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LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social

LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social


Social Security Law for 2019.

  • Version20181127203606
    UpdateJan 10, 2019
    Offers In-App PurchaseYes
  • CategoryOther
    Min4.1 and up

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You are Downloading LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social Latest APK 20181127203606. The Size of LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social is 5.4M MB. Over 0 users rating a average 4 of 5 about LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social.

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LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social APK No Concerns


You are Downloading LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social Latest APK 20181127203606. Last Updated: Dec 31, 2018.

LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social developed by LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social is listed under category 4/5 average rating on Google Play by 0 users).

LIMSS 2019 - Ley del Seguro Social's main feature is Social Security Law for 2019..

Social Security law for 2019.
This app will be updated with all the modifications that are made in the same until December 31, 2019. Completely ad-free.
it Is a professional who works with Laws, has the need to be by looking at the provisions, but uploading them is a great effort for their weight and volume. Don't worry more, you can now have the same on your device, you can read law, looking terms in it, mark articles as favorites, annotate the articles, etc ..
it Is an indispensable tool for legal professionals, such as lawyers, accountants,
it Has functions to view the articles, change the zoom, change the theme of display colors. The following are its main functions:
Show the Content. In this part it is possible to see all the laws and all articles of every law there is in the compendium. When you view an article, you can scroll to the first item, the previous, next, and last of the Act you are currently reading.
Continue Reading. What you were reading some article and you want to continue?, in this part you can return to the last article read and continue reading from there.
Search Function. It also has search function, with which you can search for any text within all the laws, or those selections. In addition, it has a function of search history, which you will not have to retype the search term.
Function of favorites. With this feature you can mark any item of any law to which they are to hand every time that you need them.
Add text note. Adds a text note to any item, so that you can put some comment, reminder, annotation, etc.
Topics. Change the display theme of the articles, we have 5 topics: Normal, Gray, High Contrast, Night and Old. In addition, you can also change the zoom level to the default of the text, so that the reading of it easier.
Copy. The application has the ability to copy the text of an article for use in any other application. To copy press and hold on any part of the content of the article.

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