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  • UniSNES: Free SNES Emulator

    UniSNES: Free SNES Emulator


    A simplest, free, funny SNES emulator with flexible gamepad.
    Enjoy your SMC/SFC ROMS of SNES system in your smartphone
    Freely to save/load.
  • 2 Player Space Shooter - Retro Games Return

    2 Player Space Shooter - Retro Games Return


    Why play 2 player games like rock, paper, scissors to make a decision, when you can play a new quick epic game of... *Epic music starts with a sweet drop*... 2 PLAYER SPACE SHOOTER - Blue vs Red!

    Basis of game is:
    -Each player is on opposing sides of the screen and you have 2 Game Modes.

    -Every time player red or blue wins, it gives them a point to the score on the main screen. Pick a color and see how many people you can beat!

    Game Modes:

    - Slide Shooter Mode: Tap the arrows to shoot and move. Don't get trapped by the other player's laser beam path!

    - Hunt Mode: Turn using the arrows and shoot with the red button. The ships will move forward once you let go of the arrows. Make sure to shoot while you spin!

    Red and Blue were part of an elite space program back on Earth. One day they were given an assignment for a covert operation in deep interstellar space. They were told the mission would take 15 years and had an extreme level of risk. Red and Blue were given a day to think about it. Red and Blue were great friends and even better partners, so they decided they would take the mission.
    After 1 week of interstellar travel things started to go wrong. Red and Blue started to argue about their favorite donut. This was the start of the madness.
    2 weeks later, red and blue were at the end of their ropes and ready for battle.
    When they were passing Pluto they both spotted an asteroid. One of their favorite things was to shoot asteroids, so naturally they both wanted to shoot this one asteroid. They glanced at each other and shot off their plasma bolts. The bolts bounced off each other narrowly missing the asteroid. This was the last straw. The 2 friends were now enemies. The 2 friends were now 2 players in an endless battle!

    Ruclin is not responsible for possible loss of friendships or damage to your phone...
  • Beautiful Flower Xperia Theme

    Beautiful Flower Xperia Theme


    ◾ This theme can customize many graphical assets.
    ◾ Style everything from lock screen and home screen wallpapers to icons, colours and buttons.
    ◾ Requires Android 5.0 and above.

    Theme Contains:
    ◾ Wallpaper.
    ◾ Lockscreen.
    ◾ Analog clock.
    ◾ Color schemes.
    ◾ Apptray button.
    ◾ Navigation buttons.
    ◾ Icon pack.



    This app will help you find the administration page of your router.

    Main features:

    * Configure your router from your mobile.
    * Find default password for admin page.
    * Change or generate a wifi password, supported types: wep, wpa, wpa2, wpa3.
    * Block foreign devices.

    Compatible with Android 9.
  • Super Goku Fighting 2 Street Hero Fighting Revenge

    Super Goku Fighting 2 Street Hero Fighting Revenge


    Welcome to the super saiyan battle or Guko super saiyan fighting adventure games to take part in the immortal superhero fighting battle arena in the city streets. In this Super Guko Fighting: street hero fighting games we are guarantee you the unlimited fighting adventure in Guko games. This Guko Games is full packed with super saiyan blue Guko fighting actions to reduce the crime from the city. As Guko warrior legend you are the Guko battle city hero and it's your duty to fight with evil stickmen army persons in the ring arena fighting battle

    Use Guko dragon power ups in the Guko shadow battle tag team combat. You are city fighters' savior and don't forget your dragon baall fighters' friends in arena battle. You got special training from flash hero warrior in the futuristic shadow battle. Rush fight for intense battle in the combat streets and fight like a superhero fighting games. This game would give you the exact feeling of more powerful because you get to control the Goku and make him perform moves the way you want and win all the battles from antiques dragon baall and evil army as in got of xenovrse games of fierce battle. Being the fan of Saiyan battle game the dragon heroes of the world legend shadw fight, you should install

    Super Goku Fighting 2 Street Hero Fighting Revenge Street hero fighting revenge to experience the dungaon survivor adventure to enjoy the super Saiyan fusion fight and the super Saiyan guko dragon fighting known as superhero chaos battle. Don't miss the opportunity to become the Guko warrior legend and Guko battle city hero in Guko super Saiyan games. Turn into super Saiyan and win super Saiyan budokai and Guko tenkaichi sayain fight tricks to become the Guko warrior legend. In this dungeon street fight super goku fan will witness legend of dragon saiyan battle z fighting with super goku hero who is going to fight with enemies from fantasy z street fighting and dungeon world and enjoy supar goku saiyan fight 3d in xenovrse game. The ultimate goal of Super Guko Fighting 2 Street Hero Fighting Revenge is to kill the evil Street fightings from the city and be a real superhero ultimate warrior with super saiyan invasion instinct fighting skills.

    you will also witness Be frieza, vegeta, mighty warrior from dragon saiyan with super goku warrior legend who is surviving in all superhero battle arena. Being the great guko battle city hero and guko warrior legend it's your responsibility to help amazing Dragon to fight among fighters in the streets the stickmen army of deed in xenovarse game. Learn the best super Saiyan invasion instinct skills with Super Guko Fighting 2 Street Hero Fighting Revenge. Kakarot Warrior Ultimate Ultrat Instinct Battle, this universe tournament of the battle of xenovrse 2 came to a final chapter Have a lot of battles with different universe: san goku ultra instinct battle world, the xenovrse 2 fighting world, kakarot ultra instinct in the universe tournament of power ball stay face to face with jiren. Kakarot Warrior Ultimate Ultrat Instinct Battle world make the ultimate xenovrse battle world warrior very powerful to play against the others universes jiren kalifla, topo and dispo and a lot more in this battles. Kakarot Warrior Ultimate Ultrat Instinct Battle in a world of universe tournament where you should fight the most epic and powerful warriors of all the universes, vegeta limit breaker piccolo gohan and all our best fighters will show their ultimate power in the tournament.

    Kakarot Warrior Ultimate Ultrat Instinct Battle will lead in this game and be the ultimate fighter against namekian and other warrior rases.

