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  • Smart Kit 360

    Smart Kit 360


    Do a lot with just one multi-purpose App!

    Smart Kit 360 is an all-in-one app and is half the size of a common "standalone tool" application like compass, translator or a ringtone maker app. This way you'll save a lot of disk space, time and frustration searching for all the daily tools you need!

    Main Features
    ★ Tiny Size
    ★ More than 40 apps can be replaced with one app
    ★ Has the most commonly used app features
    ★ One easy tap to create shortcuts on your home screen
    ★ Tools are arranged as per different category by which finding them is very easy ►

    Productivity • Utility • Calculation • Conversion • Navigation & Measuring Tools

    Smart Kit 360 combines uniquely with several functions ►

    1. Heart Rate Monitor
    Measure your heart rate with device camera and observe a real time pulse chart. Checking your pulse is a simple way to get information about your health.

    2. Translator (All languages)
    Easily translate words from one language to another through simple operations.

    3. Multilingual Dictionary
    Free online dictionaries for almost every existing language.

    4. Exercise Timer
    Ultimate fitness companion for any of your gym or home workouts.

    5. Cache Cleaner, RAM Booster
    Keep your phone clean! Clean junk files, cache and boost device RAM.

    6. Battery Saver
    Save and Extend Your Battery Life with this one-tap easy optimiser.

    7. Sound Meter
    Monitor the current sound pressure level and its spectrum.

    8. Map
    Get directions faster, find places, shows your current location on the map & share your GPS coordinates

    9. Compass
    Get the right directions always in your hand for most of your outdoor activities.

    10. Magnifier
    Magnify small objects that are hard to see. It also includes a flash light.

    11. Mirror
    See yourself using your front facing camera even at night.

    12. Protractor
    Measure the slope of any object using your camera and imaginary weight.

    13. Audio, Video Cutter
    Select the part/scene you want to cut and this tool will handle the rest.

    14. Metal Detector
    Detect magnetic field of nearby materials and observe it on real time chart.

    15. Notepad
    Take notes easily in your favourite colours. Backup notes, stay organised!

    16. Currency Converter
    Convert between different currencies. Currencies are updated automatically.

    17. Calculator & Graph
    Make basic calculations with graphs

    18. Unit Converter
    Convert between different physical units.

    19. Audio Recorder
    Easily record and playback high quality long-time sound recording on your smartphone or tablet.

    20. Metronome
    Classic metronome with adjustable tempo.

    21. Pitch Tuner
    Tune the pitch of your voice or musical instruments. It can also play the corrected tone.

    22. Code Scanner
    Scan bar and QR codes quickly with your camera.

    23. File Manager, Root Explorer
    File manager with Root Explorer.

    24. Altimeter
    Calculates your elevation via GPS

    25. Abacus
    Simple calculating tool and useful learning device

    26. Ruler
    Easily measure the dimensions of different objects.

    27. Leveler
    Check the surface levels.

    28. Speedometer
    Shows useful speed and distance information for your journey.

    29. Flashlight
    Use it as a manual torch light, as a strobe light or as a music light show.

    30. Checklist, Reminder
    Get Things Done with a flexible to-do list.

    31. Stopwatch
    Precision stopwatch with “Auto Save” results function.

    32. Vibrometer
    Measures vibrations on all 3 axes: X, Y, Z

    33. Pedometer
    Records the number of steps you have walked

    34. Internet Speed Test
    Accurate Internet connection speed test

    35. Lux Meter
    Light meter for measuring illuminance (lux, fc)

    36. Time Zones
    World time with weather

    Tools support both metric and imperial unit formats and several languages.
  • Voice Calculator

    Voice Calculator


    Latest calculator where you don't have to press any keys to calculate. You just have to speak and Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what you say.
    Eg. If you want to calculate 45*30, to calculate, click on mic button and say forty five multiply by thirty and Voice Calculate will give you answer 1350.

    You can perform simple as well as complicated calculation by just speaking. Just keep in mind that you have to speak all the equation at one time and not splitting the equation.

    You can carry out long calculations too. It's very easy to use and very quick to calculate. You can perform faster calculation then typing or pressing keys.
  • App Update Checker

    App Update Checker


    This app will help you to check for updates of all the apps installed on your phone. The app will list out all the apps that has update available and also provide all details of the app.
    The app displays following essential information :
    - Current version of the app
    - Update version of the app
    - Package id of the app
    - App title
    - Last modified date of app
    - Installation date of the app

    You just need to open the application and click on the app you want to update from the app list. The list is divided into installed application and system application.
  • iSyncr for iTunes

    iSyncr for iTunes

    Version:Varies with device

    iSyncr Pro
    The pro version of iSyncr gives you unlimited song and playlist syncing. Sync your iTunes music library with your Android devices.

    Syncing Features
    • iTunes music, podcasts, and videos over WiFi or USB
    • Playlists, ratings, play counts, skip counts, last played date, and last skipped date
    • Keep your smart playlists up to date
    • Sync to internal or external storage, including Lollipop SD cards!
    • Automatic wireless syncing of your music and videos on a schedule
    • Compatible with MTP, unlike other top solutions
    • Album art with your music to enjoy on your phone
    • Multiple iTunes Libraries
    • Quick setup, sync directly with your existing iTunes playlists and libraries
    • Create smart playlists on your phone using the Live Lists feature
    • Sync your MP3 downloads from your phone back to your iTunes library
    • Sync Android playlists back to your computer

    Combine iSyncr with our free Rocket Player music player to take advantage of these additional features:
    • New playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes
    • Podcast bookmarks to and from iTunes
    • iSyncr Live Lists dynamically update on Android while playing
    • Video play counts sync back to iTunes

    Note: Copy protected music or videos are unavailable to sync, but iSyncr will alert you to which songs will not be synced to your device.

    * iTunes for Windows, or iTunes for Mac OS 10.5+ required.

    Need help? Visit http://www.jrtstudio.com/iSyncr for tutorials, troubleshooting or to contact support.

    Want to help with translating to your language?

    © 2016 JRT Studio LLC | iSyncr is a trademark of JRT Studio LLC | iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

  • PICTAIL - Cykik

    PICTAIL - Cykik


    ★ We are restricting illegal APK use through mandatory updates.
    Please refrain from obtaining APK files through illegal means, resulting in disadvantages.

    A cocktail-themed camera app series, Pictail
    Take photos and videos with filters sweet like a cocktail
    Pictail is easy to use for selfies, videos, and scenic photos

    Main Functions
    - Real-time beautification for amazing selfies
    - High resolution camera
    - Unlimited videos with Pictail filters
    - Full screen, 3:4, 1:1 ratio camera
    - Edit photos from your album with Pictail filters

    - Camera: permissions for shooting photos and videos
    - Mic: permissions for shooting videos
    - Gallery: permissions for saving and managing photos and videos
    - Location: permissions for adding location info to photo detail
  • MasDeDe



    - Access to the catálog of series and movies Plusdede.
    - Player own with access to: Streamcloud, Streaminto, Powvideo, Openload, Gamovideo and Streamplay.
    - videos you can download or open with an external player.
    - If you stop the playback of a video when re-entering you will be able to continue where you left off.
    - at The end of a chapter will automatícamente the following.
    - The player is 100% compatible with Chromecast.
    - Possibility to mark the tabs as: following, earrings, favorites, or views.
    - Access to the comments.
  • HD Inspire Wallpapers

    HD Inspire Wallpapers


    ☀️ get a new look of your device! Get new cool quote, motivational, and inspire wallpapers for your device ☀️

    This application has 1000+ wonderful HD quotes, motivational, inspirational, minimal wallpapers and backgrounds. And New wallpapers added to the list every day. so you'll get New wallpapers every day for your mobile. And each Wallpaper is designed to fit with any screen and widgets.

