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  • RockyMtnBioInvest



    RockyMtnBioInvest mobile app is a member's only networking application for the participants of The Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference
    . This powerful app brings the event to your mobile device and allows you to:
    · Create and maintain a public profile
    · Request meetings with other participants
    · Manage a personalized schedule of event sessions and meetings
    · Send in-app messages to other participants without revealing your personal email address
    · Receive important updates and announcements from event organizers
    · Discover what's around you (restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.)
    · Access event documentation
    · Continue networking after the event from the app or website
    If you are attending The Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor & Partnering Conference, you need to download the RockyMtnBioInvest Conference app.



    Nutanix XCELERATE is the official mobile app for the Nutanix SKO XCELERATE FY20 event.

    This mobile app allows you to:

    View schedule, socialize with others, access program updates and much more.
  • Interview for Job and Competition exam

    Interview for Job and Competition exam


    Interview for Job like MNC startup and Competition exam like CAT GRE, SAT etc
    Placement Interview endeavour is to be the one stop solution for getting placement in any college/company. In order to achieve this goal there would be two main approaches which would be followed by the company which are the COMPANY MODEL and the COMMUNITY MODEL.The features of the respective models have been specified in the current document.
    The signed up users can give few mock tests on the portal to get ranked among the competitors in order to analyse where they stand in the crowd. This will in turn will be mapped with the coaching institutes which they have joined in order to rank both the students and the coaching institutes at the same time.

    Mock Tests
    Student Ranking
    Coaching Institute Ranking
    PB Score Shareable on LinkedIn Profile
    The overall rank/score achieved can be shared on LinkedIn profile.
  • The Church Network 2019

    The Church Network 2019


    This is the official mobile app for The Church Network's national conferences. This mobile app allows you to:
    * View schedules, explore workshops, and find networking events.
    * Create your own personal schedule for easy conference attendance.
    * Access location and speaker information at your fingertips.
    * Receive updates for workshops, speakers, and exhibits.
    * Earn points, badges, and prizes for being active on the app and at the trade show. Check the leaderboard to see how you compare to other attendees.
    * Expand your professional network and have fun!

    Features of the App:
    * Activity Feed - the real-time pulse of the event. See what people are saying, view photos from the event, and find trending sessions and topics.
    * Agenda - view the full agenda and related information (workshop time, room number, speaker info, etc.).
    * Users - see who's at the event, and connect with them on the app.
    * Exhibitors - find exhibitors and sponsors and win prizes.

    Remember, as you use the app, you'll earn points and badges for participation. Enjoy the app and have a great conference!
  • Stead Leadership Seminar

    Stead Leadership Seminar


    The Stead Leadership Seminar is held annually in the summer, either in conjunction with the General Assembly or alone. During General Assembly years, non-delegates participate in the Leadership Seminar programming that is held concurrently. During odd-numbered years, the Leadership Seminar is typically held on different college campuses.

    The three-day program offers workshops, presentations, and other educational sessions covering the full range of chapter programming and personal leadership development. The seminar's program also consists of brotherhood activities and chapter award presentations.
  • BorderlessLive



    With the BorderlessLive app you'll be able to:

    • Access all the information you need about the event in real time
    • Check out the agenda and speakers to plan your day
    • View sponsor profiles for exclusive marketing material & video content
    • See who else is attending and start networking before the event - send them a message or save their profile
    • Share updates and content via our event news feed
    • Access exclusive content from our speakers & sponsors each day in the lead up to the event
  • GAA's GOAL 2019 Conference

    GAA's GOAL 2019 Conference


    This is the official mobile application for the Global Aquaculture Alliance's GOAL 2019 conference in Chennai, India, from Oct. 21 to 24, 2019. This app allows you to:

    • View schedule of events, including conference program, social and networking activities, and industry tours

    • Access presentations and speaker information

    • Access attendee list to expand your professional network

    • Participate in real-time audience polling and audience question and answer

    • Share comments and photos with fellow attendees using real-time activity feed

    • Receive push notifications to stay abreast of conference activities

    • Curate your own personal conference schedule

    • View venue map

    • Access sponsor information

    Enjoy the app, and have a great conference!
  • J-STOCK Mobile

    J-STOCK Mobile


    J-STOCK Mobile - Is an application to help SA make stock taking more quickly and practically even without an internet connection.

    This application is only for SA PT. Feelbuy Indonesia. Please contact SPC / IT if you encounter problems when using this application.