    - Fight with the super deadly Street Fighting characters in city
    - Get Super saiyan blue goku fighting skills
    - Be the guko warrior legend as street fighting hero
    - Play amazing fighting games offline and online
    - Upgrade best martial arts and kun Fu fighting skills
    - Amazing karate champ and kick boxing games
    - Combo fighting games for free
  • PIXLE 3D - Color by Numbers - Pixel Art Coloring

    PIXLE 3D - Color by Numbers - Pixel Art Coloring


    Color 3D models and custom images by numbers, with this pixel and voxel app
  • 3D Colors Bump

    3D Colors Bump


    3D Color Bump is a seemingly simple arcade game for mobile devices. The goal of Good Job Games new title is to go through all the obstacles without hitting any of the objects that are not the same color as your ball. It may sound easy in writing, but the actual gameplay is nearly impossible to master. There are over a hundred levels to conquer, and the game does not pull any punches. You don't get a free pass in the earlier levels. You start with difficult levels that only get tougher as you progress.
    If you think you have mastered other arcade games, this may just be the challenge you are looking for. The further you progress, the more obstacles you will have to avoid. Soon, it will seem impossible to get to the end of the level without hitting any of the other colors. If you want to complete more levels, Download our 3D Color Bump game simply.

    The only thing that cannot hit the colored obstacles is your white ball. You will notice that there are white obstacles scattered throughout each stage. You will need to analyze how these white obstacles can be used to your advantage. Obstacles come in different shapes and sizes. You can use them to push the colored obstacles out of the way or use them as a shield while you navigate through each course.

    When you are pushing out the colored obstacles using the white ones, you might assume that they will continue moving on their own. This is a common mistake that new players make, and they end up getting stuck behind the obstacles. Make sure you wait until the colored obstacles are completely out of the way, or that you will be able to use another white object to continue pushing them. Otherwise, you will definitely fail the level.

    In 3D Color Bump you will find plenty of small white obstacles scattered throughout the levels. It's fun to watch them fly off in different directions when you hit them with the ball, but they hardly help you with pushing out colored objects. It is better if you choose the bigger obstacles like the long bars in order to clear a bigger path for the ball. Pick the largest obstacle possible and launch it upward to get rid of as many obstacles as you can. You can then use the smaller white obstacles to bump off any remaining obstacles before proceeding to the end of the level.
    One thing you should be careful of when moving obstacles is how they behave. Smaller objects are easier to maneuver than bigger ones. You will need to be faster in your reaction times when dealing with large obstacles or you will end up losing them. Worse, you could accidentally push them in the wrong direction, wasting a perfectly good shield in the process.
  • My Drama Club Romance: Romance You Choose

    My Drama Club Romance: Romance You Choose


    You are the sole member of your school's drama club and labeled as a weirdo by the rest of the school. However, you have a reason to continue to be a part of the club: you want to protect your childhood friend's dreams and the place that she belongs.
    Your childhood friend, Jane, is a talented actress. However, due to a misunderstanding between the two of you, she stops acting. Feeling responsible for the situation, you swear to yourself to protect the drama club that she loves.
    One day, the school enforces a policy that says, “Clubs with less than three members will be disbanded.” In order to protect the drama club and make amends with Jane, you gather members and attempt to revive the drama club.

    The curtain rises on a dramatic story about the difficulties of youth that will move your heart.

    ◆[Cool Childhood Friend] Jane
    Your best friend from childhood and a girl with a natural talent for acting. In middle school you were in the drama club together and were very close. However, due to a certain incident, Jane has started to avoid you. Jane is deeply hurt and views your actions as “betrayal.” Will you be able to resolve the misunderstanding and go back to the way you were?

    ◆[Friendly Classmate] Heather
    Always upbeat, Heather is friendly and personable. She has known Shannon since she was young. When they were children, Heather and Shannon made a promise that Shannon would make Heather's outfits and do her makeup when she became an actress. Although the two were close as children, they started to grow apart after entering middle school…

    ◆[Shy Drama Club Member] Shannon
    The second member of the drama club who is in charge of costumes and makeup. She is Heather's childhood friend. Her dream is to make Heather's outfits and do her makeup when Heather becomes an actress. Even after Heather abandons her, Shannon still believes in the promise they made when they were young. In order to protect the drama club, you and Shannon work together to gather members.
  • Snail Bob Series 7

    Snail Bob Series 7


    Fantasy Story is the newest installment in the Snail Bob series. Bob read too many fairy tales and now he can't stop thinking about dragons and wizards
  • Spin Circle Dot

    Spin Circle Dot


    Spin color dot a new fun game for colorful balls and colorful game lovers. Tap and handle the ball in the circle and collect the same color balls and unlock new levels and balls. Touching any other ball will be a game end so have to be careful for tapping and managing the movement of the ball within the circle. Collect different size balls of the same color of yours. The ball will be moving within the circle and just have to be dodging the other color balls and keep collecting the same color balls.
    A new addictive one touch game play easy to play and tough to handle. But a nice challenging game, once you are adjusted with the tap and handle the ball it makes it more fun. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go and how many dot sets you can unlock. Keep playing the circle ball game and keep tap of your winnings. Collect coins on each ball you will collect and unlock more exciting dot ball sets.

    Tap timely to switch the spinning direction of the little dot to collect the same color balls and avoid other color balls and different obstacle objects. Hit same color objects to score and avoid those with a different color.

    Spin Circle Dot Features:

    - Addictive one-touch gameplay suitable for everyone.
    - 20 sets of dots for unlocking.
    - Daily reward system.

    Tap timely to switch the spinning direction of the little dot. Hit same-color objects to score and avoid those with a different color.

    Collect coins to unlock new cute dots!
  • Breaker Bricks Balls Blast 3D

    Breaker Bricks Balls Blast 3D


    Breaker brick balls blast 3D is a new fun game from Sudden Games. Manage your paddle and handle your ball well and keep destroying the tiles above. Get different unique power ups like Fireball, Laser,Sticky Paddle, Grow Paddle, Shrink Paddle, Revive Ball ,Split Balls ,Speed Up, Slow Down , Extra Life handle your powers wisely as it test you also by shortening the paddle and make it more fun to destroy the bricks at the same time of controlling your paddle. Break the bricks and blast them away to clear the level and to move on to the next exciting brick breaking challenging level of this exciting breaker brick balls blast 3d game..

    Breaker brick balls blast 3D as it says it all within its name, this game is to destroy bricks by handling your paddle and angling your balls in such directions that it destroys all the bricks of the level. Get power up and make it more easy and fun to clear the brick breaking challenge, the more you advance the more fun it becomes while breaking bricks. More and more exciting challenges and it makes more tough for the player to break the bricks and clear the level but yet it keeps you excited about the 3D brick game.

    From the classic game of brick breaking which we played couple of decades back. Now its so easy and fun to break the bricks with a simple touch , a spectacular visual effects and good paddle control makes it more exciting for brick and ball game lovers.