    Some Features :
    ✦ Awesome selection of artistic, elegant inspirational wallpapers.
    ✦ Everyday New High-Quality motivational Wallpapers arrival.
    ✦ Well arranged categories and adding new categories over a time.
    ✦ Unique eye-pleasing layout
    ✦ And Much more options like Share, Save, Crop, Setting as a wallpaper, random, Setting as a lock screen, download
    ✦ Beautiful layout with a material dark theme.
    ✦ Collection of a quote wallpapers, love wallpapers ,sad wallpapers, romantic wallpapers, inspirational wallpapers, motivational wallpapers, famous saying wallpapers and many more
    ✦ Exclusive inspire wallpaper that can't found anywhere else.
    ✦ Wide range of High Quality with separate categories
    ✦ Save HD Wallpaper to your mobile or SD Card✦ FREE and always will be.

    Install this app and start your everyday with new inspirational wallpaper.

    Create an inspirational look for your Home and Lock Screen with the best wallpapers and HD backgrounds for your Android device!

  • Camping Paradis : Le Jeu

    Camping Paradis : Le Jeu


    Welcome to the game Camping Paradise, the official adaptation of the hit tv series !

    Help Tom Delormes, the owner, to develop his camping to make the best of Côte d'azur ! You will need to cope with the crowds of holidaymakers and manage issues that may arise, while striving to satisfy customers the very best !


    - Build and manage your own Camping Paradise in the company of Tom !
    - Recruit the other Characters of the series to form a team of hell
    - Become a Camping prestige by getting the 5 Stars awarded by the tourism offices
    - Over 30 different Buildings to build and evolve throughout the adventure
    - A wide variety of Decorations to personalize your Campsite to infinity
    - Discover colorful Characters who you will entrust Missions to be very useful for progress
    - Visit the Campsites of your Friends and find the hidden gifts to earn exclusive Decorations
    - Made in the face of the Invasions of mosquitoes and other Disasters that may occur at any time
    - Maximize your Camping, acquiring Plots icons such as the Beach or in the Forest
    - Camping Paradise also includes Mini-games to have even more fun ! the
    - Bocce, Minigolf and Game action are including in the program !

    - Spend Points welfare to host holiday guests in your Accommodation and then get busy with the Shopping and Leisure available to collect Chips, Gold to reinvest in new infrastructure

    - Welcome holiday guests in your Accommodation and then get busy with the Shopping and Leisure available to collect Chips, Gold to reinvest in new infrastructure


    Tom Delormes has just inherited from her parents a beautiful grounds situated by the sea. He decides to install a small campsite that he will need to grow to become the camping Paradise as we know it. Alas, his limited means did not enable him to be very ambitious at the start. It begins, therefore, by installing a small reception to welcome the first campers adventurous.

    and Then, little by little, the income generated by the rental of the accommodation to enable him to build new bungalows and buildings such as sanitation or snacks in order to improve the quality of its camping. The fact of the influx and growing attention to wear to each holiday maker, Tom finds himself overwhelmed and has to appeal to new employees whose famous members of the television series.

    In addition, with these new developments, Tom will quickly feel cramped in her little camping and part in the conquest of new parcels, including the coveted private beach and the calming forest of pinewoods. But customers are increasingly demanding, and the creation of new recreational activities becomes essential for the proper development of its campground as the management of the beach or the construction of a swimming pool.

    Fortunately, thanks to his efforts and those of his collaborators, Tom fills gradually all the criteria necessary to obtain the prestigious star awards presented by the tourism offices. Of course, most of the camping will be great, the more the task will be difficult...


    The download and installation of the game Camping Paradise are free, but some elements of the game can be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, you can disable it in the settings of your device. In addition, an Internet connection is required to play Camping Paradise.

  • Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass + Camera)

    Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass + Camera)


    Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.

    Magnifier + Flashlight (best lighted magnifying glass app for free)
    Let your phone become a perfect smart magnifier or smart microscope.

    Easy to see small text.
    Open flashlight when start APP.

    You can also use it as a simple version of the skin quality check device. (Skin detector)

    [Quick Magnifier Camera Guideline]
    When you start camera, the APP will set the magnifier zoom to middle value. You can drag zoom seek bar to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Or use two fingers to let magnifier zoom in/out)
    When you start camera, the APP will auto detect the micro focus mode. If it exist, the APP will auto set to micro focus mode. If it doesn't exist, the APP will set to auto focus mode.

    You can use the following method to change other settings:
    1. Press preview Region to focus.
    2. Drag red seek bar to change screen brightness.
    3. Drag pink seek bar 1 to change camera exposure.
    4. Drag pink seek bar 2 to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Or use two fingers to let magnifier zoom in/out on preview screen)
    5. Press the flashlight button to enable flashlight.
    6. Press the pause/resume button to pause/resume preview. (freeze image) Then double click the freeze image to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Or two fingers to let magnifier zoom in/out)
    7. [Volume Key] : Use volume-down key to pause/resume preview. (freeze image) Use volume-up key to do camera capture. You can change other option in the camera settings page.

    1. You also can take a picture if you wish.
    2. When focus, the focus area of the image please select the best color change much. If you click on the region are biased in favor of a single color, it is not very good focus. In addition, the lens remains clear, wipe clean the glass will be better focus. And turn on the flashlight also can get a better focus.
    3. When camera focus, please don't let the camera's lens be too close to an object. It may be unable to focus. (According to the camera's focal length will vary)

    【Recommended External Photo Editor】
    ( Line Camera )
    This APP is now tested more compatible. They support external photo edit more user friendly.

    Or you can use system photo editor, it also work. (Test on Samsung Phones.)

    Please like us on Facebook. Give us the power of love.

  • Us Army Truck Driving : Real Army Truck

    Us Army Truck Driving : Real Army Truck


    Us army truck driving
    Real army truck driving is the real passion of young boys these days. Welcome to best army driving games 3d with an army cargo truck driving. Army cargo truck simulator is a realistic army cargo truck game with some real thrill. If you want to be an army cargo truck driver? Here we bring you the best army truck games 3d. Get ready for us army truck driving and be a pro us army truck driver. Start your army truck drive to transport military soldiers to their desired destinations. Drive army truck in an environment which is surrounded by the mountains. Get yourself ready for us army truck driving with different missions of thrill. Us army truck game with army truck simulator 2017 is from one of the old and boring army base games.

