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  • Stickman Dash v1.0.1 Mod  Unlimited Money

    Stickman Dash v1.0.1 Mod Unlimited Money


    Hey guys, are you ready for a completely new game about Stickman fight? This name is Stickman Dash. An action game about the head-on dash between Stickman and Zombie - a fierce stickman fight of stick man vs zombie. You will love it if you are a big fan of Dash Game and Stickman game.
    Stickman is overcoming the challenges and defeating the Zombie, a cross-cutting and very difficult mission. It requires stickman having to dash and eliminate completely disgusting zombies. Those missions of this dash game are totally controlled by yourself! In the Stickman Dash, the zombies always present and the zombie dash and stickman fight will never end, unless you kill the Zombie Boss - the loudest, strongest Zombies that you never ever seen before. There are many zombies and they always want to kill stickman immediately so that the Stickman has to run non-stop and kills as many zombies as possible in this stickman game! Stickman will not be afraid of any zombie.
    With Stickman Dash you will be experienced the feeling you've never had in other dash games and Stickman games.
    How to Play:
    - Touch left bottom to control Stickman jump
    - Touch right bottom to control Stickman shoot Zombie
    - Scream and shout louder and louder. Run stickman run as far as possible to overcome every obstacle.
    - “I shoot Zombies to gain coins – Don't forget me not a normal stickman. I'm the strongest one." - That's our game's slogan - Let's remember it!
    Game Features:
    - Visually stunning updated graphics, characters and weapons
    - Gameplay is optimized for touch screen devices
    - Store is diversified with coin shop, items shop
    - Leaderboard for excellent gamers
    Download Stickman Dash and feedback for us, please! And don't forget to give thanks and give us 5*, too!

    Application should be granted the following permission:
    + [GET_ACCOUNTS] This right is need for the linkage notification between your game account and google account information
    + [READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to sync your Address Book and access device status for friend invites.

    Thank you so much and Wish you be happy!
  • PITFALL!™ v1.5 Mod  Unlimited Money

    PITFALL!™ v1.5 Mod Unlimited Money


    "On his 30th Anniversary, take control of Pitfall Harry™ once again in PITFALL!, inspired by the 1982 Classic that started it all, now re-envisioned and re-booted on Android!

    Escape the wrath on an angry volcano while collecting ancient treasures in PITFALL!, an adrenaline-fuelled, free-running adventure set in a deadly jungle with twists and turns that will always keep you on your toes. As the iconic Pitfall Harry, test your skills to race through jungles, caves and native villages while avoiding death-defying obstacles such as fiery volcanic flames, tumbling ancient artefacts, and narrow cliff side pathways. Challenge your reflexes by jumping, sliding, and using your deadly whip to take out classic PITFALL! foes like rattlesnakes and scorpions while avoiding the death grip of a crocodile's jaw as you swing across ravines. Make sure to always keep a watchful eye as danger lurks around every corner!

    • The “Free Runner” evolved! Navigate through constantly changing environments as you make your way through narrow trenches, dark caverns, and cascading waterfalls with cinematic camera angles.
    • Level up and trade in your loot for a trove of game changing powerups that can be used to enhance your experience and customize your wardrobe
    • Top your friends' scores on Twitter and Facebook and stake your claim as the real king of the jungle!
    • Easy swipe and tilt controls allow you to jump right in!"

  • Traffic Racer  v2.4 (Unlimited Money)

    Traffic Racer v2.4 (Unlimited Money)


    Traffic Racer is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing. Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards. Endless racing is now redefined!

    - Stunning 3D graphics
    - Smooth and realistic car handling
    - 35+ different cars to choose from
    - 5 detailed environments: suburb, desert, snowy, rainy and city night
    - 5 game modes: Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, Police Chase and Free Ride
    - Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.
    - Basic customization through paint and wheels
    - Online Leaderboards and Achievements

    - Tilt or Touch to steer
    - Touch gas button to accelerate
    - Touch brake button to slow down

    - The faster you drive the more scores you get
    - When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
    - Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra score and cash

    Traffic Racer will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

    * http://facebook.com/trafficracergame
    * http://twitter.com/TrafficRacer
    * https://plus.google.com/115863800042796476976/
  • New Star Soccer v4.11 Mod  (Unlimited Money)

    New Star Soccer v4.11 Mod (Unlimited Money)


    **Now over 1 million 5 Star reviews!**

    Welcome to New Star Soccer, “The best football game on mobile and tablets.” (Eurogamer). The soccer game acclaimed and adored by players and the gaming press en masse.

    You are the star of the show as you launch your soccer career as a fragile 16 year old in this BAFTA award-winning, App Store #1 sports RPG from New Star Games.

    "A pristine game" 5/5 (The Sun)

    Build your skills, lifestyle and ride the roller-coaster of life as you experience every emotion this great sport has to offer!

    “The perfect marriage of quick play phone game, football management, sim and RPG” (Kotaku).

    Manage your relationships, keeping team-mates, the coach, your partner and your sponsors happy as you face dilemmas and exciting twists along the way. Risk your earnings in the casino, explore sinister bribes and eventually retire to set a new career game score!

    Equally enjoyable as a snack game for a few minutes or an intensive few hours, New Star Soccer will leave you entertained, amused and hungry for more, and it's entirely free to play without any restriction!

    “An essential download” (Game Trailers)

    Over 30,000 user reviews averaging 4.7/5!!

    “New Star Soccer is one of the most addictive games ever”. (Sunday Mirror)

    Instinctive controls, laced with detail, entertainment, mini-games, shocks, surprises and sheer unadulterated joy, New Star Soccer is a delight from start to finish.

    "So engrossing you'll be playing until your phone battery dies" 5/5 (Sunday Times)

    What are you waiting for? This huge, detailed football universe is yours to own. To the training ground and earn your first contract…


    Free to play! Hundreds of hours of entertainment at your fingertips!
    Super addictive, exciting simulation of the modern football universe!
    Create your alter ego and make your way through the leagues to International glory!
    Experience highs and lows, make key decisions and build your celebrity lifestyle!
    Hire agents, trainers, learn new skills, develop your talent!
    Enjoy the casino, own race-horses and more besides - but keep the boss sweet!