    Features for Breaking Brick Balls Blast 3D game:

    Highly polished controls
    Intuitive paddle bounce angles
    Easily tweak able game play
    Unique power Ups
    • Fireball
    • Laser
    • Sticky Paddle
    • Grow Paddle
    • Shrink Paddle
    • Revive Ball
    • Split Balls
    • Speed Up
    • Slow Down
    • Extra Life

    Smart endgame power up

    • Unbreakable (Except by lasers
    and fireballs!)
    • Multi-hit
    • Cage
    • Bomb
  • Murmur Pro (sound, sleep, nightly, restless, rain)

    Murmur Pro (sound, sleep, nightly, restless, rain)


    The largest collection of relaxing rain for Android. Over 35 rain sounds (free and HD) mixable with thunders and music in order to reach a state of complete relaxation.

    Ideal for sleeping, meditation, concentration or if you have tinnitus problems (ringing in the ears).

    You can adjust the volume of rain, thunders and music individually to find the ideal combination and so encourage a deep relaxation of the mind.

    You can keep the app in the background in conjunction with other apps (for listening your favorite music, play games or browse the internet).

    It is also possible to set a timer and turn off the screen. At the end of the set time, the sound fades gently and the app closes by itself, so you do not have to worry about close it if you fall asleep.

    The rain sounds and relaxing music have beneficial effects on the body and soothing the mind because, by covering the external environment noise, promote relaxation and help in different occasions: for better sleep, to concentrate in work, study or reading, for meditation, etc.

    Relax your mind, remove the stress and find your inner peace. Go into your oasis of calm.

    *** Main features ***

    - 35+ perfectly looped rain sounds (free and HD)
    - Thunders and music mixable with the rain sounds
    - Individual volume adjustment for rain, thunders and music
    - Ability to use the app along with other apps
    - Timer for self-closing the app
    - Audio pause on incoming call
    - No streaming is required for playback (no data connection required)
    - No audible loop thanks to redesigned audio engine

    *** List of rain sounds ***

    - Rain in the forest
    - Rain on the street
    - Strong thunderstorm
    - Thunders and music
    - Rain in the park
    - Bungalow in the forest
    - Under the tree
    - Thunderstorm in the countryside
    - Rainy night with crickets
    - Tropical storm
    - Rain in the garden
    - Thunderstorm
    - Rain on the tin roof
    - Under the umbrella
    - Puddles in the countryside
    - Rain against the window
    - Hailstorm
    - Water in the gutter
    - Distant storm
    - Light rain at night
    - Home in the rainforest
    - Light rain on the windshield
    - Rain on leaves
    - Light rain in the garden
    - Heavy rain on the windshield
    - Tent in the rain
    - Dripping water
    - Tent in the thunderstorm
    - Wind and rain
    - Inside the car
    - Rain in the city
    - Inside the caravan
    - Rain on the car roof
    - Inside the farmhouse
    - Morning rain
    - Rain on the skylight

    *** Benefits for sleep ***

    Have you trouble falling asleep? This app helps you to sleep well by blocking the external noises. Now you fall asleep faster and sleep better.
    Say goodbye to your insomnia! Enhance Your Life!

    *** Benefits for the mind ***

    The sounds of nature relieve the stress of modern life.
    The human mind reacts positively when it hears the sounds of nature because they arouse emotions that remind our primordial environment.
    Hear the sounds of nature leads us away from the noise and daily stress to make us return to the calm of our origins.

    *** Usage notes ***

    For a better experience, I recommend you the use of headphones or earphones to listen the relaxing sounds.
    You can use the app in background and with other apps.
  • Litecoin Server Remote Miner - Free LTC

    Litecoin Server Remote Miner - Free LTC


    The new bitcoin mining simulator on your smartphone!

    Bitcoin mining simulator allows you to fully understand the specifics of cryptocurrency earnings, as well as apply the knowledge gained after a couple of hours!

    Our application is an innovative approach on the way to cryptocurrency mining, which allows you to fully understand the specifics of mining, as well as earnings on it. Every day, a cryptocurrency suffers a lot of significant changes in its favor, which is why more and more people are beginning to be interested in the latest e-currency, both in their personal interests and in order to make a profit. Miner Bitcoin - the game, having downloaded that user has every chance to gain the necessary experience, which can later turn into a steady income with minimal investment and without much effort. In the age of technology, it is a sin not to know about earning Bitcoins via the Internet, because this cryptocurrency is and will be heard by tens, hundreds, thousands of people around the world for a very long time. With this application, everyone can learn about earning Bitcoins on Android by testing the power of modern technology in practice.

    Advantages of the application

    1. Simplicity and brevity allow a person who has uploaded a miner Bitcoin to his device to independently understand the intuitive interface by spending no more than five minutes on this activity.

    2. Miner Bitcoin, along with the prospects and efficiency, will give players an unforgettable pastime, the benefit of the developers have thought out in detail not only the semantic load, but also the graphic component with which the game has become even more exciting and more interesting. Pleasant sound only complements the picture, making it even more positive and in the mood for good productivity.

    3. Detailed statistics on how much Bitcoin miner brought to the player per day or per month allows you to track your result, making certain conclusions for yourself. From it you can understand the most important thing - how are things going for the extraction of cryptocurrency. From the result obtained, the player will either have hope to seriously begin to engage in this type of income, or the motivation to continue learning all the subtleties of working with this resource.

    4. Miner Bitcoin is available to absolutely everyone who wants it with just a few taps. To download the game, you just need to start downloading, then click on the application icon from the desktop. Earning Bitcoins without attachments begins with a simple installation of a seemingly simple toy!

    5. Invaluable experience - the last in a row, but not the value. Using the miner Bitcoin simulator, users thereby protect themselves from unnecessary losses, which could be used to purchase power on one of the Internet projects. We decided to create such an application, going into which users will not have a sense of work, and the efficiency will be maximum. It would seem that just a game, however, playing our users gain a wealth of experience, which later develops into something more, namely, to get passive profits through the world wide web.

    Who should try?

    Everyone definitely wants to try, because cryptocurrency is an innovative resource, for which you can already pay in both physical and online stores. Crypto Farm Bitcoin Earnings in the virtual world, which will surely make itself felt when the player seriously delves into making profit using cryptocurrency. We made this application reliable with the fact that when playing a funny game, people can not only have a good time, but also gain knowledge. Miner Bitcoin is a simulator that puts the first knowledge in the heads of its players. With the help of it, everyone can start their own career of getting cryptocurrency!

    Bitcoin mining is a simulator with a thought-out idea, modern graphics, and player benefits.
  • Edge Screen S10 (One UI)

    Edge Screen S10 (One UI)


    I. News

    I spend a lot of time working and creating an application with a completely new interface. Giving you a new look. Having fun !