    Jeffry Andrian - Developer

    Developer Website: http://we-droid.com
  • Asia Risk Congress

    Asia Risk Congress


    This app is tailored to your event journey so you can access all the important information at your fingertips
  • WB Caste Certificate Check

    WB Caste Certificate Check


    Welcome to WB Caste Certificate Check, creat by `WEBTS SOLUTION' This creat for status check of wb caste certificate. This use easy and simple method.
  • Recharge Offer - All Prepaid Mobile & DTH Plan

    Recharge Offer - All Prepaid Mobile & DTH Plan


    Welcome to Recharge Offer powered by WEBTS SOLUTION.
  • Wifi Signal Meter - Signal Strength , Wifi Info

    Wifi Signal Meter - Signal Strength , Wifi Info


    This Tool helps to analyze WiFi Network Signal Strength Information, Which helps user to understand their WiFi Network.

    *Display Signal Strength
    *Display Network Name and other information
    *WiFi Scanner
  • Twitch Emotes for WhatsApp

    Twitch Emotes for WhatsApp


    This sticker pack contains most of the famous emote that you can find on Twitch, if you see some missing feel free to contact me and I will try to add them as soon as possible.
  • Everything手账本--记日记、记备忘、记账、Todo



    Everything is a record-based software that aims to create a piece of information that can be used to record everything in life. If you use software such as memos, todolists, diaries, and agendas, but you want to switch back and forth between them, you should use everything. Everything can customize the book, each book can do different things, such as using a book for bookkeeping, a book for diary, and so on.
    At present, the memo software on the market is mostly single-function, or has too few functions, or only focuses on a certain segment.

    Such as:
    - Record user passwords, focus on password management app
    - User Diary, Knowledge Management App
    - Work Management, Schedule Management App
    - Small things, miscellaneous records for the app
    - Accounting Finance App

    When we need to record different things, we often need to open different apps. This is a very tedious process. Different things are scattered in different apps, and it is very inconvenient to find them.

    Everything will be such a software that has the ability to record anything, including the features of the various apps mentioned above. In the App mentioned above, they have done a good job in their respective fields, and they are powerful enough, but many times there will be a lot of excess functions for us, only a few of them have to be used. Many additional features are unnecessary. So Everything is a software that can customize the book to record all the above functions.
  • DP Perang Gambar Lucu

    DP Perang Gambar Lucu


    DP Funny Image War
    Are you one of the Social Media users, maybe now Facebook and BBM wa etc. are one of the most popular social media sites. Even almost every day there are thousands to millions of users of this social media network. Of course we are very confident that now almost everyone already has a Facebook and Wa account.

    Usually the users of Facebook accounts and wa often use meme images that are very funny and make us laugh ourselves, and usually sometimes a status that we comment on using this picture meme is replied to again with more funny meme images and in the end often happens to fight image war whether it's on BBM grub or Facebook group. Surely we do not want to be outdone by the image war isn't it.

    Therefore, we have collected some sadistic, funny, gossipy, cool memes that are certainly very fitting to be used as picture war ammunition. Because usually in one of the facebook groups and wa groups, which you occupy are usually frequent riots or commotion conversations between members so less afdhol it seems if we just comment on the typing of the writing, of course with added meme images will be more memorable funny, so it can entertaining group members who read it.

    Take it easy for those of you who are looking for stock inventory of funny meme images, you don't have to be confused, where are you going, because we will share a very sadistic, funny, and funny meme, just download this app ...

    Last time Enjoy it .......
  • YaQui



    YaQui is an app where you will find a network of service professionals recommended by people you know, that provide all types of services that you need at home or at the office. From Beauty services like nails, haircut and massages, to Cleaning, Repairs and many other personal, home or office services and projects like plumbing, air conditioning repair, electricity, carpentry, and more.

    When we need someone to help us with a beauty service, a repair, or any other service provided at home or at the office, it is better to call a service provided that has been recommended by someone we know.
  • Ocean in Bottle Launcher Theme

    Ocean in Bottle Launcher Theme


    Amazing icons, beautiful graphics, wonderful theme! This Ocean in Bottle Theme For Android app is a Ocean in Bottle Launcher. This new launcher Ocean in Bottle allows you to customize your Android device the way you want it. Download this launcher free and enjoy your smartphone.

    ◆ Highlight features
    ☞ Creative custom app icons collection
    ☞ Free icon mask also included to match with Your Theme
    ☞ Customized LockScreen theme with Pattern & Passcode.