    As army truck driver cargo you have to be very careful as roads are very dangerous to drive but that's what army truck simulator game is offering you. Now it's your responsibility as a military truck driver to transport soldiers. In our military truck games 2018 take your army transport truck and drive it carefully to the destination. Playing as the army truck driver is a difficult task especially transporting cargo, army relief and other military vehicles on dangerous hill side roads. If you want to learn us army truck driving than this game will help you definitely. In our military truck driving game which is an army driving games for fighting your job will be difficult as to drive in snow. In army truck simulation show your driving skills under different weather conditions. Let the army jeep drive commando adventure begins.

    Drive army truck simulator 3d to the army base camp smoothly following the maps. Army mission games are the amazing games of this year so install our army new games on your device and enjoy a thrill of army cargo truck driving. This army truck driving simulator 3d 2018 is one of the best army driver games. Army truck driving games are free army truck game which not only gives you a feel of difficult roads but also give you the real feel of snow army games. You will have the real feel of us army truck driving with thrilling music. The best army truck driving simulator 3d 2017 is here. If you are a lover of army jeep driving games than have this army jeep driving simulator 3d for real thrill.

    If you are a lover of army truck games 2017 then you must download this free military jeep driving games. Get double your experience of army driving games 3d and have fun. Army jeep games are one addictive piece of game. Being military jeep truck driver has never been so easy. If you ever want to be an expert in us army truck driving than have this. You have to be a skilled army jeep driver to complete all army missions. This army cargo truck drive free game gives you best army jeep simulator. You'll get a chance to 4x4 army truck mountain drive 3d so try to complete all the given tasks.

    Control of us army truck driving is so smooth so you can handle it easily. Army truck games army truck games gives you a real experience of military base games. Transport soldiers and drive through an army base camp with a military loader. This commando mission game 2018 is a free game available for army missile truck driver. In our military driving games Its your duty to drive army truck and transport soldiers.

    us army truck driving features:

    • Realistic and addictive 3d graphics
    • Multiple rescue missions
    • Awesome realistic animations
    • Easy game play
    • Good sound effect
    • Multiple camera views
  • MePlayer Music (MP3, MP4 Audio Player)

    MePlayer Music (MP3, MP4 Audio Player)


    MePlayer is a Folder based simple music MP3 player!

    You can find musics easily in your folders.
It's good for audio book listeners and language learners.

    Now, you only download songs from your computer with folders.


    -shows folders list that has songs / Folder Player
-shows audio files
 / Music Player
    -select a song and than play all songs in the same folder
-file name based sorting
-turning album image.. it's beautiful!
 CD Player
    -support App Widget
  • PIP Camera - Photo Editor

    PIP Camera - Photo Editor


    See your pictures on itself with amazing frames. Stand out from the crowd by uploading amazing pictures created by Photo In Photo (PIP) on social media.

    Make your photos extra fun with creative frames. PIP Camera sets your photo in photo with some creative frames.

    Create wonderful picture by using multiple incredible frames and effects. Just select a picture and adjust that picture on multiple frames. The picture will also appear partially on background. After using frame you can apply effects on background or foreground individually or on both.


    1). Import photos from gallery or take from camera. You can choose existing photos in gallery by using the default gallery, or just capture in Camera mode.

    2). Apply the theme that you like. Numbers of PIP frames with different shape and style to make your photos in glass, hand, camera, board etc.
    ***** Adjust foreground picture with multi touch functionality. The photo in background blur automatically, and the filters for background and foreground in Classic mode both can be changed.

    3). More than 25+ photo effects for decorating your photos. Apply lovely effects on background or foreground or both

    4). Save your creation on SD card

    5). Share your creation on any social networking platform

    - We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics to help us improve the app.

    Please email us If you have any problem or complain or suggestions at [email protected] . We will take necessary steps asap.

    Make your photos extra fun & awesome. Download Now!!

  • Metric Unit Converter

    Metric Unit Converter


    With Metrics Conversion, you get a quick conversion right from your Android device. Metric Conversion keeps it simple. Just select the measurement type you need, such as Fahrenheit to Celsius, Miles to Kilometers, and Gallons to Liters. Enter the amount you need converted and press Convert. It's that simple. Metric Conversion is a great app to have in your pocket; you never know when you might need to make a quick conversion.

    Temperature Conversion.

    Weight Conversion

    Length Conversion.

    Area Conversion including Cents(India)

    Gallons(US and Imperial), Litres, Centiliters, Millilitres, Quarts,Pints, Imperial Pints,Cups, Ounces,Tablespoons, Teaspoons, Cubic inches, Cubic feet, Cubic yards, Cubic meters.

    Pressure conversions

    Speed and Velocity Conversions

    Power Conversion

    Angle conversions

    Shoe size Converter

    Arc length calculator

    Time unit Conversions.

    Volume FlowRate Units Conversion

    Force Units Conversion

    Liquid Units Conversion

    Energy Conversion

    Torque Conversion

    Magnetic Flux Conversion

    Density Conversion
    Shipping Density Calculator

    Computer Units Conversion

    Currency Converter.

    World Clock.
    Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees Conversion

    Square Footage Calculator
    Cubic Footage Calculator
    Square Footage to Cubic Footage Conversion

    Construction Calculators:

    Feet and Inches Calculator(add, subtract, multiply and divide)

    Metre,CM and MM Calculator(+,-,*,/)
    Feet,inches TO Metre,cm,mm Conversion
    Feet,inches and Metre,cm,mm Arithmetic(+,-,*,/)

    Fraction to Percentage Calculator
    Fraction Simplification.

    Fraction calculator

    Asphalt Volume calculator.

    Drywall Calculator

    Concrete Calculator.
    Concrete Stairs Calculator
    Concrete Curb and Gutter Calculator

    Circular concrete slab calculator

    Aggregate Calculator

    Board Foot Calculator

    Board feet and Linear feet Conversion

    Firewood Calculator.

    Firewood BTU Chart

    Lumber Log Volume calculator.

    Paint Calculator

    Tile Calculator

    Carpet Calculator

    Crown Molding Calculator

    Laminate Flooring Calculator

    Air Conditioning Calculator
    Heater Calculator

    Golden Ratio(Golden mean) Calculator

    Grass Seed Calculator

    Sod Calculator

    Mulch and Topsoil calculator

    Wood Fence Calculator

    Patio Pavers Calculator

    Brick Calculator

    Deck Baluster Calculator
    Deck Board Calculator
    Spacing Calculator

    Lumber Weight Calculator

    Roof Calculator

    Rafter Angle Calculator

    Stairs Calculator

    Plants Calculator.

    Water Flow Rate Calculator

    Tank Capacity Calculator

    Wall Framing Calculator

    Wallpaper Calculator

    Blown Insulation R value Calculator

    Ohm's Law Calculator
    Resistor Color Code Calculator(4 & 5 band)

    Voltage Drop Calculator

    Capacitance, Frequency and Inductance Calculator
    Capacitance, Frequency and Resistance Calculator

    Power Calculator
    Right Triangle Calculator

    Convert between Decimal and Fraction

    Diagonal calculator
    Slope Calculator -- Calculate Slope, Distance and Equation

    Rectangle Calculator

    Square Calculator

    Circle Calculator

    Polygon calculator

    Speed, Distance and Time Calculator

    BMI Calculator

    Rain water Collection Calculator

    MPG Calculator
    Gas and Oil mixture Ratio Calculator
    Discount Calculator
    Date Duration Calculator
    Tip Calculator
    Graphing Calculator
    10 Oil Drilling Calculators including Mud Pump Output.

