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Rooting an Android phone or tablet is akin to jailbreaking an iPhone — basically, it allows you to dive deeper into a phone’s sub-system. It will allow you to access the entirety of the operating system and customize just about anything on your Android device. With root access, you can also get around any restrictions that your manufacturer or carrier may have applied.

Rooting is best ...


2017-07-20 15:03:562017-07-20 15:03:56


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the “brains” of your device. Its job is to execute a sequence of instructions to control the hardware on your device (the display, the touch screen, the cellular modem etc.) to turn it from a lump of plastic and metal into a vibrant smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices are complex things and these CPUs need to execute millions of instructions to make them behave as we expect. The speed and ...


2017-07-19 16:16:282017-07-19 16:16:28

Adreno, Mali, tegra and power vr are all GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit). So, first you should know something about GPUs...

Here are the descriptions of all the GPUs:



Adreno series of GPUs are developed by Qualcomm (a leading company in the field of mak...


2017-07-18 16:40:312017-07-18 16:40:31


Hacking is a particular type of illegal activity which endangers the privacy and security of important on line information.Hacking challenges the utility of the mechanisms which are used to secure a communication network. It is important here to note that although hacking is used interchangeably with cracking, both are different. Both the activities are carried on with different objectives. In hacking, the attempt is to create...


2017-07-17 17:31:252017-07-17 17:31:25


1.Download apk file of Lucky patcher.
2.Install the apk file. You must allow Installations from unknown sources on your device’s settings.
3.Open Lucky patcher and tap on any app you want to modify....
Latest Mods
  • VPN Tap2free – free VPN service Mod v1.56
    Fast and free VPN service Tap2free in one click unlock access to any site and application. Secure and anonymous connection, to open WIFI networks, provides OpenVPN connection with OpenSSL key 1024 bit.

    Why use a VPN?
    1. To view blocked sites by your ISP.
    2. To running applications whose connection is blocked.
    3. For anonymous access to sites and applications.
    4. For secure connection to open WIFI networks.

    Features VPN Tap2free.

    # Free, unlimited and universal
    + Completely free VPN service, forever.
    + VPN without registration.
    + Unlimited traffic.
    + Works with all types of connections: WI-FI, 4G, LTE, 3G and EDGE.

    # Unblock restricted content
    + Bypass provider locks.
    + Bypass regional restrictions, schools, offices etc. firewalls.
    + Opens access to the blocked sites of Facebook, Instagram, Kakao Talk, Kik, Line, Messenger, OK, Omegle, Reddit, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Torrent, Viber, VK, Wechat, WhatsApp, Youtube and many others.
    + Unblock VoIP networks and video calls.
    + Bypass school firewall.
    + Unblock Torrent.

    # Protects your privacy
    + Provides anonymous access to sites and applications.
    + Suitable for torrent downloads.
    + Changes ip address.
    + Does not keep a log, does not collect information about you.

    # Simple operation and convenience
    + Convenient to use, just one click connection.
    + Closest server search, for maximum speed.
    + Constantly growing server base around the world.

    Our Servers.

    PRO Series VPN Servers.
    These servers feature higher stability and a minimum client number – currently, the number of clients on a server stays below 3. We conduct server monitoring. In case the number of clients exceeds 10, we launch a new server. In case you need a server in a particular country, please inform us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to fulfill your request.
    List of PRO Series VPN Servers.
    - France - Server operates via a standard port 1194;
    - Germany - Server operates via 1182 port, this is a non-standard port;
    - Luxembourg - Server operates via a standard port 1194;
    - South Korea, Seoul – Since there are some restrictions in place in South Korea, some websites may be unavailable when using this server.
    - The US, Santa Carla (443) - Server operates via 443 port, while masking as https. If a standard OpenVPN port 1194 is blocked by your Internet service provider, then you are advised to try a server with 443 port.
    Since there is no Internet censorship is in Germany, France, Luxembourg and US, you'll get access to the majority of websites after connecting to VPN servers located there.
    Free VPN Servers.
    - France (France 443) - Server operates via 443 port, while masking as https. If a standard OpenVPN port is blocked by your Internet service provider, then you are advised to try a server with 443 port.
    - Finland, Helsinki - Server operates via 1187 port, this is a non-standard port.
    - The Netherlands, Dronten - Server operates via a standard port 1194.
    - Russia, Moscow – Since it's a Russia-based server, all the restrictions imposed by Roskomnadzor are in force. This means that after connecting to this server, you will be unable to get access to websites blocked by Roskomnadzor. Server operates via a standard port 1194.
    Since there is no Internet censorship is in Finland, France, and the Netherlands, you'll get access to the majority of websites after connecting to VPN servers located there&
    In case something doesn't operate as expected, hold off on giving us a 1-star grade. Try to selecting some other server. If it doesn't work, contact us and we will try helping you.
    Terms of Use:
    By downloading and / or using this product, you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy http://tap2free.net/privacy/tap2free/Privacy-Policy-of-VPN-tap2free.html