    ★ Eurogamer - App of the Day - "The best football game on mobile and tablets."
    ★ The Sun - App of the Year - "A pristine game." 5/5
    ★ PocketGamer - Gold Award - "You'll suffer the highs and lows of its simply presented matches with the grin of a true addict plastered across your face."
    ★ Kotaku - App of the Day - "The perfect marriage of quickplay phone game, football management sim and RPG."
    ★ Gametrailers - App of the Day - "It's an essential download."
    ★ MSN - App of the Day - "New Star Soccer is getting evangelistic word-of-mouth buzz from players who can't put their phones down." 5/5
    ★ Sunday Times - "So engrossing you'll be playing until your phone battery dies." 5/5
    ★ Telegraph - "It's a wonderful little game but it will eat your life." 4.5/5
    ★ Modojo - "The best soccer game you'll ever play on your mobile." 4.5/5
    ★ AllAboutTheGames - "I've spent an entire week playing New Star Soccer." 5/5
    ★ Sunday Mirror - "New Star Soccer is one of the most addictive games ever."
    ★ Edge - "Simon Read's creation smartly captures the capitalism, the artistry and the sheer, glorious unpredictability of its subject." 7/10
    ★ PCAdvisor - "Incredibly addictive and satisfying." 4.5/5
    ★ GodIsAGeek - "It really can't be over-estimated how brilliant New Star Soccer is." 10/10
    ★ MacWorld - Editor's Choice - "New Star Soccer aims for the perfect mobile experience, and effortlessly hits the top corner." 5/5
  • Life Simulator 2017 v2017.2.3 Mod  Unlimited Money

    Life Simulator 2017 v2017.2.3 Mod Unlimited Money


    Become a virtual beggar! You will start with lowest conditions in the life and try earn more and more money.Game will finishes when you became the richest person.Rich simulator can be played with tapping the jobs,earning game money and be able to buy the most expensive stuff in the game.It became addictive after you develop your character!

    - Lead a life from the poor to rich.
    - You can educate yourself to get best jobs.
    - You could be a criminal and earn faster money,but you always had a chance that loose all your money with caught by cops.
    - You can buy weapons,lodgings,cars...

    Good luck!

    -Everything that involved with that game content is imagination,not represents reality.

    *Graphics designed by Freepik
    *Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

    life,simulator,simulation game,virtual beggar,the virtual beggar
  • Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense v1.44  + Mod (Unlimited Money)

    Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense v1.44 + Mod (Unlimited Money)


    Defeat hordes of imps in the very first Tower Defence game about the order of monks!
    All this to defend humankind from hordes of demons!

    Greetings, the Great Architect! We've got a little problem here… Army of demons breaking through the portals into our world! It seems that to board up those filthy spacetime holes was not enough. But that's ok, ‘cause we've got you! Just let me finish that… hic… brew mash and we'll show em!


    ➶ Lots of different TOWERS! Shot, blow ‘em up, chop, poison, blow ‘em up one more time, incinerate and a little salt on the top, ‘cause demons hate salt!
    ➶ Really cool HEROES you can control during battle!
    ➶ Loyal WARRIORS that are ready to show demons what's what! And when they'll find out which side to hold the sword, that will turn badly for demons!
    ➶ Lots of different ABILITIES you can use during battle. See? There's a fireball flies low. Some say it's to another demon's death!

    The army of demons breaks through thy tower defense, and your holy duty is to protect medieval kingdoms. You will have a lot of different towers, powerful abilities and mighty warriors at your disposal. Even heroes of camelot are too weak to withstand the threat so the Holy church medieval army is on the scene! Do not let that darkness reign here today...

    But the devil is in the detail... Stop! Stop shooting the details, it's just an idiom! So:
    ★ Nice humor, colorful graphics and original theme!
    ★ A lot of different towers. How do you like the tower, that calls a pocket army on the battlefield instead of attack?
    ★ Dozens of achievements, different tower upgrades, lots of loot, cool heroes and spells!
    ★ A variety of realms will become a delight for your eyes.
    ★ Choose complexity: the usual uncomplicated mode or the "Hardcore" mode with 1 life and hordes of enemies. That can be a real test!
    ★ Funny thurible massacre td battles that will hook you for hours!
    ★ Fight imps, warlocks, hell ponys, fatass demons and skeleton hordes!
    ★ An in-game encyclopedia with a detailed description of all towers and creeps will be updated as the game progresses and will always provide you with the most accurate information.

    Do not worry if you have not played similar games yet. The game has a tutorial to show you the most important things! Game FAQ: http://bit.ly/2yPujlX

    Please share your feedback and ideas!
    Have a good game!
  • Real Bike Racing v1.0.6 Моd  (unlimited money)

    Real Bike Racing v1.0.6 Моd (unlimited money)


    Welcome to the definitive motorcycle racing experience! Real Bike Racing is a must have game for all motor bike riders!

    Start the engine, hit the gas and experience the thrill of handling a 200 HP beast. Go bumper to bumper with elite riders to win the world championship. Now get ready for adrenaline fueled racing action and ride your way to victory in the fastest lane of all!

    Game Features:
    - Take the wheel of 10+ types of unique superbikes
    - Fully functioning rear view mirrors
    - Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects
    - VR mode (virtual reality) which supports Google Cardboard & etc.
  • Stickman And Gun  v2.1.4 Mod (Unlimited Money/Skill)

    Stickman And Gun v2.1.4 Mod (Unlimited Money/Skill)


    Stickman ans Gun is a simple gun shooting game.
    kill monsters! Always they need your blood.
    Buy a variety of guns, just feel the excitement from HEAD SHOT!

    You must kill zombies, evil wizards, giant worms before they attack stickman.
    The only way to survive is your ability headshot, powerful guns, skills.

    ※ How to play
    Touch the screen or use the virtual joystick to move and jump and Shoot.
    Collect money for buy some guns, upgrade.
    Distribution of skill level goes up-to strengthen your character.
    You can get more money and score when kill the monster with headshot.

    ※ Game features
    Global ranking system without any account.
    50 more stages
    10 more Boss stages.
    Low-end games
  • Smurfs Village  + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data v1.49.1

    Smurfs Village + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data v1.49.1


    The new Smurfs by Schleich® are here!
    Photocomposition with Schleich figurines made easy: Get all new Smurfs on your smartphone. Then you will always have them with you and you can design creative photos with them.