    Search Keywords: Unit conversion, Unit converter, wood calculator, Lumber calculator. Metric conversion.Construction calculator. Homeowners calculator. DYI calculator.

  • Secure Settings

    Secure Settings


    Secure Settings is a Locale/Tasker compatible plug-in for Android 2.2+.

    ATTENTION: This app uses the Device Administrator permission. If given the ability, Secure Settings can lock your device's screen, as well as set/unset your device's password. In order to make these changes, Device Administrator permissions are required.
    PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to your password will ONLY occur when Secure Settings is instructed by you via another app (such as Tasker) to do so.

    Secure Settings has tons of features for super users or those who just want more out of their devices.

    • Failed Login Attempts
    • Google Now Shortcut [4.1+, Pro]
    • Outgoing Call
    • Secret Code


    • Airplane Mode [System+ required 4.2+]
    • Airplane Mode Radios [System+ required 4.2+]
    • BT Connection [4.0+]
    • BT Tethering [4.0+, Pro]
    • Execute Shortcuts
    • Adjust Font Size [4.0+]
    • Toggle Hardware Keyboard [4.0+]
    • Enable/Disable Keyguard [2.3 and below]
    • Launch any Activity (Root required for some activities)
    • Change default system language [4.0+]
    • Enable/Disable Mobile Data [2.3+]
    • Run any GNU Linux command
    º Capture output info
    º Use root to execute privileged commands [Root required]
    º Output return values to user-defined Tasker variables [Tasker required]
    • Show Touches [4.0+]
    • SIP Options [2.3+]
    º Toggle Receive Calls
    º Change Call Option
    • Keep device awake while charging [System+ required 4.2+]
    • Wake Device
    • Change Wifi sleep policy [System+ required 4.2+]
    • Wifi Hotspot [4.0+]

    Dev Admin Actions:

    • Enable/Disable Camera [4.0+]
    • Lock device
    • Toggle Lock Screen Widgets [4.2+]
    • Set/Reset device Password or Pin

    ~Root functionality~
    If you are rooted the following is available:

    • Toggle Accessibility Services
    • Set Background Process Limit [4.0+, Pro]
    • Toggle Background Data [Pro]
    • Toggle Data Roaming
    • Set Active Day Dream
    • Toggle Day Dream State
    • Toggle GPS
    • Force GPU Rendering [4.0+]
    • Toggle Hardware Overlays [4.1+, Pro]
    • Change Input Methods without the prompt
    • Set Default Launcher [4.4+, Pro]
    • Toggle Location Services
    • Set Location Mode [4.4+]
    • Set Lock Screen Timeout [4.0+, Pro]
    • Update Lock Screen Owner Info [3.0+]
    • Toggle NFC [NFC Adapter]
    • Toggle Notification Listeners [4.3+]
    • Toggle Package Notifications [4.1+]
    • Manage Package Data [Pro]
    • Enable/Disable user or system apps
    • Toggle Power Button Lock [4.1+, Pro]
    • Toggle Pattern Lock
    • Answer,End and Silence calls [Pro]
    • Reboot Options (uses built-in functions) [Pro]
    • Toggle Unknown Sources
    • Toggle USB Debugging (ADB)
    • Toggle USB Tethering [4.0+, Pro]
    • Connect/Disconnect VPN Profiles [4.0+]
    • Toggle Wifi Optimization [4.2+]
    • Toggle Wifi Scanning [4.3+]
    • Toggle Wireless ADB

    ~Custom ROM functionality~
    • Toggle ADB Over Network [CM9+ only]
    • Toggle Expanded Desktop [CM10/PA only]
    • Toggle Fast Charge [Custom Kernel with Fast Charge Required]
    • Toggle Kill App Back Button
    • Toggle LTE [CM9+/AOKP]
    • Toggle HTC Power Saver [HTC ROM]
    • Toggle Samsung Modes [Samsung ROM]

    Explanation of Permissions:
    • Device Administrator Access - Required to lock the device or set/reset the password
    • Superuser Access - Required to execute privileged commands
    • Storage Access - Required to write to the SD Card
    • Full Network Access - Required to download/check for updates for the Helper application
    • System Tools - Required for the Keyguard and Wake Lock functionality
    • Write Secure Settings - Required for performing System+ functions
    • Change Configuration - Required to change Locale
    • Change Network State - Required to toggle Mobile Data
    • Change Wifi State - Required to toggle Wifi Adapter for Wireless ADB
    • Wifi Access - Required for the Wireless ADB function
    • NFC - Required to toggle the NFC Adapter
    • Bluetooth/BT Admin - Required to Connect to BT Devices
    • Boot Complete - Required to install Helper on boot if missing
    • Process Outgoing Calls - Required to use outgoing calls as conditions
  • iNoty OS 10 PRO

    iNoty OS 10 PRO


    Note : This is iNoty Full Version - with iNoty OS 10 , You do not have to do anything else to upgrade Notification Bar of your android phone to OS 10 like Phone 7 , just install iNoty OS 10 then we will bring all OS10 things to your phone

    What do you think if you are using Android phone but you want use some features of OS 10 Phone 7 ? or you can't buy Phone6s but you want style of OS10 design ? , you don't know what is best OS iNoty app for Android ? ,

    Let se what iNoty OS 10 PRO do for you :
    - Custom Notification Bar like OS Phone7 with iNoty style
    - Blur background HD wallpapers
    - Display new inoty information ( title , description , icon ... )
    - Diplay datetime ( Day , month , year mode )
    - Display calender , inoti events , note information
    - Support Notification Lock Screen OS10
    - Support Control Panel , Smart control OS 10
    - Display Music control ( pause , next ....)
    - Setting what notification you want to show with iNoty bar
    - Customize your own inoty os10
    - Diplay Carrier , Battery percent , network connection ....
    - iNoty Full Version ( you do not have to pay for anything else )

    Why iNoty OS10 is Best Notification Bar App for your Phone ?
    - All is FREE ( this is inoty full version )
    - Diplay all notification information in one place
    - Support 24/7
    - Update daily
    - Support quick access ( wifi , network , flashlight .....)
    - Support Lock Screen OS 10
    - Support multile languages
    - Easy to use
    - Optimize battery

    How to use iNoty OS 10 ?
    - Install and Open inoty full
    - Enable notification access for inoty app
    - Swipe down to open notification bar
    - Enjoy your Phone7

    if you have problem with iNoty - iNotify os 10 please give us feedback . we will fix it quickly!! thank for use..

  • New Launcher

    New Launcher


    New Launcher is an Android™ N style native launcher with many cool, powerful enhanced features;
    New Launcher version 2.0 released ! updated to Android N(Android 7.0) style launcher !