  • TorrSE - Torrent Search Engine Mod v1.7.5 (a)
    The TorrSE app can help you with the torrent client to download your favorite torrents to your device. It can search for torrents faster and more easily from each torrent search site. You can easily view the list of torrent files, control your favorite sites, setting your favorite themes. Own beautiful UI and very little advertising .

    Key Features:
    Ability to search from multiple torrent search sites simultaneously.
    Support for setting application theme (can be random).
    Support for setting the default torrent client.
    Free to move and modify search sources.
    Can view torrent file list and tracker list.
    Can save the keywords you entered.
    One-click collection of your favorite torrent information.
    Save the torrent information you browse.
    Protect the information you enter and view.
    Support bulk copy of magnetic links.
    Support fast search.
    Very few ads, the best user experience.

    This application does not support downloads, does not provide, does not store any torrent files, only provides magnetic links. If there is any infringement, please contact the sharer.

    1️⃣ Magnetic link needs to be used with the torrent client.
    2️⃣ If you do not remember the previous configuration after modifying the search source, you can synchronize the search source.

    If the TorrSE app is helpful, please rate me .
    If you need feedback, please send an email to [email protected], I will make it even better.

    Thanks for using TorrSE.
  • Download Human Evolution Clicker Game V1.4.21.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
    Welcome to the evolution party! With this idle evolutionary simulation, you can go through all the stages, mixing different creatures: from a single-celled to a posthuman. Don't miss the opportunity to look at the evolution of the world and have fun. It's an amazing evolution game!

    Develop and update creatures - combine animals to get a new breed. Take two identical single-celled or multi-celled organisms, play with their genetics and enjoy the result. Buy crystals to accelerate the evolution. Evolution does not stand still.

    Try different experiments with mixing. Unlike other clicker games of evolution, our clicker of life is not a meaningless mating of ridiculous animals. Your task is to create cyborgs and intelligent robots by going through the stages of microbes, crabs, fish, lizards, seals, dogs, monkeys, troglodytes and ancient man. In fact, in one game you get evolution of cats, dogs, birds and the complete evolution of man. It's a genetics game about the development of life on Earth.

    Cool clicker of people's evolution. The world of evolution is waiting: start evolutionary fun right now. Evolution is near.
  • Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Music & Audiobooks Mod v2.342 (Premium)
    Learn Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Korean, French, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Japanese by reading text side by side!

    Language learning is fun and free with Beelinguapp!

    Learn a new language with Beelinguapp, the app that lets you read and listen to stories in different languages side by side. Read text and hear audio in the language you are learning, and read the same text in your language to use as a reference.

    Learn at your own pace with this fun and free language learning app. If you are familiar with language learning audio books, you will love Beelinguapp's innovative method to learn a new language.

    Ditch the flashcards and pick what languages you want to learn by reading your favorite children's stories, short stories, novels and more side by side. From Spanish to German and more, Beelinguapp teaches you through fun and familiar text.

    Beelinguapp is fun and easy to use for anyone that wants to learn a new language. Use your native language as a guide and start learning today!

    Beelinguapp Features:

    Language Learning Made Easy
    • Learn a new language by reading different stories in a language of your choosing! 
    • Beelinguapp gives you the option to read the story in YOUR language to reference what a word or phrase means.

    Audio Book Reader
    • Spanish, German, French and more languages on easy to listen audio books.
    • Audio book in any language can be listened to even if your phone is sleeping.
    • Learn languages by following the reader of the audio book with a karaoke style animation to know exactly what they are saying.
    • Spanish audio books combined with English, French audio books combined with German – the choice and what language audio book you want to read is yours!

    Great Stories in Different Languages
    • Side by side readings of your favorite fairy tale stories, novels and more.
    • Learn languages at your own pace and choose only the stories you want to read.
    • Languages, genre and learning level can be sorted make learning languages easy.