    The new Smurfs by Schleich® are ready to take on great adventures with you every day. Surely you have a Smurf you really like. Save your snapshots to your photo-gallery and share them with your friends.

    Tap one of the thumbnails to select a figure
    Scale and position it onscreen using the usual gestures:
    · Move it
    · Pinch in to make it smaller
    · Pinch out to make it bigger
    · Use two fingers to rotate it

    Choose your backdrop using the camera preview on the display.
    · To turn the camera onto yourself, simply click the camera icon in the top-right frame of the screen.
    · Touch the camera icon to snap a picture.

    The resulting picture can be:
    · saved,
    · shared with your friends,
    · or discarded.

    Schleich and h2 networx wish you a lot of fun!

  • Airport City  + Mod (Unlimited Money/Coins) v5.6.13

    Airport City + Mod (Unlimited Money/Coins) v5.6.13


    Airport City is much more than your average simulator. It takes the best of two worlds in just the right proportions: the sense of adventure from airplane games, and the need to plan strategically from the city building games. If you're starting to think that there are things beyond farming, put your farm sim on hold and start building your city with the best airport in the world! We know how plane games can become repetitive over time, so we are constantly improving this city building sim, to make our players always engaged both on the ground and in the air.

    Whether you want to try out the role of an air tycoon or an airline commander, you'll find something to love about Airport City. Build a modern international-class terminal to send an airplane to whatever corner of the world you want. Just get your plane in the air, and choose where it lands. To make your travels memorable, you can bring back rare artifacts and unique collections. See how many souvenirs can fit in one plane!

    But it's not just a flight simulator—you'll have to apply your outstanding management skills to develop all supporting infrastructure too! Take care of an entire city next to it, to provide your airport all the required services. And if the Earth one day becomes too small for you, build a launchpad and send rockets to outer space!

    If what you're looking for in city building games is peaceful gameplay and interactions, this sim is exactly what you need. Social features are an important part of the game. You can create alliances with other players to complete joint quests and participate in competitions. Just find a fellow airline commander from a neighboring city and make your gaming experience twice as much fun! The regular updates with new models of aircraft, buildings and new destinations, will become an infinite source of entertainment.

    Download Airport City and see for yourself how this simulator stands out among other airplane games and city building games.

    ✔ Test your airline commander skills and develop your own airport. Erect a huge terminal to send your planes to different parts of the world, then construct a launchpad to explore outer space!
    ✔ Take on the role of the ultimate airline tycoon. Build a city and collect profits to support the needs of the airport. If you can handle a farm or a restaurant, you can surely handle an awesome terminal!
    ✔ Enjoy managing an international transport hub, with lots of unique buildings and travel destinations. Improve infrastructure to increase the number of travelers.
    ✔ Interact with like-minded players who enjoy airplane games just like you. Create alliances, and participate in special events. Be the famous business tycoon you always wanted to be!
    ✔ Explore the world with your plane. Travel to your favorite destinations and bring home unique collections.

    Facebook Community: http://www.facebook.com/AirportCityOfficialPage
    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVvTQhSIFds
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    Terms of Service: http://www.game-insight.com/en/site/terms

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  • My Hospital v1.1.29  + Mod (Unlimited Money / Heart)

    My Hospital v1.1.29 + Mod (Unlimited Money / Heart)


    We introduce you to an application called My Hospital that has extra ordinary features in the health field. Do you know what services you can get directly using the application My Hospital?
  • Major GUN  + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data v3.9.4 Android

    Major GUN + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data v3.9.4 Android


    New weapons and all new gun rendering engine just added!

    Take to the range with an incredible arsenal of the world's finest weaponry. Gun Club 3 combines challenging, addictive gameplay with stunning visuals & unsurpassed detail; the only thing missing is the smell of gun powder.

    The newest release in the best-selling Gun Club series, Gun Club 3 brings a whole new world of excitement to the most popular gun simulator ever.

    Lay down your best run then send it to your friends to battle for prizes! Watch as they tackled your score with all-new replays.

    Highly detailed interactive 3D weapon models. Each weapon is fully operational, features real-world ballistics, and can be panned, zoomed, and rotated to catch every angle of detail.

    Custom-fit your weapons with hundreds of different attachments. From scopes to lasers to grenade launchers, the picatinny rail system allows for any load-out you can imagine. Combine it with the multitude of camo options and the weapon customisation possibilities are endless.

    Fire your weapons in a multitude of different range scenarios, from hostage rescue to long distance marksman to the dreaded zombie apocalypse. And for true shooting purists there is the classic target range. No time limits, no scores, just you and your weapon.

    Square off against some of the best shooters in the world with Competition Mode. Shoot your way through each round of the tournament until you are finally crowned as the Ruler of the Range.

    With unique daily trials every day, regular theme packs containing new weapons, ranges, accessories, achievements, leaderboards, and the soon-to-be-released multi-player challenge mode, there is always something new to do in Gun Club 3.

    Play the way Gun Club is meant to be played with full tablet support - take your progress across from other Android devices and continue the action!

    The best weapon sim of all time has just gotten better. Are you ready for the challenge?

    Gun Club 3 is free to play, and requires no in-app purchases to progress. Users do have the option to purchase items with real money. These purchases can be disabled via your device's OS settings.

    Please note, Gun Club 3's game data was previously saved to an external server. This version has no account system in place and all game information is stored locally on the device. Be sure to backup your app data (we recommend using Helium), game data that is not backup up is unable to be restored.
  • Major GUN 3.9.4 Mod (Unlimited Money) Download

    Major GUN 3.9.4 Mod (Unlimited Money) Download


    Terrorists, maniacs and other psychopaths are a plague of today's world. They plan to nuke you and infect the world with a deadly virus, but you're gonna shoot them, slash them, tear them apart (or convince them to vanish in any other way). Armory is going to be a like real gun shop for you: machine guns, rifles, shotguns, grenades, sniper rifles... plus some deadly stuff of course. Every second you hesitate incredibly evil terrorists grow stronger taking over harbors, subways, oil fields... Do something! Push that bloody download button and beat them all!

    4 Player Real Time PVP Matches
    When you're tired of shooting to terrorists, try your skills against other players in 4 Player Real Time PVP Matches. Use your sniper rifle to scope perfect shot or fight with them on the close range with your assault machine gun! Gain advantage by shooting down helpful drops and ... oh well, just be quick and precise :)
    Get all the way to Legendary League and get huge rewards!!

    This is FPS you are looking for!
    You'll love Major GUN addictive arcade-style gameplay that brings you the best endless gun shooting experience!
    Improve your skills as a one-man-army solution for the terrorist situation. Upgrade your arsenal of cool weapons and pick the right one for the task. Sniper rifles, shotguns, assault and heavy machine guns - you can play with all of them. Test your fighting skills against all enemies.

    Amazing 3D Graphics
    Different locations, environments, explosions we got it all covered. Fight with Bosses and stay alive to unlock each location. Each stage is unique, beautifully arranged 3D environment with its own identity. And all of this is packed in excellent comic art style you'll love.

    Game modes
    Over 100 missions await! MAJOR GUN has multiple Gameplay modes.
    Clear area from enemy soldiers and rescue hostages in assault missions. Test your speed and accuracy in survival mode. Show who's the best in FPS sniper mode. Try to complete ultra hard special ops or meat the final challenge and defeat Boss.
    Major GUN has everything to keep you entertained for weeks.

    Unique levels and enemies
    Major GUN is challenging FPS!
    - Improve your shooting skills during stressful conflict situations
    - Find, prepare to eliminate various enemies: outlaws, savage assassins and psychopaths
    - Finish Daily Challenges to collect boosts, funds and weapons
    - Search for first aid kits and adrenaline
    - Earn maximum 3 stars for each finished mission. Compete with your friends to see who is the best Major GUN!
    - Increase your rank from a recruit; someday you'll become a major?

    Huge Arsenal of Weapons
    No blank cartridges!

    Don't miss the rare opportunity to test in action over 30 best weapons used by special forces all over the world!

    Try 4 handguns, 6 machine guns, 8 assault rifles, 4 shotguns, heavy machine guns (including minigun), 4 sniper rifles, every machine you need.
    All weapons you can upgrade! Buy the crates full of goods: guns, ammo or sets of weapons.

    Multiple Locations
    Major Gun missions are located in few thrilling areas build in aesthetic of action movies.
    Take over the harbor, clean occupied subway station from all enemies, fight in the desert heat!

    Only dangerous enemies from XXI century battlefields!
    Alpha! Bravo! Charlie! Where are you? Join special operations, sniper and survival missions, find and defeat dangerous bosses.
    The aim, shoot, take over the places, save the comrades-in-arms, protect the hostages, prevent the nukes from an explosion, test various guns, rifles and much more!

    Check our reviews - Players told it already - it's best first-person shooting game ever.

    Don't forget it, soldier! You can play our FPS anywhere - offline no wifi mode works even in an airplane.

    Game is free to play, but you can buy virtual guns for real money
  • Farming Simulator 14  + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.4.4

    Farming Simulator 14 + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.4.4


    Start your agricultural career in Farming Simulator 14 on mobile and tablet! Take control of your farm and its fields to fulfil your harvesting dreams.

    As well as a refined look and feel, Farming Simulator 14 gives you double the number of farm machines to control, all authentically modelled on equipment from real agricultural manufacturers, including Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Kuhn, Amazone and Krone.


    - New highly detailed 3D graphics and a slick user interface take your gameplay experience to the next level
    - Play with a friend in a free roaming open world in the brand new local multiplayer mode for WiFi and Bluetooth
    - Plant wheat, canola or corn and sell it in a dynamic market
    - Mow grass, tedder and windrow it to create hay bales to feed to your cows, then sell their milk to the highest bidder
    - Make money by selling grass or chaff at the Biogas Plant
    - Hire computer-controlled assistants to help you with your work
  • Township  + MOD (Unlimited Money) + Data v4.9.0 Android

    Township + MOD (Unlimited Money) + Data v4.9.0 Android


    Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming!

    Build your dream town! Harvest crops at the farms, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with exotic countries. Open restaurants, cinemas, and other community buildings to give life in your town special flavor. Explore the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Run your own zoo and collect animals from around the world.
    Are you ready to become a farmer and city-manager to build your dream? Let's get started!

    Township features:
    ● Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your dream town
    ● Various crops to grow and later process at your factories
    ● Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill
    ● Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect
    ● Lovely animals to take care of
    ● Farms to manage and expand
    ● Exotic goods brought from islands
    ● A zoo to build where you can even breed animals
    ● Country flags and famous landmarks you can use to decorate your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more!
    ● Play with your Facebook and Google+ friends, make new friends in the game community create your own clans!

    Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

    *Internet connection is required to play the game and enable social interactions, competitions and other features*

    Enjoying Township? Learn more about the game!
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/TownshipMobile
    Twitter: twitter.com/township_mobile

    Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected]
  • Download Driving School 2017 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

    Download Driving School 2017 (MOD, Unlimited Money)


    Driving School 2017 is the newest driving simulator that will teach you to drive many different cars. Driving School 2017 features some amazing environments like cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains, etc...
    You can learn to drive a manual transmission with clutch and stick shift or keep to the classic automatic gearbox. Use a virtual steering wheel or many other control options that suit your needs. Gain more knowledge of the road rules with this intuitive driving simulator.
    Play with your friends in new racing and free ride multiplayer modes.
    More than 80 levels with different driving conditions are waiting for you. Show off your driving skills, get your driving license now! Play Driving School 2017!

    • Nearly 100 vehicles to unlock!
    • More than 15 detailed maps
    • Smooth and realistic car handling
    • Different licenses to take, Car, Bus and Truck
    • More than 80 challenging levels
    • Free Ride mode
    • New Multiplayer Modes: Racing, Free Ride & Catch the Flag
    • Detailed vehicle interiors
    • Realistic damage system
    • Gas System with refilling at gas stations
    • Manual Transmission with clutch
    • Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
    • Online Leaderboards and Achievements
    • Real engine sounds
    • Next-Gen weather conditions
    • Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!
    • Controller Support, play with your Gamepad!
  • Dragon Hills v1.2.1 Mod (Unlimited Money)

    Dragon Hills v1.2.1 Mod (Unlimited Money)


    Are all Princesses really waiting for Princes to come and save them? Not this time!
    Take control of a very dangerous Dragon in this action-packed adventure and help the furious princess on her revenge mission. Slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way.

