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Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro- Car Racing is a thrilling game that lets you experience the adrenaline rush of high-speed car racing.
With its latest version, the Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.554, now available for Android, players can enjoy unlimited money to upgrade their cars and unlock new tracks.


Latest Version:0.1.554

Updated:Sep 26, 2023

Size:552.08 MB

Google downloads:41

Os:Android 8.0


Ready to become the king of the racing world? With Race Max Pro, you'll rule the streets in three adrenaline-pumping racing types: Street Racing, Drift Racing and Drag Racing.Buckle up and start racing your way to the top!In Race Max Pro, take the wheel of real cars from the best car manufacturers, such as Audi, Nissan, General Motors, among other international brands. Pick your car, build and tune your ride. Show off your style by customizing your car's paint and rims, add spoilers with tinted windows. Use decals to make it even hotter!Dig, drift, drag, and roll your ride to the finish line while outrunning your opponents. Career Mode, Real Time Events and Fantastic Game Modes such as time trial, airtime, speed trap are always rewarding new challenges to experience.STREET RACING - DRIVE FAST & SMARTThere is no limit for your performance! Challenge and beat your opponents, upgrade your car, increase your level. Start challenging stronger bosses. Unlock new career classes and faster supercars.DRIFT RACING – USE YOUR SKILLSBoost your driving with adrenaline, use your drift racing skills to control your car and be the fastest around corners!DRAG RACING – MAXIMUM TORQUE & PERFECT SHIFTSHow fast can you reach 60 miles? Rev up your engine, use the perfect launch for a great start! This race is all about torque and how fast your reflexes are!START YOUR OWN CLANGet together with friends and rule the racing world together! Race against each other or against other clans, complete objectives and earn badges. With great physics, Race Max Pro offers great content and a variety of races!CRASH LEADERBOARDSBecome a global legend or a local hero! With the leader board system, race your way to the top! Earn weekly rewards by staying on top!RACE IN DIFFERENT PLACESRace with the world's best cars including Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Nissan 370 Z 2023 (RZ34), Audi R8 Coupe V10 Performance in breathtaking locations such as the Amalfi Coast, Nordic Countries, West Coast, North America Deserts, Far East and so much more…

Original APP

Race Max Pro - Car Racing APK

Drift, Drag and Street Race - All in One!


Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.554 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.554

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro- Car Racing is a thrilling game that lets you experience the adrenaline rush of high-speed car racing.
With its latest version, the Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.554, now available for Android, players can enjoy unlimited money to upgrade their cars and unlock new tracks.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.550 mod

Mod Info:Sufficient currency
Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.550 mod is a thrilling racing game that brings the excitement of high-speed car racing to your fingertips.
With its stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, this game provides an immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience for all racing enthusiasts.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.550 mod

Mod Info:Sufficient currency

Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.520 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.520

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro - Car Racing is a thrilling mobile racing game that allows players to experience the adrenaline rush of high-speed car racing.
With its latest version, v0.1.520, players can enjoy unlimited money, unlocking a plethora of customization options and upgrades for their cars.
This MOD APK for Android provides an enhanced gaming experience, allowing players to dominate the race tracks with their unbeatable speed and power.
With realistic graphics and intuitive controls, Race Max Pro - Car Racing is a must-have for racing enthusiasts.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing Mod APK 0.1.520

Mod Info:Enter the game to get a lot of currencies

Race Max Pro – Car Racing MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.1.515

Mod Info:Unlimited money
Race Max Pro - Car Racing is a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping racing game that takes mobile gaming to new heights.
With its MOD APK version, players are treated to an unlimited supply of money, allowing them to upgrade their cars and unlock powerful features without any limits.
The game offers stunning graphics, realistic physics, and a wide range of race tracks to conquer.
Feel the rush as you speed through the streets, compete against other skilled racers, and become the ultimate champion.
With unlimited money at your disposal, there's no stopping you from reaching the top of the leaderboard in Race Max Pro - Car Racing.

Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.515 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.515

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
If you are a fan of car racing games and want to experience the thrill of speed, Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.515 is the game for you.
This exciting game offers unlimited money, allowing you to customize and upgrade your cars to dominate the race tracks.
With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, Race Max Pro immerses you in an adrenaline-pumping racing experience.
Compete against AI-controlled opponents or challenge your friends in multiplayer mode.
Unlock new cars and tracks as you progress and show off your skills as the ultimate racing champion.
Download Race Max Pro now and embark on an exhilarating journey filled with high-speed excitement.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.515 mod

Mod Info:Sufficient currency
Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.515 mod is an exciting mobile game that provides a thrilling car racing experience.
With its latest mod version, players can now enjoy a sufficient amount of in-game currency to upgrade their cars and unlock various features.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.515 mod

Mod Info:Sufficient currency

Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.514 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.514

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro – Car Racing MOD APK is a thrilling mobile game that is perfect for adrenaline junkies and racing enthusiasts.
With its latest version 0.1.514, players can enjoy unlimited money, unlocking a whole new level of excitement.
This high-speed racing game offers stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, creating an immersive experience on Android.
Push your driving skills to the limit as you race against challenging opponents on various tracks.
Upgrade and customize your cars to gain a competitive edge and dominate the race.

Race Max Pro – Car Racing MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.1.513

Mod Info:Unlimited money
Race Max Pro is an exhilarating car racing game that provides an adrenaline rush for all racing enthusiasts.
With the MOD APK version, players can enjoy unlimited money, allowing them to unlock new cars, upgrade their current ones, and customize their vehicles to suit their preferences.
The game offers stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, with a variety of challenging tracks to conquer.
Show off your driving skills and compete against other players in thrilling multiplayer mode.
Whether you're a casual gamer or a racing aficionado, Race Max Pro is guaranteed to deliver an action-packed experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

Race Max Pro – Car Racing MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.1.512

Mod Info:Unlimited money
Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK version 0.1.512 is a game for car racing enthusiasts who love to test their skills on the track.
With unlimited money, the game allows players to upgrade their cars and compete against other players online.
The game features realistic car handling and physics, making it an exciting and challenging experience for players.
With a wide range of cars to choose from, players can customize their vehicles to suit their preferences and win races.
With its stunning graphics and advanced gameplay, Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK is a must-have for racing game fans.

Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.503 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.503

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro - Car Racing is an adrenaline-fueled racing game that has been a popular choice among mobile gamers.
The game features intense racing gameplay that takes place on various tracks and challenges players to compete against each other to finish first.
The latest modification of the game, Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.503, offers unlimited money, making it easier for players to unlock new cars and upgrade their existing ones.
With stunning graphics and realistic physics, the game offers an immersive racing experience that is sure to keep players hooked.
So, if you're looking for an exciting racing game that offers unlimited fun, Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK is definitely worth downloading.

Race Max Pro v0.1.503 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro is an exciting car racing game that offers a thrilling experience to players.
The latest version of the game, v0.1.503, offers a MOD APK feature that provides unlimited money, enabling players to upgrade their cars and participate in various racing competitions.

Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.497 (Unlimited Money)

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.497 is a thrilling car racing game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm.
With stunning graphics and a variety of cars to choose from, this game allows players to experience the exhilaration of high-speed racing at their fingertips.
And, with the added benefit of the MOD APK version, users can enjoy unlimited money for endless upgrades to their vehicles.
This feature allows players to spend more time focused on the racing experience and less time worrying about in-game currency.
Overall, the Race Max Pro MOD APK is a must-play for any car racing enthusiast.

Race Max Pro v0.1.497 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro v0.1.497 MOD APK is a popular racing game that offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience to its players.
With the latest version of this game, players can enjoy unlimited money, allowing them to purchase and upgrade their vehicles without any restrictions.
The race tracks are designed to challenge the skills of even the most experienced players, offering exciting and varied terrains and environments.
With realistic physics and intuitive controls, players can feel the adrenaline rush as they speed through the tracks and aim to win first place.
Download Race Max Pro v0.1.

Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.497 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.497

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro- Car Racing is an exciting game for Android with stunning graphics and thrilling gameplay.
The game allows you to customize and race some of the most iconic cars around the world.
With the MOD APK v0.1.497, players can enjoy unlimited money and upgrade their vehicles to outrun their opponents.
The game has an easy and user-friendly interface that makes the game accessible to players of all ages.
With its intuitive controls, it's easy to get lost in the game and spend countless hours racing your car and winning challenges.
If you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, Race Max Pro- Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.497 is the game for you.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.494 mod

Mod Info:Large amount of currency
Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.494 mod, a popular racing game, has recently become even more exciting due to its large amount of currency.
The game features stunning graphics, adrenaline-pumping gameplay, and a wide range of customizable supercars.
With the new mod, players can now access an unlimited amount of currency to upgrade their cars, buy new ones, and unlock various levels.
This makes the game even more dynamic and competitive, as players can now easily level up and gain an edge over their opponents.
So, gear up, hit the tracks, and start racing towards the top with Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.494 mod.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.494 mod

Mod Info:Large amount of currency

Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.487 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.487

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro - Car Racing is an exciting racing game that's available for download on Android devices.
The game offers an adrenaline-pumping experience as players race fast cars across various tracks.
The MOD APK version of the game offers unlimited money, making it easier for players to upgrade their vehicles and unlock new levels.
With realistic graphics and smooth gameplay, Race Max Pro - Car Racing is a must-play for all racing enthusiasts.

Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.484 (Unlimited Money) For Android 0.1.484

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro - Car Racing MOD APK v0.1.484 is the latest version of the popular car racing game on Android.
With unlimited money, players can upgrade and customize their cars to become the ultimate racing champion.
The game features stunning graphics and realistic sound effects that enhance the racing experience.
In addition, Race Max Pro - Car Racing also includes various challenging race tracks and game modes that keep players engaged for hours on end.
Downloading this game is easy and free, making it the perfect choice for any car racing enthusiast looking for an entertaining and exciting gaming experience.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.484 mod

Mod Info:Currency use is not reduced to increase
Race Max Pro - Car Racing is an exciting mobile game that lets players experience high-speed racing action.
The latest version, v0.1.484, comes with a new mod that enables users to play without worrying about their currency use.
This means that players can fully enjoy the game without the fear of losing or running out of currency points to buy new cars, upgrade their engines, or purchase power-ups.
This new mod makes Race Max Pro - Car Racing even more appealing to racing game enthusiasts who seek a thrilling and uninterrupted gaming experience.
Download Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.

Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.487 (Unlimited Money)

Mod Info:Unlimited Money
Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.487 is a popular app among racing enthusiasts.
It provides players with unlimited money, allowing them to purchase vehicles and upgrades without restrictions.
The app itself features stunning graphics, lifelike car models, and a variety of racing tracks to choose from.
With the unlimited money feature, players can customize their vehicles to suit their needs and skills.
They can also compete with other players from around the world in exciting races that test their driving abilities.
Overall, Race Max Pro MOD APK v0.1.487 is a must-have for any fan of racing games who wants to experience the thrill of high-speed action without any financial limitations.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.487 mod

Mod Info:Large amount of currency
Race Max Pro - Car Racing is an exciting racing game that has recently come up with a mod version.
The new mod version boasts a large amount of currency, which allows players to upgrade their cars and unlock new levels without having to spend countless hours grinding for in-game currency.
This upgrade can help players to improve their performance and achieve victory in races.
Players can also participate in online races and take on real opponents from around the world.

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.484 mod

Mod Info:Currency use is not reduced to increase

Race Max Pro - Car Racing v0.1.487 mod

Mod Info:Large amount of currency

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    musicLine has come out in Android at last!

    musicLine is a dreamlike composition app that allows anybody to easily create music within 3 minutes.

    Children to adults, beginners to professionals; let's all compose an original piece that only exists in the world!
    Nowadays, it is a time in which anybody can become a composer.

    【Features in musicLine】

    ▽More than 100 types of Instruments▽  
    You can use different kinds of instruments, such as familiar ones from the piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, to rare ones like the music box, tremolo, ocarina, and bagpipes!

    ▽A new way of Composing▽
    You can create songs as you wish in an easy way.
    so it can be recommended to beginners who do not have knowledge of composing! It can also be easily used by people who want to copy the notes that they are listening to, and moreover, it is created so that professionals will be able to use it comfortably as well! Please try it out

    ▽ automatic creation of drum ▽
    For advanced users you can easily create automatically a drum pattern that matches the genre rock, metal , and punk , did not put a hand on the drum is reliable !

    ▽Sharing is possible in one touch▽
    Music that you have created in musicLine can be sent to friends immediately from the menu! Let's compose enjoyably, and widen the circle of music with people around the world!