    Best visual effects to suitable theme.
    Best HD Wallpaper .

    ◆ HD Wallpaper
    ☞ This theme contains HD wallpaper ,You can also preview in screenshots.

    ◆ Personalization
    ☞ Personalized look You can get best personalized look of your phone. Don't worry you don't need to do anything for you just One Tap then all customization will be done itself.

    ◆Lock Screen
    ☞ This Ocean in Bottle Theme also have lock screen for extra protection with beautiful lock style to make your phone more beautiful

    More Launcher themes for Android! ★ Visit our developer page! We have hundreds of amazing Launcher themes for Android!

    ◆What makes it Different?
    ☞ Ocean in Bottle Launcher Theme is different from a lot of the other themes available as it gives its user a fine experience of Beautiful background and beautiful icons on your phone.

    ◆ How to Apply?

    • Download this Ocean in Bottle Launcher Theme;
    • Open the Launcher theme app and tap APPLY to activate Theme;
    • You will get an instructions to follow if you do not have a compatible Launcher app.
    • After you install the compatible app, you can set up the amazing Launcher theme!

    ◆ Important
    This is not a stand-alone app - You must have compatible Launcher apps to use!
    If you do not have a compatible app installed on your device, don't worry! You will get instructions to download it!

    You can personalize your Android phone or tablet with our amazing launcher theme, Ocean in Bottle
    Theme For Android TODAY!

    Your feedback is important to us, If you love this Theme we'd love to hear what you think about this app. Your review encourage us to provide better themes for free.
  • ZO Imóvel

    ZO Imóvel


    The Portal of Properties of the West Zone of São Paulo, ZO Property, gathers more than 300 real estate that announce about 10 thousand apartments, houses, houses, sheds, commercial rooms and land for sale and lease.

    The goal of the mobile device is to provide customers and Internet users with convenience through their smartphone or tablet.


    - The user can find properties by proximity according to his profile and his need;
    - The navigation of the platform is functional and the menus guarantee agility in the search for the property;
    - It is possible to research and evaluate a property wherever you are;
    - Filter search for type of property, price range, parking spaces and area;
    - Through the "Exclusive to Real Estate" area you can include and exclude the ads or simply edit them.
  • Litoral SP Imóvel

    Litoral SP Imóvel


    The Portal Litoral SP Imóvel is the largest Portal of Real Estate and Real Estate of the Coast of São Paulo. With the application Litoral SP Property you will find the main real estate and the best real estate to rent, to buy in all the Coast of São Paulo.

    - Find real estate for sale, lease and launches that are close to you;
    - Photos and details of all properties;
    - Advertise on the largest Portal of Real Estate and Real Estate on the Coast of São Paulo;
    - Search filter by type of property, price range, neighborhoods, parking spaces and area;
    - Contact the advertiser directly by email or phone;
  • ZN Imóvel

    ZN Imóvel


    The Portal of Properties of the North Zone of São Paulo, ZN Property, gathers more than 570 real estate that advertise about 19 thousand apartments, houses, houses, sheds, commercial rooms, land for sale and lease.

    The goal of the mobile device is to provide customers and Internet users with convenience through their smartphone or tablet.

    - The user can find properties by proximity according to his profile and his need;
    - The navigation of the platform is functional and the menus guarantee agility in the search for the property;
    - It is possible to research and evaluate a property wherever you are;
    - Filter search for type of property, price range, parking spaces and area;
    - Through the "Exclusive to Real Estate" area you can include and exclude the ads or simply edit them.
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  • Gladiator True Story
    You are Bruticus, destroyer of worlds. This is the story of how you became the greatest GLADIATOR of all time. Based on historical facts.

    *****Ability to turn on blood and gore via the options menu*****

    Hack n' slash your way through waves of ultimate fighters and champions. Level up your armor and weapons to do even more damage in this bloody battle ARENA!

    • Slash your way through waves of ferocious gladiators!
    • New magical SWORDS and explosive shield attacks!
    • Fire powerups that cause gibs to fly around.
    • Watch the arena fill with your enemies blood!
    • Collect hidden SKULLS and unlock all trophies!
    • Extreme violence and meat cleaving action.
    • Ultimate swordfighting mercenary technology.
    • A dinosaur called Hugo!

    No in app purchases! You get the full game for one amazing price: FREE!

    Gladiator - True Story is the only game that tells it like it was.
    Thank you for playing and for your ongoing support!