    II. Introduce
    I recently spent most of the time to complete this application.
    A perfect application and contains useful features.
    I always try to make the most useful applications with the user as possible.
    And this is one such application. I am committed to updating and improving many useful features for the app.
    And here are the main features of the app to date:
    + Handle setting
    You can install the swatch area yourself. Customizable with many useful features
    + You can also arrange the screen as you like. It's simple to drag and drop
    * Back ground:
    + Color background
    + Default wallpaper
    + Picture
    + Live blur screen (beta)
    You can also set the transparency and opacity of the image
    * Edge screen:
    + People edge screen: create links for your contacts. Select and organize your favorite contacts
    + CallLog edge screen: Update and manage your call log
    Edge screen soft key: Support some common key in yourdevice like: home, recent, back, power ...
    + App edge screen: Create shortcuts for your favorite apps
    Tools Edge screen: Offers many useful features for your application


    III. Privacy Policy * This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
    It is necessary and used only for locking the device when you use feature turn off the screen. You need to enable Administration before it can be used that feature. To uninstall the app, please open my app and click the "Uninstall" button.
    * This app uses Accessibility services
    We request this permission to:
    + Receive notifications when you are interacting with an app to make color auto change and some feature
    + Inspect the content of a window you are interacting with. To enable some feature like back, recent press, etc.
    Please be assured that we will not collect any personal information
    # Edge Action, # Edge Side bar, # Side bar, # Edge Screen, # Edge launcher

    * Special thank for : Băng Châu, Bạch Tuấn Đạt help us to make this app
  • Life is Pointless

    Life is Pointless


    Earn points by doing that which is pointless.

    Based on the designer's own struggle with depression, Life is Pointless takes the player on a cerebral and stoic adventure as they try to escape their meaningless existence. Deep and contemplative, the player is forced to complete the same mundane tasks on a continual basis, watching as the days pass endlessly before them. More of a philosophical argument than a game, Life is Pointless will force you to take a closer look at your own daily actions, and determine if you, too, are in the pointless pursuit of points.

    Features include:
    • Over .01 hours of exciting gameplay!
    • Absolutely no multiplayer capabilities!
    • Vivid color palette of black, white, off-white, and dark-grey!
    • Painstakingly produced over the span of almost an entire week!
    • Two endlessly looping tracks of music, each an astonishing six seconds long!
    • Revolutionary day and night cycle!
    • Incredibly smooth learning curve!
    • Points!

    If you haven't already guessed from the above description, screenshots, and trailers, there isn't all that much to this game. It was created from a place of twisted darkness in the designer's soul, and publishing it was just something he decided to do for fun. He was originally going to make it free, but the same twisted darkness thought it would be hilarious to make people pay for it. That being said, do not purchase this “game” if you do not have a sense of humor. If you're planning on feeling disappointed, and writing a negative review about it later, then you might as well stop right here. This game was built on negativity and disappoint, so the designer has plenty of it already.
  • NES Emulator - Best Emulator For NES 2019

    NES Emulator - Best Emulator For NES 2019


    NES Emulator - Best Emulator For NES 2019

    Emulator For NES Game - Arcade Game Classic

    We make a emulator to load any nes file roms, we don't include any roms fil.
    Please search file and save to storage, emulator will load for you.

    Many features :
    * Save and Load game state
    * Connect controller over wifi and bluetooth
    * Customize controller layout portrait and landscape
    * Customize game screen size and layout
    * Play game with cheat code, add more cheat code to game
    * Play without internet
    * Donate and Remove ads to help us make emulator better.

    Let's play and fun
  • My Dream Town: Life Simulator Empire

    My Dream Town: Life Simulator Empire


    If you loved playing dream town simulators in enjoy your free time, You can Develop dream dwellings down and enjoy this dream town life of your favorite doll characters pets with multi game plays of different fun life stimulating simulation game with adventure games super addictive fun of kids life n world of pet games. My town is the best dream town with dream houses and doll shops. People and your best friends move into My Town Dream Life Simulator, for different daily tasks of dream house routine activities in pet world. You are the one man handling whole town empire with multiple shops and a lot of facilities, making it a vibrant, lovely place to live. You are having stores like, Tailor Shop, Doll shop, Kids Cinema, Paint shop, Toy Repair shop for kids, Hospital for your pets in adventures of dream house of my town toddler games online fun free games for kids.

    Poor Pets needs doctor, you have the best pets doctor and children's hospital for pets in this my town doll dream house kids hospital from pet hospital games. Treat kids pets in a children's hospital. Your dog leg broken, he needs a bone treatment. You can make them healthy again and put a smile back on their faces. Your cat needs a regular checkup with children dentist. Take care of your pets and kids in this hospital of my dream town in this life simulator game for kids.

    You can be anything, a doctor, children's dentist, a toy repairer, a magic tycoon, a cinema business owner in little kid games. This dream town is your empire. And if you are looking for fun free games with multiple fun professions for kids in life simulator game plays than My Town : Dream House Empire is best game for you My Dream Town : Life Simulator.

    Enjoy designer adventure of dolls like bear, barb, panda, bunny, little tailor house and cut and sew cloths for your favorite doll. You can even design your own doll as a birthday gift for your best friends. You will love My Town: Dream House Empire little doll's dream house and little dolls dream town game with different free online games for girls.

    My Town: Dream House Adventures Empire

    Discover New Doll's Dream Town and enjoy fun dream house activities in My Town : Doll Dream House free online games for kids and boys.

    -Hey little Ice cream maker you will be a dessert shop owner and you will be making tasty delicious devoured ice cream for kids in your dream town.

    -Play as a magical designer you will love to Care for your favorite pet and dress up your favorite pets dolls in the doll shop and doll tailor shop.

    -So little kid will be helping his empire and town buddies for designing perfect outfits for your pets and dolls.

    -Start working as Auto Repair shop owner for as a vehicle mechanic and car decorators decorating and repairing cars.

    -Hey little kid with dream hose adventure life you have a cinema in your dream town, and you are the only one who can make
    Popcorn, juices for making kids movies more enjoyable with their favorite characters tickets.

    -Enjoy magical colors and differentiate in different colors as a color mixer with the block of a game with color mixer feature for kids and girls.

    This game have everything for you if you love playing doll house games and little kids adventure profession dream house and dream town games.

    So, Download this Town adventure game for kids girls and enjoy the amazing game play.
  • Mickey Subway Run 3D

    Mickey Subway Run 3D


    Mickey Subway Run 3D is a free endless running game.
    Challenge mickey to reach the temple and collect points to move from one world to another It contains many exciting levels full of adventures. Rush, run, surf in unknown subway, explore the exit to escape from mickey hunter.
    Mickey Subway Run 3D world is a game suitable for children and adults.
    Take the opportunity and download the game is free to help ladybug to reach the temple and win the gold.