    Chase down the knights, conquer new castles and discover new lands!

    Awesome FEATURES:

    • Super fun, fast and furious gameplay
    • Fully destructible terrain
    • Epic boss battles
    • Upgradeable weapons, armor and explosive power-ups available for unlocking
    • Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative gameplay
    • Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends

    Get ready for crazy adventures with this instantly playable and simple to control game!

    Our games are free to download and play. However it is possible to buy game currency or some game items using real money. You can disable in-app purchases from your device's settings if you do not want to use this feature.

    To start the game you must accept our:

    Privacy Policy: http://www.rebeltwins.com/privacy-policy/
    Terms of Use: http://www.rebeltwins.com/terms-of-use/
  • Smurfs Village  + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data v1.50.0

    Smurfs Village + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data v1.50.0


    Did you grow up watching Smurfs Saga and playing bubble shooter games?

    Play, blast and pop bubbles in this wonderful bubble games saga. Join Papa Smurfs and the village to beat one more time Gargamel and his cat Azrael in this smurfs-tastic bubble shooter casual game. Help the Smurfs in their mission to build the village as you remember it from the movie.

    Solve addictive bubble puzzles to collect items and design your own town in a magic bubble games puzzle. The best bubble shooter saga for Smurfs lovers. Aim and pop your way through the levels to find all your lost friends of this fantastic Smurfs saga.

    Blast and pop bubbles, match, connect, swap and crush lines in these challenging bubble games. Combine them for even greater effect in this Smurf fantasy puzzle quest. Remember your objective is not always to pop bubbles.

    Blast, pop and enjoy the Smurfs best bubble games saga of 2019!

    -- FEATURES --

    · COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE SMURFS - Papa, Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy, Clumsy, and many more of your favorite blue friends will join you on your adventure.
    · EXPLORE A FANTASTIC WORLD - Journey through familiar, classics, new and exciting lands as you and the Smurfs explore this fantastic bubble world.
    · SMURFBERRIES - Win Smurfberries to use to get cool decorations during your game adventure.
    · POP HUNDREDS OF LEVELS - Pop bubbles when you play and beat over 1000 levels full of Smurfy obstacles!
    · BOSS MODE - Fight against Gargamel and Azrael in this pop bubble games!
    · BONUS EVENTS - Get big rewards from beating special limited time and seasonal events!
    · GET SOCIAL - Connect to Facebook to enjoy with friends playing this casual bubble shooter saga, send and receive extra lives, plus more!

    This casual game may include advertising tailored to your interests on behalf of the Sony Corporation family of companies, as well as third parties. To learn more about this, visit www.aboutads.info. To exercise certain choices regarding interest-based advertising, visit www.aboutads.info/choices. You may also download the App Choices app at www.aboutads.info/appchoices.

    Privacy Policy: http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/privacy.html
    Terms of Use: http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/tos.html
    Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacyportal-cdn.onetrust.com/dsarwebform/d19e506f-1a64-463d-94e4-914dd635817d/b9eb997c-9ede-451b-8fd4-29891782a928.html

    SMURFS™ & © Peyo 2017 Lafig B./IMPS. Movie © 2017 CPII and LSC Film Corporation and Wanda Culture Holding Co., Ltd. Excluding the foregoing, © Sony Pictures Television Networks Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Township  + MOD (Unlimited Money) + Data v5.0.0 Android

    Township + MOD (Unlimited Money) + Data v5.0.0 Android


    Way to get in touch with BVM Alumni!! Here we go…

    An Android based application with data interphase providing Batch and Folio wise details of BVM Alumni.
    Share your nostalgia, grow your network. Be the Part of BOBS.

    BOBS is an Application designed for Alumni of Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital. Birla Vidyamandir is situated 330 km to the north east of Delhi in the famous Central Himalayan township of Nainital. Its sprawling campus, around 65 acres is set at the top of a ridge, called "Sher-Ka-Danda" overlooking the lake, 1500 feet above the town and 7800 feet above sea level.

    We are alumni of Birla Vidya Mandir , Nainital.

    This application communicates with the online database of Alumni of Birla Vidya Mandir. After registration, an alumnus can search other alumni data with various Search criteria.

Mod Apks
Original Apks
Last Update Mod
  • Legend of the cartoon - idle RPG v1.8.4 Mod (Free purchase)
    Looks sloppy, but strong heros are coming!

    Joyful RPG builing through Tap with 'Captain' protecting the town

    Let's make a town full of heros!

    A town where various heros live in!
    Let's collect every single heros with different jobs and characteristics!
    All heros can be open through coin collected through hunting!

    My own town that nobody can copy!
    Let's build my town with different decoration!
    A resort like town a hero can rest? A hero factory like town?
    It doesn't matter what ever you want! Decorate it your own way!

    Grow your hero through different ways!
    TOWER OF CHALLENGE fighting with corrupted heros!

    RAIDS fighting with giant dragons!
    BOSS FIGHT fighting bosses with powerful attacks!
    Let's raise our heros with rewards you can only obtain from each contents!
  • Boom Town v1.8.3 Mod (Free purchase)
    Boomtown is a top-down 2D online multiplayer game where players cooperate to mine the highest amount of gold possible during a number of time-limited rounds.
  • US Army Missile Attack : Army Truck Driving Games v2.2 Mod (Free purchase)
    AK Tech Inc. offers you a dangerous and crazy US Military truck driving and missile launcher on Mountain tracks. So now it is time for you to prepare yourself for playing really challenging Real Truck driving and become the master of truck games on impossible tracks which others might think impossible. But together, Yes we can do and make you the hero of best army games 3d and can enhance your skills to drive truck simulator army games on lofty tracks. So now it is time ignite your luxurious missile launcher to show your skill to drive army truck with charming environment.