    You can follow us at work on twitter @XformGameDev

    Like Xform on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/Xform

    Watch brand new game footage now on http://www.youtube.com/xformgames

  • Ant Simulation 3D - Insect Survival Game
    In Ant Simulator 3D you can expire adventures from the perspective of a tiny ant. This 3D survival game and animal simulator will set you into a realistic simulation of the insect world. Establish your own virtual Ant Colony. Search for food resources in order to feed the ant queen and the larvas. Explore a large detailed natural ant habitat filled with other insects which possibly will attack your ant colony. After the required amount of food, the ant queen will lay eggs which evolves to lavas whichs needs to be supplied with protein in form of other insects.

    Enforce attacks to overwhelm other insects with the power of the swarm and get protein. You have to plan ant battles against enemy insects like huge Scorpions, Spiders or Praying Mantis. Get in war with those creatures by the force of many soldier ants. Create amazing ant trails with pheromones to get support from the solider ants or worker ants, grub more tunnels to enlarge the ant hill.

    An animal simulator and 3d survival game - 3D Ant Simulator function overview:

    ** 3d simulator and survival game **
    ** very realistic ant and insect behaviour (ant trails, pheromone communication) **
    -> Ant AI - watch their swarm behaviour, see how they create pheromone trails
    ** open world game with a huge map - explore a detailed, huge 3d natural ant habitat terrain **
    -> forest environment, different plants, realistic textures, water
    ** Insect Simulator - other insects as protein like spider, praying mantis worms, fly etc. **
    ** attack and fight against enemy insects with the ant colony **
    ->overwhelm with them power of the swarm
    ** collect food in the form of fruit or sugar to feed the queen and larvas **
    ** high-quality animation of the 3D ants, spider and other insects **
    ** first person form the player ant, easy touch control **
    ** explore the underground caves and build a huge subterrrainian nest **
    ->enlarge the ant hill and grub new Chambers
  • Furious Train Sniper 2016
    Out in the hilly outskirts an Activist group has hijacked the train that carry supplies for Army Commandos. There is a very high check on train by the Enemy. Getting hold of the train isn't easy at all. You need to set free the train from terrorist group.
    Fly across the train, get hold of your long range sniper rifle, Set your aim and pull the trigger.
    Set free the train occupied by the savage enemies and get rid of this hostile situation. Save yourself from the firing. Make sure the supplies reaches the Army Commandos on time.

    Challenging Shooting Adventure!
    Weapon Upgrade System!
    Amazing 3D Graphics!
    Realistic Sound Effects!
    Auto Copter Flight Simulator!
  • Toca Kitchen 2
    Do you want to be the head chef of your very own sushi restaurant? Check out Toca Kitchen Sushi, the newest app from Toca Boca http://bit.ly/TocaKitchenSushi_GooglePlay

    The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing!

    Who said dishes have to be pretty and tasty? In Toca Kitchen 2 you can cook however you want! Juice tomatoes, boil the salad or make a burger. Come up with your very own recipes and treat your guests to something special.

    With six different kitchen tools to choose from, you have the perfect setup for preparing fun foods! Load up with your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was it a winner?

    Discover your guests' preferences by watching their reactions. Oven-baked fish head with fried leftovers and lettuce juice coming right up! Oh, they didn't like it? Try adding some salt. It's fun to get the “ew”!

    We added a whole lot of fun stuff! You can now enjoy cooking:

    New foods!
    - Chicken
    - Prawn
    - Pineapple
    - Corn
    - Peach
    - Strawberry
    - Watermelon
    - Onion
    - Octopus
    - Spaghetti
    - Rice

    New condiments!
    - Ketchup
    - Dressing
    - Soy

    Watch the characters react to spicy hot sauce and sour lemons or and laugh at loud burps.

    At last but not least, we added more levels of grossness to the characters. Have fun!

    - New ingredients in the fridge
    - New characters to feed
    - Stronger character reactions
    - New juicer and oven
    - Deep fryer! You can now deep fry anything. Get your crust on.
    - No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun!
    - No third-party advertising
    - No in-app purchases

    What are you waiting for? Get in the kitchen and start cooking!

    Toca Kitchen 2 is a free cooking app for kids that's perfect for aspiring chefs. Kids can roleplay a chef in a kitchen full of tasty foods and ingredients! Learn how to cook your favorite dish or experiment with fun combinations to feed hungry customers. This fun cooking app is sure to deliver nothing but fun for kids!