    【Introduction of Functions in musicLine】

    ▽A List of functions for Composing

    ★Change of Key (The tone of music)
    ★Change of BPM (The tempo)
    ★Change of Rhythm without changing the interval
    ★Control of volume for each instrument
    ★Replay of solo parts

    ▽ composer Tools List

    ★ Pen tool
    It is possible to create a note by swiping touch screen .
    ★ Smudge tool
    It is possible to change the pitch of a note .
    ★ Eraser tool
    It is possible to turn off the notes .
    ★ Selection tool
    It is possible to copy , paste phrase .

    ▽Functions nice for Beginners

    ★ Scales shown on top of notes
    The scale C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C is written on top of each keyboard and notes, so you can understand quickly even if you cannot read scores! It is perfect for searching for pleasant scale patterns, and training one's sense of pitch, so please use this for an introduction to composition.

    ★Level of Composition
    In musicLine, the level is set up for you to continue composing. Your level of composition will improve as you continue composing in musicLine, and new instruments, drum patterns, and functions for professionals will be able to be used. Let's always learn about composition pleasantly, and get better as a composer!

    ▽Functions for Professionals

    ◎These will be available when your composition level progresses.
    Creation of Harmony (A Chord)

    In this app, SlidingMenu, NewQuickAction are included, which are distributed by the license of APACHE2.0. Please give us your opinion and requests.
    Any inconvenience and questions should be sent to the developer.
  • Always On Edge - AOD & LED Mod APK
    With AOE you can customize your phone from many aspects and make it unique as you are.
    It contains too many features with detailed options so it can be customized as you prefer, here are some of the main features:

    Notification LED light
    • It can be customized to work in a highly flexible way within system always on display or independently, or even both like tap to light feature.
    • You can customize lighting color and style distinctively for each app and also for each contact or account name.
    • Lighting placement and style can be differentiated between screen states for example it can be set to light around camera hole while screen is on and around whole screen edges while screen is off.
    • with a block list to prevent it from lighting to notifications received from a particular person .
    • In contrast, it can ignore all notifications of an app except those from one person you care about so it will light only for it.
    • It also has more additional useful features like Reminder which will repeat lighting every few seconds along with a customizable sound alert and of course everything is optional.
    • furthermore you can choose when the app should stop lighting and how the app deal with receiving multiple notifications like mixer option which will iterate all current notifications colors.
    • In addition it has many options to restrict its job like prevent the app from lighting if device is charging, or battery is low, or at sleep time with more detailed control choices.
    • Lighting brightness can be adjusted regardless of the lighting method, on top of that you can set high brightness for lights and low brightness for other widgets like clocks and notifications icons.

    Edge lighting
    • lighting effects for multiple important events such as device charging, ongoing or outgoing calls, playing music, screen wallpaper and many other events.
    • as notification lighting this also can be around all screen or around front camera hole or both with many other lighting place options like led style with variety of animations.

    Always On Display pro
    Extra features for system AOD like showing it only on notifications or on charging or for few minutes after lock

    Custom Always On Display
    • Ambient display clock while screen is locked along with other widgets like notifications icons, preview panel and battery status.
    • those widgets are displayed along with edge lighting or independently while device is locked.

    Animated Wallpapers
    • smooth live wallpapers animated by code.
    • Various categories of backgrounds with unique animations like nature, romantic, technical and many other categories
    • customizable colors and images.

    Notifications Ticker
    • Display notification brief nicely around camera hole (notch) or on status bar.
    this is helpful for notifications without pop-up view so while you are using the phone and receiving a silent notifications you can directly read it without having to pull notifications panel down .

    Notifications preview
    • A list of current notifications displayed as a widget on home screen to read and access your notifications directly after unlocking

    AccessibilityService API Disclosure:
    This app contains some functions that are partially or fully dependent on android Accessibility Service API. this app main purpose is not an accessibility tool but it can be used as so by deaf or hearing impaired people like when their phone is near them and can't hear notification sound or groove then by this app lighting effects they can know from which app they got a notification and who send to them just by a glance to colors and effects set by them.
  • Collect Em All! Clear the Dots Mod APK
    Connect balls from the same color to crush them! Make the longest chains and break them to get the fever!

    Easy to control, simple tap on the block and swipe across the adjacent same-colored blocks! Watch out your moves, you need to achieve the objective before you run out!

    Use boosters to help you clear the board and climb up the leaderboards to become the number one in the world!


