos les han garantizado rato divertido mientras aprenden. Esta herramienta de aprendizaje panda-temático enseña matemáticas básicas que incluye el tiempo y el dinero, la gramática y la puntuacion, Grado 2 ortografía y mucho más! Los padres pueden participar por estar involucrado en el entrenamiento y supervisión de lo bien que sus hijos están haciendo en cada una de las actividades a través de la tabla de estadísticas de aprendizaje. Cuenta con puntajes y porcentajes que mostrarán lo bien que lo han hecho en cada actividad.

    Se sorprenderá de lo fácil esta aventura de la panda para alumnos de segundo grado hará del aprendizaje. Únete a los osos de peluche juego y estar en la parte superior de su clase por el dominio de todas las actividades en esta aplicación. ¡Impresionante! Deje que el panda lindo motivar a sus hijos con el estímulo positivo que cuenta con narración profesional, pronunciación precisa y la música juguetona.

    Actividades que se incluyen son:
    ⦁ segundo grado Multiplicación - Taladro en la multiplicación básica con números aleatorios.
    ⦁ Valor posicional - Identificar el valor del dígito en el número.
    ⦁ sustantivos, verbos y adjetivos - Práctica de palabras identificando cuales son los sustantivos, verbos o adjetivos
    ⦁ orden alfabético - Organizar las palabras en el orden correcto
    ⦁ Tiempo - Tiempo de Práctica contando correctamente
    ⦁ Números - Pop todos los números pares. ¿Qué números son impares?
    ⦁ Grado 2Spelling - Arrastra las letras para deletrear la palabra correctamente.
    ⦁ signos de puntuación - Ser un maestro de gramática mediante la práctica con los signos de puntuación
    ⦁ dinero - ¿Cuánto dinero hay? ¿Qué moneda es?
    ⦁ Segundo Grado Matemáticas - Completar la simple adición o sustracción de la ecuación
    ⦁ Tiempos - Identificar las palabras con los tiempos correctos.
    ⦁ Sinónimos y Antónimos - ¿Qué palabras son similares? Cuáles quiere decir lo contrario?

    ⦁ Claro y pronunciación exacta de las palabras
    ⦁ Gráficos de alta calidad, interfaz amigable para los niños y 12 juegos educativos divertidos segundo grado de matemáticas y segundo grado en inglés
    ⦁ personaje adorable panda que animar y guiar a todos a través del juego
    ⦁ refuerza el aprendizaje correcto con la animación para las respuestas correctas y la redirección apacible para las incorrectas
    ⦁ Monitorear el progreso de sus hijos a través de la tabla de estadísticas de aprendizaje.

    Este juego para los alumnos de segundo grado es perfecto para aquellos que quieren practicar y multiplicación amo, valor posicional, verbos, sustantivos y adjetivos, por orden alfabético, tiempo, dinero, números y matemáticas, ortografía, signos de puntuación, tiempos, sinónimos y antónimos. Ayude a sus hijos a desarrollar habilidades importantes a través de una variedad de actividades en este juego que ponen en evidencia su carácter real de la princesa dentro. Es la mejor herramienta para los estudiantes de segundo grado y los padres, incluso los profesores y tutores!

    Para los padres, no unirse a nuestra comunidad y dinos lo que piensas o sus comentarios y sugerencias. Realmente apreciamos todo lo que nos puede dar.

    Al igual que nuestra página de Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/FamilyPlayApps, y obtener las últimas actualizaciones, concursos y algunos regalos.

    También puedes seguirnos en Twitter,FamilyPlayApps, para obtener las últimas noticias y nuevas aplicaciones de Juego Familiar.

    ¿Sin sonido?
    Si el sonido no funciona, asegúrese de que el silencio se apaga, y luego subir el volumen y el sonido va a funcionar.