    There's no time limits or rules, right or wrong, so explore all the ingredients and tools the kitchen has to offer! Cook up some crazy food and feed your guests.


    Subscribe to our YouTube channel!


    At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids' imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at tocaboca.com.

    Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy: http://tocaboca.com/privacy
  • Frostfall
    Frostfall is the world's first fantasy-infused battle royale built specifically for mobile. In Frostfall, you discover and combine dangerous weapons, ancient technology, and potent spells to defeat your foes.

    Featuring a fun cast of characters from Doran a curious fox, to Basilisk, a feared sea captain. Pick your favorite and go into battle!

    Forge Your Hero - Play however you want every match by discovering new combinations of weapons and spells. With over 7000 item combinations, each battle is exciting, chaotic, and unique.

    Quick Games for Mobile - Frostfall matches are under 5 minutes! Get-in, get-out (Pro tip: flush the toilet and wash your hands).

    An Epic Quest! - Unlock Characters, Totems, Emotes (and more) through the Quest. Read about the lore of Lhun and the characters who inhabit it.
  • 6-Lite
    There was a lonely pilot. He has to escaped donuts and rocks. He left his family too many years ago. He falled to a worm hole and he lost his way. He wants his family back but he's got to many enemys. He has to defeat his enemys. He's story will continue and he will fight amongst worlds.
  • Hong Kong Bus
    Do you want to drive a bus to fly on the Hong Kong Highway? This game can satisfy the player's desires.
  • Trivia Quiz 2019 - Lucky Free Game
    Trivia Quiz 2019 - Lucky Free Game - general knowledge trivia is a very interesting and popular trivia game. In this game you can proof that you are clever. Take part in online leaderboards and multiplayer. Million is virtual, but you knowledge is real! By playing this game you will earn general knowledge. Trivia Quiz 2019 - Lucky Free Game - general knowledge trivia lets you experience the thrilling excitement of fighting for the grand prize of one million through 15 challenging trivia puzzles. Game is ready for all world languages.

    If you don't know answer then don't worry we will help you by help options. So you can keep learning. Our main aim is play & learn.

    - Advanced rating system
    - In game help options
    - TONS! of question
    - Fast support
    - Offline mode
    - Leaderboards system
    - 4 lifelines - 4 chances to win!
    - Trivia Game
    - Trivia Questions
    - Improve GK (General Knowledge)
    - Puzzle Trivia Game
    - Kids game

    Game is available offline. It's FREE!!! No need to wait download and enjoy Trivia Quiz 2019 - Lucky Free Game now!
    Compete with your friends in order to win millions!
    Prove your friends that you are the winner of Trivia Quiz 2019 - Lucky Free Game!
    Online millionaires leaderboard!
    It is the best quiz game available so far.
    Best Trivia Game for the whole world. Play & Improve your general knowledge. Challenge game.
    Enjoy the Trivia Quiz 2019 - Lucky Free Game. Good luck!

    Note: We don't offer real cash through this game.

    Keywords: Trivia Quiz game, puzzle, new games, free games
  • IQ Test - Premium IQ Test
    Are you smart? If yes, how smart are you? Measure your IQ with one of the best and most popular IQ test. In a few minutes, see your smartness in different levels. From IQ to specific intelligence levels, IQ Test - Premium IQ Test measures every aspect of your smartness.

    How to start the test:
    - Simply click "Start"
    - 30 minutes approximate time
    - Simply click "results" and obtain your IQ instantly

    Other features of IQ Test - Premium IQ Test
    - In the scores section, you can check your older results anytime you want.

    Premium Version of the App:
    - Inside the app. you can also obtain detailed results and see your analytical, emotional, theoretical, sensual, and other skills.

    Relax and see your IQ for yourself! A lot of IQ tests are out there and will calculate your intelligence. But none of them are like this one! Attempt the test, solve the iq test, and get your iq to show your friends, family, and everyone!

    You can also share your IQ anytime with your friends and other people.

    Enjoy IQ Test - Premium IQ Test

    More about IQ: IQ is a score that calculates different kinds of intelligence ranging from analytical IQ, theoretical IQ, emotional IQ, spatial IQ, abstract IQ, applied IQ, and etc. Enjoy the IQ test and show all of your friends and family how smart you are!
  • Stickman Dye Jump-fun light up race.io game
    Stickman Dye Jump-light up crowd cube race.io game,avoid fun color obstacle!
    In this vast dark world, you need to jump to light up the whole world and find the true meaning of your soul!
    The game is simple and fun to play, just click on the left and right sides of the screen to control the stickman to jump back and forth between objects of different shapes to light them!
    Be careful not to relax your vigilance. The more difficult it is to get to the back level, the various trap obstacles are waiting for you!
    Please think a little before jumping, otherwise you will probably fall into the boundless dark abyss!