    ◉ Original concept and gameplay
    ◉ Colored balls
    ◉ Boosters including; bombs, rockets and shuffle!
    ◉ Leaderboards
    ◉ Saga map with thousands of levels
    ◉ Loads of fun!
    ◉ And much more!
  • ACR Phone Mod APK
    ACR Phone Dialer & Spam Call Blocker is a phone app that can replace your default dialer. This is a brand-new app and we are constantly improving it.

    Here are some features of ACR Phone Dialer & Spam Call Blocker:

    We ask only permissions that are absolutely required. For example, while allowing contact access enhances features, app works even if you deny contacts permission. Your personal data such as contacts and call logs never transferred outside your phone.

    Phone app:
    Clean and fresh design with dark theme support. Currently under heavy development and might have some bugs. You have the choice to disable it if you are not satisfied. If you see any issues with call handling report to us

    Blacklist / Spam blocking:
    Unlike many other services this is an offline feature where you build your own blocklist. You can add any unwanted numbers to the Blacklist from the calls log, contacts list or input the number manually. Blacklist has different matching rules such as Exact or Relaxed matching. You can schedule black list rules per number. Completely implemented and ready to use.

    Call announcer:
    Announces contact names and numbers for incoming calls. It has advanced features such as announcing when headphones or Bluetooth headset connected.

    Call notes:
    Add and edit notes or reminders to calls to during or after call ended.

    Easily Export or import your Call logs, Contacts and Call blocking database. Partially implemented.

    Outgoing call blocker:
    Optionally you can enable blocking outgoing calls to the numbers in your block list. Completely implemented and ready to use.

    Call Log:
    See and search all your calls in a clean interface. Completely implemented and ready to use.

    Dual SIM Support:
    Dual SIM phones are supported. You can set a default dialing account or decide just before each phone call

    Simple contact list to quickly find and call your contacts. Partially completed.

    Video and photo calling screen:
    You can customize calling screen per contact and have video or photo as call screen. Just go to contacts tab, tap on a contact and choose Ringing Screen.

    SIP Client (on supported devices):
    Make and receive SIP calls right from the app with built-in SIP client for VoIP calls over 3G or Wi-Fi.

    Call Recording (on supported devices):
    Record your calls with advanced call recording features.

    Cloud Uploads:
    Automatically upload recorded calls to all major cloud service providers as well as your own Web or FTP server.

    Auto Dialer:
    Easily reach busy lines by automatically calling until call is connected.

    Visual Voicemail:
    Listen to your new voicemails right from within ACR Phone.
  • Addons Detector Mod APK
    Addons Detector detects addons used by your installed applications. It has all the tools to find push notification ads, popup ads and icon ads.

    If you are looking for the app that uses AirPush or other push notifications, you can easily find the app and uninstall.

    If you are getting popup ads on your device, make sure to read the help text inside the app. It explains how to get rid of them.

    Besides push notifications, using this app is a great way to see what advertising agencies apps use, and what tools they have integrated.

    Does the normal scan not detect the spam ads? Enable the notification monitor and you can easily see which program puts a notification in your notification area.

    Another cool feature that we added is the live scanner. This scanner scans newly installed and updated apps for selected addon categories and displays a notification if they are found. This feature is reserved for users that have donated.

    **To support us you can now easily donate through inapp billing.**

    Check the help function in the app to see all the addons we currently detect, or visit https://public.addonsdetector.com/what-we-detect/)

    *** Known issues ***
    Samsung Galaxy 3 keeps talking to me when on my home screens saying folder is open or similar.
    This seems to be an ICS/Samsung bug. It happens for some people and also with other apps that use the accessibility service such as Tasker, Light Flow and others.

    Try to fix it:
    Samsung S3: - Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Talkback "ON" - Select "Settings" from the bottom of the page - Uncheck all Talkback options - Switch Talkback "Off" again - Go back to Settings -> Application manager -> All - Disable Google TTS (text to speech) - Disable Samsung TTS (text to speech)

    More issue details here: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=23105

    We can't guarantee that our results are 100% correct. Sometimes addons, like pushnotifications, are integrated in larger sdk's, and the developer doesn't need to use them, although we detect them. We strive to be conservative about marking apps as suspected, but errors can occur.

    sdk analytics, middleware analysis
  • Backup and Restore - APP & SMS Mod APK
    Auto Backup, Restore, and Transfer your Apps and Personal data for FREE.
    App Backup Restore – Transfer is a simple apk assistant.
    App Backup Restore – Transfer CANNOT back up or restore your apps'data, it's a apk assistant that can back-up apk files only.
    Upload & Download backups to Google Drive .
    Never lose your data again!