    ★ New Launcher main features:
    1. FAST and SMALL launcher:
    - Performance is well tuning, Faster than faster, smooth like butter.
    - Apk is only 2M size; memory footprint is small, make New Launcher very light

    2. Android N style launcher :
    - Android 7.0 style drawer: vertical, a-z fast scrollbar
    - Android N style animation and UI

    3. Handy and powerful SIDEBAR:
    Include Cleaner, Torch, Favorite app, Recent app, Smart app, and more

    4. Many elegant themes and icon packs :
    Many online icon packs and themes for your choice; and support 5000+ third-party icon packs

    5. Easy edit mode :
    What you see is what you get, manage your launcher screen easily

    6. Smart apps :
    Suggest you the right apps at the right time, quick to launch

    7. Highly customizable :
    There are 200+ options to customize launcher to what you like, make launcher personalized

    8. Cloud Wallpapers :
    Many cloud wallpaper for you to choose your favorite

    9. Useful and Powerful tools :
    - Power Saver (include CPU monitor, app hibernate, startup management),
    - Booster(one tap to boost phone),
    - Switcher, quick to manage all the switcher in one place, more handy then system's
    - New Launcher provide almost ALL the handy tools that you will need to manage your devices well.

    ★ If you like New Launcher, please rate us, press G+1, and help to spread New Launcher, this motive us to make New Launcher better and better to meet your need, thanks.

    If you meet error when using New Launcher, please email us with detailed info, we will try to fix it ASAP, thanks

  • InColor - Coloring Book for Adults

    InColor - Coloring Book for Adults


    ** Google Play's Best Apps of 2017 winner in Southeast Asia, Brazil, Italy and other 8 regions.
    InColor brings out your inner artist and lets you create your very own amazing artworks by filling colors!
    -Google Play's Best Apps of 2017 winner;
    -Editor's choice;
    -Over 1,000,000 downloads worldwide.


    Countless coloring materials!
    Tons of exquisite coloring pages of mandalas, animals, flowers, cartoons and many other styles updated everyday.

    Coloring is so easy!
    InColor has many different painting tools, each is customizable and easy to use, and with the help of our smart coloring, you can color within specific areas without worrying about getting your paint everywhere.

    Whatever you can see, you can color!
    Take a photo or import a picture from your gallery, and InColor will convert it into a coloring page in no time.

    Draw and color!
    You can draw your own mandala and color it with the many tools InColor provides.

    Amazing community!
    Aside from Facebook and Google Plus, InColor also has its very own social platform for you to share your works and get inspired by others'.

    If you have any problems regarding InColor, please don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]
  • GymRun Workout Log & Fitness Tracker

    GymRun Workout Log & Fitness Tracker

    Version:Varies with device

    GymRun - extensive, intuitive, nice and helpful support
    * customizable built-in exercise database (store own images)
    * create workout plans and day routines (supersets, cardio and weight lifting mix)
    * statistics, charts and session reports
    * comfortable historical log autofill/pre-filling
    * customizable logging list
    * note function
    * log body data
    * exercise favorite list and muscle group filters
    * workout record notification
    * rest countdown, stopwatch
    * local backup, Dropbox, Google Drive sync and CSV export
    * share workout session results on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+
    * YOUR FEATURE: feedback and suggestions are welcome
  • My daily horoscope PRO

    My daily horoscope PRO


    NEW! Read your love horoscope every day for free with the tendency as a symbol
    NEW! Read your daily horoscope for work and studies.
    New design to enjoy your daily horoscope with all 3 decans and prepared by an astrologist expert with more than 25 years of experience.

    EXCLUSIV! Add the photo of your best friends or your family to provide accurate data and predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.

    Share your horoscope with your friends, through Social Networks (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, VK, Google+, etc.). They also may be happy to discover this amazing app.

    Detailed astrological predictions available for all of the zodiac signs and their 3 decants

    ♈ Aries
    ♉ Taurus
    ♊ Gemini
    ♋ Cancer
    ♌ Leo
    ♍ Virgo
    ♎ Libra
    ♏ Scorpio
    ♐ Sagittarius
    ♑ Capricorn
    ♒ Aquarius
    ♓ Pisces

    Get your horoscope or that of your friends as a daily PUSH Message at a requested time!

    ★ The content isn't downloaded at every launch but only as needed
    ★ Share to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and many more
    ★ 7 days horoscope
    ★ Calculate your sign
    ★ Multi language
    ★ Added option to remove advertising

    Yearly horoscope for 2016 and as soon as possible 2017

    astrology, horoscope, stars, love, money, future, signs, daily, ascendant

  • 天際幻想



    【Game features】

    【overwhelming high-precision particle rendering quality show】
    heroic God the fusion of anime fantasy and mecha elements!< br>the gorgeous combat special effects skills, the overall shock of cool kills!< p>[The Dragon dance! Panorama 3D view free flight】
    mobile Dragon the main city, 360 degrees flying Skyrim!< br>diverse flight play, the charm of leading the new wave with!< p>【region-wide supremacy, and encroaching only for the Unified world】
    Kyushu hegemony, the parties forces to snatch the mysterious treasure!< br>in the whole district season, the six Dan won the King's badge!< p>[in Subversion of the unique mystical fantasy world view】
    fresh and mysterious world background, braving the fantasy adventure journey!< br>unique God story, uncover the mystery of talent awakening!< p>[the super-rich game mode, more fun and happy experience】
    reincarnation maze: exploring the disappearance of the mysterious treasures
    Once Upon a campaign: the whole Server PVP battle, a Testament to the strongest of the king
    the seal fairy Tower: beyond self-limit, braving the tower top.
    compete in Kyushu: the break mission among indigenous encroaching, it is necessary to dominate the world

    Once Upon a time destroy the plans of the game's official website: http://sj.icantw.com
    Once Upon a time destroy the plans of the official fan group: https://www.facebook.com/icantw.sj

Mod Apks
Original Apks
Top Mod App
  • PaperPlane Free
    Click on the screen to control the flight direction of the aircraft,The farther you fly,the higher your score
  • Traffic Moto Racing
    Get ready for a realistic adventure!

    Hundreds of cars that come on you and the high maneuverability you need to avoid them. Gather points near you by approaching vehicles and unlock different game modes. You can also strengthen your engine with the points you have collected. Go ahead and join this crazy adventure!
  • Honey Bee Puzzle
    Honey Bee Puzzle is a very interesting and unique Puzzle Game. Great App for Kids.

    Hours of entertainment for young children.!

    Honey Bee Puzzle has very good graphics. This game can be played online or offline, so you can fill your free time. This game is very easy to play. You just put the Puzzle pieces that have been provided to an empty place. Arrange all puzzles to enter all and you win.

    Download and Try !!! Complete all levels and be the Queen Bee!!!

  • Word Tales
    Play words to discover new tales with your favorite characters such as Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell!

    Our finely crafted word puzzles take you on a journey through Neverland, through the looking glass to Wonderland, and the dingy streets of Old London.

    Check it out now!
  • Word Puzzle Music Box: Scramble Words Games
    Word Puzzle Music Box: Scramble Words Games is an incredible crossword puzzle game which can inspire your passion for brain challenges.

    DOWNLOAD to TRAIN your brain!Play it offline any time!

