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  • Cross The Words

    Cross The Words


    Cross the words is the best game for a healthy exercise for brain, learning experience to enhance your vocabulary, knowledge and problem solving skills. You are smart? You have good vocabulary? You like puzzle Games?

    Let's test the skill level with “Cross the Word” available free for download. Word Cross is a creative crossword puzzle game which can inspire your passion for brain challenges. Handy & Easy to Play: You can easily swipe the letters to form a specific hidden word. It's easy to play and fun to master for everyone. Just swipe and link the letters to build it! Wow, it's very easy. You can training brain and learn new words in game.

    It's very simple to play, the main goal of this app is using the given letters, combine them and make them into a word. Cross the word has absolutely simple layout. It has different categories like animals, birds, countries, vegetables and fruits. The game begins with very simple words and as you carry on to higher levels, the words become harder. “Cross the Word” game is a tempting addiction which don't only kill the users' time but also engage the user in a productive and learning activity. The game is suitable for all ages.

    • Completely offline.
    • Suitable for all ages.
    • Periodic free updates.
    • Easy to play, Hard to complete.
    • Match your pace with no time limits.
    • New levels are waiting to be unlocked.
    • Simplest BOARD with different themes available.
    • Test your vocabulary.
    • Beautiful themes.
    • Test your vocabulary.
    • Beautiful themes.
    • No time limits.
    • Play offline games at any time.
    • Shuffles and hints will help you.
    • For all ages, kids or adults.
    • Supported on both phone and tablet No time limits.
  • Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi

    Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi


    This is a famous childhood game played in India . Four players can play this game , 4 paper chits are made. Then one player shuffles the chits by clicking on Shuffle Button .Each Player See the chit he has opened by clicking on a particular chit. and close the chit again by clicking on it . then all 4 players see the chit . one player click on Guess Button. Then Rani (Princess) guesses who is the Chor(Theif). If Her Guess is right , she will be given 500 points and if her guess is wrong she will get 0 points and her 500 points will e given to Chor(Theif). Raja(Prince) will be Given 1000 points and Sipahi(Police) will be given 250 points. You Can play as many chances as u can by clickin on next button . When u want to end the game u can click on winner to see who is winner.

    raja mantri chor sipahi game
    raja mantri chor sipahi
    raja mantri chor
    Raja rani chor sipahi
    Raja rani wala game
    raja rani chor sipahi
    and bang chok chang game
  • K.O Fighter 97 (Emulator)

    K.O Fighter 97 (Emulator)


    It's Kof time! Use all your skills, combos and specials!!
  • Piction - Guess the drawing

    Piction - Guess the drawing


    Guess the word behind the drawing! Entertaining, casual fun for all ages!

    - Free to play!
    - 150 unique levels with hundreds of drawings
    - Levels get harder over time
    - 100 starting coins
    - Earn more coins by passing levels as quickly as possible
    - Need help? Use coins to reveal more of the drawing or special hints
    - Recommended for children or adults
    - Supported by Ads and In-app purchases
  • Pixel Soldier: Zombie War

    Pixel Soldier: Zombie War


    Pixel Soldier: Zombie War takes place in the horrified future scenarios where terrible epidemic made world full of zombies and now you must fight to survive!. In Pixel Soldier: Zombie War - new grand zombies shooter game you will find the best of zombie apocalypse environments. Time to gear up and enter the apocalypse in dead city.
    Fight various zombies Day by day, enemy by enemy, no walking dead can remain unkilled if you and entire human race should survive. Zombie games were never more entertaining!
    Ready yourself, aim in on your target and fire you weapon to prove that you are the best shooter in the shooting games genre. Kill zombies and fight your way through this Pixel Soldier: Zombie War.
    Pixel Soldier: Zombie War amazing features:
    - Variety of zombie apocalypse scenarios, many maps with different visual themes and enemy routes
    - Fight against 20+ different types of zombie: zombie prisoners, zombie dogs, zombie cheerleaders, gunmen or epic boss monsters.
    - Various shooting arsenal.
    - Arena bonus mode - kill as many zombies as you can using only melee weapon
    - Upgradeable zombie killing weapons to inflict more damage, be more accurate, reload faster or have more ammo.
    - More than 10 different weapons!
    - Ready. Aim. Fire! Easy and intuitive controls:
    - Multiple thriller shooting scenes.
    - High velocity gameplay.
    - 3D Pixel cartoon graphics: Simple but attractive
    - Stunning sound effects.

    If you love shooting games, don't hesitate to download this game now and play for free!
    In case if you have anything wonder that needed to be addressed just send us an email through this address:
    We will take a look at it and reply to your email as soon as possible.
  • Escape: Kamarottu CheckPost

    Escape: Kamarottu CheckPost


    Kamarottu CheckPost Escape is an Android Arcade Escape Game which is based on Gaddappa Character from an upcoming Kannada feature film Kamarottu CheckPost.
    Gaddappa one of the character of the film, begins to search about the paranormal happenings that are occuring in Guttina Mane a famous house at Kamarottu a fictional place in Tulunadu. Help him to cross obstacles and to solve the mystery that had happened at Kamarottu CheckPost

    The movie is scheduled to release on May, 2019. The movie is produced by Chethan Raj, written and directed by A Parmesh. Sanath S, Uthpal Gowda, Swathi Rajj, Ahalya Suresh, Gaddappa and others are starring in this film.
  • Balloon Bounce

    Balloon Bounce


    In this game the player bounces a balloon to keep it in the air. The more bounces you get the higher your score. Fail to keep the balloon up and its game over.
  • Upside Games

    Upside Games


    Upside Games
  • New Summertime 2k19 Saga Helper

    New Summertime 2k19 Saga Helper


    Hello guys i create app for help you play Summertime Saga game, you can easy win all the mission.
    The territory on which the rule establishes the strongest. And all want to find Summertime Saga Guide , Do not run to an open place without a good cover from the rear, look around and be ready for anything! But summertime saga app game helps everyone. Become the biggest boss with summertime saga game ! Using summertime saga walkthrough as a real god and it will be easier to play using summertime saga2 the game ! In your new mega application sumertime saga the game has everything you need!
    guide for summertime saga bad mind Jugabilidad:
    - progresión de la historia visual novela
    - Citas estadísticas de sim y progresión de misiones
    - Experiencia mejorada a través de escenas reducidas y minijuegos
    - Desarrollado por Renpy Engine

    how to summertime saga juego en español Funciones planificadas:
    - 3 principales misiones de parcelas para completar
    - Mini juegos que te ayudan a progresar en el juego
    - Mapa activo para explorar
    - Más de 50 lugares para visitar
    - Más de juego de summertime saga 50 caracteres para interactuar con

    summertime saga high school
    - Sistema de inventario
    - Estadísticas, energía y sistema monetario
    - Posibles expansiones del universo cuando se completa el desarrollo de la ciudad
    - Sistema de citas

    **** Disclaimer/Legal Notice ****:

    This application follows the fair use guidelines by US law, if you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesnt follow within the fair use guidelines, please contact us directly.

    Here in this guide, we will share all the amazing features, downloading and installation process of the SumerTime Saga on your selected devices.