    If you have any complaints or suggestions, please leave your comments!
Hot Original Apps
  • xmodgames
    ★The Best Free Game Mods Center★ ★Forever Better Game ExperienceHelping users save time, improve efficiency of game, and get better game experiences. ★Forever safe, green, free and without any malicious plug-in ★Forever upgrade and release game mods continuously:Currently, xmodgames has provided mods, plugins and accelerating function for various hot games. Also, we upgrade and release game mods continuously to meet game users’ maximum needs. ★Xmodgames requires a rooted device !!! FEATURES OF XMG ►An all-round management for games, A button set for launching.Xmodgames can match your games automatically in your device; it is very easy to install mods and launch the game for one click. Without the scattered view where games sectionalization and single mod separated, you can have a perfect control of all games in your device.►Super game mods, Surpass your opponents.The most considerate and convenient game mods are from the most professional development team. No matter what the types of the games: Card, Strategy, Puzzle, or Board, xmodgames can make you enjoy the games with ease and let you surpass your competitors immediately.►Thousands of mods for hundreds of mainstream games; the version of mods updates timely.Keeping up to the trend of the hottest and most popular games; xmodgames provides the mods for them. The version of mods will update timely according to the versions of games. You can experience the newest, the best and the most widely covered game mods the first time.Supported languagesXmodgames is available in the following languages: English (UK and US).--Stay connected!Have issues with our APP or want to give a suggestion? Contact us at:[email protected] (please specify your problems as detailed as possible)https://www.facebook.com/xmodgameshttps://twitter.com/xmodgameshttp://www.xmodgames.com/Strongly recommend:DO NOT only say:it doesnt work; Please let us know more details about your problems.--Requested permissionsPhotos/Media/Files permission: This permission is used for Xmodgames's MOD DOWNLOAD feature, which uses to access Files to download or update newest mods for games.--Notes:1.Attached Kingroot or Towelroot may not work please root your phone via PC.2.Xmodgames does not support Bluestacks(or other Android emulators)/ASUS zenfone 5,7 (or other intel-based processor)/ART mode, X86 at the present. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.3.For redmi note users, if you have rooted your phone, xmodgames still not works. We recommend you install WSM Tools and try again.
  • mCent - Free Mobile Recharge
    mCent is an application that will allow us to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading other apps and testing them. As we run one of these apps for the first time, we will receive a small sum of money, and if you also store it for a week, you will receive more.

    To be able to use mCent you will need to have a mobile phone and be within one of the countries that can participate in the program mCent: united States, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka...

    One of the points that you tend not to like about mCent, is that the application monitors our use of apps, and you can get free access to our address book. Of course, the app alerts the user before you start using it, but that does not make it less invasive.

    mCent is an interesting application, thanks to which it is possible to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading apps and run them once.
  • dSploit
    dSploit is a penetration testing suite developed for the Android operating system.


    WiFi Cracking
    Port Scanner
    Vulnerability finder
    Login cracker
    Packet forger
    Man in the middle
    Simple sniff
    Password sniff
    Session Hijacker
    Kill connections
    Replace images
    Replace videos
    Script injector
    Custom filter

    Introducing dSploit

    dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

    Once dSploit is started, you will be able to easily map your network, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services, search for known vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures of many tcp protocols, perform man in the middle attacks such as password sniffing ( with common protocols dissection ), real time traffic manipulation, etc, etc .

    This application is still in beta stage, a stable release will be available as soon as possible, but expect some crash or strange behavior until then, in any case, feel free to submit an issue here on GitHub.


    WiFi Cracking

    The WiFi scanner will show in green access points with known default key generation algorithms, clicking on them allows you to easily crack the key, supported models: Thomson, DLink, Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS, Alice AGPF, FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey, Huawei, Wlan_XXXX, Jazztel_XXXX, Wlan_XX, Ono ( P1XXXXXX0000X ), WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX, WifiXXXXXX, Sky V1, Clubinternet.box v1 and v2, InfostradaWifi.


    Perform a traceroute on target.

    Port Scanner

    A syn port scanner to find quickly open ports on a single target.