    Join Word Puzzle Music Box and experience the tremendous brain challenging fun. Enjoy this modern Scramble Words Games with the best of word searching, anagrams and crosswords!

    Word Puzzle Music Box: Scramble Words Games is very simple to play, the main goal of this crossword puzzle is using the given letters, connect them and make them into a word cross. Training your brain and learn new words by this game. Of course if you need help, you can ask friends or use different hints to help finding the target words and solve the word puzzle. Challenge your brain and vocabulary – this crossword puzzle starts easy and becomes challenging fast! Let your casual time be more fun!

    - Swipe the letters to line up words to fill up the blanks horizontally and vertically on the board
    - Find all the words and fill in the crossword blank block.
    - If you need some help, we have several hints for you.
    - You can tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order of letters
    - You can tap the “Hints” button to get clues
    - Get more hints with coins by purchasing or watching videos
    - Collect extra words to earn bonus

    ★ Totally free to play the word games!
    ★ 1000+ challenging levels in the word puzzle
    ★ No time limits
    ★ Single player play the offline games at any time
    ★ For all ages, for students and for adults
    ★ Supported on both phone and tablet
    ★ Totally FREE for all players
    ★ Amazing spelling word search games for all ages
    ★ Surprising Bonus: Login everyday and get daily bonus
    ★ Get coins after finding out the Extra Words which don't present on the crossword girds

    Download the word games For FREE and play this Word Puzzle Music Box NOW! Join thousands of players in this word games, train your brain and learn new words everyday, It's time to swipe link the letter blocks, find out more words as many as possible! Keep Playing, keep Learning! Become a Master of words puzzle.
  • Gamobify: Free Mobile Games
    Download Gamobify and get access to more than 140 games on your Mobile. You can try all of our games for Free!

    Time to dig into the world of many unique casual games and have all in one game app! You will find games such as Ketris, Munchman or Fidget Spinner!

    Use your talent in arcade & puzzle and your wish to kill time with addictive Gamobify multi games! Many fun & addictive casual games in one app is a perfect deal for a refreshment in metro, bus, school or in the office. Go for the Gamobify multi games app experience to get started with this new casual & arcade games adventure and explore many original mobile games!

    Unlock the Premium App and Get 3 Days Free, plus you can unsubscribe anytime before you make any payment!

    Top Features
    ☆ Free 3 Days Trial - Stop Anytime!
    ☆ Unlock Premium for No Ads & +150 Games
    ☆ All Games & Apps on Your Mobile
    ☆ Premium version includes Apps such as IQ Calculator, Love Finder or Personality Test!

    Game Types
    ☆ Casual Games
    ☆ Adventure Games
    ☆ Animal Games
    ☆ Arcade Games
    ☆ Puzzle Games
    ☆ Sport Games
    ☆ Zombie Games
    ☆ Games for Girls
    ☆ Driving Games

    Download the Gamobify app today and start playing premium mobile games in just one app

    Try for Free
  • Carrom Multiplayer 3D FREE
    Carrom or Karrom, an Indian version of pool or billiards, was once played by the Indian Maharajas. In it you must use the striker to pocket the coins. So can you play like the Maharajas? Can you beat your opponent and bag the queen?

    Now Coins system added. Play and win coins.

    Play Carrom Multiplayer in black or white coins, each coin will grant you points, the one with the most points wins.

    Or play with more precision in the Black or White Mode where you have to pot either only the white or only the black coins. The first one to pot all of their coins wins.

    The queen is the most important coin in the game; it is worth 3 points alone. However, in order to bag the queen, you must give her a cover as well. This means that you must pocket one coin immediately after pocketing the queen. Can you bag the queen before your opponent?

    Do you have what it takes to play Carrom Multiplayer? Play the 3D game against the Computer or against your family and friends in Local Mode. Check the leaderboards to see who the best Carrom player amongst you is. Who will the winner be? Play now and see.

    ►Play multiplayer matches in 2 game modes cpu and player
    ►Play with your friends.
    ►Compete with top players.
    ►Smooth controls and realistic physics.
    ►Unlock a wide range of strikers.
    ►Supports offline play.

    Challenge your friends in one-on-one matches and show what you are worth!

    Carrom Multiplayer will give you the experience of playing with a real carrom board on your android phone and android tablet.

    For those who don't know carrom game, it is a strike and pocket game similar to billiards, or pools. Here in carrom (also known as karrom or carom) you will use the finger to shoot the pieces.

    Controls are intuitive to any gamer. You will aim and shoot the disk using multi touch gestures. The game includes both a quick and a comprehensive tutorial to make you familiar with all the controls.

    The game simulates the physics of the carrom accurately. You can try out any zig-zag shots you used to play in a carrom board.

    At the start, you can play with a beginner machine, until you get familiar with the controls. Then try out the intermediate machine which is bit competitive (for me, may be not for you). The expert machine is there just to watch. Look at the video below for a classic carrom game between two expert machines.

    Enjoy and have a great carrom season!!!
  • Minipo
    You ready for adventure?
    Run from adventure to adventure with Minipo.
    Run, jump and have fun.
    Collect coins and increase your score.
    There are 3 fruits here. Cherry, Apple and Grape. Collect the fruit and win firepower.

    Destroy the monsters with the firepower you win.
    Jump higher with double jump.

    Minipo wants to reach out to his rabbit friends. Help him.

    Minipo Features
    - Beautiful new graphics with more detail
    - 5 adventure worlds, 25 levels, more levels are coming soon
    - Easy controls and smooth movements
    - Smooth animation, perfect sounds effect

    Jump to have a great adventure!
    Enjoy your adventure now! Download for free!
  • Bigupstar Checkers Professional
    Our team at Bigupstar.com LLC brings to you a great game of checkers. With this game you will win amazing prices from our store at shopholicsusa.com and discounts on our services at developertechs.com. We encourage you to like our facebook fan page Bigupstar Checker Professional to stay on top of the leader board.
  • Metal Strike Force: Shooting Soldiers 2D
    Against you the whole army of enemies: tanks,jeeps,soldiers,zombies, artillery and others.Use different types of weapons and destroy all enemies.In several missions at your disposal a jeep with a machine gun.

    Peculiar properties:
    -Simple operation.
    -Stunning graphics and sounds.
    - Various weapons-pistols,machine guns,rifles, shotgun.
    -More than 10 types of enemies.(tanks,jeeps,artillery,zombies and others)
    -Language-not required.
    -No advertising.
    -Play offline.
    -Drive a jeep with a machine gun.
    -5 locations:forest,mountains,steppes,factory,city (new locations will be added in updates)

    -The game requires support for OpenGLES 3.

    Update the game once a month (new levels,enemies and others).Correct errors as they occur.If you have any questions or want to report a bug,please contact us by email: [email protected]
New Mod App
  • Dubsmash - Dance Videos & Lip Sync App
    Say it with video

    1. Choose your favorite sound on Dubsmash
    2. Record yourself with the sound
    3. Share the recorded Dub with your friends

    Dubsmash makes it easy and fun to create hilarious conversations. In just a few seconds, you can dub well-known quotes and sounds in order to produce funny videos you can then share with your friends.