    Please Note: this app is a guide that facilitate the usage of chat and communication via video, and it's not associated or affiliated with the SumerTime Saga app.
  • Army Sniper 3D Game - Us & Iran Border War

    Army Sniper 3D Game - Us & Iran Border War


    This Army Sniper 3D Game - Us & Iran Border War is best fps shooting game based on real sniper game experiences for those who love sniper shooter FPS games. This us army sniper shooting game is for those who were waiting for the best fps action games with highly challenging missions. Show your best gorilla skills in this boarder army sniper game.
    In this modern sniper game, get yourself equipped with long range sniper gun, hold your position and start eliminating terrorists. You are modern assassin in sniper game and your mission is to stop terrorists to enter your country at boarder. Be the first military assassin by showing some thrilling sniper mission actions. You are going to be the first assassin sniper commando in this best sniper game. Lay down your fine plane for shooting and counter terrorists attack at boarder areas with best strategies.
    In unconventional warfare, sniper shooter is the only winner with their modern furry assassin sniper techniques. Begin your fight in real modern combat arena with your best gorilla commando skills. It is your chance to become the modern assassin shooter and be on the top of sniper shot list. You will be provided with modern ammunition to eliminate terrorists from your territory successfully. Show your skills of sniper warrior in this best sniper mission game.
    Your priority should be the eliminating high profile targets first as an elite blazing sniper then handle those other terrorists trying to cross border. In this best sniper shooter game, show your gorilla commando skills as well to successfully complete this SWAT sniper mission and your commando duty. Sniper shoots are the best approach to eliminate terrorists in an unconventional warfare like in this sniper shooting game. Sniper Sharpshooter adventure is thrilling sniper shooting game including best sniper shooting techniques.
    This is Sniper Sharpshooter duty time for real sniper agents like you in most advanced sniper game. This is the arena of sniper battlefield and fight is unconventional where as your enemy are terrorists. You are trained as modern assassin shooter in this SWAT FPS game. Ready to play this sniper shooter game with best sniper shooter 3d guns and weapons, shoot the terrorists and win the battle in modern warfare style.
    In this sniper sharpshooter gun game, prove your gorilla commando skills for the unconventional warfare with your real sniper shooter experience. Make aim, hold your breath and shoot the terrorist in this sniper shooting games play. There could be many strategies to win this sniper vs terrorist game, choose your own best customizable sniper shooting plan.
    Perform the roll of sniper sharpshooter in this sniper shooting game with perfect sniper simulation and sniper animation to make your gaming experiences best. This sniper shooting adventure is thrilling yet most challenging mission in this best FPS game of sniper. Use the sniper 3d gun in this free shooting game of FPS environment and eliminate maximum targets.
    Sniper Sharpshooter Features:
    Multiple sniper weapons
    Real sniper animation
    Totally offline sniper fps game
    Precise control and shoot system
    User friendly UI
    100+ sniper missions as well as events
    Best in game graphics to make your sniper experience lifelike
  • Sand Excavator Simulator: Water Surface Crane

    Sand Excavator Simulator: Water Surface Crane


    At that time this sand excavator crane simulator 2019 is for you. Driving heavy machines have constantly been a challenging task for everybody. You will not only operate the heavy excavator crane but also drive the crane while loading the dumper by mud, sand, stones, etc. You can get your objective of becoming a constructor and city builder by playing this real city construction simulation river sand crane game. You have to excavation the rigid planes of hilly areas with your heavy crane and load into dumper truck and adore hill drive by powerful in stimulating off-road impossible roads. Get into your heavy excavator and crack for mud or sand to cover roads and in place of constructing new buildings. This heavy excavator simulation game contains many vehicles such as excavator, big dumpers that are hand-me-down to build up actual life megacity. Check your sand excavator parking and driving skills by operating heavy crane excavator and dumper truck in attractive and value sighted off-road hilly zones.
    In this real excavator crane and heavy dumper parking game, the heavy excavator crane is operated by altered excavator heavy machine wheels. The sand truck game will give a power of excavator construction simulator games. The experiment you're driving and crane digging abilities on the real construction site through driving heavy construction hydraulic machinery. Play excavator simulator as river downhill driver, construction operative and operate gigantic hydraulic cranes in the river. Carry stones, river sand using heavy excavator crane and load it hooked on a dumper truck. Drive as a construction crane hill driver and transference sludge, river sand from a construction site. This heavy-duty construction heavy machines need skillful heavy crane operator and professional truck driving skills. Get into heavy excavator crane and start excavating to build mega city roads construction.
    This city construction excavator simulator game is for you to be working construction crew supporters, drive heavy excavator crane and dump truck. You basically need to be very harsh and expert construction truck carriage driver for carrying excavated sand, and stones to a city construction site on off-road tracks. Play similar construction contractor admits challenges of extreme road constructions, transport, and real excavator processes. Heavy excavator crane construction simulation proposes you to drive a range of dissimilar kind of extreme road trucks and sand excavator crane. It's time of road construction crew to develop a real sand excavator heavy machinery excavation. City construction site real road builder and sand excavator trucks with their individual challenges have fun. In this game you have to control heavy sand excavator crane in city construction site and drive your heavy excavator crane, dumper trucks to carry mud from one place to another. Operational on a big construction site & management these heavy construction vehicles are amusing and challenging.
    In this excavator crane and dumper game, the heavy excavator crane is molded by for various excavator heavy machine controls. Heavy duty excavator construction simulator games have fun for so you operate crane digging on the real construction site through driving heavy construction gigantic machinery. Play heavy excavator simulator game at the construction site and enjoy operating gigantic hydraulic cranes in a river by sand excavation. Don't forget to download and install amazing real construction site river sand excavator simulator: water surface crane.
  • Ludo Mine - New Board Game 2019 for Free

    Ludo Mine - New Board Game 2019 for Free


    Ludo MINE - New Board Game 2019-2020 for free is a classic multiplayer game played between friends, family & kids(little master) for Gems & diamonds
    "Ludo Mine" is a top dice game that supports Android mobiles and Tablets. It is an advanced version of traditional game Pachisi

    Ludo Mine follows the traditional rules and the treasury look of the best board game. This game has evolved throughout the centuries to come to your mobile phone. Just like the Gems and Mines of India's golden age, your fate depends on the role of the Ludo's dice and your strategy of moving the tokens effectively.

    Ludo Mine is a family game as well as kids game that was once played by Using Gems and Coins and now it can be enjoyed by you and your family and friends. While the Ludo gameplay might seem simple at first, the Ludo game is extremely enjoyable and hard. You'll be playing this Ludo for hours and it's fun for the whole family. Beat your opponent players and be the Super Star of Ludo Game.

    Ludo Mine is a perfect time pass game of Ludo board game. You played Ludo in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet. Play with top quality ludo players and be on top of the leaderboard.

    The rules are quite simple, every player gets 4 pawns or tokens, which are required to make a full turn of the board and make it to the finish line. And the one who first gets 4 pawns will be declared as the winner.

    Moreover, a player can move his/her pawns when there is six-sided dice comes
    and a token can only move out when dice comes with a number 6. However, once another player's pawn or token comes on the same place where your token is, then your token or pawn will be sent back to your home and you have to roll a six again to take a token out.