    Performs target operating system and services deep detection, slower than syn port scanner but more accurate.

    Vulnerability Finder

    Search for known vulnerabilities for target running services upon National Vulnerability Database.

    Login Cracker

    A very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services.

    Packet Forger

    Craft and send a custom TCP or UDP packet to the target, such as Wake On LAN packets.


    A set of man-in-the-midtle tools to command&conquer the whole network.

    Simple Sniff

    Redirect target’s traffic through this device and show some stats while dumping it to a pcap file.

    Password Sniffer

    Sniff passwords of many protocols such as http, ftp, imap, imaps, irc, msn, etc from the target.

    Session Hijacker

    Listen for cookies on the network and hijack sessions.

    Kill Connections

    Kill connections preventing the target to reach any website or server.


    Redirect all the http traffic to another address.

    Replace Images

    Replace all images on webpages with the specified one.

    Replace Videos

    Replace all YouTube videos on webpages with the specified one.

    Script Injection

    Inject a JavaScript in every visited webpage.

    Custom Filter

    Replace custom text on webpages with the specified one.


    ARM: Your device must have an ARM cpu.

    Gingerbread: An Android device with at least the 2.3 ( Gingerbread ) version of the OS.

    Root: The device must be rooted.

    BusyBox: The device must have a BusyBox full install, this means with every utility installed ( not the partial installation ).


    This application is not to be used for any purposes other than to demonstrate its functions, and must only be used on networks for which you have permission to do so. Any other use is not the responsibility of the developer.In other words, don't be stupid, and don't direct angry people towards me.

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  • PS4 Remote Play
    PS4 Remote Play
    The power of PS4 streamed direct to your Sony Xperia smartphone and tablet*.
    Connect your Xperia smartphone or tablet to your home Wi-Fi network, grab a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and continue your PS4 games on your Xperia device away from your TV screen.

    * Supported Xperia smartphone and tablet at the following URL: http://www.sonymobile.com/remoteplay
    Use of this feature requires a PlayStation®4 system, DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, Sony Entertainment Network account and high-speed Internet connection. Use of your home Wi-Fi network is recommended. Use of public Wi-Fi networks is not recommended. Some games may not support this feature. The latest version of the system software must be installed on your PS4™ system to use “PS4 Remote Play”.
    Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: http://doc.dl.playstation.net/doc/legal/index.html.

  • Ninja Heroes
    Ninja Heroes is a role-playing game set in the universe of the anime Naruto, in which players will be able to train their own ninja, with which they will have to face a multitude of enemies. Although we will start the game, only with Naruto, throughout the game we will be able to recruit more than 100 different characters (some series and not others).

    The combat system of Ninja Heroes is very simple. So much so that the players will not have to do anything more than look at how it develops the confrontation. Luckily these battles are spectacular, because in them we can see into each character to carry out the same techniques that in the anime original.

    Between combat and combat we will be able to do many things in the ninja village. We can train our ninjas to learn new techniques and improve their attributes. In addition, we can try to get more ninjas to our group; or change the training of our team of attack. We will have many interesting activities in the village.

    Ninja Heroes is a role-playing game quite entertaining, that will appeal especially to fans of Naruto, for obvious reasons. And is that the game not only has characters from the anime, but also with their techniques, the most iconic, and a section on visual outstanding. By Juan Jesus
  • Mobdro Online TV
    Mobdro is an application thanks to which we can see movies, series, documentaries, sports events and other type of content 'streaming'. Its operation, however, differs from that of the majority of apps similar. The reason is that in Mobdro not we will choose what movie or chapter, we want to see, but that we will choose a channel.

    In many applications to watch movies and series online you can choose exactly what chapter or movie we want to see in each moment. With Mobdro not this occurs. You will find a list of the channels of series huge, but they are just that: channels in which it will emit chapters without stopping. And the same thing happens with channels of action movies or horror.

    In addition to channels, series and movies, Mobdro offers 'streams' tv channels-traditional, as well as sporting events. We may even be able to access 'streams' something more rare, such as live broadcasts from cameras on animals or game of different video games live.

    Mobdro is a very interesting alternative to the large amount of applications to view online content that exists on Android. The reason is that thanks to it we will typically have a margin of surprise. Do you want a horror movie? Well, but you will not know what it is until you begin to see it. It's almost like making zapping! By Andrés López
  • iEMU
    iEMU is the Official Application of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU). This application combines all the necessary information into a single application that can be accessed by the students, faculty members and instructors.