    Anyone can be an awesome actor with Dubsmash! Simply let the quotes speak for you, or go all out and show your best interpretation using one of the countless one-liners in the app.

    In addition to creating awesome videos, you can also create collections of sounds with the world's largest quote library, or add your own sounds for everyone to use.

    It's never been easier to make every conversation worth a laugh.

    +++ Introducing Community Moments! +++
    Now you can watch Dubs from the Dubsmash community right in the app.

    You can find new Community Moments with different themes every day in the Moments tab.

    To submit a Dub, select a soundboard with the M icon on the Discover screen and select “share to Community Moment.” If your Dub is selected, you'll see it featured in a Community Moment.

    Community Moments is currently available to users with English selected as their language -- with additional languages to come.

    +++ Join our Beta! +++

    Do you want to check out the latest feature before everybody else?
    Download our beta app: https://dbsm.sh/beta_android

  • SHAREit - Transfer & Share
    SHAREit, the best sharing app with fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player, which helps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music.

    ► Fastest in the World
    200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.
    Transfer files without losing quality.

    ► Transfer All Types of Files
    Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any other files.

    ► Infinite Online Videos
    HD & Selective, Offline watching, Continuously updated

    ► Excellent Video Player
    Support almost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience

    ► Discover Trending Music
    Tens of millions of high quality songs, and thousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline

    ► Elegant Music Player
    Powerful equalizer provides immersive experiences for you

    ►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers
    Personalized, Funny, Download & Share

    ►Facebook https://facebook.com/bestSHAREit
    ►Twitter https://twitter.com/bestSHAREit
    ►VK https://vk.com/bestSHAREit
    ►Instagram https://instagram.com/bestSHAREit

    Note:SHAREit will not access permissions that are irrelevant to our functionality.
    By accessing Location, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users. Plus, it is required by Android system to access this permission.
    By accessing Bluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearby users more quickly so as to connect with Sender/Receiver more efficiently.
  • xmodgames
    ★The Best Free Game Mods Center★ ★Forever Better Game ExperienceHelping users save time, improve efficiency of game, and get better game experiences. ★Forever safe, green, free and without any malicious plug-in ★Forever upgrade and release game mods continuously:Currently, xmodgames has provided mods, plugins and accelerating function for various hot games. Also, we upgrade and release game mods continuously to meet game users’ maximum needs. ★Xmodgames requires a rooted device !!! FEATURES OF XMG ►An all-round management for games, A button set for launching.Xmodgames can match your games automatically in your device; it is very easy to install mods and launch the game for one click. Without the scattered view where games sectionalization and single mod separated, you can have a perfect control of all games in your device.►Super game mods, Surpass your opponents.The most considerate and convenient game mods are from the most professional development team. No matter what the types of the games: Card, Strategy, Puzzle, or Board, xmodgames can make you enjoy the games with ease and let you surpass your competitors immediately.►Thousands of mods for hundreds of mainstream games; the version of mods updates timely.Keeping up to the trend of the hottest and most popular games; xmodgames provides the mods for them. The version of mods will update timely according to the versions of games. You can experience the newest, the best and the most widely covered game mods the first time.Supported languagesXmodgames is available in the following languages: English (UK and US).--Stay connected!Have issues with our APP or want to give a suggestion? Contact us at:[email protected] (please specify your problems as detailed as possible)https://www.facebook.com/xmodgameshttps://twitter.com/xmodgameshttp://www.xmodgames.com/Strongly recommend:DO NOT only say:it doesnt work; Please let us know more details about your problems.--Requested permissionsPhotos/Media/Files permission: This permission is used for Xmodgames's MOD DOWNLOAD feature, which uses to access Files to download or update newest mods for games.--Notes:1.Attached Kingroot or Towelroot may not work please root your phone via PC.2.Xmodgames does not support Bluestacks(or other Android emulators)/ASUS zenfone 5,7 (or other intel-based processor)/ART mode, X86 at the present. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.3.For redmi note users, if you have rooted your phone, xmodgames still not works. We recommend you install WSM Tools and try again.
  • mCent - Free Mobile Recharge
    mCent is an application that will allow us to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading other apps and testing them. As we run one of these apps for the first time, we will receive a small sum of money, and if you also store it for a week, you will receive more.

    To be able to use mCent you will need to have a mobile phone and be within one of the countries that can participate in the program mCent: united States, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka...

    One of the points that you tend not to like about mCent, is that the application monitors our use of apps, and you can get free access to our address book. Of course, the app alerts the user before you start using it, but that does not make it less invasive.

    mCent is an interesting application, thanks to which it is possible to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading apps and run them once.
  • Share Music & Transfer Files - Xender
    Xender the better than best app for your file sharing needs

    ☆ Share any type of files in any places at any time
    ☆ Absolutely without mobile data usage
    ☆ 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed
    ☆ Supports Android, IOS, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring
    ☆ No need for USB connection and PC software installation
    ☆ Over 100 million files transferred daily
    ☆ Play all music and videos
    ☆ Wifi file transfer master

    【Main features】

    ☆ Transfer files with flash speed
    Imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds! The highest speed can reach 10M/S.

    ☆ Share all kinds of files without restrictions
    Transfer anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps.

    ☆ Free of network connection
    No cables, no internet, no data usage! You can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime.

    ☆ Send large files without limitation
    Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documents and any other file types of unlimited file size.

    ☆ Supports cross platform transferring
    Simplifies connections of phones & tablets & PC/Mac and supports you to share any files between Android, iOS and Windows operation systems.

    ☆ Smart phone replication
    Smart switch mobile data like contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step.

    ☆ File manager
    Enables to view, move or delete files you received and even to make a backup copy whenever you need to clean the phone storage.

    ☆ Check out connected friends' mobile apps
    Various applications from your friend's phone will be introduced to your own phone when connected successfully and can be shared by one click.

    ☆ Friendly design
    Satisfy the users' further operating needs with functions related to transferred files like: opening, installing, uninstalling, deleting, viewing etc.

    ☆ Slide pictures to share
    Smoothly share photos to your friends by sliding.

    Supported languages
    English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese

    Support and stay connected
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/XenderApp
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/XenderApp
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AnMobi
    Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard

    [email protected]

  • dSploit
    dSploit is a penetration testing suite developed for the Android operating system.


    WiFi Cracking
    Port Scanner
    Vulnerability finder
    Login cracker
    Packet forger
    Man in the middle
    Simple sniff
    Password sniff
    Session Hijacker
    Kill connections
    Replace images
    Replace videos
    Script injector
    Custom filter

    Introducing dSploit

    dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

    Once dSploit is started, you will be able to easily map your network, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services, search for known vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures of many tcp protocols, perform man in the middle attacks such as password sniffing ( with common protocols dissection ), real time traffic manipulation, etc, etc .

    This application is still in beta stage, a stable release will be available as soon as possible, but expect some crash or strange behavior until then, in any case, feel free to submit an issue here on GitHub.


    WiFi Cracking

    The WiFi scanner will show in green access points with known default key generation algorithms, clicking on them allows you to easily crack the key, supported models: Thomson, DLink, Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS, Alice AGPF, FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey, Huawei, Wlan_XXXX, Jazztel_XXXX, Wlan_XX, Ono ( P1XXXXXX0000X ), WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX, WifiXXXXXX, Sky V1, Clubinternet.box v1 and v2, InfostradaWifi.