    ¿Necesitas ayuda?
    Póngase en contacto con nosotros con cualquier pregunta o comentario: [email protected]

    Valoramos sus comentarios
    Siempre damos la bienvenida a sus opiniones, comentarios y sugerencias. Puede contactar con nosotros en [email protected]
    Si te gusta nuestra aplicación, por favor, tómese un minuto para votar y escribir un buen comentario.
    Application of public lighting service orders
  • PcBrowser APK
    This app new release for mobile use to pc and any mobile site open quick and browse fast every use this app and enjoy on PC Browser..
  • Cosmic Waves Radio APK
    The application "Cosmic Waves Radio" provides radio stations that broadcast electronic music of such genres as Ambient, Chillout, House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, Electronic, RetroWave, SynthWave etc.

    • Free online radio stations
    • Broadcast formats: ShoutCast, IceCast (http, m3u8, m3u, pls, acc, mp3, ogg)
    • Sort by genre
    • Favorite Radio List
    • Search
    • Themes
    • Listening in the background
    • Management in the notification panel
    • Sleep Timer
    • Languages: English, Russian

    The application contains a list of more than 140 radio stations, which is periodically updated.

    If you want to add or delete information about your station, please contact us by email.
  • Isocube APK
    Move the blocks vertically and horizontally to align them. Starting with an easy-to-solve puzzle, blocks gradually increase.
    Do not give up. Understanding the principles can solve all puzzles easily.
    Don't be in a hurry, please enjoy the game with ease. We have prepared beautifully made puzzle pieces for you.
    Try it now.
  • Dental drill noise APK
    Are you looking to hear dental drill noise? ... then this app is for you.

    Download the new dental drill noise app available for Android devices and enjoy its diversity of sounds through the online player to listen, download and enjoy on your mobile device.

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  • Cabral Express APK
    Cabral Express is much more than a stationery store. Place your orders through the app and receive the ones you need wherever you are.

    Don't waste time in lines or have problems with parking. Download the app, choose your products and place your orders.

    Enter the app, choose your products, office supplies and school supplies and we will deliver to the place and time you prefer. You can also pick up your product at our physical store.

    Spend your time on what you like and let Cabral Express take care of the delivery of your purchases.

    Download the Cabral Express app now and have our products straight from your phone.
  • Love Quotes : Love Wallpapers, Images, Shayari GIF APK
    This Love Quotes App helps to induce love and romance in one's life to live a beautiful life with your loved ones. These Love Quotes & Wallpapers help to warm the heart of your lover for you.

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    All images in this Love Quotes app are in public domain on the internet. If you have any issues with the images please mail us at [email protected] and we will sort out the issue ASAP.
  • 料理&経営の放置ゲーム まんぷくマルシェ APK
    A surprising character and the story is attractive, handy management and left the game.
    When played to the end, you have surely become the love this world.

    Use ingredients 60 kinds, you can make cooking is 180 type, a story about 200,000 characters large volume of!
    And deepens the relationship between men and women 6 chefs, surprising too secret is obviously ....
    Free standing game of rave reviews after another from played in the player until the ending
    It is "perfectly round" series the first series (all three works).

    [Especially recommended for those who like]
    · Ranch games, farm games, such as farm game, like Honobo games
    Such as Cafe management and restaurant management, like the management game cooking
    - like game from the tips Find recipes
    I like to feel free to play left the game in the Quentin
    · Gradually like training and left the game to increase the numbers
    - a story that decent, like a game ending
    I like to play games, even offline
    · Girl is like the hero of the game
    I like - surprise of a character
    Guess face like

    I thought the heartwarming standing game of Futsu, be surprisingly profound?
    Give the Aso box of "Mr. kingdom of tool toul to", "Play! Caracalla planet",
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  • Ryans Auto Service APK
    Collect loyalty cards that never get lost or forgotten and earn discounts and rewards from Ryans Auto Service.
  • Cap Runner APK
    Run! Jump! Hit! Adventures in the Funny Island.