    * Real-time online Multiplayer.
    * Better online connectivity between 2 and 4 players.
    * Improved gameplay and graphics.
    * Support for Android phones and tablets.
    * It is free to play game
    * Play offline without Internet
    * Invite friends family members & relatives, create a room and play.
    * Enhanced graphics with the simple design.
    * User-friendly Game.
    * Play with Smiley faces and improved background boards

    The game is easy to play between 1-2-4-6 players online and offline. Unique Ludo functionality and graphics
  • Cookie Doll The Robloxe Swirl Obby world

    Cookie Doll The Robloxe Swirl Obby world


    Cookie fans welcome to this cookie swirl jumping game for dolls.Are you ready to jump into rainbow swirl,cookie and egg swirl.Are you huge fan of cookie swirl and all world so lol !!this is about dolls's adventure.
    So if you are interested to play cookie game play on your phone you are in the right game.
    Cookie Doll The Robloxe Swirl Obby world is the best reaction game of cookie have you ever seen you will enjoy by playing with in this cookie word with swirl background its your chance to play swirl cookie on mobile and see true cookie face.
    HOw to play :
    Cookie Doll The Robloxe Swirl Obby world game is easy to play you just have to run and jump as many as you can by avoiding obstacles and collect money on your way.
    your job is to save princess cookie from enemies and collect c cookies and eggs as you can. you gonna help the american girl with have swirl hear to run and jump but its not a easy mission you will face many obstacle and enemies so be smart and save the princesse doll
    After you got a good amount of cookies money ,you have the possibility to shop some cookie's fashion friends on your game.


    this game about the favourite toy dolls and unboxing surprise gifts

    - Nice epic sounds.
    - Endless runner game play
    - hd swirl graphic
    - Good game play
    - Easy to controle
    - Robloxe character and toys game for kids
    - Rainbow backrounds
    - Girls and kids Game 2019
    - Toy dolls and No unboxing surprise gifts
    - new 2019 american c girls with swirl hear.
    enjoy and try it now for free !
    feel free to give us your opinion about the game

    Cookie Doll The Robloxe Swirl Obby world game is not a official cookie swirl Game and has no relationship with the owners or creaters of the cartoon. this game created by cookie swirl fans for fans how wants similar game.
  • Train kids Memory Games (PRO)

    Train kids Memory Games (PRO)


    No ads Game and just for your kid
    Memory Games: Brain Training are logic games to train your memory and attention. While playing our brain games, you not only get a lot of fun, but also gradually improve your memory, attention and concentration. We offer many levels logic games to train your memory
  • The Cube War

    The Cube War


    THE CUBE WAR is Endless Arcade Dodging Shooting Game.

    Destroying different models will result in a corresponding score. The bomb model must be eliminated.

    The B and P models can be touched and time-limited bullets can be obtained.
    Go and try how high you can get!
  • Classic Bus Parking - Real Driving School 2019

    Classic Bus Parking - Real Driving School 2019


    Are you ready to drive coach bus simulation game on city difficult roads? Play the best realistic Classic Bus Parking Real Driving School. Drive carefully by avoid the hurdles and accident and show your classic bus parking real driving school bus simulator skills.

    The city tracks are very tricky and dangerous due to other traffic around the parking in Classic Bus Simulator Parking 2019. There are no stops in this realistic Classic Bus Parking Real Driving School and in coach bus simulator.
    Your specific destination will be show by pointing the arrow sign in this bus racing game on the screen in this City Coach Bus Driving Simulator Game.
    Earn Reward and also career ranking on successfully complete Mission for Classic Bus Simulator Parking 2019. The unique levels of this Classic Bus Simulator Parking 2019 are made to provide you the Classic Bus Parking Real Driving School feeling. Get into your bus and just drive as much as you can so that you can earn bonus and also enjoy the driving on city tricky tracks.

    We are bring this Classic Bus Simulator Parking 2019 for everyone can enjoy this bus driving simulator. This Bus parking and driving game smooth and realistic controls of this city and off-road new bus simulator game 2019 will make it attractive to drive. This is realistic bus driver games so you have to park the bus in this Classic Bus Simulator Parking 2019 bus games. We will also provide you of off road tourist bus driving and bus parking missions with multi story challenges. You can drive public bus driving games but be careful to avoid hitting the traffic in this Classic Bus Simulator Parking 2019 and bus driver simulator.

    If you love danger highways bus parking simulator games, than you to the right place and play Classic Bus Parking 2019 bus game with awesome speed on City Tracks. Classic Bus Parking 2019 will provide you entertainment with different parking missions in this Classic Bus Parking 2019.
  • Japanese: a-n

    Japanese: a-n


    Currently, the game teaches you the Hiragana and Katakana characters, as well as the combination of characters, called Yō-on.

    The "learn" mode is where you, aptly, learn both Hiragana and Katakana. The board will show you the character in it's Hiragana and Katakana form, along with the Rōmaji and what the character sounds like in natural Japanese.

    The test mode, again aptly, tests you on what you've learned in the learn mode via a series of games. For every character you get right, you get a point! If you get multiple characters correct in a row, you get combo points! How many points can you get? Let us know!

    If you're good enough, you'll unlock the advanced mode, pitting you against both Hiragana and Katakana without Rōmaji!

    Everything you learn in the game is tracked by the database. The database learns what characters you're learning quickly, or having trouble with, and tailors the game to suit you. It used a 9 point tracking system for each Phonetic sound to work out where you are in your learning process.

    This game contains customizable backgrounds, textures, trims for the board and cube textures. All unlockable within the game as you progress through it.
  • GoodGameArcade – Free Mini Games | 500+ Games in 1

    GoodGameArcade – Free Mini Games | 500+ Games in 1


    Welcome to the large collection of mini games that can entertain you for hours without noticing the time. GoodGameArcade is a free game collection for Android that enables you to easily and quickly play more than hundreds of unique Arcade games in one place without having to install the games one by one.
    So, if you are into such addictive arcade games and looking for a free collection of mini games to play on your Android device, download GoodGameArcade for free and enjoy hours of fun and excitement with family and friends.

    A big collection of classic and arcade games for FREE. GoodGameArcade, the free collection of mini games for Android, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea as soon as playing the first game on phone or tablet. You just need to browse through available game categories, pick the one suits your mood the best and start playing that game. There is no need to download any additional file when playing different games.
    Arcade, Action, Racing, Skill Games, Girls, Quiz, Car Games, Match-3 Puzzles, Cooking, Jump & Run, Puzzle Games, Sports, Bubble Shooter, and Card Games are just some of the available game categories you can find in this mini games collection.

    What are the available games to play?
    No matter you are looking for a casual puzzle game to solve some challenging quizzes, a match-3 game to pop and blast matching colors, a car racing game to challenge your driving skills, an endless jump and run game to move through obstacles while avoid hitting them, a card game to play your favorite solitaire game, or a cooking game to see how a good chef you are, we've got you covered.
    If you are a fan of sports games, other than the option to play such racing and driving games, you can also play some 3D darts games, 3D basketball games, soccer games to challenge your free kick shooting skills.
    Looking for more mini games? You will definitely find your favorite type of game in the list of available mini-games.

    Why should I install this 500+ in 1 game?
    While there are millions of different games available to download and play, why should I install GoodGameArcade? Well, this is a fair question to ask and here are just a few reasons why we believe this collection of mini-games can easily become your best companion when it comes to getting entertained in your spare times:
    One. You just need to install 1 app to have full access to more than hundreds of different games in different genres. The wide range of available mini games to play makes sure everyone can easily find what they are looking for and there are always some fresh games suiting your mood.
    Two. Since you are just installing 1 app, you don't need to worry about any low space warning or any reduction in speed. And you don't even need to download any additional data in order to play your favorite games.
    Three. The mini games are available in more than 10 categories and the high-quality graphics along with easy to learn gameplay make sure you easily get used to playing the games.
    And since the entire features of this collection of mini games are available for free, there is no harm giving it a try and explore the features for yourself.

    Main features at a glance:
    • Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
    • High-quality graphics with cool sound effects
    • Collection of hundreds of unique arcade games in one place
    • Save memory and RAM on your device
    • No need to download any additional file
    • Different game genres to choose from
    • Free to play
    So, GoodGameArcade delivers everything you should expect from such mini classic and arcade games and it even sets the bar higher by offering addictive games with easy to learn gameplay, a large collection of addictive titles that is always updating, different game genres, and a lot more.
    We are constantly adding new engaging games to our collection. Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, issues, feature requests or any suggestions.
  • No Guns

    No Guns


    This game is all about throwing grenades and jetpacks.
  • Free Pro PS2 Emulator 2 Games For Android 2019

    Free Pro PS2 Emulator 2 Games For Android 2019


    This is the last PS2 Emulator and the fastest PS2 Emulator for Android in Global, and it was developed in order to emulate PS2 games on your Android Phones.
    Free Pro PS2 Emulator 2 Games For Android 2019 is the great original PS2 emulator for Android Phones, it runs a lot of games, and also the latest PS2 games runner, but it depends on the power of your device (Storage,Ram,Graphic) all may not run with the full speed.