    • Cool HD graphics and fun animations
    • Multiple 3D Characters
    • Intuitive controls combined with an innovative design levels
    • Awesome Endless 3D Runner
    • Exciting Power-ups and upgrades
    • Experience stunning heroes audio-visual miraculous and sonic game
    • Supports Android phones and tablets
    • More levels and content to come in future updates
    • Intuitive controls
    • Rich background music and sound effects
    • Intense and exciting game rhythm
    • Explore the mysterious Subway in city
    • Face the unknown dangers and fear

    How to Play:
    • Swipe up to jump
    • Swipe left, right to change the lane
    • Swipe down to slide

    This game Mickey and Minnie Mouse features addictive game play, intense Mickey Subway Mouse Run rhythm and miraculous and sonic graphics. Challenge your friends and family to see who has the highest score.

    Enjoy the game Mickey Subway Run 3D & leave a feedback to help us improve! It's time for you Subway Mickey and Minnie Mouse Running Games fans out there, Start running now for free! Play Mickey Minnie Run Subway Game for free and show off your jumping, dodging, run dash, runner rash and sliding skills to collect the coins and get some powerful miraculous and sonic power-ups.

    Let's play and bea the highest score on subway hero girl mickey Suft!
  • Super Saiyan Legend: Shadow Dragon Warriors Battle

    Super Saiyan Legend: Shadow Dragon Warriors Battle


    Fan of shadow dragon heroes super battle ?!
    This is the #1 fighting games with new epic battle of iron songoku man game. The planet is threaten by invaders. Our warriors has to transform into superhero legend to fight against them in shadow shape & save our planet.

    Get the infinite power to become the ultimate z fighter & strongest Saiyan. The legend says that anyone who collects 7 dragon pieces of ball will get infinite power. Few balls are hidden in kai planet and others are hidden in vegeta gt planet. You mission is to save the Earth from the invaders who want to usurp the 7 balls. During the adventure, you will travel through different planets and fight with various shadow enemies.

    This is the best game ever released for dragon battle fans with more than one saiyan forms. Every saiyan can transform effect. There are many strong enemies and bosses, So be careful! Gather the best super heroes in the same heroes team and don't forget to upgrade your hero skills continuously and equip him the best arms and weapons. Some AMAZING ninja skills are waiting for you! Use them in the most fierce battles.

    This game includes Super Saiyan Levels: 1 , 20 and SSJG, SSGSS it gives you more power and skills that will make you enjoy the ultimate saiyan battle of dragon shadow battle. Some amazing skills like Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack, Ki Blast and Monkey King Recall ... may coming very soon. Become super heroes and warrior of legend with full skill of a super hero special.

    *** THE FACTS :
    - Easy to play and control a to z
    - Super Hero ball Levels with amazing graphics shadow
    - Multi bosses with 80+ skills.
    - 26+ dbz Fighters from dragon fighter such as goku, vegeta, gohann.
    - Lot of unique and signature skill such as soaring dragon strike, spirit ball.
    - multiple transformations SSJ to SSGSS.

    - Son goku : skill kamehameha fighting
    - Vegeta skill : Little with kung fu "Kai" Energyball.
    - Intermediate skill: Great "Kai fighter" Energy ball from sky.
    - Ultimate skill: amazing Kame - blow enemy with "KAI" energy.
    - Melee skill: Perform spectacular martial arts - Combine shadow punch and shadow kick.

    This an offline game (Could work without internet) available for Android mobiles & Tablets. Enjoy the martial art with kung fu fighter like in a manga story. You cannot lose until you win. Download now for free!
  • Poly Sphere 3D roll Puzzle Game

    Poly Sphere 3D roll Puzzle Game


    Poly Sphere 3D roll Puzzle Game is a new puzzle game that trains your brain and make you relax while playing !

    How to Play
    -Very simple game play ,just Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete image.

    Note that it's 100% a free game with no In-app-Purchasing , All you have to do is
    start playing & saving complete low poly Art works in your gallery .
    Enjoy !
Mod Apks
Original Apks
Hot Mod App
  • YouTube
    Get the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what's trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. Subscribe to channels you love, share with friends, and watch on any device.

    With a new design, you can have fun exploring videos you love more easily and quickly than before. Just tap an icon or swipe to switch between recommended videos, your subscriptions, or your account. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself with comments or shares, cast a video to your TV, and more – all from inside the app.


    • Browse personal recommendations on the Home tab

    • See the latest from your favorite channels on the Subscriptions tab

    • Look up videos you've watched and liked on the Account tab


    • Let people know how you feel with likes, comments, and shares

    • Upload and edit your own videos with filters and music – all inside the app
  • Google
    The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

    Search and browse:
    - Nearby shops and restaurants
    - Live sports scores and schedules
    - Movies times, casts, and reviews
    - Videos and images
    - News, stock information, and more
    - Anything you'd find on the web

    Get personalized updates in Discover*:
    - Stay in the know about topics that interest you
    - Start your morning with weather and top news
    - Get updates on sports, movies, and events
    - Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
    - Get stories about your interests and hobbies
    - Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

    Unstable connection?
    - Google will automatically optimize results to improve loading on bad connections
    - If Google cannot complete a Search, you'll get a notification with the search results once you regain connection

    Learn more about what the Google app can do for you: http://www.google.com/search/about
    *some features of Discover might not be available in all countries
  • Google Play services
    Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play.
    This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher quality, lower-powered location based services.
    Google Play services also enhances your app experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences.
    Apps may not work if you uninstall Google Play services.
  • Gmail
    Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. Get your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, and find any message quickly.
    With the Gmail app you get:
    • An organized inbox - Social and promotional messages are sorted into categories so you can read messages from friends and family first.
    • Less spam - Gmail blocks spam before it hits your inbox to keep your account safe and clutter free.
    • 15GB of free storage - You won't need to delete messages to save space.
    • Multiple account support - Use both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses (Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP/POP email) right from the app.
  • Maps - Navigate & Explore
    Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go - no matter what part of the world you're in.

    Get there faster with real-time updates
    • Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
    • Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
    • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures

    Discover places and explore like a local
    • Discover local restaurant, events, and activities that matter to you
    • Know what's trending and new places that are opening in the areas you care about
    • Decide more confidently with “Your match,” a number on how likely you are to like a place
    • Group planning made easy. Share a shortlist of options and vote in real-time
    • Create lists of your favorite places and share with friends
    • Follow must-try places recommended by local experts, Google, and publishers

    More experiences on Google Maps
    • Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
    • Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
    • Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums

    * Some features not available in all countries
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
    Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, and secure web browser. Designed for Android, Chrome brings you personalized news articles, quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and Google Search and Google Translate built-in. Download now to enjoy the same Chrome web browser experience you love across all your devices.