    Perform a traceroute on target.

    Port Scanner

    A syn port scanner to find quickly open ports on a single target.


    Performs target operating system and services deep detection, slower than syn port scanner but more accurate.

    Vulnerability Finder

    Search for known vulnerabilities for target running services upon National Vulnerability Database.

    Login Cracker

    A very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services.

    Packet Forger

    Craft and send a custom TCP or UDP packet to the target, such as Wake On LAN packets.


    A set of man-in-the-midtle tools to command&conquer the whole network.

    Simple Sniff

    Redirect target’s traffic through this device and show some stats while dumping it to a pcap file.

    Password Sniffer

    Sniff passwords of many protocols such as http, ftp, imap, imaps, irc, msn, etc from the target.

    Session Hijacker

    Listen for cookies on the network and hijack sessions.

    Kill Connections

    Kill connections preventing the target to reach any website or server.


    Redirect all the http traffic to another address.

    Replace Images

    Replace all images on webpages with the specified one.

    Replace Videos

    Replace all YouTube videos on webpages with the specified one.

    Script Injection

    Inject a JavaScript in every visited webpage.

    Custom Filter

    Replace custom text on webpages with the specified one.


    ARM: Your device must have an ARM cpu.

    Gingerbread: An Android device with at least the 2.3 ( Gingerbread ) version of the OS.

    Root: The device must be rooted.

    BusyBox: The device must have a BusyBox full install, this means with every utility installed ( not the partial installation ).


    This application is not to be used for any purposes other than to demonstrate its functions, and must only be used on networks for which you have permission to do so. Any other use is not the responsibility of the developer.In other words, don't be stupid, and don't direct angry people towards me.

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root
    Featured on Google Play Home Page, Android Police, Yahoo News, CNET, Android Central, Droid-Life and more.

    AZ Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of your Lollipop. It does NOT require root access, no time limit, no watermark, ad free and very easy to use with one action to start and stop recording.
    This screen recording app will let you make beautiful screencast videos by providing every feature that you need in a simple and elegant user experience design.

    AZ screen recorder lets you record your screen to HD and FullHD videos and it is the only screencast app in the Android market that can be paused and resumed while recording.
    You can also record audio from the mic and it is automatically muxed into the screencast videos. That makes it very convenient to create tutorial, promotional video, comment about your game and gameplay or record video chat.
    The floating window always staying on top will let you snap at the exact moment on any screen.
    In the settings, you can enable screen touches so the people who are watching your videos will know exactly what you are doing.
    Additionally, there are many other features in this free screen recorder such as setting video resolution, bit-rate, screen orientation, customized timer to stop, saving directory selection, view/share or delete your recorded videos... All of them are free for you!

    Our goal is to develop the best free screen recorder that makes everyone satisfied but if you want to support us and/or want to upgrade to pro version, you can buy the donation package and get the super cool and unique features that cannot be found from any other screen recorder in the market :
    ★ Magic button : a button that controls your recording without showing anything on the screen. Thus, your video viewers will solely focus on the app, the game or whatever you want to screencast.
    ★ Overlay front camera : you can record your face and your emotions in a small overlay window, which can be dragged freely to any position on the screen and customized to any size and opacity.
    ★ Countdown timer : is there something you have to prepare before recording ? Don't worry, the countdown timer will wait until you are ready to start and snap at the moment you want.
    ★ Draw on screen : this unique feature is huge when making a tutorial. You can emphasize, draw a symbol or mark something with any chosen colour directly on your screen.
    ★ Trim videos : the screencast can be long and contains unnecessary information, you can trim the parts you don't want to make your videos even more impressive.

    Our HUGE thanks to Bruno Mioto, Jose Castillo, droidiat, Chau Thai and Simon Mehringer for helping us translating this screen recording app to Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, German, French and Korean.

    If you have any feedback, bug reports, suggestions or you can help with the translations, please contact us at [email protected]

  • WhatsApp Messenger
    WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.


    • NO FEES: WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family, so you don't have to pay for every message or call.* There are no subscription fees to use WhatsApp.

    • MULTIMEDIA: Send and receive photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.

    • FREE CALLS: Call your friends and family for free with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in another country.* WhatsApp calls use your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes. (Note: Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. Also, you can't access 911 and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp).

    • GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chats with your contacts so you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family.

    • WHATSAPP WEB: You can also send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer's browser.

    • NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: There's no extra charge to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends around the world and avoid international SMS charges.*

    • SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PINS: Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN? WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS, and integrates seamlessly with your phone's existing address book.

    • ALWAYS LOGGED IN: With WhatsApp, you're always logged in so you don't miss messages. No more confusion about whether you're logged in or logged out.

    • QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts who have WhatsApp so there's no need to add hard-to-remember usernames.

    • OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your recent messages until the next time you use the app.

    • AND MUCH MORE: Share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and more!

    *Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

    We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

    [email protected]

    or follow us on twitter:


  • PS4 Remote Play
    PS4 Remote Play
    The power of PS4 streamed direct to your Sony Xperia smartphone and tablet*.
    Connect your Xperia smartphone or tablet to your home Wi-Fi network, grab a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and continue your PS4 games on your Xperia device away from your TV screen.

    * Supported Xperia smartphone and tablet at the following URL: http://www.sonymobile.com/remoteplay
    Use of this feature requires a PlayStation®4 system, DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, Sony Entertainment Network account and high-speed Internet connection. Use of your home Wi-Fi network is recommended. Use of public Wi-Fi networks is not recommended. Some games may not support this feature. The latest version of the system software must be installed on your PS4™ system to use “PS4 Remote Play”.
    Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: http://doc.dl.playstation.net/doc/legal/index.html.

  • Your Freedom VPN Client
    The all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization and anti-censorship solution

    Is your Internet access being censored? Are some things on the Internet simply not accessible to you? Do you need protection from eavesdroppers or access without a login on an unencrypted wireless hotspot network or any other web-login based Internet access? Would you like to appear to be a user from a different country to avoid inconvenient content restrictions? Or would you prefer if your IP was not logged by every website you visit and everything you do logged by the NSA? Then look no further, you've found the solution!

    Our Your Freedom service does all this for you, and more. It defeats censorship, it encrypts all your traffic, it hides your origin and identity, and it just makes things work that don't work without it. All you need is this app. There is a free service (called "FreeFreedom") available permanently to everyone who only needs occasional access and low bandwidth. If you need more, you can always upgrade later - once you know that it solves your problem and you need more than FreeFreedom provides.

    Supported tunnel modes:

    * HTTPS
    * FTP
    * UDP
    * DNS
    * ICMP ECHO (rooted phones only)

    We have 39 tunnel servers in 10 countries.

    Visit our webpage https://www.your-freedom.net/ for in-depth information about our service. We appreciate if you send us crash reports when asked by your phone. To contact us about this app, send email to [email protected]

    If you would like to always receive the latest beta version instead of the production version and have all the latest features and bugs, please opt in at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.resolution.yf_android