    This PS2 Emulator 2 for you, for free to play all your favorite games on PS2.
    * Inside the app you'll find a guide for PS2 emulator to show to you how you could get free PS2 games;
    * Play PS2 games on your Android device, with high definition and extra features;
    * Each game adapted to your device, and has a handy control interface.
    * To play with this playstation portable emulator, you just need a PS2 iso image of the PS2 game;
    * You can always continue from where you left off;
    * PS2 emulator can run more than 90% of PlayStation games;
    * Our Free PS2 Emulator could run PS2 video games;
    * Don't nedd a PS2 bios or a psp bios to run smoothly PS2 games;
    * It's a real PS2 emulator which emulates almost all PS2 games (like a psp emulator);
    * You can use your android device just like a real playstation console;
    * You can easily save and load your game state;
    * Enjoy form great graphics and high+quality sound effects.

    Install best Free Pro PS2 Emulator 2 Games For Android 2019 now and play!

    No games are included with this download.
    Dump your own real PS2 games and turn them into .ISO files,put on your SD card / USB storage.

    [Supports file extension]
    .bin, .mdf, .pbp, .iso, .toc, .cbn, .m3u, zip, .img, .cue, 7z
    * Some images come as a .ecm file. These will not work in this emuator.

    The list of PS2 games that this PS2 emulator 2 for android can run smoothly on all android devices :

    Spider+Man 2 : 45 - 55 FPS;
    Resident Evil 4 : 45 - 55 FPS;
    Crash Bandicoot: Warped : 40 - 50 FPS;
    Metal Gear Solid : 50 - 60 FPS;
    God of War II : 40 - 50 FPS;
    Driver 2 : 51 - 55 FPS;
    Spider Man : 30-60 FPS;
    WWF War Zone : 51 - 56 FPS;
    Gran Turismo 2 : 52 - 59 FPS;
    Crash Team Racing : 50 - 60 FPS;
    Guitar Hero 2 : 60 FPS;
    Kingdom Hearts II : 30 - 40 FPS;
    Dino Crisis : 30 - 40 FPS;
    Tekken 3 : 40 - 45 FPS;
    Final Fantasy X : 43 - 58 FPS;
    Tomb Raider III : 60 FPS;
    Spider+Man : 60 FPS.

    If you have any questions or problems with this App, please contact us
    and we will respond as quickly as possible to help you.


    # This ps2 emulator is not based on psp sources.
    # This PS2 Emulator does not contain games, to include games please follow the guide inside the application.
    # This is a real ps 2 emulator.
    # This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Sony Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries.
    # This is a free fan app for those who wish to have the described experience in their mobile device.
    # PlayStation game software sold separately.
    # ll individual game screen shots or audio that are simulated by this software are property of their respective copyright holders and are only used in this app listing for the purpose of informing the customer of the software's functionality.
    # If there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use, please contact us and we will immediately take action on it.

    LEGAL: This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Sony Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries. PlayStation game software sold separately. All individual game screen shots or audio that are simulated by this software are property of their respective copyright holders and are only used in this app listing for the purpose of informing the customer of the software's functionality.
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  • Android Accessibility Suite
    TalkBack is an accessibility service that helps blind and vision-impaired users interact with their devices.

    TalkBack adds spoken, audible, and vibration feedback to your device. TalkBack comes pre-installed on most Android devices.

    For help with TalkBack, visit https://support.google.com/talkback/

    To turn on TalkBack:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select Accessibility

    Android 4.1 and above:
    3. Touch TalkBack and switch it on

    Android 4.0:
    3. Touch TalkBack and switch it on
    4. Go back to the previous screen, then turn on Explore by Touch

    Android 3.2 and earlier:
    3. Select the Accessibility checkbox
    4. Select the TalkBack checkbox

  • Clean Master - Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner
    Clean Master, one of the best optimization tools with space cleaner and antivirus for android devices, helps keep your phone clean and safe from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAM to improve your phone's performance. Enjoy your speedy phone now!

    Clean Master Key Functions:

    Clean Master helps free up your storage space by removing junk, residual and cache files which slows down your phone.
    With our professional cleaner, you can also free up much more space from cleaning cache data from social apps without worrying about deleting the wrong files.

    Scans for virus on all apps (pre-installed or not), blocks and removes virus to keep your phone safe from viruses, trojans and protects your privacy with Clean Master's free antivirus engine which is certified by AV-TEST!

    Clean Master added the WiFi Security feature to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connections. Keep your phone safe from insecure public WiFi.

    One Tap Boost helps speed up phone by freeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run a speed test to see how much faster it is.

    Clean Master helps to save battery power and extend battery life by hibernating running apps.

    Game Master
    With Game Master, you can manage your games, accelerate loading speed of games and find more fun games here.

    Other optimization features
    ☆CHARGE MASTER- Prevents overcharging, displays charging status and application message while charging.
    ☆ APPLOCK- Keeps your app privacy safe with an AppLock PIN or pattern.

    Clean Master, the world's leading space cleaner & antivirus app on Google Play.

    We added some powerful features to make Clean Master more smarter and convenient. These features will require additional phone permissions.
    Rest assured none of your personal info will be collected per the Privacy Policy.

    1.New junk clean engine, added clean junk messages and more (require SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendar and Location permissions)
    2.New way to interact with your phone on lock screen (require Microphone permission)
    3.More personalized settings to beautify your phone

    New features are only accessible to some users now, welcome to contact us to try it in advance.

    Follow our Instagram and Google+ to get more interesting pictures, videos & Clean Master usage tips every day!
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cleanmasterteam/
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106742377658392172082
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kscleanmaster/

    Enhance the functionality of the intelligent data
    We will use the installed app(s) list and app(s) installation folder contents for the cloud engine to enhance the junk files recognition capability of JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES), the running app(s) status for the cloud engine to enhance the effect of BOOST MOBILE and power saving ability of BATTERY.

    TOS: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.html
    Policy: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/privacy.html
    Ad Choice: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/ad-choice.html

    Clean Master use accessibility services to improve junk clean feature in some devices.
  • Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY
    The product of Solo System by NewBornTown(NewBorn-Town).
    With over 100 million users worldwide, Solo Launcher is one of the Top 3 Launchers in the category on Google Play. With its array of DIY features, the launcher enables you to customize the user interface on a device so it works in the way you want. It takes up only a small amount of space yet it can boost device performance by restoring memory,run smoothly, and more fun to use.

    What Can Solo Launcher Do Better Than Competitors?
    - One of the first launchers that uses Material Design 2.0.
    - Cleans cache to boost speed, clears storage, and saves memory faster.
    - Customize your device by using any of the thousands of beautiful themes, wallpapers, and smart widgets in our collection that are fast and simple to install.
    - New Locker plugins make it easier to protect your device from unauthorized users.
    - Most featured launcher on Google Play.

    ★Solo Launcher Highlights★
    ► Search for Information
    Everything you want to know can be found here.
    ► Clean & Boost
    Make your device fast as lightning.
    ► Quick Gestures
    Make it super easy to use your device.
    ► DIY with Photos
    Set your photos as icons, with various effects to choose from.
    ► Beautiful Themes
    Thousands of beautiful themes and wallpapers are available for free.
    ► Beautiful Wallpaper
    Gentle click, and get new wallpapers for a new mood
    ► Solo Now
    Right slide, and see the vast of world.