    App Backup Restore - Transfer can Backup & Restore APK files of apps that are not frequently used to save storage of phone. Easiest Backup & Restore multi versions to avoid unnecessary updates.Backup & Restore Personal data for safety. iCloud Backup & Restore for data security. Transfer & Share APK files between Android devices.

    ★ Editor's Choice
    No.1 in "10 best Android backup apps ... to backup Android, save storage of phone !” - Android Authority
    No.1 Easy Backup & Restore APK assistant in “10 Best Android Backup Apk assistant” - Tom's Guide

    ◈ Local / Cloud Backup & Restore
    ✓ APK backup & restoare
    ✓ SMS & Contact Backup
    ✓ Call logs backup & restore
    ✓ Photo Backup & restore

    ◈ Transfer & Share in Seconds
    ✓ APK send & receive
    ✓ Call logs send & receive

    ◈ Features
    • Batch backup, restore, transfer, share
    • Batch Backup & Restore to internal storage of phone by default
    • Batch Backup & Restore to SD card or USB
    • Upload & Download to/from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
    • Easiest Backup & Restore apks, personal data
    • Auto Backup & Send files to the third party platforms
    • Extract & Retrieve APK files
    • Transfer & Share Backups
    • Overwrite, downgrade app versions
    • Auto app-backup tool at all times
    • Set auto backup list to back up apks automatically
    • Transfer & Share by building private Wifi-hotspot
    • Wireless Transfer & Share with dizzying speed
    • Auto backup & update with notifications
    • Google Drive upload/download with notifications
    • Easiest backup & restore system applications
    • Scan APK files stored in your phone
    • Scan virus for more protection
    • Touch & Hold app to check details
    • Manage apps by installed, archived, Drive
    • Apk assistant to sort apps by name, date, size
    • Show backups' size & time & version
    • Show used & total system & file storage
    • Recover phone after factory resetting, Samsung, MicroMax, etc. supported
    • All types of app supported including Game, Tool, Social Media etc.

    App Backup Restore - Transfer CANNOT back-up, restore, transfer data or settings of apps, it only batch backup & restore apk files to save storage of phone.
    App Backup Restore - Transfer can only restore app files that have been backed up BEFORE.
    App Backup Restore - Transfer CANNOT auto back up personal data, auto back-up apks only.
    App Backup Restore - Transafer can only auto back-up to RAM & SD card, auto backup to cloud CANNOT be achieved .
    Please back up to sd card or cloud before factory reset, or all backups will be deleted due to system restriction.
    For Android 4.4 and above, Google reserved the permission to write in SD card. It is now granted only to Google and cellphone manufactures.

    Requested Permissions:
    READ WIFI/BLUETOOTH/GPS to enable transfer & share feature
    REQUEST CERTAIN PRIVACY PERMISSIONS to enable virus scan & Google Drive back-up

    Contact us if you want to help making the app into your language: [email protected]
  • Home Rescue: Blast & Collect Mod APK
    By a twist of fate, you've become the owner of a once-splendid manor. Its glory days may be behind it, showing signs of wear and tear, but that's not the end of its story.

    With "Home Rescue" you have the power to breathe new life into this majestic manor. In "Home Rescue" your first task is reviving the manor. It provides an array of home décor options to renovate the dilapidated estate. You can bring back its lost charm, tailoring it to your tastes. The stars earned from the match-and-eliminate game can be used to purchase more decoration items, giving your manor a much-needed facelift.

    The heart of "Home Rescue" lies in its match-3, but novel link and eliminate gameplay. It's an all-new game where you connect matching fruits to eliminate them. You can experience the joy of slicing fruits in this cleverly designed game that's easy to understand and full of fun. Regardless of whether you're a newbie or a veteran of this genre, it will keep you hooked. It offers a rich variety of levels and elements, making each level a thrilling challenge. You have to exercise your brain and memory to find all possible fruit combinations to complete tasks.

    The stars you earn are the key to your home renovation journey in "Home Rescue" Moreover, "Home Rescue" entrusts you with a special mission: rescuing the adorable animals in the manor. These cute kittens, puppies, and more are in distress and need your help. By resolving their issues, you can ensure they lead a joyful life in the manor.