    Now you are a real Military hero, set in the missile launcher truck, load the truck from bombs and missile and attack on enemy base to save your people and army base before enemy helicopter destroy you.
    Drive the US army missile launcher in mountain and off road in hilly area but be careful, you can face a very dangerous height and cuts during driving and enemy attack, but you must be active against your enemy attack and you will try to reach to the target point from where you have to launch the missile and destroy the enemy base.

    You will drive this army missile launcher in different environment like snow , greenish hilly environment as well desert and will feel the real effect of army wars free games. In our us military truck driving simulator games 2019 By using your Pro driving skills you have to reach to the target point and launch the missile and also save your base from enemy like army mission games

    You have heavy missiles launcher loaded on jumbo military truck drive with realistic fire and blast effect .
    Play games in military truck mission is not that easy job so here is the time to reveal your army truck real driving experience. Make yourself be ready for the us army truck drive mission. Drive in missile launcher us army truck 3d simulator 2018 and be ready for the off road games to show your craze of driving like army truck driving simulator 3d. Our best game simulator have better control of driving so feel comfortable while driving in our military truck mission games 2019. If you love top games than this us military truck driving games 2019 is right here for you. As this theme is also designed on best driving games in which driving is much easier than other driving simulator games. If you like driving games than this game is also one of the best games free on store. So quickly download our army truck driver simulator 3d driving games 2019.

    Play games in traffic is not that easy job so here is the time to reveal your army mission games experience. Make yourself be ready for the new army games. Drive in military games and be ready for the new games 2019 to show your craze of driving real truck driving. Our best games have better control of driving so feel comfortable while driving in our best army games 3d. If you love driving games free than this us army truck driving simulator is right here for you. As this theme is also designed on real army truck driving in which driving is much easier than other driving simulator. You'll be very excited to play our driving simulator so enjoy driving. Download our 3d games and have fun with our truck games 2019. you can play top games absolutely free. If you like army truck simulator 2019 games than this game is also one of the best games free on store. So quickly download our driving games.
  • Paraguay Jobs - Job Search vv3.4 Mod (Free purchase)
    Getting a Job in Paraguay was never this easy! By using Paraguay Jobs - Job Search App you can now find all the latest Jobs in Paraguay from millions of reputable organizations, right from your mobile phone.

    You can search latest Government Jobs, Retail Jobs , Admin Jobs and Teaching & Education Jobs quickly through Paraguay Jobs - Job Search Application.

    Search Jobs by Industry:
    By using our job search app, you can find full-time, part-time and online working opportunities in all job sectors including Sales & Marketing, Software & Web Development, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service, Marketing, Administration, Creative Design, Engineering, Writing, Telemarketing, Distribution & Logistics, Human Resources, Healthcare, Civil Engineering, Engineering and Retail.

    Search Jobs by City:
    Conveniently Search Jobs in top cities of Paraguay like Asunción, Ciudad del Este, San Lorenzo, Luque, Capiatá and beyond.

    Paraguay Jobs - Job Search App Features:

    ✔Create your professional profile and our match job engine will find the best job opportunities for you in Paraguay.
    ✔Share your profile easily, whether through email, social media or as a PDF for your future use.
    ✔Search jobs according to your interest, using advanced filters and categories.
    ✔Quickly review, apply or skip jobs with simple swipes.
    ✔Get instant job alerts through in-app Push Notification, SMS and Emails.
    ✔Follow the companies you are interested in and apply for the relevant jobs.
    ✔Save jobs to access instantly again

    Paraguay Jobs - Job Search is 100% free job searching and posting platform developed by JobSearch inc. for Job Seekers as well as Employers. We are working day and night to improve the performance of our platform.
  • Three Kingdoms Domination v1.2.0120 Mod (Free purchase)
    Explore the vast lands of the Three Kingdoms! Choose to serve the emperor of the Wei, Shu or Wu Kingdom. Conquer neighboring capitals to claim their land with your flag.

    Recruit over 100+ legendary heroes to lead your army! Command three types of units: Infantry, Cavalry and Archers. Train, evolve and limit break your heroes to unleash their innate potential.

    Build and fortify your empire! Gather resource such as Wood, Wheat and Iron Ores. Accumulate a wealth of Coins and Gold Ingots. Buy and sell at the Auction House. Use resources strategically and build an impregnable fortress to protect the noble palace.

    Engage in fierce PVP battles! Deploy your strongest heroes to dominate your opponents. Gain Reputation points with every victory. Enter the Arena Shop to exchange points for items. Rank in the leaderboard for daily and weekly rewards.

    Form alliances with comrades! Join a Clan for there is strength in numbers. Gain access to the exclusive Clan Shop, Library and Goddess Temple. Use the Chat system to exchange your strategy with friends. Ready your troops and emerge victorious in the clash of Clans.

    In the rise of kingdoms, who will be triumphant? Rewrite history in Three Kingdoms: Domination! Pre-register now!

    - BUILD & FORTIFY your empire
    - RECRUIT over 100+ legendary heroes to lead your army
    - TRAIN three types of units: Infantry, Cavalry and Archers
    - CONQUER neighboring capitals to claim their land
    - EXPLORE the vast lands of the Three Kingdoms
    - GATHER resources and accumulate wealth
    - ENGAGE in fierce PvP battles
    - FORM alliances with comrades

    Facebook: www.fb.com/ThreeKingdomsDomination
    Website: tkd.gogame.net
    Email: [email protected]
  • DDDDIG! v1.2.06 Mod (Free purchase)
    Cute drill character is digging the ground
    Swipe your finger to dig blocks with the drill to break blocks.
    Try to break as many blocks and get score points.
    Charge the drill with energy in the middle.
    Collect various drills with the coins collected on arrival!
    Complete the mission!