    ★Additional Features★
    Visualized Settings
    - A smart menu for settings that helps you easilychangethe device inthe way youwant.
    Smart HomeScreen Icon Management
    - Automatically places frequently used apps on the home screen,helping to organize the device and making it more convenient to use.
    Smart Widgets
    - Customizable Clock&Weather widgets, Boost Button widget, Search widget, App Lock, Battery Saver, and more!

    ☆Beautiful Handwritten Fonts, that are cool &attractive.
    ☆Optional App Lock & Lock Screens thatcan help make your device safe and secure.
    ☆Optional Battery Saver helps manages battery consumption, reducing the frequency you need charge your device.
    ☆Weather &Clock Widgets offer you accurate weather forecasts.
    ☆Integrated Solo 2.0 Speed Booster that makes devices run smoother and faster, restore space and capacity, clean caches, at the tap of a button!

    If you have any suggestions, feedback or theme requests then let us know at on our Facebook page at:https://www.facebook.com/sololauncher
    or email us at: [email protected]
    Official Website: http://www.NewBorn-Town.com

  • SuperSU
    SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future ;)

    !!! SuperSU requires a rooted device !!!

    SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU has been built from the ground up to counter a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools.

    Features include:

    - Superuser access prompt
    - Superuser access logging
    - Superuser access notifications
    - Per-app notification configuration
    - Temporary unroot
    - Deep process detection (no more unknowns)
    - Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)
    - Works when Android isn't properly booted
    - Works with non-standard shell locations
    - Always runs in ghost mode
    - Wake on prompt
    - Convert to /system app
    - Complete unroot
    - Backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies
    - Icon selectable from 5 options + invisible
    - Theme selectable from 4 options
    - Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* (*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)
    NOTE: Not all phones take both codes. On some phones you need to use single *# instead of double *#*#

    The Pro version additionally offers:

    - OTA survival mode (no guarantees)
    - Full color-coded command content logging (input/output/error)
    - Per-app logging configuration
    - Per-app user override
    - Grant/deny root to an app for a set amount of time
    - PIN protection
    - Per-app PIN protection
    - Adjust auto-deny countdown

    The discussion and support thread can be found on XDA-Developers here:


    This is meant to replace Superuser (if installed), you use either one or the other. You cannot combine them. Statements that this breaks Superuser are therefore completely nonsensical.


    Superuser access management runs through a so called "su binary". There can be only one of these at a time. So if you install SuperSU, your previous superuser access management solution will no longer operate. So if you want to switch back: (1) Open that application, and search for an option for it to install/update/replace the "su binary". (2) Confirm root-using apps are using the superuser solution you want. (3) Uninstall SuperSU.

    Want to help translate SuperSU ? See http://forum.supersu.com/ !

    These are completely optional and more like donations. They do not unlock any functionality.

    Contact us:
    Website : http://supersu.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperSU-1024576694301637/

  • Xperia Keyboard
    Xperia™ Keyboard is the default keyboard for all languages (except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). You can enter text using a superior swipe input or traditional tapping. The keyboard quickly adapts to your writing style by remembering your words.
  • VivaVideo - Video Editor & Photo Movie
    Happy Halloween from VivaVideo Team! We have some treats for you all!
    Download our special Halloween materials and make some fun and spooky Halloween-themed videos!
    Share your own Halloween video by TAGGING #VivaHalloween on SNS and have fun with all the VivaVideo fans around the world.
    It's show time! Are you ready? Come and join the party!

    Google Play Exclusive Diwali Special Offers (For users in India only). 50% off for Remove Duration Limit between 10/14 - 10/31

    Powered by 「Top Developer」 in Google Play Store, VivaVideo is one of the best video editor, photo slideshow maker & movie editing apps in Android market. It has over 200 million users all over the world so far and has been featured in Google Play many times, ranked as No.1 free video editor & movie maker app in 100+ countries. With VivaVideo, you can easily create your video stories and share with your friends & family, transforming everyday moments into works of art as you want and let the world discover them!

    Join #PPAP and share PPAP videos with your VivaVideo Friends

    【V5.0 Feature Highlights】

    - Our very own community in 4 countries — Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brazil
    - Brand new UI design brings you brand new experience and better performance!
    - Optimized main features to give you a smoother user experience

    #VivaVideo Key Features:

    + Powerful Video Editor
    - Easy-to-use professional editing tools
    - Trim and merge video clips in storyboard editing
    - Enhance your videos with various texts, fonts, FX, stickers, music, filters, transitions and live subtitles/dubbing
    - Slow/fast motion with more accurate speed adjustment in 0.2s
    - Cool reverse and blur background effect
    - Voice changing and speaking speed changing
    - All editing operations can be instant previewed in WYSIWYG way

    + Creative Video Camera Lenses
    - Support multi capture options: Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage
    - Exclusive selfie camera with multiple fascinating lenses
    - Optimize selfie effect in a more natural way
    - Use nine funny lenses to play your “prank skills”

    + HOT Photo Slideshow Maker
    - The easiest way to turn your photos into movie masterpiece and create video slideshow in several clicks!
    - More built-in background music to choose in new music library
    - Import your favorite music/popular songs to make perfect slideshow

    + All FREE Materials to Download
    - 200+ special effects including Animated Stickers/Filters/FX/Texts/Fonts/Transitions
    - Brand new design of exquisite filters in different 6 scenes, download filter pack by one-tap
    - Tons of themes to choose including Birthday, Love, Friends, Pets, Travel, Cute
    - Support GIPHY to use the up-to-date and massive animated stickers/GIFs anytime!

    + Unique Video Collage (PIP) Maker
    - Merge clips into one story with many awesome & fancy collage templates
    - Make creative and awesome videos such as lip-sync, duet singing videos etc.

    + Export and Share
    - Export your videos to the gallery at any time
    - Share your works to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line, VK, Kik, Vimeo, Wechat, email and etc.

    VivaVideo is a free video editing app, our in-app purchases offer additional powerful capabilities for even better video storytelling experience.

    If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]
    Or find us online in Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vivavideoapp/
    Your feedback is welcomed and highly appreciated.

    Enjoy with all our fans together on our official social media platforms:
    Instagram: @vivavideoapp
    Like us on Facebook:
    Follow us on Twitter:
    Follow us on YouTube channel:

    TAG #VivaVideo for a chance to get featured on SNS & have fun with all of us!

  • 360 Security - Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner
    Free Security Protection and Speed Booster for Android Phone
    Trusted by 200 million users, 360 Security is the only all-in-one speed booster and antivirus app that optimizes your background apps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power, while keeping your device safe from virus and trojan.
    Download this optimization and security app that's intuitively designed to protect your mobile lifestyle in just ONE tap.

    Why 360 Security is a MUST-HAVE app?

    ★It's the Strongest Booster-Is your phone running crazily slow? Let 360 Security's renowned boost engine take care of it!
    ★It's the Most Effective Cleaner-Lacking space for new photos or new apps ? Just clean application caches and junk files with one click!
    ★It's a Smart Battery Saver- Battery draining fast? Adjust your draining settings and disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery!
    ★It's the Best Security App -Worried about viruses or phishing? Don't be! 360 Security's top antivirus solution makes sure your device is free from malware, vulnerabilities, adware and Trojans!
    Highlights of 360 Security - Antivirus:
    ►Security & Antivirus
    Scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically. 360 Security's latest protection technologies against viruses, adware, malware, trojan and more.
    ►Junk File Cleaner
    Delete useless Android system files, large files and app caches for an instant speed boost to your Android performance, while freeing up storage space with a single tap.
    ►Memory Boost
    Free up memory (RAM) and boost your mobile phone. Our One Tap Clean feature reclaims memory allowing you to open apps without delay!
    ►Power Saver
    Intelligently saves your device's power by knowing when to automatically trigger 360 Security's Clean feature, which saves you all the battery power you need, when you need it the most.
    An all-in-one anti-theft solution, should you lose your beloved phone. A suite of features including, Erase, Locate, Alarm and Lock can assist you with retrieving a lost device and protecting personal data.You can trigger remote features via our web interface at http://findphone.360safe.com
    Privacy & App Lock – Prevent data on the device such as apps, SMS, photo albums, and other important and private documents from falling into the wrong hands.
    ►Real time protection
    Scan installed apps and local APK files in real time and also monitor each installation process.