    The key features of this application are as follows:
    ?Bus Schedule
    ?Academic Calendar
    ?Twitter Feed
    ?EMU Map
    ?Emergency Numbers
    ?Exam List
    ?Tuition Fees
    ?Students Portal
    ??? Note: In order to fully utilize this application, an internet connection is required. ???

  • iNoty
    If you like the top bar of your phone like iPhone CPC approved fun with this app easily, this would do بدیید
  • Football Manager Handheld 2015

    Football Manager Handheld 2015 is the ultimate gaming team management smartphone and tablet: great depth of gameplay, a huge database, three game modes and an intense level of challenge.

    Career, My Club and Challenges. And up to 4 championships at the same time

    Football Manager Handheld 2015 recovers and refines the dynamic winners of the last edition. The game modes remain the same: Career, My Club and Challenges.

    The Career lasts for 30 years and you'll have to try to obtain great success as a coach. You'll start being a manager is unknown and you'll have to make your way in the world of football is getting wins and complying with certain objectives with your management. As you gain fame and prestige, you can receive job offers from the clubs most renowned and decide which look will take your career.

    But in this game, as it happens in real football, not everything always goes in the right direction. Sometimes you will have to manage a crisis of results, players of low moral or difficult relationships with the press and address. And if you get negative results constantly, the president can think of do without you.

    FMH 2015 includes the championships of 14 nations (major european leagues, plus championship australian and brazilian) and allows you to use up to 4 championships at the same time. You can start your adventure in the Premier League, then switch to the League or other championship in the event that there is a job offer to be tempting.

    Football Manager Handheld offers a huge database of teams and players, the possibility of managing the economy of the team, the market football, the new and advanced network of observers (to search for players with perspective), the contracts of your players, the team owner and the reserves, the training, the tactical scheme and much more.

    The game has a depth that is impressive and, in addition, from this year, it is possible to get the record of the trophies won during the career of coach and let you know among all of the managers of the game over time.

    mode My Club is similar to that of Race, with the difference that here you can create your ideal team from nothing, picking the players you like, the uniform, the name of the computer, etc., After, you decide what championship to participate with your new club.

    In the Challenges you'll need to achieve predetermined objectives, such as saving a team on the brink of the descent, for example. The challenges are developed and rounded off in an arc limited time during the season.

    If you complete the challenges that are included in the game, you'll be able to buy it back in the shop. There you can also purchase other items, such as the immunity at the dismissal or the possibility to manage a national team from the start of your career.

    well-organized Interface

    the interface of The game, although it is not worlds away from that of the previous version, appears better organized and easy-to-use.

    In the left column you access to all the basic functions of the game. From the main menu, you will see the news of the day and a screen that summarizes the current state of the team: position in the standings, latest results, upcoming commitments, resources, and statistics of the best players in the team.

    Graphics 2D, chronic use of textual and statistical data

    once low to the field can follow the party by using the graphic 2D engine, which is improved in this version, and the classic television broadcast. In addition, you will know in real time the statistics of the meeting, with information on shots on goal, ball possession, scores players, and other useful data to decide possible substitutions and tactical changes according to light of developments in the party.

    at The end of the meeting, the second coach will draw up a report on the provision of the team, highlighting the virtues and the defects found. This is useful to know what strategies to take to the parties for successive..

    The king among management games for mobile

    Football Manager Handheld 2015 you managing to fund all aspects of the life of a club, from the economic to the sporty. Account with a considerable level of challenge and the game is capable of leaving you stuck in front of the screen for hours.

    it Is clear that this premiere is not revolutionize the title of the last edition, but perfect some details in order to offer a gameplay that is even more brilliant.

    Also, keep in mind that the increase of the number of championships selected (up to four, as we have seen), it also increases the calculations that you make and this affects the loading times of the game. Choose the best compromise according to the power of your device.

    Football Manager Handheld 2015 is a game of high quality and advised to the true scholars of the game of football management.

    Note about Football Manager Handheld 2015

    Press the Download button to access Google Play and download the game on your Android

  • Animania
    Animania, the #1 application for watching anime.

    Most important features:

    + Large library of anime shows and movies.
    + Continuous updates.
    + Add content to your 'Favorites' making them easy accessible.
    + Integrated content guide allows you to track your progress.
    + A clean, easy and user friendly interface of awesomeness with tablet support.
    + ... (Just try it ;-))

    Tip: Recommend is to use an external media player like MX Player to support all the necessary codices