    ■ Features
    Free to play
    Light game
    Endless gameplay
    Collect a variety of cute drills
    Achieve high scores
  • Amazon Bus v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)
    An application for Amazon employees who use FC journeys to increase driving comfort.
  • Comune di Impruneta v1.0.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    The Pro-Impruneta Association was formed in 1992 with the aim of promoting the territory of IMPRUNETA tourist, cultural and promotional.
    Membership is open to all and adheres there, according to the statute, to propose new initiatives, qualify and enhance existing ones so the area's resources. The Pro-Impruneta was admitted to the Provincial of the Pro Loco - Regional Law 72/89 - and is in contact with the departments of Tourism of the Province of FLORENCE and TUSCANY Region.
    The Pro-Impruneta Association opened its office in the capital, in the town hall.
    The office is to be considered provisional because the projects you would like to realize a permanent exhibition of handicrafts and agricultural products typical of the territory.
    The current information office is open to the public thanks to the contribution of members who carry out their activities as volunteers. The Pro-Impruneta boasts a large number of people who have joined and contributed to its initiatives; among members are ordinary citizens, business people, professionals, entrepreneurs.
    Every citizen who has the ideas for the promotion and enhancement of the Impruneta area, may propose to make them viable in synergy with those of others.
    The Billboard Events Impruneta: www.comune.impruneta.fi.it
  • Ararat Restaurant v5.1.1 Mod (Free purchase)
    Hunger? Order online quickly and easily! With the Ararat Restaurant app you can choose your favorite dishes from the menu and send the order in seconds. Enjoy your meal!
Popular Mods
  • Tap Tap Breaking: Break Everything Clicker Game v1.66 Mod
    From wooden chopsticks to diamonds, alien skulls, things of gods...!
    How far can you break it?
    Challenge the ultimate king of breaking throughout the universe!
  • Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Tiny Shop Game Mod and Unlimited Money
    Ready to be rich?

    Become the richest supermarket entrepreneur!

    Build your own business, earn money, and become the best supermarket tycoon in the world!

    Start with a mini-mart and turn it into a major supermarket business. Build a bakery, sell fruit and vegetables, offer high-quality fish and meat. Run your own perfume and electronics departments. Let the customers fill their shopping carts!

    Research new features to improve the quality of your products, offers, and departments. Make your business grow!

    Become the best supermarket manager. Hire sellers and make them increase your sales and profits. Set the salary of the employees from different departments. Take care of your customers too, offering them a wider range of options and healthy products. Build a huge parking lot where they can safely leave their vehicles while they shop.

    Develop different marketing strategies to attract potential and existing customers. Choose the best products and improve your research to offer the best deals to your customers. Their opinion and feedback is critical to run a profitable business. Happy customers are returning customers!

    If you like idle and tapping games, you will enjoy this casual supermarket management game. Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an easy-to-play game where you run your own business with different product departments. Make important management decisions to build your empire and transform your small supermarket into one of the greatest in the world!

    - Casual and easy gameplay
    - Different challenges to complete
    - Amazing animations and 3D graphics
    - Unique products to sell!
    - Make important managing decisions to expand your business
    - Save your progress in the cloud and recover it if you change your device
  • Clash Of Clans MOD (unlimited gems)
    Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars!

    Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash!

    New Features:
    ● Upgrade to the brand new Town Hall 13 and devastate your foes with the Giga Inferno!
    ● An all-new Hero, the Royal Champion, joins your army with her trusty spear and crushing Seeking Shield!
    ● Feel the furry-ous might of the newest troop, the Yeti and the horde-breaking defense, the Scattershot.

    Classic Features:
    ● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends.
    ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against other players across the globe.
    ● Test your skills in the competitive Clan War Leagues and prove you're the best.
    ● Work together with your clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic Items
    ● Defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls.
    ● Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm.
    ● Plan unique battle strategies with countless combinations of spells, troops, and Heroes!
    ● Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special events.
    ● Train unique troops with multiple levels of upgrades.
    ● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world.

    PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.

    A network connection is also required.

    Support: Chief, are you having problems? Visit http://supercell.helpshift.com/a/clash-of-clans/ or http://supr.cl/ClashForum or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

    Privacy Policy: http://www.supercell.net/privacy-policy/

    Terms of Service: http://www.supercell.net/terms-of-service/

    Parent's Guide: http://www.supercell.net/parents
  • Brawl Stars 1.1714 Mod Hack Android
    Fast-paced multiplayer battles from the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

    Battle with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful super abilities. Purchase and collect unique skins to stand out and show off in the arena. Join or start a band to share tactics and fight together.

    - Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
    - Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
    - Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don't let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
    - Heist (3v3): Protect your team's safe and try to crack open your opponents'. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
    - Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
    - Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.

    Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with punishing SUPER abilities, level them up with power points, and collect unique skins.

    Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove you're the greatest Brawler of them all!

    Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

    PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.

    - Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
    - A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
    - Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and SUPER ability
    - New events and game modes daily
    - Battle solo or co-op
    - Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
    - Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
    - Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
    - Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master

    Are you having problems? Visit http://supercell.helpshift.com/a/brawl-stars/ or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Service:

    Parent's Guide:
  • Dragon Mania v4.0.0 Mod
    Free download Dragon Mania v4.0.0 Mod APK
  • ROBLOX v2.321.174771 Android
    Already have an account? Log in with your existing Roblox account and play now!


    In the mood for an epic role-playing adventure? Want to compete against rivals worldwide? Or do you just want to hang out and chat with your friends online? A growing library of worlds created by the community means there's always something new and exciting for you to play every day.


    Take the fun on the go. Roblox features full cross-platform support, meaning you can play with your friends and millions of other people on their computers, mobile devices, Xbox One, or VR headsets.


    Be creative and show off your unique style! Customize your avatar with tons of hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. With an ever-expanding catalog of items, there's no limit to the looks you can create.


    Hang out with friends around the world using chat features, private messages, and groups!

    CREATE YOUR OWN WORLDS: https://www.roblox.com/develop
    SUPPORT: https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us
    CONTACT: https://corp.roblox.com/contact/
    PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.roblox.com/info/privacy
    PARENT'S GUIDE: https://corp.roblox.com/parents/

    PLEASE NOTE: A network connection is required to play. Roblox games work best over Wi-Fi.
  • Cute CUT  Video Editor  Movie Maker v1.8.5 [PRO]
    Now, you can DRAW movies, AND you can draw ON movies! Cute CUT's powerful, easy-to-use editing features put YOU in control, allowing you to make the highest quality movies, DIFFERENT from anything you've seen!

    Do you want to create your own unique movie? Cute CUT's robust and intuitive feature set will have you doing so in no time, drawing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind movies and so much more!

    Besides providing the utilities of a common video editor, Cute CUT brings to the table exceptionally advanced, Hollywood-style editing functionality!