    Protect your mobile device with 360 Security, a top of the line free security app designed to protect your Android phone against the latest virus, malware, system vulnerabilities, and privacy risks. The app also cleans application caches and junk files from your system, Increases the available storage space on SD card and boosts your Android phone for free.
    360 Security - Antivirus is available in following languages: English, Português(Brasil), Português(Portugal), Español(España), Español(Latinoamérica), Pусский, हिन्दी, ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, French, German, 中文(简体)and 中文(繁體).
    ► Read in app permissions and usage here: ► http://goo.gl/3a2mCd
    We would like to hear from you:
    Like us on Facebook:
    Join us on Google Plus Community:
    Help fight against deceptive ads
    360 Security - Antivirus is committed to fighting against misleading downloads. You can find our full official policy on this matter here:http://www.360safe.com/security-promotion-policy.html
    If you come across one of these ads, you can help us to take them down. Please email us at [email protected] Please give us as much information as possible, it will help us remove these ads.

  • Private Zone - AppLock, Video & Photo Vault
    Free privacy protection app for your mobile! Lock your WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Galley, Videos and protect your personal chats. Protect your privacy by hiding photo galleries and personal files with LEO Privacy.

    Download LEO Privacy – No 1 Android App to protect your privacy and keep your files safe!
    Lock your private chat apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and other Messenger apps.
    Hide your photo gallery, videos and other files to save them from intrusion.
    A unique feature in this app enables you to capture a snapshot of anyone who tries to unlock apps behind you.
    Know your True caller to avoid spam and unwanted calls.
    Keep your secrets safe with private browsing.

    ★ AppLock : No one can find out your secrets!
    - Android 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 is supported
    - Lock up your Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy.
    - Secure password protection to lock your favorite apps.
    - Use pattern or digital password for locking/unlocking apps.
    - Customize your lock mode, lock different apps under different circumstances.
    - Prevent children from playing games or buying unwanted things.

    ★ Private Browsing: Keep your personal data secure
    Clean your search history immediately
    Keep the browse data spy from others.
    Surf your favorite websites in private browsing and secure your privacy.
    Download your favorite files, videos with a single click.

    ★ Lockscreen : Enjoy your amazing lock screen!
    - Choose different themes or covers to customize your lock screen.

    ★Hide Images: Protect your personal photos
    Easily hide pictures from your main gallery.
    Keep snoopers away from private photos.
    Enjoy a private photo gallery that only you can view.

    ★Hide Videos: Protect private memories easily.
    Don't worry about your private media in your mobile phones now.
    Protect your secret videos from prying eyes and nosy friends

    ★ Harassment Intercept: Detect and block harass calls
    - Avoid spam, unwanted calls and put them into your blacklist.
    - Share them with friends & family with one click.

    ★ Anti-theft: Lost and Found
    - Remotely control lost phone with a message.
    - Lock all your apps with our advanced AppLock function to protect your privacy.
    - Locate your phone on map, give an alarm helps you to find it.

    ★ Break-in Alert: Intruder Selfie
    - Take photo of someone who enter wrong password
    - Snap the snooper who tried to unlock your apps

    ★ Charging Screensaver: Monitor your phone power status smartly
    - Show charging time remaining when you use it.

    List of Mobile Devices Supported
    ★ SAMSUNG devices
    Galaxy S7
    Galaxy S7 edge
    Galaxy A5 (2016)
    Galaxy A7 (2016)
    Galaxy A9
    Galaxy Note 5


    What is the App Lock?
    App Lock can help you to lock your apps with password from snoopers, blocking their access to reading and visiting your phone.

    ☞ Help fight against deceptive ads
    LEOMASTER is committed to fighting against deceptive ads and misleading downloads. Find our full official policy here: http://leomaster.com/policy
    If you come across these kind of ads, hope you can help us to fight against them. Please email us via [email protected] If possible, please give us some key information like screenshot. It will help us to remove the ads.

    ☞ MORE ABOUT LEO Privacy:
    Official Website: http://www.leomaster.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leoprivacyguardweb/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AppMasterFun
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leomastertech/
    Google Beta Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/112552044334117834440
    *For better recommendations, we will use some data you shared on Facebook, other websites or apps.
    For more information, please check at: https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices

    * Any use of this application and related services is completely free; LEOMASTER will not charge any fee.

  • Omni Swipe - Small and Quick
    Omni Swipe allows convenient access to your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and incoming notifications using just one hand.

    Google Play editors have described Omni Swipe as "the @ContainerStore for our @Android" on Twitter (https://twitter.com/GooglePlay/status/614524794285989888). Aw shucks, thanks, Google!

    To use, just swipe from your screen's bottom left or right corner on any screen to instantly open a customizable radial menu that keeps what's important and most useful to you always within a thumb's reach. Unlike other accessibility tools, Omni Swipe stays hidden and out of your way until you swipe it into view to use it.


    ★ Unobtrusive: Omni Swipe only appears when you want it to, and disappears when you're done, never covering or cluttering up your beautiful desktop.
    ★ Intelligent: Omni Swipe cleverly anticipates and organizes your apps based upon importance and your past usage behavior.
    ★ Interact: Get your latest notifications without having to swipe down the notification bar, and keep your most important contacts as well as their various contact methods convenient.
    ★ Lightweight: Omni Swipe is small at just 1MB+ large, and optimized to provide a clean and smooth user experience.
    ★ Favorites: Add and arrange up to 9 of your favorite apps to always be within your reach.
    ★ Toolbox: Customize which commonly-used shortcuts and switches can also be accessed with a single swipe. Easily switch on/off your flashlight, wifi, rotation lock or adjust your screen's brightness. Keep your Android fast and responsive with the memory-cleaning speed-boosting "Booster" tool!
    ★ Themes: Omni Swipe includes a variety of colorful themes to match your desktop or personality, with exciting new themes coming soon!

    Special thanks to the following users for helping us with translations and localizations:

    Vince, Eduard Vrhovec, Iksa Tawfiq Hourani, Hakan Güven, Atakan Yıldız Eric Farias, Adrian Kowaliński, Dương Vũ Trúc, Nguyễn Minh Thành, Hamidreza Rashed Saiedi, Tadej Kobal, Szabó Zsolt, Ігор Бурак, Konstantinos Mpellas, Aleksandrs Plitniks, Aryan Farooqi, Small TarZan, Dušan Hlaváč, Regi Kabaka, Muhamad Fakhri, Tsega Kassaye, Patrick Ilse, Elroy Groen, Small TarZan, Georgi Vasilev

    Get in touch if you'd like to contribute a translation!

    Special thanks to Daniel Nathan Poole for sharing his creative idea of The Lucky Clover theme with us!


    Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/holaverse
    We value our users' feedback! Whether it's a bug report, a complaint, a concern, a suggestion, a rave review, or a profession of your undying love, please let us know because it either helps us improve Omni Swipe or it gives us the warm fuzzy feelings we live for! :)

    Ad Support: https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices

  • JioTV - Live TV & Catch-Up
    JioPlay is a Live TV Channel service offering the widest range of Television channels for viewing across internet enabled devices, with a capability to Pause Live TV or watch any program from the last 7 days.