    All in all, "Home Rescue" is a casual game combining link-and-eliminate, home renovation, and animal rescue elements. While you indulge in the fun gameplay, you can create a dream manor of your own and help these cute animals. Join "Home Rescue" now and embark on your home renovation journey!

    It is totally FREE. Don't worry to download and start to play!

    ************* Features *************
    Unique Link-and-Eliminate Gameplay
    Connect matching fruits to eliminate them and progress through exciting levels.

    Home Renovation
    Customize and decorate the manor and gardens with a wide selection of home décor options, making it a personalized haven.

    Engaging Challenges
    Explore a variety of levels and elements, putting your brain and memory skills to the test.

    Rewarding Progression
    Earn stars for successful fruit elimination and use them to unlock new decoration items and advance in the game.

    Animal Rescue
    Help adorable animals in distress within the manor, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

    Brain Exercise
    Sharpen your cognitive skills and memory abilities as you strategize and solve challenges.

    Abundant Rewards
    Discover surprises and earn various rewards throughout your home renovation journey.
  • Speed Camera Radar Mod APK
    Speed Camera Radar application was created for drivers to detect hazards on the road, such as speed cameras (mobile ambush, static speed cameras, red light cameras), speed bumps, bad roads and etc.

    This application uses database of POI and hazards previously detected by other users.
    Application requires enabled GPS to detect hazards during driving.
    Application supports all the countries of the world!

    Any registered user can add new hazard to shared database. Also user can influence on rating of hazard (when user get danger alert he can define whether danger exists or not in fact).
    Registered users have more permissions to manage POI objects (danger) on the map, for instance, user can explicitly delete irrelevant POI from common database.

    The application may run in the background (even when the screen is off), just enable option "Use speech when hazard detected".

    How to use app?

    1. If you just installed the app you will need to go to menu "Update databased" to download and install the latest database of speed camera for your region (country).
    2. To enable radar, press the "Start" button at the bottom right of the screen.
    3. The application notifies only the dangers that are along your route.
    4. You can call main setting, swiping from the left edge of the screen to the right.
    5. You can call dangers filter that you want to discover swiping from the right edge of the screen to the left.

    ★ Map or Radar view mode (no need Internet to render data)
    ★ Night mode for Map is supported (enabled in settings)
    ★ Night mode adjustment on screen
    ★ 3D tilt on map support (3D buildings)
    ★ Map auto zoom and rotation map along the way
    ★ Shows traffic jams on the map
    ★ Dashboard with current speed
    ★ 300 000 active hazards POIs around the world
    ★ Daily database updates!
    ★ Support voice alerts
    ★ Support of working in background or with other Navigation APPs
    ★ You can add their own POI to shared database
    ★ The application plays the sound and shows hazard on the map and distance to this hazard

    Be careful on the road and good luck!
Hot Mod
  • GTA 5 Mod APK
    GTA V (GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto, GTA) Out now for PlayStation4, Xbox One, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and PC. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.

    GTA 5!

    You want all the latest information about GTA 5? This amazing app does the job for you. We keep you up to date with all the rumors, news facts and information about GTA 5.

    But there is more. We give you background information about the main GTA V characters, the vehicles that can be found in this amazing Grand Theft Auto 5 game and a game guide to help you a little hand (when available).

    With this app you also can view the newest screenshots, artwork en screencaps and save them in HD on your mobile phone as wallpaper. So flourish up your screen with these amazing GTA 5 backgrounds! In the meanwhile you can visit the GTA V theater, where you can watch the official trailers and other videos about Grand Theft Auto 5.

    And if you’re bored play one of the brilliant mini games we have specially developed for you. Test your reaction time, tapping speed or memory with one of these games.

    At last but not least, we have the official GTA 5 cheats, radio stations and map for you (when available). So if you’re a real GTA 5 fan, download this app now!

    - Latest GTA 5 news and information
    - View latest screenshots and artwork
    - Countdown until release
    - Save images as HD wallpapers
    - Watch official GTA V trailers and videos
    - Cheats*
    - Main characters
    - Vehicles that can be found in GTA 5
    - Radio stations*
    - Map of GTA 5*
    - Game guide
    - Different GTA V mini games, including: Michaels Memory, Franklins Firefight and Trevors Tapgame.