    We're continually working to enrich and strengthen Cute CUT's top-tier functionality, and its refreshingly simple, unique presence in today's digital market. Are you with us? Join more than one million others who've dared to discover the delightful difference that's Cute CUT!


    Key Features:

    - User-Friendly UI.

    Just drag and drop; you can arrange your media segments easily.
    Sleek, bookshelf-style organizer showcases your movies.
    UI supports both portrait and landscape modes.

    - Make DIFFERENT movies, make movies DIFFERENT!

    Supports SIMULTANEOUS Adding of UP TO SIX different types of media into movie projects: Video, Photo (both from Album or Camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, Text, Music, and Voice. 

    - Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including HD (16:9), SD (4:3), SQUARE (1:1) and even Portrait Mode!

    Creating a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) movie is EASY: Merely place one movie atop another; Cute CUT even supports independent Resizing of each and every video segment! 

    - Draw directly on movie.

    30+ drawing tools. 

    - 3 Advanced Brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, gradients editable.

    - Highly customizable transitions.

    - 20+ Pre-Defined Transitions.

    - Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transform, and Sound Volume ... ALL Customizable!

    - Share Your Movie.

    Export to Camera Roll.
    Send to YouTube/Facebook.
    Send via e-mail.

    - Multiple Tutorials, and even Full Video Walkthroughs available, easily accessible.


    You can upgrade to Pro to obtain the following features.

    1. Watermark-free movies.
    2. Unlimited movie length.

    Homepage: http://cutecut.mobivio.com
    Feedback and Support: [email protected]
  • Earn To Die 2 Mod 1.0.45 (Unlimited Money)
    Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massive follow-up to the chart-topping hit Earn to Die!

    An evacuation ship is waiting on the other side of the country. The only thing that stands in your way: city after city overrun by zombies . With only a run-down car and a small amount of cash you face a familiar situation... to drive through hordes of zombies in order to survive!

    Earn to Die 2 introduces a massive new Story Mode, five times longer than its predecessor. The game departs its familiar desert setting and delves into the depths of cities infested by zombies.

    Levels are now multi-tiered! Drive across decayed highway overpasses, via underground tunnels, or smash through epic zombie filled factories. Whichever path you choose to take, you won't be able to escape the zombie hordes - your only choice is to smash through them!

    Unlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles, including a sports car, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van. Each vehicle can be equipped with a range of upgrades, such as armored frames, roof-mounted guns, boosters and more. Those zombies will stand no chance.

    Vehicles are now fully destructible. Hang on for your life as your vehicle gets smashed to smithereens if you aren't too careful.

    What are you waiting for? That rescue ship isn't going to wait forever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - and seriously, there is nothing like smashing through zombie-filled factories!

    Earn to Die 2 is a bigger and better version of the original web series which includes Earn to Die 2012 and Earn to Die 2: Exodus.

    Earn to Die 2 is free-to-play, however contains 3rd-party advertising and optional in-app purchases.
    For more information on advertising, please see our Privacy Policy: http://www.notdoppler.com/earntodie2/privacypolicy.php

    Required Permissions FAQ:
    WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to load and display ads in game (Earn to Die 2 is an ad-supported game).
  • Avee Music Player (Pro) v1.2.73 [Premium]
    Some important news: One of the old versions (1.0.34) got fully open sourced: https://github.com/Daaw/AveeOpenPlayer_1.0.34

    A lightweight music player with folder browsing, equalizer, song cross-fading, and video playback capability.
    Most notable features include audio visualizer and easy HD video production.
    While all visualizers are extensively customizable - color / shape / size / audio reaction / your own picture and more tweaks.

    You can also import and export visualizer templates as files and find various other ones shared online.

    * Most popular media formats supported
    * Direct folder browsing with folder shortcuts
    * Customizable audio visualizers.
    * Export visualizer as hd video file.
    * Searchable library, queue, files, ...
    * Screen orientation lock
    * Read and save playlists (pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8)
    * Lock-screen and status bar widget
    * Supports media and blue-tooth controls
    * Sleep timer
    * Equalizer
    * Cross-fade and gap-less transitions
    * UI color skins
    * 2 types of internal players

    Special note about Microphone permission:
    While this app asks for Microphone permission, it doesn't access microphone itself to listen for audio from the device but rather uses this permission to access global audio stream at the software level. It is used by Native playback engine and is only currently kept for compatibility reasons.
  • GTA V Mobile + DATA
    GTA V (GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto, GTA) Out now for PlayStation4, Xbox One, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and PC. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.

    GTA 5!

    You want all the latest information about GTA 5? This amazing app does the job for you. We keep you up to date with all the rumors, news facts and information about GTA 5.

    But there is more. We give you background information about the main GTA V characters, the vehicles that can be found in this amazing Grand Theft Auto 5 game and a game guide to help you a little hand (when available).

    With this app you also can view the newest screenshots, artwork en screencaps and save them in HD on your mobile phone as wallpaper. So flourish up your screen with these amazing GTA 5 backgrounds! In the meanwhile you can visit the GTA V theater, where you can watch the official trailers and other videos about Grand Theft Auto 5.

    And if you’re bored play one of the brilliant mini games we have specially developed for you. Test your reaction time, tapping speed or memory with one of these games.

    At last but not least, we have the official GTA 5 cheats, radio stations and map for you (when available). So if you’re a real GTA 5 fan, download this app now!

    - Latest GTA 5 news and information
    - View latest screenshots and artwork
    - Countdown until release
    - Save images as HD wallpapers
    - Watch official GTA V trailers and videos
    - Cheats*
    - Main characters
    - Vehicles that can be found in GTA 5
    - Radio stations*
    - Map of GTA 5*
    - Game guide
    - Different GTA V mini games, including: Michaels Memory, Franklins Firefight and Trevors Tapgame.

    *will be added when available

    What's New

    What's in this version:

    *update 1.04*
    - Minigames!!!!
    - Michaels Memory
    - Franklins Firefight
    *update 1.02*
    - Share news with your Friends
    - Timeline
    - Some new wallpapers
    *update 1.01*
    - Wallpaper bug fixed
    - Share app with your friends
    - Save app on your SD-card

    Grand Theft Auto is a persistent, open world online multiplayer video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.