    Get instant access to TV programs from your Phone or Tablets. Surf through a wide range of TV channels across languages and genres.

    To catch up your favourite TV programs - you can use 7 days Catch-up service, record the programs or set program reminders. Pause and play Live TV at the push of a button.

    Key Features:
    - Largest TV Channel catalogue
    - Pause & Play Live TV
    - Catch Up – Watch any program over the last 7 days
    - Set Reminds & Notifications
    - Consistent experience across devices (mobile, tab

Top Mod App
  • Dubsmash - Dance Videos & Lip Sync App
    Say it with video

    1. Choose your favorite sound on Dubsmash
    2. Record yourself with the sound
    3. Share the recorded Dub with your friends

    Dubsmash makes it easy and fun to create hilarious conversations. In just a few seconds, you can dub well-known quotes and sounds in order to produce funny videos you can then share with your friends.

    Anyone can be an awesome actor with Dubsmash! Simply let the quotes speak for you, or go all out and show your best interpretation using one of the countless one-liners in the app.

    In addition to creating awesome videos, you can also create collections of sounds with the world's largest quote library, or add your own sounds for everyone to use.

    It's never been easier to make every conversation worth a laugh.

    +++ Introducing Community Moments! +++
    Now you can watch Dubs from the Dubsmash community right in the app.

    You can find new Community Moments with different themes every day in the Moments tab.

    To submit a Dub, select a soundboard with the M icon on the Discover screen and select “share to Community Moment.” If your Dub is selected, you'll see it featured in a Community Moment.

    Community Moments is currently available to users with English selected as their language -- with additional languages to come.

    +++ Join our Beta! +++

    Do you want to check out the latest feature before everybody else?
    Download our beta app: https://dbsm.sh/beta_android

  • SHAREit - Transfer & Share
    SHAREit, the best sharing app with fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player, which helps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music.

    ► Fastest in the World
    200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.
    Transfer files without losing quality.

    ► Transfer All Types of Files
    Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any other files.

    ► Infinite Online Videos
    HD & Selective, Offline watching, Continuously updated

    ► Excellent Video Player
    Support almost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience

    ► Discover Trending Music
    Tens of millions of high quality songs, and thousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline

    ► Elegant Music Player
    Powerful equalizer provides immersive experiences for you

    ►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers
    Personalized, Funny, Download & Share

    ►Facebook https://facebook.com/bestSHAREit
    ►Twitter https://twitter.com/bestSHAREit
    ►VK https://vk.com/bestSHAREit
    ►Instagram https://instagram.com/bestSHAREit

    Note:SHAREit will not access permissions that are irrelevant to our functionality.
    By accessing Location, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users. Plus, it is required by Android system to access this permission.
    By accessing Bluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearby users more quickly so as to connect with Sender/Receiver more efficiently.
  • xmodgames
    ★The Best Free Game Mods Center★ ★Forever Better Game ExperienceHelping users save time, improve efficiency of game, and get better game experiences. ★Forever safe, green, free and without any malicious plug-in ★Forever upgrade and release game mods continuously:Currently, xmodgames has provided mods, plugins and accelerating function for various hot games. Also, we upgrade and release game mods continuously to meet game users’ maximum needs. ★Xmodgames requires a rooted device !!! FEATURES OF XMG ►An all-round management for games, A button set for launching.Xmodgames can match your games automatically in your device; it is very easy to install mods and launch the game for one click. Without the scattered view where games sectionalization and single mod separated, you can have a perfect control of all games in your device.►Super game mods, Surpass your opponents.The most considerate and convenient game mods are from the most professional development team. No matter what the types of the games: Card, Strategy, Puzzle, or Board, xmodgames can make you enjoy the games with ease and let you surpass your competitors immediately.►Thousands of mods for hundreds of mainstream games; the version of mods updates timely.Keeping up to the trend of the hottest and most popular games; xmodgames provides the mods for them. The version of mods will update timely according to the versions of games. You can experience the newest, the best and the most widely covered game mods the first time.Supported languagesXmodgames is available in the following languages: English (UK and US).--Stay connected!Have issues with our APP or want to give a suggestion? Contact us at:[email protected] (please specify your problems as detailed as possible)https://www.facebook.com/xmodgameshttps://twitter.com/xmodgameshttp://www.xmodgames.com/Strongly recommend:DO NOT only say:it doesnt work; Please let us know more details about your problems.--Requested permissionsPhotos/Media/Files permission: This permission is used for Xmodgames's MOD DOWNLOAD feature, which uses to access Files to download or update newest mods for games.--Notes:1.Attached Kingroot or Towelroot may not work please root your phone via PC.2.Xmodgames does not support Bluestacks(or other Android emulators)/ASUS zenfone 5,7 (or other intel-based processor)/ART mode, X86 at the present. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.3.For redmi note users, if you have rooted your phone, xmodgames still not works. We recommend you install WSM Tools and try again.
  • mCent - Free Mobile Recharge
    mCent is an application that will allow us to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading other apps and testing them. As we run one of these apps for the first time, we will receive a small sum of money, and if you also store it for a week, you will receive more.

    To be able to use mCent you will need to have a mobile phone and be within one of the countries that can participate in the program mCent: united States, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka...

    One of the points that you tend not to like about mCent, is that the application monitors our use of apps, and you can get free access to our address book. Of course, the app alerts the user before you start using it, but that does not make it less invasive.

    mCent is an interesting application, thanks to which it is possible to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading apps and run them once.
  • Share Music & Transfer Files - Xender
    Xender the better than best app for your file sharing needs

    ☆ Share any type of files in any places at any time
    ☆ Absolutely without mobile data usage
    ☆ 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed
    ☆ Supports Android, IOS, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring
    ☆ No need for USB connection and PC software installation
    ☆ Over 100 million files transferred daily
    ☆ Play all music and videos
    ☆ Wifi file transfer master

    【Main features】

    ☆ Transfer files with flash speed
    Imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds! The highest speed can reach 10M/S.

    ☆ Share all kinds of files without restrictions
    Transfer anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps.

    ☆ Free of network connection
    No cables, no internet, no data usage! You can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime.

    ☆ Send large files without limitation
    Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documents and any other file types of unlimited file size.

    ☆ Supports cross platform transferring
    Simplifies connections of phones & tablets & PC/Mac and supports you to share any files between Android, iOS and Windows operation systems.

    ☆ Smart phone replication
    Smart switch mobile data like contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step.

    ☆ File manager
    Enables to view, move or delete files you received and even to make a backup copy whenever you need to clean the phone storage.

    ☆ Check out connected friends' mobile apps
    Various applications from your friend's phone will be introduced to your own phone when connected successfully and can be shared by one click.

    ☆ Friendly design
    Satisfy the users' further operating needs with functions related to transferred files like: opening, installing, uninstalling, deleting, viewing etc.

    ☆ Slide pictures to share
    Smoothly share photos to your friends by sliding.

    Supported languages
    English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese

    Support and stay connected
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/XenderApp
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    [email protected]

  • dSploit
    dSploit is a penetration testing suite developed for the Android operating system.


    WiFi Cracking
    Port Scanner
    Vulnerability finder
    Login cracker
    Packet forger
    Man in the middle
    Simple sniff
    Password sniff
    Session Hijacker
    Kill connections
    Replace images
    Replace videos
    Script injector
    Custom filter

    Introducing dSploit

    dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

    Once dSploit is started, you will be able to easily map your network, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services, search for known vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures of many tcp protocols, perform man in the middle attacks such as password sniffing ( with common protocols dissection ), real time traffic manipulation, etc, etc .