    Browse fast and type less. Choose from personalized search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly browse previously visited web pages. Fill in forms quickly with Autofill.

    Incognito Browsing. Use Incognito mode to browse the internet without saving your history. Browse privately across all your devices.

    Sync Chrome Across Devices. When you sign into Chrome, your bookmarks, passwords, and settings will be automatically synced across all your devices. You can seamlessly access all your information from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

    All your favorite content, one tap away. Chrome is not just fast for Google Search, but designed so you are one tap away from all your favorite content. You can tap on your favorite news sites or social media directly from the new tab page. Chrome also has the “Tap to Search”- feature on most webpages. You can tap on any word or phrase to start a Google search while still in the page you are enjoying.

    Protect your phone with Google Safe Browsing. Chrome has Google Safe Browsing built-in. It keeps your phone safe by showing warnings to you when you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.

    Fast downloads and view web pages and videos offline Chrome has a dedicated download button, so you can easily download videos, pictures, and entire webpages with just one tap. Chrome also has downloads home right inside Chrome, where you can access all the content you downloaded, even when you are offline.

    Google Voice Search. Chrome gives you an actual web browser you can talk to. Use your voice to find answers on-the-go without typing and go hands free. You can browse and navigate quicker using your voice anywhere, anytime.

    Google Translate built-in: Quickly translate entire web pages. Chrome has Google Translate built in to help you to translate entire web to your own language with one tap.

    Use less mobile data and speed up the web. Turn on Lite mode and use up to 60% less data. Chrome can compress text, images, videos, and websites without lowering the quality.

    Smart personalized recommendations. Chrome creates an experience that is tailored to your interests. On the new tab page, you will find articles that Chrome selected based on your previous browsing history.
  • WhatsApp Messenger
    WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.


    • NO FEES: WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family, so you don't have to pay for every message or call.* There are no subscription fees to use WhatsApp.

    • MULTIMEDIA: Send and receive photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.

    • FREE CALLS: Call your friends and family for free with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in another country.* WhatsApp calls use your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes. (Note: Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. Also, you can't access 911 and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp).

    • GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chats with your contacts so you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family.

    • WHATSAPP WEB: You can also send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer's browser.

    • NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: There's no extra charge to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends around the world and avoid international SMS charges.*

    • SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PINS: Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN? WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS, and integrates seamlessly with your phone's existing address book.

    • ALWAYS LOGGED IN: With WhatsApp, you're always logged in so you don't miss messages. No more confusion about whether you're logged in or logged out.

    • QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts who have WhatsApp so there's no need to add hard-to-remember usernames.

    • OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your recent messages until the next time you use the app.

    • AND MUCH MORE: Share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and more!

    *Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

    We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

    [email protected]

    or follow us on twitter:

  • Skype - free IM & video calls
    Skype keeps the world talking. Say “hello” with an instant message, voice or video call – all for free*.

    Use Skype to send SMS messages to mobiles worldwide and with SMS Connect you can now also read and reply to your phone's SMS messages right from your computer. SMS connect will be released gradually.

    • Video calls – Don't just hear the cheers, see them! Get together with 1 or 24 of your friends and family on a HD video call. Watch everyone's smiles and cries when you tell them “We're engaged!!!"
    • Chat – Reach people instantly. Send messages to your friends, grab someone's attention with @ mentions, or create a group chat to plan a family reunion.
    • SMS Connect - Read and reply to your phone's SMS messages in Skype on your PC or Mac.
    • Share – Send photos and videos with your family and friends. Save shared photos and videos to your camera roll. Share your screen to make travel plans with friends or present designs to your team.
    • Voice calls – Camera shy? Make voice calls to anyone in the world on Skype. You can also call mobile and landlines at low rates.
    • Express yourself – Liven up conversations with emoticons, click on the “+” in chat to send a Giphy or images from the web, and annotate images with words, lines and more.

    By downloading the Skype Preview, you'll gain early access to our newest and coolest features. Of course, while you're having fun, know that this app is a work in progress. We're hoping to get your vital feedback as we add new enhancements and features to Skype. Simply click the heart icon on the main screen and you will be able to send your comments to our team, helping us shape the future of Skype.

    Skype is available on phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

    *Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.
  • Samsung Internet Browser
    Experience the cutting edge of web browsing with Samsung's fastest, smoothest, safest web browser for Android.
    Now supports Android 5.0 and above.

    Security & Privacy
    Samsung Internet helps you protect your security and privacy while browsing the Internet.

    * Smart Anti-Tracking
    Intelligently identify domains which have cross-site tracking ability and block storage(cookie) access.

    * Protected Browsing
    We will warn you before you can view known malicious sites to prevent you from visiting web sites which may try to steal your data.

    * Content Blockers
    Samsung Internet for Android allows 3rd party apps to provide filters for Content Blocking, making browsing safer and more streamlined.

    * Do Not Track
    Switch on the new Do Not Track setting to ask websites not to collect your data or track your browsing.

    UI Improvements
    * One-Handedness UI
    Change UI concept for one-handed usability by following One UI, which is Samsung's new UI concept.

    * Save All Images
    All images from a web page can be saved at once.

    * Reader Mode
    Reader Mode allows you to read articles clearly and comfortably. Now you can customize Reader Mode's appearance by choosing the font, font size and background.

    * URL Bar
    The URL bar shows a badge for allowing quick access to Reader Mode. Also an Add To Homescreen button which allows installation of Web Apps in a single tap.

    * Download Manager
    Download files faster with our new optimised, parallel download system. It is also easier to manage your downloads - you can pause, resume and cancel downloads directly from the notification.

    * Tab Swipe
    Swipe left or right in the URL bar or bottom toolbar, to navigate to your previous/next tab.

    * High Contrast Mode
    High Contrast Mode can be enabled in the settings of Samsung Internet, for those who require increased contrast to view webpages more comfortably like visually impaired.

    More Comfortable
    Samsung Internet supports features that make your everyday browsing more comfortable.

    * Web Payments
    Shopping on the web will get more secure and easier than ever with support for the new Web Payments API, letting you check out and pay securely with only a few taps.

    * Amazon Shopping Assistant
    Amazon Shopping Assistant can be turned on to enable you to get the best deals when shopping on the web by comparing products with Amazon.

    Better integrated with Samsung devices
    Samsung Internet aims to provide a consistent and continuous user experience among various Samsung devices.

    * You can use biometric authentication for website logins, Web Payments and accessing Secret Mode, on supported Samsung devices.

    * Place the phone into a Gear VR headset when you are viewing a web page and it will open in immersive Virtual Reality.

    * Optimized for desktop browsing with DeX.