    Learn Different Languages including:
    • English 
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • French
    • Hindi
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • Arabic
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Turkish

    Learn new languages by reading different stories side by side with Beelinguapp! No memorization and no flashcards needed. Learn languages at your own pace by reading your favorite stories on Beelinguapp!

    Download Beelinguapp now and start learning languages for free!
  • O2Jam U v1.6.0.52 Anti-Ban/Sign-Bypass/Cheat Detection Remove
    ★☆★ Blockbuster rhythm action game, O2Jam U! ★☆★

    - Gift 3 days free-pass(Ticket) for the new user
    - Point auto recharge Power Up Event : 1 point per every 3 min. Max 12 Points
    - Free Point Earn Event : able to earn points if remained points are below 12, so you need to play a song to earn the points again.

    #O2Jam U Oct. 13th, Happy Update!!!

    1. STEPSTEP - Cuve, Lv.18
    2. Let Me Fly Away - FOIV, Lv.23
    3. Missing You - Memme, Lv.24
    4. U Are My Superstar - Lunatic Sounds, Lv.27
    5. U Are My Superstar UHD (WoongCha Ver.) - Lunatic Sounds, Lv.35

    ★☆★ Blockbuster rhythm action game, O2Jam U! ★☆★
    - Enjoy the No.1 music game in an updated 1.5 version -

    ◆◇◆Unique features only in O2Jam U!◆◇◆
    O2Jam U brings perfect sense of hitting notes!
    Enjoy the ultimate experiences while playing the music and enjoying our unique system, changing speed of falling notes~ Have the feel of it!

    ◆◇◆Experience our special CHIP system! ◆◇◆
    Total 19 CHIPs including 8 types of new CHIPs from this update gives you more extraordinary fun!
    Play with the chips of our upgraded O2Jam U and catch the thrill of it.

    ◆◇◆O2Jam with online masterpiece◆◇◆
    Online Masterpiece, V3,Tocatta and Fuga etc. are featured in O2 Jam
    You can enjoy true O2Jam U through the weekly updated legendary masterpieces.

    ◆◇◆O2Jam U with K-pop◆◇◆
    Play the K-pop with No.1 music game, O2Jam U!
    You can play the best music game with the latest K-pop music and note system which are perfectly optimized by the music~

    ◆◇◆Level system for top of the ladder! ◆◇◆
    Introducing level system of O2Jam U from 1.5 version update!
    Be a top player by acquiring badges as you get them when you level up.

    ◆◇◆Ranking system for songs◆◇◆
    O2Jam U 1.5 version provides ranking system showing the list of the players based on their ranks from 1st place to 10th place by songs!
    Be the best in both lists of music. Beat the others to grab the top honor.
    ※ Feel the extreme thrill of life gauge system with special ladder badges from level 21!

    ★”O2Jam U”, once you start, you can't stop playing with it! ★
    1. Feel the powerful sense of hitting notes and rhythmic sense through perfectly optimized by the music for rhythm game
    2. Variety features added with 19 kinds of CHIPs
    3. Music and nationality ranking systems are supported by corresponding music
    4. Easy music management system by “My Album”
    5. Supporting “sliding” play mode
    6. Changing speed of falling notes
    7. Jam combo system
    8. Supporting horizontal/vertical mode
    9. Supporting diverse play mode
    - Key: 2,4,5 key
    - Level of difficulty: easy, normal, hard
    - Speed : X1 ~ X8

    ★ Connect with "O2Jam" ★
    - Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/O2Jam
    - Twitter : @O2Jam

    ★ Contact ★
    If you have inquiries about O2Jam U, please contact us via email.
    - [email protected]

  • Upline! - WinLines puzzle remastered mod v1.1 (unlocked)
    Inspired by a classic logic game Lines, this simple, yet entertaining game will hold you captivated for hours on end.

    ✅ Line up 4 or more circles of the same color in one line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally
    ✅ Tap on a circle, then tap on a free cell to move the circle there.
    ✅ The circle's path must be clear for it to move
    ✅ The smaller circles show a preview of where new circles will appear next turn
    ✅ Your goal is to clear the grid from the circles.

    Free - The game is absolutely free for everyone to play
    Beloved - Give the decades old, beloved by many game another go
    Accessible - Simple to follow rules, yet a challenging gameplay
    Beautiful - Elegant, clean and minimalistic
    Portable - No internet connection required. Play anywhere - in a subway, in a class, on a plane.