    This application is still in beta stage, a stable release will be available as soon as possible, but expect some crash or strange behavior until then, in any case, feel free to submit an issue here on GitHub.


    WiFi Cracking

    The WiFi scanner will show in green access points with known default key generation algorithms, clicking on them allows you to easily crack the key, supported models: Thomson, DLink, Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS, Alice AGPF, FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey, Huawei, Wlan_XXXX, Jazztel_XXXX, Wlan_XX, Ono ( P1XXXXXX0000X ), WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX, WifiXXXXXX, Sky V1, Clubinternet.box v1 and v2, InfostradaWifi.


    Perform a traceroute on target.

    Port Scanner

    A syn port scanner to find quickly open ports on a single target.


    Performs target operating system and services deep detection, slower than syn port scanner but more accurate.

    Vulnerability Finder

    Search for known vulnerabilities for target running services upon National Vulnerability Database.

    Login Cracker

    A very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services.

    Packet Forger

    Craft and send a custom TCP or UDP packet to the target, such as Wake On LAN packets.


    A set of man-in-the-midtle tools to command&conquer the whole network.

    Simple Sniff

    Redirect target’s traffic through this device and show some stats while dumping it to a pcap file.

    Password Sniffer

    Sniff passwords of many protocols such as http, ftp, imap, imaps, irc, msn, etc from the target.

    Session Hijacker

    Listen for cookies on the network and hijack sessions.

    Kill Connections

    Kill connections preventing the target to reach any website or server.


    Redirect all the http traffic to another address.

    Replace Images

    Replace all images on webpages with the specified one.

    Replace Videos

    Replace all YouTube videos on webpages with the specified one.

    Script Injection

    Inject a JavaScript in every visited webpage.

    Custom Filter

    Replace custom text on webpages with the specified one.


    ARM: Your device must have an ARM cpu.

    Gingerbread: An Android device with at least the 2.3 ( Gingerbread ) version of the OS.

    Root: The device must be rooted.

    BusyBox: The device must have a BusyBox full install, this means with every utility installed ( not the partial installation ).


    This application is not to be used for any purposes other than to demonstrate its functions, and must only be used on networks for which you have permission to do so. Any other use is not the responsibility of the developer.In other words, don't be stupid, and don't direct angry people towards me.

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root
    Featured on Google Play Home Page, Android Police, Yahoo News, CNET, Android Central, Droid-Life and more.

    AZ Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of your Lollipop. It does NOT require root access, no time limit, no watermark, ad free and very easy to use with one action to start and stop recording.
    This screen recording app will let you make beautiful screencast videos by providing every feature that you need in a simple and elegant user experience design.

    AZ screen recorder lets you record your screen to HD and FullHD videos and it is the only screencast app in the Android market that can be paused and resumed while recording.
    You can also record audio from the mic and it is automatically muxed into the screencast videos. That makes it very convenient to create tutorial, promotional video, comment about your game and gameplay or record video chat.
    The floating window always staying on top will let you snap at the exact moment on any screen.
    In the settings, you can enable screen touches so the people who are watching your videos will know exactly what you are doing.
    Additionally, there are many other features in this free screen recorder such as setting video resolution, bit-rate, screen orientation, customized timer to stop, saving directory selection, view/share or delete your recorded videos... All of them are free for you!

    Our goal is to develop the best free screen recorder that makes everyone satisfied but if you want to support us and/or want to upgrade to pro version, you can buy the donation package and get the super cool and unique features that cannot be found from any other screen recorder in the market :
    ★ Magic button : a button that controls your recording without showing anything on the screen. Thus, your video viewers will solely focus on the app, the game or whatever you want to screencast.
    ★ Overlay front camera : you can record your face and your emotions in a small overlay window, which can be dragged freely to any position on the screen and customized to any size and opacity.
    ★ Countdown timer : is there something you have to prepare before recording ? Don't worry, the countdown timer will wait until you are ready to start and snap at the moment you want.
    ★ Draw on screen : this unique feature is huge when making a tutorial. You can emphasize, draw a symbol or mark something with any chosen colour directly on your screen.
    ★ Trim videos : the screencast can be long and contains unnecessary information, you can trim the parts you don't want to make your videos even more impressive.

    Our HUGE thanks to Bruno Mioto, Jose Castillo, droidiat, Chau Thai and Simon Mehringer for helping us translating this screen recording app to Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, German, French and Korean.

    If you have any feedback, bug reports, suggestions or you can help with the translations, please contact us at [email protected]

  • WhatsApp Messenger
    WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.


    • NO FEES: WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family, so you don't have to pay for every message or call.* There are no subscription fees to use WhatsApp.

    • MULTIMEDIA: Send and receive photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.

    • FREE CALLS: Call your friends and family for free with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in another country.* WhatsApp calls use your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes. (Note: Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. Also, you can't access 911 and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp).

    • GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chats with your contacts so you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family.

    • WHATSAPP WEB: You can also send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer's browser.

    • NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: There's no extra charge to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends around the world and avoid international SMS charges.*

    • SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PINS: Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN? WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS, and integrates seamlessly with your phone's existing address book.

    • ALWAYS LOGGED IN: With WhatsApp, you're always logged in so you don't miss messages. No more confusion about whether you're logged in or logged out.

    • QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts who have WhatsApp so there's no need to add hard-to-remember usernames.

    • OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your recent messages until the next time you use the app.

    • AND MUCH MORE: Share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and more!

    *Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

    We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

    [email protected]

    or follow us on twitter:


  • PS4 Remote Play
    PS4 Remote Play
    The power of PS4 streamed direct to your Sony Xperia smartphone and tablet*.
    Connect your Xperia smartphone or tablet to your home Wi-Fi network, grab a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and continue your PS4 games on your Xperia device away from your TV screen.

    * Supported Xperia smartphone and tablet at the following URL: http://www.sonymobile.com/remoteplay
    Use of this feature requires a PlayStation®4 system, DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, Sony Entertainment Network account and high-speed Internet connection. Use of your home Wi-Fi network is recommended. Use of public Wi-Fi networks is not recommended. Some games may not support this feature. The latest version of the system software must be installed on your PS4™ system to use “PS4 Remote Play”.
    Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: http://doc.dl.playstation.net/doc/legal/index.html.

  • Your Freedom VPN Client
    The all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization and anti-censorship solution

    Is your Internet access being censored? Are some things on the Internet simply not accessible to you? Do you need protection from eavesdroppers or access without a login on an unencrypted wireless hotspot network or any other web-login based Internet access? Would you like to appear to be a user from a different country to avoid inconvenient content restrictions? Or would you prefer if your IP was not logged by every website you visit and everything you do logged by the NSA? Then look no further, you've found the solution!

    Our Your Freedom service does all this for you, and more. It defeats censorship, it encrypts all your traffic, it hides your origin and identity, and it just makes things work that don't work without it. All you need is this app. There is a free service (called "FreeFreedom") available permanently to everyone who only needs occasional access and low bandwidth. If you need more, you can always upgrade later - once you know that it solves your problem and you need more than FreeFreedom provides.

    Supported tunnel modes:

    * HTTPS
    * FTP
    * UDP
    * DNS
    * ICMP ECHO (rooted phones only)

    We have 39 tunnel servers in 10 countries.

    Visit our webpage https://www.your-freedom.net/ for in-depth information about our service. We appreciate if you send us crash reports when asked by your phone. To contact us about this app, send email to [email protected]

    If you would like to always receive the latest beta version instead of the production version and have all the latest features and bugs, please opt in at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.resolution.yf_android