    *will be added when available

    What's New

    What's in this version:

    *update 1.04*
    - Minigames!!!!
    - Michaels Memory
    - Franklins Firefight
    *update 1.02*
    - Share news with your Friends
    - Timeline
    - Some new wallpapers
    *update 1.01*
    - Wallpaper bug fixed
    - Share app with your friends
    - Save app on your SD-card

    Grand Theft Auto is a persistent, open world online multiplayer video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

  • Dragon Mania v4.0.0 Mod Mod APK
    Free download Dragon Mania v4.0.0 Mod APK
  • Server FHx C 2016 Mod APK
    New Update Fhx Server, New Hero and More Elixir and gold added
  • Ninja Heroes Mod APK
    Ninja Heroes is a role-playing game set in the universe of the anime Naruto, in which players will be able to train their own ninja, with which they will have to face a multitude of enemies. Although we will start the game, only with Naruto, throughout the game we will be able to recruit more than 100 different characters (some series and not others).

    The combat system of Ninja Heroes is very simple. So much so that the players will not have to do anything more than look at how it develops the confrontation. Luckily these battles are spectacular, because in them we can see into each character to carry out the same techniques that in the anime original.

    Between combat and combat we will be able to do many things in the ninja village. We can train our ninjas to learn new techniques and improve their attributes. In addition, we can try to get more ninjas to our group; or change the training of our team of attack. We will have many interesting activities in the village.

    Ninja Heroes is a role-playing game quite entertaining, that will appeal especially to fans of Naruto, for obvious reasons. And is that the game not only has characters from the anime, but also with their techniques, the most iconic, and a section on visual outstanding. By Juan Jesus
    Indestructible is a action game vehicles, in which players will have to face lots of enemies using all kinds of weapons, while they are behind the wheel of different cars tototerreno.

    The campaign mode of Indestructible will allow us to fight against many different enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. To do this, you will have an arsenal of weapons among which you will find machine guns, lasers, missiles, grenades, and much more.

    In any case, the game mode more fun to Indestructible is the multiplayer. Up to four players can participate simultaneously in these duels via the Internet, in which we can measure our strength with our friends.

    On A visual level Indestructible, like the rest of releases of Glu, is a prodigy. Not only because it has good graphics, but because in general is always very fluid.

    Indestructible is a action game and driving very fun, offering a lot of content even if you don't pay or a euro. Of course, it is also possible to invest money to be able to play more or get benefits.
  • Clash of Zombies II: The invasion of Atlantis  Mod APK
    “Clash of Zombies II” is the series of “clash of zombie”, has opened its Closed Beta in this month, and if you want to get in, you shouldn’t wait too long because the slots are limited. Buy any gems in Closed Beta will be returned by Double gems in next Public Beta! Dr.T has released a dreadful Virus that can turn ordinary people into zombies. Zombie outbreak, the end of the world has begun. As a commander, you must lead Superheroes against Zombies and Dr.T threatening. Can you survive and defend the earth? Now it's in your hands!

    Game Features:

    ● 11 unique zombie fighting units with levels of upgrades
    ● Free to Play! Log in to Clash of ZombiesII every day for free Superheroes and Gems!
    ● Play PVP online against millions players worldwide! Create the ultimate army and fortify your impenetrable fortress!
    ● Lead Superheroes Zeus, Spider-man, Werewolf, Hurricane goddess, Monkey King to battle enemy armies!
    ● Without training troops, you can recruit from over 50 Heroes and their squads of mercenaries!
    ● Team up with your friends to form leagues, breed legendary monsters, donate troops, and dominate your enemies!
  • WWE Mod APK

    the WWE is the app officially from WWE, and it has all the information and data on the need fans of the event who want to terbaharaukan and get the benefit of the excess from the television show the greatest... or as in let's say a lot of people.

  • Premium Dating Mod APK
    Get Premium Dating at a great special offer price for a limited time only! Don't miss your chance to be seen by more people near you today!

    ** Download it now and start meeting new people in and around your city without limits with 1 week of Premium Dating **

    Premium Dating is the App that shows you the people nearby, and even better, the people you've bumped into in real life! Whether you're on the bus, in a coffee shop, on a night out, see who is passing you by and reach out! How?

    - See people on the App
    - Find people you've bumped into
    - Start chatting

    It's as simple as that. What are you waiting for?