    Enjoy this simple, relaxing and challenging game!
  • Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & Adblock? 12.1.2 Mod Without advertising
    Dolphin Browser is the best browser for Android. Dolphin Browser provides you with fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlock, tab bar, sidebars, incognito browsing and flash player for Android.

    Best Mobile Web Browser on Android Market
    Over 150,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS

    Great Features
    ✔ Flash player
    ✔ AdBlock (pop up blocker)
    ✔ Multiple tabs bar
    ✔ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar
    ✔ Incognito browsing
    ✔ Personalized search
    ✔ Fast download
    ✔ Gestures
    ✔ Sonar

    ★ Flash player
    Get the best gaming and video experience with flash player for Android support on Dolphin Browser only, which you can't have in other browsers.
    ★ AdBlock (pop up blocker)
    Dolphin Browser is one of the best AdBlock Browser. With AdBlocker, you can block popups, ads, banners & ad-videos. Find AdBlocker add-on here: http://alturl.com/27rch
    ★ Multiple tabs bar
    It displays your open tabs, and lets you switch between them by swiping. Let you browse the web as PC Browser & desktop browser.
    ★ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar
    It can be accessed by swiping to the right from the left edge of the screen and shows your bookmarks and browsing history. Swiping to the left, you can enjoy the best services with add-ons, such as Video Downloader, Web to PDF and Dolphin Translate, etc.
    ★ Incognito browsing
    Incognito browsing mode offers you real private browsing experience without leaving any history data.
    ★ Personalized search
    Easily switch search engine with Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc.
    ★ Fast download
    Download HTML5, Flash videos and more with blazing fast speed from the Internet with video downloader. You can also easily delete or move downloaded files in the file manager.
    ★ Sync
    Sync your history, bookmarks, and passwords. Plus, easily open and push tabs and websites across Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop & mobile browser including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari using Dolphin Connect. You can even enjoy Flash content pushed from desktop browser with flash player for Android.
    ★ Clean UI and fast navigation
    Get quick access to top localized sites. You can also add your most visited websites as speed dial icons and organize them easily with a nice user interface and one-touch access.
    ★ Gesture
    Access the Internet by creating a personal Gesture for websites and common features. For example, drawing a letter ”D” to go to Duckduckgo or “B” to go to Bing.
    ★ Sonar
    Dolphin Browser lets you use your voice to search, share on your favorite social networks, bookmark favorite websites, and navigate the web on your phone. Search without typing, even with Yahoo, Bing or Duckduckgo.
    ★ Themes
    Customize theme colors and wallpapers to make it your own.

    Dolphin Add-ons
    - Dolphin Video Player – Flash Player;
    - Screen Cut – Screenshot app;
    - Web to PDF Converter & Editor;
    - Speed Booster for Android;
    - Dolphin Translate - Translator;
    - Dolphin QR & Barcode Scanner;
    - Dolphin Reader;
    - Dolphin Battery Saver;
    - Dolphin Jetpack;
    - Bookmarks Widget;
    - Dolphin Brightness;
    - Dolphin Tab Reload;
    - Dolphin Show IP;
    - Dolphin Ultimate Flag;
    - Pocket for Dolphin;
    - Dropbox for Dolphin;
    - Box for Dolphin;
    - Dolphin Alexa Rank.

    ***Download Dolphin extensions to sync bookmarks & send web pages between your mobile browser & desktop browser:
    Chrome: http://alturl.com/xp3tw
    Firefox: http://alturl.com/uzws9
    Safari: http://alturl.com/kmxz7

    Contact us at [email protected]
    Join the Dolphin Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/DolphinFans
    Follow Dolphin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DolphinBrowser
    Learn more on our website: http://www.dolphin.com/
    ❤, ,

  • Hexonia v1.0.16 (MOD, Unlocked)
    Choose a Tribe and build your kingdom. Conquer villages and cities to expand your land. Learn new Tech to increase Gold income and prepare your army. Warriors, knights, cannons, battleships and many more Units to choose from!
    Come up with new strategies to defeat your opponents, and claim glorious victory!

    - Tribes each have Guardians with their own special abilities.
    - Over 12 units to choose from, for exciting land and naval battles.
    - The terrain generator guarantees a unique world in every game.
    - What resources to collect and what tech to research is up to you.
    - 4 difficulty levels awaits for your challenge!
    - Supports English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese.

    You can also reach us by Email.
    [email protected]

    For news and updates, visit the links below.


    Facebook page

    Privacy policy

    Conditions and terms of use