    * Transfer Quick Access items across devices (where each device has version 8.2+) using Smart Switch.

    Engine Upgrade
    We have upgraded the browser engine to Chromium 67.

    The following permissions are required for the app service.
    For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

    Required permissions

    Optional permissions
    Telephone: Used to check device-unique identification information for app analysis information
    Location: Used to provide location-based content requested by the user or location information requested by the webpage in use
    Camera: Used to provide webpage shooting function and QR code shooting function
    Microphone: Used to provide recording function on webpage
    Contacts: Used to get the device account information for cloud sync
    Storage: Used to store files when downloading from webpages

    If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions.
    Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update.
  • Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go
    The Word app from Microsoft lets you create, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily. Edit documents attached to emails, collaborate with your team and bring the Microsoft Office features with you wherever you go.

    Your office moves with you when you use Microsoft Word. The word processor app is as handy as you want it to be, whether you're a blogger, writer, journalist, columnist, student, or a project manager working on documentation.

    Word introduces a mobile PDF reader for your phone. Edit documents and read PDFs or e-books while traveling, before bedtime, or wherever you want.

    Create documents, scripts, blogs, write-ups, or resumes. Edit documents, letters, resumes, or notes your way with robust tools that enable you to accomplish your best writing with the best format options.

    Create Word documents, edit docs and collaborate with your team wherever you are with Microsoft Word.

    Microsoft Word Features:

    Create Documents With Confidence
    • Create docs, assignments, letters, blogs, scripts, notes, resumes and more with beautifully designed modern templates.
    • Edit documents with rich formatting and layout options to note down your ideas and express them in writing.
    • Document editor keeps formats and layouts pristine and looking great, no matter what device you use.

    Read, Write, and Edit
    • Read docs, PDFs, letters, scripts, and more on your device with Reading View.
    • Edit documents from PDFs by converting to and from Word documents to easily make changes.
    • Convert docs into PDF after editing and share your PDF file with a few taps.

    Collaborate With Anyone, Anywhere
    • Collaborate by commenting in your doc right next to the text you're discussing.
    • Edit documents as a team and stay on top of changes to the text, layout, and formatting.
    • The document editor lets you revert to view earlier drafts with improved version history in Word.

    Sharing is simplified
    • Collaborate and share document files with a few taps.
    • Manage docs permissions and see who is working on them easily.
    • Copy Microsoft Word files directly into the body of an email message with its format intact or attach your PDFs and docs to an email and make sharing easier.

    Download Microsoft Word now and edit documents anywhere.


    � OS version: running any of the supported versions of Android and have an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor. Support for Kitkat & Lollipop devices will continue till June 2019
    � 1 GB RAM or above

    To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.
    Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Office 365 subscription (see http://aka.ms/Office365subscriptions) for your phone, tablet, PC, and Mac.

    Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your Play Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your Play Store account settings. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.
    This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

    Please refer to Microsoft's EULA for Terms of Service for Office on Android. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions: http://aka.ms/eula
Top Mod App
  • xmodgames
    ★The Best Free Game Mods Center★ ★Forever Better Game ExperienceHelping users save time, improve efficiency of game, and get better game experiences. ★Forever safe, green, free and without any malicious plug-in ★Forever upgrade and release game mods continuously:Currently, xmodgames has provided mods, plugins and accelerating function for various hot games. Also, we upgrade and release game mods continuously to meet game users’ maximum needs. ★Xmodgames requires a rooted device !!! FEATURES OF XMG ►An all-round management for games, A button set for launching.Xmodgames can match your games automatically in your device; it is very easy to install mods and launch the game for one click. Without the scattered view where games sectionalization and single mod separated, you can have a perfect control of all games in your device.►Super game mods, Surpass your opponents.The most considerate and convenient game mods are from the most professional development team. No matter what the types of the games: Card, Strategy, Puzzle, or Board, xmodgames can make you enjoy the games with ease and let you surpass your competitors immediately.►Thousands of mods for hundreds of mainstream games; the version of mods updates timely.Keeping up to the trend of the hottest and most popular games; xmodgames provides the mods for them. The version of mods will update timely according to the versions of games. You can experience the newest, the best and the most widely covered game mods the first time.Supported languagesXmodgames is available in the following languages: English (UK and US).--Stay connected!Have issues with our APP or want to give a suggestion? Contact us at:[email protected] (please specify your problems as detailed as possible)https://www.facebook.com/xmodgameshttps://twitter.com/xmodgameshttp://www.xmodgames.com/Strongly recommend:DO NOT only say:it doesnt work; Please let us know more details about your problems.--Requested permissionsPhotos/Media/Files permission: This permission is used for Xmodgames's MOD DOWNLOAD feature, which uses to access Files to download or update newest mods for games.--Notes:1.Attached Kingroot or Towelroot may not work please root your phone via PC.2.Xmodgames does not support Bluestacks(or other Android emulators)/ASUS zenfone 5,7 (or other intel-based processor)/ART mode, X86 at the present. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.3.For redmi note users, if you have rooted your phone, xmodgames still not works. We recommend you install WSM Tools and try again.
  • mCent - Free Mobile Recharge
    mCent is an application that will allow us to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading other apps and testing them. As we run one of these apps for the first time, we will receive a small sum of money, and if you also store it for a week, you will receive more.

    To be able to use mCent you will need to have a mobile phone and be within one of the countries that can participate in the program mCent: united States, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka...

    One of the points that you tend not to like about mCent, is that the application monitors our use of apps, and you can get free access to our address book. Of course, the app alerts the user before you start using it, but that does not make it less invasive.

    mCent is an interesting application, thanks to which it is possible to earn money by doing something as simple as downloading apps and run them once.
  • dSploit
    dSploit is a penetration testing suite developed for the Android operating system.


    WiFi Cracking
    Port Scanner
    Vulnerability finder
    Login cracker
    Packet forger
    Man in the middle
    Simple sniff
    Password sniff
    Session Hijacker
    Kill connections
    Replace images
    Replace videos
    Script injector
    Custom filter

    Introducing dSploit

    dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

    Once dSploit is started, you will be able to easily map your network, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services, search for known vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures of many tcp protocols, perform man in the middle attacks such as password sniffing ( with common protocols dissection ), real time traffic manipulation, etc, etc .

    This application is still in beta stage, a stable release will be available as soon as possible, but expect some crash or strange behavior until then, in any case, feel free to submit an issue here on GitHub.


    WiFi Cracking

    The WiFi scanner will show in green access points with known default key generation algorithms, clicking on them allows you to easily crack the key, supported models: Thomson, DLink, Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS, Alice AGPF, FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey, Huawei, Wlan_XXXX, Jazztel_XXXX, Wlan_XX, Ono ( P1XXXXXX0000X ), WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX, WifiXXXXXX, Sky V1, Clubinternet.box v1 and v2, InfostradaWifi.


