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Jurassic survival is a free survival MMORPG where you either hunt and survive or become a prey in this wild unfriendly world. Waking up in the shadows of palm leaves on the wet ground, you cannot remember how you got here. The only hope is to become stronger and more cunning than the lizards reigning on the land, untouched by civilization. With a cold-blooded killer waiting around every corner, there’s only you and your friends you can rely on in this desperate battle for existence. Internet connection are required. Tips for hunters: *Predators everywhere! Use your all your knowledge against dinosaurs and the wild nature. Remember: a hunter doesnt ask its prey for permission. *Your home is your castle. Rely on your shelter and deadly weapons in order to undergo all sufferings: build firm walls, place traps, make more effective hunting equipment. * Unlock new areas to explore! You have to find out what terrible secrets are hidden in these mangrove jungles. The only thing you can do is move forward! *Join gangs (clans) Dinosaurs unite into packs for hunting. Follow their example and find out who drops out from the natural selection. *Information is the second most valuable resource. It’s much easier to fight the enemy if you know its behavior. Use the chat to communicate and share your experience with other hunters. * Don’t give up! Be ready to face difficulties. Cold and lack of water and food won’t leave you any chances in the cruel world of primordial laws. Remember! Your every step has consequences and your wrong decision can lead to a fatal outcome. Trust, but do this cautiously! Yesterday your neighbour shared food with you and today he can throw you to a pack of raptors just to buy some time to escape. Jurassic Survival is a relatively free game and is downloaded for free. However, you can speed up your progress with in-game purchases. Please, set up extra protection for your account and set a password for purchases in the Google Play Store app settings if you aren’t going to use this feature.


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Apk Info:
File Name com.mod.jurassic-survival-v1-0-3-mod-apk-money
App Download Version: 1.0.3
Price Free
Apk Size 66.94 MB
Download 3,091
Last Update Time Nov 29, 2017
Min Android 4.1、4.1.11 (JELLY_BEAN)
Target 27
Screens small, normal, large, xlarge
Min OpenGL 0x20000
Densities 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640
MD5 E89B158E4BCF988EBD09EB83F5378E87
Signature 61ED377E85D386A8DFEE6B864BD85B0BFAA5AF81
SHA256 A40DA80A59D170CAA950CF15C18C454D47A39B26989D8B640ECD745BA71BF5DC
Locality Mountain View
Country US
State/city California
User Features Array
ROOT Not required
Offers In-App Purchase NO
479 total





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    This application is mainly for entertainment and for all fans to enjoy the Wallpaper, if we violate copyright, please let us know and it will be removed as soon as possible.
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    Thus from us, hopefully it is entertained ..
    Please install this application to see the song list.
    All songs (mp3) that are presented are all sourced from the internet. Copyright of all songs
    In this application it is fully owned by the rights of the creator, musician, music label concerned. If there is a violation that you do not want to display in this application, please contact our developer
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    HY-Shield Virtual Expert is a secure on demand real-time visual interactive technical support service from Hyster-Yale Group which helps maximize the customer experience.

    Virtual Expert creates a visual support connection between customers, dealers and HYG subject matter experts. This allows for collaboration between sales, service, and business-related areas within the forklift industry.

    This unique service delivers immediate support results that helps build relationships, increase uptime, reduce maintenance expenses and provide additional equipment training for less experienced technicians.

    Virtual Expert provides a private and highly interactive experience for all parties through use of hands-free headset, software, WIFI connection and an OE support expert.

    HY-Shield Virtual Expert provides teams with immediate access to augmented content and remote expertise to accelerate
    decisions in the field and create assets for knowledge
    management systems.

    Designed to troubleshoot, inspect and maintain assets in
    the field, Virtual Expert provides a secure and highly
    interactive experience with access to workflow content and
    the ability to share live video, audio, telestration and images
    with remote technicians - even in limited bandwidth conditions.
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    In addition to the Virtual Expert application for mobile
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    devices, and enhanced management capabilities. Using the
    Virtual Expert Manager tool, an enterprise can enforce
    security and privacy settings, set network/bandwidth
    controls, analyze usage, and manage user license policies.

    This application includes VoIP audio. Some mobile network
    operators may prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP functionality
    over their network and may also impose additional fees or
    charges in connection with VoIP. Please check the terms of
    your agreement with your network operator.



    The users of MeritSun Pro batteries can use the application to read the status of their battery. Current status, percentage of load (SOC), average amperage (incoming +/- outgoing), number of cycles since purchase, internal temperature, voltage, and alerts. The protocol used is BLE 4.0, the communication distance is on average 6 meters.

    * Note that the application can connect to only one battery at a time.
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    In this app you will find information, fun facts and videos about Irish Potato Famine .
    - Easy to navigate interface
    - Collection of videos
    - Collection of facts
    Great Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, the Famine or the Irish Potato Famine, was a period of mass starvation and disease in Ireland from 1845 to 1852. With the most severely affected areas in the west and south of Ireland, where the Irish language was dominant, the period was contemporaneously known in Irish as An Drochshaol, loosely translated as "the hard times". The worst year of the period was 1847, known as "Black '47". During the Great Hunger, about 1 million people died and more than a million fled the country, causing the country's population to fall by 20%–25%, in some towns falling as much as 67% between 1841 and 1851. Between 1845 and 1855, no less than 2.1 million people left Ireland, primarily on packet ships but also steamboats and barks—one of the greatest mass exoduses from a single island in history.
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    Tentacle Closet Game for Android Mod APK


    Are you tired of looking for tentacle locker download links? Are you looking forward to play tentacle locker game? No need to look for the tentacle locker apk, because it's now remastered and available on the store.