    -2D endless runner game play with 3D graphic.
    -4 character costume.
    -11 Different stage with 5 background.
    -Beautiful 3D graphic.
    -Leader broad.
  • 3D夾娃娃(欲罷不能版) APK
    The most popular large playground folder dolls, people always can not help but play a few times, but always disappointed in the series disappointed you? Now you can also enjoy the phone in the same game fun! e7play latest full-touch operation, full 3D fine screen to reproduce the complete mainframe platform, you can turn the angle, aim precise shot! As many as dozens of lovely shape a variety of dolls, as well as collectibles List mode, you can take the angle of rotation of the folder to appreciate the dolls. The latest 3D technology, giving you the best sound and light feast! Now put a large clip doll machine into the phone, ready to enjoy the clip doll brings success fun! Full open all kinds of dolls, lets you clip more fun!

    According to "game software hierarchical management approach" Article 18, paragraph 1 announcement "game software grading reference table", this game specification as "general level"
  • Offroad Driving Adventure 2016 APK
    Get Ready for a Renegade Riding Challenge!
    Remember roads? Well those don't exist anymore! Experience the thrill of driving amazing SUVs, Trucks, Monster Trucks, and Jeeps in a wild, roadless environment. Speed off with NO restrictions into beautiful graphics, realistic physics, and action packed excitement. A realistic driving simulator with smooth controls and 4x4 physics packs quite a ride!

    Choose your favorite vehicle and drive it through a rugged terrain on a secluded, hilly island, and incur car damage by flipping your car, driving through water, and bumping into mountains. Climb a high mountain, race along the death defying narrow rocky ridge, overcome tricky mud and quicksand patches and avoid getting stuck in a narrow trench. Each game level has its own unique challenges offering hours of nonstop fun!

    Offroad Driving Adventure 2016 Features:
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    About Tapinator
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  • File locker - Lock any File, App lock APK
    Keep your all files Secure and private with File locker. File Locker is the easiest way to create a secure location on your device to store and protect your important and private files which can be accessed only by you.

    File Lock lets you password-protect your personal files (ex: photos, videos, documents, wallet cards, contacts, notes and audio recordings, etc... in your Android Phones.

    "File Locker" encrypts your file and save in secret location in your SD Card so your file is completely secure. Hide any type of files with file locker. File Locker ensures that family and friends who use your phone don't see your private files, if they browse through your gallery, photo album or any file manager. This also works as Video locker, Image locker.


    • Import files from SD Card / Phone Memory

    • Password protected app access with a PIN / Pattern / Finger print.

    • Applock to protect your apps

    • Break-in-alert: snap the snooper

    • Face down lock

    • Fake door : Disguise photo & video locker as an another app.

    • Fingerprint unlock (Only supported devices)

    • Slideshow photos

    • Set cover image to your albums

    • Material interface designs makes more live your app

    • Set theme to depends on your mood

    • Does not show in ‘recent apps' list.

    • Automatically quits in device's sleep mode.

    • Password recovery option (we will send password to your registered e-mail id).

    • Unlimited Files can be locked.

    • Hide your private files from others.

    • Extremely easy unlock process with just a click.

    • Fastest lock process with multi-select feature to import hundreds of files quickly.

    • Intuitive interface for a great experience.

    • Hide sensitive videos and pictures.

    • Opens documents directly from app.

    • All your files stored in the file locker are 100% private.

    • Lock down important documents

    • Smart looking through directories for documents, locked and unlocked files.



    1 - Browse to the target file(s)and check the check box beside it.

    2 - Press the lock button on the bottom bar.

    3 - Files will be encrypt and save in secret location of your SD Card.

    4 - that's it.


    1 - Select the file(s) in the app

    2 - Press the unlock button on the bottom bar.

    3 - Files will be unlocked and automatically gets saved in your SD Card folder name of "File locker".

    4 - that's it.


    • Lock Videos

    • Lock Photos

    • Lock Documents

    • Lock Audio Files


    In case if you forget your passwords we will send you to your registered e-mail id.
    GET_ACCOUNTS permission is get user e-mail id for sending password.


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    • Follow us: http://twitter.com/innorriors

    • Visit us: http://www.innorriors.com

    Having issues with File Locker? send mail us to [email protected]