    Perform a traceroute on target.

    Port Scanner

    A syn port scanner to find quickly open ports on a single target.


    Performs target operating system and services deep detection, slower than syn port scanner but more accurate.

    Vulnerability Finder

    Search for known vulnerabilities for target running services upon National Vulnerability Database.

    Login Cracker

    A very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services.

    Packet Forger

    Craft and send a custom TCP or UDP packet to the target, such as Wake On LAN packets.


    A set of man-in-the-midtle tools to command&conquer the whole network.

    Simple Sniff

    Redirect target’s traffic through this device and show some stats while dumping it to a pcap file.

    Password Sniffer

    Sniff passwords of many protocols such as http, ftp, imap, imaps, irc, msn, etc from the target.

    Session Hijacker

    Listen for cookies on the network and hijack sessions.

    Kill Connections

    Kill connections preventing the target to reach any website or server.


    Redirect all the http traffic to another address.

    Replace Images

    Replace all images on webpages with the specified one.

    Replace Videos

    Replace all YouTube videos on webpages with the specified one.

    Script Injection

    Inject a JavaScript in every visited webpage.

    Custom Filter

    Replace custom text on webpages with the specified one.


    ARM: Your device must have an ARM cpu.

    Gingerbread: An Android device with at least the 2.3 ( Gingerbread ) version of the OS.

    Root: The device must be rooted.

    BusyBox: The device must have a BusyBox full install, this means with every utility installed ( not the partial installation ).


    This application is not to be used for any purposes other than to demonstrate its functions, and must only be used on networks for which you have permission to do so. Any other use is not the responsibility of the developer.In other words, don't be stupid, and don't direct angry people towards me.

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  • PS4 Remote Play
    PS4 Remote Play
    The power of PS4 streamed direct to your Sony Xperia smartphone and tablet*.
    Connect your Xperia smartphone or tablet to your home Wi-Fi network, grab a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and continue your PS4 games on your Xperia device away from your TV screen.

    * Supported Xperia smartphone and tablet at the following URL: http://www.sonymobile.com/remoteplay
    Use of this feature requires a PlayStation®4 system, DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, Sony Entertainment Network account and high-speed Internet connection. Use of your home Wi-Fi network is recommended. Use of public Wi-Fi networks is not recommended. Some games may not support this feature. The latest version of the system software must be installed on your PS4™ system to use “PS4 Remote Play”.
    Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: http://doc.dl.playstation.net/doc/legal/index.html.

  • Mobdro Online TV
    Mobdro is an application thanks to which we can see movies, series, documentaries, sports events and other type of content 'streaming'. Its operation, however, differs from that of the majority of apps similar. The reason is that in Mobdro not we will choose what movie or chapter, we want to see, but that we will choose a channel.

    In many applications to watch movies and series online you can choose exactly what chapter or movie we want to see in each moment. With Mobdro not this occurs. You will find a list of the channels of series huge, but they are just that: channels in which it will emit chapters without stopping. And the same thing happens with channels of action movies or horror.

    In addition to channels, series and movies, Mobdro offers 'streams' tv channels-traditional, as well as sporting events. We may even be able to access 'streams' something more rare, such as live broadcasts from cameras on animals or game of different video games live.

    Mobdro is a very interesting alternative to the large amount of applications to view online content that exists on Android. The reason is that thanks to it we will typically have a margin of surprise. Do you want a horror movie? Well, but you will not know what it is until you begin to see it. It's almost like making zapping! By Andrés López
  • iEMU
    iEMU is the Official Application of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU). This application combines all the necessary information into a single application that can be accessed by the students, faculty members and instructors.

    The key features of this application are as follows:
    ?Bus Schedule
    ?Academic Calendar
    ?Twitter Feed
    ?EMU Map
    ?Emergency Numbers
    ?Exam List
    ?Tuition Fees
    ?Students Portal
    ??? Note: In order to fully utilize this application, an internet connection is required. ???

  • iNoty
    If you like the top bar of your phone like iPhone CPC approved fun with this app easily, this would do بدیید
  • Animania
    Animania, the #1 application for watching anime.

    Most important features:

    + Large library of anime shows and movies.
    + Continuous updates.
    + Add content to your 'Favorites' making them easy accessible.
    + Integrated content guide allows you to track your progress.
    + A clean, easy and user friendly interface of awesomeness with tablet support.
    + ... (Just try it ;-))

    Tip: Recommend is to use an external media player like MX Player to support all the necessary codices

  • B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera
    • Over 1,500 diverse stickers
       - Facial recognition stickers that can distort your face or turn you into a cute animal
       - Shiny effects and stylish analog filters to brighten your day 
       - Various drawing effects that you can draw as you take a video.
    • Real-time beauty effects to get the perfect shot at once
       - Perfect skin with a single tap 
       - Find your ideal face shape with an easy-to-use slider
    • Immaculate filters to suit your taste
       - High quality filters perfect for selfies, food, landscapes, or any occasion
       - Quick access to your favorite and most used filters
    • Easily create high quality music videos
       - Pair your videos with exciting tunes
       - Diverse effects and playback speeds for more dynamic music videos

    • Meet cute characters that come to life using AR stickers (Augmented reality features are only available on some devices.)
    • Take fun boomerang videos that play on a loop
    • Use editing tools from gallery to make your existing photos more special
    • Create collages where you can see all your best moments in one place 

    Face Technology by SenseTime
    Image Segmentation & Bokeh Technology by NALBI.Inc
  • Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Hack and Cheats
    Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia Android APK Hack (RoyalGamer/Pro Pack Unlocked/All Store Items Unlocked) Mod Download.

    Using Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Hack and Cheats, players can easily generate wield ability, customization items and online weapons on the game on their devices. Doodle Army 2: Mini militia brings more of the same explosive action packaged in a sometimes-cute stickman shooter visual. Feature covers Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia MOD - APK+MOD+Cheats: = Unlimited wield ability = Unlock all the customization items and online weapons = Compatible with all devices = Stable update with new solutions = More With Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Hack and Cheats, you'll discover the fastest way to capture the game. You can use these cheats, strategy and codes to pass level. What's New in Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Hack and Cheats: - Update more information - Bugs fixes Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia MOD will work for most devices, like samsung galaxy note 2, samsung i7500, HTC One and some other Android devices, but if it doesn't work for your device, please contact us to solve. LEGAL NOTICES: This app is not authorized or created by the authors or legal representatives of "Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia". This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines please contact us to discuss.