    We made sure to reproduce the exact tentacle-locker gameplay, that includes school girls walking over and trying to avoid the tentacles hidden in the locker. This is the first locker closet game for android, which is accurate fun and free.
    Download the tentacle closet game for mobile now, because it free, and you will enjoy on of the best locker room adventure.
    Disclaimer :

    - This is a fan made android mobile game, that comes to answer the public who are asking for the android mobile game version.
    - We made sure to adapt the medias included in the app to comply with the policies. Nevertheless the game is only appropriate for mature users.
    - IF you have any suggestions, recommendations or ctritics, please let us know.
  • Bhop GO Mod APK

    Bhop GO Mod APK


    Bhop (bunny hop) - is a skill to jump faster in FPS and simulation games. It is simply parkour with air strafes. Turn left and right (strafing) while jumping to get more speed and finish maps faster than other bhoppers.

    Avoid falling and obstacles as they can slow your hopping down. Checkpoints will help your parkour run to finish 3d maps easily. Big maps are full of hard bhop jumping parts. But you can find trampolines, bounce pads and even loots like knives or weapons to make the game more fun. There are hundreds of bhop maps from subway to skydiving style.

    If you are a pro jumper or a trickster you can find your nickname in leaderboards (statistics). Finish cool maps and get your world record. Collect loot, earn coins, buy cases, spin and win cool knives, gloves, weapons and skins.
    Our guns and weapons do not shoot, but they are so exciting to obtain. You can spin cases and win cool inventory.

    If you like to play online games with friends - choose Multiplayer mode. Much more fun to parkour and surf around together. Bhop GO works offline as well, so you can play single player when no internet.

    Yes, you can create private and public rooms - choose Race mode. You decide how many bhoppers will take part in bhop race competition.

    Bhop GO features:

    - multiplayer parkour game to play with friends online
    - single player works in offline mode
    - collecting loot on maps
    - jumping bounce pads
    - moving 3d obstacles
    - racing for world records (top players)
    - military character skins
    - different types of weapons (knives, pistols, snipers, shotguns, automatic)
    - silver, platinum and gold skins for rare elite knives
    - lootbox and crate system
    - daily roulette to get cases
    - smooth and easy controls (joystick as well)
    - online text chats
    - ranks for every player
    - vip maps and membership

    Enough reading - GO Bhop!
  • Kingdom Two Crowns Mod APK

    Kingdom Two Crowns Mod APK


    Kingdom Two Crowns is a side-scrolling micro strategy game with a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic. Play the role of a monarch atop their steed and recruit loyal subjects, build your kingdom and protect it from the greedy creatures looking to steal your coins and crown.

    In the brand-new campaign mode, monarchs must now work to build a kingdom that stands over time until finding a way to defeat the Greed for good. Explore the environments to discover new mounts and secrets hidden in the deep.

    But you don't have to rule alone! Introducing cooperative play to Kingdom Two Crowns, monarchs can now choose between a solo experience or seek the assistance of a friend, working together locally in classic split screen while sitting next to your fellow monarch, or even across from them on opposite sides of the device in the custom mobile feature of tabletop coop.

    In addition to the traditional medieval setting, Kingdom Two Crowns also includes:

    • Dead Lands: Enter the dark lands of Kingdom. Building your Kingdom has never been spookier!

    • Shogun: Journey to lands inspired by the architecture and culture of feudal Japan.

    We will continue to keep the feeling of exploration, discovery, and strategy alive in Kingdom Two Crowns in post-release updates with more themed settings, each with unique styles that marvel the eye while changing how you rule the lands.

    A challenge awaits all who seek it here, whether you are a first-time ruler or a long-time fan. So be brave, great monarchs, for in the end Two Crowns shall reign stronger than one!
  • Sparta Mod APK

    Sparta Mod APK


    In this app you will find information, fun facts and videos about Sparta.
    - Easy to navigate interface
    - Collection of videos
    - Collection of facts
    Sparta was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece. In antiquity, the city-state was known as Lacedaemon, while the name Sparta referred to its main settlement on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese. Around 650 BCE, it rose to become the dominant military land-power in ancient Greece.
  • Jurassic Survival v1.0.3 Mod  Money
    You were cast away on a mysterious island, full of giant dinosaurs. Dying of hunger and cold, you have to hunt, collect resources, craft things and build a shelter. You need to do your best to survive among hungry giant dinosaurs inhabiting the island. Team up with other players or take everything they have! Do whatever you want, but remember - the most important thing is to survive.

    In any situation, remember:

    > DINOSAURS can be TAMED

    You can tame any dinosaur. Of course that's not safe, but carrying logs on a diplodocus is much easier. And letting a huge tyrannosaurus loose on your enemy is extremely exciting.

    > EAT, DRINK and WARM

    Fresh meat, fruit and water - the island has lots of these. You just need to take yours and avoid being eaten.


    Pretty simple. Collect as much building materials as you can and build your impenetrable fortress. But you have to be careful with the fence height because some dinosaurs will be able to easily step over your fence and visit you.


    You can have a good time chasing lizards with a stick. But it will be smarter to create a good weapon and armor, stock up on different equipment and start hunting some big animal.


    Think dinosaurs and players are the only ones you'll come across? Then give a look in hidden dungeons...


    If the role of a lone hunter is not for you, team up with other players to build a common village. There are many pluses: from huge common buildings to raiding most dangerous beasts!

    These are just general points, the game world is much deeper and more interesting. What are you waiting for?

    Follow us at: